The Primed versions of frames right now are just improved versions of their normally variants, with stat buffs ranging from basically nonexistent (looking at you Frost Prime) to pretty good, like Atlas Prime with a boost in all base stats. Aaaand that’s it. It’s largely the same with Primed weapons, but some of them, such as the Pyrana Prime and Ballistica Prime have unique effects, such as the ghost Pyrana and the specters the Ballistica summons. Since the Prime frames are completely and utterly superior in to the modern versions in lore, shouldn’t they be the same in game? I *personally* think Primed frames should have near complete base stat buffs, or at least buffs in their preferred stats, like Frost Prime getting higher armor (who builds shield on Frost?), and getting a unique passive. It should not be overwhelming strong or be able to basically double the DPS of the frame, but it should be present to be make it feel like you’re using a stronger version of the original. Here’s some (shitty) ideas for a “Primed” passive which could be added to a frame.

Note: I don’t have every frame, and I haven’t played with many actually, so some of these ideas may actually be garbage AF. Throw your own ideas in the comments, or tell me how shitty this entire idea is lmao

Volt Prime:

Superior Capacitors

Doubles the max amount of damage which can be stored by Static Discharge, but the damage builds at the same rate. If Shock is used with more than 500 damage stored, it also does AOE damage. If the max charge is reached, the next attack from a weapon does 100% extra crit damage and has a flat 25% crit chance bonus applied to it.

Excalibur Prime:

King’s Blade

The bonus attack speed and damage applies to all melee weapons, and is decreased to 5%. However, it stacks with the combo counter, similarly to Blood Rush. Bonuses are increased by 10% when Exalted Blade is equipped.

Nekros Prime:

Hands of the Looter

When killing an enemy with a weapon, there is a 50% chance for the body to split into two parts, 20% for it to split into three, 10% for four, 7.5% for five, and 2.5% for six. Upon Desecrating a body, a slash proc proc is applied to enemies 5 meters around the body. The slash proc only does 1 damage per tick. (I have not played with Nekros. If you main him, please do see if this idea is utter trash or not)

Frost Prime:


When damaged, Frost emits a chilling burst around him which slows all enemies in a 10 meter radius by 5%. If the effect is procced 10 times in 3 seconds, in which all enemies in that 10 meter radius are frozen solid. If procced 15 times in 5 seconds, a freezing storm forms around Frost for 5 seconds which slows all enemies in 10 meters by 50%.

Equinox Prime:

I have played with Equinox and have no fucking idea what passive could work with her

Rhino Prime:

Shrapnel Stampede

Once damaged 10 times in 30 seconds, Rhino’s armor will splinter into shrapnel, staggering all enemies in a 5 meter radius and dealing a slash proc. Once the effect has triggered, Rhino will being to stampede for 7 seconds, gaining increased sprint speed, and stomping with each each step, sending 3 meter wide shockwaves out. Shrapnel will also fly, dealing slash damage to enemies in a 5 meter radius. Rhino cannot stampede for 30 seconds after the buff has been activated, but his armor will continue to splinter into shrapnel. (Easily the shittiest one here)

Wukong Prime:

Uncatchable by Death

Wukong gains unlimited usage of his death-defying techniques, but must wait 60 seconds before activating the next. After the first 3 techniques, and further techniques will have their effects halved. Wukong also has a 10% chance to generate 2 combo stacks instead of 1 when they hit an enemy with a melee attack.

Oberon Prime:

Friend to the Forest

Sentinels now also get a 10% health, armor, and shield link along with 1 free revive (Works just like the Regen mod). Kavats and Kubrows will deal an extra 10% damage and will apply slash procs on every third attack. Hallowed Ground will also grant health regen to companions and Sentinels, equal to 50% of the regen granted by Renewal. Wild Kubrows and Kavats will not attack Oberon.

Ash Prime:

Killer in the Shadows

Killing an enemy without being spotted will grant a 50% damage buff to the next Shuriken thrown, stacking up to 5 times. If an enemy is killed with a Shuriken while Ash is invisible, then a shadow clown of Ash will assassinate the strongest enemy in line of sight. The clone cannot be summoned more than twice per minute. Finishers deal an extra 100% damage. Stealth finishers will deal true damage.

That’s all I can think of for now so good fuckin night, and don’t forget to roast me for this terrible idea.

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