Hello fellow Tennos...Moriyama here. This is a reposted blog, so certain items are different from my initial blog.

Before I introduce myself, let me just give a general explanation of what this blog (and possibly blogs) will cover.

I’m sure many, or at least a part, of the Tenno’s who play the game are aware of “secret rooms” or the hidden cracks in the tilesets that can have special (although not always rewarding) surprises. Usual those who have become bored of normal run-and-gun would seemingly waste their time on this...kind of sad saying so myself.

Anyways, does everyone know about them?

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I’ll be honest, I pride myself in knowing the vast majority, if not all, of these secret places. Truth-be-told, new secret rooms do appear almost every major hotfix, or at least during the major updates, and all-especially when new tilesets or rooms are introduced. Some secret rooms are just not so obvious or in need of access at all that no one would notice unless they are willing to fidget with the whole room for an entire five minutes.

So, how often do you look for these "secret rooms"?

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I’m here to tour all of these magical places, to share with everyone the fun of finding where these “amazing” rooms or locations can be. From seemingly inaccessible higher floors in the Grineer asteroid to the secret gem of rooms hidden behind chutes on the Corpus gas planet set. Be surprised, or just enjoy the view.

If you wish to help or give suggestions or anything, or even ask about anything regarding my adventures, don’t be shy to do so. If you want to troll...I’ll leave the admins to either treat you to some ban-sandwiches or leave you to fade from isolation.

Secret Rooms

Now, for new players, what is a secret room?

In few words, it is a room or location on a tileset that isn’t easily or directly noticeable as an accessible place. Such places are either hidden in plain sight behind a breakable grate or are in locations off the normal “path” of the tileset.

Such secret rooms will either be filled with lockers or crates, and as of late, medallions and rare/reinforced crates. Even though they are quote-in-quote "secret," admittedly, not much credits and resources would be attained and can seem lackluster.

Not all “rooms” in a tileset will have a secret room, but there are rooms that feature more than just one secret room or even a “secret path”. Secret paths may be discussed upon in the future.


In some cases, such secret rooms can be easily accessed, just as mentioned before, by breaking a grate and entering in. Some easy-to-reach rooms just requires the tilt of the head and a good-enough air melee weapon.

Others though will require much smarter or active measures to reach them, such as finding the “secret passageway” or using warframe abilities in a smart manner. Other requires you to just think outside the box...although not always.

Equipment Recommendation

If you want to hunt and scavenge for these secret rooms, the following is recommended but is not required: a warframe with good mobility abilities (Valkyr’s ripline, Zephyr’s tailwind, Loki’s decoy + switch teleport; horizontal mobility abilities such as Exalibur’s slash dash and Rhino’s rhino charge may be usable, but not applicable all the time.) and possibly good movement speed; a melee weapon with good coptering or air-melee momentum, with good attack speed to maximize momentum; skill over one’s in-game parkour.

Mods that grant vision to containers on the mini-map are especially useful, if not necessary, as they can reveal where a secret room may be. Thief's Wit is usually equipped in my builds for the reason.

Access Difficulty

While there is no true difficulty-levels in accessing such rooms, it is possible to scale the rank of accessibility of such rooms, such as how noticeable they are or how easy/hard they are to access in the first place with mediocre equipment. Through the course of the blog/s, I might state numbers, but such difficulty can differ between players and their capabilities/experiences.

Purpose (short)

I'll elaborate more next time, but secret rooms are the usual source of secret locations for medallions and rare storage containers. Although the following can be subjective, these rooms also offer a case of fun to the community, one aside from the usual grind and gunplay. Credits and resources may be meager, but they don't make your findings all for nothing; a handful of credits is better than none sometimes. Also, if one were to scavenge all these rooms for credits and resources, while it would take more time, players can get more out of each mission, even if it's just a little bit more. At times, I have found myself having 10k credits collected from lockers and pick-ups in one mission, and this was an extermination mission.

Feature Room

Now for a feature room. I'll be starting off from the Grineer Asteroid tileset, as it is where most people may as well be familiar with most.

  • Starting from here...
  • And that is the "secret room"
  • And you use something with momentum to jump up there...!
  • Thus, you are now in the "secret room"
  • Yep, that is where you jumped from.
  • And here is the other, more fun way...same room...
  • You see that cargo on the rail?
  • Yeah, there's this ramp here, too.
  • And that cargo goes over where the secret room is...
  • So hop on!


Thank you for reading this blog and hope you have enjoyed it.

Did you enjoy the blog?

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Unlike what I had said in my initial blog, this blog will be the cornerstone of all blogs to come. This was literally the intro. Future blogs will each feature different tilesets and be updated for their tileset alone. Now, hope you all look forward to more blogs about scavenging. Thank you.

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