Vauban is not an engineer warframe, as he is tactical and does not make use of technology or machines (which is what an engineer is), except his Tesla ability and as such, this concept is a new one.

(Warframe picture by User:Askydra mod card art edited by me)

Update Notes

  • Buffed System Bug to bug all consoles in range instead of one.
  • Buffed Sabotage to allow bonuses to effected enemies and the ability to capture shield ospreys, which shield your teammates.
  • Buffed Power Siphon to allow production of resources and health as well as energy orbs.
  • nerfed Auto Defense to give teammates and defense objectives bonuses to shield recharge rates instead of raw shield and health. Adds 50% shield recharge and effected teammates/objectives will have an effect similar to shield ospreys connecting them to the turret. Buffed turret durability per level.
  • Buffed System Bug to act as small crowd control when not used on console

  'An expert at building and hacking, Xerxes uses machines to dominate the battlefield '                                                                                                  - in-game description 

Xerxes (Zerx-ees)is an engineer frame with abilities focused on machinery, using mixes of prewar salvage and raw energy to manipulate, hack, and build machines capable of making even the toughest of foes fringe with terror. 


Ability 1 System Bug: Using on unhacked consoles will cause enemies who attempt to use the console to vaporize. [25 energy] cost to equip 2/3/4/5 halved by polarity slot 


Description: when facing a lockdown console and pressing X, will place a system bug into the console itself. If an enemy attempts to use the console to initiate lockdown they will be violently shocked with an intense burst of energy, enough to kill or stun most enemies. increasing level increases how many times system bug will be active and at max rank will bug all consoles in a 50 meter range. 100 damage on each level, can not be increased, up to 4 uses per console. can be used on the same enemy more then once if they attempt to re-use the console. consoles with an installed bug will have a blinking blue light installed.

When not facing a console, can be thrown onto the surface of any object and will instead act as a stasis generator, up to 4 enemies that come into range will be zapped and held permanently in stases, unable to move or fight. when using this mode it will last 90 seconds and is effected by Continuity and Constitution. enemies held in stasis will be frozen in the position they were zapped in, and elevated slightly off the ground. This mode also can be used more then once for a maximum of 4 stasis bugs at any given time. When an enemy is killed it will zap a new enemy to fill it's place.

Ability 2 Sabotage: unleashes a sensory node that makes mechanical devices nearby turn on their former allies until destroyed. [75 energy] cost to equip 4/5/6/7 which is halved by polarity slot 

Description: launches a small metallic box that opens up and extends a small tower, with a glowing sparkle effect. enemies such as rollers, latchers, corpus turrets, and corpus ospreys will become zapped with a burst of energy when entering the devices field of effect, and glow with energy, similar to the glow from Grineer observers but colored to your energy color. As with Grineer observers, will grant the effected robotic enemy bonuses in damage and health. They will turn on their former allies until the effect wears off. the device has its own stats and can be targeted by enemies and destroyed. only one node can be placed at a time and increasing level increases the durability of the node. 

Nodes do not have shields but can obtain them from effected Ospreys. Nodes have 50 armor and 100 health and enemies will target nodes in their line of site, so strategic placing of nodes is recommended. Each level adds 10 armor and 10 health to the node, and the Deviant helmet adds 10% more armor. Health rating of effected enemies effected by Focus.

Note: Shield Ospreys effected by sabatage will shield allies, granting them 10% shield and a 20% boost to recharge rate. bonuses are passive and not effected by mods, and cannot be increased by more Ospreys. color of shield projection and beam coming from shield ospreys are affected by you energy color.

Only Fusion Moas are effected by Sabotage, all others are not.

Ability 3: Power Siphon: places a portable energy collector that siphons power from nearby circuitry to produce pickups. [75 energy] cost to equip 4/5/6/7 which is halved by polarity slot

Description: creates a metallic cube that opens up and extends into a physical box like machine, which has a rotating gear box on one side and makes noise. when placed around automatic doorways, hacking consoles, or light switches, energy production is doubled. Randomly ejects Resources, Health, and Energy orbs every 15 seconds. Pickups will disappear eventually, faster then normal pickups. machines can only be placed one at a time but can be destroyed by the user (by using the action command when facing it) to be placed in a different location. affected by Streamline to become more efficient at resource production (increases chance for rarer resources and increases chance to drop more at once)

  • Ejects resources with the same calculations as normal drops, and as such, common materials will drop more often, and rares will drop rarely
  • When placed around energy sources will be brighter and Energy orbs will be produces more often
  • Will only drop resources available on that planet.
  • 50% of the time will drop 2 items and 50% chance to drop 3, streamline increases the chance for 3 by 30%
  • 25% chance of Energy orbs (50% near electrical devices)
  • 25% chance of Health orbs
  • 25% chance of common resources (max streamline 55%)
  • 20% chance of uncommon resources (max streamline 50%)
  • 5% chance of rare resources (streamline does not effect rare drops)

Ability 4 (ult) Auto Defense: Placeable auto turret that fires at enemies while giving shield recharge bonuses to teammates and defense objectives. [100 energy] cost to equip 9/10/11/12 halved by polarity

Auto defense1

Description: Creates a large container that opens up over the course of a few second, and begins humming with electricity and mechanical sounds. teammates or defense objectives that are within a 10 meter radius of the turret will gain a shield recharge bonus, and the turret will fire 35 armor ignoring, but slow firing, sniper rounds on incoming enemies, with a slow charging radial stun damage to enemies that get within the radius. Will last 4 minutes unless destroyed by enemies. has its own recharging shields, health, and heavy armor. perfect for placing near the pod on defense missions.

increasing level increases the durability of the turret, increasing health and armor ratings by 10 each level. Stretch effects the range at which shield recharge bonuses reach teammates and Focus increases the amount of shield the turret itself has (percent added per level). when its limit it up it will shut down and vaporize.

Turret Specs. (amount in [] brackets is max Focus amount)

  • (unranked) 50 shield [65], 25 armor, 50 health
  • (level 1) 60 shield [78], 35 armor, 60 health
  • (level 2) 70 shield [91], 45 armor, 70 health
  • (level 3) 80 shield [104], 55 armor, 80 health

Deviant helmet adds 10% to all stats above. Shield has a 4 second delay and recharges fully in 4 seconds on all levels and cannot be increased. (most efficient at max level as 104 shield recharges in 4 seconds)


System Bug

  • Console bug does not function on Infested levels as they do not use consoles, unit must be used as stasis device instead.
  • If a player needs to use the bugged console for unlocking doors, the effect of the shock will appear but the power will not be used nor will it effect the user.
  • Blinking light is affected by energy color.


  • Only machine-based enemies are effected, and as such, will not effect normal enemies who will see the node as a threat and attempt to destroy it.
  • when used on Shield Osprey they will instead project shields over allies and the unit itself when in range.
  • Fusion Moas are the only Moas effected by Sabotage, due to the easy to hack nature of their software. Their drones they deploy when below half health are also effected if deployed.

Power Siphon

  • Primarily a Defense mission tool, can be placed near the pod if there is a light source and it will produce a slow stream of energy for your team.

Auto Defense

  • Good for boss battles or general defense missions, will synergize well with Frost's snow globe or Vauban's bastille, as the turret will be free to fire at enemies will being protected by the majority of the battle.
  • Can be easily destroyed by enemies who choose it over defense objectives, so strategic placing of the turret is advised.

Alternate Equipment

  • Xerxes can be equipped with the Deviant Helmet, which increases durability of his powers with a reduction in health.
  • Adds 10 percent durability to Sabotage and Auto Defense abilities
  • Reduces 5 percent of his health
    Helmet sketch by pansejra

    Deviant Helm (similar to this)

  • reduction of health is calculated before bonuses have been applied


this is based partially on the actual warframe story but has been slightly altered timeline wise

  • The Xerxes warframe honors the old war technologies, before the sentient threat ever arisen. Deep within the heart of scientific discovery, in the peak of technological progress at the time, a new era in body modification was at hand. Humans have split into 2 major sides after thousand of years of ongoing wars and battles, and for every decade that past the more technology advanced, and the more blood was spilled as a result.
  • A new super armor, modified from hardened metals and fit with advanced thermo magnetic shielding, was being developed on the more advanced side of the race. As the other side was bent on producing mass troops through messy and inefficient cloning methods, they were focusing on creating only the best in defense. But there was more then 2 sides of the coin, a side little known but feared by both sides. The Orokin. While planting the seed of life millions of years ago that gave birth to the beings on this planet, they were also the bringer of disease and plague. Unhappy at the warring progress of the humans that they helped prosper, but curious about their knowledge, they sent upon a virus to see how each side would react with a common enemy amongst them.
  • Hundreds of years when by as both sides fought each other, and the new unknown mutagen that was slowly degrading life at the cellular level. the more weakened side, who now call themselves Grineer, were hit hardest by the effects of the virus and as a result, abandoned their cloning efforts for fear of mass extinction of their race, while desperately attempting to modify their bodies with stolen technology of the other side's abandoned factories. while this was going on, a threat only known as "the sentients" were invading the solar system and with it, great destruction. The Orokin, fearing for the progress of their experiments, began war with the sentients, using a modified version of the virus against them, a version that produced more rapid degradation and mutation and at variable speed.
  • Flashforward 1000 years. the Grineer, who rediscovered lost cloning technology and found a way to counter the old virus that plagued their race and began massing troops to control the galaxy once and for all. the other group, now calling themselves the Corpus, have found remnants of lost Orokin technology on various planets in the solar system and since created a cult surrounding its mysterious properties and advanced nature although being millennia old. And within their mass of technology, they still held on to the defense suit blueprints, an age old remnant of their lost civilization. The suit takes advantage of machinery, infused with Orokin enhancements it provides corpus personnel superior building potential, and the majority of Engineer Crewmen wear them.

bla bla bla its corpus :P


  • Xerxes refers to a computer AI in the game System Shock 2, which is hacked by another computer AI, Shodan.
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