Attention Blog Enthusiasts! Along with existing blog Policy, a new requirement has been added to ease up a little on the recent increase in blog creation, specifically content ideas.

Warframe Idea blogs will now be redirected to the new Warframe Ideas Board, and the blog will be marked for deletion until the user has posted it in the new section or requests that the blog be deleted instead (request it below if you wish). Note that Opinions on existing content are fine "why i think Arc traps are just as bad as broken lights" which also means suggestions for changes is also accepted and should not be removed, unless they are a brand new idea. 

Be sure to allow the user of the blog or an admin to move the content to the proper section, please do not copy and paste their blogs and post them for them unless they request you do so, otherwise a blog may be deleted and a user may get frustrated about his/her missing blog. 

Blogs of this type older than a few days from when this was posted will stay, but blogs from now on will be redirected this way. This clears up the blogging section to more relevant blogging material and creates a nice section where ideas can be talked about with detail. Comments will also be disabled as to avoid ruining discussions that may occur before the blog is removed.

Side Note: Dealing with issues regarding ideas posted as comments in pages. Will update when a policy on that regard develops. Edit: Comments are generally fine, but please place these ideas in the board instead, otherwise this might change.