Limbo build
I really don't understand why most people see limbo as a massive troll where as he can easily be better than a  frost  if well mooded . [notice how there are no augment mods here its because his augments aren't that great ] The trick is to have a high duration build with enough range to cover a bit past the laser beams in the void . so this build allows a limbo's cataclysm to completely last for at least 60 seconds remember limbo also gives 2 energy per sec , a warframe that syneregizes well with limbo is mesa , while mesa can shoot through the rift limbo's dome completely cancels out the energy drain on a max effiency mesa. I didn't put any power strength cause enemies aren't going to come into the dome very often.  first tip : to remove the dome after every wave in case items are in the dome also this build alllow to play survival and interception  fairly well though you would want to spam rift walk and rift surge more often,just so you guys know effiency is not really necessary cause a frame that can gain at least a 100 energy from 15 energy . Finally another cool thing about limbo is that banished enemies are open to finisher damage till they get up.[this build requires one forma changing the v polarity to D also this was built during update 16.7.2]
Limbo build stats