I've been working on these for a while but haven't got around to making a blog post about the matter.

Without further talk, tooltips in action among a short lorem ipsum:

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Test pages with all the links/tooltips

Ability and warframe pages have both, the actual link template, that would replace almost every ability/warframe link which on mouseover display the tooltip, and the tooltips.
I've split the weapon preview pages into two pages because of the sheer volume of weapons.

Links to templates

Links for each template so you can view the documentations:
  • Ability {{A}}
  • Warframes {{WF}}
  • Weapons {{Weapon}}

The tooltips would go live likely in a week or two.

Any feedback and/or suggestions are welcome.
  • EDIT 22:33, December 10, 2018 (UTC) Added links to the templates which show the documentations.
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