Okay so covert lethality was nerfed into oblivion and now I'm sad ;c  Yes, it was overpowered, and yes, it needed a nerf, but you can't blame me for wanting an instant kill.  So on todays episode of I talk about things, I'm going to attempt to find either: A, an instant kill. B, something that can kill any enemy in a certain amount of hits. or C, infinitely scaleable damage.  Okay so I already found all three so enjoy.


Okay so we have two contenders for A, Grendel and Garuda.

Grendel eat, Grendel jump in void. Boom u are die.

Garuda punches them in the face till they go under 40% hp, use ability, die.

So obviously grendel would be the winner, right? I mean, instant kill vs. effort and THEN instant kill, exceeppptttttt Grendel can't get the loot from killing them. so not the best, but still pretty good.  Garuda on the other hand, gets the loot but still needs to do effort.

Grendel wins, effort is too hard.


Alright so I'm still testing two of these but here you go.

First up we have Trinity, who at max ability strONk her EV does 21% of an enemies remaining hp as tru dmg, wich bypasses shield and armor, but if the enemies hp gets under 25% of it's max hp it instead does 21% of 25% of the max hp.  Basically, EV can kill any enemy in 8 hits or less (if growing power or energy conversion are used it may be less).

Secondly we have big boi Oberon, who I'm still not sure about, as his smite does SOME dmg but then the balls it releases do 35% of the original targets max hp, so 3 hit kill, right?  Wrong.  As far as i can tell, the balls only hit other enemies, which is still pretty good, but they could be different enemies or levels, so it's not a confirmed number of hits, although there might be a way to get the balls to hit the og dude.

Alrighty so we have Frost too, his snowglobe has the capacity to do up to 50% of targets max hp on cast if they hit a wall as they're flung back, but the wiki doesn't say what the criteria for getting up to 50% is, it just says that it CAN get up to 50%, and i'm pretty sure it's dependant of how hard they hit the wall, but that's still not guaranteed.

and we also have Revenant, who is possibly the best one, his 3rd ability is... bad. By itself, that is. It does drains 8% of enemy MAX hp, and 8% of enemy max shield. Buuuuuuuuuut, it can be redeemed. 1, the wiki says the drain IS affected by ability strOnk, but then both WF builder and even the wiki maximization bit for the ability contradict this, so i'm gonna say it was a typo. So why is it still one of the best? Because it does 40% of max hp when the enemy is enthralled, so 3 hit kill on ANY enemy that can be enthralled.


As far as I can tell, there's only 1 truly infinite dmg person, and they're probs gonna be nerfed soon (it's nerf or nothing - DE), however a certain comment person (thanks XGalvinorX <3) has convinced me to add octavia to this category, so enjoy!

Gara is.. STRROOONNKK.  She kinda has an ability that can scale dmg from other abilities to an infinite amount and also can renew it's duration from another ability.  It's kinda complicated so you might wanna check out her page, but anyway, onto the next!


She's the fricken best warframe ever.

Why do i say that? Well, uh

Well first, she can literally do anything, she can do spy missions with invis, she can do defense with mallet and her 4, she can do survival with all of those, and her roller ball literally does NOTHING. IT IS USELESS. ABSOLUTE WASTE. I HATE IT. ARGHH

okay but seriously i don't see the point of it, it does a *KINDA* cool effect by it's own, but it ruins your 1's scalability when you place both at the same time, and it doesn't really do much else.

and secondly, SHE CAN PLAY MUSIC!!!!!!!!! and it's pretty limited. But, she did make way for the shawzin to shine, and you can even use her to aid your shawzin skills.

nevermind, i'm removing octavia and putting in shawzin in her place. Why? BECAUSE MUSIC!!

okay jokes aside now onto her actual scaling, her 1 does more dmg based on the dmg done to it, but unfortunately, the ability can't last forever, so limited time, but WAAAYY faster scaling.

p.s. it also attracts enemy aggro, so they try to shoot at it.

and the winner is.. SHAWZIN!


it plays music..


you may be thinking: WHAAAATT!?!?!?!?! D??? YOU SAID THERE WERE ONLY 3!! AHGHGHGHGGHGHG

okay maybe not but anyway, i decided to give inaros his own special little category, for two main reasons,

1. he was my first warframe that i actually used and liked (alot), and may have even been my second warframe after starter, so i definitely have a bond with him, <3

2. because his ability categorizes similar to A B and C, but a bit differently, so why not D?

anyway, here goes everything:

well first up we have resident sand man, inaros.

inaros, he's like grendel,

he eats small children

anyway that eating isnt an INSTANT kill, probably not even a fast kill, but it is a guaranteed kill, as once you start devouring, literally nothing can stop you, and it deals true dmg

oh and i also later decided to add saryn to this, as she also does the same thing with her spores, they last forever AND do corrosive so they strip armor and it's pretty gosh darn cool if i do say so myself

gotta say, saryn wins (SORRY INAROOOSS)

Honorable mentions

magus lockdown should be in here too i suppose (thanks for the suggestion sir lone tenno 2A01:E35:2E09:4A00:91A1:609D:C099:DC24 (p.s. get an account) )

if you equip it

it does 60% of the enemys hp as puncture dmg when you do a void dash as operator, but you can equip 2 of them to do 120%, so instant kill, RIIIIIGGHT? Right. Wrong. No it isn't. Again, puncture dmg, not trU dmg, but still an alright method, if not the best.

also, shoutout to all the insanely cool people who actually bothered reading and commenting on mah blog :DD

The end.

I might edit this in like a year if I find anything else.  K bai.

edit log

edit 1: fixed up a little mistake on trinitys ability

edit 2: added category D, moved inaros to there, added octavia to category C, and ranted about shawzin and octavia way too long.

edit 2 1/2: added shoutout section thingo

edit 3: after further consideration i've decided to add saryn to category D (sorry inaros!)

edit 4: added revenant and changed frost a tad (does anyone even read this lol)

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