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  • Phantom Bootie Slap

    Brutus, named after that Brutus, is an assassin warframe that specializes in quick, heavy-damage attacks. Using his Mark for Death mechanic, he can also prove to be useful in a team fighting against tough enemies / bosses.
    He is (as you've probably guessed by now) a male warframe with a unique trait: a weapon on his right arm called the Matara ("Lance" in Latin, kudos to G-Translate).
    The Matara (pronounced mae-TAH-rah) is a Corpus-manufactured arm-mounted melee weapon that spins rapidly while generating connected energy beams, creating a lance-like projection.

    No pics just yet, sorry!
    If you're an artist, sketches are very welcome!

    Stat: Default Value - Rank 30 Value
    Health: 150 - 450
    Shields: 100 - 300
    Armor: 65 - 65
    Power: 150 - 225
    Speed Modifier: 1.1 …

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  • Phantom Bootie Slap

    Hello everytenno! Welcome to my first blog: a sand-based caster Warframe idea. This is my first blog on this wiki, don't be too judgeful! I wanted to make a mix of Loki, Vauban and Nova. Then update 9.5 happened, and added Grineer Settlements with lots of sand. So I thought, "why the heck not?" I present to you Sicorro!

    Sicorro is a male Warframe that specializes in immobilizing enemies with his sand powers. He has less low durability, but compensates with his crowd-control abilities and power-friendly polarities.


    | aurapolarity = }}

    Dirty Trick: Sicorro throws sand in his enemies' eyes, temporarily blinding them. Power cost: 25.

    Temporarily blinds enemies in a 180 degree radius in front of Sicorro.

    Range and blind duration are increased with level. Ra…

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