The almighty KhoraIcon272.png Khora, if built a certain way, is able to be built into an extremely adaptable multi-purpose combat frame with an astounding combination of toughness, speed, damage output and tactical logistics, and is also more capable than most Warframes at making very special use of a Sentinel with a Helstrum.png Helstrum equipped as a status primer. The below build is fully Steel-Path viable, as well as virtually every other possible game mode. Be warned, this is a very expensive, slow to make build that uses quite a number of Formas, Reactors and Catalysts, since to really make it work you aren't just setting up Khora; you're setting up 4 separate mod platforms before you even start considering weapons.

This build will give you a setup with the following attributes:

  • 1337 Health, 804 armor (72.8% reduction in damage), 300 shield
  • Damage reduction via Mod TT 20px.png Adaptation
  • A permanent 2.29 sprint speed. You don't need to cast an ability to activate it while Venari is alive; it's always right there at your fingertips.
  • 276% ability strength
  • A permanent 138 HP/s healing aura that can affect you, your companions, allies, and NPCs of nearly every known type found in Defense, Mobile Defense, Excavation, Rescue, Hijack, Defection and others
  • A massive enemy and loot radar (+66 enemy, +110 loot) that can even partially out-range the top-left mini map. You will know where nearly EVERYTHING is.
  • High damage and the ability to strip resistances off of Sentients, Acolytes and the Stalker
  • Massive energy income, yet it can have a very low consumption rate in combat mode so energy-reduction conditions in missions are a minor concern
  • Excellent automated Viral and Heat procs to entire squadrons without even having to think about it
  • One Wildcard mod slot adaptable as you see fit, to push even further.


Note, the below does take an Orokin Reactor and multiple Formas, including at least two Umbra Formas often found in Nightwave offerings.

This gives an excellent blend of toughness, speed, damage and ability power. Xata's Whisper is eternally useful in three ways; the raw damage bonus, the ability to strip sentient resistances and adding a distinct extra hit to all of your attacks which can be useful for the key enemies that have a set allowed max damage per hit, so more hits gets through their defenses better. This paired with having Ensnare which can lock down many enemies including some immune to grabs from Strangledome will be your primary Combat Mode, but you can still switch to Dome Mode with Roar and Mod TT 20px.png Pilfering Strangledome for resource hunting at any time.


No matter what you put on Venari, she will never be able to match the damage output Khora can do with her weapons. So damage output is skipped completely, and Venari is focused into a pure healing and logistics platform and she is kept in Heal mode at all times. And she is VERY good at it. For starters, with the Umbral Intensify and Blind Rage maxed on Khora above, Venari's Healing aura goes to 138 HP/second (which, remember, affects Khora, Venari, your other Companion, any team-mates and their Companions, Defense/Defection targets...EVERYTHING except Necramechs and Operators), and her passive sprint speed buff to Khora becomes 41%; a sprint boost that is not only stronger than the effect of any other single Mod, it MULTIPLIES on top of sprint speed mods. As for the mods on Venari directly (note, this does need an Orokin Reactor):

  • Mod TT 20px.png Primed Animal Instinct. This STACKS with the same mod on your normal Companion (and it can be the exact same mod so you don't need to obtain and upgrade it twice), giving Khora a MASSIVE loot and enemy radar that no other Warframe can match.
  • Mod TT 20px.png Fetch, very handy for ammo and critical item pickups
  • Mod TT 20px.png Pack Leader, or the Primed version, though given her healing aura also affects herself Venari doesn't crucially need it
  • Mod TT 20px.png Link Armor, Mod TT 20px.png Link Health, Mod TT 20px.png Link Shields. Given Khora's build above, the first two give a stronger effect than Mod TT 20px.png Enhanced Vitality and Mod TT 20px.png Metal Fiber, and the third gives Venari some shield-gating ability for defense. Venari ends up with 3292 health, 1416 armor and 330 shields.
  • Mod TT 20px.png Territorial Aggression to help in hunts in the three Fields
  • Whatever you please for the 8th Mod slot, however supplemental attacks like Mod TT 20px.png Sharpened Claws and Mod TT 20px.png Pounce are NOT recommended; not only will this make Venari get stuck in terrain more frequently, when she uses such an attack she will move away from Khora often far enough to be out of healing range, leaving Khora vulnerable to incoming damage.


The main use of a Companion is to be able to use the Helstrum.png Helstrum. A Sentinel is preferred over a Moa since Moas get stuck in terrain far too often for my liking (which is impossible for Sentinels), and unlike Venari a Moa cannot be warped back to your position unless you use the Helminth Masters Summons, which is not worth sacrificing Xata's Whisper. The choice of specific Sentinel isn't too important. I prefer Helios/Prime for the use of Mod TT 20px.png Investigator and Mod TT 20px.png Detect Vulnerability, but the self-resurrecting Djinn is also a solid choice, or even the Oxylus if you need to hunt for fish or plants. For the mods:

  • Mod TT 20px.png Primed Animal Instinct. As mentioned above, stacks with the one on Venari for a massive radar
  • Mod TT 20px.png Medi-Ray, for even more healing in a pinch
  • Mod TT 20px.png Metal Fiber, Mod TT 20px.png Enhanced Vitality to make it as health-tough as possible and make maximum use of Venari's heal aura
  • Mod TT 20px.png Primed Regen, as an emergency backup
  • Mod TT 20px.png Assault Mode or its replacement if you have a longer-ranged sentinel
  • Whatever strikes your fancy for the final slots, typically dependent on which Sentinel you chose


Most players effectively sacrifice one of their Primary or Secondary weapons to be a status effect primer, typically in prep for using a Melee weapon in a heavy Bleed setup. However, the Helstrum.png Helstrum is capable of being turned into an EXCELLENT primer, if you simply ignore its raw damage output. And by having the Helstrum as your primer you can dedicate all three of your weapons to damage-dealing, in three distinct flavors of your choosing for different situations. I prefer it as a Viral/Heat primer, for the excellent health damage boost from Viral combined with an armor drop from Heat. I have seen the below put an entire squad of enemies into the max 10 Viral procs and have them indefinitely writhing on fire within less than 2 seconds (Note, this will require an Orokin Catalyst):

This puts out a usually 10-missile burst at 93% proc chance every 1.76 seconds, with a near 5m AoE per missile that also pierces through cover. And even though its raw damage output numbers are absolute garbage, the Viral and Heat procs it creates on a target are strong enough for it to still kill even level 30 enemies, and (BE WARNED), Cephalon Simaris Synthesis targets; the Heat procs are good for temporarily stunning the Synthesis targets in place but GET THOSE SCANS IN QUICKLY, before the Helstrum can kill it.


This is more of a general set of guidelines, but built upon the configuration above.

  • For your Melee weapon choose whatever you already please, though do remember that your Melee weapon mods also boost the effect of Khora's Whipclaw ability which has a 276% strength increase from Khora's configuration.
  • For your Secondary weapon, I've found the Akarius.png Akarius to be astounding, and one of the best weapons in the game for taking advantage of the Arcane Pistoleer arcane. TONS of damage output, wide AoE, long range guidance...you can sprint through entire missions dropping entire squadrons in an eyeblink without even slowing down. This is my go-to weapon for everything lower-level, and when Toxin-fitted it even shreds Steel Path Corpus astoundingly fast. I typically default it to a Viral build for the proc, then just crank on the damage. But any other suitable run-and-gun secondary can do nicely for you too.
  • For your Primary weapon, this could be a heavy hitter and possible to inflict Bleeds through Mod TT 20px.png Hunter Munitions making it a Steel-Path viable ranged weapon against armored enemies. The Stahlta.png Stahlta is an excellent choices for this, and also make sure as mentioned before, Mod TT 20px.png Amalgam Serration should be equipped. Other notable choices are ammo-regenerating weapons like Kitguns or the BasmuA.png Basmu when you have to take on missions where ammo will be a problem.


The above Khora and supporters build make you fast, tough, extremely damaging, heal yourself and nearly everything around you for 12 times the strength of Nidus's self regeneration, and see every enemy and key loot item from ridiculously far away. It will serve you well in any game mode you choose.