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…If it wasn't for Hydroid, I would definitely have abandoned Warframe. There are many reasons for this, but Hydroid... How fun and cool they are to play. Feeling like "Hydro-Man"[1] from Spider-Man[2] is great. As an illustrator and writer, I immediately came up with the idea of the backstory and drawings about Hydroid. I enjoy playing for him!

But, it's me. Other people (not all of course) do not share my opinion. And I see that some of the people are just delusional about him. Therefore, as a fan and mainer of Hydroid, for the past 4 years and 8 months (I have been playing Hydroid from August 7, 2017 to the present), I will tell, based on my experience and knowledge, who Hydroid is.


Hydroid and Kraken.jpg

Hydroid is an old Warframe that was released on April 10, 2014 with Update 13 - Dark Sector. Hydroid's abilities use the element of Water[3], and his appearance embodies a pirate theme and is inspired by one of the antagonists of the Pirates of the Caribbean films, Davy Jones[4]. Not only the appearance, supernatural abilities and cunning were borrowed from the captain of the Flying Dutchman[5], but also Jones's pet, the Kraken[6], albeit three years later, with the release of the Rework.

Class affiliation

In the classic RPG (Dungeons & Dragons[7]), the main classes are:

  • Defender, aka Tank;
  • Striker or Damage Dealer (DD);
  • Crowd Control (CC) or Controller;
  • Leader - The leader of the team. Coordinates group activities. Most often, he is a Healer or Buffer, imposes certain buffs on allies.

Of this system, Hydroid is the controller.

Controller - a character that provides favorable conditions on the battlefield, and the attack of many opponents at once. The controller's work is considered completed if he manages to impose his own battle conditions on the enemies, for example, to prevent from being squeezed by the crowd; maintain an advantageous position; separate the enemy commander from the support squad. Characters with control are important in absolutely any game.

In the modern RPG, classes have become more extensive and divided into subclasses and hybrid classes (A hybrid class is a character that can perform different functions depending on needs). They are divided into specific tactical tasks. One of the controller subclasses is:

Disabler (Blocker) - a character whose skills include at least one ability aimed at controlling or neutralizing one or more opponents in the area of the ability.

  • Tempest Barrage - Hydroid marks, at the specified point, the area in which there is a barrage, from rapidly flying, from above, water drops - the flurry not only deals damage, but also overturns opponents. This allows you to stop their movement.
  • Tidal Surge - Hydroid turns into a rushing wave, knocking enemies down and carrying them away, - A wave can take enemies to a certain point. Also, it is a fast way to move.
  • Undertow - Hydroid turns into a puddle, becoming invulnerable. Enemies caught in a puddle take damage in progression - Hydroid can lie down a low tide, in a certain passage or place, so that enemies fall into it and cannot pass. If they suddenly, far from the puddle, they can be dragged with tentacles and stop the advance.
  • Tentacle Swarm - Hydroid summons a monster ("Kraken") used tentacles that grab enemies and slam them against the surface - you can block off rooms without letting enemies through.

It is the disabler that Hydroid is. All his skills are designed to slow down, stun and completely stop enemies in a certain area.

Pros and cons

Hydroid Pros:

  • Good crowd control;
  • Very strong damage - "Undertow" deals damage, increasing per tick, becoming more and more;
  • Average survivability, due to the average armor;
  • Passive invulnerability;
  • Easily available (not for Platinum and not counting Prime) - He appears earlier than Nekros (before the Heart of Deimos update), Khora, Atlas or Ivara (Warframes that can farm).


  • Average survival;

There are three other minor issues. They are expressed in the gameplay of the game.

  • Sitting in the "Undertow", resources, air containers, energy/health spheres constantly interfere. They just block the view. This is connected with a companion, namely mods - Fetch/Vacuum. Guardian or pet draws resources into "Undertow" and interferes with vision and targeting of tentacles that can pull the enemy.
  • Inconvenient use of the ult. Usually, I put "Tentacle Swarm" and that's it. But if at the moment of casting, your partner blocked your view, then the cast will be “on the partner” and the tentacles will be placed in the wrong place. Or, if you put "Swarm", by chance, on a box of cartridges, then the tentacles will crawl out from one point, and will not be distributed over the surface.
  • Sometimes, the tentacles can drag an enemy under a floor or wall texture, and then you have to wait for them to pull him back out. For some, this can be annoying.

Now, let's look at each aspect of the pros and cons.


1) Good crowd control

Any of Hydroid's abilities are aimed at slowing down/knocking over/holding the enemy, preventing him from doing anything.


  • Tempest Barrage knocks over mobs and for a while they can't do anything. During this time, you, or your comrades, will have time to kill them or use the tempest again so that they remain helpless on the ground.
    • Can be used twice, in different places.
    • When hit close to an enemy, knocks them back slightly. Works very well against enemies who, for some reason, did not hit the tentacles. It also knocks down the dome of the Nullifier well.
    • Knocked down enemies can be finished off.
    • Good at destroying Sabotage objects.
    • A huge plus of Flurry is that no one except Violence and Stalker can disable this ability. Especially Nullifier. Because water drops appear from the sky and there is no way to cancel them. Therefore, enemies will get knocked down anyway.

  • Tidal Surge carries a certain number of enemies along with it and, in addition, throws them in the direction of movement. Or vice versa, a wave can "deliver" mobs to the tentacles, if they are far from them. You can fly into the crowd and "take" them away from a certain area. The wave is wide and will drag a lot of enemies. Also, while casting Wave, it makes you invulnerable.
    • Enemies downed by the "Wave" can be finished off.
    • Nice way to get around.
    • Hydroid’s Tidal surge can cancel early by jumping.

  • Undertow - drowns enemies and deprives them of any action. Mobs will not be able to shoot at you, capture points, throw grenades and stuff like that. If you take an Operative, on a Sally, into a room and lie down at the entrance with Undertow, then the enemies will not get to the object of protection, but will fall en masse into a puddle. And there the allies will shoot in a puddle and the mobs will quickly die. Because if you shoot a Hydroid when he is in "Undertow", then 50% of the physical and status damage will go through the mobs and they will die very quickly.
    • If you forcibly turn off the "Undertow", then the enemies who were in it will lie on the ground and they can be finished off.
    • Makes you invisible and invulnerable.

  • Tentacle Swarm - the main "chip" of the Hydroid, capable of delaying crowds of the enemy. Basically, the focus is on it, not taking into account the "Pilfering Swarm". Having a large radius, the tentacles will capture a lot of enemies (about 30-35). While the Swarm is active, other enemies will not be able to pass through it, unless there are blind spots.
    • If the tentacle pressed the enemy to the ground, then they can finish off.

2) Very strong damage

It's simple - the enemies fell into a puddle, they are dealt DmgImpactSmall64.png Impact damage of 25 units (adjustable by strength) and every second, by 2% (standard damage at 100% strength at rank 3), of the enemy's maximum health, damage increases. The more enemies, the stronger the increased damage.

At 177% strength, 20 level 155 Corrupted Heavy Gunner and Corrupted Bombard died in "Undertow" in 36 seconds.

3) Average survival

List of Warframe armor.

Armor of Warframe.png

As you can see in the picture, Hydroid and Hydroid Prime have an average armor value. In the days when Hydroid had 65 armor, it was just terrible. But now, after the rework and revision of the security of Warframes, he began to fall less. Which speaks of his average survivability compared to other Warframes. If you do not rely on its survivability, then nevertheless, the average armor value is better, low.

4) Passive invulnerability

That's right, "Passive Invulnerability". By activating "Undertow", Hydroid, and his companion, plunges into a puddle, becoming invulnerable. The companion is not invulnerable. Your pet or guardian can be killed in "Undertow", from the DmgBlastSmall64.png Blast AOE attack. In puddle, you can restore shields, which with the introduced Shieldgate (Shieldgate is a game mechanic that allows you to keep the player’s health intact, due to temporary invulnerability of health when the shield is completely destroyed. Effective against powerful single shots, ineffective against enemies firing bursts) is very good; you can wait out the effect of the imposed statuses. Also, with the "Curative Undertow" augmentation mod, you can restore health to yourself and your allies.

Only in three cases can us, intentionally, be taken out of this state:

  1. Undertow will be touched by the Nullifier field and pull us out of the skill.
  2. Energy will run out.
  3. Stalker or his acolyte Violence will be pulled out of the "Undertow" (Stalker rarely does this, but sometimes he can).

In all other cases, we are invulnerable.

5) Easy accessibility

Let's not count the purchase for platinum and knocking out Prime. Easily obtain a regular Hydroid from the Boss.

Since for You, in the first place, the Hydroid farmer, let's see, using the example of other Farmer Warframes, how easy it is to get it.

Access to Hydrod opens after the 5th rank of mastery, on the planet Earth, mission Oro. This task is to kill the "rooster" Councilor Wei Hek. After the victory, one of the parts of the Hydroid will drop from him. Given the “holy” random, this can happen both in 3 runs in a row, and in a few days. But, usually, an hour and a half is enough to knock out all the components. In terms of assembly, Hydroid is no more difficult than Nekros, but much simpler than Khora, Atlas and Ivara.

So why is Hydroid's accessibility easier than the rest? Previously, he was the first to appear, but with the Heart of Deimos update, it is now easier to knock out Nekros, and only then Hydroid. Deimos opens earlier and rank 5 is not needed. But, nevertheless, he will appear earlier than Khora, Atlas and Ivara.

The Atlas is located on Eris, knocked out from the Jordas Golem. By the time you get there, you will already have both Hydroid and Nekros.

Ivara drops from Spy missions, with a small chance, after breaking all three vaults.

Access to the Khora opens, too, after rank 5 and passing the quest - "The New Strange". Further, all of she parts, with a small chance, drop out on the game mode - Sanctuary Onslaught.

It turns out that Hydroid will be the second, after Nekros, Warframe who can farm and who is easy to get. But earlier, when (the grass was greener) in the Orokin Ruins it was necessary to walk along the keys, to kill Lefantis, from which Nekros falls, Hydroid was the first in line.


1) Average survival

Why did it fall into the minuses, although it is also in the black?

Everything is simple. 225/275 armor is low at level 40+. A lot of players who have played Hydroid at least once do not give him Steel Fiber and Vitality or their Umbra variants. Of course, it's understandable why. Other stats are favored, although Redirect is sometimes given because Hydroid/Prime has high shields. But, average health (300) and average armor can easily lead to death, especially when playing against the Infected faction, which has a lot of DmgToxinSmall64.png Toxin status, passing through shields and hitting health. You can put "Adaptation", but from it, soon, without an indicator of armor, at least 700 units, there will be no sense - they will simply kill you. So, on the one hand, medium armor is definitely good when there are a lot of Warframes who have 100/125 armor. But at the same time, 40+ levels can be a big problem, especially in solo.

Once again about the survivability of the Hydroid, we will talk in the Build chapter.


I would like to talk about the complaints expressed by the players (especially those who haven't played/play with him at all) regarding Hydroid.

1) Low Damage/Weak Hydroid

Does Hydroid need a lot of damage? No. Its purpose is not to deal damage, but to slow down/hold/knock down enemies so that you or your allies, especially the "Damage Dealer", can kill them. This is his entire tactical role in a team or solo game.

I mentioned that "Undertow" can deal a lot of damage, but this is its additional function, and the primary task is to prevent the mobs from doing anything.

How can Hydroid be weak? Regarding who or what?

You write that he is weak because he cannot kill crowds at the touch of a button. Weak because "Damage Dealers" like Saryn and Mesa can deal decillion (Decillion is a number represented by a 1 followed by 33 zeros) damage per second, while Hydroid can't... The controller shouldn't. That's what it's all about - people don't understand the role of the Hydroid, so they're talking nonsense.

It is clear that the controller can deal damage, but it will be small or medium. Otherwise, why do you need DD when anyone can deal huge damage.

Someone will say, Warframe, this is not an RPG game, that you are all about controllers and DD. Let me, Warframe, just the same RPG, like WoW or Lineage 2, but differs only (no, not in the setting) in the gameplay component - a mixture of slasher and shooter/looter-shooter from the 3rd person, with an unusual rank pumping and card system modifications.

To dispel all doubts that Warframe is an RPG, let's look at the hallmarks of RPG games and compare it to Warframe.

Signs of RPG:

  • Role system
  • Study
  • Plot
  • Combat system

Role system

Describes how characters can be created, modified, and developed to increase their effectiveness in the game.

In Warframe - knocking out the Warframe and creating it in the forge; change and development, through improvement, through modifications and arcane enhancement.


Describes how the character moves around the game world, everything he can find, see what he can interact with. For example, game areas, items and other objects. There are initially inaccessible areas of the game world that can only be accessed by improving the character's skills, completing a task, or solving a puzzle (open a lock, overcome an obstacle, repair a bridge, dispel magic, and so on).

In Warframe - Sequential discovery of the solar system and various missions.


Includes all narrative elements such as the game world, its story, characters, dialogue, quests, descriptions, storylines, and how these components interact.

In Warframe - Do I really need to write about this?

Combat system

Explains how the role-playing system, exploration, and story influence the outcome of a battle.

  • Efficiency in battle depends on the characteristics and skills of the character (the amount of damage, the chance of hitting, the ability to use certain types of weapons, and so on).
  • There is an element of chance in battles (rolls of in-game dice). Almost all computer role-playing games have virtual dice rolls and probability functions.

It seems to me that it is already clear that Warframe is an RPG, at least half. Since it is an RPG, then it uses logic more tightly. What does "logic" mean? And that means that there is a division into classes and their "tactical role". And I repeat 100500 times - Hydroid is a CONTROLLER, namely a DISABLER, and its ESSENCE is in control, and not inflicting huge damage per second. In terms of damage, Hydroid relies on weapons.

It seems that modern players are guided by the idea that if a Warframe does not kill 100+ levels, then it is bad. Yes, red crits and millions of numbers corrupt players.

For that matter, Tentacle Swarm kills 100+ levels, and on the Steel Path too.

2) Passive is bad

Passive Information:

With each blow to the floor, there is a 50% chance of triggering the tentacle, for 15 seconds. The tentacle senses nearby enemies within 5 meters to grab them and deal 200 (unregulated by strength) DmgTrueSmall64.png True damage per second, bypassing shields and armor. Captured enemies are released when they die or the tentacle expires. Up to 3 tentacles spawned by this passive can exist at the same time.

Passive, suits Hydroid well and works for him when he plays through melee. To understand this, you need to play at high levels. There, each enemy is a tenacious pile of meat and armor, with high, and sometimes fatal damage. And you need any ability to somehow neutralize the enemy.

For example, Nox. Very "fat" mob, which takes a long time to kill. On the Steel Path, he will be even "fatter" and here, Hydroid's passive helps to grab Nox and kill him easier. Let me remind you that the "Pilfering Swarm" augment mod applies to the passive. And this means that from Nox or any other enemy, an additional resource will also fall out.

Also, the passive is a small "Tentacle Swarm". With this passive ability, you can "cover the rear", namely, some kind of passage while the ult is used in another place.

The only thing I can find fault with passive ability Hydroid, so this is to the chance of operation and duration. 50%, could be increased to 100%, and the duration was up to 20 seconds, like the Swarm. But it's okay too.

3) Hydroid is boring

Boring? Nidus, isn't it boring for you? Filling his stacks does not cause boredom? Is issuing a subjective opinion based on differences in playstyle now the criteria for determining whether a Warframe is good or bad? You can say that about any Warframe. If you sit, on a permanent basis, in "Undertow", this does not mean that the Hydroid is boring.

Since, in this analysis, I am starting from my experience and playing style with Hydroid, I do not share your opinion, from the word at all. I like to tank and run around the map at hurricane speed, killing everyone in close combat. And you know what, my Hydroid runs around like a stung and constantly uses abilities. Because they are funny and help me with the extermination of enemies. I love when enemies fall due to "Tempest Barrage" or flounder funny from "Swarm". And how funny it is when you sweep through the "Tidal Surge" and wash away the enemies. It's fun and cool. What about "Undertow"? When you lie in a puddle, and the enemy, suspecting nothing, falls into it, I laugh and enjoy such traps. So, I don't know where you are bored. It all depends on your play style, and only you determine how your Warframe will behave.

This is all so subjective that it cannot be considered a weighty claim to the Hydroid.

4) Hydroid is useless

More subjective than this claim, can only be the previous one. Useless. Isn't the Hydroid doing its job? Doesn't it slow down or hold down opponents? Slows down and holds. Yes, there are nuances with tentacles, which we'll talk about in the "Hydroid's Main Enemies" tab, but otherwise, it copes with its tasks.

Someone plays Frost through the ult and stuns mobs, and someone plays Vauban. Both are in control, but they do it in their own way. So is Hydroid, he controls differently and to say that he is useless, because there are other Warframes that do it better, is stupid. Let's remove 40 Warframes from 48 and leave the first 8, which was in 2013. Do many people agree with this? I think the answer is obvious.

Another reason why Hydroid is useless is that it can't kill Teralysts and Profit-Taker Orb.

He can. I wrote down especially for you how once again I went to the Sphere and the Teralyst. All juice in equipment and builds. Although I don't use arcane enhancement, and I don't take the Operator's proven weapons and amplifiers, even in this case, I calmly go through the Profit Taker-Orb and Teralyst on Hydroid.

5) Hydroid has no AOE attacks/Tentacles don't "benefit"

This is my favorite. I know that almost no one talks about this, but I have encountered this twice and cannot but dispute it.


(Translate: |FeHuKC|: Your tentacles won't benefited like a Necros')

Does Nekros also have tentacles? Didn't know o_O

Yes, about the tentacles is understandable. I wrote above that Hydroid does not need high damage (although, in this case, they "benefited"). But here with AOE attacks, I encountered for the first time. Only here the screenshot will not be. I laughed so hard there that I forgot to take a photo.


The player, rank 20+, shouted in the voice chat that they don’t go to Hydroid Arbitrations, he doesn’t have AOE attacks like Nekros.

Let's first understand what AOE is, for those who may not know.

AOE - (Area Of Effect) - a spell/skill/ability of "mass destruction", affecting the area. AoE is used to destroy a large number of mobs (enemies).

So, where does Hydroid not have AOE attacks? All his abilities are aimed at mass destruction.

And what abilities does Nekros have that are AOE?

  • "Soul Punch" deals damage to a SINGLE target.
  • "Terrify" - I agree here, this is an AOE ability, but will it be used in Arbitration?
  • "Desecrate" doesn't deal any damage, although it does AoE. But it is for obtaining resources, and not for damage and control.
  • "Shadows Of The Dead" - and again I agree. Control over the area, with the help of conscripted troops.

Moreover, Nekros has 2 (3 with a stretch) skills aimed at AOE, against 4 for Hydroid. I told this so that there would be no more such statements that Hydroid does not have AOE attacks.

6) I can't hit enemies, in tentacles

Yes, it is a fact that when the "Swarm" appears, the tentacles move quickly. But! When they grab an enemy, they slow down by a factor of two, and when they rise up, they linger for a split second. How can you not hit the enemies, in this case? It is clear how, if you stand and do nothing.

When playing from melee, there are times when you can't hit the enemy when he's at the end of the tentacle and is lifted up. But he will go down in a second and then you will calmly kill him.

This claim ("I can't hit enemies, in tentacles") is a very good indicator that those who say it have not even played Hydroid. Because they would know they're lying.

7) 300% strength/Tentacles should kill enemies

This misconception has been going on since 2015 (Update 15.16) and after Update 17.0.4, from people who "heard something" but didn't verify the information.

The gist of the story is:

I was playing with random players and one guy asked me how much strength my Hydroid had. I told him that 205%. After that, he began to tell that 300% of strength was needed in order for more resources to fall out. To my statements that this was changed a long time ago and does not depend on strength, at least 40% of it, 100% will fall additional. resource, it flew to me that I was @#$%^ and I didn’t know anything. It was the summer of 2018, and the changes to "Pilfering Swarm" took place in August 2015, with the 17.0.4 update.

But the funny thing is that this is happening, and to this day. No, no, but there are a couple of people who think that Hydroid needs 300% strength for more resources.

Another option, this time with a photo. The screenshot is fresh, for January 16, 2022.

Vz6ytEvZe k.jpg

(Translate: P1: And the farm from killing with tentacles or from being in them? P2: Kills. Zabyr (i'm): From being in them. The main thing is that they grab, and how they die is not important.)

Of course, the Warframe Wiki is designed solely to write that you got the Harrow System the first time, and not to read the information.

Collective Economy

It's no secret that Hydroid, like Nekros, Khora, Atlas and Ivara, can extract additional resources. It was from the moment that Hydroid received the "Pilfering Swarm" augment mod that he became the second "farmer" in the game. But, as usual, there were disputes about who had the better... And here we have to explain in detail what and how.

To farm with Hydroid, you need to purchase, from the New Loka syndicate or Cephalon Suda, an augment mod - "Pilfering Swarm". Next, you should place the "Tentacle Swarm" where a large number of enemies have accumulated. The tentacles will grab them and deal damage for 20 seconds (at 100% duration). After the enemy dies (whether from the tentacles themselves or from your killing an enemy that is in the tentacles or touches them), additional resources will fall out of it, in addition to the usual resources, after death. After that, you need to repeat the cast of "Tentacle Swarm".

This is the whole trick of farming for Hydroid.

Atlas farms through "Petrify". Everything is simple there. I bought an augment mod for farming. Saw the enemy. Clicked the 3rd ability. Enemies within a 60° radius are petrified for a set amount of time. Killing such enemies drops additional resources from them. Profit.

Through the 3rd ability - "Prowl", Ivara can steal resources from enemies (without an augment). Also, "Prowl" makes her invisible, but instead reduces her movement speed.

Nekros is the first Warframe that was designed solely to farm resources. It was only later that the Nekros-Tank appeared. And at the dawn of Warframe, he was the only one who could facilitate the "grind" (Grind - in computer games, repetitive and low-risk actions of players aimed at obtaining in-game benefits). But, you need to clarify something about him. Nekros is a - Resource-Getter. Who is it?

A Resource-Getter (a subclass of Support), aka Farmer, a supply character, provides additional resources from mobs (to steal resources, mobs, it’s not even necessary to kill) for himself and the team. Resources can be: ammo, mana, healers and gold (we have "credits").

Out of all of them, Nekros is the easiest to play. Pressed the 3rd ability "Desecrate" and went to kill the enemies. Or your team kills enemies, and you run nearby, or stand at the same point, along with them. Indeed, after killing opponents, through "Desecrate", an additional resource falls from them. If the enemy is dismembered in two, then a resource will fall out of each half. Everything.

It would be clear that the simplest and most convenient, in the "Collective Economy", is Nekros. You don't have to mess around with builds, though you'll need the "Despoil" augment-mod to farm better. For ordinary, and even experienced players, this Warframe is best suited.

But there is one feature of the Hydroid that bypasses Nekros and Khora. For Hydroid, the resource drop chance is always 100%. Regardless of strength, dexterity, intelligence or bad weather outside the window (Joke. Funny), you will receive additional loot. Nekros has a 54% chance, or 82% (but not 100) if the enemy is cut in half and each part is desecrate. 54% are not changed by any mods and all that.

Needless to say, Hydroid isn't the only one with a 100% drop rate. There is Atlas and Ivara.

Augment-mod "Ore Gaze", on the ability "Petrify", with a strength of 400%, with a 25% chance increases to 100% (this indicator is the maximum). Of course, you will have enough and 254% strength and the chance of falling out will be 64%.

"Prowl" by Ivara, extracts resources with a 100% chance. But unlike Hydroid and Atlas, the search is not massive. This means that you need to search each individual enemy in order to get a resource from it (Ivara must continuously look at the enemy, during the entire time of the theft, for the search to be successful). But then, it will always be one hundred percent.

It follows from this that Hydroid, Atlas and Ivara are good replacements for Nekros. But there is also Khora.

Khora is able to extract loot, with a 65% chance (unaffected by anything), through the "Pilfering Strangledome" augment-mod. The principle of operation is the same as that of the Hydroid, with the only difference being that Khora has two domes, but only one of them can hang enemies.

From everything written it follows that Nekros is the best farmer, unlike all the others. Because he doesn't need the main thing - augment-mod for farming (Just like Ivara). Plus, he does it simply and without fancy ways. Therefore, it makes no sense to compare Hydroid and Nekros. One is built for farming, and the other can do it, in addition to their main tasks. Hydroid is a good farmer, as well as a worthy alternative to Nekros and others, like others, are an alternative to Hydroid and Nekros.

A lot of talk went that my Hydroid was forced out by Khora. But, here, again, who likes what and is more convenient. I like the blue marker, you like the brown one, so what? Let's argue, whose color is better?

I am for the fact that neither the Nekros, nor the Khoras, nor the Hydroids, nor the Atlases, nor the Ivares quarrel over who is better, easier, and so on. We all perfectly complement the "farm" with our abilities. And together we can endure a sea of loot.


Let's remember what happened before:

Hydroid Rework 10 08 2017.png

Difference between Hydroid and Hydroid Prime

There are many Prime Warframes that are not much different from the regular ones, such as Frost Prime, Vauban Prime, Nezha Prime. But Hydroid Prime, at the time of its release, had 4 out of 5 characteristics that were different from the usual.

Hydroid/Hydroid Prime:

  • Health: 300/300;
  • Shields: 375/525;
  • Armor: 200/250 (now 225/275)
  • Energy: 188/225;
  • Movement speed: 1.0/1.05 (then, the usual Hydroid, also got 1.05).

It is not often that you see more than three characteristics changed, but here is a holiday. Most importantly, we have improved the necessary parameters - energy and armor.

As you can see from the patchnote, Hydroid's abilities have been fine-tuned. I will add on my own that Hydroid was fun to play before, but it has become much more convenient and thoughtful. But there are points that people complain about, they are worth talking about:

Charging ability

Charging the skill is not a problem. It is normal because we enhance our abilities. "Tempest Barrage" doubles its damage and duration; "Tentacle Swarm" increases the affected area, three times.

Why did they even do this, and not leave the tentacles and the puddle the affected area, as it was before? From personal experience, I can say that this was done for more control and tactics. We can choose which, at a given moment in time, the ability to use: normal or charged.

For example, in a narrow pipe, it makes no sense to put a "charged" "Swarm", a "normal" one is enough to keep the mobs. Another thing, in the great hall. By "charging" the ability, you can disable the entire or almost the entire room. The same with "Tempest Barrage" - the longer it goes, the longer the enemies will not be able to get up and harm us.

As for the problem of duration, the "loading" itself, there are no problems here either. By charging the ability, we strengthen it, but we pay for it with time, 2.5 seconds + 0.5 seconds for the application. This is a normal decision, called balance. You increase the damage/area/duration, but at the cost of casting time. Lavos has a cooldown of his abilities, the closest to - 5 seconds, but no one is crying. And here, 2.5 seconds of charging and so much noise. This can always be parried with the "Natural Talent" mod; through "Undertow" or by increasing Hydroid's survivability to withstand damage while casting skills.

Reduction of the affected area at the "Undertow"

Okay, before "Undertow" didn't change its size from radius mods, but it was 18 meters, which was normal for an ability. And now, the default is 4 meters, but it is regulated by mods. You can grow a puddle up to 42 meters, with 280% of the affected area. I don't know, 4 meters is not a problem for me, because I can pull the enemy or crawl towards him. I'm using Hydroid's abilities to the maximum, and I don't care how many meters there are at the puddle. Yes, they (DE) took 14 meters from the puddle, but in return they gave the opportunity to increase it, to an incredible size. Also, if you, like me, are not going to “grow” it, then you have the opportunity to drag the enemy with a tentacle, 15 meters. It turns out that even though the puddle is 4 meters, and the tentacle is 15 meters, our puddle is almost 19 meters. No. 15. The tentacle comes out of the center, therefore, we can assume that the puddle is 15 meters, with a visual of four.

Tentacle Swarm area reduction

Of course, 20 meters is better than 15, but the latter is not bad either. Considering that the tentacles themselves are 5 meters in size, it turns out that we have not 15 meters, but 15m + 5m + 5m (on the sides) and a radius of 25 meters comes out.

Those who say that the Swarm's radius has been nerfed are missing the point. Yes, 5 meters were taken away from Hydroid, but in return they were given a tactical opportunity - to regulate the Tentacles zone. Previously, everyone advised to make the Hydroid a small area of hit, so that the tentacles were closer to each other, to increase their density. With the rework, you were given the opportunity to have the "uncharged" tentacles dense in the pipe, and when necessary, you "charge" them and cover a large area. At the same time, the affected area is not killed in 34%, and there will not be a situation where you would like to make the area larger, but it is small. And now there is such an opportunity. You got 2 for 1, but complain that everything is bad.

Hydroid rework

A small layer of people, from time to time, offers to remake the Hydroid. To summarize, they want to make not a Hydroid, but another Warframe. Guys, we have 47 Warframes, if you don't like Hydroid, play with others. This is selfishness on your part. You don't really care about Hydroid, and especially those who play it on a regular basis. Even if they remake it the way you want, then you will absolutely not play it. Amuse your ego, yes, but ruin the lives of others.

Given your claims, it's clear that you don't even play him, but you know better than anyone how to improve him! In this matter, let the Developers decide better, they know exactly what they want, unlike you.

Hydroid's main enemies

Hydroid against all.jpg

Here I want to consider the most dangerous and interfering with the game of enemies. But no matter what you think, they interfere not only with the Hydroid, but also with other Warframes.


Yes exactly. The most dangerous enemy of the Hydroid (and other Warframes too) are the players.

One way or another, we face such players. They believe that if a Warframe does not kill the entire map with one button, then it is a bad Warframe. If a Warframe can't excel at everything, everywhere, it's useless. No, you are useless. You have no idea how to play Warframe. You do not know and do not want to learn the game and its mechanics. When things don't work out for you, you run to the Forums, Wikia comments, and the like to say that Developers are bad, Warframes are terrible and stuff like that.

Other players who listen to the former are also very dangerous. Infected with "another opinion", which they did not check, they carry these "mantras" to the Community so that other "followers" of delusions appear.

Such players are the most dangerous enemy in Warframe.

Don't listen to me either, better go and check everything yourself. I can be wrong too.



Not a dangerous, but very annoying enemy, especially when there are a lot of them. Creates a spherical field within which all Warframe abilities are disabled. The dome destroys the tentacles holding the Nullifier's friends, which is not good. Nullifiers with Prova that run up close to you are especially annoying.

As a Hydroid, the Nullifier Dome can be destroyed in several ways:

  • "Tempest Barrage" - water drops, knock down the dome well.
  • Fire a weapon. For example, Pyrana will need 4 to 6 shots to bring down the dome.
  • Destroy the drone above the dome, which creates a nullifier sphere.
  • Enter directly into the dome and kill the Nullifier.
    • The great thing is that Hydroid is not afraid to go inside the dome, like Rhino or Chroma.
  • Bugs. Yes, it happens, but not often, that the "Tentacle Swarm" appears under the dome and grabs the nullifier.

Ancient Disruptor


Refers to dangerous and interfering with playing enemies. There are no more infuriating enemies than the Ancient Disruptor and its fellow Ancient Healer.

The Disruptor is dangerous because it has an aura that is superimposed on allies. She (aura), not only reduces damage from abilities by 90%, but also enemies under it can take energy from you per hit, plus, with a 10% chance, they can impose DmgMagneticSmall64.png Magnetic status on the player. The Ancient Disruptor is a melee fighter, and his hits deal decent damage, plus they drain energy as well. The Disruptor has an annoying grappling hook that knocks and pulls the player. Almost always paired with another Disruptor.

Fighting methods:

  • The best option would be to apply the DmgRadiationSmall64.png Radiation status to it. This will immediately remove the aura from his friends and make them attack him.
  • Since the aura reduces damage from abilities, it is better to kill him with a weapon and aim for the head, at the red tentacles.

Ancient Healer


The best friend of all Infected. His aura reduces damage to allies by 75%, but also grants immunity to knockdown. This means that the aura will not allow enemies to be grabbed by "Tentacle Swarm" or "Undertow". Corrupted Ancient has the same properties.

The fighting methods are the same as those of the Ancient Disruptor.



Boarder. Demoman. Oneshoter. Found on Railjack missions. Dangerous at high levels, starting at 60 and above. Vambacs have damage reduction that scales with the DPS of your weapon, excluding critical hits. But, this is not scary, the main danger is that they have very high damage. A direct hit deals DmgImpactSmall64.png Impacting and DmgSlashSmall64.png Slashing damage, while a close hit deals DmgBlastSmall64.png Blast damage. It has critical procs and a x2.5 multiplier. Walks in tandem with the same Vambac. On long Railjack missions, four people can walk. Likes to hide behind corners and portable shelter.

How to destroy the Vambac:

  • The best way not to die from his shooting is to stay further than 30 meters.
  • Before his attack, Penta's characteristic "pop" is heard. It is better to immediately go to the "Undertow" so as not to die.
  • If you see him from afar, shoot him in the head. Better from high multiplier crit weapons.
    • Or, use "Tempest Barrage" on him. While it is knocked over, it can be easily approached and killed. BUT! He never walks alone, so where one Vambac is, there is another next to him.



The Scrambus/Comba are the special infantry of the Corpus. Similar to the Nullifier, they create a special field that prevents Warframes from using their abilities. Unlike the Nullifier Field, Scrambus/Comba's aura is invisible, and only prevents the use of certain abilities. To determine whether you are in the Scrambus field or not, you can also by violations in the operation of the interface, in the image of which interference appears.

Unlike the Nullifier, it does not cancel your abilities, but only blocks the application, but still interferes with the game.

Fighting methods:

  • Before creating the field, stands motionless for about a second. During this time, it can be quickly killed, best in the head.
    • Possible bug. When you cast "Tidal Surge" just before the Scrambus/Comba field is created, you can get stuck in the air. You won't be able to do anything and you'll have to die to fix the problem.

Railjack MOA

Aurax Polaris MOA


An elite variant of the MOA that spawns on Railjack missions. Fires twin beams of ice. Inflicts DmgColdSmall64.png Cold status very quickly, constantly slowing you down. A very "fat" walking robot, with resistance to damage, in some cases, reaching 99%. It's not dangerous by itself, but it does make it difficult to play. It is immune to knockdowns and grappling, meaning it cannot be knocked down by "Tempest Barrage" or "Tidal Surge"; immerse in the "Undertow" and grab the "Swarm", although the latter, touching with tentacles, after death, can get additional loot.

Fighting methods:

  • It is useless to somehow dodge him, he will still hurt you, only if you are not sitting in the "Undertow". He shoots from 25 meters, and immediately slows you down. So just damage him.

Aurax Culveri MOA


An elite variant of the MOA that spawns on Railjack missions. Fires a DmgFireSmall64.png Heat beam that builds up fire stacks quickly. Like Polaris, it has sustained damage resistance. Very dangerous. If it is not eliminated in time, then the fire damage will quickly kill you. It is also immune to knockdowns and grabs.

How to destroy:

  • It starts shooting from 35 meters, so it will hit in any case, fortunately, the fire does not slow you down, so you can always run away and shoot it from afar.
  • In close combat, like Polaris, it is normally killed with a weapon – DmgSlashSmall64.png Slash + DmgViralSmall64.png Viral.

Aurax Vertec


Heavy elite infantryman of the Corpus, armed with a minigun. Appears on Corpus Railjack missions. It is resistant to damage and cannot be knocked over or grabbed. It interferes with playing because he is very "fat", but his minigun is very dangerous. If in the heat of battle, it is not quickly eliminated, then you can say goodbye to life.

Fighting methods:

  • The best way to protect against his shooting is to block through melee. So, you will protect yourself from his damage and be able to come close, having previously accumulated a damage multiplier, and kill him.
  • You can shoot him from afar, from 35-40 meters. Best for headshots and weapons with high crits and multiplier.

Steel Path – Shadow Stalker and his Acolytes

Hydroid and Stalker.jpg

Shadow Stalker

Stalker is a dangerous opponent, but due to recent changes (now he is affected by Status), he has become easier to kill. But sometimes you get hit by the "Exalted Blade" and die immediately if your shields are knocked down. He has a lot of damage. So, be careful and everything will be fine.

Hydroid and ShStalker.jpg



Along with Mania, the most restless Acolyte. Will try to do everything to make you die. Very dangerous and very difficult to play. Like all Acolytes, he is immune to the DmgViralSmall64.png Viral. Annoying with the frequent disabling of abilities next to him. In close combat, delivers fast and strong blows. As mentioned earlier, it is able to pull you out of the "Undertow".

Fighting methods:

  • The easiest way to kill is to have a weapon with high damage, crits and a crit multiplier.
    • It is better to kill from afar, on some hill, but not too far from him, and not too small, in height, otherwise he will touch you or teleport you to him.
  • In close combat with him, it is better not to climb. But a charged glaive is said to kill him quickly.
Violence Kill.jpg



I would say that he is the strongest of the Acolytes, because he kills with one blow. But at the same time, the most leisurely and he, as it were, does not care about you. Constantly summons his "minions", two shadows of Crawlers. Immune to the DmgViralSmall64.png Viral. If you are far away from him, shoots "Soul Punch".

Fighting methods:

  • The easiest way to kill is to have a weapon with high damage, crits and a crit multiplier.
    • Shoot from afar.
  • It is better not to engage in close combat, he can kill with one swing.
Misery Kill.jpg



Runs fast. Constantly spamming "Turbulence", making him hard to shoot. Often throws a hook at you and pulls you towards him. Has a habit of teleporting to himself or applying "Switch Teleport", although, its use is visible (a "field" appears under you). In close combat, it is very dangerous, but not for the Hydroid - after a "throw-up" blow, when a "ragdoll" affects you, if you immediately press "Undertow" in flight, you become immortal. As soon as you touch the surface, you will turn into a puddle (Possible bug).

Fighting methods:

  • The easiest way to kill is to have a weapon with high damage, crits and a crit multiplier.
    • It is better to kill near, on some hill, but not too far from him, and not too small, in height, otherwise he will touch you or teleport you to him.
  • It is better not to engage in close combat.



Doesn't interfere with the game much. I would say more - she is your ally when you leave for the "Undertow". You cannot be seen in the puddle, so it switches to other enemies, which helps a lot, on some kind of sweep. It's very fun to watch this. Her only danger is a melee stun and subsequent combos that inflict heavy bleeding. Like all Acolytes, she is immune to the DmgViralSmall64.png Viral.

Angst loves Hydroid.jpg

Fighting methods:

  • The easiest way to kill is to have a weapon with high damage, crits and a crit multiplier.
    • It is better to kill at a medium distance, because if you go far, it will teleport to you from behind and can stun.
  • It’s better not to engage in close combat, but if you have Nikana Prime and Daikyu, with the Amalgam Daikyu Target Acquired mod, then you can take a chance.



Stinker. Very often, applies "Magnetize" on the player, but it can be thrown off by rolling. Before firing from the Opticor, it first charges it, so you can hide in the "Undertow" so that it throws off the charge. If you are in "Undertow", he will still run towards you, because he only sees your guardian/companion if you have one. Sometimes calls drones, but they are very weak, and more for distraction.

Fighting methods:

  • The easiest way to kill is to have a weapon with high damage, crits and a crit multiplier.
    • It is better to kill at a long or medium distance, but so that he sees you, and so that you can maneuver and dodge, otherwise, he teleports to himself.
  • It’s better not to engage in close combat, but if you have Nikana Prime and Daikyu, with the Amalgam Daikyu Target Acquired mod, then you can take a chance.



Of all the Acolytes, the most harmless. Uses Hydroid's "Tempest Barrage" and "Tidal Surge" abilities, and often spams the latter, knocking the player down. Attacks from medium or close range. Uses Akvasto. Has no melee weapons. Immune to DmgViralSmall64.png Viral.

Fighting methods:

  • The easiest way to kill is to have a weapon with high damage, crits and a crit multiplier.
  • Better to kill in melee.
Torment Kill.jpg

Shield Osprey/Orokin Drone


Not dangerous in and of themselves, but very annoying. Their most annoying feature is that they restore shields to all allies and apply an aura that reduces incoming damage. Also negate the DmgMagneticSmall64.png Magnetic status cooldown penalty.


Hydroid has a wide variety of builds: Purely in control, through a large affected area; there are purely strength; control and farm; clean tank; tank-controller; support and debuff; just a tank-controller-farmer. That's all I did for him over the years until it dawned on me that the build I made for Atlas Prime would work just as well for Hydroid!

I must say, the Developers gave us the tools to make the Frame strong, of course, I'm not talking about damage, but about it in general. Any stat in the game can be buffed in 10 times to make your Frame stronger. There are mods that increase your performance - health/armor/energy/shields and so on. There are Arcanes that enhance your Warframe/weapon/companion. There is an Operator that gives additional abilities and enhancements, including damage reduction or complete invulnerability for a while. There is even a Helminth that transplants one Warframe ability into another. You have every opportunity to make the Frame the way you want. This is once again, by the way, that a Warframe cannot be bad when it can be changed to increase its strengths, and the weaknesses can simply be leveled. Although you can do the and opposite.


It's time to talk about Hydroid's survivability once again. I already wrote that the average survival rate is both a plus and a minus. Minus, because at high levels, from 40 and above, if you do not invest in the survivability of the Hydroid, then he will quickly die, even with full control.

Warframe is a game with a dynamic and changeable character. There is always something going wrong here. Everything seems to be fine, and then once and lose. You could use your abilities at the wrong time or react in the wrong way (this is not only about playing Hydroid, but about all Warframes in general); you run out of energy/shields; your partner or partners made a mistake, and everything went down the drain. We are only talking about high levels, at low and medium levels you are allowed to make more mistakes.

Even with full control, Hydroid can take an extra hit and die. Of course, control is the best defense, because the enemy cannot do anything, which means he will not be able to shoot or hit you. But, we remember that there are enemies who do not care about your control, because they have something to oppose us. And here they are, at high levels, they can kill you.

It was this logic that I was guided by when I made the build. Back then, I hadn't heard of a shieldgate yet. Before that, it was possible to “fly away” with one shot, immediately, even with full shields. Now, a year and a half later, since I have my own build, I personally don’t care, I just enjoy playing as Hydroid, as always!


The build, of course, is also suitable for a regular Hydroid, but it's better to buy or knock out a Hydroid Prime. It's not that the normal one is bad, no, it's great, but the Prime's stats are higher, which means a higher chance of not dying, plus more energy. A hydroid, as a "mage", needs a lot of energy, which it expends in huge amounts.

Hydroid Prime Umbral Build.png


Corrosive Projection - Reduces enemy armor by 18%. Since our Hydroid Prime goes to high levels, including The Steel Path, Profit-Taker Orb and Eidolon Teralyst, lowering armor is always useful. Even in the Corpus, there are enemies with armor, albeit a little. Of all the auras I tried, Steel Charge, Swift Momentum, and Corrosive Projection were the best.


Primed Sure Footed - Prevents knockdowns. Needless to say, rollover is very annoying.

1 cell

Adaptation is a mod that gradually increases resistance to received damage types, up to 90%. Adaptation, for us, is very useful, because Hydroid Prime, with all Umbral mods, will have - 804 armor, which is 72.8% damage resistance. With Adaptation, resistance will rise to 81.8%, at 90% resistance to certain damage. But, adaptation is not a panacea, because against strong single damage, it will not work. This is exactly what the Vambac, in the Veil Proxima, and the Corrupted Bombard, in the Void MOT, on The Steel Path are terrible for.

2 cell

Rage - converts the health damage dealt by enemies into energy. Needed to replenish energy, both for abilities and for Quick Thinking.

3 cell

Umbral Intensify - Increases ability power and damage resistance of Sentients. Grants 77% strength if other Umbral Mods are equipped. As I already wrote, the Hydroid does not need power. But Umbral Intensify is here to increase the bonus of other Umbral mods. Plus, 77% strength, not bad at all. "Undertow" will kill enemies even faster, just like "Tentacle Swarm". For that matter, for a comfortable Hydroid game, it is better to make strength from 170% to 210%.

4 cell

Umbral Vitality - A mod that increases the health and damage resistance of Sentients. When equipped with two other Umbral mods, it will give 770% health, due to which Hydroid's HP will be 1070.

5 cell

Quick Thinking is a mod that transfers all incoming damage to energy when you have 2 health. Therefore, the more energy, the more effective Quick Thinking. Warframe armor and any sources of damage reduction will still reduce incoming damage and therefore the amount of energy consumed. When you have 2 hp, strong blows will cause the Warframe to stagger. At these moments, you can't do anything, but if you quickly press "Undertow", then in a split second, you will be safe.

It should be clarified that for playing through Quick Thinking, the DmgMagneticSmall64.png Magnetic status is very dangerous, which will simply drain your energy, because of which, the Ancient Disruptor becomes especially dangerous. Also, Quick Thinking ignores damage and doesn't trigger when the damage exceeds the total available health, after the armor damage reduction, plus a possible energy conversion buffer, which is why Misery is very dangerous in melee, for us, because it kills in one hit.

6 cell

Pilfering Swarm is an augment mod that enhances Hydroid's "Tentacle Swarm" ability. Enemies that are held by the tentacles, or at least touched by them, upon death, no matter how, have a 100% chance to drop additional resources. Drop chance is independent of strength. Thanks to this mod, as I got it, I passively farmed so many resources that there is nowhere to put them.

7 cell

Umbral Fiber is a mod that increases the armor and damage resistance of Sentients. Grants 192.5% armor if other Umbral mods are equipped. Raises armor value from 275 to 804, which gives 72.8% damage resistance, up from 47.8%.

8 cell

Primed Flow - A mod that increased maximum energy from 225 to 637 (638).

Arcane Enhancement


As I said, I do not use them, but there are options that work well with Hydroid.

  • Arcane Nullifier - at rank 5, with a 102% chance, gives complete invulnerability to the DmgMagneticSmall64.png Magnetic status.
  • Arcane Guardian - 15% chance to increase armor after taking damage. When triggered, grants +900 armor. 804 + 900 = 1704, which is 85.0% damage resistance, plus Adaptation (90%) and comes out - 94%.
  • Arcane Energize - When picking up an energy sphere, with a 60% chance, restores an additional amount of energy to the Warframe and allies within a radius of 15 meters. At maximum pumping +150 energy from above, when raising the sphere.
  • Arcane Fury - 60% chance to increase melee weapon damage by 180% on a critical hit.

For the build you will need: Orokin Reactor, 3 regular forms and 2 Umbra forms.

It is advisable to have a melee weapon with the "Life Strike" mod, or, you can use Nikana Prime or Skiajati and equip the Daikyu with the Amalgam Daikyu Target Acquired mod to quickly restore health.

Also, as an option, you can equip the Djinn, with "Reawaken" and "Medi-Ray" mods. The first one will restore the Djinn every 90 seconds after his death, and the second one will heal you, restoring 25% of your health over 4 seconds.

With this build, the effective health of Hydroid Prime will be - 5466.4 (Provided that the energy and health reserves are full).

My build, of course, has disadvantages:

  1. Crowd control will be standard. If you take into account that the main control is the "Tentacle Swarm", then their 15 meters is enough for most missions. But, long-term Void defenses and mobile defenses, on Sortie and The Steel Path, can be a problem. There, the sector of fire from four directions, and we will be able to block only two, and the other two will be open and the enemies will be able to destroy the defense object. So, you have to rely on an AOE weapon, a team, or make an area of effect from 175% to 190%.
  2. Long missions on The Steel Path or Veil Proxima (Lu-Yan) will be deadly. No, one hour on the Steel Path, in the Void ANI or 40 minutes on Sedna Selkie and Veil Proxima (Lu-Yan), you will stand still (without Arcanes), but further, only control, but since it is standard, you will have to rely on your skills.
  3. Due to the fact that they will not shoot at us so much, then the energy replenishment will be average, and sometimes there will be little energy, you will have to stand and get hit in the face to replenish it, but, the main thing is not to overdo it, otherwise you can die.


Hydroid Prime Prex card.png

Summing up, Hydroid, although an old Warframe, is far from obsolete and useless. This is a very good disabler that can stop a group of opponents. His third ability, "Undertow", makes him not only invulnerable, but also deals decent damage. "Tidal Surge", allows you to overcome large distances in a short period of time, and also controls enemies well. "Tempest Barrage" is great at knocking down the enemy in a small radius, and allows you to quickly kills their, through melee and ranged weapons. "Tentacle Swarm" not only stops mobs, but also allows you to extract additional loot from them, when equipped with the "Pilfering Swarm" augment mod.

Hydroid Prime's great stats make it a medium controller-tank that can survive hours of survival on the Steel Path, and if you master new mechanics like Shieldgate, your Hydroid will be even stronger. After all, as you know, crowd control is an effective form of protection, and by adding invulnerability mechanics here, not a single enemy will pose a threat to you.

Of course, in order to achieve all this, you need to invest in Hydroid, both by honing your skills and equipment, but this is necessary for all Warframes, even for Saryn and Mesa. If you give your time and respect to Hydroid, he will serve you in any mission and on any difficulty.