AI/Kavor Defectors

  • They constantly get stuck on tiny objects, corners, railings, and bumps.
    • When this happens, the player must simply wait for the atmosphere or nearby Infested to kill them, then revive them.
      • Sometimes this doesn't even fix their stuck state.
      • If playing solo (which isn't uncommon, as many don't play defection due to these issues), the player must leave the other Defectors behind to revive the stuck one. This often leads to other defectors dying or completely draining the med station they are at, which can spiral down into failing the mission.
  • Their pathing is HORRIBLE, worse than any other AI in the game.
    • They constantly split up from each other.
      • Normally one or two defectors take the fastest, "normal" route, but the others take the longest possible route to the med booster(s) by going around, then jumping off a ledge or over a railing, or simply going on a longer path.
        • This causes them to get stuck even more.
    • Sometimes they will die JUST before getting to the evac ship.
      • Shouldn't the ship room be an airlock or "safe area" of sorts, where the infested and the toxic atmosphere can't reach?

RNG/Drop Tables

  • 99% of people who play this mode are suffering through it to get Harrow's Systems component.
    • The drop chance on Caracol, Saturn (Tier 2, most commonly played) for Harrow Systems are 2.01% and 11.28% at rotation B (6 squads, 24 defectors) and C (8 squads, 32 defectors) respectively.
      • There is almost no way this is true, as me and everyone I've ever played this gamemode with has said they've tried it dozens of times and haven't gotten Harrow Systems.
        • While the "Nearly Guaranteed" number on the droptable says 48 ± 16 C rotations, this is unrealistic, as I and many others have done at least 50-60 rotations and not succeeded.
    • The loot table is padded with relics and crappy mods (like Bane of Corrupted).
      • There is nothing to me more disappointing in Warframe than farming this horrible mission type for usually about 20 minutes, to evac 8 squads (C rotation) and getting my 20th Neo R2 relic in a row.
  • Other than the miserable grind-fest that is getting Harrow systems, the only other useful reward of this mission is Ash part blueprints.
    • This is from the guaranteed Manic spawn about 4-6 squads through.

Mission Design

  • Warframe is so fast-paced that this mode feels especially slow. This could be a good thing if executed correctly, but is done horribly wrong.
    • The mode is boring and not engaging.
      • Escort the defectors, grab a powercell, shoot things, tell them to move when they hit the med booster, shoot more things, grab a powercell........
    • Even if the escort goes perfectly (none getting stuck, none dying, etc), it still takes forever.
  • The AABC rotation method is slow and tedious.
    • Eight squads escorted takes around 15 to 25 minutes on average, but it feels even longer because of how boring the modes is.
    • Maybe switch to the disruption method , where rewards are different tiers based on how many defectors are escorted. This could be adapted well, as in disruption there are 4 conduits, and 4 defectors/squad in defection.

In short, this mode is boring, tedious, and unrewarding. This would be somewhat tolerable if Harrow's Systems weren't a drop, and such a rare one at that. Harrow is a mainstay in Eidolon hunts and support roles, and it is infuriating that the player must suffer through this arduous gamemode many times to get it, or fork over the Platinum and just buy the frame. This is what I am considering at the moment, which is extremely annoying, as I have also spent the fairly large amount of time it took me to get Harrow's Neuroptics. 

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