How to find Warframe Images

  • Go to the following URL:

  • Find the texture location of the image you want to find:

The names are all internal, but you can narrow down a search by what category you’re looking for.  If you wanted to find the Kohm, for example, start by searching (ctrl + F) for Lotus/Weapons/Grineer/LongGuns. All the items in that category will be highlighted, then you can narrow down what you’re looking for based on the internal name. Kohm looks like this:

{"uniqueName":"/Lotus/Weapons/Grineer/LongGuns/GrnSpark/GrnSparkRifle","textureLocation":"[file:///\\Lotus\Interface\Icons\Store\GrineerSparkGun.png \\Lotus\\Interface\\Icons\\Store\\GrineerSparkGun.png]","fileTime":130934194644368813},

  • Add the texture location to the following link:<textureLocation>

The slashes need to be changed to forward slashes, and you end up with this: