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Written in Update 31.5

The new Zariman Ten Zero tileset offers not only a handful of new challenges for players, it also gave rise to pesky new enemies: the reworked Eximus units have become truly formidable (particularly hate those Arson and Energy Leech variants), and the new Void-sent manifestations - the Thrax Centurions and Legates - can hold on their own against tough Warframes such as InarosIcon272.png Inaros and even beat WukongIcon272.png Wukong in his own game. More importantly, it introduces a handy of counters to established tricks: favorite crowd control abilities such as Gloom130xDark.png Gloom and TheLost130xDark.png Gaze have become quite less reliable as safeguards due to Overguard, forcing the Tenno to rely on something old-fashioned (besides going Operator mode) - classic up-close-and-personal beatdown.

Void Cascade, in particular, can be a nasty mission - not as annoying as Void Flood and the low yield of Vitoplasts at later stages - because a squad of players are forced to split up once possessed Exolizers spawn at points that are corridors away from each other. Leaving behind purged Exolizers will make them extremely prone to Thrax repossessions, so at least one Warframe should move out as a frontline (and for a time being, lone) fighter to the faraway Exolizers while others stay to maintain the purged devices. And that Warframe should be able to handle his or her own, especially when he or she has to dispose of the annoying Thrax.

And gentle but stalwart GaraIcon272.png Gara (or psychotic GarudaIcon272.png Gloomda, for that matter) can exactly become that much needed frontliner.

While her ability kit is attuned towards protecting others as I pointed out in my other post about her, in this case she can become a purely mobile tanky fighter with SplinterStorm130xDark.png Splinter Storm. So for the build below, we are going to exploit it as her principal source of survivability to give her the much needed toughness to kick the arses of high level Thrax even as she is getting shot by IconGrineerOn.png Grineer or IconCorpusOn.png Corpus invaders.

The Frontline Fighter Build

  • Focus School Options:
  • FocusLensUnairu b.png Unairu, for the slow and stagger immunity provided by Poise, and the armor stripping power of Caustic Strike
  • FocusLensMadurai b.png Madurai, for taking out Void Angels fast (though your teammates might already go Madurai)

Explaining the build

The above mod build takes into account Gara's ability at fighting toe-to-toe against enemies. Because of her high Ability Strength, both Splinter Storm and Aquablades are going to be inflicting heavy Slash damage against enemies trying to get close. She will gain an extremely high damage reduction from Splinter Storm (allowing her to eschew Mod TT 20px.png Adaptation in the process), while also making enemies more vulnerable with damage reduction from the same ability. With Splinter Storm up, she can stand her own against the Thrax and even the occasional dormant Void Angel along the way.

Now, the above build is also intended at keeping her Ability Duration high to sustain Splinter Storm longer, with Primed Continuity, Augur Message and Narrow Minded - the last item in particular rendering Spectrorage130xDark.png Spectrorage nigh pointless as an ability. Aquablades is a viable alternative replacement because the spinning blades' effective striking range is not affected by the range penalty, and it can keep staggering non-Thrax enemies and leaving them helpless against Gara's melee. It also is going to be useful for its Bleed proc and resulting DmgTrueSmall64.png True DoT.

Now note that due to her use of Blind Rage, Gara sacrifices Efficiency, therefore Preparation helps offset this discrepancy early on and will last her a bit due to the relatively cheap casting cost of both Splinter Storm and Aquablades. As the mission drags on and her squadmates have yet to reinforce her, she will have to pop her own Squad Energy Restores to keep her self-buffs running (and as contingency for a sudden hostile DmgMagneticSmall64.png Magnetic proc from an Energy Leech Eximus trap). She can't exactly rely on Mod TT 20px.png Rage and Mod TT 20px.png Hunter Adrenaline as alternative Energy sources because she won't lose that much health quickly thanks to Splinter Storm.

And also note that the glass wall from MassVitrify130xDark.png Mass Vitrify is going to be too small to significantly block enemy movement due to Narrow Mindned, so it will rarely be useful... except perhaps if you deploy the wall around Void Armageddon Exodampers? Maybe Mobile Defense terminals? Also perhaps small enough Defense objects? Oh... wait...

Alternative builds

In case a player gets too attached to sweet YareliIcon272.png Yareli's cuteness just to sacrifice her to the Helminth (until at least he or she can secure a Yareli clone), other self buffs such as RhinoIcon272.png Rhino's Roar130xDark.png Roar, ValkyrIcon272.png Valkyr's Warcry130xDark.png Warcry, MesaIcon272.png Mesa's ShootingGallery130xDark.png Shooting Gallery and MirageIcon272.png Mirage's Eclipse130xDark.png Eclipse will work fine. SevagothIcon272.png Sevagoth's Gloom130xDark.png Gloom may also be viable despite the reduced range from Narrow Minded, as the lifesteal and slow from smacking enemies at close range will suffice.


There is something about Gara's poise that may look too dainty for a seasoned warrior, but it works especially well on her form. Fashionframe PROTIP: Animation set also looks good on NezhaPrimeIcon272.png Nezha Prime.

Gara's early lore revolves around her being the bane of massive SentientFactionIcon.png Sentient entities, and the conclusion of The New War ended the notion of the Sentients and IconNarmer.png Narmer being a major threat (for the time being at least, until perhaps we finally get to Tau). The new chapter, however, begins depicting Void entities as the potentially bigger threat.

And it seems our dainty samurai lady is still well capable of facing these new threats, keeping up with GyreIcon272.png Gyre's dance.