ChickenBar ChickenBar 10 September 2015

Invading Wikia's office (Invasion completed)

Hello! I went to Wikia, in San Francisco!

This year Wikia is organizing Community Connect, an event that gathers admins around the world (by around the world I mean some of us flew for 15 hours to get here) from many wikis to have some face time with the staffs and talk about what they're working on inside Wikia, from marketing strategies to the technical bits. Here's a rundown on what we've talked about so far:


  • Mobile mode: Wikia has been emphasizing a lot on traffic from mobile devices (>50% and rising) and the importance of displaying our content correctly on mobile. Portable infobox being one of the first steps in optimizing the mobile viewing experience.
  • Structured data: being able to take data from a dataset and display them in a…

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ChickenBar ChickenBar 13 June 2015

Namespaces: Guides, Lore, Fannic

Hi y'all,

As you have probably noticed, we've been doing a bit of work to promote User Guides creation and mechanics research in the form of blogs and user pages, get them categorized into their respective Warframe/weapon categories for readers to reference while browsing the wiki. With these types of user created content getting more and more demanding, we begin to see problems in the existing namespaces, mainly the lack of comments in the User namespace and lack of longevity in Blogs.

  • For those who are unfamiliar with namespace, please check out Help:Namespace and Help:Custom namespaces. For instance: Template:WarframeMods has namespace Template; Category:Warframe Mods has namespace Category; User:Wikia has namespace User etc. Namespace is ba…
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ChickenBar ChickenBar 17 April 2015

Void Drop Table 3.0

Greetings, a few months ago we did a major revamp to the drop tables in Orokin Void hoping to make updating and reading it easier. Some claimed the format was too cramped, too small, and more importantly, updating it still required a fair amount of labor. Starting today, we are implementing yet another update that will hopefully make everyone's life easier.

Now before you start complaining stop fixing stuff that's not broke, keep in mind this update is more a under-the-hood change geared towards editors. Any front-end/visual changes are optional and will be decided with the poll below.

Important links: Module:Void, Module:Void/data

Currently, whenever a new prime comes along there are at least three pages we need to update:

  • Orokin Void/Rewards…

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ChickenBar ChickenBar 20 November 2014

A New Look of the Wiki II

Warframe.com redesign: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/348672-warframe-website-launcher-redesign-sneak-peek/

Hello! In preparation for Warframe.com's shiny new theme, Warframe Wikia will also be going through some styling revamp in the next few days. The new theme will largely follow DE's design (right) with a few change such as lowered background brightness and button changes to accommodate some possible hover effects.

If all goes well the theme will be implemented as soon as DE implement their's to Warframe.com. Keep in mind the sample below is a WIP taken from a test wiki. Feel free to leave your feedback. Thanks!

Almost one year ago: User_blog:ChickenBar/A_New_Look_of_the_Wiki

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ChickenBar ChickenBar 27 October 2014

New Font? New Gallery?

Recently we have imported the Warframe font - "Roboto" to the wiki, and have implemented it to the homepage and some of our templates:

If you are experiencing problems please let us know in the comments before it's too late, or update your browser. We'll be using this font in any templates that require unnecessary admiration.

However we are still holding back from implementing site-wide because once it's implemented it will change everything. Please let us know if you would like the articles to be changed into this font, or selectively pick which area to change (headers only, etc), or none at all.

Here's a sample for comparison:

If this receives positive feedback, we will:

  • enable the feature in the site's WikiFeatures page.
  • begin phasing out sli…

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