This melee build is purposed to make as much use of Zephyr's mobility as possible, and given that
most of Zephyr's power is about mobility, you will be zipping around the map and chopping everyone up


nearly unharmed. It is current with Update 16.1.

Why Zephyr for melee build?

I can hear you asking this question. After all, Valkyr can run about hordes of enemies and steamroll
them with Hysteria. Rhino can charge in and kill the rest while employing Iron Skin. Chroma has Vex
Armor. The thing about Zephyr is: No Warframe gets from point A to B faster than Zephyr. Not even
Volt. And as an added bonus, when Zephyr gets there, the enemies at point B get knocked down and you
can reap their ripe souls with ease.


We'll get to that later. Right now, I'll tell you what should you bring for this build.

The Warframe

Overall: Potato is a must-have. No Formas needed. Forget about power strength. Get a lot of efficiency, duration, and some range. If you don't know exactly how, read on. Otherwise skip to the next heading.


The mods equipped, click to enlarge.

Mod rundown: Streamline + Fleeting Expertise - FE is ONLY at rank 3 because I don't want to waste 5% EFF over cap for decreased duration that we need.

Continuity + Narrow Minded - Prime Continuity is only better, but you still need Narrow Minded. Rank 8 is a bit too much, but it's what I have, 6/7 is enough. Remember that you want some range.

Overextended + Stretch - Stretch obviously maxed. Take OE as far as you like. Strength doesn't matter. Also, OE serves as a counter to Narrow Minded penalty.

Redirection - No need to go into details.

Aura - Any with correct polarity.

Last slot - Optional, it can be Vitality to further your error buffer in case you're not too confident in using mobility as defence. Don't bother with Jet Stream due to nerfed strength. You can, however, use Divebomb Vortex to make it even easier to execute gameplay style associated with this build.

What is the style?

I'll get to that, hold your horses, you don't even know what weapons to have.

The Weapon

I cannot really tell you only one weapon is good for this build. Theoretically, it's Bo Prime or Tipedo, but I also made it work with Dual Zorens and Ichors, Nikanas...

But why theoretically a staff?

It's because of the range combined with nice enough attack speed and damage. You shouldn't get stuck in swinging animations as heavy blades tend to. But you want to mow down the enemies you get to as quick as possible. Nothing is quicker than reaching everyone from where you stand. You will need that range even with Divebomb Vortex since its pull is gradual, not immediate.

How do I mod it?

Generally: Pressure Point, Spoiled Strike, Fury, Reach. Then, it depends if the weapon has a good base critical chance or not (15%+ is a good start). If yes, put True Steel, Organ Shatter and Berserker and remaining slots for elements. If no, you can use channeling mods if you like, otherwise just use elemental combos.

How detailed and straight-forward.

I know. But what weapon you choose and how you mod it is up to you. This build is not so strict in this.

What about primary/secondary weapons and companions?

Doesn't matter either. Take them or leave them.

The Gameplay

Alright, now can you finally tell me what does this build do?

Okay! Like I said, this build is about instantly closing the distance and reap the enemies that wind up there without letting them strike back. You do that by knocking down all of them using Dive Bomb...

So I fly above them and then down?

Nope. You fly past them.

But I end up far behind them!

Actually, did you know you can immediately interrupt Tail Wind by Dive Bomb? It makes you instantly cancel the forward momentum and you fall downwards with full effect on impact! It's all about timing. I should warn you though. If you fly forward for too long, the interupt stops working. This moment is determined by power duration and is farther away the more duration you have.

This means that if you see a group of enemies some distance away from you, you Tail Wind towards them, wait till you're next to them and cast Dive Bomb. This makes a shockwave right below where you cast. This is where the range kicks in as it affects the knockdown radius (and the pull radius if you took the augment). Before they get up, you cruise between them with your weapon and leisurely slaughter.

Turbulence only enhances the play, if some enemies too far do not get knocked and can still shoot, well, good luck to them, especially if they are Corpus.

Tornado is a utility, a panic button. Don't bother trying to finish off enemies that got caught up in them, just wait till it wears off or move on. Do note they will walk out unharmed due to nerfed strength.

Wow, I can fight forever with this build!

Ahem... Disclaimer: It's true that with max power efficiency, the powers cost so little energy the enemy loot is enough to fuel you, but don't take this build as a high-level, raid-worthy one. High-level Grineer can actually mostly bypass Turbulence because of their OP accuracy rating, and in general, if a few bullets/rockets slip through, you're through too.

Also, AoE will be a pain in the arse. To circumvent all this with varying level of success, keep moving. If you don't manage to kill the entire group of enemies you set yourself to, go attack another one instead and crash down on them again later. Keep moving and moving and moving.

Okay, I think I'm ready to use this build!

Glad to hear I helped! Have good luck and some fun! I hope it makes you people reconsider Zephyr's usefulness as a light frame.

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