• Raisins

    WARNING This Guide is out of date. In Hotfix 17.0.4 Pilfering Swarm was nerfed to no longer be affected by power strength. You can just skip to the Comparison to Nekros section but substitute Hydroid's total possible loot to 200%. Kill speed can go up somewhat now that you don't actually need to kill with the tentacles, but they remain unreliable because you have to tag the enemies with the tentacles while they are alive to affect them. Pilfering Hydroid is now just a worse Nekros and as such much less useable. Of note, Hydroid still stacks with Nekros. You can profitably take both on a farming group, but now Hydroid is the second choice.

    The only obvious exception is Oxium farming, because Oxium Ospreys do not leave corpses and so cannot b…

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