Test 1 (outside of max range)

The following data was collected by starting a stopwatch app on my phone at the same time as firing the Prisma Dual Decurion at a rock, looking to the side slightly, and then stopping the stopwatch when I saw the round hit the rock. Data here is likely to be a lower limit on the possible speed for the rounds.

Measured Range

6810m at start

6805m at end

Reason For Variance

Rocks in Empyrean aren't flat, I probably placed my waypoint on different locations. Ranges from this test probably varied by a few meters.

Measured Times

  1. 3.63s
  2. 3.26s
  3. 3.01s
  4. 2.96s
  5. 3.03s
  6. 3.01s
  7. 2.99s
  8. 3.07s
  9. 2.95s
  10. 3.13s
  11. 3.00s
  12. 2.93s
  13. 2.91s

Reason for variance

My reaction time; it would be more precise to count frames on a recording, extend the range, or maybe to do a sequence of shots on each impact to reduce the effect of reaction time from the overall measurement. Times are probably higher on average than actual. Two results were dropped due to obvious measurement error.

Test 2

Prisma Dual Decurion Second Range Test Data
Travel Time (s) Measured Range (m)
1.25 1704
1.37 1704
1.26 1704
2.27 2947
2.25 2953
2.27 2951
2.22 2952
2.22 2849
2.20 2851
3.01 5061
2.99 5057
3.07 5057
3.01 4022
2.95 4022


This test proves that the Prisma Dual Decurion has a maximum range. Shots eventually hit a peak travel time of ~3.0 s (average from both tests beyond max range: 3.00625 s). Shots under the peak travel time gave an average velocity of 1308.83 m/s (measurement range of 1283.33 m/s to 1363.2 m/s). This then gives an estimated max range of ~3934.675 m without range mods.

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