Oh, yes, that IS a Rhino standing next to this text! There is a good reason for that, too. This guide is about modding Rhino for large amounts of armour! Useless, you say? Noobish, you say? Rhino isn't god-tier, you say? Well, I'd like to tell you that if you comment on these matters further, it will not make you look intelligent. Flame is flame. I'm merely putting things out there, think as you like, think as you write.

How Do I Mod?

Overview: Obviously OrokinReactor64Potato, no Forma2 Forma, get strength, efficiency more or less optional, range's not important enough to get buffed, but you could use some duration (not too much, or you'll charge to no end). The pic has 0 points left, if you want to rank up or anything, use Rhino Prime (yes, it's just Rhino on the pic) or use Forma2 Forma.


Mods used for the build, used non-Prime Rhino.

Mod Rundown: Aura - Given how this is built, you're locked on Steel Charge unless you do stuff on above.

Transient Fortitude + Intensify - Gives you strength! Both can be maxed, if possible.

Rage + Streamline - This combination should be optimal for your energetic needs.

Primed Continuity - You need it. Rank 5+.

Ironclad Charge - You want this augment, it's the reason I got the idea to make this guide.

Vitality - If you get all that armour, you should put it to use. That, and Rage.

Steel Fiber - Ooooh, I can hear the grinding of teeth by now. Yes, you need this.

Why Steel Fiber, Why?!


Stats of the Frame and abilities.

Put very simply: Maxed Steel Fiber roughly doubles the amount of armour you acquire from one hit of Ironclad Charge. You might deem me insane. And you're right, but not for this particular reason. Steel Fiber does not indeed apply to the base value of armour. But IC does.

Now, I hear another question coming: What makes you think IC applies its buff to base? Now, lassies and lads, it's right there on the Wikia page. Me and DMNinja can even exactly tell you how did it get there, but I'm not going to burden you with this now.

Other than just IC, Roar is also becoming rather efficient, with a neatly increased strength. Rhino Stomp also stuns for a little while.

How Do I Rhino?

You run around and shoot things, just like most Rhino players do, except you need to seek out groups of enemies to charge into, the more, the merrier, if you do this, you have 12 seconds or so of higher armor. Enjoy.

I should note though that IC tends to be a little buggy, getting you stuck on mobs. So just cast again later. There is also the thing that when you cast IC before the previous one expires, the duration refreshes, but the new bonus always applies.

Cast Roar to make your teammates happy, stun crowds sometimes with a Stomp.

Alternative Building

There's not much to be said, actually. I have an idea of doing a Streamline -> Stretch, so your IC has a better chance to hit, and it boosts your Rhino Stomp by a deal, makes it easier to Roar for your teammates... But powers cost more. Your choice.

The Armour Theorem

This part is for those who would like to know just how we came to the possibly ludicrous statement concerning the relation of Steel Fiber to Ironclad Charge.

When IC's buff applies to base and SF then amplifies net armour (the resulting armour) by the modified base, whether you collect the IC buff and then apply SF or you apply SF to each IC's hit individually has the same effect, which is shown through use of distributivity and commutativity of multiplicative and additive operations. This proves the statement about the Steel Fiber I have mentioned before.

Now, how can I prove to you IC does apply to base armour?

For the purpose of this proof, let us assume that IC does actually apply to net armour, just like Steel Fiber. A maxed IC provides 50% of armour per hit on base power strength. We will use a Rank 9 SF, which provides 100% of base armour added into net armour. So, if we hit two enemies with IC while having SF, our net armour will increase by 200% of base. A formula describing this would be:

Net Armour = 190 × ( 1 + (Hits × (0.5 × Power STR ) + SF multiplier))

If we unequipped SF, the buff would simply drop by 100%, but if we hit four enemies with IC instead, we would, according to the formula, have the same buff as before.

To test this, I had DMNinja go into Simulacrum, adorning Rhino with base power strength and the maxed augment. I watched him through Steam Broadcast. He has summoned four level 40 Chargers, which were performed IC on, granting a 200% buff. Three of the Chargers were then killed and I kept pausing the stream to make out the health bar after each hit, up from a hit that dealt damage purely to health, for as long as the buff lasted. Then I simply deducted the two neighboring values, and I discovered that the Charger dealt the very same amount of damage each time (70).

Then, a similar test was performed, this time with a Rank 9 SF equipped, and instead of four level 40 Chargers, two were summoned, one killed. According to the previous formula, the resulting armour buff should be the absolutely same one, therefore, the same amount of damage should be incurred. Instead, DM was receiving less damage each time (56).

Now, there might be more reasons as to how would you receive less damage. However, we always used the very same enemy as a sample, with a same level. The Charger always dishes out consistent damage input. Damage modifier of armour and/or health is also irrelevant since the enemy's damage was unchanged every time, becoming a constant. The only thing changed on DM's loadout was addition of Steel Fiber, and yet the formula we described does not apply anymore, even though the loss of IC buff was compensated by SF. Therefore, IC does not apply to net armour, and logically, there is no other place to apply it to than base armour. Therefore, formula like this applies:

Net Armour = (190 × ( 1 + Hits × (0.5 × Power STR ))) × (SF multiplier + 1)


And that would be it. A guide for Rhino! Now, before any of you would accuse me of actually using this build, or thinking its viable... Have I ever said that? Have I?

I just thought that putting out an Excal guide is a little too soon, because there are still those other Excal things and... Yeah, that topic is too mainstream for me. So I took a step off the beaten path, and presented you with a guide for a Warframe that is rather controversial, but I at least tried to do it more objectively.