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As some of you may be aware, several pages: Factions, Foundry, Alad V and Stalker page etc have received a few icons located at top of their page. Those icons are done with the template {{Top}}, which is used to house links of related topics, kinda like the See Also section, but less specific and more for "big pages" like Weapons or Blueprints and such.

In addition, the template can also detect whether a /Gallery subpage exist and then display a link at the top right of the main article, which introduces the use of /Gallery subpages to accommodate the growing number of images, videos. As seen in Alad V and Stalker.

From now on, contributing medias should be done as follows:

  • If a page have a media section, go ahead and edit that.
  • Otherwise, go to the top of the page and find the Gallery link, add your picture to one of the galleries.
  • Keep your caption nice and short.

Veteran contributors:
If the amount of medias in a typical Media section is so small (>5), then a /Gallery subpage is unnecessary.
If the section is huge, then they shall be moved:

  1. The {{Top}} template must be added to the main article before anything else. Please add any relevant links (from the See Also section or any generic page like Weapons) to the template by following the instructions in the template page.
  2. Create a /Gallery subpage. capital G. If done correctly, the Top template will produce a Gallery icon in the main article.
  3. Add {{GalleryNotice}} to the gallery subpage. No input necessary, the template should handle the TOC and category.
  4. Move all the pictures and videos to the subpage, categorize them using headers (Codex, Screenshots, Videos, Pre-Updated Version etc.) and put them into separate galleries using the following format:
<gallery position="center" spacing="small" captionalign="center" orientation="landscape" captionposition=within>

An example: Alad V/Gallery.

Additionally the template will do the same for a /Quotes subpage. These pages should follow a similar format in Alad V/Quotes. No special formatting required as of yet.

Lastly, the Media Policy is being looked into and may be reworked to address the issue of image quality. More info on that soon.

Thanks for you cooperation Tenno!