Hello there! If you are like me, a person that does not have the best internet and often times may have a download speed under 300Kbps, then this blog is for you. Unfortunately, this is not in any way a "how to fix" blog as the issue is within the launcher itself, but this post will provide clarity on some of what the launcher does in the background. So this is just a blog to explain the issue, show pictures to explain what is going on, and how to resume the visual identification of the update process. Let's begin.

Part 1: The Launcher Begins To Give up Downloading

Part 1

(The claimed download speed of the launcher is often inaccurate, you can disregard this number) When the launcher begins to "give up" or "start to fail" as I will call it, you won't actually notice anything wrong with your connection. In fact, if you open up your task manager, you will see that the launcher is using internet just fine. But if your connection drops too low too many times, or it stays low for too long, it seems this triggers some sort of failure in the launcher, which turns us to part 2.

Part 2: The Launcher Bugs And Gets Confused

Part 2

Suddenly you will notice that the progress bar instantly jumps toward the end, and the launcher will claim that (usually less than 5MB) is left in the download. This is a sign that it is going to fail, so you better prepare to see the screen in part 3, as there is nothing you can do at this point but let it "download" the supposed <5MB of data before it fails anyways.

Part 3: Launcher Failure

Part 3

Despite having a (relatively) smooth connection (as the launcher keeps downloading regardless of these issues) you will eventually come across this screen on the launcher, (this issue has been reported, however I do not know of any resolution towards it). What's the problem? Well as you can see on this screen the launcher tells you that it has encountered a problem and the update has failed, and it is going to be restarted. It does eventually restart, but the problem arises when it stays on this minimalist screen as it does. If you check your task manager again, you will notice that the launcher will begin restarting the download, however you may be unaware of this unless you have task manager telling you what is using up your internet. The launcher will not display how much of the update is remaining. This is the reason I made this blog, as there is only one 'safe' solution to get back to the normal screen.

Part 4: Do What DE Cannot Do

Part 4

If you have not already manually closed your launcher, you can simply go up to the language selector shown here and select your preferred language, which may freeze up the launcher for a moment before returning to the main, proper screen with the update information.

Part 5

Sadly, as I mentioned already, this does not fix the instability of the launcher itself and it's inability to continue a stable download. This issue has been reported to DE already, however if you are having this issue as well, I would suggest contacting Warframe Support.

Even though the launcher may automatically restart the download in the background, it mail still fail repeatedly. You may be required to manually click the retry button, so attempting to leave the launcher alone while assuming other tasks may be ill advisable. Attempting to patch or download during storms or ISP maintenance may also cause interference, so waiting for more stable connection time frames may assist in the stability of your Warframe patching. I hope this helped you somewhat, and perhaps get DE's attention on this matter once and for all.