Hi guys :)

as everyone probably witnessed, the wiki had some changes made to the comment section, some visual things and, for some most important, the editors.

I have also seen some understandable critics like slow loading, different code/formatting stuff or the arguable need for these changes at all.

But I think, since these changes were made by the Fandom staff/devs (and not the warframe wiki admins or sth like that) we now have to deal with these changes and won't see it reverted. That also brings up some questions for me as I never was an expert of or even majorly adept in all these coding and template things.

  • The first thing I have noted (of the things we can maybe acutally "change") is a visual issue for collapislbe tables. Those apparently lost their old "background color" while being collapsed. That will most likely make it difficult for newer visitors to actually find those on the site since it now only appears like plain text till you click on that plain text. Is there a way to give this background color back or make it noticable in some other way that at that certain point on the site is a collapsed table?

  • Second thing would be another type of tables. The weapon comparison tables in this case. I don't know if we can change the font there, but I think these should use a font that is more clear when used with smaller letters. Or, if that is possible, use a larger type size for the actual data (numbers and stuff).

Hopefully these things can be changed. They are no major issues of course. That's it for the moment I guess. If anyone else has some issues he feels like they can/should be improved by what the site offers us, feel free to add them in the comments and I will add them here.

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