Have you ever wanted to play a slow, calming, and silent game play after all the hype and excitement any day can offer you? Well then, Loki is one of the choice for a Stealth game play. Almost like in game, Loki's origins and role in Norse mythology, which some have described, as that of a trickster god. Your role is to wreak havoc, and be as mischievous as you can while dealing damage and saving your own skin! And of course maybe your squad mates, too. Why not some fun and tease around them?

General Idea

He is squishy, without much health and shield, nor too much armor. Thus, this begs Loki to stay out of the line of fire, for otherwise oblivion awaits. None of his ability deals damage, thus no Power Strength is necessary, at all. This opens up a lot of possibilities on how to mod him.


1 V, 2 D, 3 -. Aura stays

Normal Variant Loki requires 4 formas, while the Prime version requires 2 formas. The only difference between these two is energy capacity and the already available polarities. I would try to make it as general as possible, to the point that the normal variant is as good as the Primed variant hopefully.


Like mentioned before, he is squishy. Thus, he really relies on his abilities to keep him alive on the battleground.

For starter, Decoy is a cheap and not-as-good Kage Bunshin no Jutsu. It will attract the enemies attention away from Loki himself, and from other things such as your squad mates and the Mobile Defense Terminals. It won't deal damage, I believe. By the time the enemy realize they've been attacking the wrong target, it would be too late for them to do anything.


Careful of stray bullets tho

Invisibility is without a doubt, one of the most basic and always spammed ability regardless of builds. Activate, and stay out of enemies' line of fire while you shoot them yourself (or melee from behind). If you use color Black for your energy, you should be fully invisible, even by your eyes on the screen (unless you got very good eyes to spot yourself).

Switch Teleport is one way to move yourself away from harm if you got cornered or something. Safeguard Switch will be a good reason to use this ability on your teammates, but be sure to justify yourself and give a heads up to them before casting this. Otherwise, I hope you are friends with that particular guy, or die as a troll scum. Careful not to trigger your team by spamming this too much.


I tried

Radial Disarm is without a doubt, one of the best CC in game, maybe a nice panic button assuming you got good range attribute. Loki swings his hands in a fabulous way, then radiating his love wave to all enemies around him. Everyone was so awed by that move, they lose their weapon and won't be able to use them again, leaving them with only their melee weapon. So Loki, the squishy frame who wields an MK1-Braton and always on his invisibility, fighting against lots of mobs with only their melee weapon. Who's laughing now?

So, basically you must and should keep on your invisibility on for your own survivability purpose and can use other abilities to further increase your chance of surviving against a mob of enemies. Decoy is a good distraction, Switch Teleport to move away from mobs, and Radial Disarm to remove the Bombard/Napalm's threatening Ogris or Tech's annoying Supra permanently, or simply because "let's fight like a man" moment.


I got several builds on Loki which I use them for either specific build, or an all-rounded build for multiple purpose.

Specific Builds

Invisibility/Safeguard Switch


Aura is optional

My current build on general invisible runs. This one is heavily for invisibility, plus some survival in it. The Hushed Invisibility augment has always been my preference so that I can use loud weapons without making too much fuss. I will replace it with Rank 3 Fleeting Expertise if I am using stealth weapons such as bows.


Aura is optional

For any Rescue mission, this is my first choice build. Every solo Rescue on Sortie. Find your rescue target, give him/her max fire rate Hikou Prime with max multishot AND Concealed Explosives mods on, then Switch Teleport, lastly make a run for it. I use this just because of the paranoid side of me, begging me to always overdo it. So, this one is optional. No problem.


Aura is optional

So.... Energy Reduction condition on Sortie? Easy. Equip either a Synoid or Rakta Primary/Secondary and use it. If not, well Energy Pizzas are there, hopefully.

Radial Disarm


Aura is optional

Disarm every possible threat! And top up the CC with Radiation Proc to all!

All Balanced


Aura is optional

This one is a poor attempt on recreating Rob (AGGP) as I can't recall his build. In my opinion, this build is a good one if you wish to use it for an all well rounded build, while with better survivability.


Aura is optional

Also another well rounded build, but without Vitality nor Redirection. Be careful while using this build.

New Player Set Up

Depending either you're a very new player or you've been here for quite a while to get several basic mods, I can suggest this build. An all-rounded build, but Strength isn't necessary at all.

  • Assuming no aura mods, yet
  • This is a no-forma build

Player Suggestion Build

Balanced by Aliant PL

Psst click me for his build on Warframe Builder, which includes all/some of the informations you need!

He doesn't see the need to use Vitality or Vigor. Instead, Redirection and Quick Thinking with Primed Flow you have a buffer of about 1.5k hp and 555 shields. This is enough to survive almost anything that can hit you in normal everyday gameplay. Accompanied with maxed Zenurik Energy Overflow, the passive gives your virtual health regeneration at level of 9.6 points per second. Certainly worth it.


Personally, I find Duration the main core for the build here. Range is when you want to use Radial Disarm frequently. Efficiency for spamming purpose. Strength is totally not necessary.

My starter Warframe when I first joined Warframe. At first it can be confusing for a new player such as me at that moment. After quite a few while, I got the Prime version cheap (at that moment, 20p per set). I've decided to re-learn and understand how to use him properly. Now, here I am with these builds.

Feel free to drop your thoughts here! I would love to hear more about Loki, in general.

As always, have a great day and have fun. Comments away!

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