(if you haven't done all the main story quests, I highly suggest not reading this)

First off, let's start with what I like.

Overall, I think Warframe is a pretty good game. The lore is interesting, the grind is rewarding, loadouts are diverse and fun to use. Weapon design is some of the best I've seen in many looter-shooters, but is by no means perfect.


While the crazy movement system may seem daunting for new players, once you master it, it is a blast to fly through missions and carpet-bomb enemies with your slash-bomber Acceltra. Weapons feel impactful and powerful, and can pin enemies, send them flying, or dice them into tiny pieces. The game makes you feel pretty badass, which is the intended design.

Enemies and weapons:

 I love the design of enemies (except the #$%^ing nullifier lmao) and the different resistances and weaknesses that force you to mod for different damage types and specializations. It's so satisfying to hear a Grineer soldier shout "TENNO SKOOOOOM" and then get absolutely destroyed by a critical slash proc or shotgun blast. I appreciate the game allowing you to use the enemies' weapons, so you can add insult to injury for the Grineer by equipping a burst-fire Hind, a Stubba machine pistol, and a rocket-powered Jat Kittag, or go Corpus bitcoin-worshipper and don an Opticor, Arca Scisco, and Lecta.

Damage mechanics: 

The associated procs for damage types make sense, and create diverse and fun weapon loadouts capable of dishing out radioactive crowd-control, armor-melting, health-halving, and knockdown explosions. The secondary damage type mechanic is so useful, and is a must with all the different types of health and their associated bonus/malus modifiers. The recent heat damage rework along with Ember turned it from kind of a laughingstock into a quality armor stripping method along with Corrosive damage. 

Warframes: While I haven't used a good few frames, most of their abilities and passives are useful, powerful, and fun. I personally prefer a) active, fun frames like Gauss and Nidus or b) support frames like Wisp or Harrow (if I had him :'( ). I also like the Augment system, as it can add a bit of spice to a commonly used ability (e.g. Teeming Virulence). 

Here is a list of my opinions on the frames I have and haven't played:

  • Ash: Kind of boring kit, but useful for stealth and slash procs.
  • Atlas: Haven't used (HU), but looks fun. Plan to farm for his prime soon.
  • Banshee: HU, doesn't seem like my type of frame
  • Baruuk: HU, I am NOT doing more Fortuna bounty farming for a discount Shaolin monk.
  • Chroma: (HU) Just need systems for his prime, seems fun and engaging.
  • Ember: Used her pre-rework, but I haven't tried out all the new stuff yet. Her new 4 seems a bit OP, if I'm honest.
  • Equinox: (HU) Just need bp for prime. Nuke frames aren't really my cup of tea, but she still seems like a good support, which I enjoy.
  • Excalibur: Good first frame, but gets kind of monotonous after playing for a while. He's stealing all the deluxe skins too : ' (
  • Frost: Eh. Place bubble on defense cryopod and then spam 4 on groups of enemies. BORING.
  • Gara: HU, but she seems like a must-have for high-level defense. Her 1 looks good as well, I should farm for her.
  • Garuda: (HU) Once their was a time when I actually tried to farm for this lady. I still don't have the toroids. Her kit does look pretty fun, especially with the blood basketball.
  • Gauss: Probably my favorite frame, fun-wise. Thanks for the buff, DE! Just need the Akarius and then I'll have the complete set.
  • Grendel: (HU) Haven't done arbi's yet cuz I'm a filthy scrub.
  • Harrow: (HU) I cannot count how many C rotations of Caracol, Saturn I have done, but I'm pretty sure it's making me insane.
  • Hildryn: (HU) MORE FORTUNA SHIT NOPENOPENOPENOPENOPE (I do like her shield-based design tho)
  • Hydroid: (HU) Wow, I am starting to realize how many frames I haven't played. A mainstay in loot-farming runs.
  • Inaros: (HU) Love the idea of a pharaoh frame, Egyptian myth is badass.
  • Ivara: Kind of underwhelmed when I got her, but she's still fun.
  • Khora: (HU) If I ever get Harrow, I doubt I will put myself through another bone-pulverizing grind-fest to get this cat-lady.
  • Limbo: (HU) ZA WARUD- but in all seriousness, Limbo seems alright and also looks to require some smarts to play. I think I might have all the stuff needed for his prime.
  • Loki: (HU) Should've picked him up when farming for Harrow Neuro and Ivara, but whatever. Other than for stealth, I don't really like his kit.
  • Mag: Didn't use her very much, as I find her kit kinda doodoo, but this is back when I didn't have good builds on my weapons, so idk.
  • Mesa: Her prime is probably the best-looking prime in the game. The only nuke frame I like playing due to her gunslinger theme.
  • Mirage: (HU) Eh, her kit doesn't look to be my bag, but I'll definetely try her out.
  • Nekros: (HU) Not a fan of boring farming runs, but looks fun outside of that with his 4.
  • Nezha: Your access to in-game chat has been suspended. I love this guy's kit, and his theme of fire without being too much like Ember is great.
  • Nidus: ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTANG! I love his mutation mechanic, and how his carapaces open up when you gain stacks. Fun solo frame.
  • Nova: My first prime frame, I think. Very satisfying and fun to play.
  • Nyx: Don't really like her theme or kit, if I'm honest. Good thing she's easy to get.
  • Oberon: Kind of the same case as Nyx, except I like his Renewal for keeping yourself and your team alive.
  • Octavia: (HU) I love her mechanics, even though I haven't played her. Don't look forward to the grind though.
  • Revenant: (HU) Looks alright, I guess. Probably the frame I will forget the easiest, sadly. I like his design though.
  • Rhino: (HU) Again, just need the bp for the prime. A mainstay for high weapon damage.
  • Saryn: Nuke frame, not my bag. I'd rather actually play the game, thanks.
  • Titania: (HU) Looks fun, but I'm not sure its worth having to become a goddamn Master Gardener.
  • Trinity: (HU) Same case as Oberon, probably.
  • Valkyr: Fun frame! Spiderman + Wolverine = Valkyr
  • Vauban: (HU) His rework looks pretty good, but not my cup of tea.
  • Volt: (HU) Looks fun, but now that I've played Gauss, I'm hooked on the true speed lord.
  • Wisp: My favorite support frame. The choice for most normal missions or fissures is either her or Gauss.
  • Wukong: His prime admittedly doesn't look that good in my opinion. Like his kit, the rework served him well.
  • Zephyr: (HU) Yet ANOTHER thing I just need the bp for, kill me. Looks super fun to just dash around the map.



While the modding system doesn't make realistic sense, it shouldn't have to, since you are a space child piloting a space robot via magic Void powers. Mods counter the "Warframe is pay-to-win" argument, since, even though you can outright buy weapons and frames, they are essentially useless unless you mod them correctly. 


I like the procedurally-generated aspect of map generation, so every mission layout doesn't feel the same. The arrangements of different rooms allow for close- and long-range engagements, so you can contribute whether you're using a Rubico or a Drakgoon. My favorite tileset is by far the Kuva Fortress, with its scanners and turrets sweeping every inch of the area, and red-and-white light blanketing bunkers and cannon operation towers. My least favorite is probably the infested Corpus ship (Eris missions). Mission varieties mix up the usual grind. My personal favorites is probably spy, because I am pretty good at it and find it very satisfying to flawlessly steal 3 vaults' worth of rewards. I don't like the Hijack mode, as it forces you to stay still on the objective and shoot, which is boring. 


I love the two main story quests, and how they introduce the new areas (Lua + Kuva Fortress). I am very excited for future story content.

What I Dislike:

Visuals and Graphics:

My PC isn't on max settings, but some of the textures and tiles feel grainy and austere. The goop and gas created by the Mutalist Tar Moa and Mutalist Osprey respectively are badly textured and ruin the aesthetic appeal of any tileset. Lighting is pretty good, mainly on darker tilesets with bright lights scattered around, like the Kuva Fortress. The nature textures in the Earth tileset feel disgusting and overused. Also, adding infested chitin and pustules everywhere does not make the tileset look any better, especially with the nasty orange filter over all infested Grineer missions. Graphics are probably the worst thing about the game, but they don't ruin the experience altogether.

Gameplay With 4 Players:

While playing with multiple players, and therefore a slightly higher ping, enemies clip through walls, die many seconds after their health depletes, doors don't open, interactibles(picking up ayatans, activating consoles, putting the datamass in the Mobile Defense objective, etc.) completely break, loot doesn't pick up, abilities do nothing, enemies are sometimes invisible, when a Drahk Master disarms you, you can't pick your weapon back up, the void fissure reward menu is a) invisible or b) doesn't register what you click, and some other minor issues. Sometimes when I load up a mission and find a squad, the game gets stuck on the "Please Wait" loading icon. 

Kuva Liches:

The lich will be invisible, be stuck in an idle animation when executing or being executed, not be able to be mercied, the screen will become stuck on the requiem mod indicator after you stab them and the HUD will disappear, they will be stuck in a falling loop, etc. I get it's a new system, but some of these bugs are unacceptable.

Weapon Design:

Some weapon mechanics are very annoying, mainly concerning self-damage. I love the Acceltra, but getting hit with a critical slash round of my own creation and dying to it is extremely annoying. The 5-meter arming distance thing helps, but sometimes doesn't, because in this game, you move FAST AS HELL! Also, why are there some weapons that are literally impossible to care about, even for a very low-level player (ex. pangolin sword, cronus, kama, jawsword, ceramic dagger, etc.)! The Fang Prime is probably the only prime in the game that is worse than its original. Better crit and status but whoops! All Puncture and Impact! 

I may edit this in the future but this is all for now.

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