After doing some testing with that i have on hand i have personally found that the update is a mixed bag. Some people don't really mind, some people are really offended by some of the changes, and others really enjoy it as a whole. To find out how this community thinks, i will include a poll below, feel free to vote.

How did you feel about the update as a whole?

The poll was created at 19:37 on May 28, 2016, and so far 953 people voted. First off, i want to talk about some of the changes people are frustrated, angry, or disappointed by, and offer my own solutions or opinions on the matter. These are of course, just my opinion, and lots of this game revolves around personal playstyle (eg, i will defend the kraken from people who say it is garbage because i very much enjoy using it, but i'm not blind to it's status)


Mag People who never played mag before due to never playing against corpus are happy, while others who played corpus exclusively are unhappy. Personally, i find it a mixed bag. Before the rework, i was using my high strength (over 200%) and maximum range build to farm for oxium i needed for vauban prime (still don't have yet ..<) and i noticed that plenty of enemies, even ones inside of large groups would survive and survive with a little shields left. I found this strange, and generally speaking i found using mag to be right on the borderline of really good, and fine. I realize i was probably doing something wrong, but even before the rework i felt she wasn't literally the best for corpus, of course that is just my own experience.

After the rework however, i noticed that the slow expanding wave was a little annoying, as you now need duration to keep it going, and i spent at least half an hour trying to come up with a build to make it fit with Greedy Pull, but i ended up having to remove it in favor for Narrow Minded, to give me some duration but also losing range. On the plus side, this change makes mag great against grineer as she can remove level 50's armor in 2-5 casts depending on how clustered they are, which i find appealing enough. In the void, she can remove both armor and shields but Corrupted Ancients are still a problem in that regard.

Her magnetize seems pretty powerful despite not pulling enemies who are running in a direction (the tug power is very weak) and it seems to work well with polarize but my build isn't spammy worthy.


While i can understand a nerf to the amount of damage resistance players can get, what i don't understand is the range nerf. Sure, it makes her more of a team player but only in the sense that you will have to keep telling your teammates to stay within 50 meters, which on public matches too often players just run around the entire map or ignore chat (may be different based on your experience) so i don't understand that at all.

The way i figure, they nerfed her in the attempt to make Renewal seem more powerful, but that still has travel time and 50 meters is a lot of precious seconds players who are about to die just don't have.

Mirage I will say outright here that i was one of the people on the side of nerfing prism back when radial blind was being nerfed. Why? DE and the community as a whole seemed content with the logic that "light cannot go through walls" when radial blind was being nerfed, but when anyone brought up the fact that prism was also light and it also went through walls, people would lose their minds because prism was far more powerful. I assume they were fine with radial blind being nerfed because they either didn't use that ability so they didnt care, or preferred prism since it was superior.

Either way, while i still understand the nerf itself, it's kind of a bittersweet feeling for me that DE is applying their logic more constantly now. Locking down entire maps is op, no one is denying that, but i'm not sure making it line of sight was the solution. Perhaps reducing the blind duration or the range would have been a better option.

Building towards efficiency and casting speed is now a more preferable option, as well as duration so you don't have to spam your 1,2, and 3 to stay alive.


Even before the nerf of radial blind going through walls, (and before Exalted blade) i found myself going down on grineer levels all the time due to average stats and constantly being put on fire or bled to death. After Exalted blade came out for the first time i was pretty thrilled, as i had a better chance of surviving with him and actually deal damage. Then, they nerfed it so blocking didn't reduce damage from the front of Excalibur while using exalted blade, which frustrated me alot since that meant having to go back to turret mode (walking backwards and shooting through walls and doors) as facing enemies head on often mean one shotting by napalm.

Now the damage of exalted blade decrease with distances and enemies punctured, meaning you are forced to close that distance again and risk being set on fire by a napalm that you knocked down but still managed to shoot you. It also uses energy when dealing a slide attack now, so you have to sort of un-learn that training that melee 2.0 gave us that encourages you to deal slide attacks to close a bit of distance. Otherwise, you will soon realize that combined with energy leech eximus your energy will vanish alot quicker.

Basically, now i have to alter my build and remove strength in favor of range and energy/rage/quick thinking so i can get close like DE wants me to, but actually take a hit.

Valkyr Imo, she is now a glass cannon. Anyone who has played this game for a while knows that 2k armor and 740 health isn't really that much, especially when your constantly taking damage due to almost no shields. Inaros get's away with having no shields by having a large health pool that gives him plenty of room to regen health and he also gets a bigger bonus from stuff that gives him health (syndicate affects or medi-ray). Valkyr however, dosn't have this advantage so even with a high strength warcry, level 50 grineer will easily be able to rip away almost all of her health in a few seconds, and that is where hysteria comes in, giving her some health. Personally, i was never the kind of person who liked using abilities that stopped damage (iron skin) and only used them when i had to avoid getting one shotted, instead of using them at the start of a match for whatever reason. With hysteria though you have to use it often unless you have a good weapon setup to regain health.

A while ago, the changes where energy leech eximus could drain your energy even while you are using an ability that uses energy over time (even though you can't gain energy by the same 'magic' siphoning mechanic?) made it so that in higher level missions and especially infested, energy leeches would drain at least 25 energy each time one showed up, and you had to find an energy orb to get that back before another one showed up. This is in combination of the energy you are draining, and especially now where it drains more as your use it longer, so you will often end up with no energy fairly shorter (as it has been for a while now) but now since the "death range" is higher, you will often just absorb all the damage you took and die.

obviously the solution is to mod for very high strength and efficiency, with no range at all, so you can use hysteria to gain energy then quickly get out of it so you can void getting one shotted. But, then again, once you come out you take a few thousand damage from a few enemies and then your back at 300/740 health and now have to recast it again, but the energy leeches took it all away. I'm not sure i know a real solution to this issue besides removing the ability of energy leeches to drain your energy while you are in hysteria, that is the only way i can see the new hysteria still being useful for long duration missions.

If you were to ask me how i would fix hysteria then, i would make it so it uses more energy at first, and uses less and less the longer it's used, but after a certain period you start doing less and less damage also, and after a certain cap your hysteria starts fading away and you start taking damage again. That would feel like more of a berserker, not hysteria on all the time or just in short bursts.


Speed, for whatever reason, does not instantly boost allies now. They have to physically touch orbs that drop when he uses speed, so players who aren't right behind volt will never get the buff and have to backtrack to pick them up, or decide not to waste their time picking them up.

"Volt stop using speed i don't want it" -said no player ever

Things To Note

I cannot stress the fact enough that this is just my opinion and some of this is based on my experience. There are players out there with maxed stuff, excellent graphics cards (higher fps and smoother gameplay) and easily press 1-4 without issue, so there will be at least one person who says that in their experience, they can press a certain order of buttons at the perfect time and this makes 'X' actually really good. I realize that. I can't fathom how people can do T4 defense or survival for hours on end, but obviously their skill combined with other factors just makes their personal experience better than mine, i just ask those players who are in that end tier mindset to understand that most players aren't like that.

In the end i'm not here to start an argument and i never exclaim that my playstyle is the "right" way to play or my experiences trump yours. i will include another poll here for references.

Do you think i was accurate when i described some of these changes as nerfs?

The poll was created at 18:55 on May 28, 2016, and so far 672 people voted.
Were my opinions on how to build the frame(s) now accurate?

The poll was created at 18:55 on May 28, 2016, and so far 488 people voted.


In my opinion, there were more positive things to come out of this update than negatives. Including passives.

The biggest thing to remember about passives is they are exactly that, passive. They add something with little or no effort on your part.

Here is a video showing some of the passives that interested me the most:

Update 18

Update 18.13 The Good

  • Ash: Bleed Procs dealt by Ash from any source are 25% deadlier and last 50% longer.

This one is very straight forward, weapons with a high chance to inflict slash procs are objectively now more deadly. This includes dread, braton prime, or vasto prime. Braton prime is especially deadly as the slash procs stack for even longer.

  • Banshee: All weapons are treated as silent.

Extremely useful for players who want to level up weapons with banshee, so now you don't need to ass hush or supress.

  • Ember: Receiving a Heat Status effect will regenerate energy for the duration of the Status effect (10 energy per second) and increase Power Strength by 35%.

This is excellent on grineer levels, as napalms are everywhere. You will essentially gain 60 energy by a full heat proc. This discourages the use of Rapid Resilience. It also increases your power strength for this same period, essentially increasing world on fire a ton if you are set on fire as well as regaining some of your energy back.

  • Hydroid: Every Melee Ground-Slam has a 50% chance to lure a Tentacle that will last 15 seconds.

This is pretty fun and especially useful along with a weapon that will set fire or shock enemies but not knock them down, as the tentacle will them grab them. Prova vandal has a use because of this. It will deal 200 damage every tick for 15 seconds, which is a ton of damage if you think about it, especially since it ignores armor.

  • Limbo: Holster Speed and Reload Speed is 50% faster while in the Rift, and movement speed increases by 10% while in the Rift.

Limbo is still hurt by napalm fire patches through the rift. Despite this, DE gives him a passive which makes slow reloading weapons more viable to him. did i mention he is still hurt by napalm fire patches through the rift? since march?

  • Loki: 10x Wall-Cling duration!

No comment.

  • Mag: Vacuum effect on every Bullet Jump.

eh...even if you don't have carrier, this is still a bummer augment. I would have rather her bullet jumps add magnetic damage with a proc to it.

  • Nekros: Enemy death within 10 meters of Nekros regenerates a 5 Health.

Useful, but minimal. Great for nekros players who utilize melee builds i suppose.

  • Nova: When Nova is knocked down, she will knock down enemies in a 6 meter Radius + deal damage.

Useless. well, near useless. Napalms, Heavy Gunners, Bombards, and Bailiffs cannot have their knockdown or knockdown animation overridden. Meaning, if you get knocked down as a heavy gunner is doing her slam attack (which is longer than the time it takes for you to get knocked down) she will take single digit damage but not be knocked down at all. This isn't the passives fault as its great, it's the issue with heavy units who slam being invulnerable to knockdown in some cases.

  • Nyx: Enemies affected by any of Nyx's powers have a chance to lay down their weapon ( become disarmed ).

Very great augment, but bittersweet for mind control players, as their is a chance your leech heavy gunner will lose their gorgon and switch to a sheev when the duration ends, losing her utility.

  • Oberon: All wildlife (neutral or enemy faction) within a 10 meter range of Oberon will become allies and fight for Oberon for 20 seconds.

I knew this would be a good passive the moment i heard it, but after realizing it affects drahks and kavats too (including the ones spawned by Executioner Zura!) i found it to be even better. The people saying it's crap i just don't understand, it's free temporary allies. If you spawn 20 drahks and stand still in the simulacrum, they will hardly ever get a hit on you, as they will turn passive, walk away, become hostile, then become passive again.

  • Trinity: Revive fallen allies faster from further away.

simple passive.

  • Vauban: Other Warframes within 20 meters give you 25% bonus armor.

Not 100% sure if allies gain any armor, but 25% bonus armor per ally is a great buff and makes him stronger alongside his alies.

  • Volt: Physical ground-travel distance between attacks causes bonus Electrical damage on next attack.

Basically your walking on carpet while wearing wool socks now. right next to your shield you will see a number that slowly increases the more you walk around, which is converted into bonus damage on your next shot. its basically a passive version of Energy Channel. It has a cap of 1,000 bonus damage, and increases if you have speed on (as it increases based on distance traveled). Can also be essentially boosted when you shoot through his shield.

Positive Changes

Volt can now pick up his shield by walking up to it and pressing the context action, and it will drain energy per second as well as draining more based on how far you move around with it. While very fun and useful (shield blocks AoE from napalms and bombards now!) it has duration, large energy drain, and short range when held. So it's still situational. you can shoot shock at the shield and it will further boost the damage done by your weapons as well.

They finally fixed the issue where carrier will attempt to such up energy even if you are at max, most likely due to having 656 maximum energy which is most common on nova with a rank 8 primed flow.


It was a mixed update, with positives and negatives. I find there were more positives than negatives, but the negative things were in the extreme levels nonetheless. In the end i don't see too much issue with having to change my builds or simply not use a frame anymore for whatever reason as i consider myself casual or average now for the most part due to my insistence on trying to find ways to have fun and not waste my time trying to push myself harder and harder.

What do you think?

edit: also a bonus video, ogris apparently have leaf particles for whatever reason now.

Ogris Explosions Have Leaves Now? (18

Ogris Explosions Have Leaves Now? (18.13)

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