Greetings, a few months ago we did a major revamp to the drop tables in Orokin Void hoping to make updating and reading it easier. Some claimed the format was too cramped, too small, and more importantly, updating it still required a fair amount of labor. Starting today, we are implementing yet another update that will hopefully make everyone's life easier.

Now before you start complaining stop fixing stuff that's not broke, keep in mind this update is more a under-the-hood change geared towards editors. Any front-end/visual changes are optional and will be decided with the poll below.

Important links: Module:Void, Module:Void/data

New Stuff

Currently, whenever a new prime comes along there are at least three pages we need to update:

  • Orokin Void/Rewards
  • Orokin Void/Rewards/ByType
  • {{BuildRequire}} template in all the prime articles.

Doing so is error-prone, redundant and tedious.

Update: By mission and rewards tables moved to Orokin Void/ByMissions and Orokin Void/ByRewards.

The new update will address this with a new template/module: Module:Void, which will reference a meta table Module:Void/data. So unlike what we previously do, we just need to update the meta table one time, and all pages that call the module will auto reflect the change.

The module will generate information by mission or by rewards automatically, i.e.

{{#invoke:Void|mission|PC|Tower III|Sabotage}} {{#invoke:Void|item|PC|Boltor|Barrel}}
Script error: The function "mission" does not exist. Lua error in Module:Void at line 147: attempt to index field '?' (a nil value).

New Format

Since the two drop tables Orokin Void/Rewards and Orokin Void/Rewards/ByType will reference the same data, readers will have a clear choice to search by mission or by rewards without the fear of getting inconsistent information.

Because of that we can pretty much ditch the all-in-one, ctrl-f friendly table that we are using now. So please vote: to switch to the previous tabber format, or retain the current all-in-one format. You may also post your suggestions in the comments below:

Updating the BuildRequire template

Updating the drop table is just a small part of the process. There are gazillions of prime articles around the wiki that need to be updated to utilize this new module, and we need your help to make this happen.

Currently every BuildRequire template displays drop locations like this: (taken from Soma Prime)

|blueprintmission = Tower II Defense (Rotation A) <br/>Tower II Survival (Rotation B)
|build1mission =  Tower IV Interception (Rotation C)
|build2mission = Tower II Survival (Rotation C)
|build3mission = Tower III Exterminate
|blueprintmissionps4 =Tower II Defense (Rotation A)
Tower II Survival (Rotation B) 
|build1missionps4 =Tower IV Interception (Rotation C) 
|build2missionps4 =Tower II Survival (Rotation C) 
|build3missionps4 =Tower III Exterminate 
|blueprintmissionxb1 =Tower II Defense (Rotation A)<br/>Tower II Survival (Rotation B) 
|build1missionxb1 =Tower IV Interception (Rotation C) 
|build2missionxb1 =Tower II Survival (Rotation C) 
|build3missionxb1 = Tower III Exterminate

Which is a bloody mess
To make use of the new module and generate the drop locations automatically, we just need to change the drop location inputs to:

|blueprintmission = {{#invoke:Void|item|PC|Soma|Blueprint}}
|build1mission =  {{#invoke:Void|item|PC|Soma|Barrel}}
|build2mission = {{#invoke:Void|item|PC|Soma|Receiver}}
|build3mission = {{#invoke:Void|item|PC|Soma|Stock}}
|blueprintmissionps4 = {{#invoke:Void|item|PS4|Soma|Blueprint}}
|build1missionps4 = {{#invoke:Void|item|PS4|Soma|Barrel}}
|build2missionps4 ={{#invoke:Void|item|PS4|Soma|Receiver}}
|build3missionps4 ={{#invoke:Void|item|PS4|Soma|Stock}}
|blueprintmissionxb1 = {{#invoke:Void|item|XB1|Soma|Blueprint}}
|build1missionxb1 = {{#invoke:Void|item|XB1|Soma|Barrel}}
|build2missionxb1 = {{#invoke:Void|item|XB1|Soma|Receiver}}
|build3missionxb1 =  {{#invoke:Void|item|XB1|Soma|Stock}}

The result output should remain more or less the same as before, save the "Defense Rotation A" being changed to "Defense A", but any changes in Module:Void/data will be reflected across the wiki.

Thanks for reading. If you come across any problems and/or want to make improvement to the code, please leave a comment below.