Hi y'all,

As you have probably noticed, we've been doing a bit of work to promote User Guides creation and mechanics research in the form of blogs and user pages, get them categorized into their respective Warframe/weapon categories for readers to reference while browsing the wiki. With these types of user created content getting more and more demanding, we begin to see problems in the existing namespaces, mainly the lack of comments in the User namespace and lack of longevity in Blogs.

To resolve this, we'd have to implement something that will allow us to tailor how articles function and give these articles a home in the site, while keeping them separated from the standard, unbiased part of this encyclopedia. This is when new namespaces come in handy.

Unlike normal categories, namespace categorizes articles by functionality, like templates, modules, category pages, policy pages etc. This wiki emphasizes on unbiased, factual content and as it currently stands, apart from private user pages and blogs there aren't much room left for user created content. Many of which are generally helpful to the community and valuable information to be included in the wiki, having a set of new namespace will make organizing these articles easier and give these articles a more dedicated space.

In the coming days we will be implementing the three custom namespaces below, mainly for User Guides, fannic content and mechanics research:

  • Simaris: Lore, Speculation.
    • Author credits not allowed.
    • Dark Sector reference allowed
    • {{Speculation}} tag will still be used.
    • Articles like Story and History will be moved there.
  • Cordylon: Fannic, Non-cannon content, easter eggs, notable bugs.
    • Article author credits not allowed.
    • Credits of the author of the content being described are allowed.
    • Third party external links allowed.
    • Fan content that are officially recognized by DE: i.e. these, those.
    • e.g. John Prodman, Cephalon Cordylon, Easter eggs like Orokin Cat, KickBot, Third Party Deals and Rewards, War Friends will be moved there.
    • Not a place for fanon literature pieces. Please proceed to Board:Feedback_and_Ideas and the official forums if you intend to write fan literature. This namespace houses articles that records/introduces incidents and third party content that indirectly influence Warframe and DE, not to be confused with a place where you can stretch your imagination.


  • Dictionaries and index pages like FAQ, Glossary, Reward System etc. are still considered as standard articles under the Main: namespace.
  • These names are not finalized, and I understand they might sound foreign to new players.
  • If you dislike these Cephalon inspired names and have alternative suggestions, please leave a comment below. Keep in mind each of these namespaces does not only house one type of content, hence something like "Lore" or "Fanon" will not suffice.

What's next

This is our first attempt to officially include fan creations to a wiki that focuses on cannon content. This addition will likely require a new set of policies and change how we conceive wikis in general. If you have any concerns or suggestions, feel free to leave a comment below.

If you intend to create articles under the above namespace, please wait until the change has been implemented. Creating pages under non-existent namespace will render the page inaccessible after the said namespace has been added. A highlighted forum PSA will be made then.

A new Portal page will be created to bring all these fannic articles together. This portal page will be added into the homepage for accessibility.

TL;DR: Namespace means this, we get three new ones for fannic content, also go vote for their names while you're at it.

Thanks for reading. We appreciate your inputs on this subject, and kudos to those who contributed their guides to the game's ever complex mechanics.

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