These posts are always controversial and I never really know if they are allowed here or not but I always see them spring up without repercussion so for those who are interested I'll stick them here in drop down boxes for spoiler-protection. If this information as it is definitely shouldn't be here then feel free to take it down but there were some interesting finds in the 15.16.0 datamine. I havent looked through it completely so everything might not be here.

Prime Access
  • Volt Prime
  • Odonata Prime[*]
  • Kazeru prime Sugatra
  • Edo Prime armour[*]
Warframe Anniversary
  • Dex Dakra
  • Proto Glaive Skin
  • Prisma Liset Skin
  • Simaris Helios Skin
  • Simaris Scanner

[*]Couldn't find these myself but someone else did