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aka Lone tenno operative

  • I live in America
  • My occupation is Polymath, Writer, and the tenno who gets all that useless junk from survival missions.
  • I am Male
  • Hannibal Cross

        It has been a while since I've written one of these, but with all of the buzz regarding the upcoming Multishot Nerf, I thought I'd take a few moments and try to provide some insight as to why this shouldn't initially be regarded as a bad decision. This isn't just about the Multishot Nerf, but any Nerf which addresses the root problem of False Choices.

    What is a False Choice, and what does Multishot have to do with it?

    A False Choice is an apparent choice between two or more options, but only one of which is the "correct" one. Picking the "False" choice means putting yourself at a disadvantage in some way.

    When given the choice between "Multishot" and "Not Multishot", the false choice is clear. "Not Multishot" is the false choice. Every wea…

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  • Hannibal Cross

    With the latest addition to our Tenno Reinforcements, the Akjagara, I think it is time to consider the growing trend in these types of weapons and whether or not it is a positive or negative addition to the game.

    This is not about any particular type of Frankenstein Weapon, but simply the idea in general of their continued presence in the game.

    There are a few lines of thought in their creation, and why they are here.

    They extend the timegate. Why? Now you need to build additional weapons, sometimes weapons you already sold or have an Orokin Catalyst installed, and therefore do not desire to sacrifice to the prospect of a new weapon.

    Example: "I already sold my Miter once it was mastered. I did not like the weapon. Now I have to go farm the pa…

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  • Hannibal Cross

    As we ring in the New Year, some of us have mentally written ourselves a note or a promise to alter our behavior or lifestyle for the year of our Lotus, 2015. I am no exception, and I have created my own private New Year's Resolution to improve myself.

    For some of you who simply want to be a better person while destroying the enemies of the tenno for honor or profit, this blog might be helpful. This is by no means gospel, and I anticipate I will have a few people who disagree with this. Still, I feel it is better to try to help at least one or two people through providing some wisdom than nobody at all.

    Some of us belong to clans. Whether a few friends in a Ghost clan or a cog in a larger Moon clan, some of us have friends in real life, in o…

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  • Hannibal Cross

    Like many of you, I have often found myself in the unenviable position of attempting to figure out which is best. Whether it be Warframe, Rifle, Gun, Melee Weapon, Companion, Kubrow, and so on and so forth. Warframe is a game which is ever-evolving. More weapons. More frames. More everything. We find ourselves operating on unforeseen circumstances whenever a weapon is in need of nerfing, and we find ourselves puttings guns in our arsenals for no other reason but to collect dust.

    Digital Extremes constantly re-evaluates where they want particular weapons and weapon types to be in the game. As of Update 15, we have seen them take another measure with unique weapon mods tied to the Syndicates to perhaps breathe new life into weapons a large en…

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  • Hannibal Cross

    As many of you may or may not know, today (10-14-2014) we finally got our update on the financial situation regarding the stock deal with Perfect World and Sumpo Food Holdings. That information is listed here .

    My original blog (which was really just a repost of Hyona's work) is located here .

    I know many of us (including myself) have been chomping at the bit and waiting for this information since July. Some of us have already done our doomsaying. Some have left Warframe (or at least said they left), and some have been waiting patiently. Some have called me insane as a result of my last (and only) blog post. Some think I do not know what I am talking about. Some think I work for DE or PW. Some think I am just a fanboy of DE for refusing to gi…

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