For over a year, perhaps even 2 year at this point, i stopped caring about pushing guns and warframes to their limits and only going for the highest possible content, while using weapons i didn't really liked but i had to use as they were capable of clearing the enemies i was forcing myself to fight. I instead started going back to weapons i forgot about like the kraken, realizing that with just the right flick of the mouse i could get both shots to land on the head at decent ranges and the sound felt satisfying when i killed them with said headshot. I hear the "crunch" and i feel physically satisfied.

That rarely happens with most weapons i use in warframe. Even how fast a weapon fires can affect if it feels satisfying for me to use. For example, the gorgon wraith needs fire rate to be able to pump in damage into enemies and make it more viable for higher level content, however it sounds best to me when not modded with any fire rate at all. Strange huh?

But what i can't achieve with "dem feels", i achieve with wacky and unorthodox builds i have recently been using alot. Here are a few that i have come up with so far.

Semi-Auto Prisma Grakata


Unorthadox Builds Semi-Auto Prisma Grakata

While not technically semi auto, the fire rate is low enough to allow you to fire single bullets at a time, for massively accurate shots over very long ranges. You can also hold down he fire button to fire slightly faster, at the cost of slightly more random spread patterns. It dosn't need ammo mutation, and it kills all enemies easily up to level 50, at that case napalms and bombards tend to be the worst enemy as they have alloy armor which has no bonus against corrosive damage. But consistent headshots with all other enemies tends to kill them fairly easily and it also feels good to fire (at least for me, 'dem feels man')

Adhesive Blast Penta


Proof Of Concept Adhesive Blast Penta!-0

The reason adding Adhesive Blast on the penta weapons is worth it, and fun, is because since the grenades don't have timers, when stuck to enemies the grenades deal damage and status procs indefinitely. This means you can load a napalm with all the grenades, then watch as he gets his armor periodically removed and set on fire, then when the armor is gone you detonate the charges and watch as he gets one shotted. It's more practical than an adhesive blast ogris, since you can actually turn enemies into walking time bombs.

For Infested, a good build would be adding a bit of radiation to the weapon, so stuck enemies become attracted to by other enemies, and then you can set the charges when they get near. The same can be done against grineer or corpus, it essentially makes the target permanently irradiated.

Critical Build Nukor


Mutalist Quanta Nukor Combo???

Before you start laughing, this is completely serious. The fun and overpowered part of it isn't really the nukor, it's the Mutalist Quanta. You see, the bubbles fired by the weapon act like volts electric shield in a way, but it boosts both critical chance and critical damage a ton. All you have to do is add critical damage to the nukor and you're good to go!

In battle, fire the secondary fire of the mutalist quanta and switch to your nukor right away, and fire through the bubbles. You will notice you now crit fairly often and when you do you deal more than 15 thousand damage (depending on the enemy and elementals you used). I knew about this months ago, but never bothered to test it as i didn't think it boosted critical chance.

Here is a compilation of weapons reaching red crits that you wouldn't even expect, using this combination!


Why You Should Be Using Mutalist Quanta (Red Crit Pyrana???)

More Builds

Any crazy, wacky builds that may or not be super effective? comment them below :D

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