A list of bugs, graphical errors, or glitches that occure in warframe that are not related to weapon/warframe specific bugs. 



The 512X512 was added to the Market after Hotfix 13.2.4

  • It was subsequently removed in ????
  • It was a placeholder for the ????
  • The 512X512 was a placeholder blueprint, costing 1'000 credits.
  • It did not actually appear in the Foundry, but could be viewed in the inventory.
  • The 512X512 could be found in Market>Equimpent>Keys and Drones.
  • Found on bugs tab in Market page.

Ancient Retribution

Ancient Retribution is a mod placeholder used by Digital Extremes in their test build[1]. It is also well known for appearing randomly in game as a glitch.

Found on bugs section of Endless Defense page. 

Glitch Phenomenon

Ancient Retribution is well known for its appearence in Endless Defense and Interception missions[2][3]. How this glitch occurs remains unknown.

"For some reason endless defense has an inclination to break completely and show this Ancient Retribution thing right after a major patch", Digital Extremes claims[4].

Glitch Caused

This glitch only appears in a wave-based reward interface. In the event that this glitch occurs:

  • Claiming the mod will finish the mission, but will not actually reward it[5][6]. Sometimes, this action will crash the game[7].
  • Continuing the mission will dismiss the reward interface and the mission will continue normally. This glitch may repeat itself in the same session.

There are rare occasion where the timer box is empty, with both options replaced with "RANDOM MISSION". In the case of this occurence, it is impossible to click either options, and instead the game will start the next wave with the reward interface in the way[8]. Sleek_Coding.DE


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