A while ago i made a poll complaining about a Launcher issue that caused the launcher to "Fail" and update and when this happens it goes to a white screen with text rather than the animated background. When the launcher did restart it would not tell you it has, and stay on the white screen with no information as it updated, without you even knowing it was. I gave a workaround fix i came up with that forces the launcher to reset without losing any data by clicking on your language setting again, which would return the launcher to the proper screen.

Well with update 24.4: Buried Depts, the launcher was stealthily fixed without anyone realizing it. In addition to a new button to "Diagnose" launcher errors and whatnot, if the launcher starts updating again it will now properly switch to the animated background with proper update information such as your download speed and what is left to download!

While this does not fix any other issue, i thought i would mention this to people like me who were annoyed that for 4 years DE didn't fix that launcher issue. It's great to see this finally fixed finally.

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