Sigma - the Quantum Lord

Armor 150

Health 300

Shield 175

Energy 275

Passive: Rolling will instead perform a short range quantum warp ("blink") that explodes on exit after a delay. This deals low damage (5% of enemies max health) but briefly opens up enemies to finishers with a stagger. If they are not finished, it causes a guaranteed Radiation proc. During the dash, you are completely invulnerable. However, it has a recharge time with 3 regenerating charges (think Tracer from OW). Has a battery(similar to Gauss) that charges by procing Radiation status and killing enemies affected by Sigma's abilities.

Ability 1 - Molecular Breakdown: Unleash a quantum wave that alters enemies' molecular structures, increasing the damage they take. (Direct damage is not increased, but rather the damage modifier on health/armor types. ex. Alloy Armor is dealt 75% extra dmg with Radiation, but that will be added to by 30%, increasing it to 105%.) Costs 25 energy, but resets Quantum Dash charges to maximum. Has a cooldown of 3-5 seconds in between uses. 

Augment - Degrading Breakdown: Temporarily strips enemies' armor by 33%, and causes a permanent Magnetic proc on shielded enemies (does not affect bosses)

Ability 2 - Quantum Charger: Activate Sigma's core batteries, causing him to generate a critical/status chance buff for allies by damaging enemies with his Molecular Breakdown and Quantum Warp, but take increased damage. MB grants about 4% chance per hit, and QW grants about 2% per hit. This will stack up to a maximum of 20% crit and status chance (additive). Damage taken is increased by 25%, but Sigma is granted 20% extra movement speed. Duration ~ 15 secs.

Augment - Vampiric Charger: Sigma will leech health and battery charge off of enemies he damages during QC's duration. Health leeched past Sigma's max health will grant him bonus armor, and unleash a radial knockdown when QC ends. Range is based on amount of "overcharge" health.

Ability 3 - Reality Shatterer: Sigma activates his arm cannon, draining battery to sustain itself. Deals explosive Radiation damage ~500 per shot (fire rate 0.8/s), with a 30% status chance, 25% crit chance, and 2.7x crit multiplier. Exalted Weapon, so it is moddable. Affected by the crit chance buff of Quantum Charger. Killing enemies will restore some battery charge. Does not cost energy.

Ability 4 - Annihilator Blade: Activates a reality-bending arm blade forged from a singularity. Restores battery on hits. Works by itself or in combination with the Reality Shatterer. Has a combo mod that upgrades with the ability. ​​​​Hold to dash forward and drop a singularity that sucks in enemies. Hold again to collapse the black hole and implode it in a devastating radial blast.This stops the ability and consumes 75 energy, with a 15 s cooldown before it can be activated again. Moddable like an Exalted weapon, but separate from the Reality Shatterer. 150 Slash, 25 Puncture, 25 Impact, and 75 Rad per hit, with 30% status and 25% crit, and 2.7x CM, 1 attack speed. (25 energy to activate, 5 s^-1 to sustain.) Restores a small amount of battery charge on radiation procs and critical hits.

Synergy: If both Exalted Weapons are used at once, Sigma's battery capacity is increased by 25% and his number of dashes is upgraded to 5. Quantum Warp will stun for longer and deal 15% of enemies' max health as Radiation damage. Enemies killed by QW will explode for 100 blast damage with a guaranteed proc in a 4m radius. Molecular Breakdown's damage multiplier is doubled.

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