Timeline of major events in the WARFRAME universe up to present-day. Timeline is subject to change due to unreliable narrators in the game.

Game trailers, removed content, and holiday events are of dubious canonicity so they are not included in this timeline. All quest chronological orders are based on their release date if their proper chronological order is unknown or unclear. The timeline does not consider the order in which the main player may participate in the optional side quests.

Any mention of time is assumed to reference Earth years, though it is unclear what unit of measurement the Origin System uses to measure time.

Events in Digital Extremes' Dark Sector is not canon. Any in-game references or easter eggs relating to Dark Sector are not considered as part of WARFRAME's canon. This includes:


*Unofficial name of a particular time period
†Speculation on the exact chronological order of this event (events may happen in parallel since we do not know exact order)
‡Expired limited-time content (reserved for Events and Alerts)
¤Repeated or reoccuring events
Events that are boxed in denote closely related events that happen sequentially after another. However, other unrelated events can happen in parallel.

Pre-Orokin Era

Orokin Era

Time period when the Orokin Empire dominated culturally, technologically, and societally for centuries[3].

Technological advancements (in no particular order, may even have happened before Orokin Era)

  • Cephalons created by Nihil.†
  • Parts of Earth became unhabitable due to its toxic atmosphere.†
  • The Orokin start looking for ways to carry out "The Plan", a contingency plan to relocate the Orokin Empire to more hospitable and plentiful star system, namely the Tau System.†[4]
  • Infestation strain developed and experimented on.†
  • First instances of Infested outbreaks in the Orokin System.†
  • Research into Infestation halted.†
  • Kubrows domesticated and genetically modified to suit Orokin needs.†
  • Orokin Towers developed using advancements in biotechnology.†
  • Orokin terraforming effort on Venus via Weeping Towers delivering coolant to the Venusian surface.†[5]

Void Era

The Orokin Empire further their advacements in technology through harnessing the power of the Void.

Void-Jump Accident

  • Experiments conducted to harness the power of the Void. One such is the Zariman Ten Zero incident, where a military ship tried to travel to the Tau System via the Void.
  • Events in Rell (Webcomic).
    • Adults aboard the Zariman became crazed by the Void, forcing the children to fend for themselves.
    • Rell encounters The Man in The Wall after being exposed to the Void.
  • Rediscovery of the Zariman Ten Zero days after its disappearance as recorded in Ember PrimeIcon272.png Ember Prime's Codex entry.
  • Children aboard the Zariman hidden away in Reservoirs by Archmedian Margulis due to their uncontrollable Void powers. In these Reservoirs, they undergo "The Second Dream".
  • Margulis cast Rell out due to his mental disability, preventing him access to the Reservoirs.
  • The Red Veil was founded under the teachings of Rell after Palladino's ancestors took him in.

Other events involving the Void

  • Solar Rails developed using Void technology.
  • Torsion Beam Devices and Void Keys developed to create portals between planets and the Void.
  • Void Relics developed to store valuable Orokin artifacts.†[7]
  • Archmedian Perintol introduced his concept of Sentient machines to The Seven as recorded in Detron Crewman Synthesis imprint.
  • Sentients created and deployed to build Solar Rails to the Tau System, starting from the Outer Terminus on Pluto.
  • Sentients evolved to have a consciousness and sentience.

The Old War

The great conflict between the Orokin Empire and the Sentients they created.

Beginning of The Old War

  • Sentients start invading the Orokin System.
  • A Grineer worker killed Sentient fighter and its genes were used in the creation of new militarized Grineer clones as documented in the Lancer Synthesis imprint.
  • Corpus went into the business of war-profiteering, developing and selling military technology.
  • The Railjack manned by Cephalon Cy and his Dax crew is destroyed during a battle as recalled during Rising Tide.
  • Orokin twin sisters were born according to Kuria poem.
  • An Archmedian sacrificed her life to become Cephalon Suda according to What Remains comic.†
  • Necramechs created to fight against the Sentients.
  • Infestation experiments resumed.†
  • Creation of a Infested creature now known as Lephantis.†

Creation of Warframes

  • Margulis start researching ways to project the minds of the Zariman children into a surrogate body through a process called Transference.
  • Archmedian Silvana, an Infested biologist, relocated from her research on Earth to help Archmedian Margulis.
  • Research into the Helminth strain of the Infestation led to the creation of Warframes. ExcaliburIcon272.png Excalibur was the first.
  • Warframes deployed into war with initial success.
  • Warframes became uncontrollable as the Infestation corrupted their human hosts' minds.
  • Two Archmedians discover the hidden location where the Zariman children were kept as recorded in Rhino PrimeIcon272.png Rhino Prime's Codex entry.
  • Margulis is executed by The Seven for refusing to continue the "Warframe" project, after finding out that the Zariman children will be used for war.
  • Executor Ballas start planning his defection from the Orokin Empire.
  • Orokin continued Margulis' work in Transference technology, successfully linking the Warframes with the Zariman children's mind with the Somatic Link, becoming the operators of these Infested bodies.
  • The Zariman children became known as the Tenno, bounded by a culture of honor to serve their Orokin masters.
  • The five Tenno Focus schools founded.

Warframes involvement in the Orokin Empire (in no particular order)

  • Most Warframe variants, including their Primes, created at this time.†
  • Mass production of Warframes.†
  • Mythology of Warframes created by the Orokin and lower castes of Orokin society due to their mystery and power.†
  • Early Entrati expeditions into the Void, possibly using Warframes. Used Warframes probably made up today's XakuIcon272.png Xaku.†[8]
  • Silvana created the TitaniaIcon272.png Titania Warframe.†
  • Silvana sacrificed herself, performing Transference onto the trees of Earth, becoming The Silver Grove.†
  • Ordan Karris, a mercenary for the Orokin, is killed and revived by Ballas to become Cephalon Ordis, serving the Tenno.†
  • Two forgotten Warframes died at the hands of the Orokin Warframe hunter, the Myrmidon.†
  • IvaraIcon272.png Ivara killed the Myrmidon and met the criteria to be mass-produced by the Orokin.†
  • GaussIcon272.png Gauss is deployed to reclaim the Orokin Tower, Altra, on Ceres.†
  • AtlasIcon272.png Atlas quelled the Telemon cult on Earth who was preaching of a divine power greater than the Orokin.†
  • AshIcon272.png Ash freed the DeNas family's children from the Orokin school of political assassination, The Scoria.†
  • NovaIcon272.png Nova prevented the Orokin vessel Masker's Theodolite from imploding under the notorious criminal Holsom Yurr.†
  • InarosIcon272.png Inaros helped the Orokin kidnap children from a Martian colony according to the events in Sands of Inaros.†
  • LimboIcon272.png Limbo made a miscalculation in entering the Rift Plane, scattering his Warframe parts across the Origin System.†
  • Rell sacrificed himself to bound his soul to his Warframe HarrowIcon272.png Harrow. Harrow was chained up to serve as a ward against The Man In The Wall.†
  • Warframes deployed to control Infested outbreaks.†
  • InarosIcon272.png Inaros saved a Martian colony from an Infested outbreak.†
  • Archwing technology developed.†
  • Sentinels discovered by Tenno explorers.†
  • Parvos Granum and his Archmedians developed Specter technology.†
  • Orokin sent a Warframe death-squad to Parvos Granum's laboratory but fails to assassinate him.†
  • Parvos makes a deal with the Orokin, to provide him with a Warframe bodyguard (ProteaIcon272.png Protea) in exchange for not taking over the Orokin.†
  • A Corpus Board member made an assassination attempt at Parvos by overloading his ship's Void drive.†
  • ProteaIcon272.png Protea sacrificed her life to save Parvos, trapping him in the Granum Void.†
  • Parvos turned ProteaIcon272.png Protea's corpse into a Specter.

Near the end of the war

  • Ballas records his Vitruvian entries to give the Sentient leader Hunhow the secrets behind the Warframes.
  • Hunhow births Natah, a Sentient Mimic, to infiltrate the Orokin ranks.
  • Natah travels to the Orokin System via the Void, losing her ability to procreate.
  • A Dax soldier spied on Ballas and was caught to turn into Excalibur UmbraIcon272.png Excalibur Umbra as seen in the events of The Sacrifice.
  • Natah was captured by the Orokin and was reprogrammed to become the Lotus, mother and guide of the Tenno, adopting Margulis' appearance.
  • MirageIcon272.png Mirage dies during a battle with the Sentients as mentioned in Hidden Messages.†
  • Mag PrimeIcon272.png Mag Prime, along with a Dax crew, travels to the Tau System via Solar Rails as recorded in her Codex entry.†
  • Hunhow dies in a battle above the waters of Uranus.

The Collapse

The end of the Orokin Empire, though its influence on the Origin System is still seen in the present-day.

End of The Old War

  • The Tenno betrayed their Orokin masters as recorded in Stalker/Shadow Stalker's Codex entry.
  • AshIcon272.png Ash led the assassination of Orokin Council members and prominent leaders.
  • A low guardian of the Orokin became the Stalker, hunting down Tenno in retribution.
  • According to the Gara Legend, a large Sentient attempted their last assault on the Orokin Empire on Earth. With a large bomb, GaraIcon272.png Gara single-handedly destroyed the Sentient and scattered its Eidolon remains across the Plains of Eidolon, protecting the last Orokin Tower on Earth, Unum.†
  • The Warframe RevenantIcon272.png Revenant would serve as the warden of the Plains of Eidolon, preventing the Eidolon from resurfacing at night and making itself whole.†
  • Lotus betrayed the Sentients and used the Tenno against them as seen in the events of Erra (Quest).
  • Natah's brother, Erra, was killed by the main player's operator and other Tenno.
  • Lotus hid Lua in the Void and put most Warframes into cryosleep.
  • The Old War ends with Sentient forces retreating from the Origin System.

Anarchy in the Origin System

  • The Orokin Empire slowly collapsed as descent groups try to claim Orokin technology and territory.
  • Events of Arid Eviscerator Synthesis imprint.
    • Attempt by Bilsa and Avantus to re-establish the Congress of Executors foiled by Grineer as they took over Orokin vessels.
  • Events of Guardsman Synthesis imprint.
    • Bilsa worked alongside Grineer to foil Alarez plans of taking control of the Executorial Frigate.
  • Grineer faction is led by the Orokin twin sisters.†
  • Orokin cloning technology acquired by the Grineer.†
  • GrendelIcon272.png Grendel killed Executor Karishh in the city of Riddha on Europa.†
  • NezhaIcon272.png Nezha killed Corpus raiders during the Massacre of Reshantur.†
  • Events of the opening cutscene in Awakening.
  • Ballas disappeared without a trace.†
  • Mass diaspora by the Ostron people.[9]
  • Events of the "Tale of the Woman of the Earth and the Husband of the Sea".†[10]
  • Ostron people founded the colony Cetus under the protection of the Unum Tower.†
  • The Quills were founded, serving the Unum Tower.†

Other events related to the Infestation

  • Another major Infestation outbreak after Orokin ships were abandoned.†
  • Events of Corrupted Ancient Synthesis imprint.†
    • Relief mission by a group of Dax soldiers and Lorist Ontella on the city of New Uxmal, now overtaken by the Infested.
  • Cephalon Jordas and his crew aboard the 3rd Class Frigate overrun by the Infested as mentioned in Runner Synthesis fragment.†
  • Jordas and his ship became Jordas Golem.†
  • AtlasIcon272.png Atlas was defeated while fighting Jordas Golem.†
  • The Infestation was left isolated in Orokin Derelicts or other containment locations, hindering its spread and development.†


With the Orokin Empire fully dissolved, Grineer and Corpus factions continued to expand their control over the Origin System.

Skirmishes between Grineer and Corpus factions

  • Events of Anti MOA Synthesis imprint.
    • Grineer raids Corpus Umpal's ship.

Establishment of factions as we see in the present-day

  • Excessive cloning by the Grineer led to the faction experiencing Cloning Decay Syndrome.
  • Galleon ships developed by the Grineer.
  • Kuva Fortress established by the Grineer.
  • Obelisk, Stanchion, and Pillar ship models developed by the Corpus.
  • Frohd Bek leads the Corpus Board of Directors.
  • The last of his kind, Dax Teshin survives the events of The Collapse.
  • Grineer with genetic defects disobeyed their Queens, forming the Steel Meridian faction.†
  • New Loka founded, believing in restoring pure humanity through repopulating Earth and uncorrupting the tainted.†
  • Arbiters of Hexis founded, rejecting the Tenno mythology and believing they are something greater, worshipping them as a result.†
  • Ergo Glast defects from the Corpus, forming The Perrin Sequence.†
  • Domesticated Kubrows became feral.
  • The warden RevenantIcon272.png Revenant lost his fear, lending a hand to the Eidolon's tendrils and brought its spirit back to Earth according to Mask of the Revenant quest. Infused with Eidolon energy, Revenant dies.
  • Sentient Eidolons from then on roam the Plains of Eidolon at night, hoping to find its lost fragments and rebuild itself.

State of the Origin System before the player's involvement

The Great Awakening*

The Origin System sees major conflicts between the Grineer and Corpus many centuries later, along with the threat of the Infestation arising once again. In this era, the Tenno resurfaced to influence the System.

Events prior to the main player's awakening

  • Lotus reawakens the Tenno and their Warframes from cryosleep after centuries to restore balance in the Orokin System.[11]
  • Solaris debt internment colonies established on Orb Vallis.
  • Nef Anyo restarts the Weeping Towers on Venus, continuing the terraforming efforts by the Orokin.†
  • The Business teaches Little Duck about spycraft and political assassination.†
  • Solaris United is founded by Eudico, a rebel group against Nef Anyo's exploitation of the Solari people.†
  • Deck 12 incident occurred, with many families of Solari dead under the Exploiter Orb.†
  • Solaris United retired by Eudico, wanting to avoid further deaths of her people.†
  • Orphans from the incident founded the Ventkids.†
  • Survivors migrated over to Fortuna.†
  • Little Duck and The Business went their separate ways due to differences in ideology.†
  • The Business started an animal conservation effort on Venus as a form of redemption for his immoral assassinations.†
  • Little Duck became a treasure hunter and a rail agent.†
  • Onkko stores GaraIcon272.png Gara's remains inside a locked coffer and goes into hiding, five years prior to the events of Saya's Vigil.†[12]
  • Admiral Vor first encounters the Tenno on Pluto.[13]
  • Vor fails to kill the Tenno and gets demoted to Captain by the Grineer Queens.
  • Events of The Ascension comic.
    • Dr. Tengus, under the supervision of Councilor Vay Hek, develops Ghoul units.
    • Vay Hek has his body replaced by mechanical parts after being mutilated by Ghouls.
  • Events of WARFRAME: Ghouls comics.
    • An Ostron colony on Earth gets raided by Captain Vor and his troops in search of an Orokin artifact.
    • Lotus sends an ExcaliburIcon272.png Excalibur and a MagIcon272.png Mag Warframe to deal with the assault. Little Duck also helped alongside the Ostron girl Mitsuki.
    • First known use of Ghoul shock troops in battle.
    • Vor gets trapped in an Infested Orokin ship after failing to defeat the Tenno and Little Duck.
    • Mitsuki finds a new home with The Quills after the whole ordeal.
  • Sigor Savah assigned to research living species on Orb Vallis. Smokefinger was his assistant.†
  • Sigor saves Venari, an intelligent Kavat that escaped the clutches of Corpus scientists.†
  • Sigor defects from the Corpus.
  • Sigor travels to the Plains of Eidolon in search for KhoraIcon272.png Khora's remains.†
  • A Ghoul invasion happened on the Plains of Eidolon and the Ostrons fended off them off according to interviews by Sigor in Ghoul fragments.†
  • The Quills found KhoraIcon272.png Khora's blueprint and gives it to Cephalon Simaris for Synthesis.†[14]
  • Venari became synthesized by Simaris' Sentinels and now resides in his Sanctuary.
  • Sigor left the Plains of Eidolon for unknown reasons.[15]

The playable WARFRAME universe since the inception of the game

  • Events of Awakening.
    • Lotus reawakens the main player's Tenno on Earth, inside an Orokin Tower near an Ostron village.
    • The Tenno regains access to their Liset and Orbiter, along with their Cephalon Ordis.
  • Events of Vor's Prize.
    • Vor fails to capture the player's Warframe with the Ascaris bolt.
  • Events of Fusion MOA Event.‡
    • Corpus developed Fusion MOA using Orokin technology.
  • Events of Artifact Defense Event.‡
    • Orokin-era artifacts were under threat, leading the Lotus to send Tenno to defend them.
  • Events of Informant Event.‡
    • Grineer developed Informer surveillance drones.
  • A Grineer raid on a Martian colony kills Baro Ki'Teer's mother.†
  • Fomorian ships created by the Grineer.†
  • Events of Operation Sling-Stone.‡
    • Grineer deploys their new Fomorian-class ships to attack the Corpus after a disagreement in their contract.
    • Using Infested material, the Tenno successfully corrupted the power cores of these Fomorian ships, destroying them in the process.
  • The Tenno gain access to Orokin Towers in the Void.
  • Tenno Clans created and secret Clan Dojos constructed.
  • Events of Operation: Arid Fear.‡
    • Corpus attempt to hide valuable data about the secret Grineer Settlements on Mars (retconned from Phobos) from the Tenno by sending their Scouts to the Void.
    • The Tenno found out about the location of these settlements on Mars.
    • Vor begins to speculate about the Tenno's true form.[16]
  • Events of The Gradivus Dilemma.‡
    • The Corpus Alad V discovered a cache of Warframe cryopods on Gradivus, Mars and wanted to use it in his Zanuka Project.
    • The Grineer retaliates against the Corpus for a supposed contract violation, using it as an excuse to grow their power.
    • After a six-day war, with the help of the Tenno, the Grineer is victorious.
    • Alad V retreats after losing funding from Corpus Board of Directors.
  • Events of Once Awake.†
    • The Grineer discovers a strain of the Infestation from The Old War and performs experiments on it on Mercury.
    • Infested outbreak occurs after a failure in containment.
    • The Tenno successfully stops the Infestation from spreading, temporarily, using a Cascade Bomb on the source of its outbreak.
  • Events of The Hunt for Alad V.‡
    • Alad V founded and dissected a ValkyrIcon272.png Valkyr Warframe for his Zanuka Project.
    • Frohd Bek sent ships to Jupiter to kill Alad V but these ships have been taken over by Infested.
    • The Tenno helped clear the Infested from Bek's ships and received coordinates to Alad V's laboratory.
    • Alad V is assassinated (but survives) and ValkyrIcon272.png Valkyr is saved, ruining the Zanuka Project.
  • Events of A Favor For Darvo alert.‡
    • The Stalker takes control over Darvo's ship and Darvo asks the Tenno a favor to get rid of him.
  • The Tenno reparticipate in Grineer/Corpus Invasions since The Gradivus Dilemma.¤
  • Events of The Cicero Crisis.‡
    • The Grineer develops a toxin to destroy the forests of Earth. Vay Hek plans to use the Cicero Toxin to clear territory for Grineer settlements.
    • The Tenno thwart Vay Hek's efforts in developing this toxin, preserving Earth's forests.
  • Events of Operation: Oxium Espionage.‡
    • The Corpus discovers how to create an Orokin-era alloy, Oxium, and uses it to develop Oxium Ospreys.
  • Events of Ties That Bind alert.‡
    • Darvo is locked up by his father Frohd Bek for refusing to accept a position on the Corpus Board of Directors.
    • The Tenno rescues Darvo from prison.
  • Events of Tethra's Doom.‡
    • Vay Hek is rebuilding the Fomorian fleet on shipyards on Ceres.
    • The Tenno is tasked by the Lotus to hijack their Fomorian Power Cores, slowing down the development of Fomorian ships.
    • The Tenno discovers Vay Hek's location on Earth and attempts to assassinate him, but Vay Hek escapes.
  • Events of Specters of Liberty.‡
    • A member of the Red Veil asks the Tenno to help them free their people from Grineer and Corpus prisons in exchange for Specter technology.
  • Events of Suspicious Shipments alerts.‡
    • The Lotus discovers that Alad V has been researching the Infestation after his failure with the Zanuka Project.
  • Vor is assassinated and is revived by his Janus Key, becoming Corrupted Vor.†
  • Corrupted Vor would eventually travel to the Void and reside there.†
  • Events of Operation: Breeding Grounds.‡
    • Alad V revealed his new Infested creation: hive organisms designed to further the spread of the Infestation.
    • A massive Infested outbreak near Eris occurred, making the Infestation the ruling faction over the planet.
    • The Tenno tried to destroy these hives on Alad V's ships to lessen the spread to other planets.
  • Events of Hidden Messages.
    • The Tenno discover MirageIcon272.png Mirage's blueprints.
  • Events of Avalanche Offensive.‡
    • Red Veil tasked the Tenno to take out Corpus Eximi on Mars.
  • Events of Operation: Cryotic Front.‡
    • Baro Ki'Teer tasks the Tenno the mine Cryotic using provided Excavators.
    • For helping him, Baro provided the Tenno coordinates to lost Orokin-era Archwing technology.
  • Events of Operation: Gate Crash.‡
    • Vay Hek also learned about the whereabouts of Archwing tech and proceeded to intercept them before the Tenno.
    • The Tenno travels through Orokin portals on Orokin Derelicts to steal Void Keys, crippling Vay Hek's access to Orokin portals.
  • Events of The Archwing.
    • Vay Hek declares war on the Corpus with the capital ship of the Grineer's Fomorian fleet, the Balor Fomorian.
    • The Tenno acquires blueprints of Orokin-era Archwing technology.
    • The Tenno fails to sabotage the Balor Fomorian and tactically retreats from the battleship.
  • Events of The Limbo Theorem.
    • The Tenno discovers LimboIcon272.png Limbo's blueprints.
  • Events of Howl of the Kubrow.
    • The Tenno incubates and domesticates their own Kubrow using genes from Feral Kubrows on Earth.
  • Events of Operation: Mutalist Incursions.‡
    • Alad V became infected by his Mutalist strain of the Infestation, becoming Mutalist Alad V.
    • This new strain of Infestation is able to corrupt and control inorganic units.
  • Events of Patient Zero.
    • The Tenno encounters a MesaIcon272.png Mesa Warframe controlled by Alad and puts her down.
    • The Tenno triangulated Mutalist Alad V's location on Eris and assassinated him (he miraculously survived, however), putting an end to his Infestation research.
  • Cephalon Jordas became infected by the Infestation, presumably due to the Mutalist strain.†
  • Tenno Relays built.
  • Events of Operation: Eyes of Blight.‡
    • Vay Hek sends his Balor Fomorian fleet to attack the newly built Tenno relays. Vesper Relay on Venus is his first target.
    • The Tenno fends off the Balor Fomorians, losing some relays in the process.
  • Events of Stolen Dreams.
  • Events of The New Strange.
    • Cephalon Simaris meets the Tenno for the first time.
    • A rogue ChromaIcon272.png Chroma Warframe is found destroying Arcane Machines containing Sentient relics.
  • Events of Operation: False Profit.‡
    • Nef Anyo creates the Bursa model of MOAs to collect offerings from his followers, effectively scamming them.
    • The Tenno attempts to bankrupt Nef by hacking these Bursas.
  • Events of Operation: Tubemen of Regor.‡
    • Alad V regrets his decision of creating a new breed of Infestation and begged the Tenno to help him find a cure in Tyl Regor's cloning labs.
    • Nef Anyo wants Alad V dead to consolidate his power, offering Tenno rewards for sabotaging the cure Alad seeks.
    • Ultimately, Alad V gets cured of the Infestation.

The Second Dream*

The Tenno discover their true selves after being tranced in "The Second Dream" by Margulis. The Sentients start participating in disturbing the balance of the System.

The Tenno and Hunhow's awakening

  • Oculyst drones discovered scanning for Hunhow's remains on Uranus.
  • Events of Natah.
    • Tyl Regor discovers a Sentient tomb on Uranus and attempts to excavate it.
    • Hunhow is reawakened by the Tyl Regor after entering his tomb.
    • The Tenno assassinates Tyl Regor after a challenge for disturbing his 'tubemen'.
  • Events of A Man of Few Words.
    • The Tenno saves a defected Grineer named Clem from prison and helps Darvo retrieve an Orokin relic.
  • Events of The Jordas Precept.
    • A distress call by Cephalon Jordas leads the Tenno to help him, only to discover that his ship is part of the Infestation.
    • Jordas Golem is defeated and AtlasIcon272.png Atlas' blueprints discovered.
  • Maroo's Bazaar established.
  • Events of The Second Dream.
    • Stalker sides with Hunhow to hunt down the Tenno, becoming the Shadow Stalker.
    • Alad V teams up with the Tenno to find Hunhow's corpse on Uranus.
    • Lua is brought back from the Void.
    • The Tenno realizes their true form as a child.
    • Shadow Stalker is defeated on the Orbiter.
    • The Tenno meets the Lotus for the first time since they slept and remembers their Focus school.
  • Events of Operation: Shadow Debt.‡
    • Alad V is being hunted by the Stalker's Acolytes, sharing his desire for retribution of the Tenno's betrayal.
    • The Tenno successfully protected Alad V from these adversaries.
  • Events of Divine Will Tactical Alert.‡
    • Nef Anyo's corporation develops Razorback proxy prototypes and invites the Tenno to take them down.
  • Events of Sands of Inaros.
    • Baro discovers a tomb on Mars and sends the Tenno to retrieve its contents.
    • The Tenno encounters the Tomb Protector, an InarosIcon272.png Inaros specter that guards the tomb.
    • The Tenno acquires InarosIcon272.png Inaros' blueprints.
  • Events of Operation: Rathuum.‡
    • Steel Meridian people were captured and sentenced to fight to the death by Kela De Thaym's Rathuum.
    • The Tenno participates in Rathuum to free the Meridians.
  • Events of The Silver Grove.
    • The Tenno works with Amaryn of New Loka to protect Earth's forests from Grineer incursions.
    • The Silver Grove discovered, containing one of the oldest forests on Earth.
    • TitaniaIcon272.png Titania blueprint rewarded by Silvana.
  • New Raptors production facility on Europa emerged. The Tenno is sent to dispose of it.[17]

The Tenno realizes their true power

  • Events of The War Within.
    • The Tenno discover the Kuva Fortress.
    • The Grineer Queens lure the Tenno into their lair and tries to take over their body.
    • The Tenno relearn their Void-related powers thanks to Teshin.
    • The Tenno is able to perform Transference without the use of the Somatic Link.
    • Elder Queen is killed by the Tenno or Teshin.
    • The Tenno consumes or disposes of the Kuva in the GrnQueenSceptre.png Broken Scepter and encounters The Man In The Wall for the first time.
  • Worm Queen starts deploying Kuva Siphons throughout the Origin System to collect Kuva.
  • Events of The Glast Gambit.
    • Ergo Glast's trading partners, the Mycona Colony, have their children kidnapped by Nef Anyo.
    • The Tenno rescues the Myconian children by defeating Nef's brokers in The Index.
    • An Old War relic, NidusIcon272.png Nidus blueprint, was given to the Tenno by the Myconians.
  • The Tenno gain access to the Helminth Infirmary of their Orbiter, after being exposed to a Helminth Cyst from NidusIcon272.png Nidus.
  • Events of Operation: The Pacifism Defect.‡
  • Events of Octavia's Anthem.
    • Cephalon Suda tasks the Tenno to rebuild the Mandachord.
    • In the process, Suda gets corrupted by Hunhow who hijacks her to gain access to the Cephalon Weave.
    • With the help of Simaris and Ordis, the Tenno successfully purged Hunhow from Suda's systems.
    • OctaviaIcon272.png Octavia's blueprint is recovered.
  • Events of Operation: Ambulas Reborn.‡
    • Frohd Bek uses Ergo Glast's invention, the Amino Processor, to augment his Ambulas proxies.
    • The Tenno triangulated the Ambulas' production facility on Pluto and destroys them along with Frohd's capital ship.
  • Events of Chains of Harrow.
    • The Red Veil faction is in disarray after Rell fled the Veil's temple due to failures in his Transference with his Warframe.
    • The Tenno released HarrowIcon272.png Harrow from its chains allowing Rell to rest in slumber after protecting the Tenno from The Man In The Wall for centuries.
    • The Man In The Wall manifested on the Orbiter.

Events on the Plains of Eidolon

  • Grineer start ravaging the Plains of Eidolon in search of Old War relics and technology.
  • Vay Hek discovers the existence of GaraIcon272.png Gara's remains on the Plains after interrogating a Quills member and seeks to acquire it.
  • Events of Saya's Vigil.
    • The Tenno searches for Glass fragments in order to form the key to open the coffer.
    • GaraIcon272.png Gara blueprint extracted from a coffer.
  • Events of Operation: Plague Star
    • An Infested asteroid crashes onto the Plains of Eidolon, releasing Infested spores into the environment.
    • The Tenno is tasked by Konzu to exterminate the source of the Infestation by injecting toxins into the Infested boil that spawns these spores.
  • Events of Ghoul Purge
    • The Plains of Eidolon see an upsurge of Vay Hek's Ghouls, threatening Cetus.

The Lotus leaves the Tenno

  • Events of Apostasy Prologue.
    • Ballas reappeared in the Origin System.
    • Lotus abandoned her command post with Ballas, leaving behind her helmet.
  • Events of The Sacrifice.
    • The Tenno tames Excalibur UmbraIcon272.png Excalibur Umbra via a successful Transference.
    • Excalibur Umbra kills Ballas with the help of the Tenno.
    • Natah appears in her true form and revived Ballas.
  • Events of The Pyrus Project.‡
    • Cressa Tal leads the effort in rebuilding the destroyed Tenno relays.
    • The Tenno defeats General Sargas Ruk on the rebuilt relay.
  • Events of Chimera Prologue.
    • Ballas became amalgamized with Sentients.
    • Amalgamized Ballas gives the Tenno the idea of the Sentient slayer, the BallasSword.png Paracesis.

Events on the Orb Vallis

  • Little Duck came back to Fortuna after finding out Corpus reseach into developing satellite shields for the Profit-Taker Orb.[18]
  • Events of Vox Solaris (Quest).
    • Solaris United reborn after Legs got repoed by the Corpus, an event staged by The Business.
    • The Tenno helped Solaris United blackmail Nef Anyo into stopping the repossession temporarily.
  • Events of Operation: Buried Debts.
    • Nef Anyo's hastily efforts in terraforming the Orb Vallis caused Thermia Fractures to appear throughout the Venusian landscape.¤
    • Exploiter Orb is used to harvest Thermia from these fractures.
    • The Tenno tries to stop these fractures by collecting coolant from Coolant Raknoids.
    • The Tenno finds out where the old Deck 12 was located and destroys the Exploiter Orb.

The Sentients prepare for The New War

  • Nora Night makes her debut in the Origin System, broadcasting on the radio station Nightwave.
  • Corpus Gas Cities remodeled and revamped.
  • Events of Partnership fragments.
  • Events of Operation: Hostile Mergers.‡
    • Sentient Amalgams are deployed into battle.
  • Ropalolyst boss fight.
    • Natah reveals that she had seen The Man In The Wall.
    • The Tenno successfully assassinates the Ropalolyst.
  • Events of Nightwave: Series 2 - The Emissary.
    • Outcast Kenga meets Arlo on Eris, discovering his healing touch, curing Kenga of the Infested.
    • Arlo became known as The Emissary of Eris, founding a group of loyal Devotees to spread his 'healing' word.
    • Arlo was revealed to be Infested himself, turning his followers into Zealots with hardened Infested armor.
    • These Zealots evolved into Zealoids, Infested creatures that have overtaken their human hosts and evolved to speak.
    • The Tenno assassinates the Zealoid Prelate, hiding about derelict Orokin ships.
  • Drusus makes his first debut in the Origin System, introducing the Leverian galleries with GaussIcon272.png Gauss.
  • The Worm Queen collects enough Kuva to unleash Kuva Liches across the Origin System.
  • Events of Rising Tide.
    • The Tenno construct Cephalon Cy and builds their own Railjack.
    • Sentients try to stop the Tenno from salvaging Railjack shipwrecks but fails.

The New War

The continuation of the Sentient's efforts in destroying the legacy of the Orokin Empire.

  • Sentients start invading the Orokin System a second time through the Veil Proxima.
  • The Tenno explores the "Sentient Anomalies" in the Veil.
  • Events of Erra (Quest).
    • Erra reveals that he survived the events of The Old War.
    • Ballas is enslaved by the Sentients.
    • Natah's battlecry mobilizes the Sentient fleet.
  • Events of Operation: Scarlet Spear
    • Sentient Condrix dropships sent to Earth. The Grineer, under General Sargas Ruk's direction, and the Tenno successfully fended off the Condrix waves.
    • Initial waves of Sentient Murex ships were successfully driven out by the Tenno.
  • Events of unnamed The New War cinematic.
    • Erra informs Natah that their Sentient mother is dead.
    • Erra forces Natah into the Sentient mothership to "finish the war".
  • Events of Nightwave: Series 3 - The Glassmaker
    • Nihil returns to the Origin System as The Glassmaker, "glassing" criminals with a vigilante motive: to restore order to the system.
  • Corpus Ships are remodeled and revamped.
  • Events of The Deadlock Protocol.
    • Nef Anyo evokes the Deadlock Protocol after an impasse in voting for the next Chairman of the Corpus Board.
    • Parvos Granum returns to the Origin System after being stuck in the Granum Void for centuries.
    • The Tenno saves Solaris United people from Nef's hands.
    • Parvos Granum plans to restructure the Corpus faction or create a new doctrine.
  • The Jackal proxy on Fossa, Venus is upgraded into its current form, requiring the use of the Parazon to dispatch it.†[19]
  • The Martian moon Deimos has been infested by the Grey Strain of the Infestation and emerges into Martian orbit.†[20]
  • Events of Heart of Deimos.
    • The Tenno receives Loid's distress call from Deimos.
    • The Heart of Deimos is failing and the Entrati family asks the Tenno for their aid.
    • The Heart is fixed and the Tenno receives a XakuIcon272.png Xaku blueprint.
  • Helminth is fully grown and operational in subsuming Warframes and injecting them with new abilities.†
  • Nihil is defeated by the Tenno after Nora Night discovers his location within the Cephalon Weave.


The foundation of WARFRAME's lore is at a relatively stable state from Update 19.0 onward, though there have been retcons of the WARFRAME universe in the past.

  • Phobos was once home of the Grineer Settlement but was changed to Mars in Update: Specters of the Rail.
  • Orokin exclusively made Primed gear according to a post on the official WARFRAME website.[21] This has since been retconned due to implications in the The Silver Grove quest, IvaraIcon272.png Ivara's Leverian entry, and The Deadlock Protocol quest.
    • Even though Warframes were mass-produced, they still hold a unique identity. In other words, no two NovaIcon272.png Novas are the same and can exist separately, presumably controlled by different Operators or as Specters. See Leverian entries for unique stories surrounding the Warframes.
    • During The Silver Grove quest, it is told that Silvana was the creator of the TitaniaIcon272.png Titania Warframe and we received a blueprint of Titania, not TitaniaPrimeMain.png Titania Prime.
    • In Ivara's Leverian entry, the Ivara Warframe proved herself worthy to be remembered by defeating the Myrmidon, implying that the Warframe itself will be mass-produced by the Orokin unlike the other two unknown Warframes who were destroyed.
    • During The Deadlock Protocol quest, the Orokin gave Parvos Granum a standard ProteaIcon272.png Protea Warframe and not her Prime.
  • Since the origins of the Warframe's Parazon is unknown, we may assume that it has always been with the Warframes since their inception.
  • The following Grineer bosses were never in the pre-reworked state where they were just reskinned normal Grineer units.
  • Nef Anyo was never pre-Update 16.4 The Sergeant who was named "Sgt. Nef Anyo".
  • There may be contradictions in how long the time was between current WARFRAME era and The Old War/Orokin era, ranging from centuries to millennia, depending on how some sources are interpreted.[22][23][24][25][26][27][28] The war taken place multiple centuries ago seems to be the most common timeframe. However, multiple millennia may cover the same time period as multiple centuries (e.g. 4,000 Earth years can be described as multiple centuries or multiple millennia), so this may not be a retcon in this sense.
    • It can be said that at least three generations in a family had lived through the Orokin Era to the current time.[29][30][31]
  • The Infested never controlled Jupiter or Eris prior to Update 11.0.
    • An explanation may be that the Corpus eradicated most of the Infested influence from the areas and built the Corpus Gas Cities during the WARFRAME era. However, the Infestation took back Eris in Update 14.0, probably due to Mutalist Alad V's experiments.
    • Due to the events of Once Awake, it is implied that the Infestation has been contained before the Grineer and Corpus took over the Origin System which means that the Infested never controlled Jupiter or Eris in the first place, voiding the previous explanation.[32][33]
  • J3-Golem is not a canonical boss since it has been removed from the game and was functionally replaced by Lephantis (sharing taunts) and Jordas Golem (sharing namesake).
  • The WARFRAME universe prior to Closed Beta Updates is not canonical or has placeholder content that is not considered canon.
    • Arn Etina and placeholder Lotus[34] are not part of WARFRAME's canon.
  • Removed content is of dubious canonicity. Such as:
  • Warframe abilities that have been revamped or updated are also part of the Warframe's ability kit when they were created in the WARFRAME universe.
    • In other words, an ExcaliburIcon272.png Excalibur in the Orokin Era will not have Super Jump and has ExaltedBlade130xDark.png Exalted Blade instead, despite being released in the game with Super Jump as part of its kit.
  • During Recovery missions, when the player's Warframe is captured by a Zanuka Hunter, the Warframe loses access to their Abilities, which can be 'found' later on in the mission. This does not make sense from a lore standpoint since their abilities are linked to the Void and can only be nullified by certain enemy technologies.
    • The release of the Recovery mission type coincides with the time Warframe abilities were treated as Mods. The idea that Warframe abilities (or "powers" in the old terminology) were linked to Mods has since been retconned.
  • Old Planet descriptions prior to Update 14.0 (Star Chart 2.0) are retconned.
  • Deimos had always existed in the Origin System, despite only being a playable location from Update 29.0 onwards.[35]
  • New tutorial quest, Awakening, introduced in Update 29.0 retconned minor plotline between Boril and Captain Vor.
    • This also means that Boril was never killed by Captain Vor as seen in the old starting cutscene of Vor's Prize.
    • Prior to Update 14.0, the old starting cutscene took place on Earth, not Pluto.[36]

Uncertainties and Plot Gaps

Listing out information that is not clearly presented in the game. Hardly any plot holes in the game's lore, but there are lots of missing info on events and items in the universe.

  • What exactly are Mods and Arcane Enhancement in the context of the lore? Who created them? How do they function?
    • Cephalon Samodeus is thought to be the creator of all mods but who is this character exactly?
  • What is the relationship between non-Prime and Prime Warframes/weapons?
    • Are non-Prime Warframes prototypes (see IvaraIcon272.png Ivara's Leverian entry) or mass-produced versions (or both)?
    • It is implied that Prime Warframes are the more regal and polished/better counterparts due to having golden aesthetics favored by the Orokin and stat increases.
    • Since Valkyr PrimeIcon272.png Valkyr Prime has no different abilities (lore-wise) than her non-Prime counterpart, this implies that the Zanuka Project did not have an effect on her. So why were we able to get Valkyr Prime in this state? One explanation would be the mysteries of the Void, where Void Relics were able to reward items from different timelines or parallel universes. This can explain why RevenantIcon272.png Revenant and XakuIcon272.png Xaku will be able to get Primed variants in the future while retaining their current abilities.
  • What is the "Great Plague" mentioned in MireInfestedSword.png Mire's description?
  • What happened to Ballas after The Old War? Why did he come back to the Origin System during Apostasy Prologue if he knew that Margulis was executed?
  • What is the Veil Proxima exactly?
  • What happened to Amalgams and their role in The New War?
  • When did Captain Vor die and become Corrupted Vor?
  • What are the origins of Eximus units? How did these enemies get their special aura/powers?
  • Player progression through the Star Chart reveals many plot gaps in the presentation of the game's lore. For example:
  • Is their a relationship between Oro and Continuity?
  • How do we revive other Warframes? What is that magical green steam that emanates from our hands?
  • When did Deimos become overrun by the Infested? Centuries ago as per Dagonic64.png Dagonic description?[37] Or millenia ago as per Necrathene64.png Necrathene description?[38]
  • Is Endo Void energy?

Inconsistencies and Plot Holes

Events, story plots, or design decisions that contradict the established lore with no retcon that resolves them.


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