Hello everytenno! Welcome to my first blog: a sand-based caster Warframe idea. This is my first blog on this wiki, don't be too judgeful! I wanted to make a mix of Loki, Vauban and Nova. Then update 9.5 happened, and added Grineer Settlements with lots of sand. So I thought, "why the heck not?" I present to you Sicorro!


Sicorro is a male Warframe that specializes in immobilizing enemies with his sand powers. He has less low durability, but compensates with his crowd-control abilities and power-friendly polarities.


Dirty Trick: Sicorro throws sand in his enemies' eyes, temporarily blinding them. Power cost: 25.

Temporarily blinds enemies in a 180 degree radius in front of Sicorro.

Range and blind duration are increased with level. Range can also be improved with Stretch. The 180 degree radius cannot be improved.

From Dust: Sicorro decomposes to sand, travelling forwards. Upon reformation, the sand bursts, staggering Sicorro's foes. Power cost: 35.

What can I say? Sicorro's mobility and "surprise" power. You can quickily dash into a group of, say, infested and unleash a flurry of melee attacks.

Travel distance and burst range increase with level. Travel distance is also increased by Continuity and burst range is increased with Stretch.

Quicksand: Sicorro creates a whirlpool of quicksand that slowly sucks in his enemies. If the victims get too close to the centre, they will fall and suffocate. Power cost: 75.

The whirlpool is created under the caster and remains there for a few seconds. Enemies progressively slow down as they get closer to the centre and eventually get knocked down. They are also damaged, with damage depending on their closeness to the centre of the whirlpool.

Range and duration increase with level and mods. Damage is not increased with level and/or Focus.

Ultimate: Sandstorm: Sicorro covers the area around him in a massive sandstorm, making allies and himself invisible and slowing down his foes. Power cost: 100.

The area is covered in a continious sandstorm. Allies become invisible upon entering, while enemies get a speed debuff.

Duration and range increase with level and mods.

How can you help:

  • Ideas and comments!
  • For artists: sketches are welcome!
  • Being awesome! :D

How can you NOT help:

  • First and primarily, being a butthole.
  • Suggesting "hard sand" abilities:
    • I want Sicorro's abilities to create a sense of flow to them. Imagine water, but replaced with sand. And sorry, but that means: no "sand shields", no "sand coffins" (whatever that means), no "sand collumns". You gotta go with da flow, man.
  • Drawing comparisons to Gaara:
    • Gaara is not my inspiration. All I know about that guy is he controls sand, and his name. Sorry Naturo fans!
  • Most annoying of all, "eeeeaaauuugh dis abelitey is copeed from dat". Any similarities to other abilities are purely coincidental and were not noticed during production.


Thanks for taking your time and spending it on reading this blog! Please leave your opinion in the comments below!

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I have posted this idea on the forums! Devs said they're open to suggestions, so now's my chance! :D

Here it is!

Thanks for all the awesome support and ideas to you!

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