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  • Kevlar5 the Retired 360 Noscoper

    So, I go on Warframe and figure out my most used Warframe is Ash, and it's by 87%. And I join my quest to make Ash less used.

     Gah. If only I wasn't an Ash fanboy.


    Also, I thought it would be a good idea to make a blog post like this, but I realised I have better things to write about.

    RIP x2

    Time to play other Warframes.

    Do you know what? Nobody will read this page, but you are reading it. So that means someone actually read this page!

    This means I can use my favorite frame some time soon, but primed once I get Ash Prime's other parts. So my Most Used spot looks a bit less ridiculous.

    Right now, I have Ash Prime Chassis and Systems.

    All I need now is the Ash Prime Blueprint and I will decrease Ash's use while also playing as my favorite ninja. …

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