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This game has a lot of equipment, and you may find yourself unsure of what to use. This guide, hopefully, will help you to make a decision on what weapons might be worth using as you progress through the game.

This guide is aimed at people who are still earlier in the game and not sure of what gear is best to use as they work their way up to higher mastery levels. This is not a guide to what the best-of-the-best weapons are - there's plenty of resources talking about that already. As a result, this guide only covers up through MR 10. By that point you can be considered to be more-or-less into the early endgame.

As a final note, Warframe is not a game that will ever require you to go and get the 'best in slot' or meta weapons. The meta weapons are powerful, but with enough investment you can make most weapons at least passable in high-level content. Weapons are important, but the mods make the weapons actually good. Even a mediocre weapon can shine with a few forma and the right mods. Don't sweat getting the good weapons, and enjoy the journey to endgame and find the weapons you think feel good to use.


Generally, all warframes are available at MR 0 with only a few exceptions, all of them prime. For an idea of when you can access those frames, check out my other guide. For now I'm only going to mention Warframes you could reasonably get before going into the War Within quest (basically pre-Sortie warframes). Warframes are listed in the approximate order that I recommend them to new players, thought not necessarily based on being the best. For example, I personally prefer Wukong to Rhino, but I think that Rhino is easier to get, requires minimal investment, and is also very easy to play.

Warframe is less of a game about how good your best weapons and frames are and more about how versatile your arsenal is. A warframe that shines in one instance is often going to be absolutely awful in others. I'm going to highlight some of the general kinds of roles that Warframes fall into and discuss some strong options for each. If a Prime version exists and you can get it, the same holds true for them. However, be aware that the upgrade provided by the Prime version of a frame is not usually that big, and so using the base version is perfectly acceptable in almost all cases.

Survivable/Tank Frames

These warframes are good at not dying. Not dying is important in every game mode, and you'll always want for a good survival option. If you don't have a better tool for the job, a Survival/Tank frame will rarely be a bad choice.

  • Rhino is the premiere tank frame. His Rhino Skin makes him nearly unkillable and it requires very few mods to make work. Even if his Rhino Skin falls off, he has very high armor and is generally difficult to kill. Rhino also has a powerful AoE damage buff and a solid wide-area crowd control ability.
  • Nezha is a lot like Rhino, only very fast at the cost of being a bit less overkill on the survivability. Nezha can also open targets up to more damage with the Chakram and causes enemies to drop energy orbs with more frequency once hit by said chakram, meaning that this frame rarely struggles with energy economy so long as you remember to use his 2.
  • Inaros is another big and beefy frame with lots of options for life steal to keep himself going. He has crowd control, like, Rhino, but it's more limited in area. He's also available early on if Baro Ki'Teer shows up, and is fairly easy to get.
  • Valkyr is a berserker. She has absurdly high armor, and if you use her 4 she grows claws and can tear enemies apart with very high damage and gains health back based on the damage. She also has some self-buffing.
  • Wukong has three different ways to just not die. He has a passive that lets him just negate going down three times per mission, his 3 (Defy) lets you absorb damage to dish it back out and gain armor, and his 2 (Cloud Walker) lets you absorb health from enemies you pass through. The only catch is that at unlike some other 'tank frames' he doesn't actually have that much health, just a lot of armor and a few neat tricks. It's easy to survive in 99.5% of content you'll do early on, but he can start to struggle if the incoming burst damage gets too high, like level 150 enemies.
  • Zephyr is an unusual choice for 'tank frame', but her 3 just turns off enemy projectiles in an AoE around her. This works on almost all ranged attacks, which for Corpus and Grineer both is the vast majority of all damage those factions can do. The catch is that you have to keep that ability going. This means duration and efficiency mods, and could be difficult to keep your energy up early on. Zephyr also has very strong crowd control and mobility.
  • Nidus is essentially Inaros' Infested cousin. He has a lot of time he needs to get fully going, but once he does he is more-or-less unstoppable.
  • Yareli can arguably be said to be a survivable frame, but mostly she's here to let you know that she's not terribly good and that unless you really like the idea of a K-Drive frame a lot you should not get her. She's not the best at anything, and a lot of people tend to think she's bad. This author is one of them, unless something changes with her since I wrote this.

Nuker/Kill Frames

Aside from surviving, killing things is something that you tend to have to do a lot in this game. Some frames specialize in efficiently killing a whole lot of dudes at once.

  • Ember is one of the earliest available kill frames. Her 4 drops meteors on everyone in her cone of vision (including enemies she can't necessarily see!) and lights them on fire. This does a lot of damage and causes them all to stop for a moment and panic. This can be considered a secondary crowd-control ability, but primarily it just kills a lot of people. As a bonus, her 2 gives you damage reduction for quite cheap.
  • Volt is the earliest nuker option you have access to. Volt's 4 is an extremely large AoE that turns enemy armor into a battery to fuel a tesla coil that shocks other nearby enemies. It's also solid crowd control. His 4 is not very effective against most Infested, however, and mostly works on targets with a lot of armor. His place on this list is mostly because of how easy he is to get.
  • Equinox can be difficult to farm because they have twice as many pieces, but the versatility they have is nice. Equinox does slash damage in a very large persistent AoE around themself with Maim, and damage done to people in the area is stored to be released in one giant blast. Like Ember, this also momentarily staggers enemies. Equinox also does a lot of other stuff, since they have 7 abilities.
  • While known more so for the crowd control utility, Nova's 2 absorbs damage pumped into it to be released in a large AoE.
  • Not really available to new players, but Mesa and Saryn are probably two of the best mass kill frames. Mesa just becomes a living turret, and Saryn can cause disease to plague a huge group or enemies. I don't generally endorse buying frames with plat, but if you wanted a nuker these two are both very good.

Crowd Control Frames

These warframes specialize in stopping enemies from attacking or otherwise have ways to shut down groups of enemies. The main point of these frames is to either open them up for more damage or prevent them from doing damage - either to players or objectives. Note that killing things also prevents them from doing damage, so in most cases killing is as or more effective than pure CC. As a result, CC isn't the main focus of most frames and is often a sort of side-benefit that comes with their kit.

  • Wisp is a lot of things, but one of those things means she has a near constant AoE stun centered on herself, buffed allies, and wherever she dropped her buff zone. The only problem with Wisp is she's a little bit later into the game than most of the other options.
  • Titania has a lot of CC abilities, some of which also do damage, other that provide buffs to herself and allies.
  • Volt has two crowd control abilities, his Shock and Discharge which are targeted AoE and mass AoE respectively. Each causes electric procs, which leaves enemies wide open for further attack.
  • Nidus can pull huge groups of enemies into a concentrated ball.
  • Equinox can make enemies fall asleep, on top of the other things in their kit.
  • Nyx has massive AoE ability called Chaos that makes enemies attack each other. Very useful for large interception maps or mobile defense.
  • Half of Inaros' kit is crowd control. His 1 is a fairly large area CC. His 3 also disables enemies, but is generally not worth using.
  • Nekros has Terrify, which scares enemies and opens them up for more damage while they flee, and can stop enemies from attacking useful targets as they get distracted by his shades he summons with his 4.

Area Control Frames

Area control is essentially crowd control that sticks to a single point. Most frames that have Area Control also have general crowd control, and the distinction between them is somewhat arbitrary and one made entirely by this author. Essentially, if a frame's control option would allow them to use it on the move, it can be considered a CC. If it tends to linger in one spot and be good for controlling a zone, it's area control. AC serves a similar purpose to CC, but is generally more focused on missions like Excavation and Defense. Still, they also tend to do well in any mission that allows you to stand in one spot for more than 30 seconds - you can treat a Survival like a defense, but you can't treat an Exterminate like a Survival.

  • Gara is a very defense oriented frame. She can put up a large glass cylinder that she then shatters with her 1 to nuke enemies. Putting up this glass cylinder also refreshes her 3, which is a damage reduction she can put on herself and allied targets (including defense objectives!).
  • Frost is the OG area control frame. He has a big bubble he puts up and it protects who or whatever is inside. He also has crowd control with his 4 and 2 to slow/freeze people.
  • Vauban has a lot of options for both CC and AC. He's good at pulling enemies into a single location and then using that clustering against them
  • Khora is a little later on than the others, but is able to lock down points while simultaneously murdering everyone who comes within a fairly large range of your dome. The only reason she's this low on this list is because she's a lot harder to get than most the other frames in this guide.
  • Limbo is a frame that is hard to fully recommend or endorse, since if you use his abilities you tend to make other players mad. However, his 4 allows him to perfectly protect any location so long as there is no ability cancellation. He can safely sit inside of his Cataclysm bubble until the time runs out on whatever objective he is sitting on. However, other than that he doesn't particularly shine at anything else. Some people like Limbo, but you just have to be careful with him to not be a huge jerk.

Rush/Speed Frames

A lot of content in Warframe requires you to get to an objective, do a quick thing, and then leave. Rush frames are warframes that let you do this quickly - they emphasize quick move speeds to get quick missions over with even faster. Like Crowd Control, this is rarely the main thing a given Warframe does - most frames are fast and do something else too.

  • Volt is the first speed frame you have access to, and also the simplest. His 2 lets you run, melee, and reload fast for the duration. This means building for duration and maybe packing an energy restore or two early on, but Volt already benefits from those things so you aren't going too far out of your way to get them.
  • Titania can get into an exalted Archwing mode during a normal mission and fly extremely quickly. Titania may be the fastest frame in the game.
  • Wukong is extremely fast when using Cloudwalker. This also lets him fly and makes him invulnerable to damage. He's not too far behind Titania in terms of raw speed and maneuverability.
  • Gauss is Volt but on crack. He's just even faster. Maybe too fast, even, since you may have a hard time navigating. He's also fairly survivable and has some unique self buffing tied to his special battery resource.
  • Nezha isn't as fast as the others, but is still quite speedy. It might be more accurate to describe Nezha as 'slippery'. He can also teleport by throwing his chakram and then pressing 2 again while it's flying, which can allow for crossing gaps that might otherwise be troublesome.
  • Zephyr is the vertically fastest warframe, and moving horizontally she's pretty darn speedy too. The problem is that she moves in a straight line which means in most indoor maps you're just gonna hit walls. This is great in open world content, however.
  • Wisp has a Haste buff with her 1. It's not as ridiculous as some of the other speed frames, but taken with everything else in her kit it's a nice sort of off-utility. She also has a teleport with her 2, and if you hold it down she can move surprisingly quickly over a large open area.

Stealth/Spy Frames

Spy missions are often seen as a frustrating obstacle. They show up on most if not all planets on the star chart, and they have a habit of showing up as a mission during Sorties. It can be helpful to have a frame for handling these sorts of missions. Many of them also double as a stealth frame, having some kind of invisibility. A stealth frame is also useful for getting all three reward rotations from Rescue missions, or for generally having an easier time clearing them.

  • Ivara has the longest lasting invisibility in the game. Using the Infiltrator augment mod, you can also use it to walk through lasers in Spy missions. She can also make operator defense objectives invisible, and so is one of the best frames for that type of Defense mission. The only problem is that her invisibility is slow.
  • Wukong's Cloud Walker allows you to just fly straight through lasers and detection grids. However, it does not make him invisible so effort must still be made to avoid guards. Note that the floating grineer detection drones don't detect cloud walker.
  • Limbo is similar to Wukong in that he can't turn invisible, but while in the Rift he is immune to the detection lasers.
  • Wisp is invisible so long as she is in the air. She can't shoot enemies while she's doing this or else she loses invisibility. She can also teleport to the location of her Will-O-Wisp distraction, which can make pathing over gaps easier.
  • Loki is able to turn invisible. Unfortunately, the rest of his abilities are generally outclassed by other frames in some way or just not useful. However, he has a long duration invisibility that allows him to sprint and bullet jump, unlike Ivara who has to stick to dodge rolling.
  • Ash has a fairly short-term invisibility that also doubles as crowd control in an AoE around him when he casts it. With enough Duration, this can last for a respectable amount of time.
    • Ash was changed to be incredibly difficult to obtain. This is why he is not recommended.

Primary Weapons

MR 0 - 3:

  • If you started with the MK1-Braton, you might consider picking up the MK-1 Paris instead.
  • If you don't like how slow-firing the Paris is, you might consider the Latron, a semi-auto rifle. The damage is weaker than the Paris, but still strong enough to be useful.
  • If you like having the big single target damage of the Paris but hate the charge time you should check out the Vectis.
  • If you want a bullet hose and you can find a Blueprint, the Gorgon is a spool-up machinegun that would serve you acceptably up through around Jupiter or maybe even Uranus if you get lucky with mods.

MR 4:

This is where the game starts to open up.

  • The biggest gun here is the Hek, a high damage shotgun, and it can easily take you through the whole star chart if you can get your hands on the Scattered Justice mod for it.
  • The Quanta is a beam laser with an alt-fire mode that shoots a cube that, when shot with the laser, explodes for a lot of damage. The Quanta also has a couple of upgrades later on if you really like it and want to keep using it.

MR 5:

  • If you like bows and can gets your hands on the blueprint from Stalker showing up in a mission, the Dread is the highest damage weapon you can get at this point in the game. It will continue to be a solid weapon well into your later Mastery Ranks in this game. At MR 21, this author has kept his Dread.
  • The Sybaris is a two-shot burst rifle with reasonably high crit, and is a good choice if you enjoy the sort of head-shotting single-target style it offers.
  • The Kohm is also an admirable weapon that doesn't need many mods to be able to do well, though it feels less like a shotgun and more like a gatling flak gun. The longer it spools up, the more multishot it gains. This also has some innate punch through that allows you to just mow down hallways with it.
  • If you need a lot of AoE damage, the Tonkor is a grenade launcher with very high base damage for its MR that comes with a side of crowd-control by knocking everyone over.
  • So, by MR 5 you could have beaten the War Within. At this point, you can go and start fighting Kuva Liches, though you probably don't have the gear and mods to reasonably do so. Killing these gets you the Kuva weapons, some of which are considered the best weapons in the game. This is also true of the Tenet weapons from the Sisters of Parvos once you have complete the associated quest.
    • You really shouldn't consider this to be something expected of you at MR 5. These are difficult farms, so unless you are being carried you probably shouldn't engage with them until you have the equipment to contribute something when tackling these.

MR 6:

  • The Rubico is a fantastic sniper rifle. The only reason people don't tend to carry it into endgame content is because the Prime version at MR 12 is better.
  • The Scourge is a spear gun that fires innately Corrosive ammunition. It can also be thrown and causes bullets to magnetize to the heads of targets in the area. That's only especially useful if you have a good secondary to back it up, though. The high status and corrosive innate damage means you can reasonably make this into a weapon that has Corrosive, Heat, and Viral to absolutely melt tougher enemies.
  • If you are craving a good old fashioned assault rifle, you could do worse than the Soma. It's a crit weapon with hitscan bullets.

MR 7:

This is another major level where a lot of weapons open up

  • The Attica is a burst-fire auto crossbow. With the Thunderbolt mod, the arrows explode and do considerable damage.
  • If you are looking for a silent weapon to use with Ivara or Loki, the Baza is a silent SMG with a high crit rating, but somewhat low range.
  • The Zarr is a big old cannon that shoots fireballs that explode into a cluster of smaller explosions. It also has a very short-range alt-fire that acts as a blunderbuss. If the Tonkor wasn't extra enough for you, this might be.

MR 8:

This is where a lot of weapons that are truly powerful start to become available. Many of these will continue to be effective well into the 'endgame'.

  • Acceltra is a micro-missile launcher and crit weapon. The shots don't explode until they have been active for a while, so you won't be putting yourself on your butt for aiming too close. This is a weapon competitive with many MR 14 weapons.
  • The Cedo is another weapon that, at the time of writing, many people consider top tier. It's a full auto shotgun with high crit and innate bonus damage scaling with the number of statuses a target has (though it's bad at laying those statuses on itself).
  • The only reason Corinth isn't top tier is because Corinth Prime exists. It's another crit-heavy shotgun, but the alt-fire is an air-burst grenade with high status and base damage. You can build for either or both, and it'll be good regardless.
  • The Exergis is technically a shotgun, but it won't feel like it. It shoots crystals that punch through enemy bodies infinitely and do insanely high damage per pellet. However, it only has a single shot per magazine.
  • The Fulmin has infinite, self-recharging ammo and can switch between an auto-fire mode and a silent shotgun-like mode that is similar to the Arca Plasmor. Additionally, both mods have a high critical hit chance and multiplier. This is a weapon that sticks out as being well ahead of its MR in terms of raw power.
  • The Lenz is a 'bow' that generates a large cold aura around the point of impact that then explodes for massive damage with a very high crit chance. Despite only have a max of 6 shots, it also has innate ammo mutation that means you have what may as well be infinite ammo.
  • Stradavar is an assault rifle that can switch between two firing modes like the Fulmin. It has an innately high crit chance, and a strange quality where it's actually more accurate when fired from the hip than when aiming.

MR 9:

  • Ignis Wraith is here, and it's very popular. This is a straight-up no-nonsense flamethrower. It has no base polarities so it does require a fair amount of Forma investment, but it can also melt basically any enemy in the game so that's probably a fair tradeoff. The Ignis Wraith has insane ammo economy, a very high crit chance given the fire rate, a high multiplier, and a very high status chance. It has infinite punch through on enemies, and can easily hit an entire hallway of enemies with innate Heat damage. The only problem this weapon has is that it's generally better at killing enemies over a couple of seconds instead of doing it all upfront with burst damage, but it'll kill most enemies with burst damage too if you invest in it. You can use this weapon on steel path no problem as long as you drop between 6 and 8 Forma in it.

MR 10:

  • Amprex initially looks like it won't be much, but it has ludicrous AoE potential. This weapon can chain between enemies like the Atomos or Kuva Nukor, doing large amounts of crit and status all the way through them. It can then chain again up to three total times. If you keep the innate Electric damage, this can also serve as a crowd control weapon. The first beam has a range of 18 meters, and the chains can happen up to 10 meters away. This means that if you shoot an enemy at max range, it can chain to another enemy at max range again three times meaning you can hit every enemy that can trace a line of sight to eachother in a 30 meter area around your target. This is large enough that if you shot someone at max range in front of you, it could reasonably be hitting people in a crowd behind you. You can increase this range even further with Sinister Reach.
    • The damage does decrease, half as much per target in the chain. But this is still very potent crowd control, and the statuses still apply.
  • Arca Plasmor has very high punch through that briefly stuns everyone it hits and does a base of 600 damage. This evaporates large groups of enemies - it's popular, and for a reason. The only real weakness is that the range isn't amazing, but you probably won't notice that unless you try to bring it to open world content.
  • Stahlta is a crit-based bullet hose that has an alt-fire that shoots an explosion with innate Radiation damage.

Secondary Weapons

It may not surprise you to learn that secondary weapons are, well, secondary. There's a reason for that - they just aren't as good as Primary or Melee weapons generally. This author will fully admit bias, but most secondary weapons really just aren't worth using. Secondary weapons are most valuable when they act more as tools than weapons. This section will only call out the ones that are worth grabbing - if it's not listed, it's probably just MR Fodder or it appeals to a really niche playstyle.

MR 0

  • MK-1 Furis (and regular Furis at MR 2) is here only because of a mod for it called Winds of Purity. This mod gives the Furis Life Steal and is a method of healing that is available somewhat early on by either buying it from another player or by getting it from New Loka.
  • Technically all Kitguns are MR 0. Some of those are really good, but realistically you won't be able to get these until like MR 5 at the earliest.

MR 2

  • Gammacor isn't an especially powerful weapon, but it IS very good at popping nullifier bubbles. If you find yourself struggling with Nullifier bubbles, this is an acceptable way to bypass that problem. It can also apply a lot of Status quickly, but in the early game this isn't very useful. Low damage and a low crit means it's not easy to kill with this weapon.
  • Sonicor is a weird outlier for Secondaries because it does decent damage for an MR 2 weapon. It also knocks everyone it hits over, which can be nice when trying to get through a crowded hallway or just get a big enemy out of the way for a minute.

MR 3

  • The Lex is another outlier in terms of damage. It does 104 damage base per shot, and is a pretty common choice for new players. The Aklex at MR 4 is the same thing but twice the fun.

MR 5

  • Atomos is one of the rare actually good secondaries. It has a chaining effect like the Amprex does, and it does decent enough damage and status.
  • The Kohmak is essentially an offhand version of the Kohm. It has a reasonably good status chance and solid damage, but also notable falloff. You could do a lot worse.
  • The Kulstar is a handheld cluster bombing machine. It does decent damage.

MR 6

  • Rakta Ballistica is a Red Veil variant of the Ballistica. This is more valuable for its faction proc, which regens energy. The weapon itself is quite good too, though.

MR 7

  • Synoid Gammacor is like the original Gammacor, but it actually kills people now. It has radically improved crit, even better status, and a really solid faction proc that explodes for 1,000 Magnetic damage and also gives you back 25% of your energy. This is, in my opinion, the best secondary up until this point.

MR 8

  • Epitaph shouldn't be MR 8. This thing should probably be closer to MR 12 or even 14. It's insanely powerful.
  • Pandero is not particularly powerful when compared to something like the Epitaph, but it is very fun to use. It has a high crit rating, and has an alt fire where you fan the hammer to empty the whole magazine at once. Potentially very powerful, but requiring a lot of skill to get the most out of it.

MR 10

  • The Akstiletto Prime is a high status, high fire rate dual SMG with solidly workable crit. It's all around pretty good.
  • Knell is good if you can consistently land headshots. That being said, it's a scoped pistol and that isn't for everyone. This does have some great synergy with some warframes and other effects, though, and it has infinite ammo for 2 seconds after a headshot as well as increased crit and status.
  • Staticor lets you shoot giant balls of Radiation with a high crit multipler and status chance. Note that you can charge for a big explosive AoE or you can just throw lots of smaller blasts.

Melee Weapons

Melee weapons are possibly the most important weapon you use on your load out because they do a great deal of damage and change how you engage with enemies who get close (and what "close" even means for you). The key to melee weapons, aside from generally having high stats, is that you build Combo as you hit people which makes them more powerful. Melee weapons also have Stance mods which change what their combo is and often grant unique extra effect to certain hits.

These are perhaps even more subjective than Primary or Secondary weapons as a result - the stances I think feel good might not feel good to other people. I will call out notable melee weapons, but know that each type of melee has a unique feel and that you'll probably need to experiment to find one you like. Unlike with Secondaries, weapons I don't mention aren't necessarily bad. They just aren't that notable, or might just be a typical example of a weapon of that type.

MR 0

  • The Mk-1 Bo (Staff) is notable only because it is the best choice for starting weapon.
  • The Kestrel is a glavie that can explode in mid-air for a good amount of damage (for this MR). It also forces ragdolls on people it hits, but like most glaives is a bit weaker in melee.
    • Note: Historically in real life a glaive refers to a kind of polearm used for stabbing, but in Warframe it refers to chakram/boomerang style weapons. There's also a specific weapon called the Glaive which is a specific Glaive (the category of weapon).

MR 1

  • If you like Glaives, you'll love Glaive. It's the Glaive-iest.

MR 2

  • The Dual Zoren are very high critical chance Dual Swords. Note that despite being axes, they are technically swords. They have very low status though, so they might not be a great choice later in the game. That doesn't stop them from being great for most of the starchart, though!

MR 3

  • Galatine might feel slow and clunky at first, but with a Berserker Fury it quickly speeds up. The large range makes it great for chopping down hordes. This weapon isn't as good as it once was, but it's still quite solid.
  • The Tipedo (Staff) is similar to the Galatine in range and being mostly Slash damage, but is considerably fast at the cost of some of the base damage. It has a high Crit and Status that makes it quite good.

MR 4

  • Boltace is a Tonfa that boasts a very high status and slide attack damage.
  • Guandao (Polearm) is one of these weapons that probably shouldn't be MR 4, but instead much higher. It has high damage, huge crit, and large range. It also has a high slide attack damage.
  • Redeemer is one of the rare Gunblades. Some of its attacks are actually ranged, firing like a shotgun. However, since it's technically a melee weapon it will benefit from stealth damage and is (for some reason) silent which makes it very usable with invisibility. This is one of the earliest paths to absurd damage.
  • Xoris is another Glaive, but this time with a massive explosion when detonated in mid-air. This weapon is incredibly good for its MR, and you get it for free for doing The Deadlock Protocol. It also benefits from stealth multipliers, which allows you to see some silly big numbers. You can also use this simultaneously with a one-handed Secondary.

MR 7

  • Hirudo is a Sparring weapon with the unique gimmick of having innate life steal. While any melee weapon can have Life Steal (on Heavy attacks only) by equipping the Life Strike mod, this always has it and it costs nothing. Like most sparring weapons the range is quite low, however.
  • The Pennant is a Two-Handed Nikana (nodachi) with a unique gimmick that Heavy Attack kills speed the weapon up for a short while, with more speed based on Combo multipler. This weapon also has a very high crit chance and multiplier, as well as high base damage.
  • The Tatsu is another Two-Handed Nikana that gains charges by killing people and expends them on slide attacks to releasing homing projectiles. It's also got a great status chance, and a surprisingly good speed (1) for its 3m reach.

MR 9

  • Vastilok is a Grineer Gunblade, and it is good but can only be acquired from Baro or another player.
  • Lesion is polearm that has high status, mostly does Slash (always a winning combo), and then starts inflicting Toxin for a few seconds after each successful Status proc while also gaining a speed boost.

MR 10

  • Broken War has the distinction of being one of (if not the) best of one-handed Swords. It's also free.
  • Paracesis is also free. Much like a Lich/Sister weapon, it goes up to Rank 40 by gaining 2 more max Rank per Forma (up to 5 forma). It's quite powerful. Being a heavy blade it is a little slow, but it has big damage (mostly Slash too!), lots of Status, and great crit. Did I mention that it's free?
  • Redeemer Prime is Redeemer, but just way better. More than double the damage, way better crit and multiplier, overall just a much better weapon.
  • Stropha asks the brave question "What if we turned the Redeemer Prime into an Arca Plasmor?" and then kills everyone who dared to ask that stupid question. The range is way lower, but it has innate punch through and can clear half a hallway pretty easily. It does massive damage.