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    Mastery Rank Requirements

    December 22, 2015 by Guest 9326

    I was just thinking about mastery rank and stuff. It's not like im the master of warframe, but the thing is that some stuff should have mastery requirements and other should have higher ones. Randomly when i do stuff i see a mastery 2 guy with a bunch of prime stuff and i dont have much myself. Back then when i was around their level i always thought "prime" meant ULTIMATE OVERPOWERED. About that, No. I've found power in a lot of non-prime weapons, especially my main gun (still not most used but I hope it will be) which was new since i returned to warframe. Try and guess what my weapon of choice is. If youve seen me on the wiki chat ive mentioned it a lot so you guys should know.

    So, heres some hints for my weapon at default:

    Blueprint is ea…

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