This blog is for reference to Vauban's powers, and the damage the physical grenade does to certain enemy types. Will be updated when more testing is done.

On impact, they may deal 15 Blast damage, and have a chance to proc on impact.


18 damage (unknown type) in impact with an enemy, improved through mods


18 damage on impact with enemy

Can hit weakpoints like the head

0 on bounce, adds magnetic damage proc and ragdolls

Faction Testing:

18 to All Infested

18 to unshielded Crewmen

15 to unshielded MOA

11 to Shields

Other Testing: 24 damage with max Focus(+30%):

  • 24 damage to Infested
  • 16 damage to shields

notes: damage appears to deal around 18 damage. it does 11 to shields however which is odd, as no damage type currently does ~50% less to shields. Blast damage is the only one that does less to shields but that is at 25%, which would deal 14 to shields; plus it does 18 damage to Infested.





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