To continue DEDrew's blog post How to find Warframe Images.

We never got informed what is the the correct size of the images (at least i couldn't find that info anywhere), as you can see some of them are stretched in 512x512.

I have noticed some people are uploading these images to wiki without resizing them at all. And most of images on this wiki are resized to 512x312, that is a lot better off course but still it doesn't feel quite right to me, so i did the dirty job and compared them to in game screenshots with right aspect ratio.

And this is the results i came out with:

  • Images of equipment, warframes, weapons, customizations and so on
    • 512x342


  • Images of resources seems to have a bit different size
    • 512x352


  • Here is the steps how to resize in Paint.NET, it is free easy and fast.

PaintNET resize.png

  • Image size comparison

Image size comparison.png

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