UPDATE: i did the stuff and got the mods and reveboi and all that and heck ye it works, pretty damn snazzy if i do say so myself. i just hope it doesn't get fixed lol

welcome back to another episode of me talking about things!

As a few of you may know, i'm a bit obsessed with instant killing, because pffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffft imagine doing actual work to kill things amirite?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Well, anyways my old blog got a bit cluttered and long, so i've started a new one, "pew pew: the sequel"

In this one, i'm mainly going to be talking about instant kills that actually WORK, but you can go check out my old one if you wanna.

So, first up, we got the man, the man, the guy...


now, i feel like a lot of people don't like revenant, and i can't be bothered to find out why, so instead i figured out how to "insta-kill" any enemy in the game.

step 1. be revenant

step 2. do some modding (will put my build up lateR)

step 3. ???

step 4. prohfeet

alright so how does this work? reave.

reave is the key.

In my old post, i lightly covered revenant and reave, but i didn't find them all that useful, as as far as i could tell, reave wasn't affected by ability strONk, but either i was wrong, or they updated it in the time since then, and now it's a one way ticket to  ̶d̶e̶p̶r̶e̶s̶s̶i̶o̶n̶ INSTA KILL TOWN WOO LETS GOOOOOOOOOOOO

so basically, reave drains a small percentage of an enemies hp and gives it to you, but the thing is, although it isn't actually true damage, it functions basically the same, and (kinda) bypasses shields.

at first, i thought this was useless, it drains a whole 8% of their hp. Wooooooowwwwww

but then, i saw the synergy section and it said that it drains 40% of an enemies hp when they're enthralled, and so i looked further, and it said that it WAS affected by stronk, but every other source i could find said otherwise.

tl;dr it wasn't that good

until they changed it


partay time

so i did some calculating and testing in WF builder (you think i'm rich enough to have the actual mods i need?) and you needed 249% stronk to get 100% damage

And ye, i tried getting the normal (not enthralled) dmg high, but it still barely got to 30% with max

now, i haven't tested it in game, but i don't need to:

(p.s. this vid was uploaded in 2018, so i guess it wasn't changed lol)

alrighty so i might edit this later if i find anything else, thanks for reading and here's a link to my old blog:

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