WARFRAME's patch history in a JSON format from Update 18 to Update 24. Feel free to update any page in Category:Patch History Needed with this information. Source: https://github.com/WFCD/warframe-patchlogs

	name: Plains of Eidolon Remaster: Hotfix 24.8.3
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1092041-plains-of-eidolon-remaster-hotfix-2483/
	date: 2019-05-10T17:58:24Z
	changes: Plains Of Eidolon Remaster: Hotfix 24.8.3:
Fight the Wolf in two Tactical Alerts starting today at 2:15PM ET for a limited time:

Reduced The Wolf of Saturn Six’s tankiness. 
Self Damage reduced by Cautious Shot increased from 90% to 99%.
Adjusted the Arbitration Shield Drone hitbox to encapsulate the whole visible body.

*Fixed the Kuva Siphon Cloud hitbox being much taller than the Cloud suggests. 
*Fixed Saryn’s Toxic Lash not being affected by Corpus Nullifier fields. 
*Fixed the Tatsu unique mechanic no longer functioning correctly once a player dies and revives.
*Fixed anti-stationary-target grenades thrown by Corpus Crewmen having their explosion timer being set to 0.5s upon landing on the ground. Now they are on par with Grineer grenades again (3~4s lifetime).
*Fixed an issue where Damage conversion Mods could sometimes convert to the wrong type of Damage.
*Fixed a memory leak on Khora’s Stangledome that could result in low FPS over time as reported here: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1089381-khora-fps-drop-in-long-missions/ 
*Fixed various cases of missing Transmission lip sync animations. 
*Fixed a sound bug when Dual Wielding the Glaive and performing an aerial attack.
*Fixed an issue with Heavy Weapons not getting their Ammo back after cooldown time as a Client.
	type: Hotfix
	description: The Wolf is on the prowl, Dreamers -
and we know exactly where he and his Fugitives are lurking.
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Plains of Eidolon Remaster: Hotfix 24.8.2
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1089501-plains-of-eidolon-remaster-hotfix-2482/
	date: 2019-04-30T17:59:23Z
	changes: Plains Of Eidolon Remaster: Hotfix 24.8.2:

Fixed not receiving rewards at End of Mission if you’re awaiting revival while extraction is triggered by the remaining squadmates. 
Fixed losing Arbitration Warframe/weapon buff each time a player respawns.
Fixed the Resurgence Burden UI lingering on the screen saying 0/5 if a player is near a Revive tower and doesn't have any Resurgence Burdens and another player performs the Revive.
Known Arbitaton UI bug: Host sees a different amount of Resurgence Burdens on Clients when they Transfer to Operator/Warframe.

*Fixed Chroma’s Vex Armor not being hindered or removed by a Corpus Nullifier field.
*Fixed a level hole in the Grineer Fortress Capture tileset. 
*Fixed a level hole in the Corpus Outpost tileset as reported here: https://old.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/bhqo32/out_of_map_glitch_on_corpus_tileset_please_fix_de/ 
*More fixes towards waypoint flip-flopping in the Lua tileset.
*Fixed glowy blood in the Chains of Harrow quest.
*More fixes towards lens flare under the Temple of Profit.
	type: Hotfix
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Plains of Eidolon Remaster: Hotfix 24.8.1
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1088451-plains-of-eidolon-remaster-hotfix-2481/
	date: 2019-04-26T18:38:16Z
	changes: Plains Of Eidolon Remaster: Hotfix 24.8.1:
In an effort to increase visibility, both the Arbitration Shield Drone beam and Resurgence Burden colors have been changed to a more orange hue! We’ve also cranked up the contrast and added a more recognizable pulsing FX.
Resurgence Burdens are no longer affected by Vacuum.
All Resurgence Burdens will now be removed if the player needing revival leaves/dies, and if you die while carrying Resurgence Burdens.
Changed the VITUS ILLUMINA EMOTE to its proper name of ILLUMINA JUDICIUM.
Fixed losing all Resurgence Burdens after a Host migration if a player was still in need of revival.
Known Arbitration UI bug: Host sees a different amount of Resurgence Burdens on Clients when they Transfer to Operator/Warframe.

*Fixed a crash when selecting different Loadout options in the Arsenal.
*Fixed a crash when accessing the Gear wheel. 
*Fixed a functionality loss when viewing Cetus vendors while waiting for a Bounty mission to start.
*Fixed several small problems with the Darvo Rescue stage of Vor's Prize.
*Fixed Beam weapons and Gunblades not affecting the Bursting Mass Mod damage on detonate.
*Fixed Alad V not having any eyeball textures.
*Fixes towards waypoint flip-flopping in the Lua tileset.
*Fixed a Corpus Archwing level hole as reported here: https://old.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/bh0exy/you_can_fly_outside_the_map_and_get_stuck_on_this/
*Fixed an endless teleporting loop in the Grineer Forest tileset.
*Fixed other players hearing Alt Firing sounds from numerous weapons.
*More fixes towards wonky lantern textures in Teshin’s Relay room as reported here: https://old.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/bene8w/as_one_of_the_4_conclave_players_i_require_these/
*Fixed missing words in the Hystrix description.
	type: Hotfix
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Plains of Eidolon Remaster: Update 24.8.0
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1087864-plains-of-eidolon-remaster-update-2480/
	date: 2019-04-24T20:20:15Z
	changes: Plains Of Eidolon Remaster: Update 24.8.0:
Our goal with this update is to maintain the challenge that Arbitrations promised, while also ensuring that if you or a teammate is knocked out, they still have a chance to jump back into the fight! Iteration 1 brings the discussed Revival mechanic and enemy scaling changes to mirror normal Endless mission modes. We will be watching how these changes play out as we plan to iterate further on the mode in the future, with our next review for Arbitrations focusing on reward pacing.
In order to revive a player, 5 of these Resurgence Burdens must be taken to their tower simultaneously. These 5 pickups can be delivered by one or multiple squadmates, but cannot be “dropped off” at the tower 
it’s all or nothing!
A similar Emote style to the TennoCon 2019 Emote, the Illumina Judicium displays your true dedication to Arbitrations with a looping Vitus Illumina Glyph whilst doing an angsty Meditation pose.
Also, a new Arbitrations reward has been added: the elusive Aura Forma Blueprint! Craft an Aura Forma to modify an Aura slot on a Warframe to be compatible with any Mod Polarity.
Removed custom enemy level scaling from Defense, Survival, Interception, Excavation, Defection, and Infested Salvage modes in Arbitrations. Enemy scaling now mirrors normal Endless missions that increase as the missions progresses. 
Reduced Vitus Essence crafting cost for the Amber Star Blueprint from 2 to 1.

*Potential fix for inability to use Warframe Abilities and prior active Invisibility being broken after using Transference. 
*Fixed cases of Plains Rescue Bounties prematurely ending. 
*Fixed (for real this time) the Synth Mod Set Bonus resulting in your weapon reload stopping and Synth icon stuck for a Client players after Operator mode.
*Fixed a script error if Stalker's target disconnects after his initial Transmission fires up.
*Fixed Alad V’s skirt clipping into his legs in his Wolf of Saturn Six Episode dioramas.
*Fixed potential (harmless) script crash that can occur when Wolf dies in the middle of spinning.
*Fixed equipping Castanas (in default Skin) placing a larger version of one of the projectiles between the Warframes legs.
*Fixed windows in Grineer Settlement tileset being impassible when they look open. 
*Fixed some waypoints flip flopping around you in Lua tileset (more fixes required). 
*Fixed Void Dash colliding with Snowglobe. 
*Fixed a crash caused by Khora’s Strangledome. 
*Fixed wonky lantern textures in Teshin’s Relay room as reported here: https://old.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/bene8w/as_one_of_the_4_conclave_players_i_require_these/
*Fixed an issue where selecting default keybindings would remove the ability to scroll or click, as well as causing other issues.
	type: Update
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Plains of Eidolon Remaster: Hotfix 24.7.3
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1087205-plains-of-eidolon-remaster-hotfix-2473/
	date: 2019-04-22T19:31:27Z
	additions: The Ventkids Clubhouse Scene that slipped through the Mainline cracks has been added to the Ventkids Offerings!

	changes: Plains Of Eidolon Remaster: Hotfix 24.7.3:
A Clan Dojo Map Legend can now be accessed by pressing the \ key when viewing the Map (can be changed under ‘Customize Key Bindings’)!
Removed unreleased Ephemera from being Chat linkable...shhhhh. 
Tweaks to bring Limbo’s Rift FX to a happy medium between different levels of environment exposure.

*Fixed bugs caused by prototype code that could corrupt input bindings and break menu input as described here: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1081881-mouse-buttons-isnt-working-after-resetting-to-default-keybinding/ 
*Fixed a script error that could result in a Defense mission progression stopper.
*Fixed a script error in timed Nightmare missions. 
*Fixed Submersible enemies not spawning in the Grineer Sealab tileset due to a script error.
*Fixed inability to damage the Juggernaut with Hildryn’s Balefire. 
*Fixed dying as Operator while using Guardian Shell causing players to be unable to Transfer back to Operator.
*Further fixes towards Assassin type enemies (Wolf of Saturn Six, Stalker, Syndicate, etc) choosing to appear as you’re extracting.
*Fixed having no Shields in Archwing if Inaros or Nidus are equipped.
*Fixed doing a double Melee slam attack when Dual Wielding with a Glaive.
*Fixed perpetually spinning when Dual Wielding with a Glaive. 
*Fixed the Synth Mod Set Bonus resulting in your weapon reload stopping and Synth icon stuck for a Client players after Operator mode.
*Fixed Clients being able to hear switching sounds for the Stradavar.
*Fixed a script error that occurred when an objective was triggered.
*Fixed the player Notes positioning not matching if Menu Scale is not 100%.
	type: Hotfix
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Plains of Eidolon Remaster: Hotfix 24.7.2
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1085611-plains-of-eidolon-remaster-hotfix-2472/
	date: 2019-04-17T19:46:16Z
	changes: Plains Of Eidolon Remaster: Hotfix 24.7.2:
Calda Toroids have a 20% chance to drop from Scyto Raknoids.
Sola Toroids have a 20% chance to drop from Kyta Raknoids.
Vega Toroids have a 1% chance to drop from Mite Raknoids.

*Fixed Random Colors in the Arsenal giving you a Secondary Energy color.
*Fixed Secondary Energy not being inherited by Exalted weapons (Excalibur’s Exalted Blade, etc).
*Fixed the Zephyr Tengu Helmet having an outstanding inconsistent Oxium crafting cost in relation to other Warframe Helmets. This has been switched to now require 2 Neurodes instead of 2 Oxium.
*Fixed the Korb Blueprint requiring 55 Fish Scales by swapping it to 50 Fish Oil.
*Fixed the Cena Apparel Blueprint and Vahd Apparel Blueprint requiring 5 Cetus Wisps by swapping it to 5 Eidolon Gems.
*Fixed Nekros’ Soul Punch not counting towards Challenges that count Revives.
*Fixed Khora Strangledome ability timer no longer appearing on the UI when dying and respawning.
*Fixed Mirage’s Hall of Mirror clones leaving behind Gaze (Kitgun) beams if the ability ends while firing.
*Fixed Nyx’s Psychic Bolts ability sometimes going silent.
*Fixed seeing a duplicate Magazine when interrupting Kitgun reloads.
*Fixed pressing 'x' in Captura at the first camera settings screen causing settings to reset to default.
*Fixed inability to Melee after casting Hildryn’s Balefire right when a Glaive weapon returns.
*Fixed the Proboscis Mod having no further benefits when Ranking up past 3.
*Fixed the Tecton Sparring Skin not applying properly to the Prisma Obex.
*Fixed inability to interrupt your Bullet Jump in Lunaro.
*Fixed Mirage’s Sleight of Hand ability confusing Pets equipped with Scavenge.
*Fixed an Inbox message showing Eudico instead of Onkko.
*Fixes towards visibility issues when in Limbo’s Rift.
	type: Hotfix
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Plains of Eidolon Remaster: Hotfix 24.7.1
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1083262-plains-of-eidolon-remaster-hotfix-2471/
	date: 2019-04-11T20:05:29Z
	changes: Plains Of Eidolon Remaster: Hotfix 24.7.1:
Yesterday’s Update 24.7.0 included the change of Secondary Energy color applying to Warframe emissives 
but it seems we got it backwards and shipped with Secondary being the dominant color. This has been rectified to have Primary as the dominant color with Secondary Energy being the “halo” color around it. To clarify even further, Primary Energy colors will cover the brightest emissive area with the Secondary Energy color covering the darkest emissive area.
We know we have more work to do to really polish this new Fashionframe option, as you may still notice some emissive areas are not equal to others. This will take time to properly implement 
we thank you for your patience!
A short FX will now appear in the Arsenal as an effort to help display how your chosen Secondary Energy color will blend with your Warframe’s abilities.
Fixed Warframe Helmets not using the full Primary Energy color if defaults are applied, or if you just have the Primary chosen.
Updated the public Drop Table for the Sentient Wolf to include the Wolf Hammer component Blueprints, and increased the drop chance to match the regular Wolf table. Previously was a 25% chance for the Wolf Hammer Blueprint to drop, now it's a 35% chance for either the Blueprint or one of its components to drop.
Slightly reduced the fog in the Grineer Forest tileset.
Swapped mentions of PRIMARY/SECONDARY to ACTIVE/INACTIVE, and MAKE PRIMARY to ACTIVATE in the Focus manager UI screen.

*Fixed crashes caused by alt-tab when playing fullscreen and using a Steam Controller.
*Fixed cases where you could move around with the Steam Controller when you should be locked in position (eg: during a Heist briefing).
*Fixed recasting Nidus’ Ravenous in new a location not properly recalculating Maggot explosions.
*Fixed sound discrepancies when using the ‘Wolf Howl’ Emote.
*Fixed Hildryn attempting to give her Balefire to Rescue/Defense Targets.
*Fixed a memory leak related to the Rahn Prism FX.
*Fixed a HUD memory leak when dying and respawning.
*Fixed Atlas’ Karst shoulder piece not hiding when aiming with a weapon.
*Fixed Atlas’ Karst Golems not appearing in his Abilities Arsenal screen.
*Fixed level holes in the Lua Halls of Judgement area.
*Fixed level holes in the Infested Corpus tileset.
*Fixed Hildryn’s Pillage ability being described as ‘Shield Pillage’.
*Fixed Lisets having uncolorable areas.
*Fixed unbaked textures in the Corpus Gas City tileset.
*Fixed the Lynx hanging in the Grineer Spy Vault tileset appearing black.
	type: Hotfix
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Plains of Eidolon Remaster: Update 24.7.0 +
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1082779-plains-of-eidolon-remaster-update-2470-24701/
	date: 2019-04-10T20:22:12Z
	changes: Plains Of Eidolon Remaster: Update 24.7.0:

Secondary Energy color now applies to Warframe emissives! You might have to get creative with your color combinations to make it really pop:
Secondary Energy color now applies to Nova’s Wormhole ability.
Fixed Secondary Energy color not applying to numerous Melee weapons if the primary Energy color was default. 
Fixed the Ki’Teer Sekhara being extremely bright after the Secondary Energy color update in 24.6.0.
Fixed lens flares not properly applying the Secondary Energy color (noticeable when casting Mesa’s Ballistic Battery/Shooting Gallery).
Fixed Clients only seeing primary Energy color on Syandanas.
Renamed Hildryn's Shield Pillage ability to simply Pillage to not overshadow the Armor stripping functionality. Hildryn’s Pillage Arsenal SHIELD DRAIN stat now reads as "DRAIN".
Assassin type enemies (Wolf of Saturn Six, Stalker, Syndicate, etc) no longer choose to appear as you’re extracting as reported here: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1079391-wolf-of-saturn-six-spawn-after-mission-end/ 
Capped multi purchases for Syndicate stores that use currency other than Standing (e.g. Nightwave, Nakak) to what can be afforded with currently owned Resources.
Moved spawn location of a Kuva Siphon to prevent the Kuva cloud from getting stuck under staircases in the Corpus Outpost tileset. 
Limbo's Banish ability timer will now immediately expire if all Banished enemies are killed before the timer counts down (for real this time).
The 'Wolf Howl' Emote will now play howling sounds (only audible for the local player).
Changed the Korrudo Riven Disposition to 1 (previously 0.5).
Over 20 Melee and Primary weapons/Skins have received the PBR treatment! From Candy Cane Scythe to Tigris, our art team has been updating our back catalog! 
Made Captura and dynamic skies play nicer together! Much of Cetus or Vallis FX were lost in the Captura settings, which should be fixed now!
Widened the wall gap for the purpose of Warframe size sliding in the Lua tileset as requested here: https://old.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/bbii3u/i_am_incredibly_frustrated_that_this_part_of_the/

Increased the Tusk Thumper encounter chances and lowered the encounter cooldown from 180-240s to 90-120s. 
Converted the Tusk Thumper’s Health class from ‘Cloned Flesh’ to a more appropriate ‘Hulking Armor’ class.
Fixed cases of extremely high damage breaking Tusk Thumper, making it impossible to destroy, such as the Tusk Thumper remaining alive after destroying it and excess damage from shooting off the armor plates going towards the main Health bar.
Fixed Tusk Thumper despawning if it or players moved too far from where it originally spawned. 
Fixed the Tusk Thumper’s damage reduction not applying to all hit types
Fixed a script error that could occur after killing the Thumper, such as Operator Amps.
Nyx’s Psychic Bolts now have an instant recast which simply selects 6 new targets and despells on older targets automatically.
Atlas’ Karst Market dioramas now display his accompanying deluxe Golems.

*Fixed Corrupted Vor no longer doing his monologue if you had Creator Mode enabled (sometimes without). Look at them, they come to this place...
*Fixed an issue where abomination Landing Crafts were possible with customization bugs. 
*Fixes towards cases of Arbitration rewards being out of sync on the server.
*Fixed The Index breaking if a player dies and then disconnects before they respawn.
*Fixed cases of Caches in the Plains spawning in the ground.
*Fixed Operator's initial Void Dash being frequently interrupted by Void Aegis and may require repeats to travel.
*Fixed your Warframe attempting to “sheathe” the Operator during the Second Dream quest.
*Fixed Inaros & Nidus being given Shields from ally Shield Ospreys.
*Fixed Harrow Condemn slamming you to the ground if you are within 8m above it (before slam changes it only prevented cast when in air above 8m).
*Fixed rare cases of Melee bonuses (Damage, Crit, etc) getting applied to your Sniper.
*Fixed AI/Companions unable to escape damage zones, such as sewage pits, in the Grineer Shipyards Interception tileset.
*Fixing Pet Companions being killed in the middle of a jump across a forced-teleport volume becoming unrecoverable, due to Pets being exempt from teleporting.
*Fixed incorrect Alt Fire reload animation for the Corrinth. 
*Fixed an issue where your Melee weapon could get hidden if you spammed Dodge after a Melee Slam.
*Fixed Equinox’s Metamorphosis Ability Day/Night stats being flipped in the Arsenal.
*Fixed the Silver Grove ending diorama overwriting Titania with whatever Warframe you have equipped.
*Fixed the Oberon Wendigo Skin having incorrect textures when ‘Toggle Prime Parts’ is enabled.
*Fixed incorrect material meshes on the Corpus Lynx.
*Fixed Archguns are being sorted both by name and the presence of a Gravimag. 
*Fixed Grineer Tram appearing pitch black in the Grineer Asteroid tileset. 
*Fixed Plains Cave water disappearing upon getting close to it.
*Fixing a leaking effect on Hildryn's projectiles which could affect performance.
*Fixed Dargyns having weirdly high flight paths near the edge of the Plains map.
*Fixed your Profile screen appearing incorrect if opened in the Nightwave screen.
*Fixed Sawgaw Codex images appearing as Condrocs. 
*Fixed a script error that would occur after a Host migration during a Bounty.
*Fixed a crash caused by the Pilfering Strangledome Augment.
	type: Update
	description: Over the weekend we rerolled the Sortie due to impassable doors in the chosen Grineer Galleon tileset. We have since fixed the issue of impassable doors in numerous Grineer tilesets as reported here:
	imgUrl: http://n9e5v4d8.ssl.hwcdn.net/uploads/f3de3122862fc9db26dacebd27d054ff.jpg
	name: Plains of Eidolon Remaster: Hotfix 24.6.2 +
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1080295-plains-of-eidolon-remaster-hotfix-2462-24621/
	date: 2019-04-05T20:50:12Z
	changes: Plains Of Eidolon Remaster: Hotfix 24.6.2:
Cuthol Bait blueprint is now sellable for 100,000 Credits.
Increased the visual size of the Plains sun to match remastered sundisc.
Fixed Loc-Pins being placed at unreachable heights in the Plains.
Lost Loc-Pins have been returned to your Inventory. 
Fixed the sleep abilities of Ivara, Baruuk, and Equinox not giving you the option to capture animals in Plains of Eidolon.
Fixed the Drone in "Protect the Drone" Plains Bounties sometimes getting caught on the landscape.
Fixes towards waterfall textures in the Plains looking more like yogurt than water (also applies to Dojo waterfall Decorations).
Fixed a level hole in the Plains terrain.
Fixed some darkly lit rocks in the Plains.
Fixed rain clouds persisting in the Plains but no rain falling. 
Fixed Konzu Transmissions appearing to flicker when Temporal AA is enabled.
Fixed Cetus vendors appearing to have ‘poppy’ looking lip animations.
Fixed squished Mining result icons.
Fixed Plains enemies getting stuck on cables.  
Fixed holes in geometry at the main gate of Cetus.
Tusk Thumpers will now only call in reinforcements when at half Health or lower.
Tusk Thumper charge behavior now has a timeout to prevent it from getting stuck charging indefinitely.
Tweaks to improve Tusk Thumper jump animations.
Fixed Tusk Thumper weak points getting covered / disabled when it wasn't the one taking damage.
Reverted the Ogris Changes made in 24.6.0:
Converted from Charged to Semi Auto.
Ammo pool increased from 20 to 30.
Area-of-Effect increased from 6 to 7m.
Area-of-Effect damage reduced from 600 to 400.
The Tatsu Soul Swarm (Revenant) projectiles now have a lifetime of 5 seconds. 
Reduced some casting sounds for Hildryn.

*Fixed inability to extract from the Archwing Mobile Defense mission on Earth, Erpo.
*Fixed Arcane ranks displaying with wrong formatting as reported here: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1080065-that-moment-when-you-finally-earn-nightwave-arcane-energize/ 
*Fixed Secondary Energy colors not applying to certain things (Revenant's Helmet beard, etc).
*Fixed ability to utilize dual Energy colour without Forma by using ‘Copy Warframe Colors’ to your weapon.
*Fixed a nonfunctional ‘Railjack’ related prompt.
*Fixed seeing a flash of color when switching between Upgrade tabs in the Arsenal.
*Fixed small font Chat appearing blurry.
*Fixed all Mergoo variants appearing the same in the Codex.
*Fixed a script error when attempting to start an animal hunt after a Host migration.
*Fixed a script error when you capture an animal but die just as the screen comes up.
*Fixed a script error when viewing Nightwave Episode dioramas.
*Fixed a script error when casting Oberon’s Reckoning.
	type: Hotfix
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Plains of Eidolon Remaster: Hotfix 24.6.1
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1079735-plains-of-eidolon-remaster-hotfix-2461/
	date: 2019-04-05T02:00:14Z
	changes: Plains Of Eidolon Remaster: Hotfix 24.6.1:
Changed Rahn Prism Blueprint to require 3 Seram Beetle Shells instead of Glappid Bait.

*Fixed the Film Grain setting always being enabled. 
*Fixed several crashes when resetting your key bindings to defaults.
*Fixed a crash that could occur when transitioning from the Plains back to Cetus. 
*Fixed a crash when dying.
*Fixed a random crash that randomly happened at random. Did we mention it's random?
*Fixes towards Multishot Mods potentially not working with the Simulor.
*Loc-Pins skyrocket out of reach making them inaccessible to remove.
*Script will be run tomorrow to refund Loc-Pins back.
	type: Hotfix
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Plains of Eidolon Remaster: Update 24.6.0
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1079621-plains-of-eidolon-remaster-update-2460/
	date: 2019-04-04T23:14:14Z
	additions: Ticker has added a Venus Bounty Trap to their Secondhand Wares! A true hunter keeps their tools close at hand.
Added Warframe Ability videos for Harrow, Khora, Octavia, and Gara in their respective Arsenal Abilities screen.
Added out-of-bounds triggers to some spots where it's possible to get stuck in the Grineer Sealab tileset.
Added Damage Multiplier stat when previewing Saryn's Miasma ability.
Added a custom icon for Nagantaka's reload speed buff.
Added Horrasque and Stover to the Codex.
Tusk and Kuva Fortress Shield Lancers have a new look for their shield! 
Added a tint to the background of certain UI screens to match the current chosen Theme.
Added a new setting under Equipment > Landing Craft > Interior, where old and future Interiors will live so you no longer need to sell to remove.

	changes: Plains Of Eidolon Remaster: Update 24.6.0:
Back at it again with them Mainlines! This Update is around 2GB of eye melting foliage, burp inducing Thermia changes, Floofs so cute your body will produce sounds you didn’t know it could, and much more! Please let us know if you encounter any WIP slips 
like that Tyl Regor Noggle...

We’ve added a suite of improvements, including updated terrain textures, dynamic lighting, richly detailed trees and foliage, as well as a more nuanced day/night cycle. Plus, with all the technical improvements, the Plains runs smoother than ever!

You can now track and tranq animals in the Plains! Master Teasonai will be your source for Echo-Lures and Rarity Boosters as you track down, capture and get these animals to safety. Echo-Lures are not required as these animals continually roam the Plains, but calling them will bring them running (or flying!). A new Conservation Badge and Floofs from Master Teasonai await your efforts.

Reports of a new Grineer machine have spread to Cetus. Vay Hek has deployed Tusk Thumpers -
mobile defense platforms that are just as efficient as they are deadly. Be prepared to encounter three menacing Thumpers of increasing size and difficulty: the Tusk Thumper, the Tusk Thumper Bull, and the Tusk Thumper Doma.
Without a vulnerability to use to your advantage, you’ll need to identify and expose their weak spots to take them down as quickly as possible. Take too long, and they’ll release reinforcement drones.
Make sure to visit Nakak and get your Tusk Thumper Floofs by trading in Resources! There’s one for each type of Thumper, collect them all!

With Fortuna's release, we applied some general economy changes based on takeaways from Cetus. Now that we have returned to Cetus and the Plains of Eidolon with a remaster, we are applying some 'Economy Remaster' changes to go with the changes in an effort to apply our continued learnings. Change is the name of the game 
thank you for all feedback on our economies and for being receptive to change!
Find the Korrudo in the Market, or as a Tusk Thumper drop!
We have added a new Option called "Creator Mode"! This exists to help players and Content Creators with a simple principle: no distractions, no spoilers. 
When this is toggled on:
Fortuna Citizens won't reveal their secret. 
The Lotus will no longer be as purple. 
Operator transmissions will be voice only.
Email on login screen will be all ********** like the password
On-orbiter transmissions and in-mission bumpers for Invasions / Alerts will not appear.
Fashion Frame just got a little more energetic! We have now added a SECONDARY Energy customization slot in the Arsenal! This is simply a free added bonus when Forma'ing gear. 
All Gear can unlock this once Forma is applied! All non-Forma compatible goods (Syandanas, Etc) have this automatically.
Players who can handle an increased challenge are now able to opt-in to making their Thermia Fracture's more difficult! We have added a method to allow players to increase difficulty and lower the overall duration needed to complete 4 Fractures.

Fracture Burps happen on a random timer (5-15 seconds) and randomly selected from the list below:
Nullifier Burp 
Burst of energy that creates a nullifier volume around the Fracture for a brief moment.
Radiation Status Effect Burp 
Damage burst with 100% Radiation Status Effect.
Rage Burp 
Increases the damage output of nearby enemies.
Thermic Raknoids 
Spawns Thermic Raknoids. A new Raknoid variant with unique stats and aesthetic! 
Eximus Burp 
Spawns Eximus units.
Enemy Level Burp 
Increases the current enemy level.

Removed "cast on ground" requirements for the following Warframe abilities:
Trinity Well of Life
Trinity Energy Vampire
Trinity Link
Frost Avalanche
Atlas Tectonics
Mag Crush
Chroma Effigy
Loki Radial Disarm
Additionally, the following abilities require ground to activate, but can now be cast in the air and will do a melee-esque slam to the ground:
Rhino Stomp
Banshee Sound Quake
Oberon Hallowed Ground
Khora Strangledome
Nidus Virulence
Harrow Condemn
Whip and Sword slide attacks now do the same damage with a Stance equipped as without.
Kills add charges (up to 5 max) that release seeking projectiles (same amount as charges) on slide attacks to stun enemies.
The Knell is now automatic.
Damage changed from 79 Corrosive to 9 Impact, 23 Puncture, 17 Slash and 81 Corrosive delivered in 3 ticks of 27 each over 2 seconds.
Converted from Charged to Semi Auto.
Ammo pool increased from 20 to 30.
Area-of-Effect increased from 6 to 7m.
Area-of-Effect damage reduced from 600 to 400.
Reduced aimed FoV due to low Range.
Adjusted ragdoll impulse so ragdolls don't always fly to the right.
Added a 5m 200 Explosion damage radial attack on recall.
Increased Range from 1 to 1.5m.
Increased Melee damage from 115 to 130.
Increased throwing projectile damage from 575 to 650.
Reduced the collision width of the thrown projectile from 0.6m to 0.2m.
Increased the speed of the throwing animations.
All of The Wolf of Saturn Six Nightwave episodes can now be viewed by selecting ‘Tune In’ on the Nightwave screen!

*Fixed the Baza, Zhuge, and Zlok Riven Dispositions not reflecting the changes stated in Hotfix For clarity, they have changed to:
*Baza: 1.1->1.0
*Zhuge: 1.18->1.25
*Zylok: 1->1.15
*Potential fix for broken Arbitration reward UI in-game which resulted in discrepancies between what was shown and what you received. 
*Fixed Dispatch Overdrive not applying to Garuda’s Talons when equipped (this time without breaking all Arcanes).
*Fixed Clients sometimes getting booted to Fortuna if they joined a session while it was transitioning to Deck 12.
*Fixed a loss of functionality that occurred if you were playing a looping Emote while transitioning from Fortuna to Vallis or Cetus to the Plains.
*Possible fix for a game hitch/hang when opening a cave Cache during a hidden Caches Bounty.
*Fixed a crash when throwing Thermia Canisters at the Exploiter Orbs vents.
*Fixed being stuck on a black screen when attempting to load into a Kuva Fortress mission.
*Fixed a game hang when ‘Defending the Console’ in the Vox Solaris quest.
*Fixed having to abort if your impeccably unfortunate timing killed you while simultaneously deploying the K-Bomb during the Vox Solaris quest.
*Fixed the rewards for the Hepit & Teshub nodes in the Void: replaced one of the duplicate Lith M4 Relic entries with a chance to drop a Lith P2 Relic instead.
*Fixed an issue where Clients that died, aborted the mission, and rejoined would Revive with 2 Health.
*Fixed cases where performing actions such as picking up a Datamass or entering bleed-out state while having an Arch-gun equipped could result in a loss of functionality.
*Fixed Orb Vallis Drones respawning with full Health/Shields after a Host Migration.
*Fixed the default K-Drive showing Affinity gains and leveling up from "Unranked" state. Only purchased boards can accumulate Affinity (Vent Kids standing can still be acquired as usual).
*Fixed Vazarin Mending Soul charges not refreshing when transitioning from Fortuna to Vallis.
*Fixed Limbo being incorrectly affected by certain Exploiter Orb attacks while in the Rift.
*Fixed the Hall of Ascension Agility test contributing to Nightwave progress multiple times.
*Fixed Clients that join-in-progress not properly bleeding out if they were killed while riding their K-Drive. Reaching 7 Health will now boot you off to prevent death while K-Driving.
*Fixed an issue where falling at the very end of the Mastery Rank 13 test would make it impossible to complete.
*Fixed Void Fissures in endless mission types not spawning enemies at the same level as other non-corrupted enemies.
*Fixed Larkspur’s Alt Fire not functioning for Clients.
*Fixed not being able to start Ghoul Bounties from the tents in the Plains of Eidolon.
*Fixed the UI for Capture Bounty missions getting stuck on the screen after being completed.
*Fixed the Exploiter Orb's heat gauge size not being affected by the UI Scale setting.
*Fixed certain map markers not appearing after returning to the Orb Vallis from Deck 12. 
*Fixed Clients not seeing the Zenistar's disc if they join-in-progress while it's active. They would then see it appear when it's destroyed by the Host.
*Fixed Clients not seeing custom colours on the Zenistar's disc.
*Fixed Clients sometimes getting a different Conservation Capture rating than the Host.
*Fixed Clients always switching to Primary after dropping/using Data Mass or Power Cores, even if they had their Secondary equipped when picking it up on controller.
*Fixed the Pax Soar Arcane buffs taking effect even when your Kitgun is unequipped.
*Fixed not being able to choose a Warframe during the tutorial unless you manually hover the cursor over the UI button when using a controller.
*Fixed Oberon’s Hallowed Ground timer not being removed when you deactivate the ability with the Hallowed Eruption Augment.
*Fixed Limbo’s Cataclysmic Continuum Augment Mod not updating the ability timer.
*Fixed turning invisible if you shake hands with someone while the Skiajati is equipped.
*FIxed the Handshake emote not initiating a handshake unless you had matching allied Syndicates (or had no standing within Cetus and Fortuna).
*Fixed security cameras not properly fixing on their targets when they have been spotted and not taking their head rotation into consideration when setting their look target.
*Fixed not flying in a straight line after rotating the camera 360 degrees while in Archwing.
*Fixed a little hitch in the reload animation of the Exergis.
*Fixed the Terra Plasmor Crewman magazine not animating properly during reload.
*Fixed Opticor and Opticor Vandal weapon charge up animations not playing.
*Fixed Atlas’ Tectonics remaining around if you spam activate while deactivating (during the wall push animation).
*Fixed being able to use Emotes while controlling the Golden Maw in The War Within quest.
*Fixed broken pathing for the Golden Maw in The War Within quest.
*Fixed getting teleported and stuck outside of the final area in the last mission of The Sacrifice quest.
*Fixed an issue where mounting your K-Drive while performing another action (such as capturing a Fugitive) could result in taking control of a Warframe-less K-Drive. All Operator souls that have become trapped in K-Drives this way are regrettably unrecoverable and Digital Extremes wishes you well in your new life.
*Fixed Arch-guns still being visible if you mount your K-Drive while it's active.
*Fixed getting stuck in a crouch state if you start grinding while your K-Drive is spinning.
*Fixed the Sonicor using classic Pistol idle animations, instead of ‘wrist mounted’ animations.
*Fixed wonky throwing animation when wall hanging and firing any ‘thrown’ weapon (Spira, Kunai, etc).
*Fixed the Profit Taker Articula having incorrect poses/pose selection. You may find that your Articula has moved due to this fix!
*Fixed black textures randomly appearing as reported here: https://www.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/b5h4pg/strange_pure_black_textures_appearing_everywhere/ 
*Fixed a Glaive Prime being visible when viewing Profiles of players who have not unlocked their Operator yet.
*Fixed weapons with an embedding projectile (e.g. Tysis) not showing the proper damage amounts in the Arsenal.
*Fixed the UI always showing the Ungilded values when comparing modular weapons such as Zaws, Amps, etc.
*Fixed Lens icons appearing completely white in the Lens selection screen.
*Fixed the Foundry displaying ‘1 Forma owned’ for Forma required Blueprints when an Umbral Forma is owned.
*Fixed some of Silva & Aegis' effects being visible when it's holstered/hidden.
*Fixed Elemental effects showing up in cases where the melee weapon they're on should be hidden.
*Fixed the Blade of the Lotus Trinity Skin skirt cloth clipping through her hip.
*Fixed the Dojo Architect UI showing the room number limit instead of the Decoration limit for the room.
*Fixed the Ludoplex "play now" not being localized.
*Fixed Nightwatch Lancer appearing twice in the Codex. Duplicate entry is actually the Nightwatch Carrier. 
*Fixed the falling sound persisting if you perform a Melee slam and then interrupt it by Transferring to Operator.
*Fixed 'constant' grapple sounds for the Sanguine Eximus Specter (New Loka).
*Fixed some navigation and waypoint marker issues in the Lua tileset.
*Fixed certain loot crates spawning inside terrain in the Earth tileset.
*Fixed the water splash screen FX in the Grineer Sealab tileset lingering until the end of mission if the panel that shuts the water off was hacked while it was visible on someone's screen as reported here: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/960752-infinite-water-fx-glitch-compilation-thread/ 
*Fixed several lines missing from the "Protect The Moon" mission in the Second Dream quest.
*Fixed misaligned tabs in the Decoration screen for wide aspect ratio screens.
*Fixed some beam weapon VFX appearing misaligned when firing while wall latching.
*Fixed broken lighting in the Dojo Energy Lab. 
*Fixed Eudico constantly interrupting her own Transmissions during the ‘Capture Air Dropped Containers’ Bounty.
*Fixed light shaft protruding through the Nef Anyo statue at the Temple of Profit. 
*Fixed Sentinels and MOAs with beam weapons attempting to shoot at targets outside of their weapons range.
*Fixed UI indicating that Excalibur’s Exalted Blade is still Channeling if you Transfer to O
*perator while it's active.
*Fixed Channeling sometimes still recalling your Glaive, this should only be done via Melee input now.
*Fixed ability to see through the Lotus Noggle helmet.
*Fixed some effects in Baruuk's Restraint UI not correctly lining up as the meter fills up.
*Fixed Ivara's leg cloth appearing less translucent than they should be.
*Fixed ability to equip Amalgam Organ Shatter on Arch-Melee weapons.
*Fixed not being able to bullet jump while stationary on a zip-line.
*Fixed an issue where hovering over a Gift of the Lotus mission node in the Star Chart would cause other nodes to not display correctly when hovering over them.
*Fixed Critical Focus not applying to charged shots (e.g. Velocitus).
*Fixed animation issues while attempting to fish from a zip-line. Also fixes a delay when launching the Fishing Spear from a zip-line.
*Fixed Resolute Focus applying stagger/knockdown resistance even when the Archgun is not equipped.
*Fixed Gear items not correctly updating their cooldown timers or whether the timer has expired in certain cases.
*Fixed inability to return to Melee only mode after using Gear items that you can Melee attack while using.
	type: Update
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: http://n9e5v4d8.ssl.hwcdn.net/uploads/da652c58f7103e8104af37e1e6f4314c.jpg
	name: Equinox Prime: Hotfix 24.5.8 +
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1078777-equinox-prime-hotfix-2458-24581/
	date: 2019-04-02T17:59:25Z
	changes: Equinox Prime: Hotfix 24.5.8:

Check out the official public drop tables here.

If you already wield the power of these Primes or have their Relics in your Inventory, they will remain after the Vaulting.

Increased the Liset Decoration limit by 33%.
The Decoration UI now also displays a performance warning (looking at you Noggle nerds).
Optimized Coolant Raknoid sloshing effects to eliminate calculations when off-screen.
Updated numerous tiles to improve character lighting.
Made a micro-optimization to the HUD.

*Fixed swapping Polarities on a Zaw resulting in the Stance Polarity being removed. 
*A Forma (per affected Zaw) has been delivered to player Inventories who experienced this issue.
*Fixed Grineer Flameblade enemies doing crazy high damage on their first melee attacks in a combo. The melee swing was unintentionally dealing damage multiple times. This has been fixed so each swing only hits the target once. 
*Fixed Nyx’s Mind Control significantly hindering AI's actions in many cases leading to reduced or even non-existent capability.
*Fixed Magus Lockdown mine having collision on it, resulting in mid-air floating. You can no longer stand/climb on the mine.
*Fixed the Coolant Raknoid coolant FX appearing orange for Hosts.
*Fixed inability to Chat link Ephemeras. 
*Fixed custom colors not applying to areas of Equinox.
*Fixed a micro-optimization when transitioning from Fortuna/Cetus to Vallis/Plains breaking.
*Fixed Hive Sabotage missions not counting towards the ‘Cache Hunter’ Nightwave Act.
*Fixed inability to switch firing modes with the Stradavar Prime.
*Fixes towards Equinox Prime’s cloth clipping with the Isabeau Prime Syandana.
*Fixed a UI-lock when typing random letters in the Syndicate Relic Offerings quantity box.
	type: Hotfix
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Buried Debts: Hotfix 24.5.7
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1077145-buried-debts-hotfix-2457/
	date: 2019-03-28T20:36:19Z
	changes: Buried Debts: Hotfix 24.5.7:
Fixed Relics Packs awarding a Point Strike Mod.
We ran a script Tuesday night that Inboxed respective Syndicate Medallions to those who didn’t receive their Relics.
Optimized significant performance deterioration when talking to Vent Kids on the Orb Vallis; this was most noticeable during the initial dialogue when starting a K-Drive Race.
The Wild Frenzy Mod now scales the Ammo refund amount with its rank, as mentioned here:
25, 40, 55, 70, 85, 100%
Tweaked the following stats for the Nightwatch Powerclaw to fix them doing a one-hit KO to Grineer Defectors :
Decreased base Melee damage from 75 to 30
Decreased Slash Status Effect Chance from 15% to 5%
Decreased Critical Chance from 30% Chance (for 3x Crit) to 0

*Fixed bosses/VIPs unintentionally receiving the full effect of Magus Lockdown. Magus Lockdown’s tether mechanic will apply but not the Puncture damage.
*Fixed Magus Lockdown putting enemies into a permanent sleep.
*Fixed Magus Lockdown beam visual FX not always being applied properly.
*Fixed memory corruption on dual-core PCs caused by script optimizations and re-enabled the optimizations.
*Fixed a rare crash when joining a mission in progress.
*Fixed a rare crash that could occur if a teammate flew out of view in their Archwing but returned in their Warframe.
*Fixed Coolant Raknoids damaging Limbo through the Rift.
*Fixed the Scyto Raknoids invisibility detection pulse FX not showing if the target goes into invisibility after the combat begins.
*Fixed extreme excessive blur FX when using a Scanner or Sniper scope in Archwing mode.
*Fixed the TennoCon 2019 Emote animation not looping.
*Fixed the Kuva Throne Captura Scene having no Standing Title requirement.
*Fixed certain Transmissions encountering a script failure (eg Frohd Bek).
*Fixed a script error when accessing the Arcane Manager screen.
*Fixed a script error when casting Titania’s Lantern ability. 
*Fixed a script error when casting Limbo’s Banish ability in Frame Fighter.
*Possible fix for memory corruption caused by script heap optimizations.
	type: Hotfix
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Buried Debts: Hotfix 24.5.6
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1076435-buried-debts-hotfix-2456/
	date: 2019-03-26T20:42:29Z
	changes: Buried Debts: Hotfix 24.5.6:
Ember Prime
Frost Prime
Latron Prime
Reaper Prime
Sicarus Prime
Glaive Prime
As always, if you own the now Vaulted Relics they will remain in your Inventory until you use/trade them.
You can now waypoint the Exploiter vents!
K-Drive Race Affinity has been increased!
Affinity gained per Gate is now 500 (previously 200)
Affinity gained per Race completion is now 2500 (previously 1000)
Increased the height of the Napalm Grenades Mod damage area.
Fixed the ‘Day Trader’ Nightwave Act not being marked complete after meeting the requirements. The appropriate Standing was delivered behind-the-scenes, but the UI neglected to accurately display that. Completing the Index requirements again post Hotfix will correct your UI, but note that the Standing has already been delivered.

*Fixed a crash related to having Charm equipped on your Smeeta Kavat.
*Fixed AI appearing to stall and not proceed to the next door in the Glast Gambit quest.
*Fixed the Aviator Mod not always applying the reduced Damage while airborne correctly to Hildryn.
*Fixed Magus Lockdown using the position of your last Void Dash instead of your current one if you're a Client when placing the Mine.
*Fixed Swarm Mutalist spore clouds blocking bullets.
*Fixed Mirage’s Hall of Mirrors clones chasing after the true Mirage when riding a K-Drive. Her clones will now animate correctly while K-Driving.
*Fixed Garuda’s Passive reading as 101% when bleeding out.
*Fixed Profit-Taker appearing to have its Shield FX active when killed as a Client. 
*Fixed MOA Companions capable of being targeted by Disarm-style abilities, leaving them with nothing but a head-mounted prod.
*Fixed the camera momentarily being jerked forward when shooting the Stug at certain angles.
*Fixed Targis Prime Armor not sitting correctly on Hildryn. 
*Fixed Emblems not sitting correctly on the Harrow Graxx Skin.
*Fixed unintentional slow movement for the Golden Maw.
	type: Hotfix
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Buried Debts: Hotfix 24.5.5
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1076040-buried-debts-hotfix-2455/
	date: 2019-03-25T21:21:51Z
	changes: Buried Debts: Hotfix 24.5.5:

Fixes towards infinite loading/disconnect upon Entering Deck 12 while other players are still loading in.
Fixes towards Clients seeing a massive Exploiter Orb in the last vent cinematic scene.
Fixed a crash when killing Coolant Raknoids.
Fixed Coolant Raknoids not attempting to destroy Gara’s Mass Vitrify walls.
Improved Hildryn Ability Line-of-sight so they work more often when targets are on different elevations.
Fixed a loss of functionality after using Hildryn's Balefire ability while having an Archgun equipped.
Fixed Aegis Storm suspending bosses/VIPs that are meant to be immune. Those respective bosses/VIPs will no longer be suspended, but will receive the damage-over-time. 
Fixed inability to descend in Hildryn’s Aegis Storm if Toggle Crouch is bound instead of Hold To Crouch.
Fixed the TennoCon 2019 Armor not sitting properly on Hildryn.
Fixed a script error when Hildryn’s Balefire deactivates.
Increased Valkyr’s Hysterical Assault Augment Mod max Range from 30m to 40m.
Fixed Valkyr’s Hysterical Assault Augment Mod having broken functionality with Melee 2.99997 due to the removal of Secondary Fire in Melee mode. Now Aiming + Melee will trigger the leap function while in Hysteria. The Mod description has been updated to reflect this new mechanic.
Slightly decreased the Wolf of Saturn Six’s Health.
Slightly increased the Wolf of Saturn Six’s damage output.
Aviator and Agility Drift now apply to Titania while she is in Razorwing. 
Removed all wildlife killing Riven Mod Challenges. All existing Rivens with wildlife killing Challenges will be retroactively updated with a new Challenge. This change is in preparation for the upcoming Plains Conservation! 
Updated Secura Penta's napalm projectiles when using the Napalm Grenades Mod, so that they better reflect the Penta's stats (higher Status Effect and Critical Chances).
Disabled two optimizations that are suspected to be causing problems for dual-core potatoes.

*Fixed edge case script errors that could result in an inability to return to Fortuna from Vallis.
*Fixed a Client script error that could occur when joining-in-progress during the initial Sanctuary Onslaught Conduit transition that would prevent the player from casting Abilities until the next Zone was activated.
*Fixed toggling Mesa’s Regulators on and off and instantly switching to your Melee resulting in ability to use them freely without any Energy cost or restrictions. 
*Fixed Frost’s Ice Wave ability preventing casting of other abilities until it finished.
*Fixed Valkyr’s Hysteria accumulated damage not being reset upon recast.
*Fixed the Larkspur having infinite Ammo as an Atmosphere Archgun after pressing the deploy button twice without letting go of the continuous fire.
*Fixed being able to get out of bounds of The Index map by throwing your Warframe off the map and Transferring to your Operator, and then falling off the edge with your Operator so that you get forced back to your Warframe who is now off the map somewhere.
*Fixed Atlas’ Rumblers Explosion Damage stat claiming to be Impact when it's actually Blast.
*Fixed the Arbitration Defense Reward UI displaying ‘Wave 5’ when it should be ‘Wave 10’.
*Fixed Nightwave Mods not being linkable in Chat. 
*Fixed the Garuda Successor Skin not applying to her Talons.
*Fixed Valkyr Spectre at the Ceres >Jupiter Junction causing a hitch when she uses Hysteria.
*Fixed using a Gear item instead of Aiming if Melee is triggered right after throwing a Fishing Spear.
*Fixed wonky arm animations when Dual Wielding. 
*Fixed the Tarock Thrown Blade Skin not sitting properly in some cases when equipped on Spira, Spira Prime, or Despair.
*Fixed the Synoid Heliocor displaying as the regular Heliocor in the Appearance section of the Arsenal.
*Fixed the Battacor charge UI persisting on the screen in times where it should be hidden (hacking, etc). 
*Fixed "Title" text appearing briefly in the UI before Survival reward finishes loading.
*We have tracked down the cause of the ‘Day Trader’ Nightwave Act appearing incomplete after meeting the requirements, and are working on a fix. Our goal is to have this fix in the PC and Console Prime Vault Hotfixes tomorrow.
*It's worth noting that you are receiving the 5000 Standing for Act success even though the UI states 'incomplete'.
	type: Hotfix
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Buried Debts: Hotfix 24.5.4 +
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1073818-buried-debts-hotfix-2454-24541/
	date: 2019-03-20T17:19:36Z
*Exploiter Orb Changes & Fixes:
	type: Hotfix
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Buried Debts: Hotfix 24.5.3
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1073342-buried-debts-hotfix-2453/
	date: 2019-03-19T18:13:12Z
	changes: Buried Debts: Hotfix 24.5.3:
More fixes towards crashing when transitioning to or from Deck 12.
Fixed the Exploiter Orb being in a broken state if you transitioned back to Deck 12 while the Exploiter Orb was still alive above ground.
Fixed all players seeing the ‘Throw the Coolant Canister’ UI message when only one person is holding one.
Fixed persisting ‘0 players waiting’ UI message during Phase 2 of the Exploiter Orb fight.
Changed the Glaive recall to be done with Melee instead of Melee Channel so its consistent again (Channel being a toggle-only messed up this function).
Fixed cases of performing a Melee ground slam at an extreme horizontal angle if you move your mouse downwards while pressing Melee. 
Fixed an error where, after Dual-Wielding gun and Glaive, throwing the Glaive in the "normal" Melee only mode could result in a turbo throw that is only supposed to apply for Dual-Wield.
Fixed a movement hitch that happened if you tried to sprint right after a Melee ground slam.
The World Cycles displayed in the Navigation Window now display time until next Cycle/Temperature. The Plains of Eidolon time phases for Dawn, Sunrise, Morning, Day, Dusk, and Sunset are now all described as Day for clarity. We’ve also removed Freezing state in Orb Vallis, now it's just one long period of Cold.
Reduced frequency of Nora Night Radio Transmissions when in the Orbiter.
Increased volume of Chat notification sounds.

*Fixed inability for Titania to use her Diwata Melee if a Atmosphere Archgun is equipped.
*Fixed the Wild Frenzy Mod not refunding Ammo after 2 kills in some cases (thanks, H3dsh0t!).
*Fixed Founder Level showing "True Master" instead of "Grand Master" Accolades when viewing respective Profiles.
*Fixed the Ki’Teer Arrow Skin particle FX always being red, despite your chosen Energy color as reported here:
*Fixed inability to run multiple Dedicated Servers on a single machine.
*Fixed some Zaws playing incorrect Melee hit sounds.
	type: Hotfix
	description: The team continues to work on further crash fixes and Matchmaking issues related to join-in-progress and Operator specific cases. The particular case of missing Exploiter Orb during Phase 2 is also still under investigation. If anyone encounters this particular issue, we would greatly appreciate Host EE.Logs to http://support.warframe.com/. Visiting http://warframe.com/logs shows you how to collect your EE.Logs!
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Buried Debts: Hotfix 24.5.2
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1072987-buried-debts-hotfix-2452/
	date: 2019-03-18T22:43:12Z
	changes: Buried Debts: Hotfix 24.5.2:
Clicking on ‘X Friend Requests’ in the Active Events drop down will now take you to the Pending Friends screen.

*Fixed ability to destroy the Exploiter Orb’s vents simultaneously. One vent at a time!
*Removed unintended ability to cast Hildryn’s Balefire while using an Atmosphere Archgun that resulted in a loss of functionality.
*Fixed inability to descend or dodge while Hildryn’s Aegis Storm is active on controller.
*Fixed ability to get stuck forever dodging by spamming dodge during Hildryn’s Aegis Storm.
*Fixed using Hildryn Aegis Storm causing airdodge to require one of your jumps for the rest of the mission (or until respawn).
*Fixes toward cases of a forced Host Migration in the Orb Vallis. This was largely experienced if Player 1 in the squad was transitioning to Deck 12, while Player 2 was attempting to join-in-progress from Fortuna. Players who then attempted to join Player 2’s session would then be migrated as well, and so on so forth like an aggressive Helminth Cyst. This fixes the “Host Migration Cyst” from spreading, but there will still be a Host Migration if you join during that very rare small window where existing players are transitioning to Deck 12. 
*Further fixes towards a progression stopper in the Sand of Inaros quest where the enemy Inaros would be invulnerable. 
*Fixed cases of numerous other bosses being invulnerable (Kela De Thaym, Tyl Regor, etc) for Clients.
*Fixed trying to claim the Mote Amp Blueprint when you have no Amp Slots left, showing an incorrect error that your account is invalid.
*Fixed Meleeing after throwing your Fishing Spear causing an inability to use weapons.
*Fixed clones from Ash’s Blade Storm (Rising Storm) and Equinox’s Metamorphosis Augment (Duality) not using the proper loadout in Dojo Duels as reported here: https://www.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/b2hapq/this_is_what_happens_when_you_take_duality/
*Fixed the Stalker spawning inside the floor during the Second Dream quest.
*Further fixes towards Host players appearing ‘UNARMED’ when transitioning from Cetus/Fortuna to Plains/Vallis. 
*Fixed Hildryn’s components not being Chat linkable. 
*Fixed Diluted Thermia not being Chat linkable.
*Fixed the curly Operator Hairstyles looking pixelated when viewed in bright lighting.
*Fixed the World State Window overlapping the Profile UI.
*Fixed Soma and Soma Forest-Camo Skin not feeding the clip through the gun as you fire.
*Fixed the Larkspur not having the Archwing symbol in the Arsenal, which made sorting by name incorrect.
*Fixed missing Scourge hit sounds.
*Fixed noise spam from Itzal Escort Drone laser beams.
*Fixed numerous script errors when using certain abilities in Frame Fighter.
*Fixed a script error when viewing Larkspur in the Arsenal.
	type: Hotfix
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Buried Debts: Hotfix 24.5.1
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1071547-buried-debts-hotfix-2451/
	date: 2019-03-15T21:08:17Z
	changes: Buried Debts: Hotfix 24.5.1:
Fixed certain TennoGen Skins not granting the accompanying Helmet. A relog will rectify!
Exploiter Orb’s Fire Wall ability now cools down gradually instead of in a single big chunk.
Exploiter Orb heat gauge no longer shows in the HUD if you’re not in that Phase of the fight.
Thermia can no longer be destroyed when lying on the ground before you pick it up.
Increased the visual indication of where the Thermia Dispensers are during Phase 1 of the Exploiter Orb fight.
Minor tweaks to the Exploiter Orb vent explosion sounds.
Fixed crashing when Mining after transitioning to Deck 12. You will still notice Mining veins in these areas, but you’ll be unable to interact with them due to the crash risk.
Fixed a crash occurring during the Exploiter Orb vent cinematic scene.
Fixed a crash that could occur in Phase 1 of the Exploiter Orb fight.
Fixed a script error after destroying the Exploiter Orb’s vents in Phase 1 that resulted in an inability to continue. 
Fixed Warframe becoming invulnerable and being unable to use Operator if you attempted to use Transference while loading into Deck 12.
Fixed Nekros’ Desecrate removing the Exploiter Orbs body, resulting in missing death explosion.
Fixed Exploiter Orb heat gauge persisting on the UI after death.

*Fixed a progression stopper in the Sands of Inaros quest from an inability to defeat the Tomb Guardians. 
*Fixed a progression stopper in the Kela De Thaym boss fight where she would become invulnerable. 
*Fixed a crash when entering the Arsenal as Operator.
*Fixed the Aures Diadem to be in the Facial Accessory category for the Operator. 
*Fixed Operators not appearing invisible in Plains/Vallis when in Void Mode if Operator was used in Cetus/Fortuna.
*Fixed advanced map markers being delayed when adjusting the map at low frame rates.
*Fixed Conclave Challenges not showing their progress correctly in the pop up UI after completion. 
*Fixed a script error when viewing Archwing Abilities in the Arsenal as a Client.
*Fixed inability Transfer back to your Warframe after having fallen off the map while in Operator mode in The Index.
	type: Hotfix
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Buried Debts: Update 24.5.0
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1070992-buried-debts-update-2450/
	date: 2019-03-14T21:06:12Z
	changes: Upon picking up a Datamass, a Melee to gun swap will automatically equip your Secondary weapon instead of your Primary weapon, which would make you drop the Datamass.
Pressing F when in Melee mode now switches you back to your "other" weapon. For example, if your Primary weapon is equipped when you trigger a Melee attack, you will return to your Primary weapon when you aim or fire. If you instead press F while in Melee mode, you will now equip your Secondary weapon.
Fixed a case where you could be left in an UNARMED state after using a non-Melee Exalted weapon (like Hildryn's Balefire) and went back to Melee when you had no other weapons in your loadout, having gone Melee only to that mission.
Fixed the Operator's Vazarin Guardian Shell not manifesting the charged Void Blast shield.
Fixed an issue where auto-blocking could cancel the charged/heavy Melee attacks.
Implemented fixes toward briefly being unable to Melee after an Aerial Attack, which breaks the flow of battle.
Fixed being able to Quick Melee when you equip an Archgun with either a Primary or Secondary equipped before that.
Fixed the Melee-only Parry becoming a toggle that you can't release until you attack for Clients.
Fixes towards the Wise Razor Stance giving unintended extreme velocity. Comical yes, but clearly an oversight of gravity!
Fixed the Melee combo menu not updating with the proper button inputs to use Melee when using a controller. 
Fixed missing Melee Channeling binding callout in the Advanced Melee screen of the Codex when using a controller.
Fixed a number of Melee attacks that could leave weapon trails active after the attack is finished.
Fixed losing your crouch position when initiating a Melee to gun swap while crouching.
Hildryn can use her custom dodge while in Aegis Storm at the cost of her Shields (50). We're starting with this cost because many abilities of this nature have movement restrictions that can be overcome with Augments (Peacemaker, Resonating Quake, Assimilate). We want to try out a movement cost before we tweak further based on feedback. 
Removed additional sound for Hildryn's Haven ability based on feedback.
Removed ability to access Gear/Emote/Hotkeys when Hildryn is in Aegis Storm due to it breaking functionality. 
Fixed Clients seeing incorrect animation when observing a Host Hildryn in her Aegis Storm ability.
1) We have Restored Arcanes not triggering from Exalted weapons across the board by reverting the change made in Update 24.4.0:
Dispatch Overdrive now applies to Garuda’s Talons when equipped.
Balance is a conversation that we constantly have, and we see you having as well. For some people the answer is don't nerf things, buff everything else. This is the path of least resistance for us, as most of the player base is happy when we buff, and angry when we nerf. However this has a few side effects that impact the game as a whole. First, with more damage, the time to kill on enemies is lowered and the value of Crowd Control declines even more (Vauban?!). Higher max damage also means that players with the latest bells and whistles can easily kill bosses in an instant, and overcome any challenge with ease. The more your play, the easier the game gets!
So far we have been kicking the can down the road, accepting power creep and its consequences on the game 
and often this game is a 'kill all the things' based game. We've mostly done nerfs on things that could be automated, required no player interaction or removed options from the game by making all other choices bad. We will continue to wrestle with this, but the most important part is when and if we decide major balance changes are needed, we will let you know and it will be the result of a lot of consideration. Design changes like this need to be more tempered and considered.
Thanks for hanging in there through all this confusion. Six years in and we are still learning how to do this.
K-Drive Race Standing has been doubled!
Standing gained per Gate is now 200
Max Standing gained per Race is now 6000
Coolant Raknoids now pop their backs on death 
The Trading screen now contains a Riven category and specific search functionality!
Removed an unintended projectile launch on the 2nd charge attack of the Tatsu. This feature (as many have already determined) is unfinished, and will be revisited in the near future. Possibly tied to a certain Warframe...
Corpus have improved their vent construction by removing momentum killing edges as reported here: https://old.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/azz6m4/de_can_we_for_the_love_of_lotus_remove_those_tiny/
Reduced the frequency at which Nora Night’s daily transmissions play.
Widened a damaged bunker opening in the Kuva Survival tileset. You know the one.
Slight improvements towards hitches occurring when approaching Bases in Orb Vallis.
Cleaned up Gammacor and Staticor FX.

*Your global Data Hash scanning has not gone unnoticed, Tenno. As a Community, you’re close to cracking the code, but not close enough, and that’s our fault. Our predicted end goal was determined to be unreachable in a reasonable amount of time, so we’ve made some manual data tweaks to allow Scans to progress the Operation at a quicker rate to get everyone closer to the next climactic stage. We’ll be mindful moving forward of these end goals for similar Operations. See here for updated Data Hash information:
*Once the code has been cracked in-game, more information will become available.
*Garuda Successor Skin by prosetisen
*Nidus Night Hunter Skin by Mz-3
*Ivara Astrea Skin by Rekkou
*Saryn Blade of the Lotus Skin by BeastBuster
*Excalibur Ion Skin by Yatus
*Rhino Ion Skin by Yatus
*Mesa Kudegra Skin by malayu and Xtygian
*Revenant Immortuos Helmet by Lubox
*Nikana Shinigami Skin by Hitsu San and Reil
*Nikana Mithra Skin lukinu_u
*Aures Diadem by lukinu_u and HariPear
*Lumis Oculus by lukini_u
*Kiritsune Oculus by Actionman
*Optima Oculus by Swanky Swaggernaut and DeadNexus_
*Dominus Syandana by led2012 and jaeon009
*Fixed crashes when running in DirectX 10 mode.
*Fixed Drahk Master permanently stealing weapons from Clients.
*Fixed Elemental Beast Companion Mods not allowing all Status combinations. 
*Fixed Revenant Reave being able to give a Mesmer Skin charge to Operators.
*Fixed Client players not having their weapons in their hand properly when leaving Cetus/Fortuna via Gate/Elevator.
*Fixed Crates not spawning in Orb Vallis after returning to Fortuna.
*Fixed Nightwave Dailies appearing as progress for Weekly challenge completions as reported here: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1070598-does-the-nightwave-progression-x10-mean-i-have-to-avoid-nightwave-dailies/
*Fixed the Razorback appearing to have a fresh coat of blue paint.
*Fixed Clients not seeing updated Elemental FX when changing Mods in the Simulacrum.
*Fixed part of the Capture FX not appearing correctly if you were invisible (with Loki, for instance, the sparks wouldn't be directed into his hands).
*Fixed Khora's Venari not displaying color changes in the Abilities diorama.
*Fixed the Venka elemental FX lingering when holstered in the Orbiter.
*Fixed the FX of the Operator's Void Blast spawning in the ground below their feet.
*Fixed Weapon elemental VF always appearing blue for Clients if the Host is using the default Energy color.
*Fixed headless Warframes in the Archwing Ability screen.
*Fixed Darvo running in slow motion in an attempt to keep up with you.
*Fixed the Terra Raptor appearing tilted when hovering.
*Fixed the Star Chart UI not maintaining your previous ‘Episode Status’ or ‘Resource Drone’ selection.
*Fixed missing Trigger stat for Gaze Chamber Kitguns in Rude Zuud’s crafting screen.
*Fixed the Fugitives UI persisting when in Orb Vallis/Plains if not all Fugitives are Captured while in an active encounter.
*Fixed the Arcane slot in the Upgrade screen remaining highlighted after install.
*Fixed missing Staticor Ammo UI upon swapping.
*Fixed overlapping UI in the Nightwave Tier Rank up screen.
*Fixed broken Glyph image when Trading.
*Fixed the Perla Pistol Skin losing its clip on certain weapons.
*Fixed hearing Headshot sounds when firing the Flux Rifle.
*Fixed Nora Night ‘Fugitive success’ transmission playing regardless of success or fail.
*Fixed incorrect mesh pieces when equipping the Hammers Palatine Skin on the Volnus.
*Fixed a script error when accessing Konzu’s Bounty board after completing an Eidolon Hunt.
*Fixed a script error when accessing the Arcane Manager screen.
*Cleaned up some space (some as much as 550mb) as a result of the Dx9 removal.
	type: Update
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: http://n9e5v4d8.ssl.hwcdn.net/uploads/5576015e88951a00ab3824307aea467a.jpg
	name: Buried Debts: Hotfix 24.4.4 +
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1069857-buried-debts-hotfix-2444-24441/
	date: 2019-03-11T21:01:34Z
	changes: Buried Debts: Hotfix 24.4.4:
Changed the following when Thunderdrum Loader is used with Catchmoon Chamber:
Critical Chance increased from 13% to 17%
Status Chance decreased from 35% to 28%
Reduced the Affinity gained from killing Coolant Raknoids from 1500 to 300.
Refined the end of mission screen for Thermia Fracture progress to show you what you received in that single mission vs. a cumulative total, which could be misleading. 
Hildryn can now use Shields for Melee Channeling!
Selecting the Foundry notification in the UI will now take you to the appropriate Foundry screen to claim.
Updated the Neutron Star Augment description to match updated behaviour.

*Fixed Assassinate targets being immortal due to enemy enhancements stacking/applying to them.
*Fixed Assassinate targets spawning very far away from their Base area.
*Fixes towards Assassinate Bounty areas not spawning the enemy types requested in the ‘Kill All’ phase.
*As all reported here:
*Fixed a crash when viewing Warframe Ability videos in the Arsenal.
*Fixed an issue where some Arbitration Shield Drones would not work. 
*Fixed a crash when playing The Index.
*Fixed "melee with fire weapon input" causing Revenant’s Danse Macabre to be unboostable when a Melee weapon is equipped.
*Fixed Plains of Eidolon sometimes looking desaturated at times.
*Fixed unequipping Balefire in Aegis Storm would cause issues for Hildryn. 
*Fixed incorrect Energy colors on the Pox when the Tarock Thrown Blade Skin is equipped.
*Fixed an issue where Mining would cause a loss of functionality. 
*Fixed incorrect scaling on the Larkspur FX when used in Submersible missions.
*Fixed the Gram using Galatines elemental FX.
*Fixed the Redeemer Prime firing FX.
*Fixed missing Critical Melee hit FX.
*Fixed Cave minimaps appearing incorrectly. 
*Fixed incorrect positioning of the ‘Active Events’ UI element when in the Star Chart screen.
*Fixed a UI overlap when attempting to Trade in the Dojo while browsing your Inventory. 
*Fixed the Hydrolyst lightning strike all striking at the same angle/rotation.
*Fixing sometimes seeing black squares when casting Nyx's Chaos ability.
*Fixed incorrect Impact sounds of Kronsh Zaws.
*Fixed script error when casting Hildryn’s Shield Pillage and Balefire ability.
*Fixed a script error when casting Titania’s Lantern ability.
*Fixed a script error when casting Garuda’s Blood Altar ability.
*Fixed a script error when casting Ash’s Blade Storm ability.
*Fixed a script error when casting Ember’s Fire Blast ability.
*Fixed a script error when casting Revenant’s Mesmer Skin ability.
*Fixed an issue with Melee Phase 1 breaking aspects of Frame Fighter.
*Fixed a crash that could occur when deploying your Archwing.
*Fix Magus Repair reviving downed Allies and applying to Operators as reported here: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1068311-magus-repair-instantly-revives-downed-allies/ 
*Fixed missing UI icon when crafting an Amp with Little Duck.
	type: Hotfix
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Buried Debts: Hotfix 24.4.3
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1068816-buried-debts-hotfix-2443/
	date: 2019-03-09T21:17:52Z
	changes: Buried Debts: Hotfix 24.4.3:

*Fixed slow-loading black screen on Warframe Ability videos.
	type: Hotfix
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Buried Debts: Hotfix 24.4.2
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1068218-buried-debts-hotfix-2442/
	date: 2019-03-08T23:25:35Z
	changes: Buried Debts: Hotfix 24.4.2:
Tenno, thank you kindly for your feedback, videos, and reactions so far on last night's Melee changes! We've been live for less than 24 hour with Phase 1 and we're going to start experimenting a little bit with some feedback. Our first experiment has to do with players who are truly committed to 'The Sword Alone'.
Manual blocking/parry has been added when players wield only a Melee weapon in a mission (i.e NO Secondary or Primary equipped). This is possible because in this specific state, the keybindings are free to allow this manual blocking. We do not plan on adding it to any other state yet. The default keybind for this is RMB/Right Mouse Button (LT for controller), as it was in the past.
Melee Channeling can no longer be rebound on Controller due to it completely breaking Melee 2.99997 changes. We apologize for the discomfort this may cause for those who have built their controllers comfortably around a different binding. You can't make an omelette without cracking some eggs!
Fixed a widespread issue where players using Controllers could no longer Aim after the Melee 2.99997 changes. This affected numerous mechanics like Aim Gliding, Melee Channeling, etc.
We’ll be continuing to monitor controller issues as they arise! If you’re still having issues, restoring your Controller bindings to ‘Default’ will help in the meantime. Please let us know of further issues!
Fixed an issue where attempting to reload your Primary/Secondary while in Melee mode would not transition you back to your gun.
Removed Hildryn's Shield-gate mechanic that was applying to Eidolon Lures, resulting in an invulnerability for 3 seconds after their Shields are destroyed before becoming vulnerable again.
Fixes towards Teralyst (and possibly Gantulyst/Hydrolyst) getting stuck in the Plains which caused constant teleporting all over the landscape.
Fixes towards Teralyst (and possibly Gantulyst/Hydrolyst) not using abilities.
Hildryn's Main Blueprint has moved from Vox Solaris' Offering Rank of Shadow (Rank 5) to Agent (Rank 2).
Greatly reduced the camera angle when casting Hildryn’s Haven.
Fixed Hildryn’s Shield Pillage not removing Status Effects for Clients.
Fixed Hildryn being able to use ziplines (and other context actions) while in Aegis Storm.
Fixed script errors when casting Hildryn’s Balefire.
Improvements towards the Operator curly hair hairlines to show less scalp.
Balanced the Jat Kittag spark FX for less visual noise.
The Rakta Dark Dagger’s innate upgrade on equip is now called Mind Haze.

*Clarified and corrected the Buried Debts data-hashes section of the World State Window to read as ‘UNDISCOVERED’ when you haven't scanned any data-hashes yet, instead of ‘SCANNED’.
*Updated the Diluted Thermia description to read:
*A magma like liquid that is diluted with coolant during the extraction process. Thermia can be found fracturing the surface of the Orb Vallis during thermal flare-ups. Could this be the key to weakening the Exploiter Orb's defenses?
*Diluted Thermia now displays as a special pickup in the UI (similar to Argon Crystal, etc).
*Amalgam Mods can now be Chat linked and found in the Codex.
*Fixed a crash when engaging with a Thermia Fracture.
*Fixed Coolant Canisters disappearing if you picked them up too quickly.
*Hotdropped a fixed early this morning that was preventing players from downloading Warframe from the website. If you experienced this issue please try again!
*Fixed real money purchased weapons (Prime Access, etc) not coming potatoed (Orokin Catalyst). Missing potatoes have been rectified to affected accounts in either your Inventory or the respective potatoless weapon depending on if you potatoed after the purchase was made.
*Fixed inability to login when playing in Steam Big Picture mode.
*Fixed cases of some enemies not attacking in Plains or Orb Vallis.
*Fixed a crash that occurred when unzooming or switch weapons during Mining.
*Fixed inability to Trade if it includes an Ayatan Star.
*Fixed Exard Scaffold not resetting damage resistances on Sentients.
*Fixed Harrow’s Penance recast not refreshing Duration.
*Fixed Gara’s Splinter Storm self timer not being refreshed when affected by Mass Vitrify.
*Fixed the Tarock Thrown Blade Skin not applying to the Spira Prime or Hikou Prime once thrown.
*Fixed missing FX/texture for Rhino’s Iron Skin.
*Fixed missing Elemental FX for the Glaive Prime.
*Fixed Kitgun FX lingering perpetually if the Glaive is also equipped.
*Fixed Warframe Ability videos turning white after unfocusing on the Ability.
*We’re still seeing some playback issues with these that we’re investigating! 
*Fixed missing functionality when clicking an active Resource Booster in the UI.
*Fixed Foundry UI notifications displaying a filepath.
*Fixed [PH] context actions in the Mastery Rank 27 test.
*Fixed a script error when accessing the Dojo Room Option Panel.
	type: Hotfix
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Buried Debts: Hotfix 24.4.1
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1067531-buried-debts-hotfix-2441/
	date: 2019-03-08T05:01:21Z
	changes: Buried Debts: Hotfix 24.4.1:

*Fixed seeing the global community Thermia Fractures progress towards Fracture stability instead of your personal progress if you don't have any progress yet. You should now only see your personal progress in the Navigation Panel.
*Fixes towards the Coolant Canister not remaining at the last Thermia Fracture that was sealed if it was very far away.
*Fixed random crashes when transitioning to different levels (Orb Vallis to Fortuna, Fortuna to Orbiter, etc).
*Fixed a crash when fighting Raknoids in Orb Vallis.
*Fixed a crash in the Warframe Abilities screen when viewing one that includes the Ability video.
*Fixed a script error that resulted in an inability to continue Mining.
*Fixed a UI lockup when following a Chat link to any item with a Sugatra while you have a Zaw equipped. 
*Fixed UI lockup that would occur if you checked Abilities for an Archwing.
*Fixed Baruuk's Desert Wind slam attack not working. Slam attack now always pushes enemies away (would previously pull if you were parrying).
*Fixed Sepfahn Zaws dealing only Heat damage.
*Fixed missing finisher sounds for the Tatsu.
*Fixed a long-standing issue with Ivara being able to remain cloaked while performing a Bullet Jump when using Prowl, while Solo or Host. Parkour is intended to break Prowl's cloak.
	type: Hotfix
	description: We’re actively investigating issues arising with Controller functionality relating to Melee 2.99997 changes (Aim Gliding, Meleeing, etc).
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Buried Debts: Update 24.4.0
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1067397-buried-debts-update-2440/
	date: 2019-03-08T02:01:23Z
	additions: A Mastery Rank 27 Test has been added!
Added a shockwave that ragdolls nearby enemies when using the Archgun Deployer.
Added new Business and Hai-Luk VO lines about Fish rarity.
Added different aim pose animations for enemy MOAs. 
Added a hint sound to the Fishing Spear during Profit-Taker Bounty Phase 1.
Added stats to your Warframe’s Passive description in the Abilities menu.
Added sword impact sound effect to Excalibur’s Slash Dash for a little added oomph as your slice through your foes!
Added whooshing sounds to Valkyr’s Hysteria heavy attack.
Added extra spicy FX to Heavy Weapon equip of the Grattler and Fluctus.

	changes: Buried Debts: Update 24.4.0:

The first Mainline Update of 2019 has arrived! A massive amount of fixes, changes, additions and more have been collected since our last Mainline (The Profit-Taker) and splayed below for you! Sometimes WIP features slip through the cracks and launch unbeknownst to us 
so if you see some weirdness please let me know!
Launching shortly after this Update is live is our first Operation of 2019. This entire Update is about 2.7 GB, get ready! What follows is a summary of the Operation post!
This Operation begins with a Community Goal 
the hunt is on, Tenno. Can you unlock the secrets of the dead? If you've been paying attention to Devstreams, you may already know where to start looking...
You can receive Operation Specific Rewards by participating in parts of this event.
The first reward is more abstract 
you can expand the Orb Vallis by solving a puzzle.... Together.
Thermia fractures are cracking open the surface of Venus, a consequence of Nef Anyo’s unrelenting greed. He’s willing to do whatever it takes for a quick profit, including putting the whole Orb Vallis at risk. By figuring out how to stop the Thermia fractures, you're able to earn these rewards:
Operation Emblem
Amalgam Mods x4
Operation Sigil
Opticor Vandal
You get 1 point for each Thermia Fracture you close 
if you close 4 Fractures with 1 Coolant canister, you get 3 bonus points (7 total)!
And eventually, an incredible new boss fight will unlock where you can earn Hildryn! We are expecting this to take approximately a week with the estimated pacing of this Operation. Free players 
we appreciate your patience, rest assured Hildryn is a completely free Warframe for you to earn as the Operation unfolds!
Good luck, Tenno. You can all help each other if you know where to look.

Hildryn can be obtained via the Market, Little Duck Offering (Main BP), and as drops from a new Boss fight.

Hildryn Asuron Helmet can be acquired in the Market and in Nightwave’s next Series Offerings.
Surator Syandana can be acquired in the Market.
Larkspur can be acquired in the Market and in the Tenno Lab Clan Research.
Hildryn Collection can be acquired in the Market.

Quaro Syandana can be acquired in the Market.

Limbo Limina Collection can be acquired in the Market.

Tatsu can be acquired in the Market.

your favorite melee weapon probably feels a little different today. Today we bring you Phase 1 of 2019’s melee upgrade 
we hope you love all the gorgeous new visual effects, streamlined combat, and high fidelity hit reactions! Here's what you can expect:
No one knows the power of their Arsenal better than the Tenno 
your adaptability and skill with the blade will be tested, and as we continue these changes, we rely on your feedback!
If you missed the full workshop discussing Phase 1, you can catch it here:

Glaive slam range increased to 5m
Warfan slam range increased to 5m
Dagger slam range increased to 5m
Dual dagger slam range increased to 6m
Claw weapon slam range increased to 6m
Gunblade slam range increased to 5m
Nunchaku slam range increased to 6m
Sword and Shield slam range increased to 7m
Single Sword slam range increased to 7m
Blade Whip slam range increased to 7m
Rapier slams increased to 6m
Dual Sword slam range increased to 8m
Tonfa slam range increased to 8m
Machete slam range increased to 7m
Nikana slam range increased to 6m
Hammer slam range increased to 9m
Staff slam range increased to 6m
Polearm slam range adjusted to 7m
Scythe slam range increased to 8m
Heavy Blade slam range increased to 8m
Fists weapon slam range increased to 8m
Sparring weapon slam range increased to 7m
A full Visual FX pass has been done for Phase 1! Because this is Phase 1, it 'means all the unique weapons will have new generic FX for a little while (Jat Kittag etc.) until we can get through them all and make new clean variants'.
New and cleaner FX have been created with the idea of beautifully short, highly detailed lifespans. Not infinite 
meaning the 'Constant Weapon Trail' option will be removed as a result of this change (at least for Phase 1, we really do think it looks better removed).
Blocking with a melee weapon is no longer keybound, it is automatic when facing enemies who are dealing damage to you in melee mode. Your Reticle determines all!
Channeling is now a toggle set to your alt-fire button when in melee mode.
Your 'F' button (if using default key bindings) now exclusively swaps between Primary and Secondary weapons with a tap.
Your left mouse button is gun fire, always, instantly.
Your right mouse button is now aim, always, instantly.
We are adding a toggle to preserve one aspect of the older melee system. You will be able to toggle an option, allowing you to continue melee attacks with the left mouse button once in melee mode.
Updated Reticles: Melee mode has received its own reticle!
Archwing: Arch-Melee & Archgun now also use the 'instant swap' behaviour.
Dual Wield (i.e Glaive & Single Secondary) is still supported!
Exalted weapons will also benefit from the uninterrupted swaps! Be aware that Energy will still drain, even when swapping between weapons!
AI hit reacts are getting updated! Enemies will have a more visceral/realistic response to the various hits you dish out.
With Melee Blocking now automatic, the Blocking angle has been reduced to 45 degrees.
Sigma & Octantis and Cobra & Crane Shield throw animations have been shortened and speed increased. 
If using no custom Energy color, the weapon will inherit the colors of the Elemental FX (or base trails if no elements are present). This unifies all colors (swing FX, trails, hit FX, etc).
Rakta Dark Dagger’s equipped bonus is now an innate upgrade that triggers on equip and lasts for 30 secs (refreshed on Melee equip).
Vaykor Sydon’s Radial Blind now triggers upon toggling Melee Channel on/off if you have the required charges stored.

Introducing a new way to customize your Warframe: Ephemera! These new 'ATTACHMENTS' can only be earned and crafted by the brave. Once you acquire an Ephemera Blueprint and craft it, the ability to equip an Ephemera will appear in your Arsenal under Attachments!
Seeding Step Ephemera (obtained from Arbitrations)
Freezing Step Ephemera (obtained from New Boss Fight)
Shocking Step Ephemera (obtained from New Boss Fight)
Blazing Step Ephemera (obtained from Elite Sanctuary Onslaught)
Bleeding Body Ephemera (obtained from Arbitration Honors)
Smoking Body Ephemera (obtained from Stalker)

3 new curly haired Operator Hairstyles are now available! Choose from Curly Bun, Curly Braid, or Curly Ponytail.
In addition, Operator hairline has been improved to show less scalp. The Tenno have improved their hair care routine and it shows!

Corpus inspired Highbrow, Two-Sloops, and Thugs Blueprints are available from Roky! Lord a tha board!
Bounties are now available out in the Plains of Eidolon! Certain tents placed throughout the Plains contain a console that encompasses the power to contact Konzu himself (when he’s not on his early lunch). 
With Bounties now available out in the Plains, Incursions have been removed. These were meant to give players something optional to do as they spend their time in the Plains, but since Bounties can be activated on command, they no longer serve a purpose.
Polished numerous Junction boss fights to have better power usage and combat pacing. 
Rewrote Melee section of the “Training: Basics” Codex entry. 
Rewrote Melee 2.0 section and renamed to “Advanced Melee” and moved to be beside "Advanced Movement".
Removed "Dark Sectors" section from the Training Codex.
The Warframe Abilities screen has received a visual and functional overhaul! 
Ability information is now displayed in a more condensed form, with hover-over functionality to display specific Stats and expand the information. 
A new ‘Tips’ section can be hover-overed to display tips for that respective Warframe’s Abilities such as tricks to synergize with other Warframes, most effective Damage output methods, Ability interactions within the Warframe it self, and more!
Respective Ability videos now also appear upon hover-over to add that little extra spice! This initial Ability video aspect is currently functional for Excalibur, Mag, Volt, Garuda, Baruuk, Revenant, and Hildryn! More to gradually come!
Your chosen UI Theme is now thematically reflected.
The Arcane Manager has received a visual overhaul to match the chosen UI Theme! Along with the new visual appeal, the Manager now also:
Lists which Arcanes you do not own (hovering over will display information)
Arcane Ranks displayed on the right-side are now selectable, allowing for a more direct Rank Up mechanic.
The Dojo Trading screen has received an overhaul!
6 Trading Slots instead of 5! 
Faster item selection responsiveness and improved UI to help you easily find the items you want to Trade.
Respective Warframe Ability stats can now be seen in the Warframe Arsenal Upgrade screen.
The Dojo Decoration screen and Dojo Room Construction screen now reflects your chosen UI Theme!
HUD Damage Numbers and Affinity Numbers can now be separately toggled in the Interface Settings! 
Right clicking an Arcane in the Mod Upgrade screen now unequips it, similar to Mods.
If Coupons, Boosters, 2x Events, etc are active, hovering over the Icon in the top right will display a list of the respective active events.
Numerous widespread changes to capitalized vs lowercase UI text.
Adjusted the size and positioning of the generic notification popup.
Removed “.” period characters from names of Weapons and Pets.
Updated all mentions of Solar Map/Solar Chart to Star Chart.
Added checkmark to the ‘Ready to Trade’ UI screen.  
Improved successful Mining discrepancies where it would appear you hit the perfect sweet spot in the heat gauge but were told otherwise.
Fixed stats when previewing Amp Parts while the Preview Gilded option is toggled appearing as Ungilded > Gilded. Now, it compares Gilded > Gilded with the new Amp Part.
Fixed UI lock after selecting ‘Replicate’ and then closing the Research screen in the Dojo.
Fixed certain Warframe Passive descriptions in the purchase screen and info popup not showing proper values.
Fixed UI breaking when sending someone a Gift and then traveling to Fortuna.
Fixed some UI Themes not maintaining respective text color.
Fixed Gear Spiral items displaying darker than expected when viewed in the Arsenal.
Fixed the Mining UI will disappear if killed while Mining.
Fixed Valkyr’s Warcry UI not reflecting the Eternal War Mods timer increase.
In Update 24.2, we included a number of changes to increase controller responsiveness. The initial changes caused the slightest changes in trigger pressure to interrupt firing and ADS 
which is being experienced predominantly with continuous fire weapons such as fully automatic and beam weapons (including Mining tools). This is due to a far too small trigger release threshold between firing and not firing.
This is, however, very effective with pistol weapons where a limited threshold allows for quick trigger taps.
With that said, this update is bringing the following changes to address the above:
We have increased the trigger release sensitivity so that there is more space for error between firing and release. This will help curb the muscle fatigue experienced with having to maintain constant pressure on the triggers as well as alleviate the accidental breaks in firing and aiming. This will require a bit more pressure to be released on the triggers before you will stop aiming and firing.
We increased trigger release sensitivity but maintained press sensitivity to strike balance between quick tap and continuous fire weapons. In other words, we have maintained the firing ease of Pistol weapons with quick trigger taps but have increased the freedom to apply various levels of pressure with continuous fire weapons.
While this has felt much better overall in testing, we know that some may find that the increase still constraints gameplay in some form. More importantly, Tenno with disabilities may also find that this limits their ability to play. So we have also added 2 new sliders in Options > Controls to adjust trigger sensitivity to your liking:

The sliders will allow you to tailor exactly how much pressure you feel is most comfortable/close to your preference of play.
The homing energy projectiles that Enthrall pillars emit now have a chance to Enthrall enemies while inflicting damage if there is room in the Enthrall cap. This allows Enthrall to spread more organically, and as the cap is reached, damage continues on other targets. 
Fixed Revenant becoming stuck in his spinning animations if he becomes downed during Danse Macabre. 
Fixed Mesmer Skin consuming multiple charges when getting hit multiple times in the same frame from the same enemy (e.g. a projectile that hits you and explodes).
Lowered the Standing cost of the Tulok and Param Fishing Spears to 500 and made them available at Rank 0.
Improved the visibility of the Color Pigment Research in the Clan Log by adding further detailed information as well as color coded texted to each respective Pigment.
Assassinate encounters are no longer global, they are now localized to a specific area within a radius. 
The encounter can be abandoned by leaving the radius.
We made this change because we received feedback that players are getting frustrated that they are so widely separated when trying to achieve the same goal in Bounties. 
Changed bonus objective of the Corpus Assassinate Bounty on Vallis: the Bounty will now fail if enough Credits are not gathered before the timer runs out, and Tenno will earn a bonus for collecting enough Credits within a shorter amount of time. This Bounty didn’t have a failstate like others, so we tweaked the objective and bonus objective for consistency. 
The timer now scales based on how many players are in the squad. 
The less players there are the more time is granted to complete.  
Assassinate target now scales based on how many players are in the squad. 
Changed the cover evaluator for the Assassination targets in Orb Vallis Bounties so that they don’t run as far to find cover.

Once the 'mission complete' interval is met, players can head to extraction any time they choose (i.e 5 minutes for Survival). 
Any player at extraction triggers a countdown timer. 
If all players leave the extraction zone, the countdown timer is cancelled.
When the timer is up, the extraction ship arrives and any players in the extraction zone leave.
Anyone still playing can extract later any time they choose.
We have made some much requested changes to the responsiveness of two things in Warframe: Weapon swapping and automatic doors. Right now in Warframe, if you are connected as a client you may have experienced delays in responsiveness of either of these essential things! The changes should result in a much smoother experience:
Swapping weapons as a Client will now feel more responsive because we've made it Client-Authoritative.
Automatic Doors have been made Client-Authoritative. Previously there were cases of door not opening in tandem with the Host if any latency was experienced
Cameras now have a number indication to help differentiate them when viewing a large number of cameras together in one scene.
Visualized cameras can now be selected by gazing at them in Free Cam Mode. 
Enabled pressing X to play the camera in Captura.
Minor fixes for camera animation and post process lingering after Free Cam Mode is exited.
Fixed the Flox Syandana not unfolding its wings in the Arsenal and Captura.
The Navigation Window (where Alerts used to propagate) now displays more information about current activities such as the Plains Time of Day, Orb Vallis Temperature, Nightwave Acts, and more!
Operator Void Dash no longer 'collides' with enemies if you didn't actually move with your Void Dash.
Corinth Mastery Rank requirement reduced to 8 from 10.
The Chesa Kubrow Retrieve Precept has been changed to reflect the following mechanic:
Chesa Kubrow now attempts to retrieve the single closest loot, the same way Nekros’ Desecrate does.
K-Drive races now award Affinity towards the actually K-Drive, not just Ventkid Standing!
Removed Synthula from Rotation A (Survival, Defense, Interception) rewards and made into a Clan Research Blueprint. 
Increased Stim buff duration to NPC’s from 30 seconds to 120. 
Changed Burston building requirements to 600 Ferrite instead of 600 Nano Spores.
Exodia Contagion now requires you to be Aim Gliding to launch the Infested energy projectile.
Cleaned up grenade sounds across all enemies 
Corpus and Grineer now have unique grenade warning beeps and explosions!
Magus Revert now has a 3 second cooldown. This cooldown is a result of macro abuse in conjunction with Magus Lockdown and Madurai Meteoric Dash in order to deal an absurd amount of damage all at once. This change also fixes the issue:
Fixed ability to Void Dash contentiously for no Energy cost when Magus Lockdown, Magus Revert, and Madurai Meteoric Dash are triggered.
Reflex Guard Mod has changed from 55% Auto Parry Chance to +100% Parry Angle.
Renamed Limbo’s Haven Augment Mod to Rift Haven.
Improved hand placement in the kneeling animation when logging into Warframe where chonkier Warframes appeared to have their hands clipping through their legs.
Small tweak towards the Corpus Sapping Osprey mine area-of-effect to better convey the hazardous radius.
Tweaked Corpus Ospreys movement to have more bodily rotation. 
Nova’s Neutron Star Augment has been updated to reflect the following mechanic change:
Null Stars (on recast) are shot to enemies within 30 meters (closer enemies prioritized), on contact they explode for the same area-of-effect they do today. If it can't find any enemies they explode like they do now.
Tweaked Vallis Terra enemy lasers to be thinner/fade near the end, and to be more freezing/snow looking versus electric.
Updated the firing FX of the Opticor.
Optimizations for multi-core processing that were not possible with Windows XP.
Optimized Orb Vallis level visibility and zoning.
Optimized certain effects when hidden (such as the Edo Prime shoulder plate channelling electricity).
Made some micro-optimizations to UI performance in Orbiter and on Pause screens.
Made a micro-optimization to texture prioritization.
Made some micro-optimizations to rendering.
Made some micro-optimizations to GPU particles.
Made numerous micro-optimizations to memory management.
Changed Limbo’s Stasis to no longer affect temporarily friendly enemies (Nyx’s Mind Control, Revenant’s Enthrall). 
Polished the Exergis reload animation for smoothness.  
Increased the radius of the Profit-Takers final explosion 
you betta run!
All Orbs in the Orb Vallis are now immune to the effects of Corrosive Projection.
If Alad V is killed before his taunt transmissions finish, the transmissions will now be cut off by his death cry.
Re-enabled ability to equip multiple Echo-Lures to the Gear Wheel. This allows for quicker access to desired Echo-Lure when in that heated Conservation moment!
Shockwaves caused by Heavy Impact or Rhino’s Passive now use your Energy colour.
Changed Garuda’s FX to green ooze and other particles for Tenno with Gore disabled.
Improved the Corpus Dropship explosions on Vallis for an added razzle dazzle. 
Increased the distance at which you can see Dropships warping in/out on the Plains of Eidolon. 
Reduced volume of Archgun load and reload sounds.
Melee combo damage multiplier now affects Baruuk Desert Wind waves.
Improved mesh details on the Operator chair.
Updated Jackal's materials to PBR.
Improved the camera shake on Baruuk’s Serene Storm ability.
Optimized Landscape level visibility and zoning of Orb Vallis minimap. 
Made some micro-optimizations to the launcher's cache verification tools. 
Made a micro-optimization to memory garbage collection performance.
Made some improvements to what Mods are prioritized when using auto install. 
Improved performance for Oberon’s Hallowed Eruption Augment.
Improved performance for the enemy MOA leap ability in Orb Vallis. 
Removed [PH] from Codex descriptions of Raknoid and Orb enemies.
Improved sky fog in the Grineer Sealab tileset.
Improved lighting & certain ramp sizes in the Grineer Sealab tileset.
Improved environmental AI on the Grineer Sealab tileset. 
Improvements towards AI pathing in the Grineer Asteroid Defection tileset. 
When Titania is in Razorwing, melee strikes on the butterflies no longer cause screen shake. 
Improved Shield Lancer strafing movement. 
Improved AI jump actions in the Grineer Forest Defense tileset to alleviate getting stuck on their path to the Defense Target reported here: https://old.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/auy1a2/the_enemies_ai_path_at_lith_defence_on_earth_is/
Tweaks to the Leech Osprey projectile mesh to fix it floating when stuck to the player.
Lowered Health of Grineer Arc Traps so they can be easily destroyed by a Melee radial slam.
Dispatch Overdrive now applies to Garuda’s Talons when equipped.

*Fixed Orb Vallis being improperly lit due to landscape surface shading. You should notice a eye-pleasing visual upgrade to your snowy surroundings!
*Fixed ability to re-enter Lua puzzle rooms by rejoining a Host migrated mission. 
*Fixed a crash when picking up any objective in Venus while playing at a lower frame rate.
*Fixed crash when equipping the Cutter/Drill too soon after loading into Plains/Vallis.
*Fixed opening two hidden Resource Caches at the same time preventing progression during a Bounty.
*Fixed Resource Caches sometimes spawning inside caves and outside caves at a much farther distance in Plains Bounties. 
*Fixed improperly ranked Solaris United players joining Orb Heists by rejoining a previous squad.
*Fixed Mag’s Crush granting Overshields to Operators.
*Fixed cases of Rift Surge not always banishing enemies as they exit Limbo’s Rift.
*Fixed some Heavy Zaws applying their innate damage multiplier to the base damage of Warframe’s with abilities that scale off their equipped melee (Atlas, Khora, etc).
*Fixed inability to destroy Nullifier bubbles when inside Khora’s Strangledome.
*Fixed an issue with Mesa's Ballistic Battery not working with the Ignis. 
*Fixed Operator Amps sometimes causes the Kuva cloud to disappear without properly giving Capture credit in a Kuva Siphon mission.
*Fixed issue where Redeemer and Redeemer Prime charged attacks had no Critical Chance.
*Fixed being able to receive rewards for a Syndicate Rank up even if the Rank didn't change.
*Fixed the 'Synth Charge' Mod being erroneously equippable on some Exalted Weapons. 
*Fixed issue where using Titania’s Razorwing with a heavy weapon equipped would cause her to carry the heavy weapon while flying and then render it unusable.
*Fixed issue with Orb Vallis Investigation and Rescue Bounties where the mission would not start if the player was on a K-Drive.
*Fixed Magus Repair not affecting Excalibur Umbra.
*Fixed Mag’s Magnetize not affecting ragdolled enemies, but still draining Energy upon attempted cast. 
*Fixed deploying your Heavy Weapon prior to the Jordas Golem Assassinate cutscene resulting in inability to use Archwing weapons during the fight.
*Fixed being able to cast Warframe abilities while pulling yourself up over a ledge, resulting in broken animations. Now you have to wait to pull yourself up before you can cast!
*Fixed Baruuk’s Restraint amount changing following a Host migration for Clients.
*Fixed Mutalist Quanta Alt Fire orbs not stacking.
*Fixed Saturn Six Fugitives displaying target UI and Capture context in the Simulacrum
*Fixed Frost’s Snow Globe no longer causing enemies to go flying if they are caught within cast.
*Fixed Smeeta Kavats being unreachable when becoming downed in mid-air.
*Fixed Mesa’s Regulators name not appearing in the HUD when ranking up.
*Fixed enemies appearing ‘stretched’ when dying from the Glaxion.
*Fixed releasing sprint while banking in Archwing would not clear bank velocity for the next time you sprinted.
*Fixed flashlight persisting from the Operator after Transferring back to your Warframe.
*Fixed a level hole in Relays and Maroo’s Bazaar that allowed players to escape.
*Fixed floor gaps in the Grineer Fortress tileset that resulted in Ayatans falling through to an unreachable place.
*Fixed hole in Ocean surface on Grineer Sealab tileset. 
*Fixed misaligned Elevator call context action in the Grineer Asteroid tileset.
*Fixed collision issue with machinery in the Grineer Forest tileset.
*Fixed enemy AI getting stuck in the Grineer Forest Defense tileset. 
*Fixed Orokin Derelict meshes poking through non-Derelict tilesets.
*Fixed an escapable level hole in the Lua tileset. 
*Fixed lighting issues on the Lua tileset.
*Fixed gaps in terrain, improved performance and added raycast fog on a Grineer Forest tile.
*Fixed the Cyngas becoming an auto-burst weapon in Atmosphere Archgun mode.
*Fixed Operator Vent Pobber Ventkid Mask head placement.
*Fixed an issue with the Mastery Sigil not properly working on Operators. 
*Fixed some issues with the Atavist Prime Armor channeling FX being permanently present. 
*Fixed a level hole in the Stealth Orokin Challenge. 
*Fixed a localization issue with Arcane Fury and Arcane Awakening.
*Fixed the Fluctus looking fuzzy when equipped. 
*Fixed an issue with the Infested Ancient 'stretchy arm' attack never hitting, ever. 
*Fixed wonky Boss intro camera angles.
*Fixed incorrect placement of the Lex Conclave Skin on the Lex Prime.
*Fixed Butcher-type enemies having problems missing their third attack.
*Fixed the Tribute Statue Dojo Decoration not having any collision or text function.
*Fixed the Mirage Immortal Skin not appearing on her Hall of Mirror clones.
*Fixed repeatedly restarting walk animations when aim firing the Operator Amp and then walking.
*Fixed the Opticor (and likely others) not drawing a new beam with high Fire Rate Mods.
*Fixed cases of your Sentinel roaming freely around your Orbiter.
*Fixed MOA Companions with the Security Override Mod no longer hacking terminals in Spy missions.
*Fixed your Companion jumping when exiting the Arsenal in Fortuna.
*Fixed a delay in Tonkor’s grenade explosion that occurred when the grenade passed through Volt’s Shield.
*Fixed excessively bright light emitting from the Lua Pavlov Spy vault glass panels.
*Fixed pathing issue on the Orb Vallis that caused Sawgaws to get stuck on mushrooms during Conservation.
*Fixed center piece of the Host’s K-Drive not having customized colors in the Orb Vallis.
*Fixed issue where players could not leave a message at any panel in the Dojo when using a controller
*Fixed issue where Eximus enemies would fall out of formation with other enemies when using their abilities.
*Fixed issue where Pheromone count did not update during Conservation.
*Fixed missing energy FX on the Flox Syandana. 
*Fixed footprints bug in the final cutscene of The War Within. 
*Fixed Fissure Corruption FX not applying to Kitguns or Zaws. 
*Fixed Market diorama of the Tenno Kindred Rug to let Tenno properly see the rug they’re buying.
*Fixed glitchy textures in Baruuk’s diorama.
*Fixed ice FX on Teshin’s Orvius appearing too dim in The War Within cutscenes.
*Fixed issue where Tenno slide sound continued to play if the player performed a roll action during a slide.
*Fixed zoom bounce that would occur when selecting “repeat mission” at the end of a mission.
*Fixed missing metal piece on the knee of the Saita Prime Operator Suit.
*Fixed issue in Sabotage Invasion missions where the blast door terminal is located on the opposite side of the boarding pod when moving it to the to Corpus base.
*Fixed broken materials on engine block and tech pieces in the Arboretum room in the Void. 
*Fixed Syandanas not being covered by the Snow VFX when out in the Orb Vallis after a period of time. 
*Fixed Mastery Sigil not appearing as intended the first time you enter the Operator Appearance tab. 
*Fixed position of “pickup” FX on Profit-Taker Orb Articula.
*Fixed VFX and particle effects from other player models appearing when talking to vendors in Cetus and Fortuna.
*Fixed minor issue with the context action indicator FX where the particles would "lag behind" as you walked around it. 
*Fixed kneeling sound FX playing before the login screen. 
*Fixed inability to jump after exiting the Trading screen in the Dojo if the Trade an initiated while on a Kneeling Pad.
*Fixed an issue with Vallis Cache Recovery Bounties immediately failing when transitioning to the next phase. 
*Fixed halo FX from Nezha’s Safeguard Augment appearing too low on Sentinels. 
*Fixed crash when opening a Chat-linked Velocitus while in the Vehicles Arsenal.
*Fixed Lancer and Temporal Dreg becoming visible again after being destroyed.
*Fixed Magus Firewall Arcane’s FX not appearing for Clients. 
*Fixed issue with Clients not being able to accept the vote for Orb Heist Bounty in Fortuna.
*Fixed crash related to the K-Drive End of Mission screen. 
*Fixed issue with Titania’s Dex Pixia muzzle flash scale. 
*Fixed out of sync VO for Boon during K-Drive races.
*Fixed flickering occurring when the camera enters/leaves a fog volume.
*Fixed missing Nikana swipes not playing during a Parry Finisher.
*Fixed the War not reflecting your chosen Energy color.
*Fixed Little Duck floating outside during the Profit-Taker Bounty 1.
*Fixed Articula’s not displaying their respective equipped weapons.
*Fixed Quick Thinking allowing multiple damage hits while knocked down.
*Fixed Titania’s Razorwing disabling your primary weapon after equipping a heavy weapon of the same type.
*Fixed incorrect Scimitar Fuselage component description.
*Fixed Cobra & Crane VFX distortions when holstered. 
*Fixed jittery legs on players when covering large distances or moving extremely quickly.
*Fixed Kitgun reload sounds playing when firing with Pax Charge equipped. 
*Fixes towards Rescue Targets moving while downed.
*Fixed the Kuva Specter appearing broken when in Operator Void Mode in The War Within.
*Fixed enemies getting pulled through the floor of Orb Vallis’ bases. 
*Fixed K-Drive hovering on trees (properly this time).
*Fixed ability to Dojo Duel your own Operator.
*Fixed K-Drives appearing black when viewing them in the Arsenal.
*Fixed incorrect FX color on impact when casting Ember’s Fireball ability.
*Fixed a long game hitch when switching loadouts in the Simulacrum Arsenal.
*Fixed Clients not seeing Orbiter changes made by the Host whilst visiting. 
*Fixed inability to Gift the Akrabu and Flox Syandana.
*Fixed the Plinx being misaligned with the Warframe’s hand. 
*Fixed incorrect Codex image for the Nightwatch Lancer.
*Fixed a script error when attempting to equip a Magus Arcane on the Operator.
*Fixed script errors that occurred with screens with Mods (Codex, Arsenal, Mod Bench).
*Fixed a script error when accessing a Zaw/Kitgun loadout. 
*Fixed script error with Valkyr’s Hysterical Assault Augment. 
*Fixed a script error when Reviving with the Mutalist Quanta equipped.
*Fixed a script error when leveling up a Melee weapon if you have a large Inventory.
*Mesa's Peacemaker will no longer trigger Arcane Velocity. Arcane Velocity can still be triggered outside of Peacemaker and will apply if Peacemaker is used during its duration.
	type: Update
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: http://n9e5v4d8.ssl.hwcdn.net/uploads/f07ee60119e2c8efc746da7ecf4cb49e.png
	name: Fortuna: Hotfix 24.3.3 - Nightwave
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1065360-fortuna-hotfix-2433-nightwave/
	date: 2019-03-01T16:14:18Z
	changes: Fortuna: Hotfix 24.3.3 
Removed the Ducat selling price from a certain Grineer meatheads Part.

*Fixed Warframe defaulting to DirectX10 when launching in DirectX11, resulting in slower running gameplay.
*Fixed a script error when attempting to log in, resulting in an inability to enter your credentials. 
*Fixed the UI displaying <REPUTATION_SMALL> when Capturing 2 “escapees” at once.
*Fixed missing Heat icon in the Arcane Manager screen.
	type: Hotfix
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Fortuna: Hotfix 24.3.2 - Nightwave
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1065095-fortuna-hotfix-2432-nightwave/
	date: 2019-02-28T20:14:37Z
	changes: Fortuna: Hotfix 24.3.2 
Fixed naughty Syndicate’s not giving you a new Rank when attempting to Rank up if you’re an ‘enemy’ with that respective Syndicate as reported here: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1064650-ranking-syndicates-post-nightwave/
We’re working on a script to give back Sacrificed items that were lost. This thread will be updated when the script is complete.
As it turns out, a script is not required! If you Sacrificed items to the Syndicate void, attempting to Rank up again with the same Syndicate will instantly grant success without taking any requirements (aka free Rank up since you already paid).
Changed some Grineer meatheads dropped part to be Tradable.
Radio chatter is now disabled when in the Wolf of Saturn Six screen.
Numerous localized Wolf of Saturn Six text updated.

*Fixed refined Plains Gems having a Trade Tax of 1 million Credits.
*Fixed wonky projectile launch position of the Penta. 
*Fixed the Riv Elite-Guard Armor in Teshin’s Conclave Offerings displaying a Platinum price. Purchasing this would take the correct Standing as intended and not Platinum.
*Fixed text filepath appearing when Unveiling a Riven.
	type: Hotfix
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Fortuna: Hotfix 24.3.1 - Nightwave
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1064720-fortuna-hotfix-2431-nightwave/
	date: 2019-02-27T23:20:18Z
	changes: Fortuna: Hotfix 24.3.1 
Reduced frequency of Nora Night Radio transmissions.

*Fixed the Word State Window Alert tab disappearing after completing the Weekly Alerts, making Arbitrations unplayable.
*Fixed inability to Capture a 3rd “escapee”.
*Fixed socketing an Ayatan Sculpture in your Dojo not contributing to its respective Wolf of Saturn Six Challenge.
*Fixed some of Nora Night’s Radio transmission subtitles being visible even though her audio is inaudible.
*Fixed Nora Night Radio transmissions overlapping her UI.
*Fixed a wonky FX in The Wolf of Saturn Six opening diorama.
*Fixed missing facial textures in The Wolf of Saturn Six opening diorama.
*Fixed Somachord music playing over top The Wolf of Saturn Six opening diorama.
*Fixed incorrect sound playing when completing a Wolf of Saturn Six Challenge.
*Fixed Zenistar not launching projectile on Charge Attack.
*Fixed a text filepath showing on the Nightwave Syndicate End of Mission screen.
*Fixed a script error when completing Simaris’ Daily Task.
	type: Hotfix
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Fortuna: Update 24.3.0 - Nightwave
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1064591-fortuna-update-2430-nightwave/
	date: 2019-02-27T18:58:21Z
	changes: Fortuna: Update 24.3.0 

Nightwave has arrived 
are you listening, Dreamer?
Introducing Nora Night 
a rogue interplanetary Radio host who has tales from the Origin System for your ears only.
Participate in each Nightwave Series for unique stories, exclusive rewards, and access to Nora's wares.
Introducing Nightwave Series 1, Episode 1: The Wolf of Saturn Six. 
Login now to begin discovering what Nora Night has to say 
and oh yeah, she has incentives.
Nora is in the business of storytelling 
and The Wolf of Saturn Six is just her first story to tell. After many weeks, she'll liven the airwaves with a new story... check back soon, Tenno.
Full Nightwave Details are here:

Changed the Mutalist Quanta Alt Fire damage type from Electricity to Toxin and slightly increased the Explosion Range from 6m to 8m.
Removed the Radio Chatter toggle trigger in the Orbiter and moved into the Settings > Audio.
Added a checkmark for prerequisite Dojo Research preview and completed material requirements.
Swapped the order of Operator Hair ‘Tips’ and ‘Highlight’ in the customization menu so it made more sense with the tint masks used.
Scrollbars now default to a condensed mode where necessary. Hovering over their hitbox will expand them to a normal size.
The Trading UI screen now has chosen UI Themed particle FXs.
Fixed the ‘Lost Connection’ UI popup not fully reflecting chosen UI Theme.
Fixed an unnecessary plural pronoun in the Inbox notification UI popup.
Potential fix for the Daily Tribute Vignette sometimes not being attached to the edge of the screen.
Fixed issue where colors didn’t match chosen UI themes in Warframe and weapon stat popups.
Fixed the UI not reflecting a new Trade Offering correctly after a player offered Platinum and switched it to something else.

*Fixed another case of using Transference while simultaneously being knocked down as a Client resulting in an inability to cast Warframe Abilities, use Gear, or use Transference. 
*Fixed inability to proceed in the Vox Solaris quest if the timer runs out during the ‘Investigate the Area’ phase.
*Fixed the Magus Repair replenishing your Warframe’s Health twice as quickly as intended.
*Fixed Clients able to permanently continually heal your Warframe’s Health by Transferring in succession with Magus Repair equipped. 
*Fixed the Magus Lockdown using the wrong physical grenade mine mesh.
*Fixed Vallis Reinforcement Beacons triggering Spy Bounty alarms if they were placed before the Bounty phase started.
*Fixed a case of the Courier Ambush Bounty insta-failing in Orb Vallis.
*Fixed enemies not spawning correctly in the Grineer Sealab Exterminate tileset.
*Fixed missing in-world objective marker in the Lua Zeipel tileset until reaching the Rescue hack panel room.
*Fixed Clients appearing to fire from only the right Akjagara Prime pistol. 
*Fixed Decorations not aligning to surfaces when using surface snapping.
*Fixed the Note Beacon text appearing in Navigation dioramas if placed behind the Navigation console.
*Fixed missing Zaw preview when the Sepfahn Strike is selected.
*Fixed missing sound when re-Casting Volt’s Speed Ability.
*Fixed some Companions not appearing in the Codex until they have been Incubated. 
*Fixed a script error related to Mastery Sigils.
*Fixed flickering lake in Grineer Shipyards Mobile Defense tileset.
*Fixed Lotus and Ordis transmissions overlapping radio transmissions.
*Fixed a script error when attempting to offer Weapon/Warframe Blueprints in a Trade.
	type: Update
	description: Warframe’s Minimum Supported Spec has changed to Windows 7, 64-bit operating systems, DirectX 10 capable graphics cards, and 4GB of RAM.
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.15
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1061972-fortuna-hotfix-24215/
	date: 2019-02-15T15:25:12Z
	changes: Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.15:
A big chunk of this Hotfix is to enable the Relics for the upcoming Weekend Faction War Alerts: https://www.warframe.com/news/6th-anniversary-weekend-wars
Increased chance of Kavat scans yielding Genetic Codes to 25% and made drop chance/amount Boosters apply to all scans that yield Resources.
Numerous improvements towards AI navigation in the Grineer Forest tileset.

*Fixed using Transference while simultaneously being knocked down as a Client resulting in an inability to cast Warframe Abilities, dodge, or use Transference. This archaic bug forced players to die/revive in order to continue performing such actions. 
*Fixed Ratels spawned from a Corpus Sniper shadow (Nekros’ Shadows of the Dead) not appearing purple or having a Health decay, thus resulting in an inability to progress through certain missions (Defense waves, etc). 
*Fixed the Trail Blazer K-Drive Mod not functioning.
*Fixed the Quick Escape K-Drive Mod resulting in players taking massive damage upon crashing.
*Fixed missing 21:9 and 32:9 manual aspect ratio settings.
*Fixed not being able to @ people in Chat if their name included a '.'.
	type: Hotfix
	description: As mentioned back in June 2018, Warframe’s Minimum Supported Specs will change to Windows 7, 64-bit operating systems, and DirectX 10 capable graphics cards in mid-February 2019.
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.14
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1060398-fortuna-hotfix-24214/
	date: 2019-02-08T23:14:14Z
	changes: Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.14:
Fixed certain cases of not receiving Ghoul Purge rewards.

*Fixed some enemies spawning in ceilings and walls in Fissure missions which can often lead to lack of progression.
*Fixed grinding not working on K-Drives with using a controller.
*Fixes towards AI spawning and navigation in the Grineer Forest and Corpus Outpost tileset.
	type: Hotfix
	description: As mentioned back in June 2018, Warframe’s Minimum Supported Specs will change to Windows 7, 64-bit operating systems, and DirectX 10 capable graphics cards in mid-February 2019.
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.13
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1059874-fortuna-hotfix-24213/
	date: 2019-02-06T18:59:24Z
	additions: Added a new Clan Role of ‘Fabricator’:
Enabled (default) 
Ability to replicate Clan research 
Inability to replicate Clan research

	changes: Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.13:
Increased the Conservation Tranq Rifle clip size from 1 to 3 tranqs!
Restored the ability of controller players to speak the universal language of Warframe: crouching like a madperson while you're waiting for the slow person to reach the elevator. Also fixed not being able to bullet-jump immediately from a stationary position on controller.
Toned down the controller trigger sensitivity slightly based on player feedback that you would stop aiming/firing with a very small amount of trigger release.
Improvements towards minimap marker pathing.
Adjusted overly loud ice crack sounds in the Corpus Ice Planet tileset.

*Fixed enemies sometimes triggering detection beams that should only trigger for Tenno in the Lua tileset.
*Fixed Banshee Sonar reading "CRITICAL MULTIPLIER" when it’s actually "DAMAGE MULTIPLIER".
*Fixed ability to apply Operator Hair which you did not purchase when using a controller.
*Fixed broken objective marker in the Tyl Regor Assassinate mission.
*Fixed an issue where interrupting the Atomos reload could leave it with parts detached.
*Fixed The Index Sigil reading ‘Emblem’ instead of ‘Sigil’.
*Fixed a script error that occurs on Host migration in Interception missions.
*Fixed a script error upon dying in the middle of a Grineer Commander Switch Teleport.
*Fixed a script error with Nova Prime.
	type: Hotfix
	description: As mentioned back in June 2018, Warframe’s Minimum Supported Specs will change to Windows 7, 64-bit operating systems, and DirectX 10 capable graphics cards in mid-February 2019.
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.12
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1058298-fortuna-hotfix-24212/
	date: 2019-01-30T20:11:23Z
	changes: Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.12:
Removed unintentional ability for the Operator to use the Archwing Deployer Gear Item.
Improvements towards AI becoming stuck in staircases in the Void Defense tileset.

*Fixed a rare case of inability to transition from the Plains of Eidolon back to Cetus.
*Fixed cases of inability to customize your K-Drive.
*Fixed the Rescue NPC not returning your graciously gifted Secondary weapon upon completing the Rescue Bounty phase in the Plains of Eidolon. 
*Fixes towards Coildrivers ramming into the Coildrive you’re defending, resulting in a huge amount of damage being taken and failing the Vallis Bounty. 
*Fixed the waypoint marker not leading you correctly to the Ambulas boss room in the Corpus Outpost tileset. 
*Fixed various issues when attempting to Chat link ‘MOA’.
*Fixed a loss of functionality when K-driving with Quick Thinking equipped.
*Fixed a script error when casting Garuda’s Blood Altar ability.
	type: Hotfix
	description: As mentioned back in June 2018, Warframe’s Minimum Supported Specs will change to Windows 7, 64-bit operating systems, and DirectX 10 capable graphics cards in mid-February 2019.
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.11
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1057949-fortuna-hotfix-24211/
	date: 2019-01-29T19:01:28Z
	changes: Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.11:

Check out the accompanying Fire & Ice Vault Accessories and more here: https://www.warframe.com/prime-vault
Returned the Imperator Vandal Critical Chance to 15% and Status Chance to 10% in Archwing mode.
Changed the cost of Rushing the Gravimag Blueprint from 50 Platinum to 10 Platinum.
Reduced the Gravimag Blueprint Rush time from 3 days to 1 day.
Increased the time waypoints stay active in the Plains/Vallis. They now last 5x times longer!

*Fixed Octavia’s Mallet or Resonator ability breaking the ‘Base Capture’ phase of the Profit-Taker Bounty 1.
*Fixed Magus Lockdown not spawning an actual mine upon Void Dashing.
*Fixed AI that are meant to follow you becoming distracted. This was predominantly seen during the The War Within and The Sacrifice quests during certain moments.
*Fixed missing ‘Operator’ HUD text when using Transference.
*Fixed blurry FX for Clients when casting Mesa’s Shooting Gallery ability.
*Fixed Mesa’s Shooting Gallery ability Energy color always appearing red.
*Fixed a Smokefinger and Rude Zuud Memory Fragment having the same Codex image.
*Fixed missing text in one of Smokefinger’s Memory Fragments.
*Fixed the Tekelu Skins appearing incorrectly when equipped. 
*Fixed a sound glitch when being hit by Corrupted Vor's beam attack while in Limbo's Rift.
*Fixed missing Korean LOC translations for Arcanes. 
*Fixed some spotloading caused by Arcanes on Operators.
	type: Hotfix
	description: As mentioned back in June 2018, Warframe’s Minimum Supported Specs will change to Windows 7, 64-bit operating systems, and DirectX 10 capable graphics cards in mid-February 2019.
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.10
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1056534-fortuna-hotfix-24210/
	date: 2019-01-23T20:08:15Z
	changes: Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.10:
Increased Damage from +66% to +165% (at max rank). 
Increased Accuracy reduction from -33% to -55% (at max rank).
Increased the Physique Aura Mod from providing +18% Health to +90% Health (at max rank).
Increased the accuracy of the Brakk.
Increased the accuracy of the Kohmak/Twin Kohmak.
Sentient Mimics have updated their cognitive thinking and will now take on the proper form of the newly re-meshed Corpus Lockers.
Using a zipline now requires you to be within 2 meters of it. This should abate all manners of undesired zipline-related tomfoolery.
Improvements towards AI navigation pathing in the Corpus Ice Planet tileset.
Improvements towards where the Rescue Target can be told to stop and take cover in the Lua tileset.
Improvements towards pathing issues when fighting the Ambulas in the Corpus Outpost.

*Fixed some rare cases of getting stuck in the Fortuna/Cetus elevator when returning to the town after a Host migration.
*Fixed DirectX 10 not rendering FX in various places including the Plains of Eidolon/Orb Vallis and Relays.
*Fixed inability to equip Ruinous Extension on the Ocucor. 
*Fixed being able to equip Stance Mods in any slot and any Mod in the Stance slot for Garuda Talons and unequip Mods that break these rules.
*Fixing (again) spin attacks not working on controller unless you wait 0.15 seconds after pressing slide (not breaking toggle-sprint this time).
*Fixed inability to use the Scanner as the Operator.
*Fixed your Warframe floating in the Arsenal when exiting the Mod Upgrade screen (through the Exalted Weapon) quickly.
*Fixed that one extraction cinematic on Earth where the Warframe mounts the ship on an angle. You know the one.
*Fixed Liset customization not loading in on time when flying into a mission.
*Fixed inability to Chat link Crisma Toroids.
*Fixed the Stug's projectiles interacting physically with ragdolls.
*Fixed some AI potentially getting stuck in their landing jump state which prevents them from being able to move from that point on.
*Fixed Inaros’ Devour not working for enemy / allied Inaros AI (Specters).
*Fixed certain Wyrmius rewards appearing as filepaths. 
*Fixed certain Warframe ability FX not appearing when in the Orokin Derelict extraction area.
*Fixed Nidus’ Passive description claiming it uses 10 Mutation Stacks when it uses 15 Mutation Stacks when playing Warframe in Portuguese.
*Fixed incorrect punctuation in certain subtitles during the Second Dream Quest.
*Fixed broken tags in the Venari Bodyguard Mod that were broken in a few languages (German, Polish, Chinese).
	type: Hotfix
	description: As mentioned back in June 2018, Warframe’s Minimum Supported Specs will change to Windows 7, 64-bit operating systems, and DirectX 10 capable graphics cards in mid-February 2019.
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.9 +
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1055092-fortuna-hotfix-2429-24291/
	date: 2019-01-18T14:16:39Z
	changes: Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.9:

A typical day in the life of Nyx involves Mind Control 
grabbing, pumping up, and dominating an enemy. Psychic Bolts 
Enfeebling up to 6 enemies 
removing up to all of their defenses. Spreading unlimited Chaos within range. And Absorb 
defending herself / redirecting all incoming fire in a psychic explosion. We've made the applications of Absorb a little more powerful this Hotfix.
Adding sounds to Psychic Bolts deactivate hold and end 
you can despell this ability by holding '2' by default! 
Improved Psychic Bolts disabled FX.

The following Profit-Taker Bounty rewards have been added to Vox Solaris Offerings for Standing:
Gyromag Systems (1000 Standing)
Atmo Systems (2500 Standing)
Repeller Systems (5000 Standing)
Increased the Standing gains from K-Drive races from 50 to 100 per gate:
The amount of Standing rewarded is based on the number of gates * 100 (10 gates * 100 = 1000 Standing) if you successful complete the race.
Added code for laptops with AMD GPUs to request optimized performance (instead of low-power).
Made multiple optimizations to Orb Vallis memory footprint
Improvements towards Quest progress becoming unsynced when experiencing bad internet connections for the following Quests:
The War Within
The Second Dream
Chains of Harrow
The New Strange
The Jordas Precept
Performance improvements caused by leaking particle system effects.
Further improvements towards Mesa Prime’s rear weight to fix collapsing when crouching.
Optimized performance of plant pollen effects on the Earth tileset
Improved the error prompt when attempting to replicate a Blueprint in another Clan’s Dojo to more accurately state the reasoning behind the error.
Improvements towards Clients getting easily knocked off their K-Drives when casually riding, as opposed to the Host.
Reverted the following fix due to breaking ‘Sprint Toggle’ controller functionality (will be revisited):
Fixed not being able to do a Melee spin attack with controller unless you wait 0.15 seconds after pressing the slide button.

*Fixed the Spare Parts Mod triggering from self-inflicted death (Lenz, etc), which allowed it’s chance function of dropping a Rare Item to trigger repeatedly at your leisure.
*Fixed Oberon's Hallowed Ground one shotting enemies whose Shields have been removed via the Shield Disruption Aura in the Index. 
*Fixed Baruuk’s Restraint meter not maintaining after a Host migration. We’re continuing to investigate the issue still occurring for Clients.
*Fixed Baruuk’s Restraint UI particles not appearing when the HUD Scale is increased. 
*Fixed MOA Companions attacking enemies that are considered ‘suspicious’ but not yet ‘alarmed’. 
*Fixed using a Warframe with the Equilibrium Mod equipped resulting in disproportionate Health/Energy gains displayed on the UI when picking up multiple orbs in succession.
*Fixed Nova Prime's Null Star antimatter particles not being gold.
*Fixed experiencing a 20 second hitch when loading into the Dojo.
*Fixed seeing Kuva in the Mission Progress/End of Mission screen when you’re ineligible to earn it. This is a follow-up fix from:
*Fixed clients who already completed a particular Kuva Siphon/Flood mission being able to re-earn the same Kuva reward by joining any Host that hasn't completed said mission yet.
*Fixed not being able to do a Melee spin attack with controller unless you wait 0.15 seconds after pressing the slide button.
*Fixed Client Simulors continuously animating and playing shooting FX for Host and other Clients.
*Fixed Reactant appearing as ‘Corruption’ when waypointing it.
*Fixed Clients not seeing Dropship doors open.
*Fixed some Mods not indicating in the Codex that they drop from the Fomorian.
*Fixed various Grineer Codex icons displaying the wrong respective weapon.
*Fixed animal Tags used in Conservation having a file path instead of their proper description.
*Fixed Quick Reload and Sabot Rounds Mods having all caps description text.
*Fixed animation issues with non-default Lisets at the end of some missions during The War Within Quest.
*Fixed texture holes in the Flox Syandana.
*Fixed incorrect punctuation in certain subtitles during the Second Dream Quest.
	type: Hotfix
	description: As mentioned back in June 2018, Warframe’s Minimum Supported Specs will change to Windows 7, 64-bit operating systems, and DirectX 10 capable graphics cards in mid-February 2019.
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.8
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1054314-fortuna-hotfix-2428/
	date: 2019-01-15T14:46:54Z
	changes: Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.8:
Titania’s Razorflies will now gain Health when Titania kills enemies while in Razorwing. 
Increased Titania’s Thorns/Entangle Tribute Range from 10m to 30m.
Added missing offsets for Mesa Presidio on some Armor sets so that when the Skin is equipped on Mesa Prime, the proper offsets are used.
Adjusted the texture weight of Mesa’s rear area to avoid collapsing. 
Further improvements towards Mesa Prime’s Attachments when enabled on TennoGen Skins, equipping Emblems, and overall texture issues.
Fixed Mesa’s Peacemaker weapon damage not showing correctly in the Simulacrum.
Baruuk’s Elude conal indicator FX will now only be seen by the local player (person casting the ability). 
Slight tweak to Baruuk’s Elude ability FX that unnecessarily pulsed.
Fixed using Transference while Baruuk’s Savagery is active resulting in breaking his custom UI.
Reduced the flashlight FX further when Mining to avoid excessive bloom and inability to see deposits.
Improvements towards Vallis Mining deposit spawn locations that resulted in an inability to successfully Mine them.
Stalker’s Smoke Screen ability now has a 20 second cooldown.
Fixed players panicking and fleeing the mission causing Stalker to get stuck and preventing mission progress.
Fixed Stalker not being fully invulnerable during his spawn/getup sequence.
Reverted the recent Helios scanning changes to restore its ability to scan collectibles (Thousand-Year Fish, Fortuna Lore Fragments, etc). After much player and internal feedback, we’re keeping this a ‘bug turned feature’. 
Updated Nyx and Nyx Prime's Passive descriptions to more accurately entail her recently tweaked Passive.
Syndicate Offerings screen now displays Mastered/Forma icons.
Reduced Nova Null Star ability firing sound.
Read Twitch Drop Inbox messages will now be auto-removed after 30 days.
Increased the brightness of the Argonaks enemy highlight FX. 
Performance improvements related to firing the Imperator.
Improvements towards enlarged fonts appearing unpleasant.

*Fixed the Helminth Charger standing in place and swiping at the air instead of damaging enemies, also fixes lunge attacks missing even though they should be hitting when the Strain Mod Set is equipped.
*Fixed Strain Mod set causing a script error and failing to grow Cysts if the player does not have Strain Fever equipped.
*Fixed Strain Mod set Cysts continuing to grow after combat has ended and the last Cyst has popped.
*Fixed Magus Revert consuming Energy on the second Void Dash (revert). 
*Fixed Magus Revert not placing the Operator back at the original position when initially casted for Clients.
*Fixed Magus Revert causing Void Dashes to not use any Energy for Clients.
*Fixed Null Star deactivating for one Nova causing it to deactivate for all Novas.
*Fixed certain Operator Amp Prisms refilling Energy instantly when all Ammo/Energy is depleted. 
*Fixed clients who already completed a particular Kuva Siphon/Flood mission being able to re-earn the same Kuva reward by joining any Host that hasn't completed said mission yet.
*Fixed the Enemy Radar Mod not showing Pobbers, Bolarolas, and Sawgaws on the minimap.
*Fixed cases of the Scan Aquatic Lifeforms Mod not working, such as after dismounting from a K-Drive.
*Fixed the Klamora Prism fire FX not tracking while firing as the Client.
*Fixed the Upgrade screen breaking for Garuda's Talons and Mesa's Regulators if you click the Mods button and back out.
*Fixed the Host being able to start the Profit-Taker Bounty before other squadmates are ready.
*Fixed inability to skip the Profit-Taker cutscene dialog with a controller.
*Fixes towards ability to use your primary/secondary before your Arch-Gun has been unequipped.
*Fixed inability to Dissolve Rivens due to them not remaining selected when logging in with over max capacity Rivens. 
*Fixed the Loc-pin being non-interactable when newly placed until re-entering the mission.
*Fixed stretched looking geometry textures when unequipped a Heavy Blade weapon after quick meleeing. 
*Fixed Octavia’s Anthem quest note FX during the boss fight being too dim.
*Fixed the Donda appearing to clip through the table during the Chains of Harrow quest.
*Fixed unnecessary smoke FX in Palladino’s room during the Chains of Harrow quest.
*Fixed certain Warframe Helmets made up of multiple pieces (Ivara, Nidus, among a couple of others) not appearing fully wet when on the Plains while raining.
*Fixed an infinite loop script error for certain players when trying to place Decorations or obtaining Endo from Maroo.
*Fixed ability to skip the Trading confirmation wait time by hitting the spacebar.
*Fixed hard edged puddles in the Grineer Sealab tileset. 
*Fixed missing ‘Corrupted’ indications when viewing enemies under the Profile Stats.
*Fixed Deth Machine Rifle sound not playing at high rates of fire.
*Fixed Mag’s Magnetize ability sounds and swirl FX stopping early when used with Duration Mods as reported here: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1051748-mag-magnetize-sound-timing-issue/
*Fixed Ammo Chain Mod description displaying "AMMO MAXIMUM" all in capital letters.
*Fixed a typo in one of Ticker’s Lore Fragments.
*Fixed missing text in one of the Business’ Lore Fragments.
*Fixed Loadout search not working initially if the current Loadout causes the Loadout list to be scrolled.
*Fixed UI notifications not updating colors when changing UI Themes.
*Fixed cases of the DPS counter displaying even when disabled. 
*Fixed performance issues caused by leaking Fluctus impact FX.
*Fixed a memory leak when leaving the Orb Vallis and returning to Solaris or traversing certain Conduits in Sanctuary Onslaught.
*Fixed discrepancies of Solar Map/Star Chart mentions.
	type: Hotfix
	description: As mentioned back in June 2018, Warframe’s Minimum Supported Specs will change to Windows 7, 64-bit operating systems, and DirectX 10 capable graphics cards in mid-February 2019.
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.7 +
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1052727-fortuna-hotfix-2427-24271/
	date: 2019-01-09T18:37:18Z
	additions: A search box has been added to the Arsenal Loadout selection screen.
Added a new sound for the Pax Charge Arcane.

	changes: Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.7:

Find these new Warframe Augments from their respective Syndicate Offerings.
Baruuk’s end of Elude animation no longer prevents movement.
Improvements towards performance/visual issues with Baruuk's Elude ability by removing the blur FX if using the ‘Low Particle Quality’ setting based on feedback:
Reduced the FX density of Baruuk’s Lull fog to fix reported performance issues. 
Fixed Baruuk’s Desert Wind weapon displaying as having Impact, Puncture, and Slash in the Arsenal when it's just Impact.
Fixed Baruuk’s Serene Storm Desert Wind waves not hitting ragdolled enemies.
Fixed Baruuk’s Serene Storm Desert Wind waves not matching FX direction.
Fixed a script error when casting Baruuk’s Serene Storm ability.
Fixed a script error when casting Baruuk’s Desolate Hands ability.
As per feedback, Harrow’s Systems Blueprint has been added as a Rare drop in Rotation B for Defection missions. This means you have 2 chances in the Endless loop to obtain Harrow, not just one at Rotation C. To maintain balance, a Corrupted Mod has moved to Rotation A.
Increased Harrow’s Energy gain from his Thurible ability (max ranked now gains 2x as much). 
Increased Duration of Harrow’s Penance by around 20%.
Lowered Nyx’s Abilities volume for less fatigue while using Abilities repeatedly.
Fixed Corpus Ospreys not following you closely anymore when under Nyx’s Mind Control ability.
Added a "Show In HUD" option to context menu for the Loc-Pin (off by default). When enabled, it will show an in-world marker for the owner of the marker.
Added a custom color option to the Loc-Pin.
Increased the Loc-Pin limit from 10 to 15. 
Remove [PH] text from the Loc-Pin item description.
Fixed the Loc-Pin item mechanic not saving properly.
Removed the requirement of needing the Adherent Rank with the Quills to Gild your Amp with Little Duck. 
Replaced the Braton Prime Blueprint with the Braton Prime Receiver in the Lith K2 Relic due to an unintentional vaulting of the Receiver! 
Changed the Scyto Raknoid Affinity to 1k and Ryta Raknoid to 1.5k.
Reduced the Standing cost of Transmutation Cores from 10k to 5k.
Reduced the Standing cost of Cetus Wisps from 10k to 5k.
Javlok Capacitors can now be sold to 2,500 Credits (as to not pile up in your Inventory).
The ‘Toggle Prime Details’ has been added back to Mesa Prime! The team has made improvements towards the blending of both Mesa TennoGen Skins and her Prime Details. 
Fast Travel in Fortuna is now enabled for Little Duck when appropriate. 
Changed the ‘not scanned’ FX color of the Simaris Scanner to be more red than orange to improve visibility. 
Corpus Lockers will show their new hologram if unlocked with the Master Thief Mod.
Helios no longer scans Solaris Lore Fragments.
You can purchase multiple Arcanes from the respective Vendors (Rude Zuud, etc). 
The UI now displays a max of 999,999,999 Credits (our servers will still track up to 9 quadrillion Credit balances but will not be displayed in-game).
Tweaks to Staticor and Simulor FX to try and reduce blowout with brightest Energy colours and Mirage equipped.
Further improvements towards Operator hairstyles that include a hair band.
Updated the Operator Amp Icon.
Made some micro-optimizations to the Hunter Command Beast Precept Mod.
Optimized some frame-time spikes.
The Gift recipient name will now be auto-filled with attempting to send said Gift from that respective players Wish List. 
Toned down the firing FX on the Sarpa.
Tweaked the radius/release sounds of Pheromone Synthesizers.

*Profit-Taker Bounty 1 now requires you to have a Fishing Spear equipped in your Gear. 
*Players no longer need to wait for Eudico to finish her greeting dialog when initially prompting the ‘Briefing’.
*Adjusted Eudico transmission timing during the Profit-Taker Bounty 3, which also fixes overlapping Eudico transmissions. 
*Fixes towards Profit-Taker not entering last Pylon phase in the Profit-Taker Bounty 4.
*Fixed players who didn’t initiate the Profit-Taker Bounty being unable to skip the intro cutscene. 
*Fixed Profit-Taker dipping its toe in coolant and attempting to teleport, resulting in breaking its AI.
*Fixed incorrect Little Duck transmissions during Profit-Taker Bounties.
*Sound/presentation fixes for the Psychic Bolts re-cast (Hold 2). 
*Absorb damage scaling/CC Range reviews. While with the Assimilate Augment frankly Absorb is a different ability, but the base Absorb offerings are still being reviewed to escalate benefit for those who know how to tactically use it in a squad and solo setting. 
*Fixes for Mind Control targets + Rift.
*Re-reviewing Tribute's buffs.
*Fixed Sentients not spawning during a specific stage of the Second Dream quest.
*Fixed the Hunter Command Beast Precept Mod generating 100 Kavat Affinity every 6 seconds (this could also trigger a UI-issue where it would appear to generate increasing amounts of Affinity).
*Fixes towards issues with lost Focus XP if a Host migration occurred.
*Fixed a functionality loss when using Transference right being interacting with a conversation (Cetus/Fortuna Vendor). 
*Fixed Exalted weapons remaining equipped for no Energy cost after a Host migration occurs.
*Fixed Magus Anomaly Arcane pulling Kuva Siphons, Eidolons, Lephantis, and other “boss” type enemies as reported here:
*Fixed Mesa’s Shooting Gallery ability applying to Operators damage output. 
*Fixed Consumables in the higher Gear Spiral Slots than the one you used up becoming unequipped.
*Fixed the Fluctus ignoring Nullifier bubbles when using it in Atmosphere mode. 
*Fixed Exalted weapons not showing correct Damage stats in the Simulacrum Arsenal.
*Fixed Mirage’s Hall of Mirror clones not firing Tonkor grenades. 
*Fixed MOA Companions equipped with the Security Override Mod ability to hack quest-critical objects which result in skipping gameplay stages.
*Fixed the Ammo max increase from the Arch-Gun Ammo Chain Mod applying to your primary weapon. 
*Fixes towards Kavats getting stuck navigating on bridges. 
*Fixed Extracting as Operator not rewarding you Simaris Standing gained from scanning enemies. 
*Fixed redundant text from Ticker’s Lore Fragments. 
*Fixed Rain FX in the Plains of Eidolon appearing to stack when entering/exiting Cetus, resulting in poor visibility as reported here: https://old.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/a85m3a/fix_plains_pls_rain_stacking_during_eidolon_hunts/?st=jpy27329&sh=bb51bb9b
*Fixed some Warframes not appearing wet when in the Plains while raining. 
*Fixed the Battacor looping its fire animation/sound for Clients as reported here:
*Fixes towards lingering beam FX when becoming Knocked Down with the Synoid Gammacor. 
*Fixed the Tek Mod zone FX colours not using chosen Energy colour.
*Fixed inability to see Mesa/Mesa Prime’s Regulators on other players in the Dojo/Relay.
*Fixed inability to see Mesa/Mesa Prime’s Regulators in the Simulacrum Arsenal as a Client. 
*Fixed inability to disable Nidus’ Metamorphosis in the Captura Arsenal.
*Fixed some looping weapons being too loud when pausing Captura.
*Fixed scaling discrepancies with the Motherwrench Hammer Skin scale on certain weapons.
*Fixed Clients in the Simulacrum seeing Talons on other Warframes when Garuda is equipped and previewing others.
*Fixed seeing personal ‘Owned’ Icons/info when viewing another players Wish List.
*Fixed certain Vendors not displaying Mastered or Forma tag icons for respective Blueprints (Konzu, etc).
*Fixed inability to Chat link newer Operator Amp parts.
*Fixed duplicate ‘UNRANKED’ text on the Arcane Trade screen. 
*Fixed Cephalon Simaris’ Simulor Blueprint Offering displaying a misleading ‘RANK 30’ description.
*Fixed Little Duck’s Operator Arcanes Tab being mislabeled as Mods.
*Fixed Umbra following the Operator into the Quill Cave. 
*Fixed Excalibur missing his ground slam sound when using his Exalted Blade.
*Fixed Rare Storage Container sounds not playing when running Helene / Hydron Defense missions.
*Fixed K-Drives becoming constantly stuck to the roof of Vallis bunkers.
*Fixed navigating to Orb Vallis while having ‘Overlay Map’ enabled resulting in incorrect UI to appear and the map cannot be moved.
*Fixed Orokin Drones missing their death FX.
*Fixed Lynx turret grenades and lens flare FX lingering for Clients, which could result in performance issues overtime. 
*Fixed misaligned Cannon firing FX in the Grineer Settlement tileset. 
*Fixed the Lega Prism Amp FX lingering for Clients. 
*Fixed lingering FX on the Corinth Alt-Fire.
*Fixed the ‘Friend Request’ UI icon never disappearing. 
*Fixed Mesa Prime’s lower cloth clipping through her legs. 
*More fixes towards the Bloodshed Sigil not appearing correctly on the Operator. 
*Fix an offset issue with the Yamako and Vanquished Syandana variants (Solstice, Rubedo, etc.) to improve placements on certain Warframes.
*Fixed an offset issue with the Phased Asa Syandana to make it match the same offsets as the regular Asa Syandana.
*Fixed Garuda's arm cloth clipping through the Abrasys Syandana.
*Fixed the Nagantaka not appearing properly in the Market diorama.
*Fixed the Flox Syandana not applying the chosen Energy color as reported here:
*Fixed seeing context actions for the ‘Back Room’ in Fortuna when not appropriate. 
*Fixed some remaining Arcanes still having ALL CAPS descriptions.
*Fixed Kitgun sounds not playing when using Archwing in Vallis/Plains.
*Fixed sound playing when mousing over 'Types' in the Inventory.
*Fixed case where the Inbox could reshow itself and double up its button bar buttons when opened in a Relay.
*Fixes towards scenarios where Gifting would fail.
*Fixed the Featured item UI marker not displaying correctly when browsing the Market.
*Fixed a script error when Khora’s Venari passive activates.
*Fixed a script error related to the Mining reticle.
*Fixed Bloodshed Sigil discrepancies in Operator transmissions. 
*Fixed possible script error if the Bloodshed Sigil is equipped on your Operator when first loading into the Liset.
*Fixes potentially crash under conditions of high latency when someone Revives and uses a Gear item.
*Fixed Vehicle category items not being capitalized. 
*Fixed an issue with a crash that could occur when Host Migrating and returning to towns. 
*Fixed some UI elements not being tintable with themes.
*Fixed inability to equip the Static Alacrity Mod on the Staticor in Conclave.
*Fixed infinite loading in the Vallis elevator.
*Fixed Magus Repair Operator Arcane not functioning for Clients.
*Fixed multiple missing Warframe Deluxe Helmet Icons.
*Fixed Flox Syandana offsets when equipped on Valkyr/Valkyr Prime.
*Fixed a controller script error when going into the Trading Post when there's no trade partners available.
	type: Hotfix
	description: As mentioned back in June 2018, Warframe’s Minimum Supported Specs will change to Windows 7, 64-bit operating systems, and DirectX 10 capable graphics cards in mid-February 2019.
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.6
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1046637-fortuna-hotfix-2426/
	date: 2018-12-20T22:05:56Z
	changes: Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.6:
Shared Affinity gain now applies to Atmosphere Arch-Guns but only while equipped in the main hand.
Fixed not having a Arch-Gun equipped by default (if they own an Archwing primary weapon with the Gravimag installed) when changing Loadouts .
Fixed an issue where players with Arch-Guns in their loadout couldn't Wall Latch.
Fixed Chroma not playing Arch-Gun equip/charged fire animations.
Fixed the Imperator and Imperator Vandal reload sounds playing non-positional.
Corpus Lockers/Caches that can be opened now display a holographic symbol to indicate such. Corpus Lockers/Caches without the holographic symbol cannot be opened. 
This change comes from vocal feedback regarding the unlock/locked visual changes to Corpus Lockers, and the conflict between the lack of contrast.
Updated all Arcane Descriptions to not be all CAPS.
Updated Riven Mods to have proper names for Zaw and Kitguns, instead of using Melee and Pistol in names.

*Fixed ability to double-up on Profit-Taker drops if a Host Migration occurred (coal for you!).
*Fixed a Profit-Taker Bounty 1 progression stopper if players join-in-progress during the fishing stage.
*Fixed a Profit-Taker Bounty 2 progression stopper where a Director wouldn’t spawn.
*Fixed the Shattering Impact Mod breaking the Profit-Taker. Profit-Taker is now immune to Armor Reduction.
*Fixed K-Drive offsets appearing detached when out in Orb Vallis (appeared correct in Arsenal). 
*Fixed being able to 'interact/pet' your MOA Companion even though it’s not visible/equipped.
*Fixed the Bloodshed Sigil not resetting after switching Warframes in the Arsenal.
	type: Hotfix
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.5
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1046112-fortuna-hotfix-2425/
	date: 2018-12-20T00:45:07Z
	additions: By request, the Gravimag can now be purchased in the Market!
Added ‘NOTE: Deployment requires gear obtained from the Profit Taker mission in Fortuna’ to the Gravimag description.

	changes: Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.5:
The following items have been added to the Profit-Taker drop table (not Bounty reward):
A chance for Profit-Taker Articula (New!)
Guaranteed Debt-Bonds
3x Medical Debt-Bonds
2x Advances Debt-Bonds
1x Familiar Debt-Bond
Guaranteed 'Profit' 5x 25,000 Credit Drops
Profit-Taker is no longer affected by the Shield Disruption Aura.
Changed the Arch-Gun Deployer cooldown timer to scale based on remaining Atmosphere Arch-Guns Ammo pool upon unequipping.
Increased Grattler Ammo capacity from 180 to 210 in Atmosphere Arch-Gun.
Removed unintentional ability to summon Arch-Gun in Melee Only Sorties.
Ivara’s Sleep Arrow now grants a ‘Perfect Capture’ if the shot is a direct hit. The farther off your shot the more distressed the animal gets.
Animals will be less stressed the closer you are to them when casting Baruuk’s Lull ability.
Reduced the Pheromone Synthesizer Standing Cost from 1000 Standing to 100 
500 Standing depending on the animal.
The Bloodshed Sigil now remains visible (if you’ve taken damage) when entering or exiting Cetus/Fortuna and Arsenals (applies to Operator as well).
Deadly Efficiency's Duration can now be refreshed if it is already active.
Restored the option to purchase 1 Forma or a pack of 3 Formas when you don't have any and you want to Polarize something.

*Fixed a crash when cancelling a mission vote after a Client leaves.
*Fixed the Bloodshed Sigil resetting when entering Archwing in the Plains/Orb Vallis.
*Fixed rare errors in UI rendering.
*Fixed various issues with the Discord Store launch UI.
*Fixed various DirectX 9 rendering issues.
	type: Hotfix
	description: This Hotfix contains a chunk of the recently broadcasted changes coming mentioned here. More to come!Note: you can skip cutscenes with default Left Mouse Button / Fire.
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.4
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1045982-fortuna-hotfix-2424/
	date: 2018-12-19T20:35:07Z
	additions: The ‘Fluid Mechanics’ ambient music track has been added as a Somachord Tone out in Orb Vallis!

	changes: Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.4:
Arch-Gun Ammo pool increased by 2x for all Arch-Guns in Atmosphere mode.
Arch-Gun Deployer cooldown has been reduced to 5 minutes instead of 10.
Fixed the Fluctus’ Atmosphere Arch-Gun FX appearing when in a Archwing mission, which was aggressively bright and overwhelming. 
Fixed Clients not hearing the Atmosphere Arch-Gun equip sound.
Fixed missing Fluctus Atmosphere Arch-Gun summon sound.

*Fixed discrepancies between the Fortuna Lore Fragments you find vs what is shown in the Codex as reported here https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1045252-eudico-fragments/?page=0#comment-10409783. For clarity, Lore Fragments will always be picked up in order as to properly guide the narrative. 
*More fixes towards inability to capture Corpus Bases in Orb Vallis due to the missing ‘Eliminate the Remaining enemies’ phase.
*Fixed the Mecha Mods not transferring Status Effects that were activated on the killing blow to nearby enemies.
*Fixed the Cobra & Crane Elemental FX showing up in the Arsenal when it's dissolved out.
*Fixed Fortuna NPC dialog volume levels.
*Fixed non-positional Simulor firing sounds. 
*Fixed UI button sizes shrinking to the width of their contained text when switching from mouse to controller.
*Fixed a script error when casting Titania’s Lantern ability.
	type: Hotfix
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Fortuna: Mesa Prime - Hotfix 24.2.3
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1045817-fortuna-mesa-prime-hotfix-2423/
	date: 2018-12-19T15:53:01Z
	changes: Fortuna: Mesa Prime 
Hotfix 24.2.3:
Replaced the Profit-Taker Phase 4 Vaulted Relic reward with a Mesa Prime Relic.
Increased the reward chance of Gyromag, Atmo and Repeller Systems from Profit-Taker Bounties.
Operators can now switch the Profit-Taker’s Shield type regardless of the damage type of the equipped Amp.
Lowered spawn chances and max simultaneous counts of Nullifier Shield Ospreys and the Fluctus carrying Terra Manker during the Profit-Taker end fight.
Tweaks towards Eudico’s Profit-Taker Bounty transmissions.
Fixed ability to kill the Profit-Taker during Phase 3 of the Profit-Taker Bounty.
Fixed certain Profit-Taker abilities and leg Electricity damaging Limbo when in the Rift.
Fixed missing Transmissions for "Stealing Tech" Profit-Taker Bounty.
Fixed an issue with 'Back Room' holograms not being replicated properly based on Heist phase.
The Bloodshed Sigil will show up in Relays/Liset provided you're returning from a mission where you took damage (more damage = more blood). We have also decreased the time it takes to appear by 20%!
Changed the hit effect sound to the Corpus Exard Scaffold.
Removed the ‘Prime Toggle’ for Mesa Prime and her TennoGen Skins due to an overly aggressive and not-so-glamorous overlap of her Prime accessories.
Tweaks towards the ‘Fluid Mechanics’ Orb Vallis ambient music track.

*Fixed a crash that occurred when switching to your Arch-Gun with a Smeeta Kavat active.
*Fixed an issue with Mesa Prime's Shatter Shield being too bright in some levels.
*Fixed certain Operator Hoods not hiding Hair/Accessories when ‘open’.
*Fixed a script error that could occur if you died and revived shortly after casting Baruuk's Lull, resulting in affected enemies being permanently asleep.
*Fixed Titania's Tribute not actually costing 25 Energy as was intended in Update 24.2.0.
*Fixed inability to bring more than 1 Pheromone Synthesizers. You can now bring up to 100!
*Fixed Nightmare Alerts not being called out as such in World State Window.
*Fixes towards a bad frozen Raknoid animation.
*Fixed the Exergis not actually shattering the crystal.
*Fixed missing textures for Operator Hair that include a hair band.
*Fixed the camera zooming out when hovering over ‘Hair Tips’ in the Operator Appearance Arsenal.
*Fixed the Adaptation Mod showing a Corrosive Damage Icon instead of the correct Tau Resistance in the HUD.
*Fixed missing sounds when typing into search fields.
*Fixed missing equip and unequip sounds on the Falcor.
*Fixed missing Charged Explosion sounds for the Glaive/Glaive Prime.
*Fixed occasional missing reload sounds for the Corinth.
*Fixed a script error in the Invite panel screen.
*Fixed MOA Companions Security Override Precept not turning off radio towers on the Plains of Eidolon.
*Fixed Dropship Turrets not firing from alternating barrels.
*Fixes towards Host migrations during a mission load causing issues.
*Fixed an issue with new hair having collision fixes which could impact performance, but also allow stacking ... which was fun, but sadly had to go.
*Fixed every Warframe ability costing 25 Energy in Conclave.
	type: Hotfix
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Fortuna: Mesa Prime - Hotfix 24.2.2
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1045159-fortuna-mesa-prime-hotfix-2422/
	date: 2018-12-18T18:58:36Z
	changes: Fortuna: Mesa Prime 
Hotfix 24.2.2:

Sanctuary Onslaught
Elite Sanctuary Onslaught (Radiant)
Numerous Endless mission modes
And the list goes on! Check out the official public PC drop tables here.
*Chroma Prime, Gram Prime, and Rubico Prime Relics are also still out in the wild.
Check out Mesa Prime Access for the newest golden Prime Accessories and more: https://www.warframe.com/prime-access
If you already wield the power of these Primes or have their Relics in your Inventory, they will remain after the Vaulting.
When completing a successful animal Conservation using a Warframe ability, it will yield a ‘Good Capture’, as opposed to sometimes yielding a ‘Perfect Capture’. A successful animal Conservation using the tried-and-true Tranq/Echo-Lure technique was always intended to yield a higher gratitude.
Tonkor Reload Speed increased from 2 seconds to 1.7 seconds
A full outline of the Chat Moderation Responsibilities and Code of Conduct can be viewed here: https://www.warframe.com/community/volunteers
Increased the drop chance of a certain Cosmetic item dropped by the Profit-Taker.
The Profit-Taker now only requires 3 Codex Scans to complete the Codex entry.
Excluded the Profit-Taker from being spawnable in the Simulacrum. 
You can now equip the Fulmination Mod on the Staticor.
Updated Nyx's Mind Control + Psychic Bolts and Titania's Lantern ability descriptions to better reflect their recent ability changes.
Improved numerous ability FX for Profit-Taker.
Improved the Staticor and Simulor FX.
MOA Companion vocals are now muted while in the Arsenal.

*Fixed a script error when completing the ‘Prove Yourself’ Plains Bounty which would prevent new players from earning the Bounty reward.
*Fixes towards a script error when voting on a mission.
*Fixed inability to edit the Baruuk Mandala Decoration after placing it.
*Fixed Corpus Amp Energy FX.
*Fixed Baruuk’s [PH] NOT EDGY ENOUGH UI text.
*Fixed LB on controllers not cycling Loadout Appearances.
*Fixed a script error when waypointing Mine deposits.
	type: Hotfix
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.1
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1044968-fortuna-hotfix-2421/
	date: 2018-12-18T15:50:10Z
	changes: Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.1:
Removed the dissolve FX when equipping your Atmosphere Arch-Gun.

*Fixed some AI spawning issues in the Orb Heist Bounties resulting in certain phases to be unplayable.
*Fixed inability to complete Mastery Rank tests (the increased Mastery for K-Drive and Moa-Pets was not being included).
*Fixed crashes caused by optimizations that were not compatible in 32-bit Warframe.
*Fixed certain language text appearing wonky/distorted.
*Fixed incorrect Sugatra offset on the Cobra & Crane.
*Fixed a script error when attempting to invite another player.
*Fixed a script error when casting Wukong’s Iron Jab ability.
	type: Hotfix
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Fortuna: The Profit-Taker - Update 24.2
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1044890-fortuna-the-profit-taker-update-242/
	date: 2018-12-18T13:59:14Z
	additions: The residents of Fortuna may have opened up to you, but there is more story to be told. Venture though the Orb Vallis for Venus Lore Fragments (shaped similarly to Debt Tokens) to piece together the narratives of Eudico, The Business, Smokefinger, Legs, Rude Zuud, Little Duck, and Ticker.
A new Baruuk UI Theme and Stalker UI Theme are now purchasable under Options > Interface > UI Customization. 
In an effort to make Warframe more accessible, non-analog inputs from different devices can now be used together and will be treated the same as when several non-analog inputs from the same device are pressed. 
The Business now offers a Corpus Boot Trophy to really pump up your Orbiter aesthetic.
New Captura Scenes:
FORTUNA SCENE (available from Smokefinger’s Offerings in Fortuna)
CETUS SCENE (available from Old Man Suumbaat’s Offerings in Cetus)
Syndicate Wall Stencils for your Personal Quarters have been added to each respective Syndicate!
Added the Loc-Pin item to Clan Research! This new Gear item will let you add your own permanent markers to the map in Plains of Eidolon and the Orb Vallis.
Added a "Bonus" reward sound for Vallis/Cetus Bounties and added "Bounty Stage Complete" sound.

	changes: Fortuna: The Profit-Taker 
Update 24.2.0:

We’re going to fight a massive, mechanical spider. An Orb Mother, to be precise.

Profit-Taker Bounties must be completed in chronological order first, at which afterwards they can be completed in any order.

As the danger outside grows, so does Little Duck’s Titles and Offerings:
Comparable to the Archwing and K-Drive Launchers, a respective Gear item known as the Archweapon Deployer is required to activate your Atmosphere Arch-Gun. The Archweapon Deployer can be obtained by completing the Orb Heist Phase 3 Bounty.
Atmosphere Arch-Guns consume Ammo as opposed to unlimited Ammo/Battery in Archwing. Specifically new Heavy Ammo Drops which can be found from Corpus enemies in Orb Heist missions. Heavy Ammo Drops also reset the 10 minute cool-down when picked up, or replenish Ammo if needed.
Atmosphere Arch-Gun can be summoned in normal missions with the Archweapon Deployer, but once Ammo has been depleted there is a 10 minute cool-down until you can summon again. The intent here is to allow you moments of beefy damage output, and not become just another Primary/Secondary weapon.
Damage increased from 40 to 50.
Critical Chance increased from 10% to 24%.
Status Chance increased from 5% to 12%.
Magazine size decreased from 250 to 200.
Ammo Capacity set at 400.
Reload speed set at 2 seconds.
Mastery Rank increased from 0 to 1.
Damage increased from 35 to 40
Critical Chance increased from 15% to 40%.
Critical Damage increased from 2x to 2.6x.
Status Chance increased from 10% to 14%.
Ammo Capacity set at 50.
Damage fall off reduced from 100-350 to 60-120.
Reload speed set at 2 seconds.
Mastery Rank increased from 0 to 1.
Damage increased from 60 to 110.
Critical Chance increased from 25% to 28%.
Critical damage increased from 2x to 2.2x.
Status Chance increased from 10% to 14%.
Ammo Capacity set at 256.
Reload speed set at 1.4 seconds.
Mastery Rank increased from 0 to 2.
Damage increased from 200 to 250.
Critical Chance increased from 15% to 22%.
Status Chance increased from 10% to 16%.
Ammo Capacity set at 80.
Reload speed set at 2 seconds.
Projectile width decreased from 30m to 10m.
Mastery Rank from 0 to 3.
Damage increased from 45 to 56.
Critical Chance increased from 10% to 14%.
Status Chance increased from 25% to 30%.
Magazine size decreased from 250 to 240.
Ammo Capacity set at 480.
Reload speed set at 2 seconds.
Damage reduced from 200 to 120.
Critical Chance increased from 5% to 20%.
Critical Damage increased from 2x to 2.2x.
Ammo Capacity set at 240.
Reload speed set at 1.2 seconds.
Mastery Rank from 0 to 4.
Damage increased from 275 to 310.
Magazine size decreased from 60 to 30.
Ammo Capacity set at 90.
Reload speed set at 2 seconds.
Mastery Rank from 0 to 4.
Damage reduced from 1800 to 1200.
Critical Chance increased from 25% to 30%.
Magazine size decreased from 100 to 10.
Ammo Capacity set at 30.
Reload speed set at 2 seconds.
Mastery Rank from 0 to 5.
Damage increased from 40 to 50.
Critical Chance increased from 10% to 28%.
Critical damage increased from 2x to 2.4x.
Status Chance increased from 5% to 12%.
Ammo Capacity set at 600.
Reload speed set at 2 seconds.
Changed Fire Rate from 16.67 base ramping up from 13.33 to 25 Fire Rate over 30 rounds to: 25 base rate ramping up from 13.33 over 30 rounds. Functionally exactly the same as before just the max Fire Rate is now shown in the Arsenal.
New Fortuna Somachord Fragments can also be discovered out in Orb Vallis to bring that chilly vibe into your Orbiter:
Null Unit
We All Lift Together
Cold Tundra
Vapor Trails

Nyx's abilities have received an audio refresh 
new sounds have been added to her powers!
Nyx's Passive now causes enemies to miss her more often. 
Nyx's last Passive was to randomly disarm enemies when hit by powers. Since her revisited kit depends on enemies effectively hitting each other, we changed the passive to make Nyx simply harder to hit.
Mind Control has a 4 second wind up at the start where incoming damage will cause the target's damage output to increase. The stronger your weaponry, the deadlier the output of your victim! 
Reminder: All damage inflicted to the target will apply once Nyx deactivates Mind Control, or when the Duration runs out. 
Better 'follow Nyx and attack enemies' AI pass.
Mind Control can now be cast while moving, and no longer halts Nyx in her tracks!
The cast time for Mind Control has been decreased, so you can better use the 4-second window to ‘power up’ your new minion!
Nyx’s passive ability to make enemies miss will be deactivated when she is using Absorb, meaning no shot will be wasted!
No longer deals any damage and will temporarily disable Armor & Shield, slow down Infested units, and disable Ancients' Auras.
Psychic Bolts can be cast once on up to 6 targets. Kill these targets before you can cast again, OR hold '2' to reset targets and cast again!
Absorb damage type is now based on the damage types it absorbs.
Baseline Energy Capacity increased to hit 225 at Max Rank.
Lantern can be cast up to 4 times at once (new targets replace old). Targets will gradually float back to their starting positions. You will be able to 'explode' all targets by holding the Lantern cast.
Razorwing has a 'Vacuum' built in!
Venus Shield Ospreys the spawn Nullifier bubbles only spawn if the Orb Vallis Alert level is 3+ and if the enemy level is 20+. 
Level 2+ Alert level will spawn Shield Ospreys that don’t spawn Nullifier bubbles. 
A max of 2 Nullifier bubbles can be created per Drone.
Total active Nullifier bubbles (from all Drones) in the area will not exceed 4 
10 bubbles (scaling with player count).
Quick fire area-of-effect returned to 2m as intended.
Charged fire projectile speed increased.
Mag size increased from 45 to 48.
Ammo capacity increased from 270 to 288.
Clip size no longer affects charge time and is now set at 1 sec.
Charged fire now deals self damage.
Reduced the shockwave distortion FX.
Changed from semi auto to automatic.
Added a small amount of recoil for feedback when firing.
now has proper accuracy stats so mods will effect it
Firestorm and Terminal Velocity Mods can now be equipped.
Reduced Aim Zoom from 2.23 to 1.6x.
Damage-over-Time damage is now affected by +damage mods
Updated the overall FX.
Fire Rate increased from 2 to 3.
Ammo capacity increased from 60 to 72.
Clip size decreased from 10 to 8.
Fire Rate increased from 2.67 to 3.33.
Ammo capacity increased from  75 to 96.
Clip size increased from 15 to 16.
Critical Chance increased from 5% to 14%.
Increased lock on angle of sticky beams from 15-30 to 40-60 (first number is angle it can obtain a lock, second number is when beam will lose it’s lock).
Increased Mag size from 40 to 60.
Increased Ammo capacity from 200 to 300.
Reduced the delay until you can use primary fire after using it's secondary fire.
Reduced aimed recoil.
Increased the recharge rate of Pax Charge when used with all Chambers apart from Catchmoon.
Pax Soar now also reduces the effect of gravity when firing a Kitgun.
Pax Bolt chance to activate increased from 50% to 100% at max rank.
Splat Loader reload speed increased from 1.9 to 1.7 secs when used with Gaze Chamber.
Killstream Loader status chance increased from 11 to 13% when used with Catchmoon Chamber.
Tombfinger Chamber area-of-effect damage origin now matches point of impact instead of behind it.
One major issue address is the fixing of an issue where almost 50% controller input was required before a hip-fire camera manipulation could be executed. We’ve decreased coded deadzones to allow for more refined, precise aiming and removed the inherited velocity when shifting directions. Players should now notice an immediate falloff in camera movement once input is no longer applied to the control sticks.
Additionally, we have added a number of mathematical improvements regarding the ramp and acceleration curves used to interpolate control stick input. This should make the camera manipulations feel much smoother and allow for a closer approximation of circular movement, compared to the very ‘square’ like motions we had previously.
We’ve also increased the amount of vertical movement seen when manipulating the control stick to reduce the amount of asymmetry between it and horizontal movement. There is still a bias towards the horizontal plane, but moving the camera up/down should not feel so drastically different when now compared to left/right movement.
Fixed Void Mode being toggled/stuck on sometimes due to interaction with the Power Menu on controllers.
Animal Pheromone Synthesizer items have been added to The Business’ Offerings! When deployed before using an Echo-Lure, these increase the chance of attracting a Rare variant of the respective animal. 
Increased range of Tranq Rifle pulsing sound from 100m to 180m. 
Fixed the UI breaking and Echo-Lure/Tranq/Mining Lasers not functioning after dismounting a K-Drive.
Fixed having no weapon when getting downed while the Echo-Lure or Tranq is equipped.
Fixed Tranqing an animal during its despawn animation would cause instant disappearance.
Fixed Echo-Lure’s not changing pitch for Clients.
Fixed a case of the Echo-Lure UI indicator not matching true pitch of the animal call.
Fixed Conservation UI (and other custom scopes) being disabled when dismounting a K-Drive.
Fixed potential cases of the Conservation start point or the call point spawning too far into the edge of the map, making it unreachable.
Fixed inability to use Warframe abilities after mounting a K-Drive with a Fishing Spear equipped.
Fixed rare case of Orb Vallis Servofish repeatable getting stuck in a specific spot.
Fixed Servofish frequently being worth 0.0 points.
The initial Trading Post screen and Research screen in the Dojo have been reworked to not only be more functional and aesthetically pleasing, but also to match your chosen UI Theme! 
Research in progress now displays contribution progress in the right panel and incomplete material contributions will appear faded.
Hovering over non-Credit Research requirement materials now shows the item info as well as the amount owned.
Removed ‘-50% Magazine Capacity’ from the Precision Munitions Mod in Conclave.

*Fixed inability to lift lockdown state and progress in the Grineer Sealab Spy tileset.
*Fixed cases of Host Migrations causing the Lua puzzle room rewards to duplicate.
*Fixed Host migration resetting the Credit Count in Orb Vallis Assassinate Bounty stages.
*Fixed MOA Companions and K-Drives only giving 3000 Mastery as opposed to the correct 6000 Mastery. The missing Mastery will be retroactively added on login.
*Fixed Public matchmaking Bounty UI linegring on screen when entering the Orb Vallis.
*Fixed non-functional play arrow in mission voting UI when joining a squad with a Bounty already selected.
*Fixed no cases spawning during a "Resource Capture" phase of an Orb Vallis Bounty.
*Fixed loading into Orb Valis directly from Navigation as a Client resulting in bad performance for the first 20 seconds.
*Fixed being able to K-Drive grind on flat-ground (and generally improved grind detection).
*Fixed Toroids and Cetus Wisps disappearing over-time if enough other pickups drop.
*Fixed getting Transferred back to Operator if your Warframes reaches 2HP, regardless of being invulnerable (Quick Thinking).
*Fixed Cautious Shot applying to secondaries even though it's equipped on primaries.
*Fixed Corpus Snipers not deploying Ratel spawners.
*Fixed The Sergeant and Tia Mayn's cloaking abilities not turning them invisible after first use. In the case of The Sergeant, this would result in him humorously running away after throwing down a smoke bomb while completely visible.
*Fixed Arctic Eximus’ globe becoming unbreakable if affected by both Limbo’s Stasis and Cataclysm until Stasis is removed/expires. 
*Fixed poor camera rotation when spectating in Wyrmius.
*Fixed ability to install Warframe Mods on a Companion.
*Fixed Hydroid/Hydroid Prime’s Undertow appearing invisible. 
*Fixed Nezha’s Firewalker missing its fiery FX. 
*Fixed awkward animations playing when certain Arcanes triggered while reloading your weapon. 
*Fixed the Terra Embattor MOA mines not working on Clients and now get destroyed when triggered.
*Fixed disarmed enemies not counting towards kill count in "Kill Enemy Type" Exterminate Bounty stages.
*Fixed Orb Vallis ‘Drone Defense’ stage enemies sometimes not attacking and also spawning too far away to count towards the objective.
*Fixed Infinite use items still displaying as usable in the Gear Spiral after they have been removed from your Inventory. They still occupy a slot, but the icon is darkened and the count now displays 0 instead of infinite.
*Fixed Itzal's Blink ability sometimes teleporting you backwards in Archwing Submersible missions.
*Fixed the Miter Augment Neutralizing Justice not working on Nullifier Bubbles in Orb Vallis. 
*Fixed Mecha Mods sometimes killing players by a radial Electricity Status Effect.
*Fixed the Tek Assault VF lingering for Clients if the Host is using the Operator at the moment it is cast. 
*Fixed Zephyr’s Tornadoes not applying Critical damage from Clients. 
*Fixed an issue with the projectiles travel distance that was affecting weapons like the Tonkor that require its bullet to travel a certain distance before they become "armed".
*Fixed cases of Companions becoming trapped in the first mission of the Glast Gambit quest.
*Fixed Legs’ portrait not displaying in his Transmissions. 
*Fixed being prompted to purchase more Sentinel Slots if you only have 1 empty when crafting a new MOA Companion at Legs.
*Fixes towards enemies getting stuck in crates on the Grineer Earth Defense tileset.
*Fixed Coildrives being stopped by Gara’s Mass Vitrify. They will now punch a hole through the glass and drive through.
*Fixed enemy Coildrives doing ramming damage to the ambushed Coildrive.
*Fixed triggering the ‘Stealth Kill Affinity Bonus’ when destroying parked Coildrives in Orb Vallis.
*Fixed an inescapable possessed K-Drive when activating it while ‘checking the bodies’ during an Orb Vallis Bounty ‘Recovery’ phase.
*Fixed Clients unable to see laser captivity wall in the ‘Rescue the Hostages’ phase of the ‘Courier Ambush’ Orb Vallis Bounty. 
*Fixed inability to scan the hanging Gorgaricus Sac.
*Fixed the Bloodshed Sigil not appearing correctly when viewing it’s diorama via Chat link.
*Fixed Extraction Marker not showing up for players outside of the Orb Vallis Elevator.
*Fixed Kuakas appearing distorted when casting Itzal’s Cosmic Crush on it.
*Fixed cases where Itzal’s Blink can easily break through Plains/Vallis boundaries. 
*Fixed cases of enemies becoming stuck while traversing the Grineer Earth tileset.
*Fixes cases of enemies becoming stuck while traversing the Corpus Outpost tileset.
*Fixed an incorrectly labeled locked door in the Grineer Shipyard tileset.
*Fixed unreachable Crates due to water volumes in the Grineer Sealab tileset.
*Fixed some doors in Orb Vallis shoving you underground if they happened to close on you.
*Fixed Quill Onkko’s helmet clipping through his head.
*Fixed Valkyr’s Kara Helmet appearing stretched/deformed when flying in Archwing.
*More fixes towards incorrect Kubrow textures.
*Fixed missing Ivara Artemis Bow impact FX.
*Fixed incorrect default Energy color on Zephyr Prime’s tail feathers as reported here:
*Fixed incorrect Arsenal stats when comparing 2 MOA Companions.
*Fixed hearing MOA Companion footsteps in the Orbiter regardless of it being in view as reported here:  
*Fixed the Mining result display appearing desaturated.
*Fixed missing name/quantity in Mining result display if the player has item labels turned off.
*Fixed inability to rotate a Companion on the Stasis screen.
*Fixed Decorations not rotating properly when using snapping options.
*Fixed Ticker’s feet having a popping animation.
*Fixed the camera not following the MOA Companion’s idle animation in the Arsenal.
*Fixed permanent looping sound when choosing Daily Tribute reward.
*Fixed the Sanctuary Onslaught intro music looping.
*Fixed appearing to pick up Credits while K-Driving but no Credits actually being obtained.
*Fixed the Orb Vallis terrain sounds sometimes abruptly panning from front to back (in Surround) while K-Driving.
*Fixed sometimes not hearing the K-Drive mounting sound.
*Fixed Gorgaricus Spore, Mytocardia Spore, Tepa Nodule, Thermal Sludge Containers missing Codex entries. 
*Fixed wrong Faction listed in the Codex for the Arbitration Shield Drone. 
*Fixed Clients accepting Orbiter invite in high-lag countdown can miss mission load.
*Fixed a potential script error related to Corpus Terraformer attacks.
*Fixed a Chat softlock when creating a Chat link with a selection tag (e.g. [Riven Mod], [song]).
*Fixed Trinity missing her head in the Melee 2.0 Training Codex diorama.
*Fixed Grain slider not working in Captura.
*Fixed incorrect Lotus transmission after downing the Capture target.
*Fixed a script error when casting Mesa’s Shooting Gallery ability. 
*Fixed a script error when sending a Gift.
	type: Update
	description: We’re back with the last Mainline of 2018 
what a year! Mesa Prime and her shiny goodies are still to come, but we’re excited to present Fortuna: The Profit-Taker. It goes without saying that Mainline updates bring some unintentional bugs that slip through the pipes. Time to get revenge on all the spiders that have crawled up your leg!
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Fortuna: Hotfix 24.1.5
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1043389-fortuna-hotfix-2415/
	date: 2018-12-13T16:57:31Z
	changes: Fortuna: Hotfix 24.1.5:
Updated Life Strike, Focused Defense, and Corrupt Charge Mod descriptions to read better.

*Fixed Staff and Polearm Zaws not hitting properly with attacks that use the bottom end of the weapon.
*Fixed an issue where Power Cell Carriers sometimes took longer than expected to spawn in Venus Excavation missions.
*Fixed Host migration in Orb Vallis resulting in the remaining players finding they are missing alert level UI and Reinforcement Beacons self destructing on deployment.
*Fixed glitchy/floating K-Drive animations when dismounting/mounting over water/coolant.
*Fixed ‘Decline All’ pending friend requests not working.
*Fixes towards Corpus Trenchers/Provisors appearing stuck in midair.
	type: Hotfix
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Fortuna: Hotfix 24.1.4
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1042413-fortuna-hotfix-2414/
	date: 2018-12-10T20:09:14Z
	changes: Fortuna: Hotfix 24.1.4:
Updated Arcane Rage description to read "Primary Weapons" instead of "Rifles".

*We have fixed an exploit that could only be performed knowingly. Now that the issue is fixed, we will be reviewing our database for extreme offenders and issuing suspensions accordingly.
*Fixed an issue where Ivara's Navigator would lock a player if taken control of certain Fishing gear and never let go.
*Fixed a ‘/glitch’ in one of Ordis’ transmissions during The Jordas Precept.
*Fixed some localization consistency.
	type: Hotfix
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Fortuna: Hotfix
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1041297-fortuna-hotfix-24132/
	date: 2018-12-06T21:55:58Z
	changes: Fortuna: Hotfix

*Added a potential fix for crashes on Windows 7 systems without Service Pack 1 or updated BIOS (CPU features are being mis-advertised as available that need SP1 to actually use).
*Fixed a soft-lock if you tried to rush a pet's stasis recovery without enough Credits.
*Fixed a soft-lock when exercising Focus options in Relays, Simulacrum or Captura.
*Fixed a crash that could occur on shutdown.
*Fixed missing ground-punch sounds on Atlas' Rumblers
*Fixed several random crashes.
*Fixed Pet Moa's equipped weapons not gaining shared affinity. 
*Integrated localization fixes.
	type: Hotfix
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Fortuna: Hotfix 24.1.3 +
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1040912-fortuna-hotfix-2413-24131/
	date: 2018-12-05T19:00:08Z
	changes: Fortuna: Hotfix 24.1.3:
In-game Kick, Ban, and Spam Flush messages will now be handled as a system notification instead of a private message. We are in the process of reviewing the human element of our in-game chat moderation. You can read the details here:
Improved the accuracy of the in-game FPS counter and made made numerous improvements to the Max Framerate setting as described here:
Made numerous optimizations to enemy/NPC navigation and included additional optimizations for modern CPUs with F16C instructions
Tweaked audio delay to Eudico’s Bounty transmission. 
Tweaked audio of Nef’s billboard lines. 
Enthrall can now be used while on Ziplines. 
Mining results now use the themed resource icon if available.
Capped Garuda's Dread Mirror and Blood Altar dashes to 150m/s max. No more going going 42km/s anymore.
Fixed Dread Mirror’s dash causing players to get stuck. 
Fixed delay between the end of Garuda's Seeking Talons release animation and being able to charge her Dread Mirror.
Fixed a crash while Garuda siphons blood. 
Fixed (maybe) Blood Altar and Dread Mirror falling through the floor. 
Fixed Garuda Dread Mirror failing to cast because of TARGET OBSTRUCTED when the leap into the air would clear whatever obstruction was blocking her. 
Fixed Seeking Talons not being cancelled by Stalker.

*Fixed a memory leak in the gear wheel that would degrade performance the more often you used it
*Fixed non-energy draining abilities getting canceled when riding vehicles. 
*Fixed Kyta Raknoid spin beam removing invulnerability. 
*Fixed terrain clipping in Connector 13 of Grineer Settlement tileset.
*Fixed some types of camera shake ignoring the view shake option.
*Fixed Companions orbiting around you sometimes when you stop moving. 
*Fixed rushing forward with zero input when equipping Archwing. 
*Fixed enemies having trouble entering cover. 
*Fixed certain melee sounds that were playing when using abilities in Operator mode.
*Fixed choppy automatic weapon fire sound playback
*Fixed Champion of the People challenge not working as advertised.
*Fixed Thurible loop sound to stop playing if you get killed while using the ability.
*Fixed issue where lures/tranq rifle gear items were getting into bad anim states.
*Fixed the Hades Tonfa skin not applying the correct material to the flame.
*Fixed Kitguns not creating tracers and other effects after exiting Submersible Archwing.
*Fixed the behavior of the Max Framerate setting: when Vertical Sync is enabled the Max Framerate has always been locked to the Refresh Rate and the UI now shows this properly.
*Fixed K-Drive GrindSwap trick not triggering when jumping from rail while grinding. 
*Fixed a crash that could occur when loading into Orb Vallis. 
*Fixed non-EMP fishing spears ignoring the reset condition on the "Catch X fish without missing a throw" riven challenge
*Fixed dropship passengers getting frozen mid air. 
*Fixed Oxylus Lifeform precept not showing Kubrodon points.
*Fixed ‘Stay Frosty’ Challenge being impossible (edit) inconsistent due to K-Drive height calculations. 
*Fixed launcher crashes related to high-resolution displays.
*Fixed missing chain dangle on the Hades Tonfa skin.
*Fixed missing lightmap info on some cave water planes.
*Fixed Cryotra only firing at targets within its firing range.
*Fixed a script error that could occur in the Ayatan Treasure screen. 
*Fix to Howl and Nekros’ Terrify sometimes not making the target run away in the Plains or Vallis. 
*Fixed invisible hazard bubbles in Hive missions. 
*Fixed a loot crate that was under the floor in Grineer Shipyards tileset. 
*Fixed gory nano particle effects not being hidden when gore is disabled.
*Fixed a crash that could occur with gore disabled.
*Fixed (potentially) crashes on Windows 7 without Service Pack 1. Everyone on the team wants to point out if you are in this scenario, you've resisted updating for almost 7 years. C'mon.
*Fixed a crash in the Ambulas fight.
*Fixed an issue with the mining laser UI getting stuck on screen if town gates were opening.
*Fixed additional crashes.
	type: Hotfix
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Fortuna: Hotfix 24.1.2 +
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1038856-fortuna-hotfix-2412-24121/
	date: 2018-11-29T19:46:27Z

	changes: Fortuna: Hotfix 24.1.2:
Added an 8 meter area-of-effect stagger when reaching a target with Dread Mirror (not affected by Mods).
Added a small noise movement to the Dread Mirror shield.
Increased enemy insta-kill threshold from 35% to 40% (i.e. enemy is insta-killed if it’s below 40% of Health).
Charging Dread Mirror projectile while in the air will let you hover for a few seconds.
Dread Mirror animations play faster with Natural Talent equipped.
Added an 8 meter area-of-effect stagger when impaling an enemy with Blood Altar (not affected by Mods).
Increased Blood Altar heal radius from 6 meters to 8 meters. 
Blood Altar animations play faster with Natural Talent equipped.
Reduced total Seeking Talons charge time by 33%.
Seeking Talons charge now starts faster and slows down as it expands.
Increased minimum Seeking Talons charge size from 15 degrees to 25 degrees.
Reduced maximum Seeking Talons charge size from 120 degrees to 95 degrees.
Charging Seeking Talons while in the air will let you hover for a few seconds.
Charging Seeking Talons now makes a sound cue when fully charged.
Numerous performance optimizations across the entire game! The previous K-Drive performance improvements have also been re-integrated in a more stable state. We’ve touched upon shaders, particle system, weather, and more!
Servofish parts now display which Servofish they can be Dismantled from!
Increased the Vega Toroid drop rate to bring inline with other Toroids.
Orb Vallis Excavation missions now spawn Excavators that will equally match player count, with the exception of a full squad of 4 players where only 3 Excavators will spawn. 
Improved Bounty boards to gracefully refresh and have next set of Bounties all lined up and ready to go without having awkward downtime of "no bounties available, please check again uhh sometime".
Chat will now autocomplete when attempting to link a Zaw, MOA Companion, K-Drive, and Kitgun.
Updated the Chroma Morkai Skin to appear more leather-like at the creators request.
Updated the Ferita Rapier Skin to allow separate tinting of the blade at the creators request. 
Made a micro optimization for modern operating systems by deleting code that would generally only help on Windows XP in rare cases.
Made some micro optimizations to checking for offscreen-objects.
Optimized Titania’s Razorwing ability sound.
Optimized out small frame-time spikes that would occur periodically during gameplay.
Tweaks to improve interpretation of the Corpus hack panel states in Orb Vallis.
Improved the pacing of random enemy encounters and Dropship reinforcements in Orb Vallis.
The Conservation gear when tracking animals now functions similar to the Fishing gear, where tapping the bound key will auto-equip the respective item, instead of having to hold the key and re-select the item. 
Fixed continued issues with hunting footsteps not being visible. This includes a key issue with AMD graphics cards as well as general visibility. 
Echo-Lures no longer need to be equipped in your Gear Spiral, they are auto-equipped in the Conservation gear when a Tranq is equipped.
Increased the fire rate of the Tranq Rifle so that it enters the reload state faster.
Fixed animals sometimes spawning in range and instantly running away.
Fixed animals vanishing too quickly instead of being ‘taken away’ after being captured in Orb Vallis. 
Fixed not seeing the correct UI text when the Conservation gear is active when using a controller with the default ‘classic controls’.
Fixed the controller binding to switch between options in the Conservation gear not functioning. 
We now show the 'Infinity' symbol for Conservation gear, indicating the fact that it is not consumed on use. 
Fixed various poop decals not being correctly hooked up.
Changed Moa Money, Moa Problems challenge to read “Configure” to stay consistent with Legs’ prompt.

*Fixed a bug where you'd impact so hard with your Archwing in the Plains/Vallis that the game would crash as well. The world is not ready for this hyper-realistic 4D flight simulator.
*Fixed Chilling Reload, Streamlined Form, and Drifting Contact missing from Alerts. 
*Fixed an issue with the 'Grindy' K-drive trick gathering point when not actually grinding. 
*Fixed an issue with Scanners not animating when scanning a target. 
*Fixed an ancient issue where high-level bridges could become uncrossable for pets. 
*Fixed Resources obtained while K-Driving not actually saving to Inventories. 
*Fixed Warframes with Channeling abilities being permanently nullified by Scrambus or Comba enemies when hit by their projection Aura while in Operator mode. 
*Fixed inability to Capture a Corpus Base Camp in Orb Vallis due to the Defend timer never ending or the Eximus unit not respawning if the Bounty was previously abandoned. 
*Fixed Pax Seeker activating on Warframe Exalted Ability Weapons (i.e. Titania Razorwing, Mesa Regulators).
*Fixed Pax Seeker projectiles and Phantasma’s Alt Fire ignoring Nullifier bubbles.
*Fixed Orb Vallis Recovery Bounty objective timer not resetting if multiple Recovery Bounties are completed in one session.
*Fixed the Ambush Coildrive being  invincible if the player previously abandoned a Coildrive Defense without hacking it.
*Fixed a non-functional Garuda Blood Altar being left behind if used on a detonating Volatile Runner.
*Fixed areas where Loki could Switch Teleport out of Orb Vallis.
*Fixed Mining in Orb Vallis counting towards the ‘Plains Prospector’ Challenge.
*Fixed the Chroma Morkai Skin not using the correct colour channel on his tail.
*Fixed K-Drive custom names not displaying in the End of Mission screen.
*Fixed custom MOA Companion names not appearing in mission for Clients.
*Fixed a script error when attempting to Chat link a Kitgun with a custom name. 
*Fixed knee slide, fall whoosh and foliage velocity sound not being stopped in some cases.
*Fixed the Akvasto Prime playing the wrong sound.
*Fixed duplicate K-Drive objective marker appearing when replaying the Vox Solaris quest.
*Fixed an invisible container mesh near Thursby’s spot during Vox Solaris quest. 
*Fixed Affinity numbers from enemies not killed by the player not being clamped to the screen and appearing in incorrect places if they died behind the player.
*Fixes towards Dropship enemies floating in mid-air. 
*Potential fix for script error causing the MOA Companion Anti-Grav Mine Precept to send enemies too high into the sky.
*Fixed a script error when switching from Mouse/Keyboard to controller when attempting to purchase an item.
*Fixed a script error when viewing a Bounty board with no active Bounties available. 
*Fixed a script error when casting Garuda’s Dread Mirror.  
*Fixed an issue with Nekros's Irkalla Binds not being attached when in Archwing mode. 
*Fixed an issue where using the Assimilate Ability Augment on Nyx will deactivate toggle sprint, and force the player to toggle again.
*Fixed an issue that allowed the Kyta Arachnoid to be targeted by abilities when Overshields were active. 
*Fixed an issue with lockdown alarm lights not shutting off after the Stalker leaves.
*Fixed various crashes.
*Fixed script error when selecting Khora in the Conclave Arsenal.
*Fixed Orb Vallis map overlapping with Enrichment Labs map.
*Fixed Bounty UI refreshing/flickering if bounties update while in town. 
*Fixed a crash caused by Vacuum pickups. 
*Fixed a crash caused by new cloth optimizations.
*Fixed a script error that could occur at EoM or when hitting TAB as Operator. 
*Fixed Pax Bolt triggering from Primary weapons. 
*Fixed a subtle texture error on Floofs. 
*Fixed the “MIGRATED” accolade showing on PC (It is planned to show in future console updates on console accounts)
	type: Hotfix
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Fortuna: Hotfix 24.1.1 +
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1036429-fortuna-hotfix-2411-24111/
	date: 2018-11-23T20:52:30Z
	changes: Fortuna: Hotfix 24.1.1:
Improvements towards the Zamarui Gara Skin glass material to fix brightness/lighting discrepancies. 
Increased frequency of Rare Gems in Smokefinger’s Offerings.
Vallis Pigments will now also drop from Elite and Eximus Terra Variants.
Improvements to prevent fish spawning inside solid geometry in caves.
Removed The Business’ unnecessary VO of "You need to practice the Echo-Lure more" when the animal escapes.
Fixes towards potential cases where animal tracks don't appear.
More fixes towards an animal appearing to be left behind when two players attempt to collect it at the same time.
Fixed animals potentially spawning way too far away from the call point.
Fixed Kubrow and Kavat Companions sometimes attacking/using abilities on animals.
Fixed some Orb Vallis fungus covering up animal tracks.
Reverted some K-Drive performance improvements in order to fix rampant K-Drive crash as a result. More stable performance improvements will come from further testing.

*Fixed a loss of functionality that resulted in a progression stop in The War Within quest.
*Fixed inability to Capture a Corpus Camp in Orb Vallis due to no Datamass dropping if the last Bounty stage occurred in that Camp.
*Fixed further inability to Capture a Corpus Camp in Orb Vallis due to Datamasses not spawning if an Eximus enemy didn't spawn at the Camp.
*Fixed Nekros’ Desecrate duplicating Orb Vallis Base Capture Datamasses.
*Fixed Client's inability to see the hackable console inside Orb Vallis Caches; which you can initiate to reveal more precise locations of other Caches! This console has an increased chance of appearing the more time passes in the Cache Bounty stage.
*Fixed Clients getting booted from a squad if the Bounty is accepted after the Host chooses one.
*Fixed all Glaives not bouncing between robotic enemies as reported here: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1025043-blazing-chakram-bugged-vs-roboticmachinery-enemies/
*Fixed MOA Companions spawning dead in Submersible missions.
*Fixed struggles to pick up Ayatan Stars from inside Orb Vallis Caches. 
*Fixed cases where destroying a Dropship immediately after spawning in Orb Vallis would result in loot being suspended in the air. 
*Fixed all Equinox Skins not displaying correctly when in Archwing.
*Fixed floppy cloth on the Equinox Divisa Helmet dangles.
*Fixed Ventkid VO appearing outside their clubhouse before Vox Solaris quest completion. 
*Fixed missing Golden Maw FX in The War Within quest.
*Fixed lingering Bounty objective HUD in Orb Vallis.
*Fixes towards Eudico’s apron cloth clipping.
*Fixed incorrect Sugatra offsets on the Guandao polearm.
*Fixed a script error when casting Mag’s Magnetize ability.
*Fixed Arcane Victory not triggering when using a Primary weapon. 
*Fixed Pax Seeker projectiles not showing up for Clients.
	type: Hotfix
	description: This Hotfix includes continued performance optimizations across the whole game -
with some specifics to K-Drive and Texture Streaming (it now reacts more quickly with a lower performance cost).
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Fortuna: Update 24.1.0 - TennoGen Round 14
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1035982-fortuna-update-2410-tennogen-round-14/
	date: 2018-11-22T21:50:53Z
	changes: Fortuna: Update 24.1.0 
Tennogen Round 14:

Round 14 introduces a brand-new category: Operator cosmetics! Deck out your Void walker with these custom-made masks and accessories. We’ve also added eight new Warframe Skins, eight new Weapon Skins and more — all made by our talented Tenno! To find these items, open Warframe through Steam and visit the in-game Market.

Garasu Oculus by ixe and lukinu_uIncognito Oculus by prosetisenLumis Earpiece by lukinu_uZenoriu Mask by led2012 and daemonstarZenoriu Oculus by led2012 and daemonstarZenoriu Earpiece by led2012 and daemonstar

Chroma Morkai Skin by lukinu_uEquinox Divisa Skin by HitsuSan Equinox Megaera Skin by Vulbjorn, the graphical walrusGara Zamariu Skin by led2012 and daemonstarLimbo Graxx Skin by FavenNyx Ascophillia Skin by ErneixTitania Lympharis Skin by lukinu_uZephyr Graxx Skin by Faven

Styx Syandana by malayu, Scharkie, and JadieTenui Syandana by led2012 and Justified114

Loki Lupu Helmet by LuboxNekros Charon Helmet by malayu and Scharkie

Dagger Crubbak Skin by Lubox and ScharkieRapier Ferita Skin by HitsuSan and ReilTonfa Hades Skin by malayu, Scharkie, and JadieGreatsword Ion Skin by Yatus and IgnusDeiGreatsword Karv’r Skin by Faven and ScharkieRapier Ni'Duhl Skin by FavenOpticor Mithra Skin by lukinu_uSword Tengushen Skin by BeastBuster

*Fixed Pherliac Pods Components not dropping after killing the Juggernaut.
*Fixed Plains Bounties not allowing Cave stages to start if a player is too close, resulting in Bounty failure.
*Fixed the Mecha Overdrive Mod not affecting Status Chance in the Arsenal UI stats for Kubrows.
*Fixed the Kreska not giving any Clan Affinity after being Researched in the Dojo. This Affinity will magically appear after successfully Researching another item.
*Fixed Terra Provisors being able to damage you through Garuda’s Dread Mirror.
*Fixed the Bounty board reward screen displaying incorrect quantities of certain rewards.
*Fixed a game hitch when loading into a Relay/Town as Garuda.
*Fixed the Kubrow Dual Stat Mods (Flame Gland, Shock Collar, Frost Jaw and Venom Teeth) not appearing in the Codex nor Chat linkable. 
*Fixed Clients not receiving credit towards the Vallis Spelunker Challenge.
*Fixed Excavation Power Cell icons displaying outside of the minimap bounds in Orb Vallis. 
*Fixed invisible ‘steam puzzle’ in The War Within quest.
*Fixed missing FX when redeeming items (Gems, Toroids, etc) for Standing.
*Fixed the Vox Solaris quest prompt briefly appearing after talking to Eudico.
*Fixed Eudico’s VO resetting in the Vox Solaris quest after choosing ‘I need a moment’.  
*Fixed doubling sounds when selecting a mission.
*Fixed a script error when casting Nidus’ Larva ability.
*Fixed a script error when casting Excalibur’s Radial blind ability. 
*Fixed a script error when using an Operator ability.
	type: Update
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Fortuna: Hotfix 24.0.10
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1035481-fortuna-hotfix-24010/
	date: 2018-11-21T21:38:12Z
	changes: Fortuna: Hotfix 24.0.10:
Reduced the Corpus Ospreys dodging frequency.
Updated the Elite Terra Corpus enemy Codex icons.
Revised the Tek Gravity Mod description to read ‘Slam Attacks in the Marked Zone pull all enemies within X|m’ to better match the Mods functionality.

*Fixed crashes in localized versions of Warframe.
*Fixed a crash when attempting to create a new room in the Dojo.
*Fixed a potential crash related to MOA Companions.
*Fixed a crash that could occur when mounting a K-Drive.
*Fixed a potential crash after a Host migration during an Archwing Interception mission. 
*Fixed Transferring to the Operator before the second phase of the Lephantis boss fight resulting in inability to defeat it.
*Fixed Mecha Mods not transferring Damage-over-time Status Effects to other enemies, resulting in no damage dealt.
*Fixed Mecha Pulse Mod having lower (incorrect) buff values in-game than what is shown in the Mod/Arsenal UI.
*Fixed the Tek Collateral Mod FX not appearing for Clients.
*Fixed AI spawn issues in the Corpus Ice Planet tileset.
*Fixed Gems/Ores obtained from smashing Orb Vallis crates not actually being collected.
*Fixed MOA Companions not being recognized as a Pet for Riven challenges requiring an active Pet.
*Fixed the incorrect Foundry rush costs for Cryotra, Tazicor, and Vulcax weapons.
*Fixed overly large K-Drive/Dargyn minimap markers.
*Fixed Fortuna Gems and Fish icons appearing stretched in the Trading UI.
*Fixed a script error when accessing the Arsenal as the Operator in the Simulacrum.
	type: Hotfix
	description: This Hotfix includes another round of performance optimizations for everything from the Orb Vallis to Outer Terminus -
we're pulling out all the stops to improve your framerate so please bear with us while we smash!
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Fortuna: Hotfix 24.0.9
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1035270-fortuna-hotfix-2409/
	date: 2018-11-21T14:01:56Z
	changes: Numerous overall performance improvements with some specific improvements towards Orb Vallis. 
Improved Kubrow and Kavat cold shivers, and they now also shake off accumulated snow when out in the Orb Vallis!
Synth Reflex and Vigilante Pursuit are now Exilus Mods. These Mods currently have similarly functioning Exilus Mods (Streamlined Form and Enemy Sense), therefore utilizing a Mod slot was counter intuitive.
You can now travel to other Relays/Towns when accessing the Star Chart from a Relay/Town.
Increased specific AI spawns the correspond to the given Exterminate Bounty (i.e. more Corpus Drones will spawn when you have a ‘Kill 100 Corpus Drones Bounty).
You can no longer do a Cipher hack if a MOA Companion is already working on it.
The following UI screens have received visual changes to better match the chosen Theme:
Cutting Fish Bait (Cetus) or Dismantling Servofish (Fortuna)
Cancelling a Foundry build
Viewing a members Clan contributions in the Clan screen
Harvesting a Resource Drone in the Star Chart
Increased the speed at which MOAs/Kubrows/Kavats attempt to catch up to you from far distances.
Bounty completion UI now indicates that no Standing is gained from completed said Bounty if you are at your daily cap.
Changed the Trail Blazer and Air Time K-Drive Mod images to address https://www.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/9ydj6l/de_fix_this_please_other_frames_will_envy_ivara/
Improved the virtual cursor for controllers to no longer focus on Star Chart nodes when sufficiently zoomed out.
Conservation UI now scales correctly and matches Fishing UI.
Removed Fish spawns from shallow cave puddles. These fish were often uncatchable due to the shallow water/terrain surrounding. 
Fixed a case where the animal capture screen might not open for Clients and the animal doesn't get whisked away.
Fixed ability to Tranq an already-captured animal resulting in obtaining numerous Tags.
Fixed Fishing hotspots not working for Clients in Orb Vallis.
Fixed Fishing Dyes not functioning in several Orb Vallis caves.
Fixed missing Fishing reel-in UI when using a controller set to ‘Classic Controls’.
Fixed Clients sometimes not getting the HUD to show up after starting an animal tracking trail.
Fixed incorrect icon displaying in the Conservation HUD when you select a Lure from the main wheel.
Fixed 2 players capturing an animal at the same time resulting in one animal being left behind.
Fixed not all Fish/Servofish being selected when clicking ‘Select All’ option when cutting Bait or Dismantling.
Fixed a script error that could occur when capturing an animal.

*Fixed Syndicate Standing not reducing when a Syndicate Title (OUTCAST, BRAVE, VALIANT, etc)  changed in the negative direction. A fix for this was also hotdropped on Friday to predominantly fix Ventkids Standing from reducing, but required a bit more backend work.
*Fixed Ash’s Fatal Teleport Augment Mod not functioning on the Plains of Eidolon or in Orb Vallis.
*Fixed Arbitration Warframe Mods being usable in Archwing missions.
*Fixed multiple Warframe abilities (Nidus’ Larva, Vauban’s Vortex, etc) breaking due to a script error occurring when an AI recovered from a ragdolled state as reported here: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1032142-nidus-larva-bugging-out-fix-pending/?page=11&tab=comments#comment-10334248
*Fixed Garuda’s Dread Mirror blood projectile damage indicator disappearing if the player Transfers to Operator and back.
*Fixed Garuda’s Dread Mirror blood projectile outright killing Vomvalysts, as opposed to creating a “ghost” on death.
*Fixed certain MOA Companion parts not turning invisible when cloaked with a Warframe ability (i.e. Loki’s Invisibility, Ash’s Smokescreen, etc). 
*Fixed Garuda’s Seeking Talons HUD indicator being incorrectly affected by HUD Scale.
*Fixed Kavat Roar & Kubrow Howl Precepts not creating FX on Clients unless they were the second Precept equipped.
*Fixed the chosen Focus school not transferring over when pressing the ‘Copy From’ button in the Arsenal Loadout options. 
*Fixed the Gear Spiral sometimes not letting you equip more than one item in the same group (i.e. multiple Dragon Keys, etc).
*Fixed Cetus and Fortuna vendors first encounter VO replaying when logging into a different location. This fix is not retroactive however, meaning you’ll have to re-watch one more time if you switch between computer locations.
*Fixed the Mining Ore/Gem success box UI being offset after your first successful mine.
*Fixed Boosters obtained from Rare Crates having redundant time value text (i.e. 30 x 30 MINUTES AFFINITY BOOSTER).
*Fixed unnecessary quantity text in Bounty rewards UI (i.e. 100 x RUBEDO x 300).
*Fixed inconsistent snowing weather when entering Orb Vallis from Orbiter vs Fortuna. 
*Fixed the Options menu becoming unresponsive when using a controller.
*Fixed overlapping UI menus when opening the controller customization screen while in Operator mode.
*Fixed misaligned Fortuna ‘stock scroll’ in opening cinematic on ultra-wide aspect ratio screens.
*Fixed ability to invite other players to a Mastery Rank Up Test. 
*Fixed Scanners scanning FX being overly bright.
*Fixed Corpus Ospreys moving extremely quickly towards the ground sometimes after having been launched from the Dropship.
*Fixed incorrect Dropship drop-off animation height.
*Fixed overlapping ‘CASES CAPTURED’ and ‘CASES LOST’ UI text during Orb Vallis Capture Bounty.
*Fixed a few Weapon Skins that were overriding the base weapon sounds when equipped.
*Fixed incorrect reload sounds when using Perla Skins on single and dual wield secondary weapons.
*Fixed Life Support pick up sounds in Survival missions not playing.
*Fixed some lighting issues in the Orb Vallis Construction Site.
*Fixed wonky camera placement when talking to Baro on the Strata Relay. 
*Fixed ability to add more lines of text than the Clan MOTD box can visually hold or display. 
*Fixed capitalization not being applied to Corpus faction name when choosing a Crossfire mission.
*Fixed the DE credit easter egg in Fortuna only being viewable once per session. 
*Fixed a script error when casting Garuda’s Blood Altar ability.
*Fixed a crash related to the minimap. 
*Fixed a potential ‘Out of Memory’ crash.
	type: Hotfix
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Fortuna: Hotfix 24.0.8
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1032170-fortuna-hotfix-2408/
	date: 2018-11-15T22:34:29Z
	changes: Fortuna: Hotfix 24.0.8:
Optimized K-Drive FX performance for lower performing machines. 
Certain hidden Caches in Orb Vallis now have their own custom sound.
Tweaked Khora’s Accumulating Whipclaw Augment sounds.
Fixed a Dx9 crash when accessing Navigation.
Fixed the transmission playing for the start of a second Orb Vallis Bounty but the first objective never appearing after a Host migration occurs.
Fixed Bounty progression indicator not persisting throughout successfully completed Bounty missions.
Fixed Operator being invisible when selecting Focus from the Arsenal when used as the Operator.
Fixed script errors on the Daily Tribute screen.
Fixed a script error related to Khora’s Venari.

	type: Hotfix
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Fortuna: Hotfix 24.0.7
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1032058-fortuna-hotfix-2407/
	date: 2018-11-15T20:08:27Z
	changes: Fortuna: Hotfix 24.0.7:
Keep your pets warm, Tenno. They may react differently now to the cold snow of the Orb Vallis...
MOA Companions now have a custom warp teleport FX/sound when teleporting closer to you.
Reduced the amount of Terra enemies spawning in the last mission of the Vox Solaris quest to balance difficulty.
Improved water rippled textures and FX when firing into it.
Optimized numerous materials used in Fortuna and the Orb Vallis for better performance when Anisotropic Filtering is enabled.
Made some micro-optimizations to visibility culling.
Made a tiny optimization to UI text layout.
Made a small optimization to Orb Vallis Ambush Bounties. 
Reverted the Sky Archwing sprint changes from Hotfix 24.0.4 to return it back to the way it was.
Changed the Bounty reward HUD title to display the Bounty title instead of the redundant ‘BOUNTY REWARD’.
Changed the Sapcaddy Bait to the intended Mirewinder Bait. Broad-Spectrum Bait is your desired Sapcaddy cocktail.
Animals that wake up from their invulnerable sleep due to certain Warframe Abilities will become vulnerable once again. Timing and speed is your best bet for that Perfect Capture!
Fixed a captured animals age sometimes showing as ‘4 years 12 months’.
Fixed a script error that could occur when capturing an animal in Orb Vallis.
There will now always be 3 Common, 1 Uncommon, and 1 Rare Case# available at any given time.
Increased the rate at which Ticker’s Case# inventory refreshes by reducing the duration they persist for.

*Fixed a rare crash when transitioning from Cetus/Fortuna to Plains/Vallis. 
*Fixed ability for Clients to pick up multiple of the same Toroid. 
*Fixed not receiving Standing for completing Bounties given by Captured base Field Agents in Orb Vallis.
*Fixed immediately failing the Drone Defense Bonus condition due to certain Status Effects applying to the Drone in Orb Vallis.
*Fixed the Fetch Mod not functioning for a Client Venari. 
*Fixed KitGuns not applying negative damage modifiers for projectile based Chambers and Zaws not applying negative damage modifiers to projectiles launched from the Exodia Contagion Arcane.
*Fixed Terra enemies creating invisible/invulnerable Reinforcement Beacons when killed mid-Beacon deploy in Orb Vallis.
*Fixed Submersible Archwing disabling Garuda’s Talons.
*Fixed Garuda's Talons not distinguishing the Stance slot when Polarizing/swapping.
*Fixed MOA Companions sometimes not responding after using the Security Override Mod.
*Fixed a visual error where Standing appeared to not be deducted when Gilding a Kitgun. 
*Fixed inability to equip Dual-Sword Stance Mods on the Dark Split-Sword as reported here: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1026272-dark-split-sword-bug-fix-pending/ .
*Fixed Resources displaying as 0 in the Clan Vault.
*Fixed inability to set any Dojo Hall as a spawn point.
*Fixed bad rotation on the Custom Obstacle Course start trigger in the Dojo.
*Fixed the MOA Companion trying to shoot at non-visible targets.
*Fixed the MOA Companion Security Override Precept (Oloro Model) not functioning sometimes.
*Fixed the MOA Companion Tractor Beam Precept (Oloro Model) not alarming enemies.
*Fixed ability to run around underwater after ragdolling off a K-Drive into it in the Orb Vallis.
*Fixed Garuda’s Dread Mirror not functioning properly when using a controller with activate selected power button or "classic controls".
*Fixed numerous Defense tilesets breaking.
*Fixed Relic drop locations displayed in the Codex only displaying one Bounty source when they actually drop from both Cetus and Fortuna Bounties.
*Fixed the Orb Vallis Resource Capture mission progress UI breaking when Transferring from Operator to Warframe.
*Fixed Reinforcement Beacon Health bars not indicating Health correctly for Clients in Orb Vallis.
*Fixed Archwing End of Mission progress not displaying after buying or building a K-Drive.
*Fixed Scanners becoming 'stuck on' if you melee while Scanning (i.e. it would go back to aiming after the melee attack even if you're not holding fire).
*Fixed lighting issues in the Spaceport in the Orb Vallis. 
*Fixed falling loop whooshes persisting permanently after a Host migration.
*Fixed sound not playing when hovering over Daily Tribute reward item.
*Fixed permanent looping sound when choosing a Daily Tribute reward.
*Fixed "COPY MAIN COLORS" for Attachments when using Garuda and having a normal Melee weapon equipped filling the first three color slots as grey.
*Fixed a placeholder text displaying beside item info popups for Reusable Blueprints. 
*Fixed a script error when the Rescue Target bleeds out.
*Fixed a script error when casting Garuda’s Blood Altar ability. 
*Fixed a script error when upgrading a Mod.
*Fixed a script error when viewing the Appearance tab in the Arsenal.
*Fixed a Daily Tribute script error.
	type: Hotfix
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Fortuna: Hotfix 24.0.6
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1030837-fortuna-hotfix-2406/
	date: 2018-11-13T18:58:18Z
	changes: Fortuna: Hotfix 24.0.6:

Nova Prime, Mag Prime, Soma Prime, Boar Prime, Dakra Prime, and Vasto Prime Relics have been added to Plains of Eidolon Bounties, Orb Vallis Bounties, and in the Void drop table.
Added an activation ‘hack success’ sound to the Orb Vallis Coildrive Ambush encounter missions. 
Sound polish towards Raknoid ability sounds.
Sound tweaks to the Venus Terra Drone rocket ability.
Tweaks and polish to Bounty transmission timing for Eudico.
Broad Spectrum Bait description updated to reflect its use to attract Sapcaddies, Tinks, Eye-Eyes and Brickies.

*Fixed a potential crash when entering Cetus or Fortuna.
*Fixed the Ogris’ Nightwatch Napalm Mod only doing damage in the 4.5% explosion area (top of the projectile) instead of the intended 90% explosion area (at max rank).
*Fixed Bounty "more info" screen having text boxes that are too short and wrapping text, causing text overlap.
*Fixed FX Energy colors on the Spritsail Prime Armor.
	type: Hotfix
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Fortuna: Hotfix 24.0.5
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1030252-fortuna-hotfix-2405/
	date: 2018-11-12T23:54:52Z
	changes: Fortuna: Hotfix 24.0.5:
Reduced the Fieldron crafting requirements for the Kreska, Ocucor, and Battacor from 20 to 10.
A script is in the works and will be run tomorrow to refund Fieldron to those who have already crafted 
we will update you in this thread when the script has completed.
Added strokes to Mining laser HUD components based on Forum request for improved visibility.
Tweaked some plants in the Orb Vallis to improve quality.
The Eye-Eye now shows up during warm temperature only instead of cool temperature in Orb Vallis.
Recaster Bait is now correctly labeled as Longwinder Bait.
Narrow-Spectrum Bait was incorrectly described as attracting Tinks and Brickies (they are common fish and only require Broad-Spectrum Bait; Narrow-Spectrum Bait attracts Recasters and Eye-Eyes).

*Fixed a crash related to Chat linking.
*Fixed the Fetch mod causing other Companion Mods to not function (specific to Kavats and Kubrows).
*Fixed inability to spawn any vehicle while somebody is standing in the Fortuna elevator.
*Fixed being able to accept Bounties while replaying the Vox Solaris quest.
*Fixed loadout summary showing gear unranked if examined while in Operator mode.
*Fixed the War Within Operator ability prompts when switching between keyboard/mouse and controller inputs
*Fixed public matchmaking bounty UI remaining on screen when entering the Orb Vallis
*Fixed incorrect pond coolant material in Orb Vallis which resulted in inability to fish in that coolant.
*Fixed Profile stats summary page being cut off on the bottom.
*Fixed Daily Tribute tooltips for certain items (e.g. Oxium, Cryotic) displaying incorrect counts.
*Fixed overlapping UI when attempting to Dissolve a Riven Mod.
*Integrated localized translations and layout fixes.
	type: Hotfix
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Fortuna: Hotfix 24.0.4
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1030143-fortuna-hotfix-2404/
	date: 2018-11-12T22:14:40Z
	changes: Fortuna: Hotfix 24.0.4:
Improved open-world performance for low-end machines (with Toggle OFF 'High Shader Quality').
The Vox Solaris quest is now replayable in the Codex!
Picking up a Calda, Vega, or Sola Toroid now displays as a ‘special’ pickup on the HUD, similar to Argon Crystals, etc.
Your Companions now also develop a snow buildup overtime out in Orb Vallis!
Sky Archwing sprinting now more closely resembles normal Archwing. 
Removed the Ventkid Standing icon from the K-Drive race completion screen. Ventkid Standing is simply earned by doing tricks out in Orb Vallis. *Ventkid Standing for races will be coming in a future update as noted in Update 24!
Improved clarity of Ticker's VO as well as subtle timing tweaks to some Ticker VO..
Balances towards the Vox Solaris quest to decrease difficulty:
Reduced the number of Excavators to defend to 1.
Lowered the max enemy count for Excavation. 
Enemies no longer drop Reinforcement Beacons.
Tweaked the Corpus Reinforcement portal sound to be more audible in heavy combat situations and added sound variations to reduce repetition fatigue. 
Tweaked Icarius Syandana offsets that got a bit wonky on Mag, Banshee, Nekros, Saryn, and Valkyr. 
Removed the nonfunctional ‘VIEW STATS’ option from Rude Zuud's Murderizer crafting screen.
Tooltips for Arcanes now display bonuses in uppercase like the Arcane manager screen.
Improved the Syndicate screen UI to improve long description placement.
Lowered Terra Plasmor Crewman base damage from 30 to 25.
Lowered Terra Raptor SX base damage from 30 to 25 and base area damage from 75 to 40.
Lowered Terra Embattor MOA bounce mine damage from 150 to 75.
Lowered Terra Sniper Crewman base damage from 60 to 45.
Lowered Terra Overtaker base damage from 120 to 60 and area damage from 50 to 25.
Lowered Terra Jailer area damage from 50 to 20.
Resource Boosters now apply to Tags procured from capturing animals in Orb Vallis! May your Floof stockpiles grow!
Improved animal spawning give players more time to ‘get down wind’, instead of animals spawning almost instantly right beside you and getting spooked.
Increased reliable and size of the Bolarola hitboxes. 
Improvements to fish spawning locations within Caves. This also fixes fish spawning inside walls and under rocks. 
Removed 'next shot damage bonus' from Mods or other sources being applied to the Tranq Rifle. This also prevents Volt’s Passive from unintentionally killing animals.
Removed Warframe Ability immunity on animals so that they can be put into a peaceful slumber by special Abilities like Ivara’s Sleep Arrow and Equinox’s Rest.
Fixed Conservation HUD (top center 'diamond' HUD when tracking) not using HUD scale.
Fixed a script error on the animal capture screen if multiple animals were captured in quick succession.

*Fixed Cetus & Fortuna vendors with 24 hour rotations having no items available for an hour right at midnight (UTC).
*Fixed Matchmaking being disabled after playing Chimera.
*Fixes towards Helios/Helios Prime only scanning new Orb Vallis enemies that were within 60 meters of the Fortuna elevator for Hosts.
*Fixed inability to equip Veiled Kitgun Rivens on non-Kitgun secondary weapons. 
*Fixed Client Transmissions animating with 4x(!) speed.
*More fixes towards Loki Switch Teleport being able to kick other players off of K-Drives.
*Fixed an issue with Archwing sprint animations not playing if you started a sprint sideways or backwards.
*Fixed the End of Mission screen from returning to Fortuna from Orb Vallis not displaying the procured Solaris Standing from completed Bounty.
*Fixed inability to see more than 33 unique fish types when attempting to place them in your Personal Quarter Aquarium. 
*Fixed sometimes seeing other players on their K-Drive playing normal idle animations (ie. no K-Drive poses).
*Fixed CoilWheels disappearing due to certain camera angles.
*Fixed seeing an option to place a Boot in the Personal Quarter aquarium. Boots belong on feet. 
*Fixed Grineer containers spawning in Orb Vallis.
*Fixed rain FX in the Plains being poorly visible. 
*Fixed the Orb Vallis disappearing when being viewed at a specific location near the Repair Bay.
*Fixed Clients not being able to hear Mag's Pull impact sound.
*Fixed a humming sound looping forever after the Corpus Ship hull breach ends.
*Fixed ambient VO not playing properly for Ticker and Smokefinger.
*Fixed a script error when attempting to install an Ayatan Star.
*Fixed a script error when accessing the Star Chart.
*Fixed a script error when viewing The Business’ Servofish options.
*Fixed a script error when viewing the Personal Quarter Aquarium.
	type: Hotfix
	description: It's our First Hotfix after Launch Weekend! We have lots for you today, and we are already working tomorrow's Hotfix which not only includes Prime Vault Launch, but adjustments to Ticker's offerings to give you a wider selection of Debt-Bonds and more!
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Fortuna: Hotfix 24.0.3
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1028404-fortuna-hotfix-2403/
	date: 2018-11-10T23:26:40Z
*Fixed a case of matchmaking being tricked into sending people to Dojos instead of missions.
*Fixed a crash when dismounting a K-Drive running the 32-bit version of Warframe.
*Fixed not being able to roll with Mesa Waltz.
*Potentially fixed Vox Solaris randomly failing after the Spy stage.
*Fixed single lures being applied to multiple conservation trails in some cases.
*Fixed script crash when fishing.
*Removed diagnostic log being submitted on shutdown (this looks like a crash but isn't).
	type: Hotfix
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Fortuna: Hotfix 24.0.2
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1027194-fortuna-hotfix-2402/
	date: 2018-11-09T22:23:12Z
	changes: Fortuna: Hotfix 24.0.2:
Riven Disposition Changes:
Vaykor Hek now has 0.7 Disposition as intended with the Riven Disposition Changes from Update 24. When tweaking Riven Dispositions we missed the Vaykor Hek when changing the normal Hek 
they now have matching Dispositions.
Please see the full Dev Workshop for full info on recent Riven Disposition Changes:

Reduced the crafting cost of each Moa Part from 500,000 to 50,000 Credits as reported here: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1026108-are-moa-parts-too-expensive-to-build/
Reduced the crafting cost of the new Sentinel Weapon Blueprints from 500,000 to 50,000 Credits.
Small balances to Fortuna economy to match prices with corresponding rarities. 
Bloodshed Sigil can now be equipped on Operators -
go forth little demon children.
Natural Talent Mod now applies to Garuda’s Dread Mirror and Seeking Talons ability.
The Zaw Foundry category is now the ‘Modular Weapon’ category. It includes Zaws, K-Drive, Kitguns, Moa and Amp parts.
The Ambush Coildrive is now invincible from the start to prevent griefing or accidental kills. If damaged, it’s Shield will reduce but the Bounty will not fail.
Removed the Cryotra from being able to have Glaxion Rivens equipped. Sentinel weapons no longer generate Rivens as noted in Update 24.
Lowered the Health of Terra Corpus Jailers in the Vallis Hostage Rescue missions.
Terra Sniper Crewman and Terra Raptor SX now only create Hyenas if their level is >15.
Improvements towards Vallis Cave teleport triggers, fish spawning inside rocks/under terrain, items falling into the water becoming unreachable, and AI navigation paths.
Improved Mining visibility in low lighting by dimming the flashlight more when aiming with any Mining tool.
Improvements towards Defense phase indication in the Vox Solaris quest.
The Hastened Deflection Mod is now a ‘BEAST’ Mod, meaning it’s also compatible with Kavats and Helminth Charger. 
Removed the unnecessary ‘HIDE OWNED’ button in Ticker’s Case# screen.
Improvements to cases where one could get stuck in various spots in Fortuna.
Updated the Outrider Operator Armor Bundle Icon to display its proper attire.
Reduced the Fortuna elevator extraction radius to better indicate where exactly you can extract.
Some may have noticed an Orb infiltrating Fortuna. Was this a bug...or perhaps an unintentionally released feature?
Removed the cap of 5 tricks in a single jump. You may now trick infinitely if your jump is good enough.
Fixed spamming left click before entering a grind giving more points then a normal grind.
Fixed Loki being able to Switch Teleport other players off their K-Drive and ride off into the snowy abyss while they cry in the snow. 
Fixed custom built K-Drives appearing to not be connected and animating separately. 
Fixed ability to K-Drive under water after ragdolling into it.
Fixed K-Drive jump FX lingering if the rider falls off while charging a jump.
Fixes towards wonky K-Drive movement/animations due to latency. 
Fixed a small hitch when using a K-Drive for the first time.
Fixed lingering K-Drive race Icons on the HUD.
Reduced base Critical and Status Chance from 27% to 24%.
Increased Damage from 80 to 84.
Tweaked the animal capture logic to allow for better Perfect/Good captures. Bad/Good/Perfect Captures are stressed based, which rises when the animal comes in contact with a player. A quick tranq of a non-startled animal would yield you a ‘Perfect Capture’ 
so get down wind and don’t miss!  
Animals that have been Tranq’d are now invulnerable to avoid teammates/enemies killing them by accident (or on purpose).
Increased the animal tracking footprint pulse brightness to improve visibility.
Flashlight now turns off when showing the "Caught Fish!" screen.
Fixed the animal trail pulse FX not being visible for Clients.
Fixed a case where a Virmink trail would spawn Pobbers in the mountains.
Fixed slot 3 of the Fishing menu not populating after equipping a Pulse Spear. 
Fixed multiple Pulse sounds in a row for multiple animal encounters.
More fixes towards Lure's not working when Master Volume is muted in Orb Vallis.
Fixed a Darvo transmission perpetually playing in Fortuna if you captured an animal in Orb Vallis.
Fixed cases where Clients were unable to deal damage with the Pulse Spears.
Fixed inability to catch fish with the Pulse Spear when affected by Smeeta Kavat’s Crit buff.
Lowered the AI spawn count when playing a Drone Defense Bounty Solo. 
Fixed Bonus Condition not being preserved when a Host migration occured. 
Fixed Drone level not scaling to reflect the zone difficulty.
Fixed a script error when failing the Drone Bounty.
Fixed unlocalized Bonus Condition text.

*More fixes towards crashes that occur when returning to Fortuna from Orb Vallis.
*Fixes towards crashing when a Host migration occurs in Orb Vallis.
*Fixed crashes on modern CPUs running antique operating systems.
*Fixed a crash that could occur on some high-end systems with lots of GPU memory.
*Fixed a crash when searching for Agents in a Vallis Bounty.
*Fixed a crash related to squad mismatch and Host migration both occurring. 
*Fixed the Credit Count resetting in the Assassinate stage of an Orb Vallis Bounty when a Host migration occured. 
*Fixed inability to complete the Mastery Rank 24 test due to missing ‘continue’ option.
*Fixed inability to equip Bite, Pack Leader, and Medi-Pet Kit on the Helminth Charger.
*Fixed not actually receiving Servofish parts found in crates/containers in Vallis.
*Fixed Garuda’s Animation Sets not being available for purchase.
*Fixed Arbitrations hint not appearing in the World State Window for players that have almost completed the Star Chart.
*Fixed ability to deploy Archwing before the Fortuna elevator comes to stop, resulting in becoming stuck.
*Fixed the Ambush Coildrive attacking itself after a Host migration occurs. 
*Fixed ability to roll while in Mesa’s Peacemaker without the Mesa Waltz Augment equipped.
*Fixed ‘Vehicles’ displaying too low in Relay/Cetus/Fortuna Arsenal. 
*Fixed Garuda’s Talons sometimes appearing motion blurred.
*Fixed ‘Ostron Standing’ text appearing when talking to Eudico.
*Fixed Eudico's interaction prompt not oscillating around Eudico.
*Fixes towards wonky appearing Elemental FX on Garuda’s Idle animation.
*Fixed the Guandao’s Elemental FX appearing incorrectly. 
*Fixes numerous Noggles missing their head/body parts in the Dojo.
*Fixed Cetus text appearing when Providing/Cutting Bait with Smokefinger.
*Fixed other player’s FX being visible when interacting with the Solaris vendors.
*Fixed Prime Armor FX showing up when they shouldn't (Star Chart etc).
*Fixed rare case where you could fall out of the world after being teleported.
*Fixed UI not indicating when a Solaris Offering grants more than 1 item.
*Fixed certain Operator accessories clipping through torsos.
*Fixed the Abrasys Syandana clipping through Garuda's arm cloth.
*Fixed Ember’s Fireball ability not applying chosen Energy colors. 
*Fixed incorrect material on hanging Gorgaricus Sacs. 
*Fixed Bounty objective’s sometimes displaying in the incorrect language. 
*Fixed a script error that resulted in losing your weapons reticle.
*Fixed a script error when viewing a Blueprint Offering.
*Fixed script error when casting any of Garuda’s abilities.
	type: Hotfix
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Fortuna: Hotfix 24.0.1
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1025890-fortuna-hotfix-2401/
	date: 2018-11-09T00:33:19Z
	additions: Added Fortuna Resources to common containers found throughout Vallis.

	changes: Fortuna: Hotfix 24.0.1:
Removed unintended ability to use the K-Drive in the Fortuna elevator. 
Reduced Corpus reinforcement delay in Orb Vallis Exterminate missions.
Slight increase to AI spawns in Drone Defense missions when playing Solo.
Companions will now teleport to you immediately after you dismount from Archwing or a K-Drive (if you’re in a safe zone). 
Synth Charge Mod no longer applies to Pistols with < 5 Ammo Magazines (Knell, etc). Mod description has been updated to reflect the ‘Requires Magazine 5 or higher’ restriction.
Patched a hole in the Orb Vallis Research Facility floor and improved the lighting.
Removed K-Drive Mods from Boosters and the Transmutation table.
Removed random Ayatan Sculptures from Orb Vallis Cache Hunts rewards. 
Improvements towards Eudico’s idle movements.
Little Duck now restricts who can visit her.

*Fixed a crash when pressing a Gear Hotkey for a slot that has no item.
*Fixed a crash when attempting to return to Fortuna from Orb Vallis.
*Fixes towards Rescue Vallis Bounty breaking when a Host migration occurred during the Defense phase.
*Fixed Boon missing from certain K-Drive race locations in Orb Vallis.
*Fixed a case of having permanent ability block if you get on K-Drive in certain areas near the Fortuna elevator.
*Fixed a bug that could leave invincible enemies from Garuda’s Blood Altar that would prevent things like Defense missions from progressing.
*Fixed K-Drives ignoring lasers and not triggering alarms.
*Fixed issue where some Terra variants would sometimes target the wrong target with their beam attack.
*Fixed K-Drive not being immune during a certain phase of the Vox Solaris quest.
*Fixed getting stuck on your K-Drive in a certain pile of rocks in Vallis.
*Fixes towards seeing poor lighting in Vallis that resulted in the ground appearing black.
*Fixed Lure's not working when Master Volume is muted in Orb Vallis.
*Fixed foliage textures out in Orb Vallis.
*Fixed some sounds for the Vulcax.
*Fixed some Operator Suit texture clipping.
*Fixed a script error when a boss reinforcement occurs in Orb Vallis.
*Fixed a script error when casting Garuda’s Seeking Talon ability.
	type: Hotfix
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Fortuna: Update 24.0
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1025679-fortuna-update-240/
	date: 2018-11-08T20:46:20Z
	changes: Fortuna: Update 24.0:
It's been one year since we added our first open world: The Plains of Eidolon. Our second world is ready: The Orb Vallis.
Entering The Orb Vallis requires you to first visit Fortuna, a town full of new characters, new content, and new problems to solve! To do this, you must first reach Venus!
Reach Venus!? Our veteran Tenno have had Venus unlocked for years 
it's time to go back. Maybe you've played long enough to remember our first 'planet' procedural tileset on Venus and the excitement at the time.
New players might only be making their way there now, but with determination and cooperation, you'll master the challenges of the Orb Vallis in no time. We all lift together!
Enjoy the efforts of all of us at Digital Extremes, delivered here in Fortuna. Your patience, support, excitement, and feedback has made this update possible. We dedicate it to you.
Stay warm on your K-Drives, Tenno!
The Orb Vallis landscape is so vast in size and discovery that even with the following 20+ pages of notes, this is just the first installment of Fortuna content! You can expect more to come in the next couple of weeks, including more Conservation species, new Operator Amps that will be available for sale from Little Duck’s offerings, and your chance to take down the ultimate threat roaming these terraformed lands. The long awaited Melee 3.0 will also be making its debut in full to accompany the Melee sound additions and changes that were released in Update 23.10.0. A Dev Workshop on the changes will be posted in the future.
As you take your first steps into Fortuna, meet with the Solaris and await the Corpus threats that linger above at the surface, the devs will be preparing to launch the second part of the Fortuna update.
Completing the Vox Solaris Quest will unlock the following Vendors in Fortuna:
The Business
Fishing & Conservation
Moa Companions
Vox Solaris 
Raknoid Hunting & Operator Agent
Roky & Boon 
Ventkids & K-Drives
Smokefinger also offers many other services such as purchasing Gems for Platinum, trading Gems for Solaris United Standing, and a lustrous list of Offerings available for purchase using Solaris United Standing:

A new take on the Plains of Eidolon Fishing Mechanic!
The best way to catch the robotic 'Servofish' in The Orb Vallis is with The Business' offering of PULSE SPEARS 
tools used to disable mechanical fish! This new type of fishing spear maintains the high quality of every Servofish you catch.
The Business offers 2 variants of Pulse Spears:

Your Ostron Spears will still work in The Orb Vallis, but the fish will be damaged. The key is to catch undamaged fish with the specialized Pulse Spears.
There are 13 species of Servofish to be discovered in the various Coolant areas of the Orb Vallis. Some require Baits 
be sure to read descriptions to find your very own:

Baits are used to attract certain species of Servofish. Acquire them with Solaris United Standing and read about their uses in the descriptions!
The Business is equipped with new gear that will allow you to aid in the desperate Conservation effort of The Orb Vallis' wildlife.
Now that you know the gear, here's how to begin your Conservation Journey:

As you conserve animals, you'll discover variants of all species. Good luck catching them all!

Why Conserve?
In addition to rewarding Standing for each catch, you get treasured items for your efforts. Each animal you successfully conserve will yield you a Tag that can be exchanged for a treasured reminder of your efforts to help the wildlife. From 'Floofs' to a badge, find the offerings from The Business!
These Corpus-tech Modular Secondaries are crafted using a Chamber, Grip, and Loader. Blueprints for these components are purchased from Zuud using Solaris United Standing. Once crafted, Pistol Mods are the upgrades of choice in your Arsenal.
Zuud offers other services as well such as Gilding your Kitguns, exchanging a Max Rank or Gilded Kitgun for Solaris United Standing, and the ability to Entitle your Secondary Weapons for Platinum!

Zuud also offers enhancements for your Kitguns known as Pax Arcanes! Similar to Exodias for Zaw Melee weapons, these Arcanes can be installed on your Kitgun in your Arsenal once they have been Gilded:
*final stats available in game
Once the Vox Solaris quest is complete, visit Legs to spend Solaris United Standing for Moa part Blueprints! Once you have a Model, Core, Gyro, and Brackets, you can assemble your Moa:
Legs also offers new Robotics weapons that can be used by both Moas and Sentinels:
Cryotra: Emits a ray of sub-zero energy.
Tazicor: Burst rifle that fires electrified rounds.
Vulcax: Charges up a powerful blast of ultra-heated plasma.
The Emotion Module determines a Moa’s audio set and physical reactions to its environment. You can purchase an Emotion Module from the Market and equip it on your Moa the same way you equip Animation Sets on Warframes! Choose between Aggressive, Inquisitive, and Sensitive. Feel free to switch it up any time!
Legs can Gild any Max Rank Moa to enhance its stats! Your Moa will also reward Mastery Experience once it has been Gilded.
The Moa head is the component that rewards Mastery Rank, because the head determines the Model. Gild all Moa Models to maximize your Mastery Experience with Legs!
You can also exchange any Max Rank or Gilded Moa for Solaris United Standing!

You can exchange Debt Tokens for Solaris United Standing. There are five variations of Debt Tokens:
Training Debt-Bond, Shelter Debt-Bond = Common
Medical Debt-Bond, Advances Debt-Bond = Uncommon
Familial Debt-Bond = Rare
Ever a diverse broker, Ticker also trades repossessed items on the side. You can use Debt Tokens to purchase second-hand Fortuna knickknacks and tools to decorate your Orbiter!
All Spaceport enemies have a chance to drop the Vega Toroid.
All Enrichment Labs enemies have a chance to drop the Calda Toroid.
All Temple of Profit enemies have a chance to drop the Sola Toroid.
And if you’re lucky, you might find Toroids in your spelunking explorations!
There are currently 2 ranks with the Vox Solaris, and as knowledge of somethin’ big that creeps across the tundra grows, so will the Vox Solaris Ranks and Offerings. Note that you will need to complete The Second Dream quest before you can be initiated into Vox Solaris.
Use your Standing to purchase the newest classes of Mechanical Operator Armour:
Howzit, glinty? If you’re looking for a new way to traverse the Orb Vallis, the Ventkids have you covered. Hangin’ with their logical fam in the ducts of Fortuna, the Ventkids get by stealing parts from the Corpus and running K-Drive races out on the Vallis.
A member of the Vent Pobbers gang, Roky is your go-to for all things K-Drives. You can exchange Ventkids Standing with her for K-Drive component blueprints, and she will even bash together a plank for you if you ask nicely.
These components do not offer any stat bonuses, but the Board will earn you Mastery when you rank up your K-Drive -
no Gilding required! You can earn Affinity for your K-Drive by completing tricks in the Vallis.
For additional statistic or functionality boosts, Roky also offers a variety of Mods (in exchange for Ventkids Standing) for you to equip on your K-Drive in the Arsenal. Much like your Archwing, K-Drives can be customized in the new combined “Vehicles” (previously “Archwing”) mode in your Arsenal.

*You can view final Mod stats by visiting Roky in the Clubhouse in Fortuna!
Change the colors and choose your K-Drive Scrawl, featuring art from the Ventkids themselves, in the Customize menu. K-Drive Scrawls can be resized and re-oriented similar to Sigils, and can be found in bundles in the Market for Platinum!
Kubrodons Series 1 Scrawl
Kubrodons Series 2 Scrawl
Pobbers Series 1 Scrawl
Pobbers Series 2 Scrawl
While you’re grinding your way through Orb Vallis, keep an eye out for Boon, the leader of the Kubrodon Ventkid Gang, who wants to see if your K-Drive skills are up to snuff. Look for Ventkids Icons on your minimap in the Vallis to find various K-Drive Race courses littered throughout the landscape.
Talk to Boon at any of the icons to start a race. The rules are simple: pass through each of the checkpoints within the allotted time to complete the course. The real challenge is showing your K-Drive flair. The more tricks you complete during your race, the higher your overall Leaderboard Score and the more Standing you earn!
Five K-Drive race courses will be available each day, but you can replay each race for additional Standing until you meet the Standing cap. For those looking for more passive Standing gain, you will earn extra Ventkids Standing for any tricks you complete in the Vallis upon returning to Fortuna.
Keep an eye out for floating purple K-Drive Trick Boosters that appear while riding out on the Vallis: hit them for an instant boost to your trick score multiplier!
Aim + Direction + Jump = Small (tap) / Big (held) flip in that direction.
Aim + Direction + X  = Directional Dismounts.
Aim + Direction + Jump + Fire = Grab Flip in that direction
Aim + Direction + Crouch + Fire = Grab Grind
Crouch + Direction + Jump = Air Spins
You can also grind on a variety of surfaces in Orb Vallis!
Other commands:
Sprint is the boost key, to help you gain speed.
Jump can be tapped for a regular jump, or held to charge into a large jump to gain lots of air!
This is only a basic overview of the various K-Drive commands -
be sure to give them a whirl yourself to see what crazy combinations you can come up with.

The time cycle between these Temperatures is much shorter than the Day/Night equivalent on the Plains of Eidolon:
approximately 4 minutes
approximately 22 minutes

The Corpus have also settled into this biodome and littered their own tech resources across the land to be discovered.
Mytocardia Spore
Gorgaricus Spore
Tepa Nodule
Thermal Sludge
...and more!
To increase the Alert Level, simply allow the Corpus to summon more with active  'REINFORCEMENT BEACONS'!
To decrease it, destroy all REINFORCEMENT BEACONS and hide away out of combat.
As Garuda nears death, her damage increases.
Garuda can be acquired via Orb Vallis Bounties & the Vox Solaris Quest, or in the Market for Platinum.
Find the Bloodshed Sigil in the Market as part of the Garuda Bundle. You will be able to earn it free in a future Fortuna release 
event style.
Find the Nagantaka Blueprint in the Market.
*Research for the Kreska, Ocucor, and Battacor can be found in the Dojo Energy Lab, or in the Market for Platinum.
*final stats available in-game
In an effort to reduce the inventory duplication clutter that came with the individual Sentinel attack Precept Mods, Wyrm, Wyrm Prime, Carrier, Carrier Prime, Dethcube, Taxon, and the newest Oxylus now come with the “Assault Mode” Mod: “Sentinel will attack first visible enemy within an area” (*final stats available in game).
If you already own the original attack Mods they will remain in your inventory but cannot be equipped with Assault Mode. 
Assault Mode has replaced the original attack Mods on enemy drop tables. 
We increased damage falloff range on the Sweeper Mod by 5m to allow it to work effectively with the Assault Mode Mod.
Please read our Developer Workshop for more information and direct your feedback/comments:

Sentinel weapon Rivens have been removed from the Riven generation pool. Those who own Sentinel weapon Rivens will still have them in their Inventories. Obtaining a Sentinel weapon Riven was simply lackluster compared to more applicable weapons.
Mining launched with Update 22: Plains of Eidolon and introduced a new resource extracting system to Warframe! Collecting Ore and Gems required you trace a pattern around a deposit using a Mining cutter tool in order to release it from its encasement. Since then it has seen several small iterations over time in order to ease what was at times tricky to execute, especially since the quality of the deposit was affected by the accuracy of the trace (which typically made the process very slow).
With the introduction of a brand new open landscape with deposits of its own, we knew that we needed to add new challenge that required similar levels of precision and skill, but in a speedier fashion and with much more return. So with that said, we have made the following changes to Mining:
A thermometer gauge ring will appear with boxed indicators that denote where you have to land in order to extract from the deposit. Simply hold the fire button and release when you are inside any of the indicators on the ring. Red deposits still indicate Ores and Blue indicates Gems. Landing in the smaller of the indicators yields Gems (even on a Red deposit).

All hot spots must be completed in order to successfully collect Ore/Gems. 
Heat spots will glow red to indicate when you have successfully completed it.
The more heat spots, the harder the extractions become with timing pressures and moving boxes.  
If all of the indicators are missed, you will still be rewarded a small amount of Ore/Gem (depending on the deposit type).
We're back again with Operator Suit Changes! You may recall changes introduced in Update 23.10.0 shifted the mesh in several different pieces, including parts of the hood now being attached to the Torso. We did this because mixing and matching pieces is becoming the norm, and we want all Operator cosmetics to be compatible with this. However, the first pass lacked polish.
Changes are now being implemented so that the hood mesh is no longer attached to the Chest piece of the Operator.

The Operator Waistband section now displays each Suit’s waist attachments with the proper highlighted cloth displaying in the Icon. For example, prior to this update, the ‘Vahd Greaves’ were missing the center flap cloth due to not having a waistband attachment 
which is now fixed!
This should be a much smoother roll-out of our mix n match changes.
Enjoy, Tenno!
Note from [DE]Megan: I’m personally an Arca Plasmor devotee, and after testing comparisons, it truly remains a radiated plasma punch to the face.
Bounty boards aesthetically changed across the board (Cetus).  Hover to view, right click to expand reward list.
Increased the Archwing max height in the Plains of Eidolon to 300 meters.
The following Dojo rooms have received a quantity cap (Clans that currently exceed the cap will keep them):
The Inspiration Hall now has a max quantity of 3
The Custom Obstacle Course now has a max quantity of 5
Enemy names in the Dojo Color Research screen that weren't all caps are now all caps.
Improved logic for ordering enemies to move to a NPC Defense Target.
Improvements towards AI running into walls and Defense Targets getting teleporting into the abyss below in the Grineer Shipyard Defense tilesets.
The Gear Spiral now displays RMB instead of TAB to switch to the Emote wheel.
Improved Nekros’ Shadow of the Dead FX to better support replicating larger AI.
The ‘SENTINEL’ Inventory category has been renamed to ‘ROBOTICS’ to welcome the new MOA Companions. 
Numerous Bells, Lanterns, and Nature Decorations in the Dojo have received the PBR treatment! 
Improved lighting and numerous textures in the New Loka Relay room.
The Hystrix’s Alt Fire stats have been split into tabs when viewed in the Inventory, to fix the stat information running off the screen.

*Fixed a crash if a Clan message was received while transitioning between missions.
*Fixed rare crash when a member of your squad leaves (or squad disbands) while they have their microphone active.
*Fixed crash when Modding/entering a mission with the Dark Split-Sword.
*Fixed a Host migration resetting the Arbiter of Hexis Defense Operative's Health. 
*Fixed Kubrow Fur Patterns appearing as low quality textures. 
*Fixed Tusk Predator Eximus’ not correctly awarding 500 Affinity when killed in the Plains.
*Fixing Saryn's Molt being in a T-Pose rather than whatever pose Saryn was in when it was cast.
*Fixed Primed Quickdraw not appearing in the Codex when owned.
*Fixed missing Daily Tribute Milestone preview for Day 50.
*Fixed the Rolling Guard Mod not protecting oneself from self-inflicted Lenz Status Effects.
*Fixed Infested spore swarms spawned by Swarm Mutalist MOAs applying buffs to non-Infested agents (e.g. the Arbitration Drone).
*Fixed rapidly firing charged shots using Mirage's Hall of Mirrors resulting in the Staticor's glowing effects stacking and multiplying to the point that the player's vision is compromised. 
*Fixed the ‘Catch X fish without missing’ Riven challenge not resetting after missing a Spear throw. 
*Fixed Gear Spiral icons popping in late.
*Fixed inability to send Gifts to a player who is in your current squad.
*Fixed Eximus Ospreys in the Codex being stuck to the ground.
*Fixed inability to select/move certain Dojo Decorations as reported here: 
*Fixed wonky textures with the Xiphos Landing Craft door.
*Fixed the Repala Syandana clipping through Ivara’s legs.
*Fixed uncentered camera placements for Clients in Frame Fighter.
*Fixed spectator camera not following Operators.
*Fixed wonky Grineer AI animations when dropping from Dropships in the Plains.
*Fixed misangled pause Menu when attempting to invite another player to a current Conclave match.
*Fixed an issue where if you had 12 or more items in your Gear Spiral, entered the Arsenal, and begin to remove items, the Gear Spiral would not display in ring mode until only 10 items were equipped.
*Fixed an immobile arrow lingering on screen after viewing the Overlay Minimap in the Simulacrum. 
*Fixed inability to use a Remote Observer in the Orbiter with a Hotkey. 
*Fixed cases of Clients getting an infinite mission countdown timer.
*Fixed some murky glass textures in the Relay. 
*Fixed inability to Auto Install Ayatan Stars when using a controller. 
*Fixed the Harpak doing more damage than depicted in the Conclave Arsenal.
*Fixed Arbitration Drones taking damage from Gara’s Splinter Storm. 
*Fixed Arbitration boon selecting the MK1-Braton. 
*Fixed incorrect color combinations when choosing ‘white’ as one of the colors for the Note Beacon Decoration.
*Fixed cases where Fishing Spears could hit Sentinels and other things it should ignore.
*Fixed inability  to remove Emotes from the Gear Spiral while in the Arsenal.
*Fixed the Fishing menu displaying Hotkeys beside the slot number even though the Hotkeys only apply to the standard Gear Spiral.
*Fixed Fragment lore audio playing persistently when opening a new Codex entry, therefore remaining on screen and affecting other dioramas until it concludes.
	type: Update
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Chimera: Hotfix 23.10.8
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1022013-chimera-hotfix-23108/
	date: 2018-10-25T15:03:53Z
	changes: Chimera: Hotfix 23.10.8:
fixed an issue that was preventing a small number of players from logging in.
fixed an AI bug in Arbitration Defense missions that was causing enemies to stand around after spawning.
slightly increased the hitbox of Arbitration Drones
fixed a crash that could occur if a clan notification message was received while transitioning between levels.
gameplay crash fixes.

	type: Hotfix
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Chimera: Hotfix 23.10.7
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1021711-chimera-hotfix-23107/
	date: 2018-10-24T14:34:07Z
	changes: Chimera: Hotfix 23.10.7:
Arbitration Drones are now exempt from Infested Ancient Healer Auras.
Reduced Arbitration Defense Wave length to balance mission time played in comparison to Arbitration Survival missions.
Made some micro-optimizations to Dojo loading.
Returned the Dera and Dera Vandal to it’s barrel alternating VFX.
Updated Daman Prime Sugatra and Vala Prime Sugatra names as they were inconsistent with previous Prime item names as reported here: https://www.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/9pc0ct/literally_unusable

*Improvements towards AI jumping onto crates for no logical reason.
*Improvements towards AI getting stuck on doorways.
*Fixes towards AI not spreading out between different navigation paths and instead all queuing at one.
*Fixes towards an occasional crash related to memory. 
*Fixes towards a loss of functionality when hovering over the Featured Dojos in the Star Chart.
*Fixed larger Beam weapons (Opticor, etc) unable to hit weak points, such as Vay Hek as reported here: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1018929-opticor-does-no-damage-to-vay-hek-anymore/
*Fixed the Judicial Coils not appearing on female Operator faces.
*Fixed wearing Operator Masks with 'Hood Opened' causing facial accessories to be hidden.
*Fixed cases of swapping Warframe Appearance loadouts resulting in more than one loadout being active.
*Fixed cases where players could fall through certain platforms in Relays.
*Fixed Khora’s Venari being invisible in the Cetus Arsenal when accessing it as the Operator.
*Fixed inability to select items/Emotes when in the respective Gear spirals when using a controller. 
*Fixed inability to select an Emote in the Dojo when using a controller.
*Fixed script error resulting in black icons to appear in place of HUD buffs when the Adaptation Mod is equipped.
*Fixed a script error when buying a Dual Pistol Skin or Bundle that contains it, upon selecting a Skin for a single Pistol.
*Fixed a script error when casting Octavia’s Metronome ability.
*Fixed a rare case of UI breaking with fast mouse speeds.
*Fixed the Ambush Mod having an inaccurate description. Now it mentions that the extra damage is granted specifically to weapons.
*Fixed certain Clan stats in the Profile Stats section not appearing for Clans created.
*Fixed the Clan Hall having an incorrect description.
	type: Hotfix
	description: We have two relatively minor changes for Arbitrations this week 
we are still working on bigger picture changes and improvements to the mode as a whole which require more testing and development.
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Chimera: Hotfix 23.10.6
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1019814-chimera-hotfix-23106/
	date: 2018-10-18T20:38:32Z
	changes: Chimera: Hotfix 23.10.6:
Improvements towards Vomvalysts spawning underground while fighting the Teralyst and Hydrolyst.
Removed unnecessary error prompt when canceling a Catalyst/Reactor installment. 
Removed Platinum price being listed in the weapon selection screen when crafting a weapon that requires another weapon.
Updated terminology for the Power Donation Mod to read "Ability Strength" instead of "Power Strength."
Removed outdated Design Council Tips from loading screens.
Removed [PH] tags from Clan activities in Chat.

*With our Mainline update, we refactored the Locomotion system (which is the code that controls how AI find their way around the level) 
*primarily to allow us to have AI switch between different movement modes (eg walking & flying). These AI code changes have resulted in multiple scenarios of AI struggling to respect current level pathing, which are the issues being noticed post Update 23.10.0. Below are improvements to the new issues and investigation continues into other reports (Arbitration AI, etc):
*Fixed inability to defeat the Juggernaut due to no weakpoints opening.
*Fixed Lynx not engaging or reacting to players attacking it.
*Fixed Zura (Rathuum) not engaging players.
*Fixed Palladino not engaging enemies during the Chains of Harrow quest.
*Fixed Grineer Dropships immediately dropping passengers upon arrival in the Plains.
*Fixes towards inability to match-make when selecting a Ghoul Bounty.
*Fixed loading into a default Dark Sector mission instead of the intended Arbitration mission.
*Fixed the camera doing a large movement after Auto Installing Stars into your Ayatan Sculpture. 
*Fixed being able to skip selecting a Daily Tribute reward when using a controller.
*Fixed a script error in certain Grineer Sealab Defense missions.
*Fixed Set Mods having broken descriptions.
	type: Hotfix
	description: As we inch closer to the eventual and inevitable launch of Fortuna, it’s a better time than ever to enable 2FA. It’s quite simple, hit that ‘enable’ on https://www.warframe.com/user and you’re all set after verifying it.
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Chimera: Hotfix 23.10.5
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1019687-chimera-hotfix-23105/
	date: 2018-10-18T14:52:11Z
	additions: Added an ‘Auto Install’ button to the Ayatan Sculptures screen for Mastery Rank 10+ Tenno! This long requested feature allows you to auto install Stars from your Inventory to your Ayatan Sculpture with one-click. 
Added ability to swap your Mod loadout order in the Arsenal! This works the same way as dragging/dropping your A B C Appearance loadout order.
Added a Decoration called the ‘Note Beacon’! A beacon capable of displaying custom messages that can be placed in both Orbiter and Dojo!
Added an FX to the Energy Orb dropped by Deth Cube with Energy Generator equipped.

	changes: Reverted Operator Suit Mesh Changes introduced in Update 23.10.0 to restore Operator Suit Meshes to their pre-Update 23.10 state. A more careful re-release of the Operator Suit Mesh Changes will come at a later date.
Vigorous Swap will now deactivate when an Ability weapon is active (Mesa’s Peacemaker, Valkyr’s Hysteria, etc). 
Improved text spacing in the Squad Panel UI by auto scaling the list.
Removed the unnecessary ‘RELIC’ text from the Squad Panel UI. Localized languages will see improved text spacing with this removal.
Adjusted Daily Tribute Transmission text scale and aspect ratio.

*Improved AI navigation in Sanctuary Onslaught and Plains of Eidolon Bounties.
*Fixed inability to collect a Mandachord part in Octavia’s Anthem quest which halted progression.
*Fixed Defection missions being unplayable when picked for an Arbitration. 
*Fixed erroneous Bounty matchmaking cases. This was triggered by selecting a Bounty, cancelling said Bounty and then selecting a different Bounty, upon which you would matchmake with the cancelled Bounty.
*Fixed cases of Arbitration boons not being applied to Prime Warframe variants. This applies to weapon variants as well (Cernos vs Rakta Cernos).
*More fixes towards the Adaptation Mod sometimes making players invincible.
*Fixed cases of Bounties failing when trying to start a Cave Encounter in the Plains.
*Fixed Mesa’s Shatter Shield and Chroma’s Cold Elemental Ward not damaging certain enemies.
*Fixed Inaros’ Sandstorm radius stat showing diameter.
*Fixed the Ammo Case Mod not functioning for Clients after going in and out and then back in to the Plains from Cetus.
*Fixed the Sentinel Burst Rifle muzzle showing all 4 frames of the texture.
*More fixes towards Grineer Couriers flight navigation in Archwing Pursuit missions.
*Fixed rare case of hearing random jumbled dialog when loading into Maroo’s Bazaar.
*Fixed the back button not working when picking Gear Spiral items in the Arsenal.
*Fixed the Emotes wheel in the Arsenal not defaulting to the currently equipped Emote in the chosen slot.
*Fixed two equip buttons appearing when using mouse and keyboard.
*Fixed unreleased LOC string appearing when a Cache Encounter spawned in a Cave in the Plains.
*Fixed the Grineer Exhaust Fan Decoration having an incorrect description.
*Fixed a script error when Upgrading Mods at the Mod Station.
*Fixed a script error when accessing the Gear Spiral.
	type: Hotfix
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Chimera: Hotfix 23.10.4
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1019115-chimera-hotfix-23104/
	date: 2018-10-16T21:02:30Z
	changes: Chimera: Hotfix 23.10.4:

As mentioned in Hotfix 23.10.3, the team has two plans in place to get your Operator fashion frame back into shape as quickly as possible: a revert and a more careful re-release. This revert itself is also very involved due to the large quantity of content that was changed, but we’re very close to putting the revert live after a bit more testing!

Please continue to point your Chimera issues to our Megathread: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1016621-pc-c%CC%B6%CC%83%CC%B9h%CC%B4%CC%8A%CC%8D%CC%90%CD%9Ci%CC%B6%CD%9B%CC%BD%CD%93%CC%A9m%CC%B8%CD%84%CD%98%CC%A8e%CC%B4%CC%92%CC%A4r%CC%B8%CC%81%CD%8B%CC%95%CD%89a%CC%B8%CC%8A%CC%99%CC%AD%CD%95-bug-report-megathread/
Revenant’s Reave now follows the direction of your reticle as opposed to always in a straight line. This allows you to steer it freely. You can of course maintain the original behaviour of a straight line by simply not aiming your reticle, but for those of you wanting better control over where Reave goes are now able to freely steer! 
Corrected Infested Charger jump-down animations so they land at the correct height.
Minor sound balancing and design updates to new melee sounds.
Minor updates to jump slam sounds for Melee Hammer weapons.

*With our Mainline update, we refactored the Locomotion system (which is the code that controls how AI find their way around the level) 
*primarily to allow us to have AI switch between different movement modes (eg walking & flying). These AI code changes have resulted in multiple scenarios of AI struggling to respect current level pathing, which are the issues being noticed post Update 23.10.0. Below are improvements to the new issues and investigation continues into other reports (Arbitration AI, etc):
*Further improvements to Locomotion code that triggers when bad AI pathing occurs.
*Fixes towards broken AI spawns in the Grineer Forest tileset.
*Fixes towards AI becoming stuck in the Corpus Ice Planet tileset.
*Fixed Mask of the Revenant quest not progressing once you meet the prerequisites listed in the Codex. If you were affected by this bug, talking to Nakak in Cetus will allow you to progress.
*Fixed a crash that could occur in the Warframe Launcher.
*Fixed a crash that could occur when in the Plains of Eidolon due to the Fishing Gear.
*Fixed the Adaptation Mod sometimes making players completely invincible.
*Fixed Mesa’s Shatter Shield not functioning properly.
*Fixed some enemies (e.g. MOA's) getting permanently stuck in looping reaction animations in Void Fissure missions.
*Fixes towards Scanners not functioning for Clients. This also fixes cases where Helios would not scan new entries.
*Fixed Volt’s Discharge not hitting any enemies after reaching Zone 2 in an Sanctuary Onslaught mission. 
*Fixed inability to Channel your Melee weapon while sprinting.
*Fixed cases of Orbiter Decorations disappearing.
*Fixed Gifting of Warframes showing "item already owned" error.
*Fixed several Conclave Mods missing descriptions. 
*Fixed some weapons missing new sounds.
*Fixed the Paracesis having incorrect Mod capacity at Rank 30, which resulted in certain Mods not functioning correctly. This also fixes not being prompted that an equipped Mod that you are Ranking up via Endo exceeds the max Mod capacity and to uninstall. 
*Fixed ability to Forma the Paracesis for the second time when it is not at its ‘max Rank’.
	type: Hotfix
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Chimera: Hotfix 23.10.3
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1018682-chimera-hotfix-23103/
	date: 2018-10-15T21:13:13Z
	additions: Added Prime grip trail colour FXs.

	changes: Chimera: Hotfix 23.10.3:
Please continue to point your Chimera issues to our Megathread:

The Gear Spiral now restricts duplicate Gear items (Apothics, Stims), with the exception of Dragon Keys! The bug turned feature of ability to equip all Dragon Keys shall live to hobble another day!
Reduced the sound of Chat notifications.

*Fixed clogged spawn flow of Corpus enemies on Interception/Defense Corpus Ice Planet tileset. Enemies were observed getting primarily stuck in the initial spawn room.
*Fixed numerous issues with Drone-type enemies not traversing at all in Defense missions.
*Fixed a crash that would occur on 32-bit systems when loading Cetus / Plains of Eidolon.
*Fixed various crashes and game hangs. 
*Fixed various script errors that would occur while using the new Gear Wheel.
*Fixes towards a script error upon entering/leaving the Plains of Eidolon.
*Fixed an issue where Power Donation could allow for true <0% Power Strength scenarios. 
*Fixed Khora Accumulating Whipclaw Augment success sound playing even when you don't have the Augment equipped.
*Fixed the Arca Plasmor's projectiles bouncing off walls instead of exploding on impact. 
*Fixed an issue with the Daily Tribute tooltip showing '80 Endo' at all times, even when it is not 80. 
*Fixed an issue where Dynamic Exposure would randomly turn everything black. 
*Fixed the Kunshu Syandana having invisible collision on Saryn Skins.
*Fixed the Sildarg Syandana clipping through Saryn Skins.
*Fixed the Nidus Phryke Skin appearing to slightly shake when viewing the Star Chart. 
*Fixed some lurking [PH] tags. 
*Fixed some missing text strings.
	type: Hotfix
	description: As mentioned in Hotfix 23.10.2, the earliest ETA on fixes for Operator cosmetic issues were designated for today, but it's taking longer than expected. The team has two plans in place to get your Operator fashion frame back into shape as quickly as possible: a revert and a more careful re-release.. This revert itself is also very involved due to the large quantity of content that was changed, so this will take a bit more time. Worry not, they’re dedicated to restore and elevate Operator Fashion Frame to its glory 
we thank you for your patience! A more careful re-release that better respects seams and existing looks will come!
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Chimera: Hotfix 23.10.2
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1016966-chimera-hotfix-23102/
	date: 2018-10-12T22:07:00Z
	changes: Chimera: Hotfix 23.10.2:
Please note that Operator cosmetic issues are known and the team are working to smooth out these wrinkles. Earliest ETA on fixes for these are Monday 
please continue to point your Chimera issues to our Megathread:

Heavy Blade and Hammer Zaws now have a Range of 3 meters which should fix the continued inconsistency since the Mainline.
Restored Venka Prime's 0.75 Melee Combo Multiplier.
Removed the requirement to be higher than Initiate to replicate Clan Research 
further review of this initial change is required.
Reduced some distortion on Radiation Status FX.
Removed some unnecessary sounds from the Daily Tribute UI.
Removed an extra Icon on the Dojo minimap.
Minor sounds mix adjustments to Melee slide attack / heavy attack / slam attack.

*We have live fixed Arbitration missions rewarding the incorrect amount of Vitus Essence at End Of Mission, and inability to complete the Mastery Rank 26 test.
*Fixes towards a crash related to Discord. Much love to Discord for diagnosing and implementing the fix!
*Fixed a crash that occurred after a Host migration if you had an active Specter.
*Fixed a crash when joining a Lunaro match.
*Fixed a crash when attempting to Grab in Frame Fighter.
*Fixed earning multiple Ayatan Statues in an Arbitrations mission, but only receiving one once returning to your ship.
*Fixed Defectors falling through the floor in the Corship Ship Defection tileset, resulting in inability to extract.
*Fixed Defection missions not spawning the correct number of Colonists, and therefore not counting rescued squads correctly.
*Fixed < and > characters causing input boxes (search bars, password, etc) to break.
*Fixed the Cetus tower appearing too large in the Star Chart.
*Fixed Blast Status FX showing on invisible weapons. 
*Fixed Grineer Flameblades freezing up in animations when dropping from the Dropship in the Plains.
*Fixed some weapons (Dakra Prime, Deimos Claw Skin, etc) having an incredibly long weapon trail FX.
*Fixed skyboxes unintentionally getting too dark when turning FX settings down in the Options.
*Fixed a script error when casting Nova’s Null Star ability.
*Fixed a script error when casting Revenant’s Mesmer Skin ability.
*Fixed a script error when casting Nezha’s Warding Halo ability.
	type: Hotfix
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Chimera: Hotfix 23.10.1
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1016718-chimera-hotfix-23101/
	date: 2018-10-12T16:40:36Z
	changes: Chimera: Hotfix 23.10.1changes:
Removed unintentionally released Challenge. You saw nothing.

*Fixed sometimes crashing and failing to update in the Warframe Launcher.
*Fixed Zaws having incorrect values with Range mods, intended ranges have been restored.
*Fixed weapon trail FX appearing on the Falcor in the Orbiter. 
*Fixed weapon trail FX for the Falcor not showing for quick-melee attacks. 
*Fixed all variants of the Strun playing animation and sound FX on reload but not adding ammo to magazine, causing it to get stuck in a reloading loop. 
*Fixed abilities that can be cast midair (Saryn’s Miasma for example) no longer preserving aim glide momentum when they hit the ground.
*Fixed being unable to fully charge Staticor if it is attempted without having firing it before hand while using a controller. 
*Fixed nodes that are uncompleted and locked without a key (Derelict) in the Star Chart not flashing blue to indicate they are not completed.
*Fixed a crash when entering Cetus from the Plains.
*Fixed Vazarin Enduring Tides level 2 and 3 giving the same value. Level 3 changed from 50% to 100% as reported here: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1016583-vazarin-enduring-tides-23-upgrade/
*Fixed Fish appearing giant in Personal Quarters Aquariums. 
*Fixed flickering FX during certain moments in The Sacrifice quest.
*Fixed Sildarg Syandana clipping with a few Warfame Skins.
*Fixed issue with trying to claim a recipe reward on “choose from 3” login reward days.
*Fixed potential crash at end of mission.
	type: Hotfix
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Chimera: Update 23.10
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1016610-chimera-update-2310/
	date: 2018-10-12T13:56:43Z
	changes: Removed “Defeat 3 Eximus enemies on EARTH” requirement from Venus Junction.
Lowered “Defeat 10 Eximus enemies on Venus” requirement on Mercury Junction to 5 Eximus enemies in any region.
Lowered “Defeat 10 Sentient enemies on Lua” requirement to 5 Sentient enemies.
Lowered “Collect any 3 Mods from the Orokin Principle challenge rooms on Lua” to 1 Mod.

The much discussed changes have arrived 
they are quite straight forward, but if you want to really dive deep into them please start with our Dev Workshops for history!
Part 1/2:

On the major Milestone days (every 50 days between 0-1000) you will be presented with up to 3 Choices! These choices will still respect the original chronological release, and by the next time you reach a given category, you'll see a new item appear in place of what you've already chosen (if applicable).
1. Sigils and Resources. Days 50,150,250, etc.
2. Primed Mods. Days 200,400,600, etc.
3. Weapons. Days 100,300,500, etc.
Day 1000 and beyond!
Starting at Day 1050, Evergreen reward choices will be rotated every 50 Days though the following options:
Evergreen Choices A (choose one):
3 x Forma
3 x Exilus Adapter
4 x Weapon Slots
Evergreen Choices B (choose one):
50,000 Kuva
7-day Boosters (Affinity, Credits, Resource)
30,000 Endo
Evergreen Choices C (choose one):
3 x Rifle Riven
3 x Melee Riven
3 x Secondary Riven
Scaling Day-to-day: Scale all the things!
One important thing to clarify is that the in-game items received on the non-Milestone Days in Daily Tribute system now scale based on the amount of days you have logged on. Endo is an example well documented in the past Workshop, but this also applies to Credits, Booster Durations, Resources, Syndicate Medallions, Relics, and Forma Blueprints.
The way this Scaling works is that we have chosen a base amount of a given item and applied a multiplier that reflects your current amount of Days logged in 
it does vary by item type!
For example, on Day 1 I get 1 x Tellurium, but on Day 1000 I get 6 x Tellurium!
Additional Information:

There is now a fixed Day 5 Reward of 25,000 Credits and 1000 Endo.
Our goal is to make it only slightly more flexible while still respecting the core need to login frequently. Personalization is a huge part of Warframe and we think that this changes the Daily Tribute system to better reflect that. 
The Lodestar Syandana and the Lodestar Armor Set 
they are staying at Day 800 / 1000 respectively.
We have added custom lines and videos to each Daily Tribute which brings a Warframe NPC out to greet you on your new day.
We recently made the surprising discovery that Miasma’s damage multiplier for targets affected by Spores never actually worked. It has been fixed and will now work as we’ve intended it to originally. That said, seeing as it has been absent until now, we have increased the damage multiplier from 2x to 4x to encourage even more synergy between the two abilities.
Seasoned Saryn players will notice the change immediately, as it can make quite an impact on the spread of Spores via Miasma kills. By increasing the damage multiplier we have reduced the following to compensate for the change:
Miasma base Damage has been halved.
Spores scaling damage per second cap has been reduced from 10 to 7.
As always, we watch for your feedback and encourage you thoroughly test out the changes first before leaving your thoughts. Thank you!
As we have added more complex Operator outfits and Armor Sets, we've made revisions to the some of the existing cosmetics to allow for better sharing of aesthetics among sets. There are now new seams on the shoulders, neck, and waist of multiple outfits which will make mix & matching less jarring!
Revenant’s Reave wall width is now affected by Range Mods.
Revenant’s Reave now also sheds Status Effects on cast and applies them to targets it hits.
Fixed Revenant's Thralls not granting Affinity when killed. 
Fixed Revenant’s Danse Macabre being able to damage Nullifier bubbles (and then killing the Nullifier).
Fixed enemies affected by Revenant’s Enthrall and then a Radiation Status Effect being able to enthrall the Defense target, preventing the wave from ever ending.
Fixed Revenant Reave not using Modded Health/Shield steal values.
Fixed Revenant’s Reave Abilities page not properly showing the Modded Health/Shield steal values.
Fixed Revenant’s Thrall death pillars blocking projectiles.
Fixed various Syandana clipping issues with Revenant.
Phantasma’s Alt Fire homing projectile amount is no longer based on charge time. Alt Fire now releases 5 total homing projectiles.
Phantasma’s Alt Fire damage per projectile now scales based on charge time.

Over 40 FX Decorations and 7 structural Decorations have been added for your decorating enjoyment!
A brand new Sandbox room has been added! Check your Dojo Room Building options for the 'INSPIRATION HALL'! This empty great hall is a blank slate awaiting inspired designers!
All Display Decorations are now usable in Dojos, as well as a 'Text' Decoration!
The Clan Chat tab now displays the following Clan activity in green:
Player left Clan
Player invited 
Player joined 
Color Research started or unpaused
Player Hierarchy change 
Clan Tier change 
A confirmation prompt now appears when a Clan Chat Moderator attempts to kick/ban a player.
Added a toggle to ‘Show All’ or ‘Hide Owned Blueprints’ in the Energy, Bio, Orokin, and Chem Labs.
Added 3 more options in the Contribution screen under Alliance header for donating Credits, Decorations, and Resources to other Allied Clans.
Initiates can no longer purchase/replicate Clan Research (contributing allowed). This prevents new recruits from joining and bailing once they have taken their fill of Research.
You can now toggle ‘Disable Operator’ on/off from the Dojo Obstacle Course console at the entrance of the room!
The Clan screen now displays the remaining time to those who have not yet participated in the Ascension Ceremony (if one is active). 
Ammo is now successfully restored when a Dojo Duel is over.
Improved visibility of the room rotate button in the Dojo Architect menu, and added shortcut indicators for mouse and keyboard, and for controllers. 
Added “Duplicate” button to Dojo (and Orbiter) Decoration modes. Pressing it duplicates the aimed at Decoration, including its scale (where applicable) and rotation.

From the desk of Audio Director George:‘We started working on Melee 3.0 sounds and made so many cool improvements to low-level things like hit effects, Foley, field-of-view, and general sound cleanup that we wanted to get it out ASAP.  We still have a bunch of new sounds that will be releasing with the full Melee 3.0 overhaul as well.’

New impact sounds for all Melee weapons.
New slam sounds for all Melee weapons.
New heavy attack sounds for all Melee weapons.
New slide attack sounds for all Melee weapons.
Added Melee sounds to Valkyr’s Hysteria ability.
Cleaned up Melee weapon sounds when hitting floors and walls during combat.
Removed music occlusion when bullet jumping.
Shortened default Stasis Recovery time from 3 hours to 30 minutes. 
Changed cost of Stasis Rush cost from 10 Platinum to 10,000 Credits.
Tenno with the Nutrio Incubator Segment installed now have instant recovery from Stasis at no cost!
Reduced Platinum cost of Companion Name Change from 25 to 15 Platinum to match weapon entitlement costs.
Removed pickup limit on Kubrow Eggs!
Added a progress wheel to UI to show Antitoxin Strength.
Antitoxin console disables when strength is at 100% to avoid wasting Antitoxins.
Slightly increased strength score of common and uncommon Antitoxins. 
Fixed incorrect Affinity reward scaling for Antitoxins.
Fixed broken materials on the Antitoxin console.
Disabled the “Change Loadout” button from appearing when an invite is up on screen. Additionally disabled the “Invite” button from appearing at the same time. The invite must now be dismissed before trying to invite someone to your game. This fixes the issue of being unable to accept invites while on Navigation using a controller since X opened the “Change Loadout” screen.
We no longer force double-click to equip Arcanes when playing on a controller.
Changed controller D-Pad icons to a solid button shape.
Added quick button (X) for the Invite Button on the Invite Player screen when using a controller. Option can still be selected with the Virtual Cursor if desired.
Controller icon callouts will now be displayed for currently bound actions when changing bindings. 
Fixed missing button callouts when placing decorations in the Dojo while using a controller. 
Fixed attempting to place decorations in Dojo by selecting the “Decorate” option doing nothing while using a controller. 
Fixed virtual cursor not highlighting options in the Dojo Room Options window while using a controller, making it unselectable. 
Fixed terms and policies text and Start button under the Warframe logo on login screen being incorrectly positioned when using a controller. 
Fixed being unable to select Warframes after purchasing a few Warframes consecutively while using a controller. 
Fixed an issue where pressing the pause menu button on controller causing a brief UI transition to mouse mode. 
Fixed being unable to move cursor with the D-Pad or use most quick buttons while searching for an item in your inventory using the on screen keyboard with a controller. 
Fixed D-Pad navigation going to the category tabs when attempting to modify some options near the top of the screen.
Fixed the Clan search screen not having D-pad functionality. 
Fixed an issue with D-pad functionality not working on Polychrome in the Dojo. 
Fixed an issue where a list would 'snap back to top' when scrolling with a Controller. 
Fixed pressing the tutorial button in the Upgrade menu in the Arsenal incorrectly showing combos instead of the Modding tutorial when using a controller.
Fixed being unable to back out of the Market after opening chat and selecting an item while using a controller. 
Fixed customizing your Operator causing them to spin while using a controller. 
Fixed being unable to select the Taveuni node on the Kuva Fortress if highlighting the text with the cursor while using controller.
Fixed kills achieved by Warframe Abilities that summon AI (Rumblers, Shadows, etc) not counting towards Conclave Challenges.
Fixed an issue where ending a Conclave match with a Radiation Status Effect would treat you as if you were on the opposing team.
Fixed not being able to pick up the Cephalon if it was dropped in the air in Conclave.
Fixed Cephalon Carrier time not resetting upon getting a kill in any Dedicated Server matches.
Fixed Lunaro lobby lighting being too bright to show team flag designs in Conclave.

*The launch of The Sacrifice back in June 2018 was the last Mainline update to go out, and it was no doubt a hefty one. There was much for the entire DE team to comb through and we find this to be the case with all Mainlines. As we say with all Mainlines, we can’t catch everything that may fall through the cracks, meaning you may see some WIP or unintentional things that are not meant to be live.
*Enjoy Update 23.10 and we’ll be here for Hotfixes and the usual!
*A new type of challenge is available to players that have completed the entire Solar Map! ARBITRATIONS are here, read on to learn everything you need to know! If you have not completed the entire star chart, you can go to the Arbiters of Hexis in any relay and talk to this NPC. They will tell you what nodes in the Star Chart you must complete to unlock Arbitrations!
*The Arbiters of Hexis are providing you with the chance to fight with something unknown to most Warframe missions: Mortality! Arbitrations are single-life missions that put you in a scenario where you have to make your only life count!
*Every hour you'll be presented with a new Arbitration.
*Endless Arbitration missions play out a little differently for an added challenge...
*Unique Rewards can be found within Arbitrations, including:
*Note: Failure is a rare thing in Warframe, in the month of September only 2.5% of all missions were Failed. Prepare yourself for a new reality where failure may become the norm for these missions 
*can you overcome the odds!?
*Fixed Sentient Cores disappearing after a Host migration occurred. 
*Fixed blinding Eidolon fights among other things by making sure adaptive exposure was working on all FX in dark settings.
*Fixed a bug that inadvertently boosted Geometry Detail in some cases which led to performance issues on low-end machines, and poor looking distance details on high-end machines. All systems benefit from this bugfix, and now geometry will look better at a distance too!
*Fixed Stalker and Zanuka unable to target players after being Enthralled by Revenant or Chaos'd by Nyx, even after Ability expires.
*Fixed ability to damage allies upon firing the Lenz and having Mirage’s Hall of Mirrors expire before it explodes. 
*Fixed certain wave projectiles (e.g. Arca Plasmor) bouncing off hit proxy shields (e.g. Volt’s Electric Shield, Gara’s Mass Vitrify).
*Fixed Void Strike (Madurai) not affecting the damage output of Flame Blast (Madurai).
*Fixed Transferring into Operator causing hold Abilities to continue holding until you Transfer back into your Warframe (e.g. Ember Fireball charge).
*Fixed Nezha’s Blazing Chakram stuttering for some Clients.
*Fixed Nezha’s Blazing Chakram flight path getting blocked by Swarm Mutalist MOA’s spores.
*Fixed blinding/deafening effects on NPCs clearing if their perceiver is unregistered and re-registered (e.g. stunned).
*Fixed inability to equip Pistol Skins on the Zylok.
*Fixed Nyx’s Chaos Sphere Augment being removed when another cast occurs.
*Fixed Nyx’s Chaos Sphere Augment script error.
*Fixed Clem Clones being infinitely spawnable in the Simulacrum.
*Fixed the Mote Amp having Arsenal stats for a secondary fire, even though it only has a primary fire.
*Fixed Zenith alt-fire projectile showing enemies with the Warframe Energy color. It now uses the Zenith Energy color.
*Fixed Tennogen Skins not applying the base Chroma mesh when toggle Prime details is flagged off.
*Toned down the FX for Mirage’s Hall of Mirror clones when firing the Phantasma.
*Fixed numerous Syandana placements when equipped on Rhino/Rhino Prime.
*Fixed the Syrinx Leg Plates partially clipping into the Banshee's leg.
*Fixed Sugatras clipping through the Warframe’s hands when equipped on the Orthos. 
*Fixed several Syandanas clipping through Trinity Primes skirt.
*Fixed certain Syandanas clipping through Chroma’s Dynasty Skin.
*Fixed the Ba'Geth TennoGen Tonfa Skin clipping through the Warframe's arm when equipped.
*Fixed the Nosos Syandana clipping when equipped on the Banshee Soprana Skin.
*Fixed many Syandana's clipping with Nezha's Empyrean Skin
*Fixes towards the Icarius Syandana clipping with several Warframes.
*Fixed an issue with incorrect text descriptions for Ruk's Claw. 
*Fixed misaligned Interception points in the Corpus Ship tileset.
*Fixed a pillar with no collision in the Corpus Outpost tileset. 
*Fixed marker icons potentially having inconsistent scaling.
*Fixed overlapping screens when opening Navigation right before getting an Apothic transmission during The Silver Grove quest.
*Fixed Clients sometimes seeing a broken 'progress' bar throughout a Interception mission when joining a game-in-progress. 
*Fixed seeing numerous copies of owned Syandanas. This cluttered up the Syandana Arsenal screen, so you will now only see 1 even if you own/are Gifted multiple. 
*Fixed the mission timer stopping if the Host enters Navigation while it is counting down. 
*Fixed the Eos Shoulder Plates causing Emblems to be different sizes on Deluxe Warframe Skins.
*Fixed an issue where guns that appear to fire from both barrels on every shot would only play the recoil animation on the right hand.
*Fixed several weapons appearing to have misaligned firing VFX.
*Fixed an issue where you couldn't bullet jump off of a zipline.
*Fixed the Kunshu Syandana clipping with the back spine of Hydroid Prime with the Graxx Skin equipped.
*Fixed shields (Sigma & Octantis, etc) equipping oddly on Chroma Prime’s arm.
*Fixed Operator Arcane customization screen not actually saving Arcane changes.
*Fixed inability to use the Zanuka Beacon if Zanuka had captured you in the past.
*Fixed numerous crashes. 
*Fixed enemies being able to detect you through the glass in Grineer Galleon Spy Vaults.
*Fixed scrolling to the bottom of the Syndicate Tab in the World State Window and switching to the Fissure Tab sometimes resulting in no fissure missions being displayed.
*Fixed final door not opening in the first mission of the Glast Gambit Quest.
*Fixed player shadow flickering caused by welding lights in the Grineer Shipyard tileset.
*Fixed duplicate "distance to target" labels in Archwing Exterminate missions.
*Fixed equipping weapons on your Operator when recovered during Operator form in Zanuka recovery missions.
*Fixed bright flickering on Rell's Donda market diorama in Iron Wake.
*Fixed weird player shadow flickering caused by welding lights in the Grineer Shipyard tileset.
*Fixed Silva and Aegis custom hoster positioning issues during certain attacks and when capturing targets.
*Fixed Sentinel "Sacrifice" mod sometimes failing to activate if a teammate tries to revive you and then fails at the last second.
*Fixed Operators walking funny on ziplines after aiming down sights as per:
*Fixed camera being stuck inside Martian Ancient Settlement Rock Formation decoration when attempting to place it too close to the camera in the Dojo. Now moving the camera back should help free you from its rocky embrace.
*Fixed buffs/debuffs permanently stacking on Zaws after activating and deactivating Titania's Archwing. A common result was melee speed getting slower and slower. Now you'll be slow no mo'!
*Fixed a hole that would allow players to leave the map in the Grineer Fortress tileset.
*Fixed a problem where some characters' knees and elbows would move the wrong way. 
*Fixed Limbo’s silhouette missing his hat when viewed through terrain or other obstructions. 
*Fixed being unable to preview Instrument Pack sounds when clicking on them via the “Swap Melody/Bass/Percussion” menus. 
*Fixed being teleported to the entrance of the (non-custom) Dojo Obstacle Course room when falling off the edge in Operator mode, instead of being teleported to the beginning of the Course as intended. 
*Fixed being able to bullet jump out of the elevator and out of the map in the Infested Ship Tileset.
*Fixed an issue with the platforms being far too bright white in Mastery Rank 10 making it hard to see. 
*Fixed some decos in the Plains of Eidolon and Cetus remaining dark while everything else brightened during the Night to Day transition. Also fixed an issue with some decos suddenly popping to bright day colors. 
*Fixed flicker in the sky during Day/Night transition in the Plains of Eidolon and Cetus. 
*Fixed a progress stopper in The War Within’s "Infiltrate the Grineer Asteroid Fortress" mission.
*Fixed players being able to progress in Vor’s Prize even if they have not crafted the Ascaris Negator and completed the tutorial.
*Fixed Eximus units sometimes not having their red aura. 
*Fixes towards fly in cinematic showing Galleon ship instead of Planet Earth during The Silver Grove Quest. 
*Fixed Mastery Rank 23 test failing causing the game to lock up if completed with very little time remaining. 
*Fixed Corpus Outpost skybox fog issues causing there to be floating terrain in the distance. 
*Fixed clipping issues with Umbra’s loin cloth. 
*Fixed black and untextured wreckage pieces in the Archwing Interception mission. 
*Fixed enemies getting stuck in ice walls in Stöfler Defense mission on Lua. 
*Fixed an issue where chosen UI theme or background options on the login screen would show defaults from the previously logged in player.  
*Fix Umbra being equipped if you fail/abort the "Confront Umbra" mission and then inventory sync fails. 
*Fixed other players being capable of activating vanishing platforms in Dojo custom obstacle courses while another player is running the course. 
*Fixed Clients being unable to see the portal VFX in Lua Rescue missions. 
*Fixed enemies getting stuck climbing boxes on loop in Earth Defense missions. 
*Fixed the Lex and Lex Prime having no revolver magazine or fire sounds with the Perla Pistol Skin.
*Fixed an issue where using the Codex, Mod screen, Foundry or Incubator would leave your head tracking stuck at whatever the last "diegetic position" was.
*Lowered brightness on key skylights to mitigate incredible blowout on white walls in the Orokin Moon tileset. 
*Fixed blowout on foliage from spotlights in Cetus. 
*Fixed an issue where Clients joining in progress missions may not be able to find the player who picked up a pickup, resulting in the pickup becoming available again if that client then became the Host after a host migration.
*Fixed rare case where player could get stuck in falling boulder while playing the Apostasy Prologue. 
*Fixed minimap border being visible in full map in Corpus Ice Planet missions. 
*Fixed the Treasure Hunter challenge not working for Clients.
*Fixed door at the base of the elevator appearing black in Corpus Outpost Defense missions. 
*Fixed steam clouds in Grineer Settlement missions appearing much more intense then they once were. 
*Fixed hostage standing in the rescue room with all of the portal panels instead of hiding in one of the portals on Zeipel, Lua.
*Fixed issues with enemy AI in Grineer Shipyards Defense missions. 
*Fixed Gems mined in the Plains of Eidolon not showing up in the Mining tab in the Foundry after they’ve been refined.  
*Fixed map remaining on screen in decoration mode in the Dojo. 
*Fixed crash that would occur on the first mission on Earth during The Sacrifice Quest. 
*Fixed script error that could make it impossible to use Transference with Umbra during the Chase Umbra mission in The Sacrifice Quest. 
*Fixed death cam appearing out of the level when killed by Umbra during the “Confront Umbra” mission in The Sacrifice Quest. 
*Fixed Umbra running around in circles lost looking for player if the player is standing on a specific ledge during the “Confront Umbra” mission in The Sacrifice Quest. 
*Fixed nav issue in the Grineer Shipyard Defense tileset. 
*Fixed invited guests in Orbiter seeing Warframe Statue stuttering in Personal Quarters. 
*Fixes towards Ambulas dropship material issues. 
*Fixed electric water in the second mission of Vor’s Prize not dealing damage to players. 
*Fixed bugs related to previewing UI themes. 
*Fixed a number of issues with AI animations when deciding to switch between cover, shooting, running, and flanking. 
*Fixed issues with AI getting stuck in spawn areas on Lua Defense missions. 
*Fixed issues where the Mastery Rank 13 test could become uncompletable. 
*Fixed an issue where Warframe hands and Melee weapons would jitter when rotated. 
*Fixed an issue where opening the Starchart would hang if a player has an overabundance of ship decorations. 
*Fixed reload animation issues with the Rubico Prime. 
*Fixed issues with Excalibur's Pendragon helmet cloth lagging at lower framerates. 
*Fixed issues with Excalibur Umbra's scarf disconnecting at times. 
*Fixed an issue where using Arching Launchers  in the Plains of Eidolon and a Remote Observer would permanently detach a player's camera. 
*Fixed an issue where Archwing Launcher  would not play proper sounds when unequipping. 
*Fixed Mods not displaying on pickup when driving a Dargyn.
*Fixed issues with Vauban's Citadel Axe Skin now showing proper open/closed states when browsing. This also fixes a similar problem with the Silva and Aegis. 
*Fixed an issue with missing Affinity when destroying an Eidolon Synova while not in Operator mode. 
*Fixed an issue with the Music Volume slider not affecting Mandachord songs in the Somachord. 
*Fixed an issue with missing 'Zenurik' Mod filtering options when Modding Archwing. 
*Fixed an issue that would occur with Squad markers turning into a green circle in some transitions. 
*Fixed an issue with cloth separating from the body at low framerates. 
*Fixed issues with Articula not playing nicely with nun-chuck style weapons. 
*Fixed an issue where getting stuck in a forward-walking position could occur if activating a context action while moving. 
*Fixed issues in Europa tiles where players could escape the map. 
*Fixed numerous clipping issues Syandanas on Ash Prime, Hydroid, Trinity Prime, and Frost TennoGen Skins. 
*Fixed an issue with Sentient Cores disappearing after a host migration. 
*Fixed missing Syandana offsets on Nezha Empyrean skin.
*Fixed issues with the Kronen Prime not behaving nicely in the Foundry and Arsenal. 
*Fixed issues with armor and Emblems not playing nice with the Oberon Blade of the Lotus Skin. 
*Fixed a missing idle animation for the Gammacor. 
*Fixed gravity not affecting certain Warframe abilities at all when aim-glide was held. 
*Fixed some gear items not being consumed as Operator (i.e Scanners). 
*Fixed Steel Meridian Allies not reloading correctly. 
*Fixed health bars over enemies and decorations remaining visible when they are no longer on the screen.
*Fixed Gram Prime not using correct sound FX.
*Fixed the Attica playing sounds at a lowered pitch.
*Fixed various audio issues with Chroma’s Spectral Scream ability.
*Made numerous fixes to Discord Rich Presence.  
*Fixed a level hole in the Grineer Settlements on Mars.
*Fixed a level hole in the Grineer Forests on Earth as well as improved navigation for AI. 
*Fixed an issue where certain elemental FX would appear behind the player in the Arsenal. 
*Fix an issue where switching from Sentinel to Kavat/Kubrow in the Simulacrum Arsenal would lead to heavy spot-loading.
*Fixed see-through platform on the Grineer Shipyards tile set.
*Fixed holes in the vents on Laomedeia Spy on Neptune.
*Fixed an exploit that allowed players to use unlocked colors via the favorite colors menu.
*Fixed Grineer patrollers standing around when night falls on the Plains of Eidolon if they were too far from base. Now they will continue their patrols when the sun sets instead of taking an extended break.
*Fixed bushes getting a little too excited in medium/high wind on the Plains of Eidolon. They should sway more realistically now.
*Fixed Plains of Eidolon capture objective failing if no players could be found near the Capture Target.
*Fixed some enemies changing color upon death.
*Fixed squadmate riding a Dargyn not being teleported to Cetus doors when the extraction timer hits 0:00, resulting in them having to walk/fly to extraction themselves before the team can extract.
*Fixed Nikana Zaw unsheath and spin sounds not playing on idle animation.
*Fixed issue where the Arsenal would freeze when loading a large number of Melee weapons.
*Fixed issue where Landing Craft cutscene didn’t play when entering a Relay and Landing Craft didn’t appear at the Hangar.
*Fixed some Refined Relics not appearing as owned in the Codex.
*Fixed the Revenant Warframe Blueprint not appearing in the Codex as a reward under any Eidolon variant.
*Fixed Cold Status Effect icons not appearing on certain Mods.
*Fixed changing the color of a Cernos weapon resulting in the bow string to be loose and then pulled back.
*Fixed the Tigris firing when doing a roll animation.
*Fixed issue where players were forced to wait for the countdown timer to finish in Endless Void Fissure missions if the “Sort by” menu was active when the timer began.
*Fixed a crash in the Sacrifice that occurred if an Operator hadn’t been upgraded.
*Fixed roman numerals in titles using both capital and lowercase characters. They now appear as all capitals.
*Fixed issue where pressing enter in the Arsenal equip menu would equip the items that are already equipped and close the menu
*Fixed enemies frequently spawning behind walls on the Mars tileset.
*Fixed a level hole in the Cambria tileset on Earth.
*Fixed level holes in Lua Extermination tilesets.
*Fixed level holes in the Grineer Asteroid tilesets.
*Fixed “Press 5” prompt not appearing during The War Within Quest, halting progress.
*Fixed issue where some large fish would clip through the Warframe’s head when the fish was being held.
*Fixed script error that appeared when selecting an incubating Kubrow from the Arsenal.
*Fixed the musical note trail moving erratically during Octavia’s Anthem Quest.
*Fixed cases of audio being muffled during Void Defence missions.
*Fixed issue where a hacked door panel would not open until the player had moved away from the door.
*Fixed deselecting an Arcane not removing the complete Credit value in the Inventory sell screen. 
*Fixed issue where, when players reviewed their Profiles while in the trade item selection window at Maroo’s Bazaar, their information would appear behind items.
*Fixed issue where two cursors appeared when players selected their first Warframe.
*Fixed rocks in Cetus and on the Plains of Eidolon appearing shiny and damp even when it was not raining.
*Fixed Vauban Citadel Skin and some Syandanas having invisible collision which caused them to float or get twisted when equipped.
*Fixed issue where Umbra would stand still if the Operator jumped onto a certain platform during The Sacrifice Quest.
*Fixed missing textures on the Xiphos Landing Craft.
*Fixed issue in Landing Craft Decoration mode where fast camera movement would clip out of the Landing Craft.
*Fixed issue in the Plains of Eidolon where fishing Bait and Dyes did not float after a Host migration occurred. 
*Fixed script error occurring when interacting with Polychrome in the Dojo.
*Fixed issue in Stolen Dreams where Maroo would stand still instead of dropping to the ground when the player would take her down to Capture her.
*Fixed Rescue Target AI breaking if players hacked the rescue cell with their Operators then switched back to their Warframes.
*Fixed issue where the Index would get stuck if there was a Host migration during the rewards screen between rounds.
*Fixed issue where there was a large hitch when a player clicked Randomize under the loadout button.
*Fixed Noggles appearing excessively large for a frame or two when first logging in.
*Fixed a map hole on Lua.
*Fixed issue where weapons held by Mirage’s Hall of Mirror clones made a firing sound. Now, only Mirage’s weapon can be heard.
*Fixed Bombard animation freezing while changing weapons in the Plains of Eidolon
	type: Update
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Mask of the Revenant: Hotfix 23.9.1
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1012649-mask-of-the-revenant-hotfix-2391/
	date: 2018-09-27T17:23:26Z
	changes: Mask Of The Revenant: Hotfix 23.9.1:
Removed the unintentional Melee Combo Counter cap of 180 for the Gram Prime.
Improved visibility when aiming with the Imugi Prime Armor equipped on bulkier Warframes (Rhino, Chroma, Atlas).
Made a few network performance optimizations for Clients.
Updated theme texture icons for all Warframe Skins/Helmets for Ash, Atlas, Banshee, Chroma, Ember and Equinox.
Upgraded Discord Rich Presence to latest version!

*Fixed Players not appearing online when you’re waiting for them in the Friends or Clan lists.
*Fixed cave doors not opening when playing a Sortie mission in the Plains.
*Fixed Frost’s Ice Wave ability causing performance problems/crashes when cast into a wall/above a large pit right when choosing a reward in a Void Fissure mission.
*Fixed Trinity Prime’s skirt appearing wonky.
*Fixed the True Punishment Mod missing its description.
*Fixed some TennoGen Helmet’s missing their Icons in the Inventory screen.
	type: Hotfix
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Mask of the Revenant: Chroma Prime 23.9.0 +
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1011982-mask-of-the-revenant-chroma-prime-2390-23901/
	date: 2018-09-25T17:57:10Z
	changes: Mask Of The Revenant: Chroma Prime 23.9.0:

Chroma Prime, Gram Prime, and Rubico Prime Relics have replaced all exclusive locations of Limbo Prime, Destreza Prime, and Pyrana Prime Relics:
Plains Bounties
Sanctuary Onslaught
Elite Sanctuary Onslaught (Radiant)
Added in numerous Endless mission modes
And the list goes on! Check out the official public PC drop tables here.
*Limbo Prime, Destreza Prime, and Pyrana Prime Relics are also still out in the wild, just not in exclusive spots like Bounties or Onslaught.
If you already wield the power of these Primes or have their Relics in your Inventory, they will remain after the Vaulting.
Removed Titania’s Razorwing collision damage. Bonk those walls to your heart’s content!
Made some micro-optimizations to the HUD code.
Made some micro-optimizations to the Infested Salvage code.
Updated Lotus’ Plague Star in-Orbiter Transmission formatting so it reads better.
Tweaked the Incubus Syandana to rest in the mouth on the back of the Nezha Empyrean Skin.

*Fixed getting one-shotted through Revenant’s Mesmer Skin by a single very powerful hit. 
*Fixed Ability immune enemies not decreasing the Mesmer Skin count when hitting Revenant.
*Fixed Revenant’s Thrall FX not attaching properly to Vomvalysts.
*Fixed Mirage’s Hall of Mirrors with very low Duration on laggy Clients possibly causing perpetual ‘ABILITY IN USE’.
*Fixed Konzu’s Plague Star Bounty reward list indicating the incorrect Relic. NEO V7 is now the correct AXI L2.
*Fixed Nyx’s Chaos Sphere Augment not always grabbing every enemy in its radius.
*Fixed ranking up Octavia's Conductor Augment not actually increasing the speed of Resonator.
*Fixed seeing 2 different Energy colors when casting Chroma’s Spectral Scream. 
*Fixed Warframe Abilities affecting Dargyns (Chroma’s Elemental Ward) when an ally has mounted it.
*Fixed a rare case of Plains session timing out.
*Fixed casting Mesa's Peacemaker Ability unintentionally refreshing the Arca Scisco buff, but not actually increasing the Critical Chance. Casting Mesa's Peacemaker Ability should not activate/refresh the Arca Scisco buff .
*Fixed Gara’s Splinter Storm ability breaking Corpus reinforced glass.
*Fixed Archwing being deployable in the Simulacrum.
*Fixed Nyx's Chaos illusions' Syandanas not applying the chosen Energy colour.
*Fixed Maroo’s Bazaar minimap being disconnected.
*Fixed Dojo MOTD not indicating that a Herald Role is required to edit.
*Fixed inability to see new Relics for Chroma/Rubico/Gram Prime in the Codex.
*Fixed Rubico Prime icon having an incorrectly placed magazine.
*Fixed a script error when switching loadouts in the Arsenal > Upgrade screen.
	type: Update
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Mask of the Revenant: Hotfix 23.8.2
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1010324-mask-of-the-revenant-hotfix-2382/
	date: 2018-09-19T14:29:43Z
	additions: The Tenno II Color Palette is now available in the Market! 
A new Clan Role of Herald has been added! This Role is to solely allow a member to edit the MOTD. Previously only the Role of Ruler could change the MOTD (which they still can).

	changes: Mask Of The Revenant: Hotfix 23.8.2:
Operation: Plague Star is back on PC starting TODAY at 2pm ET until September 30 at 2pm ET!
The infested boil that threatened the Plains is back, uglier and more putrid than before. Vay Hek possesses a toxin that can destroy the boil at the meteorite crash site, but he refuses to help. Steal his toxin and destroy the boil before the Infested make their way to Cetus.
A Mastery Rank of 8+ is now required to Trade Rivens. This echoes the minimum possible Mastery Rank requirement of Rivens overall as well as generally follows our trading rules with restricted gear.
Upon successfully entering your 2FA login information you will now be auto-logged into Warframe, instead of having to retype your password again!
Previously you had to enter your login info TWICE when logging in with 2FA. We simply removed the unnecessary 2nd login info requirement after successfully entering your 2FA information.

*Fixed a performance hitch that would occur when using Danse Macabre on some tile sets. 
*Fixed Nezha’s Blazing Chakram having a Critical Multiplier of 0.
*Fixed ability to bypass the Plains boundaries by teleporting with Nezha’s Blazing Chakram.
*Fixed Nezha’s Blazing Chakram being blocked by Gara’s Mass Vitrify or Ember’s Fire Blast abilities.
*Fixed Operators inability to use Void Blast or Guardian Shell while sprinting when Guardian Shell is active.
*Fixed Exodia Valor applying to Excalibur’s Exalted Blade.
*Fixed spending Focus before using Focus Conversion resetting your total Focus (UI error only).
*Fixed Large Shard quantities sometimes producing an error message saying that a connection cannot be made to the Focus Tree. The Shards disappear (but not consumed) but the Focus is not awarded. 
*Fixed Rushing a Dojo Decoration completion temporarily setting the Synthetic Clan XP to a lower amount.
*Fixed inability to switch Matchmaking options upon returning to the Orbiter after a mission.
*Fixed not being able to use certain actions (e.g. Reviving Allies, hacking consoles) shortly after Transferring to/from your Operator.
*Fixed Helios’ Simaris Skin indicating it is for an item which you do not own if you only own Helios Prime. 
*Fixed having a negative Mod capacity as a result of equipping an unranked Mod on a weapon that is close to max Mod capacity then switching to the Modding station and ranking a different unranked version of the Mod (not the one equipped on the weapon).
*Fixed Chat links for Rivens, Mandachord songs, Zaws, and Amps potentially being broken if profanity filter is enabled.
*Fixed Archwing Arsenal Abilities screen showing an unnecessary ‘Passive’ section.
*Fixed very small squares remaining in the Map UI areas where Mask of the Revenant quest took place when returning to the Plains.
*Fixed volume discrepancies of the Grineer Dropship during Vor’s Prize.
*Fixed a script error when casting Nezha’s Divine Spears ability.
*Fixed a script error when using a Glaive or Glaive type ability (Nezha’s Blazing Chakram).
*Fixed Glaive FX sometimes being unnecessarily duplicated in Conclave.
	type: Hotfix
	description: "FOOLS! You tried to POP its glistening magnificence! But you just made it angry!"
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Mask of the Revenant: Hotfix 23.8.1
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1008738-mask-of-the-revenant-hotfix-2381/
	date: 2018-09-14T13:49:57Z
	changes: Changes:
Changed GPU Particles low/medium/high quality preset from disabled/low/medium to disabled/low/high.
Revenant Mesmer smoke effect is now only seen on yourself, not other players, to improve performance and visibility. 
Clans will now ignore players who have been inactive for more than 30 days when automatically choosing a Founding Warlord (Note: this is not retroactive for Clans that have already selected one). 
Made some micro-optimizations to Visibility and Zoning.
Made some micro-optimizations to the Graphics and Sound drivers.

*Fixed an issue with lingering FX resulting from Revenant frequently using Reave and Danse Macabre.
*Fixed Zephyr Prime left wings clipping into her arm.
*Fixed a script error when trying to enter 2FA code with on screen keyboard.
*Fixed Low particle quality setting stopping Warding Halo effect from spinning.
*Fixed the Y button callout for opening match making drop down showing on teammates as well.
*Fixed a script error with Divine Spears.
*Fixed a script error with Warding Halo.
*Fixed a script error with Danse Macabre.
*Fixed a script error with Enthrall.
*Fixed Blazing Chakram giving health/energy orbs from corpses. 
*Fixed a script error that could occur while trading. 
*Fixed Empyrean diorama not showing impaled enemies on spears and missing FX.
	type: Hotfix
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Mask of the Revenant: Update 23.8.0 + +
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1008095-mask-of-the-revenant-update-2380-23801-23802/
	date: 2018-09-12T18:41:12Z
	changes: We have a big batch of changes to Revenant based on constructive player feedback. Specifics per ability follow below, but a big thanks to everyone who took the time to login, play, and visit a space (forums or otherwise) to give their thoughts. It's crucial to the iteration process. Thank you!
THRALLS: We have made changes to have Thralls have more value in life AND death 
just as Revenant did. The general rule Thralls will follow is they provide CC in Life, Damage in Death. The goal is simply to have an easy supply of Thralls to make use of in both Life and Death.
Currently Enthrall has the following uses:
You can get up to 7 enemies Crowd Controlled 
they won't attack you or allies and will draw Aggro from AI.
It spreads / is transferred 
the Enthralled state is contagious!
You can Reave Thralls for greater scaling Health and Shield Leeching.
If Thralls are killed by Danse Macabre, overshield drops are created.
It creates a damaging pillar, and that's it. Not useful enough in death at all!
We've added the following with this update: 
While active, the pillar creates homing projectiles similar to the Vomvalyst attacks and Revenant's Signature weapon, the Phantasma!
The pillars can now be exploded to output their damage radially if hit by Danse Macabre.
On the development build before release, Mesmer Skin was recastable but we removed this due to balance concerns. But, our gut reaction was right and thanks to your feedback we've changed it back to how it was and you can now recast Mesmer Skin to recharge it!
Lowered Energy cost to 50.
Revenant is now fully immune to damage while Reaving 
it's meant to be a life-saver! 
When Reaving Thralls with Mesmer Skin active, it restores a charge.
When Reaving Allies with Mesmer Skin active, it adds the protective energy to your allies who happen to be in range. A small protective bonus!
When REAVE is cast while in DANSE MACABRE, Energy cost lowered to 25. This allows for quicker, risk-free placement of Revenant for tactical maneuvering.
The Direction of Reave now follows last Reticle aim point which makes casting more responsive to intent.
Oxium Ospreys now appear within the first 5 Waves/Rounds of all Corpus Defense/Interception missions.
Slightly increased the spawn chance of Oxium Ospreys in all Corpus Defense/Interception missions at higher Waves/Rounds.
A ‘Founding Warlord’ Role has been added to the Clan hierarchy! This hierarchy is above ‘Warlord’ and there can only be one. Founding Warlord has all the permissions of a Warlord, but can also freely change the rank of any member. They also have the option of promoting any Warlord to Founding Warlord. This uses the new type of confirmation where you must type a keyword (in this case "PROMOTE") to go through with the change. The Founding Warlord now becomes visible to others and cannot leave the Clan unless they are the only member or promotes another Warlord to Founding Warlord. If a Founding Warlord wishes to be demoted, they must promote another Warlord, thus switching the Roles. If a Clan has a Founder already set (via Support), that person is automatically given the Founding Warlord Role (even if they weren't Warlord), otherwise the Warlord with oldest join date is made Founding Warlord.
This also alleviates a longstanding issue where the Founder of a Clan can leave, but they are still considered the Founder if they come back (and if they don't, the Clan has no member with Founder status).
Reworked the Vault contribution screen to reduce the number of steps you must take to contribute. You can also now browse the Resources and Decorations in the Vault! Previously you could only Donate and never knew what was already in there.
Rhino now has a HUD buff indicator for his Iron Skin!
Reduced numerous costs of required items for various quantity locked activities. Less grind more grofit:
Reduced the cost of Nav Coordinates required to craft the Mutalist Alad V Assassinate Key from 3 to 1.
Reduced the cost of Animo Beacons required to fight Ambulas on Pluto, Hades from 40 to 20.
Reduced the cost of Vestan Moss scans required to craft the Sunrise Apothic from 25 to 12. 
Changed Health Conversion to only remove stacks on Health damage. Previously it removed stacks on any damage, which was counterproductive when the damage was on Shields as they are not affected by Armor.
The emissive on Operator Facial Accessories is now controlled by suit Energy colour.
Increased the Anspatha Brace recharge from 30/s to 45/s.
Made some micro-optimizations to AI path-finding.
Made some micro-optimizations to some core math routines used by Visibility and Zoning.
Made some micro-optimizations to Zoning code used by Sound Effects, Cameras, and Weather Effects.
Made a micro-optimization to runtime object creation.
Made a small optimization to the process of binding textures and samplers (dx11 only).
Reduced the smoothing window for the frame rate/time values. This may make things like Dynamic Vsync kick in a bit more promptly.
Improved AI pathing in the Corpus Gas City tileset to reduce enemy crowding in certain areas.
Removed ability to unintentionally equip Hydraulic Crosshairs and Sharpened Bullets on Mesa’s Regulators. Although the buff appeared to trigger, it never actually applied due to the "on aim" criteria not being fulfilled (unless you had a very specific loadout with the Mesa Waltz Augment equipped).
Resource descriptions now indicate their "Locations/where to find" list to aid new players.
Removed special Warframe HUDs (Nidus, etc) from being displayed in the Dojo.
Reverted an unintentional reduction of Revenant’s max Energy. His max Energy is now as it was before 23.8.0.
Changed Nezha’s Fire Walker to only ‘hop’ when cast while on the floor.

*[DE]Pablo has been working hard on tweaks, with two primary goals in mind:
*Making Nezha feel smoother and more fluid in gameplay
*Increasing Nezha’s power overall by giving him added team support value and internal synergies
*With that said, let’s break down the changes in order!
*Increased max rank health from 225 to 375
*Decreased max rank shields from 225 to 150
*Changed from a channeling ability to duration-based.
*Why? As a channeled ability, keeping Firewalker active would block all energy regeneration. Making the ability a single cast with a long moddable duration solves that problem, encouraging more frequent use.
*Cast animation changed to a small hop that doesn’t restrict movement.
*Cast animation has been sped up, and no longer restricts movement.
*Enemies hit by the disc are “marked” for a moddable duration, greatly increasing the damage they take from all sources. Marked enemies have a chance to drop energy orbs.
*Why? Adds great team value to Nezha’s kit 
*increasing damage taken helps all allies, and energy orb drops enable frequent recasting.
*Killing enemies while they are marked will now produce healing orbs, instead of the current healing pulse.
*Why? The current radial heal is invisible and very small, usually only benefitting players in melee range 
*most players don’t even know it’s there! Health orbs make the result more visible, while introducing other mod synergies.
*Increased the number of targets the disc will try to hit before recalling, and improved some cases of faulty lock-on targeting.
*Added a charged throw, causing the Chakram to fly straight forwards and backwards, dealing extra damage to enemies in its path.
*Why? For a consistent flight path unaffected by lock-on targeting, use the new charged throw. Great for hallways!
*Teleporting will no longer cancel Fire Walker.
*HUD now shows a custom counter, indicating how much damage absorption is left, instead of a simple numeric percentage
*Warding Halo now only blocks 90% of damage taken. Will still block status effects and other procs.
*Why? When considering Nezha’s revamped kit, he is excellent at mitigating enemy damage 
*Firewalker and Divine Spears offer great area/crowd control, Blazing Chakram offers healing and self-sustain, and his outstanding movement can make the player a hard target to hit. In this context, Warding Halo’s 100% damage resistance was completely overshadowing his other options 
*why heal or CC when I never take any damage?
*With 90% damage resistance, Nezha is still very capable of tanking, but encouraged to rely on his other tools to avoid getting overwhelmed. Taking minimal health damage allows for synergy with Blazing Chakram’s health orbs, not to mention new modding avenues like Equilibrium, Health Conversion and various Arcanes. The change also allows us to improve survivability in other ways, such as the increased health pool, and major Warding Halo quality-of-life buffs listed below.
*Damage absorption invulnerability phase now begins as soon as you cast the ability. Cast animation also sped up.
*Increased incoming damage multiplier during invulnerability. Damage absorption multiplier also now scales with power strength.
*When the health of the Warding Halo runs out, it will do an AoE heat status effect and give you a short period of invulnerability.
*Why? This gives the player precious time to react, helping survivability while controlling the enemies immediately around you. Your next Warding Halo can be recast during this window to ensure you’re always protected!
*(Brief aside: as a Nezha main, I was originally skeptical of the 90% damage resistance change, and I suspect many readers will be skeptical too. However, playing the rework myself quickly changed my mind. The various buffs really outweigh the negatives, making Nezha much more capable in a supporting crowd-controller role. If you doubt just how potent 90% damage resistance can be, try out Gara’s Splinter Storm at 130% or more power strength!)
*Sped up the casting/slamming animations, while removing the mandatory slam at the end of the Spears’ duration. (slam can still be triggered manually)
*Hitting a speared enemy with Blazing Chakram produces a second Chakram, which fires at a nearby enemy.
*On top of all that, Nezha’s sounds have been remastered, adding new auditory cues for important moments, like Blazing Chakrams returning to the player, or Warding Halos running out of health!
*Slight improvements to Blazing Chakram’s enemy tracking.
*Players will receive a HUD icon indicating the Health of a Safeguard Halo they received from Nezha.
*Fixed Revenant’s Reave using the wrong value (Health) for Shield gain.
*Fixed inability to damage Revenant’s Enthralled enemies with the Arca Plasmor.
*Fixed Revenant’s Enthralled enemies still attempting to hack terminals during Interception missions. 
*Fixed Gara’s Mass Vitrify blocking Revenant’s Danse Macabre lasers.
*Fixed Revenant’s Danse Macabre and Strangledome names being in ALL CAPS.
*Fixed a progression stopper in the Sands of Inaros quest as a result of the first phase of the boss fight being skipped and Inaros becoming invulnerable. Also fixed the Tomb Protector in Sands of Inaros attacking while invisible and having floating weapons instead of being entombed while you fight the Golems.
*Potential fix for crashes when transitioning between Cetus and the Plains of Eidolon.
*Fixed a crash that could occur if two people managed to tether themselves together (Nyx Chaos or Radiation Status Effect on two Grineer Scorpions, two M-W.A.M. Brokers in the Index, etc).
*Fixes towards crashes caused by input repeating from held-down buttons (Spearfishing wheel, etc).
*Fixed inability to equip Sinister Reach on the Phantasma.
*Fixed ability to trigger Exodia Arcanes on Exalted Melee weapons. Exodia Arcanes still apply to Zaws, just not in Exalted Melee (Excalibur, Valkyr, etc) form.
*Fixed being able to spawn more enemies/crash the game by spamming the 'Simulate' button in the Simulacrum.
*Fixed ability to spawn an infinite amount of Corrupted Heavy Gunner Specters instead of the new Corrupted Heavy Gunner replacing the old one.
*Fixed Transferring to Operator in a Void Fissure mission overwriting squadmates' Reactant counter UI.
*Fixed the Anspatha Brace recharge rate not showing up in the Operator Arsenal stats.
*Fixed issue where when Donating Decorations/Resources, it would also donate 1 Credit to Vault as well.
*Fixed John Prodman spawning but is nowhere to be found in The Index.
*Fixed Clients scanning their last Frame Fighter Fragment, getting the poster locally, but then losing it after a Host migration.
*If you are in the affected pool please message http://support.warframe.com/ to get your Frame Fighter poster!
*Fixed inability to see how many Stars are in your Ayatan Sculptures when trading them to another player. 
*Fixed accessing the Menu within the Ayatan Treasures screen resulting in the Menu being displaying in the background.
*Fixed being able to use purchasable UI Themes that you did not purchase.
*Fixed Warframe Ability banner showing when playing with controller even with the ‘Show Ability Banner On Cast’ setting is disabled.
*Fixed the Zylok’s "low clip" sound from being audible everywhere.
*Fixed voice sounds for Rana Del (Index).
*Fixed Squad info panel displaying filepaths when accepting a Bounty.
*Fixed blank characters in Set Mod descriptions. 
*Fixed broken code in text when Consigning a pet in Spanish.
*Fixed Riven Challenge descriptions containing incorrect icons.
*Fixed a script error when using Octavia’s Conductor Augment.
*Fixed edge case script error that could occur if you received a game invite while loading into a mission.
*Fixed script error in when joining a Dojo Duel if the Duel had been cancelled while the join was in-progress.
*Fixed a crash when casting Rhino’s Roar ability.
*Fixed a crash when casting and teleporting with Nezha’s Blazing Chakram ability.
*Fixed a crash when casting Nezha’s Warding Halo ability.
*Fixed a crash when loading into certain levels.
*Fixed a crash when hijacking a Dargyn.
*Fixed a possible crash when your Sentinel died.
*Fixed a script error when trying to join a squad that had already disbanded.
*Fixed Clients Transferring to Operator and back resulting in Revenant’s Mesmer Skin charge indicator being removed on the ability UI.
*Fixed another crash from casting Nezha’s Warding Halo ability.
*Fixed a crash when casting Nezha’s Divine Spears ability.
*Fixed Revenant Reave being capable of flying.
	type: Update
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Mask of the Revenant: Hotfix 23.7.1
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1006342-mask-of-the-revenant-hotfix-2371/
	date: 2018-09-06T20:46:57Z
	changes: Mask Of The Revenant: Hotfix 23.7.1:
Tweaked player name size in the squad info dropdown to allow more characters to fit on one line instead of breaking.
Improved squad info dropdown to better fit long Warframe names (Trinity Prime, etc) and long Aura names (Corrosive Projection, etc). 
Tweaked Mastery Icon shadow in dropdown panel to increase visibility in certain UI themes.
Dojo Decoration/Resource donating screen now displays the max number of items you can donate at a time.

*Fixed Wukong’s Enveloping Cloud Augment Duration scaling off of Modded Power Range instead of Duration.
*Fixed Extractor’s missing their Health UI.  
*Fixed pressing Y while in Navigation resulting in your cursor ghosting to the Matchmaking dropdown. 
*Fixed swapped controller icons for the bumper/trigger buttons.
*Fixed a script error when pressing Y or X on a controller on certain screens.
*Fixed a script error when using Octavia’s Conductor Augment. 
*Fixed a script error when joining a squad.
	type: Hotfix
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Mask of the Revenant: Update 23.7.0
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1006276-mask-of-the-revenant-update-2370/
	date: 2018-09-06T17:30:18Z
	additions: A Search bar has been added to the Friends and Clan screen!
Added a new timer animation to the Mission Voting UI.

	changes: Mask Of The Revenant: Update 23.7.0:

Please note: The stats shown are for Augment Mods at Max Rank.
Input message boxes have received a new stylized look that matches your chosen UI theme! 
You can now Donate MULTIPLE Resources and Decorations to your Clan Vault (Alliance remains Credits only)! An input message box will appear requesting that you enter the word ‘DONATE’ to confirm your donation.
Be warned that you cannot retrieve these back to your Inventory once Donated.
When Consigning a Pet to the Lotus, an input message box will appear requesting that you enter the name of the Pet you’re consigning to confirm. This extra step ensures you’re absolute confirmation on sending the desired Pet on a permanent vacation.
Removed Grineer Commanders from Simaris’ possible daily Synthesis Targets as it never functioned properly. 
Made some micro-optimizations to host performance in the replication system.
Made some micro-optimizations to the level zoning and visibility system.
Made some micro-optimizations to particle system recycling and initialization.
Made some micro-optimizations in the dynamic music system.
Made some micro-optimizations to ragdoll setup.
Returned the controller functionality of pressing (Y) to open the Matchmaking dropdown menu.
Focus Conversion now uses chosen themed UI for Eidolon Shard selection.
Changed Inventory sell list to show total sell price for each row, instead of price for just one item, even when multiple were selected.
The pause menu UI now automatically displays the first 3 loadout items (Warframe, Aura, etc). Aura has also been moved to always be the second line under your Warframe.
We’re aware and working on improved line breaking for longer text Auras like Corrosive Projection, etc.

*Fixed a loss of functionality for Clients after completing The Pyrus Project and receiving the Project completion Inbox message. 
*Fixed a soft lock when manually skipping the ‘Riven Capacity Reached’ message.
*Fixed breaking Gara’s Mass Vitrify by standing on an incline not always increasing your Splinter Storm timer/damage (when both active). 
*Fixed Melee weapon not appearing in Chroma’s hands after casting Vex Armor.
*Fixed the Host not receiving confirmation that they have invited someone into a Captura session. 
*Fixed Clients having the voting UI stuck on their screen upon entering the Plains if they entered Cetus first.
*Fixed some UI menus (Market, Foundry, etc) not displaying your Mastery Rank.
*Fixed the Mute and Unmute buttons not updating player's current mute state when enabling/disabling them.
*Fixed misaligned button callouts when launching a mission with a controller.
*Fixed wide aspect ratios having lost usable space under the new UI Inventory screen.
*Fixed common crash that was being submitted to us on game-shutdown.
*Revenant changes/fixes are still in the works 
*stay tuned!
	type: Update
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Mask of the Revenant: Hotfix 23.6.2
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1004345-mask-of-the-revenant-hotfix-2362/
	date: 2018-08-31T20:29:23Z
*Fixed excessive flickering on surfaces while flying in Archwing through the Plains. 
*Fixed Man of Few Words showing a replay button in the quest screen before being completing for the first time. 
*Fixed Prod Crewman lunge attack dealing no damage.
*Fixed Fragment audio in the Codex not working properly.
*Fixed Mag’s Crush FX and animation timing. 
*Fixed Mag Prime’s mesh not using her accent color. 
*Fixed issues with Umbra going invisible after transferring back to him from Operator mode. 
*Fixed issue with Operator appearing invisible in The Sacrifice’s final cinematic if you have not yet visited The Quills.
*Fixed issue with context action allowing more than intended Pyrus Essence. 
*Fixed Pyrus Essence not dropping from Nox enemies when they are marked as Essence Carriers. 
*Fixed the Jordas Golem being marked as an Essence Carrier.
*Missed notes from last night's Hotfix for Zylok changes that were intended for its release with 23.6.0:
*Increased Puncture damage to 16.8 
*Increased Slash damage to 78.4
*Increased Impact damage to 44.8
*Decreased Fire Rate and increased recoil to compensate for additional damage
*Fixed Trigger Type in Arsenal being incorrectly listed as “Semi” instead of “Duplex” 
*Zylok has been re-enabled in Conclave now that it has received PvP treatment. 
*Fixed issue with the Zylok that could unload the entire clip at once.
	type: Hotfix
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Mask of the Revenant: Hotfix 23.6.1
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1003947-mask-of-the-revenant-hotfix-2361/
	date: 2018-08-30T23:04:15Z
	changes: Additions:
Added common resource beam FX to the Trembera Essence pickup.

*Fixed mission nodes being unlocked and playable on unlocked but incomplete planets as per:
*Fixed special NPCs making an appearance in the new Strata Relay appearing invisible. You may now actually see the source of the voices you've been hearing after you unlock the Relay in The Pyrus Project.
*Fixed players skipping the contribution phase of the Pyrus Project (and missing out on some surprise stuff as a result) by preventing players from joining in the final mission via the friends list.
*Fixed missing textures on bushes in new Strata Relay.
*Potential fix for crash on host migration in Onslaught. 
*Fixed some LOC for Strata Relay.
*Fixed being unable to start the Revenant miniquest immediately after reaching Rank 2 with the Quills without leaving Cetus and returning. 
*Fixed player who used the Shrine context action not receiving Fragment while in a squad. 
*Fixed Fragment context action remaining visible after being used.
*Temporarily removed Zylok Pistol from Conclave Arsenal so that it may receive the proper PvP treatment.
	type: Hotfix
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Mask of the Revenant: Update 23.6.0
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1003787-mask-of-the-revenant-update-2360/
	date: 2018-08-30T16:04:42Z
*Live now on PC until September 13 @ 12:30 PM ET!
*Almost four years ago, Vay Hek launched an unprecedented attack on our Relays. We defeated his Fomorians, but not before three of our Relays were destroyed.
*Now it's time to rebuild.
*Cressa Tal and Steel Meridian are marshaling the reconstruction efforts. Tal is in dire need of valuable resources to rebuild the Strata Relay on Earth. Find them, deliver them, and she will reward you for your efforts. Be warned: Sargas Ruk and the Grineer will not make things easy for you, Tenno. Show them that we will not be intimidated.
*Read our Guide to The Pyrus Project and more here:
*Revenant Fixes & Changes:
*Phantasma alt-fire will now seek targets in all directions, instead of behind the projectile. 
*Tweaked Deth Machine Rifle sounds to handle high fire-rates better.
*Made numerous micro-optimizations to runtime object creation, level-loading and NPC path-finding.
*Fixed Pause in Solo not working. 
*Fixed Splinter Storm not renewing if Mass Vitrify ends just as it touches them. 
*Fixed rare cases where Capture Targets would die instead of being incapacitated by a blast from a high-multi-shot weapon (usually a shotgun).
*Fixed a Capture Target that could not be captured in the Plains. 
*Fixed Kasha armor not using Energy colors. 
*Fixed lighting in Natah quest diorama. 
*Fixed navigating the cursor over the search field in the Market blocking other inputs.  
*Fixed Golden Maw appearing blurry after it dies. 
*Fixed Golden Maw not staying burrowed if you’re holding/toggle Sprint. 
*Fixed diorama for nunchaku weapons using improper animations. 
*Fixed Ordis' glass material used in Octavia's Anthem boss battle.
*Fixed excessive bloom on the tubes in Orokin Engine Room.
*Fixed a bug that let you get outside the level during The War Within. 
*Fixed some LOC typoos.
	type: Update
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Mask of the Revenant: Update 23.5.0
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1001509-mask-of-the-revenant-update-2350/
	date: 2018-08-24T21:39:09Z
	additions: Show your allegiance to the mighty Clem with the new Grineer Themed UI
Added a watermark logo to vendor screens (Baro, Master Teasonai, etc).
Slightly tweaked the loading spinner to increase visibility on certain backgrounds.

	changes: Edit: 6:25pm Est:

* To invoke a more Sentient theme with Revenant, the last detail to change since past Devstream presentations is his Danse Macabre Damage. Sentients in the wild can often adapt to your attacks...so the damage output of the Danse Macabre now can adapt to certain enemy defenses!
3 special adaptations exist for the damage types of Danse Macabre:
Striking Armor will adapt Danse Macabre into Corrosive Damage.
Striking Shields will adapt Danse Macabre into Magnetic Damage.
Striking Infested Flesh will adapt Danse Macabre into Gas Damage.
This will be at a base 20% Status Chance, amplified by holding the default Left-Mouse Button.

Movement is now disabled while crouching.
Switched Equinox's Metamorphosis FX to match the ability outside of Frame Fighter.
Equinox’s Night Form now gives damage reduction and Day Form now gives a Damage buff.
Fixed inability to invite another player to Frame Fighter due to the session being full when choosing Frame Fighter and then backing out.
Fixed aborting from Frame Fighter counting as a ‘Mission Failed/Quit’.
Fixed Excalibur Umbra’s Radial Howl not working as intended. Radial Howl now removes the opponents jump and deals damage.
 Removed the open chat inputs. You can still open the chat while waiting for an opponent or with the pause menu open like in normal missions
Fixed pause menu freezing your Warframe. 
You can now move, jump, and crouch using the D-Pad.
Fixed Chroma's special being interrupted by grab.
Chroma’s energy color no longer affects the damage.
Fixed Nyx's special dealing more damage when shot up close to the enemy
Added Revenant fragments the Origin System. 
Fixed EoM showing after leaving Frame Fighter
Reduced memory footprint by over 2MB.
Made numerous micro-optimizations to CPU performance.
Hardened against crashes caused by corrupt shader data.
Updated text across a wide range of text for better consistency, syntax, terminology, and grammar.

*Fixed ability to purchase Starter UI Themes that are intended to be free.
*For those who purchased, we have reimbursed the Platinum.
*Fixed a crash when firing the Phahd Scaffold Alt Fire.
*Fixed lingering FX from the Phahd Scaffold Alt Fire.
*Fixed missing ‘Hit Indicators’ for Operator Amps.
*Fixed unscannable Kuria in the Grineer Sealab tileset by placing it in a different location.
*Fixed an issue where default Loadouts would save localized text in the database, which could include illegal characters. Players with such a loadout would find the name displaying incorrectly when playing in other languages.
*Fixed projectiles that have trail FX sometimes stretching wildly when they kill an enemy.
*Fixed missing Arrow Dojo Obstacle Course Decoration. 
*Fixed sometimes getting unintended colors on Venari  when using the Randomize feature.
*Fixed Hok facing in the wrong direction when viewing the Zaw creation screen.
*Fixed wonky FX when casting Mirage’s Eclipse on certain Armor Attachments.
*Fixed some Ice Dojo Decorations having collision when ‘under construction’. 
*Fixed offsets for several TennoGen Syandanas on Banshee Prime.
*Fixed Ki'Teer Sekhara so it appears properly when equipped. 
*Fixed clients not being able to hear pitch changes on remote player weapons.
*Fixed sound spam when auto installing mods.
*Fixed Luciferin Gogalla Plant causing camera to go into your Warframe. 
*Fixed ejecting from a Dargyn while in flight causing it to float in the air instead of landing. 
*Fixed Nav and Menu options taking you to unfinished rooms in your Dojo. 
*Fixed returning to an unfinished Observatory when you launch a mission from a finished one. 
*Fixed enemy spawn exploit in Mobile Defense.
*Fixed a crash that could occur while loading into a mission. 
*Fixed the Prisma Twin Gremlins not being tradeable. 
*Fixed Prisma Twin Gremlins having incorrect damage in Conclave.
	type: Update
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: The Sacrifice: Hotfix 23.4.2
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/998594-the-sacrifice-hotfix-2342/
	date: 2018-08-17T20:08:27Z
	changes: The Sacrifice: Hotfix 23.4.2:
Fixed the Phahd Scaffold projectiles not passing through Volt’s Electric Shield.
Fixed the projectile only bouncing 3 times for the Host and 20 for Clients by adjusting to 10 max bounces for both Hosts and Clients.
Fixed receiving an unintended boost to Damage, Crit Chance, Crit Damage and Status Chance. Adjusted to its intended (Gilded) stats of:
3000 Damage on Impact
5 meter 3100 radial Damage with no fall off on detonation/last bounce
Knock Down added to radial Damage
12% Status Chance
34% Critical Chance
2.6x Critical Damage
As previously stated in 23.4.1, we have changed the Spawn chances of Cephalon Fragments if you don't have your Personal Quarters unlocked, to a 100% chance of a Cephalon Fragment spawning, instead of 50/50.
The Frame Fighter Warframe select screen now displays all Warframes, with the unscanned ones locked and with the addition of hints on which planet you can find the Fragments on. 
Excalibur Umbra no longer requires a Fragment Scan to unlock for Frame Fighter. He will be available upon completing The Sacrifice quest.
Improvements towards the Ki’Teer Sekhara being placed at your feet when equipping it.
Still working on other wonky issues with placement.

*More fixes towards numerous issues (crashes, game didn’t start, etc) when attempting to play Frame Fighter due to the 2-player restriction being surpassed. 
*Fixed sometimes not being able to Gild your Mote Amp.
*Fixed Inner Gaze (Madurai) appling an added bonus and not a percentage bonus like it details in the description.
*Fixed the Dax Nikana Skin not properly applying the chosen Energy color.
*Fixed inability to select Maple Trees to contribute/delete/move once placed in the Dojo.
*Fixed wrong icon being used on the Frame Fighter Poster.
*Fixed volume being too low on Shield and Health bullet impacts.
	type: Hotfix
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: The Sacrifice: Hotfix 23.4.1
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/998190-the-sacrifice-hotfix-2341/
	date: 2018-08-16T23:40:47Z
	changes: The Sacrifice: Hotfix 23.4.1:

*Fixed numerous issues (crashes, game didn’t start, etc) when attempting to play Frame Fighter due to the 2-player restriction being surpassed. 
*Fixed crashes in various Mastery Rank tests.
	type: Hotfix
	description: Before Update 23.4.0, there was a 50/50 chance of either a Somachord Fragment OR a Cephalon Fragment spawning if you already had your Personal Quarters unlocked, if not a Cephalon Fragment was guaranteed. With Update 23.4.0 and the addition of Frame Fighter Fragments, there is now a chance that all 3 Fragments can spawn, but the initial chance was lowered. With that said, we will be fixing this so that if you don't have your Personal Quarters unlocked, there is a 100% chance of a Cephalon Fragment spawning as before.
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: The Sacrifice: Update 23.4.0
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/998116-the-sacrifice-update-2340/
	date: 2018-08-16T21:06:52Z
	additions: Added a HUD Damage indicator for Gara’s Splinter Storm ability.
Added a directional arrow Decoration for the Dojo Obstacle Course Architect!

	changes: The Sacrifice: Update 23.4.0:
Inspired by classic fighting games and long-time Warframe Fan LocoCrazy_, this arcade fighter  will transform your Orbiter into a battleground! No quarters required!
Visit Simaris and acquire the Ludoplex -
a new home for all of Warframe’s minigames -
through Standing. Choose from Excalibur, Volt and Mag, each with their unique Ability. Unlock additional Frame Fighter Warframes by discovering Fragments throughout the Solar Chart. If the scanned Warframe’s Prime is in your Inventory, you can toggle to the Prime version of the acquired character 
custom Fashion Frame applied as well!
Additionally, blast enemies in the side-scrolling ‘Wyrmius’ minigame, and flap your way through obstacles with the ‘Happy Zephyr’ minigame, both available through Simaris.

Asteroid Rock Wall
Waterfall (Gentle) 
Ice Stalactite
Spinklat Plant
And so much more!
Mote Amp:
Converted to reflect the Beam behavior changes introduced earlier in the year
Damage increased slightly as part of the conversion
Added +10 meter Range when Gilded
Raplak Prism:
Damage increased from 1000 to 3000
Critical Chance increased from 30 to 38%
Critical Damage increased from 2.2 to 2.6x
Fire Rate decreased from 5.42 to 2
Granmu Prism:
Radial Damage increased from 1000 to 1400
Radial size increased from 3 meters to 3.5 meters
Direct Impact Damage decreased from 1200 to 1000
Pencha Scaffold:
Added a 2 meter Punch Through
Klebrik Scaffold:
Converted to reflect the Beam behavior changes introduced earlier in the year
Damage increased slightly as part of the conversion
Optimized the Chesa Retrieve Precept to reduce significant frame-rate micro-stutters.
Made some micro-optimizations to the Helminth Charger Proboscis Precept.
Made some micro-optimizations to the Helminth Charger Trample and Huras Hunt Precepts.
Made some micro-optimizations to the Sahasa Kubrow Dig Precept.
A select sound will play when using middle click selection in the Inventory screen.
Reduced the damage of Vauban's Tesla in Conclave.

*Fixed presence and matchmaking problems that could occur in some cases if you relogged promptly after a crash or network outage.
*Fixed cases of enemies not spawning after destroying an Antiserum Injector console in an Infested Salvage mission.
*Fixed a scenario where Clients were unable to return to the Liset with their squad.
*Fixed the Opticor occasionally damaging a single enemy multiple times.
*Fixed Kuva Siphons disappearing when you get in close proximity.
*Fixed dead enemy corpses sometimes appearing as giant black squares.
*Fixed some enemies walking slower than intended.
*Fixed numerous Syandanas appearing to float or twist when equipped.
*Fixed certain Warframe Energy color customizing not reflecting change very well in the Arsenal.
*Fixed sometimes getting an incorrect Lotus transmissions when playing a Kuva Siphon mission.
*Fixed Grineer textures popping out of view in cinematics.
*Fixed Grineer Dropships not having their escape FX.
*Fixed numerous broken lighting textures in the Infested Corpus Ship tileset. 
*Fixed the Wyrmius start screen having visible edges due to menu scaling and appearing stretched because of the aspect ratio.
	type: Update
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: The Sacrifice: Hotfix 23.3.2
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/996876-the-sacrifice-hotfix-2332/
	date: 2018-08-13T15:10:29Z
	changes: The Sacrifice: Hotfix 23.3.2:
Increased the scale of Vauban’s Mortier Heavy Blade Skin!

*Fixed seeing double Operators in the final cinematic of The Sacrifice.
*Fixed the Mortier Heavy Blade Skin sometimes appearing distorted in the Arsenal.
*Fixed join-in-progress Clients seeing previously dead enemies standing up.
*Fixed Vomvalysts facing the move direction instead of target during combat.
*Fixed using the Helminth chair not aligning the camera at the start of the animation. 
*Fixed Vauban’s Citadel Skin Channeling FX covering his whole body.
*Fixed Mirage's Eclipse ability causing some Syandanas (eg. Repala, Vasa, etc.) to change colour to match her Warframe Energy.
*Fixed a blocky volumetric light during a cinematic in The Sacrifice quest.
*Fixed Nekros’ Shadow of the Dead Infested Brood Mothers producing looping/stacking maggot sound effects.
	type: Hotfix
	description: We’re working on a script to give the intended 7 Day Resource, Drop Chance, Affinity, and Credit Booster to those who purchased the Shock Absorber Pinnacle Pack on Steam. We apologize for the mix up and hope you enjoy your additional Boosters! We will update this thread when the script is complete.
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: The Sacrifice: Hotfix 23.3.1
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/995277-the-sacrifice-hotfix-2331/
	date: 2018-08-09T20:52:48Z
	changes: The Sacrifice: Hotfix 23.3.1:

	type: Hotfix
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: The Sacrifice: Update 23.3.0 +
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/995084-the-sacrifice-update-2330-23301/
	date: 2018-08-09T15:46:06Z
	changes: The Sacrifice: Update 23.3.0:

Vauban's Passive has changed! Vauban's new passive: "Deal 25% extra damage to incapacitated enemies". 
Whether by Vauban's own CC'ing abilities, or the abilities of others, Vauban can amplify his damage against the incapacitated! 
Tesla is now ‘held to charge’ for increased Damage & Status Chance.
Increased the particle FX size for a fully charged Tesla.
Repelling Bastille Augment now pushes additional enemies outwards every 4s. 
Fixed some particles on the projectile not using Energy colors for Clients.
Empty Inventory Slots now appear with an ‘Empty Slot’ UI text for better recognition.
Increased the gain on the ‘Your Creator’ Somachord tune.

*Fixed players not receiving their Steam Pinnacle Pack goods as reported here: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/994864-anyone-here-bought-the-new-pinnacle-pack-but-didnt-receive-anything-in-game/?tab=comments#comment-10050505
*Fixed inability to open the pause menu after viewing certain cinematic scenes during The Sacrifice quest.
*Fixed Drop Ships in the Plains sometimes carrying the Sabotage Beacon.
*Fixed Clients not getting credit for completing Jordas Golem Assassinate and Mutalist Alad V Assassinate missions.
*Fixed a large hitch each time you click Randomize under the loadout button in the Arsenal.
*Fixed not being able to donate the Mote Amp if you have multiple.
*Fixed Itzal Fighter Escort drones pausing if you get too far away from them.
*Fixed "Falcon" Operator voice missing dialog during first mission in The Sacrifice quest
*Fixed Kraken sounds not being muffled correctly during stealth effects.
*Fixed Drop Ships not playing incoming sound.
*Fixed Warframes playing the currently equipped Focus school idle animation instead of their standard Warframe idle animation when loading into the Plains.
*Fixed a script error when entering Operator Void Mode.
*Fixed a script error when casting Rhino’s Rhino Stomp ability.
*Fixed a script error when casting Ivara’s Prowl ability.
*Fixed Vauban Prime missing his new Passive description.
*Fixed FOR REAL players not receiving their Steam Pinnacle Pack goods as reported here: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/994864-anyone-here-bought-the-new-pinnacle-pack-but-didnt-receive-anything-in-game/?tab=comments#comment-10050505
	type: Update
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: The Sacrifice: Hotfix 23.2.1
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/992319-the-sacrifice-hotfix-2321/
	date: 2018-08-03T15:18:14Z
	changes: The Sacrifice: Hotfix 23.2.1:

	type: Hotfix
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: The Sacrifice: Update 23.2.0
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/991847-the-sacrifice-update-2320/
	date: 2018-08-02T15:02:26Z
Keep an eye out for our TennoCon 2018 Legendary and Make-A-Wish custom Glyphs that will be sported by their respective Tenno!
Primed Quickdraw is now Tradeable. 
We’re aware and investigating why it does not show up in the Codex when owned.
Updated the ‘High Contrast UI Theme’ based on feedback in an effort to better aid colourblind Tenno as seen here: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/967241-pc-update-23-visual-accessibility-ui-themes-and-general-ui-feedback-megathread/?page=14&tab=comments#comment-10021100
Pressing ‘Enter’ when typing in the Chat window with a game invite open will now prioritize the Chat window over the game invite. This also applies when viewing the Market while typing in Chat.
Weapons displayed on Hok’s Entitlement screen now show more information (Mastery Rank, Forma count, etc) to better reflect which weapon in your Inventory you’re Entitling. 
Personal Platinum and Credit values now appear in the Arsenal UI when in Cetus or a Relay.

*Fixed inability to place Komi stones in The Sacrifice quest if Jump and Move Up/Afterburner are bound to a different button when using a controller.
*Fixed missing quick button for Invite (RT) at the bottom right of the Navigation screen when using a controller.
*Fixed certain Chat options being off screen if Chat is moved to the far right (Emoji list, etc) when using a controller.
*Fixed selecting to view a Profile and then immediately backing out resulting in some UI elements disabling when using a controller. 
*Fixed opening the Lens selection window in Archwing mode resulting in your Archwing weapon appearing to pierce through the UI when using a controller. 
*Fixed the D-Pad not lining up correctly after changing Menu Scale when using a controller.
*Fixed having to move the virtual cursor on the purchase button to make a purchase on certain Market Bundles, instead of being able to press A anywhere when using a controller.
*Fixed shared Affinity not properly spreading between all equipment, specifically when an Exalted weapon is active.
*Fixed abilities being permanently blocked (until death) in Sanctuary Onslaught if you enter a portal as Operator but Transfer back to Warframe right before the fade/teleport starts.
*Fixed Fishing breaking when switching Spears if you have no Bait or Dye.
*Fixed numerous missing Whip (Mios, Lacera, etc) animations as reported here: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/989160-weapon-blade-and-whip-weapons-are-currently-broken-reduced-range-on-the-whip-sections-known/
*Fixed equipping Vicious Frost on the Orvius reducing the Cold Damage instead of increasing. 
*Fixed Mod sets (Umbral, etc) not updating all values when equipping/unequipping Mods.
*Fixed sometimes spawning in a mystical grey box room that you totally weren't meant to see during some certain missions in The Sacrifice quest.
*Fixed Umbra sometimes falling out of the level due to not teleporting to safety when using Transference.
*Fixed Nyx Mind Controlled Shield Ospreys spawned from Corpus Tech and Attack Drones spawned from Fusion Moas not being friendly.
*Fixed numerous situations (casting Harrow’s Thurible, casting Mesa’s Peacemaker, etc) deactivating ‘Toggle Sprint’. 
*Fixed sometimes becoming disarmed of all weapons in the Simulacrum.
*Fixed the Tether Grenades Mod distorting the look of grenades. 
*Fixed inability to colour some lines on the Spektaka Liset Skin. 
*Fixed Old Man Suumbaat Decorations appearing too close in the Market diorama.
*Fixed Warframe Helmet selection UI indicating you do not own the Warframe they are for when trading it in Maroo’s Bazaar. 
*Fixed inability to select/move Dojo Decorations that are perfectly embedded in the floor as reported here: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/986584-overlapping-dojo-decorations-with-the-floor/?tab=comments#comment-9994263.
*Fixed selecting Equip/Upgrade/Appearance on a claw weapon with the Deimos Claw Skin equipped resulting in the weapon oddly rotating.
*Fixed Rhino’s Roar FX appearing on Nidus Phryke’s invisible armor (no stacks).
*Fixed the Nossos Syandana being offset on Hydroid.
*Fixed the Little Helper Hat not sitting correctly when equipped on the Helminth Charger Metus Kubrow Skin. 
*Fixed the Metus Kubrow Armor clipping on Kubrow butts.
*Fixed Kavats spawning inside the railing and twitching when loading into the Corpus Ship Freight Captura Scene.
*Fixed the Ki’Teer Sekhara appearing dim and scaling incorrectly when in Archwing as reported here: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/958044-day-70-kiteer-sekhara-is-still-bugged-since-u22201u22202/
*Fixed Ordis saying idle VO lines during Vor's Prize.
*Fixed viewing the Penta in the marketplace (specifically the Penta Shock-Camo Skin) resulting in the ammo in the gun taking a second to load upon viewing it everytime.
*Fixed inability to rotate Dioramas while in the Arsenal.
*Fixed Platinum prices appearing when hovering over a Dojo Decoration in the ‘Place Decorations Menu’.
*Fixed some parts of Icarius Syandana disappearing if observed at certain angle.
*Fixed zooming in on an Operator Focus tree too quickly resulting in one of the Focus tree schools will be missing. 
*Fixed choosing to skip the Relay fly-in cinematic resulting in your Landing Craft not docking correctly. 
*Fixed door materials clipping in the Corpus Outpost tileset.
*Fixed wonky door holograms being offset in the Grineer Sealab tileset. 
*Fixed getting stuck in a small pile of debris on the Infested Corpus tileset.
*Fixed missing Lotus VO in sections of Vor’s Prize quest. 
*Fixed some accented letters in Chat appearing as *.
*Fixed a script error when casting Rhino’s Rhino Stomp ability.
	type: Update
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: The Sacrifice: Hotfix 23.1.3
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/988847-the-sacrifice-hotfix-2313/
	date: 2018-07-26T21:04:04Z
	changes: Fixed an issue where the Virtual Cursor would get its position reset on certain screens.

*The Sacrifice: Hotfix 23.1.3
*Embrace the terror within as Nidus Phryke. This new Deluxe Skin is available now on PC along with a new Claw Skin, Syandana and more!
*From the depths of pestilence, a new horror emerges. Become the exalted master of blight with Nidus Phryke. This Deluxe Skin transforms as Nidus gains Mutation stacks.
*Tear through the still-beating heart of your foes. Bestow this eye-opening Skin to any Claw Weapon.
*The signature Syandana of Nidus Phryke.
*Nidus Phryke’s loyal beast.* This works on all Kubrow breeds!
*Adorn any Kubrow or Helminth Charger Pet with a battery of gothic spikes.
*Everything you need to become the ultimate terror. Includes the unholy Nidus Phryke Skin, Deimos Claw Skin, Nosos Syandana, Helminth Charger Metus Skin and Metus Kubrow Armor.
	type: Hotfix
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: The Sacrifice: Prime Vault Hotfix 23.1.2!
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/987805-the-sacrifice-prime-vault-hotfix-2312/
	date: 2018-07-24T17:56:42Z
	changes: Fixed an issue where the Simulacrum 'kill enemies' command is unavailable on controllers.
Fixed an issue with being unable to use the D-pad on setting sliders. 
Fixed an issue with the virtual cursor being unable to select chat links unless you move the cursor off and on again. 
Fixed being unable to put items on your Wishlist in the Market when playing with a controller.
Fixed being unable to move cursors up to equip landing craft with the D-pad. 
Fixed an issue where you could not purchase an item with the cursor on the purchase button. 
Fixed being unable to select and begin the advanced movement tutorial with a Controller.

Sortie Interception missions now only require 2 rounds instead of 3.
Adjusted the extreme color corrections on the Corpus Outpost. 
Optimized performance of many companion precepts. 
Kavats are now included in the description for DNA Stabilizers in the market.

*Nyx Prime and Rhino Prime are back!
*For the first time ever, the hypnotic Nyx Prime is leaving the Vault! Charging out beside her is Rhino Prime along with other high-demand Vaulted Prime Accessories, Prime Weapons and discounted Platinum.
*Thanks to your feedback, this is also the first time we’re offering separate Prime Accessory Packs!
*1200 Platinum
*Nyx Prime
*Rhino Prime
*Boltor Prime
*Hikou Prime
*Ankyros Prime
*Scindo Prime
*Targis Prime Armor Set
*Noru Syandana Prime
*Vala Sugatra Prime
*Distilling Extractor Prime + Blueprint
*Prime Glyphs
*400 Platinum
*Nyx Prime
*Hikou Prime
*Scindo Prime
*Targis Prime Armor Set
*Vala Sugatra Prime
*Prime Glyphs/Profile Icons
*400 Platinum
*Rhino Prime
*Boltor Prime
*Ankyros Prime
*Distilling Extractor Prime + BP
*Noru Syandana Prime
*Prime Glyphs/Profile Icons
*200 Platinum
*Targis Prime Armor Set
*Vala Sugatra Prime
*200 Platinum
*Noru Syandana Prime
*Distilling Extractor Prime + Blueprint
*Visit www.warframe.com to pick up these Prime Vault Packs before the Vault closes!All Relics can be found in the Void region while the Prime Vault is open!
*Fixed scanning with the Operator not counting toward any progress for Daily Targets or otherwise. 
*Fixed previewing Nakak's masks causing player's hood open/close customization to be forced to closed.
*Fixed issues with layering in the Captura scene selection. 
*Fixed being unable to customize Ivara's Artemis Bow's Arrows. 
*Fixed an issue with the Inventory UI not showing the Argon Crystal decay timer. 
*Fixed an issue where clients reviving before the 'mission complete' end-cinematic can lead to a loss of functionality for the host. 
*Fixed an issue with Glyphs changing their texture scale after reloading. 
*Fixed Operators not being able to use the Synthesis Scanner without a Sol Battery Widget. 
*Fixed The Sacrifice Somachord fragment unlocks being in random order, which could result in fragments not spawning, or spawning when they shouldn't.
*Fixed Spearfishing bait and dyes not floating in ponds or the ocean after a host migration.
*Fixed Umbra losing Armor in Infested Salvage missions when he shouldn't. 
*Fixed level issues in the Sealab tileset. 
*Fixed level issues in the Europa tileset. 
*Fixed an issue where you could soft-lock the game in the Arsenal. 
*Fixed an issue with some TennoGen Round 13 Syandana Offsets. 
*Fixed an issue with the leaderboard not appearing in the custom obstacle course room for clients.
*Fixed an issue with some decoration's rotation cylinder being too large. 
*Fixed the Vala Sugatra Prime having untintable gold, it is now tintable!
*Fixed an issue with the camera getting detached from players when summoning an Archwing in the Plains. 
*Fixed a visual bug with Standing when viewing progress as per: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/876266-syndicate-standings-bug-new-one/
*Fixed Prisma Shade removing cosmetics as per: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/787411-shade-stealth-ability-can-remove-head-or-cosmetics/
*Fixed audio crackling when firing the Baza with Ivara's Prowl ability. 
*Fixed an issue with the Scourge's throw sounds playing when Modding. 
*Fixed an issue with negative crit Rivens leading to increased critical chance as per https://www.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/915ctj/bug_having_a_negative_crit_multiplier_causes_you/
*Fixed an issue where the Stalker could get stuck in walls in certain levels. 
*Fixed an issue where Melee sorting by 'Usage' for Zaws wasn't reflecting profile stats. 
*Fixed an issue where some Eximus enemies appear pitch black.
*Fixed an issue where you may not be able to use fishing gear after the first toss.
*Fixed an issue where some pressure plates do not function in the Void. 
*Fixed multiple issues with flickering objects across multiple levels. 
*Fixed an issue where the ice bubble created by Arctic Eximus does not match the visual effect. 
*Fixed the Celestia Syandana not having energy when previewed. 
*Fixed a visual bug with the Tysis' dangles getting tangled. 
*Fixed multiple issues with improper FX and models in the Codex Dioramas. 
*Fixed the Dual Dagger Should Holster market item not having a proper preview. 
*Fixed being unable to Gift UI themes that you have purchased. 
*Fixed being unable to see your Platinum total in Darvo's Market in the Relay. 
*Fixed an issue with squadmates disappearing in the Simulacrum when accessing the Terminal. 
*Fixed Operator Void Blast not respecting energy colour. 
*Fixed an issue with the Life-Support VFX not disappearing in Survival Missions.
	type: Hotfix
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: The Sacrifice: Hotfix 23.1.1
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/985581-the-sacrifice-hotfix-2311/
	date: 2018-07-19T20:31:38Z
	additions: Added Experimental IPv6 Support to Chat Settings.
Added an ‘open wing’ animation to the Icarius Syandana!

	changes: The Sacrifice: Hotfix 23.1.1:
Moved the new sexy TennoGen to the top of the in-game Market when launching with Steam.
Tweaked the Rhino Graxx Skin to more accurately match the Steam Workshop images.
Removed the Oberon Blade of the Lotus Shoulder Armor being equippable even without purchasing the Skin.
Corrected the Ogun Hammer Skin to the proper rotation on some weapons and overridden with the proper material on Syndicate weapons.
Fixed the Sildarg Syandana cloth materials clipping through it's Syandana sword.
‘Damaged Mods’ are hereby called ‘Flawed Mods’ now. Welcome to a new era. 
Items/resources dropped by Sentient in The Sacrifice quest have been removed. This follows precedent with other Sentient spawning related quests.
Cetus Star Chart node will now always glow blue until the player has completed their first Bounty.
Corrected an issue which caused particle systems to create excessive collision effects.
Removed the lore/Somachord Fragments spawning in the last mission of The Sacrifice quest. As you probably know, the pacing of that last mission doesn’t really warrant a Fragment search!
All Mandachord songs (other than the default song) will now appear in the Somachord, between the unlocked tracks and the locked tracks.
Each song will play for 10 loops = 80 seconds.
Added per-song autoplay toggle to the Somachord.
Right clicking a song will toggle eligibility for autoplay (or right trigger for controllers).
Songs with autoplay disabled can still be played manually, and through the historical prev/next song toggles (going backwards always plays the previously played songs, and going forward after doing that will do the same until a new song is selected).
Mandachord tunes now duck out other music in the Market and Star Chart.

*Fixed navigation logic that can cause the cursor to skip elements in diegetic screens, such as pressing UP while in the Inbox navigating to the squad overlay instead of the above Inbox message.
*Fixed the Search window remaining active after backing out of the Arsenal Equip screen with the DPad.
*Fixed virtual cursor not saving its position when browsing between ‘Browse Wares’ and ‘Today's Special’ for Cetus vendors.
*Fixed virtual cursor warping when the mouse is moved after Alt Tabbing and moving the mouse outside game focus. 
*Fixed inability to select a tab for the first time if the virtual cursor is already on one when first opening a station (Foundry, Mod Station, etc).
*Fixed having a floating Operator after spamming Transference while Operator is in the death animation.
*Fixed max Energy displaying incorrectly when transitioning from Archwing mode as the Client.
*Fixed being able to hold 1 to charge Zephyr’s Tail Wind and cast Airburst before the charge animation starts, causing you to get stuck.
*Fixes towards Eidolon Lures hugging the ground and likely getting stuck at the smallest bumps.
*Fixed UI textures sometimes being blurry when Dynamic Resolution is used.
*Fixed Nakak’s masks reflecting your chosen Operator Energy color. 
*Fixed previewing Nakak's masks defaulting your Operators Somatic colours.
*Fixed Liset doors re-playing the open sound when entering with Operator while Warframe is already standing there.
*Fixed "Recent" tab in the Invite menu always displaying other players on "Menus" even when Offline.
*Fixed camera sometimes clipping through the Arsenal.
*Fixed a script error when casting numerous Warframe abilities.
	type: Hotfix
	description: For those that purchased the Despot Cape Syandana but received the Excalibur Ronin Skin, please make a billing support ticket and they will fix you right up.
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: The Sacrifice: Update 23.1.0: TennoGen Round 13
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/984990-the-sacrifice-update-2310-tennogen-round-13/
	date: 2018-07-18T17:30:11Z
	additions: The Sacrifice is now replayable!  2 new original quest songs have been added to the Somachord from the Sacrifice soundtrack. You can find and scan the Fragments by re-playing the quest! 
These Somachord Fragments must be scanned in mission order from beginning to end in order to collect them all. If you miss one in mission 3 (for example) you can replay the quest and begin your search at mission 3 instead of back at mission 1.

	changes: The Sacrifice: Update 23.1.0: Tennogen Round 13!:

Nova Corpra Skin by Frelling Hazmot
Excalibur Ronin Skin by Rekkou
Loki Kodama Skin by HitsuSan
Nekros Graxx Skin by Faven
Zephyr Strafe Skin by prosetisen

Excalibur Exaltation Skin by Cheshire
Banshee Blade of the Lotus Skin by BeastBuster
Rhino Blade of the Lotus Skin by BeastBuster
Oberon Blade of the Lotus Skin by BeastBuster
Trinity Blade of the Lotus Skin by BeastBuster

Nekros Ion Helmet by Yatus

Icarius Syandana by malayu, Scharkie, and Jadie
Kunshu Syandana by BeastBuster
Seraphim Syandana by led2012 and jaeon009
Shurihoshi Syandana by led2012 and daemonstar
Sildarg Syandana by led2012 and daemonstar
Sydeko Syandana by led2012 and daemonstar

Aphria Polearm Skin by Arsenal
Eisen Sword Skin by Rekkou
Ogun Hammer Skin by Stenchfury

Protege Liset Skin by MaceMadunusus

*Fixed an issue with Clients not seeing Synthesis Target waypoints. 
*Fixed an issue with being unable to mine on the Plains of Eidolon after a Host migration.
*Fixed a crash when reviving underwater or in Archwing.
*Fixed various game crashes and hangs particularly for long-running missions.
*Fixed a case where you could permanently lose the ability to cast Warframe abilities. 
*Fixed an issue with the Sentinel 'Spare Parts' Mod not working.
*Fixed an issue where Clients would not see Djinn's Reawaken icon. 
*Fixed an issue where Ivara's Artemis Bow was not properly consuming energy.
*Fixed the Sentinel 'Medi-Ray' Mod not working with Umbra.
*Fixed Magus Nourish not working with Umbra.
*Fixed an issue with the Juggernaut Behemoth not using all of his moves. 
*Fixed inconsistencies with the state of Lua in the Plains of Eidolon skybox.
*Fixed an issue where attempting to sell a ranked Arcane enhancement through your inventory would fail. 
*Fixed enemies not being visible for Clients if they were in a ragdoll state for the Host.
*Fixed a level issue in the Corpus Ice Planet tileset (Europa). 
*Fixed various navigation issues in the Corpus Ice Planet tileset (Europa).
*Fixed an edge case where Clients could auto-fail Onslaught if they joined in-progress.
*Fixed Energy values being mismatched between Client and Host when switching to and from Archwing. This usually resulted in Clients having a lower Energy amount than they should until they used an ability. Also fixes sometimes continuously attempting and failing to use energy pickups on Client.
*Fixed a possible game freeze that could occur if an ineligible player joins a squad (e.g. someone joins your Sortie session without a rank 30 Warframe).
*Fixed an issue where Nakak's mask dioramas would not show the masks properly. 
*Fixed an audio issue with the Quartakk becoming silent when rapid firing.
	type: Update
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: The Sacrifice: Hotfix 23.0.8
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/980491-the-sacrifice-hotfix-2308/
	date: 2018-07-09T20:05:25Z
	changes: The Sacrifice: Hotfix 23.0.8:
Made minor optimizations to Carrier's Looter precept. 
Made optimizations to Djinn's Fatal Attraction precept.
Fixed a performance issue with multiple Sentinel attack Precepts. 
Optimized the Sacrifice precept.
Optimized Helios's Detect Vulnerability Precept.
Optimized performance of GPU particles in various cases.

*Fixed using Transference while entering a teleport volume resulting in the screen turning fully black/white.
*Fixed Vazarin Protective Dash healing being removed when using Umbra and Transferring back to your Warframe.
*Fixed Transferring from a downed Operator to your Warframe in Submersible Archwing resulting in the camera breaking.
*Fixed using a Warframe with an Exalted Melee weapon (Excalibur, Wukong or Valkyr), certain actions will lead to a weird "in-between" state, where your Exalted Melee Stance incorporates moves from your currently equipped melee weapon. 
*Fixed issues with Fishing hitboxes not always matching their model. 
*Fixed an issue with the Day 950 Login Tribute... but did not fix Login 3.0 but hopefully we can talk more about that later this summer, stay tuned! 
*Fixed Umbra Courtyard Captura Scene lacking help text.
*Fixed issues where Zephyr could get stuck in bad animations. 
*Fixed an issue where trading an MR locked item could lock the screen. 
*Fixed the D-Pad not working on the Daily Tribute screen
*Fixed various crashes and game freezes. 
*Fixed a frequent crash on systems running Sandy Bridge graphics. 
*Fixed various incorrect translations. 
*Fixed an issue with Clients seeing violent shakes in the Jordas Golem boss fight. 
*Fixed an issue with your Operator doing an 'AC Slater' on the chair in the Orbiter. 
*Fixed an issue with the Prisma Skana having incorrect properties.
	type: Hotfix
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: The Sacrifice: Hotfix 23.0.7
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/975538-the-sacrifice-hotfix-2307/
	date: 2018-06-28T20:24:15Z
	changes: Optimized HUD performance slightly for several mission types.
Tweaked unicode filtering for private channels so you can play in English but still chat in Swedish with your Clan!

*Fixed crash that could occur if you died right while Ivara was drawing back an Arrow.
*Fixed crash that could happen when someone affected by Harrow's Warding Thurible Augment died.
*Fixed being cloaked by Ivara’s Empowered Quiver potentially resulting in a status proc by AoE procs.
*Fixed Energy Conversion not increasing the Critical damage increase of Ivara’s Empowered Quiver
*Fixed being able to skip the Granmu Prism cooldown by switching to and from a Scanner.
*Fixed purchasing a Relic Pack from Teshin resulting in the cursor to remain on screen upon closing the Offerings menu.
*Fixed Transferring back to Umbra resulting in falling through the floor sometimes
*Further adjustments to the Umbra Operator Earrings appearing unattached. 
*Improved speed of camera during memory sequences when using a controller.
	type: Hotfix
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: The Sacrifice: Hotfix 23.0.6
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/975040-the-sacrifice-hotfix-2306/
	date: 2018-06-27T17:23:10Z
	changes: The Sacrifice: Hotfix 23.0.6:

Visit the respective Syndicate Offerings for these new Warframe Augments!
Increase Fissure enemy spawn rate for Fissure Sabotage missions.
Adjust offset for the Zaikhya Syandana on Titania to try and reduce clipping with her wings.

*Fixed a case where the Owned checkmark on the UI wouldn't be visible, even if you owned 1+ of the item.
*Fixed the red circle UI in Hive missions not accurately reflecting Hive search area around current Hive.
*Fixed hovering over a Syndicate Sigil does not show the +% gain.
*Fixed pressing Y on controller to use Cinematic Mode in Captura not functioning.
*Fixed controller Chat hotkey (LT) not functioning as the Operator in the Orbiter.
*Fixed the controller button to reset Captura settings to default not functioning.
*Fixed temporal AA jitter being applied on 'post UI' map lines and the like causing severe sub-pixel jitter.
*Fixed Exalted melee Abilities causing Clients to hold their melee and primary/secondary weapons in hand if the Ability is terminated while still pulling the weapon out (e.g. Onslaught Conduits, out of bounds areas, etc).
*Fixed enabling ‘Look at Character’ in Captura while playing through Advanced Camera positions will cause the camera to shake.
*Fixed the Pandero Secondary Fire Codex/Arsenal description saying ‘Charged Shot’ when it is actually a ‘Burst Shot’.
*Fixed Somachord playing music while viewing some intro quest cinematics.
*Fixed Equinox’s cloth appearing as gray patches while in the Star Chart.
*Fixed bad Bow clipping on Warframe Articulas.
*Fixed Warframe Articulas displaying weapons that are meant to be hidden on holster.
*Fixed the Oblivia Prime Syandana sitting too high up on Loki Prime.
*Fixed Fang Prime and Dual Ether having the incorrect Mastery Rank requirement.
*Fixed ability to cast Saryn’s Spore when your Energy is between 1 and 24 in Conclave.
*Fixed The Sacrifice quest progression stopper if you didn’t have a melee weapon equipped in the ‘Pursuing Umbra’ phase.
*Fixed Octavia’s Mallet causing a progression stopping issue in The Sacrifice as reported here:
*Fixed the Dax Portrait not snapping properly to walls like a good portrait should.
*Fixed some of Umbra’s attachments appearing to float away from his body.
*Fixed the Umbra Operator Hooded Scarf not working with Transference FX.
*Fixed the new Umbra Operator Earrings showing the loop hanging below the earlobe instead of through them. 
*Fixed wonky clipping with Sugratras and the Umbra Nikana.
*Fixed not being able to purchase the Excalibur Umbra Glyph.
	type: Hotfix
	description: TennoCon is just over 9 days away, and here we are giving you some trinkets to play with while you patiently wait for what will be the next biggest day in Warframe’s history. Something to note, is that this Hotfix does not include The Sacrifice quest replayability. It will be done, but most likely after TennoCon, as all human hands are working on making the TennoLive dream a reality.
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: The Sacrifice: Hotfix 23.0.5
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/972941-the-sacrifice-hotfix-2305/
	date: 2018-06-22T19:07:35Z
	changes: Improved the Rift Walker Prime Sigil to be more metallic. This is the start of our Art team going through previous Prime Sigils to give them the same metallic treatment by request! 
Updated the Vitruvian Glyph bundle store icon to better display the Glyphs.
Orokin Cells pickups will now appear in the pop-up notification similar to Argon Crystals.

*The Sacrifice: Hotfix 23.0.5ui Improvements & Fixes:
*Controller DPad navigation will always be enabled for Chat when its expanded.
*Fixed the pause Menu not closing when Menu is already open with the controller.
*Fixed a crash when attempting to move the text cursor vertically through a multi-line text box (MOTD for example). 
*Fixed odd multi-line text navigation with up/down arrows for empty lines.
*Making progress on investigating Megan's soul crushing issue of not receiving Relic rewards. So far it is looking like an internal account issue, but we'll update you as more information turns up.
*Fixed new players who picked Excalibur not receiving his Exalted Blade in the Arsenal, making it unModdable. Affected players will now see the intended Exalted Blade Arsenal slot.
*Fixed the Pyrana Prime auto-switching to another weapon when the magazine empties.
*Fixed casting Khora's Strangledome on a large group of enemies resulting in the VFX disappearing shortly after. 
*Fixed the Dax Syandana not being Giftable. 
*Fixed the Dax Syandana clipping through numerous Warframes 
*Titania clipping is known and will be fixed.
*Fixed lights at the top of the Dax Syandana not applying Energy colors.
*Fixed Nekros Prime having a ‘None’ Skin option.
*Fixed the Zarr Towsun Skin not properly apply to the "dangles" on the front of the weapon.
*Fixed inability to Chat link the Towsun Weapon Skins for the Quartakk and Stubba.
*Fixed an issue with the Hystrix not being able to switch fire modes during reload if all bullets are emptied out of the clip. 
*Fixed multi-line text navigation with up/down arrows for empty lines. 
*Fixed a rare crash.
*Fixed a slow memory leak that would lead to a script failure if you left the Navigation console up for 13 hours.
*Fixed Rift Walker Prime Sigil flickering in the Arsenal.
*Fixed the Iliac Syandana not playing nicely with Umbra’s scarf.  
*Toned down eyebrow animations after you return to the Orbiter after the first memory sequence cinematic.
	type: Hotfix
	description: Skana Prime Icon is known and will be fixed.
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: The Sacrifice: Hotfix 23.0.4
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/971991-the-sacrifice-hotfix-2304/
	date: 2018-06-20T20:44:05Z
	changes: The Sacrifice: Hotfix 23.0.4:
This collection includes:
Quartakk Towsun Skin
Stubba Towsun Skin
Maggor Towsun Armor
Maggor Towsun Syandana
Visit the Market to get this scorching-hot Collection for 180 Platinum now!
Each Glyph is available individually for 20 Platinum or as a bundle for 80 Platinum in the Market!
Tweaked the Oblivia Prime Syandana offset to be proportionately equal on numerous Warframes. The Market and Arsenal icons have also been changed for the Oblivia Prime Syandana to properly reflect the adjustments.
Replaced the Bounty Level 40-60 Relic with a Axi O3. This fixes Bounty Level 40-60 Rotation B having the same Lith V5 Relic as Level 10-30.
Optimized Framerate slightly in Defection missions.
Removed unobtainable Plains of Eidolon Lore Fragments in the Codex.
Specters can no longer trigger Operator Virtuos Arcanes.
Removed ability to put Sacrificial Mods on Archwing Melee weapons.
Fixed Umbra triggering Operator Virtuos Arcanes.
Fixed Umbral set bonus not functioning after a Host Migration.  
Fixed receiving Umbra after failing the ‘Confront Umbra’ mission, which resulted in many issues with progressing in the quest.
Fixed obtaining Umbra too early if you change your Arsenal loadout right before equipping him.
Fixed Clients Transferring into Umbra killing their forward momentum.
Fixed floating symbols in Orokin Cipher puzzle being invisible if your Warframe is cloaked.

*Added a toggle for showing ‘Item labels’ on Inventory items in the Interface Options!
*Item Labels Toggled Off (hover for name/info):  
*Item Labels Toggled On:  
*Added a "DEFAULT" sort option in the Syndicate Offerings screen. This sorts the Offerings alongside their partners (Warframe Augments, Syndicate Weapons, Captura Scenes, etc).  
*Increased opacity of Mission Voting UI panel to help readability on certain UI Themes.
*Flipped Blueprint Icons so that Affinity Icon is on the top right.
*‘REUSABLE BLUEPRINT’ label is now displayed on appropriate Recipes.
*Replaced the ‘OWNED’ text on UI Themes with a cleaner checkmark Icon.
*Replaced the tiny ‘1’ Icon in the Syndicate Offerings screen to also be a cleaner checkmark Icon.
*Fixed trading partner’s Arcane Rank Icons not displaying on the trading UI screen.
*Fixed Arsenal UI displaying incorrect Exalted weapon after selecting ‘Randomize’.
*Fixed inability to confirm error prompt when the connection to the Host has been lost.
*Fixed some Syndicate weapon Icons using their original variant as opposed to the Syndicate version.
*Fixed camera being set incorrectly when viewing the Mods screen in the Dojo. 
*Fixed ‘help text’ such as in the Tutorial and Vor's Prize being visible from the back side.
*Fixed a long game hang when pressing the ‘Invite Friend’ button.
*Fixed overlapping UI when selecting a new Captura Scene while in Captura settings.
*Fixed Destreza Prime missing its Icon.
*Removed ability to use the controller DPad in the Arsenal to hover over the current Warframe Abilities since selecting them does nothing.
*Fixed inability to select/equip any Mods until exiting the Upgrade screen upon dismissing the error prompt for Mods also equipped on a Sentinel Weapon.
*Fixed controller DPad not functioning in Controller Bindings option and long binding names are now truncated and display the full name in a tooltip.
*Fixed pressing the Upgrade quick button with the controller can result in a different weapon to be selected on the Upgrade screen.
*Fixed Gear items being skipped over when using the controller DPad to select Gear items in the Arsenal.
*Fixed inability to select the ‘Default Colors’ option when using the controller DPad.
*Fixed having 2 visible cursors on the Advanced Plains Map when using a controller.
*Fixed accessing the Plains Advanced Map with a controller and then switching to Mouse/Keyboard resulting in non-functional buttons on screen.
*Fixed all ‘on damage’ Arcanes not triggering upon taking damage.
*Fixed Artax not functioning with Growing Power.
*Fixed Pyrana Primes ethereal buff being permanent by Transferring to the Operator while the ethereal Pyrana buff runs out.
*Fixed the Lith T2 Relic having 2 Braton Prime Blueprints as a reward (1 common and 1 uncommon). We replaced the common reward with the Valkyr Prime Blueprint.
*Fixed crash when taking an F6 screenshot after returning from Captura and on a loading screen en route to another mission.
*Fixed Mesa Regulator upgrades being applied twice for Clients.
*Fixed a Void Shockplate that was doing no damage or knockdown. 
*Fixed script error when trying to convert Shards when you have no Shards in your Inventory.
*Fixed a typo in an Ordis transmission.
	type: Hotfix
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: The Sacrifice: Hotfix 23.0.3 - Limbo Prime
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/971211-the-sacrifice-hotfix-2303-limbo-prime/
	date: 2018-06-19T17:58:18Z
	changes: The Sacrifice: Hotfix 23.0.3:
Limbo Prime, Destreza Prime, and Pyrana Prime Relics have replaced all locations of Zephyr Prime, Tiberon Prime, and Kronen Prime Relics:
Plains Bounties
Sanctuary Onslaught
Elite Sanctuary Onslaught (Radiant)
Added in the Orokin Derelict Defense mix
Added in the Orokin Derelict Survival mix
And the list goes on! Check out the public PC drop tables here.
*Zephyr Prime, Tiberon Prime, and Kronen Prime Relics are also still out in the wild, just not in exclusive spots like Bounties or Onslaught.
Check out Limbo Prime Access here: https://www.warframe.com/prime-access
If you already wield the power of these Primes or have their Relics in your Inventory, they will remain after the Vaulting.
We have more Umbra/quest fixes queued up for our next Hotfix/Update. Thanks for your patience!
Upon dying, sentience Umbra will now become stand-still instead of forcing Transference. This also fixes returning to Umbra from Operator resulting in death.
Removed Umbra triggering unintended Operator Virtuous Fury. Virtuous Fury only grants a chance at increased damage after inflicting a Status Effect with an Operator Amp, and should not apply to Umbra.
Removed the Prime Passive of Energy pulse on Orokin Void Death Orb applying to Umbra as he is not considered a Prime.
Fixed inability to apply Umbra Agile/Noble Animations to Warframes other than Umbra.
Fixed Operator Magus Nourish not restoring Health over time to Umbra while Transference is active.
Tweaked Umbra’s Radial Howl animation to have a very similar cast time and FX to Excalibur’s Radial Blind.
Tweaked positioning of Orokin Symbols and area markers to help players find the markings closest to the Orokin Cipher first.
Removed 2 second delay between ‘Destroying Vines’ and the door Defense stage starting for better pacing.
Fixed Clients teleporting to Umbra's position instead of the other way around when Transferring back into their Warframe.
Fixed the Spritsail Prime Leg Armor's attachment point embedding into Umbra's leg.
Fixed having a perpetual Helminth Cyst on sentience Umbra.

*Improved visibility of Arcane Rank indication icons due to large white text field on the Trading screen.
*Fixed hovering over certain Mods in the Syndicate Offerings screen not displaying their description correctly.
*Fixed a case where you couldn't confirm item selection in a variable selection case (picking Fish for Personal Quarters Aquariums).
*Fixed Equinox Background having the wrong UI Icon when selecting it in the UI Customization screen.
*Fixed Upgrade screen for some Exalted weapons (Exalted Blade, Artemis Bow, etc) showing the name of the weapon in mixed case instead of all CAPS.
*Fixed the return of the perpetual loading screen when a Host Migration in Onslaught occurred.
*Fixed a Void Rift not appearing for Clients in Lua Spy tilesets. 
*Fixed Eximus Grineer that drop the Kuva Catalyst also dropping a fake Mod item instead of Life Support.
*Fixed not enough enemies spawning if the mission switches to Exterminate after the Rescue Target is captured.
*Fixed ‘Kill X Dargyn with a Bow’ Riven Challenge not functioning for Dargyns that spawn pilotless in the Plains. 
*Fixed Excalibur missing his Radial Blind sound when doing slide attack with Exalted Blade.
*Fixed water not causing continuous ripples as you walked through it. Game literally playable again.
*Fixed enemies not taking damage from bullets and other tracing damage sources after rising from a ragdoll state.
*Fixed ‘Hey Kiddo’ lingering in your ship.
*Fixed Glyph icons appearing stretched when viewing in Vendor screens (Baro).
*Fixed Synthesis Target missing their blue VFX glow indication.
*Fixed a random Grineer enemy spawning in the Silver Grove Shrine.
*Fixed incorrect fly-in cinematic in The New Strange quest.
*Fixed spawning inside a geometry collision in a specific Onslaught.
*Fixed broken parkour activated button not functioning in the Advanced Movement tutorial.
*Fixed Angstrum not having any shooting sounds.
*Fixed a script error when selecting an enemy in the Simulacrum screen. 
*Fixed a script error for numerous Warframe Abilities.
*Fixed a script error when using Transference.
	type: Hotfix
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: The Sacrifice: Hotfix 23.0.2 +
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/968321-the-sacrifice-hotfix-2302-23021/
	date: 2018-06-15T20:55:38Z
	changes: The Sacrifice: Hotfix 23.0.2:
Updated the new Glowing Sentient Core Decoration description to clarify that it is a Decoration for your Landing Craft. 
Using ‘mouse button 3’ in the Simulacrum will now auto add 5 enemies to the spawn list.
Polished audio in The Sacrifice memory phases.
Improved some subtitle timing in The Sacrifice.

*Fixed the game crashing a few seconds post-launcher. 
*Fixed Sniper combo not decaying over time and instead resetting to zero.
*Fixed Naramon Power Spike not decaying combo over time and instead resetting.
*Fixed Rollers not being affected by Limbo's Cataclysm (or Stasis) if they are already within the zone when its cast.
*Fixed Euphona Primes bullet spread not being based on the crosshair as a center point.
*Fixed Gifting a UI Theme resulting in it being instantly auto-equipped.
*Fixed Baro’s Vendor screen not displaying your Ducat inventory amount.  
*Fixed Pets attempting to use Pet Beds while you're in the process of placing them.
*Fixed screenshot folders with 10009 images in them resulting in new screenshots going in your install folder instead.
*Fixed entering your Arsenal with Excalibur’s Exalted Blade active causing no Mods to appear in the Modding UI. 
*Fixed clicking a locked Exilus Slot and canceling the purchase prompt locking the UI on the “Please Wait” screen.  
*Fixed Mirage’s Hall of Mirrors clones not displaying any of your equipped weapons. 
*Fixed missing UI click sound in some menus when using the Legacy sound option. 
*Fixes towards the Extractor selection screen overlapping the Squad menu UI and tooltip when hovering over Extractors.
*Fixed Boosters not displaying in Baro’s inventory if it’s available as an offering.
*Fixed max enemy cap not being enforced in the Simulacrum. 
*Fixed icon missing for the Prisma Grakata.
*Fixed Energy colour element not appearing when you change your Energy colour on an Excalibur equipped with the Chromatic Blade Augment.
*Fixed UI displaying double Set Mod bonuses when equipped on a regular and Exalted weapon. Set Mods only affect regular Melee weapons.
*Fixed script crash caused by pressing Config B for a Melee weapon equipped with a Riven while experiencing the previous listed bug. 
*Fixed a crash when respawning in Wyrmius.  
*Fixed a script error when using Transference. 
*Fixed a script error if mission gets cleared while countdown is in progress.
*Fixes towards a Modding UI script error. 
*Fixed script error in squad overlay when voting is disabled. 
*Fixed script error when customizing your Archwing’s energy color while a Warframe with an Exalted Weapon is equipped. 
*Fixed script error when pressing mouse button 3 in the Simulacrum. 
*Fixed various Syandanas clipping through Titania’s wings. 
*Fixed incorrect icons displaying for the Push/Pull option in Decoration mode when using the controller.
*Fixed being able to equip UI themes you do not own. 
*Fixed Channeled finishers with Zaws not activating Dispatch Overdrive or Exodia Brave. 
*Fixed an unreleased Stance Mod finding its way into the Codex (nothing to see here).
*Fixed new Umbra Operator Cosmetics (Umbra Blindfold, Earpiece, Hooded Scarf, and Diadem) missing cloth animation. 
*Fixed the Skiajata not taking on Custom colors in the final cut scene in the Sacrifice. 
*Fixed being unable to re-equip Umbra after The Sacrifice quest if you unequipped him.
*Fixed Umbra’s Skiajata’s muffled audio persisting after chaining Stealth finishers.
*Fixed the Courtyard Scene’s teleport volumes in The Sacrifice not resetting the player.
*Fixed Isaah’s lip sync timing. 
*Fixes towards transmission playing twice in the 3rd hospital memory scene. 
*Fixed not transferring back to your Warframe when Umbra dies while you are in Operator Void Mode. 
*Fixed Client’s autonomous Umbra surviving Host migration. 
*Tweaked Ordis’ in/out transmission sounds for dialog flow. 
*Fixed autonomous Umbra in Dojo Duels using Conclave loadout.
*Fixed not being able to sell Inventory items if the value is 1 and not being able to stack more than 20 items.
*Fixed some UI alignment issues.
	type: Hotfix
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: The Sacrifice: Hotfix 23.0.1
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/967531-the-sacrifice-hotfix-2301/
	date: 2018-06-15T05:28:21Z
	changes: The Sacrifice: Hotfix 23.0.1:

*Fixed a progression stopper in The War Within quest where an elevator was inaccessible yet crucial to proceed. 
*Fixed loss of functionality if you attempted to customize Gear items or Emotes by pressing Enter or A on controller after hovering over it in the Arsenal.
*Fixed not being able to close the Decoration Placement Key Bindings screen.
*Fixed a progression stopper where the end quest cutscene would not trigger.
*Fixed a progression stopper in the Arsenal when swapping around Umbra.
*Fixed edge case progression stopper where Sentient Mimics could hold open a locking door for a player, letting them get locked on the wrong side.
*Fixed missing jump action for Umbra to get down from ledges.
	type: Hotfix
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: The Sacrifice: Update 23
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/967249-the-sacrifice-update-23/
	date: 2018-06-15T00:51:48Z
	additions: Onkko has acquired new offerings! Trade Quills Standing for Landing Craft Decorations like Glowing Sentient Cores, Eidolon Relics, and more! Plus, acquire the Onkko's Cave Scene for your Captura desires.
Old Man Sumbaat also has new offerings for the Tenno! Visit him in Cetus to trade Ostron Standing for everything from decorative fruit baskets, to baskets of spices, to... boots? Now your Orbiter can look (and smell) a little more like Cetus!
Ask and ye shall receive! That closet full of Cetus Boots can now be crafted into a Boot Trophy from Fisher Hai Luk’s Offerings. We hope they haven’t been festering any fungal growth in the meantime....
Added some sparkle to Octavia and Saryn’s Abilities with the new GPU Particle system. 
Added a new Challenge for completing THE SACRIFICE quest!
Added a description to Captura Scenes that you own: “Explore this scene with access to advanced camera controls and visual settings”.

	changes: The Sacrifice: Update 23:
Who would have thought that we’d be launching our third cinematic quest. With the ambitious goal of telling Warframe’s story in a way we had never done before, The Second Dream started it all. The moments you shared with us while playing through the quest is a memory all of us at Digital Extremes will never forget. So we thought… wow, we did it… Can we do it again? And so it was, we burned heaps of midnight oil to launch The War Within and experience the roller coaster of feels with you all over again.
Witnessing your reaction to THE SACRIFICE teaser we showed at TennoCon last year is an emotion we can’t quite put into words. We’re pretty sure you guys shook the convention center and the internet. So we’re absolutely ecstatic that you can now continue your journey as Tenno in the Warframe universe in this new quest.
From all of us at Digital Extremes, thank you for sharing Warframe with us. This once small but growing studio in London, Ontario couldn’t have done any of this without your extraordinary support, Tenno.
We hope that you have enjoyed the ride so far. We look forward to seeing what Warframe has in store for all of us as we look toward the future.
The Apostasy Prologue left a memento from the Lotus lingering in the Orbiter, calling back to the moment Ballas extended his hand to her. As they faded beyond grasp, nothing but fragmented transmissions from her remained.
Now, a foreboding vision leads the Tenno to hunt for a savage Warframe. Will you unmask the truth in this mind-bending new chapter of the cinematic storyline? THE SACRIFICE will bring you closer to uncovering what has fallen into shadow.
THE SACRIFICE Quest is available after completing The Second Dream, The War Within, Chains of Harrow and the Apostasy Prologue, and will be available in your Codex upon login. Bring your best Warframe and Operator loadouts to face the challenges that await you in THE SACRIFICE .

Currently, we have exactly 131 screens in Warframe that need an artistic pass to the new style. 8 are done and ready to go 
they're here today! Themes similar to above are coming for the screens we have completed, and all subsequent screens will inherit whatever UI theme you've chosen (default or other purchased themes).
We have also have 2 free Themes specifically tailored for our visually impaired and color blind Tenno: the “Equinox Theme” (B&W theme) and the “High Contrast Theme”! We’d love to get your feedback on them so that we can increase Warframe’s accessibility:

To change your UI theme, go to your Interface Options and select “UI Customization”.

There you can also change your Background from the 3 available options:
Equinox Background
Legacy Background
Vitruvian Background
You can also change the UI sounds from the “Legacy” and “Vitruvian” options.
Please see our Developer Workshop for more information:

Warframes with unique Ability-driven (Exalted) Weapons can now be separately Modded in your Arsenal! This includes the ability to customize their appearance too!
Excalibur/Prime’s Exalted Blade 
We gave the Blade a partial physical design (hilt) so that you can customize its appearance (Energy color is still determined by Excalibur’s)! 
Ivara’s Artemis Bow 
Mesa’s Regulators 
If you own or purchase the Mesa Presidio Skin, you will automatically receive the  Presidio Regulators skin to equip onto Mesa’s Regulators.
Titania’s Dex Pixia + Diwata
Valkyr/Prime’s Talons
No customizing since her Talons’ design is all Energy-based!
Wukong’s Iron Staff
Exalted Weapons work in the following ways:
They appear in your Arsenal as an unranked moddable Weapon option once you’ve unlocked the Ability. 
All Exalted weapons use the Mod classes expected for the class of weapon.
Melee Exalted Weapons have their Stance Mod permanently displayed in the modding UI with access to Combos!
Titania’s Dex Pixia now uses Secondary Mods! More on that in the Titania Exalted Weapons Dev Workshop we posted at the beginning of this week.
While Exalted Weapons can be ranked, they do not count towards Mastery Rank (with the exception of Khora’s Venari). 
Riven Mods are not generated for Exalted Weapons.
Limbo's Stasis has been changed to make it more cooperative! Now, Stasis only stops time for Enemies. Limbo's Gear and all Ally Gear will continue to function. But, because complete time-halting for enemies within the Rift is akin to godly power, the duration of the ability has been shortened overall 
from base 30 seconds to 15 seconds. This is of course affected by Mods.
Please see our Developer Workshop for more information:

The launch of virtual cursor controls on consoles brought many hotfixes to those platforms with much needed changes and improvements. Our first Dev Workshop looked at bringing D-Pad Functionality, while our second, a follow-up Action Plan, looked at what we planned on improving across platforms. Combined, the following changes are now live for our PC controller players:
D-Pad support is here!  
Restored button shortcuts in the Arsenal. 
Changed Relic selection windows to preview content on hover. To choose a Relic, simply select it. 
Added the ability to auto-rotate your Warframe in the Arsenal (using the Right Trigger) while browsing item grid. 
Changed “preview” and “select” to be independent of one another in the Arsenal item selection (separate bindings displayed in bottom right of screen in Arsenal).
Removed the need to hold down and drag in order to select a Mod in the Modding UI. Instead, selecting a Mod will make it stick to your cursor like it used to, allowing you to move it with cursor control or D-Pad. Additionally, hitting “back” will deselect the Mod from your cursor without exiting the screen. 
Increased the size of Star Chart node hitzones when using a controller.
Fixed category switch with controller LB/RB on some screens when hovering over a category button.
Fixed not being able to fish with Classic Controls.
Fixed LB prompt in Ability Menu appearing permanently after opening fishing gear wheel. 
Fixed the cursor on controller moving to an arbitrary spot in the Inventory Sort Options drop down.
Fixed cursor automatically snapping to a button on the right side of the screen if a menu is open.
Fixed being unable to rotate your Operator while customizing with the Right Stick when your cursor is hovering over the item menu.  
Fixed being unable to rotate your Operator at all after fast traveling to the Transference room from “Operator” in the pause menu. 
Fixed the “X” callout button missing from the Lunaro Practice Mode, which made it appear that the Practice Mode could not be activated. 
Fixed button to send Amp Slots as a gift not actually sending the gift when using a controller. 
Fixed controller RB and LB loss of functionality after accessing Navigation, opening matchmaking and then pressing B to back out.
Fixed pause menu button on controller causing a brief UI transition to mouse mode.
Thanks to your feedback, we are continuing our work to improve the cursor experience overall. To stay updated on the changes/fixes we are working on, visit our feedback thread here.
Increased Excalibur Prime’s Armor from 250 to 300.
Teralyst, Gantulyst, and Hydrolyst no longer have regenerated Shields immediately after teleporting from being stuck.
Increased Titania’s Diwata damage to 200, Critical Chance to 20% and Critical Multiplier to 2x.
Slightly lowered the Battalyst and Conculyst's base health from 1300 to 1150.
Slightly reduced the Battalyst's projectile damage.
You can now include “&” in your Zaw weapon Entitling.
General audio polish for Sanctuary Onslaught.
Following what we started in our previous mainline, we’ve made thousands more micro-optimizations to hundreds of scripts, including Warframe Powers, Precepts, Enemy Logic, Weapon Behaviors, Game-Modes, and the UI.
Ancient and Scorpion grappling hooks no longer go through Gara’s Mass Vitrify wall.
Moved UI Cursor Sensitivity setting from “Controls” to “Interface”.
Moved Cetus Wisp and Maprico Tree spawn points a bit further away from water volumes in the NW corner of the Plains for gathering ease.
After the target is captured in Capture missions, the level alert levels will automatically turn off after 1 minute, and enemy spawns will stop after 2 minutes.  
Updated the LOC for Banshee’s Sound Quake Augment to “Forgoes channeling to create a shockwave that deals 20x damage at the epicenter, gradually weakening as it expands out".
Stunning or knocking down Conculysts during their whirlwind ability and Battalysts during their omnidirectional laser ability now cancels the ability. 
Removed Steam controller icons from the list of selectable sets and swapped them with the Xbox One icons.
Removed the “Max Enemy Count Reached” message from Simulacrum enemy selector when first opening it and selecting enemies. It will now only appear when you attempt to spawn enemies and there isn't enough space. It will also no longer clear your previous selection when it happens to be over the limit when you first open it.
Punch Through Mods no longer affect the Zenith’s Alternate Fire deployable disc.
GPU particles are now part of melee slam sparks by default.
Increased the size of Focus Lens icons to be more on par with the size of Forma, Mastery, and other icons.
Optimized the Survival HUD slightly. This also fixes problems caused by playing with VSync disabled and joining a mission in progress with a poor network connection.
Updated “Show Friend Invite Notifications” in your Gameplay options to “Show Friend Request Notifications” and “Receive Friend Invites From”  to “Receive Friend Requests From”. 
Improved Decoration Placement camera collision.
Updated some of the structures in the Corpus Gas City tileset.
Operator Hoods will appear open and Masks removed when they are involved in a cut scene.

*Fixed a crash when trying to view the profile of someone who has Khora equipped.
*Fixed kill scan mechanic (Synoid Heliocor, Astral Autopsy Mod) not functioning.
*Fixed Mirage’s Hall of Mirror clones applying Melee Stealth bonus 100% of the time.
*Fixed being perpetually stuck in Zephyr’s Dive Bomb animation when jumping through a Conduit in the same animation. 
*Fixed very high bloom lighting in areas of the Lua tilesets and Grineer Settlement tilesets.
*Fixed the mini map overlapping the Trade item selection screen in Maroo’s Bazaar.
*Fixed some waterfalls in the Plains not appearing in the correct orientation.
*Fixed puddles in the Grineer Shipyard tileset having a hard edge on their local reflections.
*Fixed Inaros' Desiccation GPU particles not applying chosen Energy color
*Fixed bad lighting with the giant eye sculpture in The War Within.
*Fixed cloth clipping in Trinity’s diorama.
*Fixed popping lens flare in Titania’s diorama. 
*Fixed the Quartakk firing sounds getting cut off. 
*Fixed Chroma’s Spectral Scream not using Energy colors.
*Fixed AI getting stuck on geometry in sections of the Corpus Ship tileset. 
*Fixed Syndicate Medallion FX not matching Syndicate colors.
*Fixed unintended difficulty when attempting to place Landing Craft Decorations as the Operator. 
*Fixed Shotgun Scrambus projectiles not being deflected by Zephyr's Turbulence.
*Fixed the Zenith appearing to have 3 Alt-Firing modes in the Arsenal.
*Fixed some wonky clipping and holding poses on Warframe Articula when equipped with a Bow. 
*Fixed flickering floor panels in Corpus Ship tileset. 
*Fixed selected Warframe Ability resetting to #1 on controllers after loading into a mission or Reviving.
*Fixed fog FX from the Helminth Infirmary creeping more into the hallway than intended. 
*Fixed a couple Obstacle Course strings having [PH] tags. 
*Fixed issue where players could see outside of the orbiter if they looked through a small gap between the personal quarters ship doors.
*Fixed issue where the player would appear as an enemy if they flew a Dargyn that had been marked as a way-point. The marker will now update to reflect when a marked enemy or ally changes allegiance.
*Fixed the Volnus preview model rotating in the wrong direction when building in the foundry.
*Fixed issue where mouse UI would not transition to controller UI when the player was holding a decoration.
*Fixed gameplay stats not saving for ancient and ossified accounts.
*Fixed timed run score in Dojo Obstacle Courses being given to the hosting player instead of the client that ran it. 
*Fixed a longstanding issue where you could spawn in the Dojo inside a deco and be stuck (often could jump out but not always). 
*Fixed Kubrows investigating the same ragdolled enemy. 
*Fixed colors not blending correctly into Equinox’s Night form design.
*Fixed AI getting stuck in ice walls in the Stofler node on Lua.
*Fixed being unable to back out of the Clan Permissions screen when using a controller.
*Fixed Hydroid’s Tentacle Swarm’s tentacles sometimes appearing underneath the tile.
*Fixed a script error when using the Gear menu in the Arsenal.
*Fixed issue where opening Warframe customization in the Arsenal caused a script error.
*Fixed a script error if intended recipient of a gift has no Friends, and also has their gift mode setting set to "Friends Only".
*Fixed script errors when casting numerous Warframe Abilities. 
*Fixed Clients sometimes instantly losing functionality and getting kicked from the squad after completing the first stage and transitioning to Archwing in the Jordas Golem Assassination mission on Eris.
*Fixed being unable to purchase multiple Sands of Inaros Quest Blueprints from Baro.
*Fixed a random Excalibur appearing unannounced (like really, no one invited him) at Onkko’s shop when attempting to assemble an Amp and at Hok’s Anvil when assembling a Zaw. 
*Fixed blank Gear Wheel when returning from a Bounty in the Plains of Eidolon as a Client. 
*Fixed the camera jittering wildly if you bullet jumped before you finished crouching in an area that was too small for you to be able to stand upright.
*Fixed Friend Invite notifications appearing regardless of whether the associated option is toggled on or off. 
*Fixed Specters having trouble aiming at enemies who are not standing upright when using Equinox’s Metamorphosis Duality Augment. 
*Fixed Nezha’s Warding Halo damaging ragdolled enemies impaled by Divine Spears at a much higher hit per interval than intended. 
*Fixed a map hole in the roof of an elevator in the Corpus Ice Planet tileset. 
*Fixed Khora’s Venari disarming Vor after attacking him. 
*Fixed Atomos missing its beam chain FX. 
*Fixed Sugatras and other weapon attachments not simulating their cloth correctly if the weapon itself wasn't moving. This was most apparent on the login screen.
*Fixed there being no option to purchase Amp Slots in the Inventory screen under the Amp tab.
*Fixed an audio hang after mission debrief. 
*The Silver Grove Quest fixes: 
*Fixed missing bonfire decorations.
*Fixed missing objective text and transmission hints while searching for the Shrine in the first mission.
*Disabled Focus pickups in the Quest.
*Ran into a bug? Let us know!
*[PC] Update 23: General Bug Report Megathread
*[SPOILERS] [PC] Update 23: The Sacrifice Quest Bug Report Megathread
	type: Update
	description: Well Tenno, it’s here… and we can’t thank you enough.
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Beasts of the Sanctuary: Hotfix 22.20.9 + +
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/964770-beasts-of-the-sanctuary-hotfix-22209-222091-222092/
	date: 2018-06-07T17:36:27Z
	changes: Beasts Of The Sanctuary: Hotfix 22.20.9:
Doubled the maximum amount of 'Loadout' slots you can purchase with Platinum (now 20 max)!
In an effort to make Excavation Fissures more enjoyable and successful, we've increased the Void Fissures spawn rates depending on how many Excavators are deployed!
The Recruitment Chat channel can now be accessed while in the Dojo! 
The 'forced-logout 15 minutes after an update' has been changed to return you to the launcher instead; ideally this means that when you return to your PC you'll find the update already downloaded and ready to play! 
Leaving the launcher idle will now periodically re-check for updates every 30 minutes; again, if you want to go to bed before a major update this means you can just leave the launcher open and it'll download it while you sleep!
Made the launcher aware of high-DPI displays for improved font legibility and smoother scrolling.
Nova’s Antimatter Drop base projectile damage is now reflected on the Abilities screen modified by Power Strength, and the multiplier also appears as an unchangeable 8x. This is purely a UI tweak to match how Antimatter Drop has functioned since its release.
Optimized HUD code slightly. This fixes problems caused by playing with VSync disabled and joining a mission in progress with a poor network connection.
Relaxed some performance sensor thresholds that were spamming us with diagnostics when you quit the game, which resulted in a crash.

*Fixed a progression stopper in The War Within where the Operator would lose their Void abilities.
*Fixed Onslaught Efficiency pickup counter not tracking correctly after a Host migration occurs.
*Fixed Operator being "sheathed" by your Warframe during a Second Dream cinematic.
*Fixed the Gear wheel overlapping the pause menu UI.
*Fixed a script error if a squadmate leaves while transitioning between mission & Orbiter.
*Fixed region auto-detection.
*Fixed Specters with some projectile weapons (Supra and Paracyst in particular) shooting bullets that curve towards the player's target. No Zorg ZF1 allowed....yet...
*Fixed the camera clipping and violently stuttering through the wall in a Grineer Forest Capture tileset. 
*Fixed script errors caused by numerous Warframe Abilities.
*Fixed some mission timers counting down one second per frame. Ripperoni Rescue Hostages.
	type: Hotfix
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Beasts of the Sanctuary: Hotfix 22.20.8 +
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/963818-beasts-of-the-sanctuary-hotfix-22208-222081/
	date: 2018-06-05T17:20:04Z
	additions: A new ‘DECORATOR’ Role has been added to Dojo hierarchies! This role will allow the player to place/remove Decorations and change room colors/lighting, but without the ability the destroy/build rooms.
Added a ‘Contribute All’ button for Dojo room/Decoration Resource contributions, and Dojo Research contribution.
Added a ‘Reset’ button to the Obstacle Course to clear all Decorations.

	changes: Beasts Of The Sanctuary: Hotfix 22.20.8:
For consistency, damage link abilities (Trinity, Nidus, Nekros) will no longer transmit self-damage, but you will still get the damage reduction. This is particularly relevant for the healer/support class of Trinity who had become the go-to DPS frame in addition to the intended support roles. The re-release of Mods like Aviator added to some clever but ultimately uncharacteristic roles for Trinity. 
Increased Saryn’s Miasma duration to 6 seconds.
Reduced Nova’s Antimatter Drop max Health in half and doubled the absorbed damaged. This fixes Nova’s Antimatter Drop charging twice as quickly as a Client by buffing the Host to match Clients!
Removed ability to place personal Decorations in the Dojo Obstacle Course as intended.
Improved handling of corrupt compressed cache data.

*Fixed getting stuck in the ground when attempting to enter Archwing which resulted in a Mastery Rank 25 progression stopper. 
*Fixed Zenurik Void Flow not being applied with maximum Energy on first Transference usage.
*Fixed broken Zephyr movement animations after casting Tail Wind and then Turbulence or Tornado while moving.
*Fixed Djinn’s Reawaken Mod not Reviving your Sentinel while controlling the Operator. 
*Fixed a rare crash that could occur if an Ability deactivates just as the player Revives.
*Fixed Archwing Elemental Mods not combining correctly (Blast, Corrosive, etc.) 
*Fixed Infested Charger Specters not doing any damage.
*Fixed Dargyns clipping through Grineer Dropships in the Plains.
*Fixed inability to Entitle an Amp as ‘111’ due to the profanity filter.
*Fixed crashing when spamming the ‘Star Obstacle Course’ prompt in the Dojo.
*Fixed the game hanging when starting a Dojo Obstacle Course with an insane number of lasers.
*Fixed edge case where squad UI could become unresponsive after a squad member leaves the session.
*Fixed Decorations loving their saved rotation angles when adjusting said Decoration in the Obstacle Course.
*Fixed a "residual Decoration" being left behind which prevented other Decorations from being placed in the Dojo as reported here: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/958422-dojo-building-bug-residual-item-blocking/.
*Fixed incorrect prompt when attempting to remove an Obstacle Course Decoration in the Dojo. 
*Fixed Obstacle Course run credit being given to the Host instead of the Client who completed it.
*Fixed being able to exit the Plains boundaries while piloting a Dargyn. 
*Fixed inability to select all Relic Refinement buttons and they are not appearing/functioning correctly for controller.
*Fixed tutorial prompts displaying mouse/keyboard bindings when you are using the controller. 
*Fixed inability to rotate some items in the Market with the controller.
*Fixed spawning beside Dojo rooms in progress after constructing, starting a mission, and then returning to the Dojo.
*Fixed the Fire Trap FX not moving when placing/moving the Trap in the Dojo.
*Fixed the Volnus being rotated the wrong way when building it in the Foundry.
*Fixed M-W.A.M Index enemies freezing and flickering when killed.
*Fixing a few cases where players now get stuck where they would previously be able to move.
*Fixed script errors when casting numerous Warframe abilities.
*Fixed a level hole in the Grineer Forest tileset.
*Fixed inability to place Decorations in your Orbiter.
*Fixed Onslaught music sometimes cutting out until you entered the next Zone.
	type: Hotfix
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Beasts of the Sanctuary: Hotfix 22.20.7
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/961879-beasts-of-the-sanctuary-hotfix-22207/
	date: 2018-05-30T19:03:25Z
	additions: GPU particle hotness has been added to Volt’s Idle animation as noted here: https://www.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/8msg7o/what_happened_to_old_volts_idle_animation_physx/.
GPU particles has been added to unique weapon Mod death FX like Acid Shells, Thermagnetic Shells, Vulcan Blitz, etc.

	changes: Beasts Of The Sanctuary: Hotfix 22.20.7:
Drain occurs once per half second instead of continuous.
Targets you cast Spores on directly will always spread on death.
Targets affected by Miasma will always spread on death.
Spores won't be removed by enemies going temporarily invulnerable because of void tears corrupting them.
Tone down Spore decaying blinking warning
Fixed Saryn’s Spore damage being removed when casting Spores on a target that is being simultaneously killed by a teammate. 
Fixed Saryn’s Spore damage decay drain discrepancies when entering a Nullifier bubble. Damage was decaying slower the second time entering a Nullifier bubble.
Fixed Saryn's Spores and Contagion cloud not using custom Energy colors on cast/burst.
Increased sickness Duration by 1 second. 
Lowered Energy cost to 75. 
Decreased damage tick to 300.
Reduced the Oxium crafting cost for Dojo Orokin Decorations by half.
The Oxium difference will be refunded to the Clan Vault.
Replaced the Orokin Cell crafting requirement for numerous Decorations to either Morphics, Neurodes, or Control Modules.
The Orokin Cells will be refunded to the Clan Vault and already built Decorations that required an Orokin Cell will remain built.
Optimized Foundry operations considerably for people with a lot of Inventory.
Tweaked the lighting of Ember’s Fireblast ability to reduce visual clutter.
Doubled the Tower White Pigment drop chance and reduced the Pigment quantity to 5.
Updated "Resonating Quake" Augment description to better describe its function:
Forgoes channeling to create a shockwave that deals X damage at the epicenter, gradually weakening as it expands out.

*Fixes towards Clients having their Abilities blocked if they join a Host right as they transition through the initial Onslaught Conduit. 
*Fixed Transferring to Operator mode and back in your Orbiter leaving the Transference pod open.
*Fixed Operator being teleported to your current Warframe position after using the Arsenal on the Orbiter.
*Fixed enemies Rift banished by Limbo able to interact with a non-Rifted Rampart.
*Fixed a rare case of some Auras applying twice.
*Fixed being unable to rush Sentinel crafting when you are out of Sentinel slots.
*Fixed a crash related to particle FXs. 
*Fixed a loss of functionality after cancelling a Dojo trade and attempting to leave the Dojo.
*Fixed a crash when trying to launch extremely complex Obstacle Courses.
*Fixed a crash when mounting a Dargyn.
*Fixed the Gear wheel remaining on screen if you had it open when extraction triggered. 
*Fixed icon discrepancies in the Arsenal when switching to controller.
*Fixed the (A) button for controllers not functioning when attempting to sell or dissolve Mods.
*Fixed incorrect binding prompts in the initial Tutorial when using a controller. 
*Fixed the ‘View Conclave Mods’ button not functioning on controller. 
*Fixed issues of enemies turning weird colors upon death.
*Fixed Elemental FX not being hidden on the Katana sheath. 
*Fixed bullet jumping into the wall and getting stuck in the Grineer Ocean tileset.
*Fixed being able to get outside of the Grineer Ocean Spy map with Nova’s Wormhole.  
*Fixed a script error when transitioning from Cetus to the Plains. 
*Fixed a script error when using the Mandachord. 
*Fixed a script error when casting numerous Warframe abilities.
*Fixed a script error when using Equinox’s Push & Pull Augment Mod.  
*Fixed a script error when scrolling through a Dojo Research item.
*Fixed an edge case script error that occurred when attempting to load into the Dojo.
*Fixed a Dedicated Server crash in Conclave.
	type: Hotfix
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Beasts of the Sanctuary: Hotfix 22.20.6
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/960140-beasts-of-the-sanctuary-hotfix-22206/
	date: 2018-05-24T22:00:50Z
	changes: Beasts Of The Sanctuary: Hotfix 22.20.6:
Fixed the game submitting certain types of bug reports immediately instead of saving them for after you quit.
Disabled some cache-corruption checks that were triggering and preventing updates; we will work on making these automatically repair the cache instead.
Fixed inability to deploy Extractors using Navigation at a Relay.
Fixed a variety of bugs caused by using Transference while going through Sanctuary Onslaught Conduit (namely not being able to do anything or use Transference while controlling Operator).
Fixed Dojo Pigment ‘Contribute’ button being automatically selected when the contribute screen appears when using a controller.
Fixed no on-screen keyboard appearing when changing Dojo room message when using a controller. 
Fixed script error when displaying mission countdown in Ukrainian.
Fixed a script error related to Articulas.

	type: Hotfix
	description: The Orokin Decoration costs/refunds mentioned in Hotfix 22.20.3 are close to being complete. The plan is to cut the Orokin Decoration Oxium costs in half and refund the excess back to the Clan Vault. We are also removing the Orokin Cell costs on the respective Orokin Decorations and refunding those to the Clan Vault as well. Already completed Decorations will not be destroyed when these changes go live. Stay tuned!
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Beasts of the Sanctuary: Hotfix 22.20.5
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/960082-beasts-of-the-sanctuary-hotfix-22205/
	date: 2018-05-24T19:33:19Z
	changes: Beasts Of The Sanctuary: Hotfix 22.20.5:
The bulbous pockets of corrosive popping goodness have been through the devs’ workshop and are here with some new changes! Saryn, our countess of corrosion, has received the following changes to her Spores.
Curious about the details on how and why? Check out the Spores Revisited Dev Workshop!
Want to share your feedback on the changes above? Post your thoughts (after thoroughly testing all the changes) in the Spores Revisited Feedback Megathread.
Melee attacks now freely pass through enemies in Range (i.e an enemy cannot block another enemy from being hit).
Increased the default speed of controller cursor and made it slower in Star Chart only.
You can now use ‘Enter’ to accept input prompts or (A) on controller instead of (X) (choosing Mod stacks, etc).
Increased the fade out time for Star Chart ambient and Star chart percussion music.
Removed the glowing in-world marker from Quill Onkko. 
Optimized loading screens.

*Fixed only being able to damage the Nullifier Bubble if you have line-of-sight to the Nullifier.
*Fixed some inconsistencies with melee sweeps where sometimes it doesn't hit a visible avatar or the sweep goes through the floor. 
*Fixed Warframe kills not counting towards Onslaught Efficiency when the player is controlling their Operator.
*Fixed ‘Sellable Only’ option applying to Fish/Ducat Kiosk/Relic screens, which resulted in nothing showing up. This lead to players believing they did not have any of their freshly caught Fish in their inventories upon returning to Cetus.
*Fixed Apothic not getting consumed until the end of the mission, at which Clients can rejoin as many times as they want and reuse their Apothics. 
*Fixed the "Invite Squad member" button or the "Show profile" dropdown not functioning after viewing the Inventory.
*Fixed Dark split Sword appearing as unranked for Clients at the beginning of a mission even though it's ranked.
*Fixed Despot Syandana and Sovereign Syandana cloth getting caught on numerous Warframes.
*Fixed paused enemies becoming unpaused when disarmed in the Simulacrum.
*Fixed turning off 'Pause AI' not unpausing currently paused enemies in the Simulacrum.
*Fixed the new Ceramic Dagger PBR material not applying custom Energy color.
*Fixed changing a Warframes colours back to default not saving after a mission and reverts back to the colours that were on the Warframe before entering the mission.
*Fixed Kavat interaction animation sometimes being incorrect immediately after retrieving the Kavat from Stasis.
*Fixed Titania's bullet jump area of effect buff FX not showing up.
*Fixed various issues with customized Dojo lighting being applied to the wrong areas.
*Fixed not being able to fund Polychrome construction when changing to default lighting colors in the Dojo.
*Fixed being unable to select a Glyph with the Display Glyph Decoration.
*Fixed ALT-Enter only allowing fullscreen toggle sometimes (during cinematics mostly).
*Fixed selecting ‘Add Filter’ in Chat with the controller resulting in a disabled controller hotkey to add a Filter.
*Fixed the ‘Sellable Only’ option not being registered to the D-Pad for controllers.
*Fixed t-posing Zephyr when switching from Equinox to Zephyr.
*Fixed dynamic music not playing for Clients in Onslaught (or sometimes for anyone at all in certain tiles).
*Fixed some sounds only being heard by the Host as reported here: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/958946-host-sound-effects-locality/
*Fixed crashing upon using the G3 Beacon Gear Item.
*Fixed a script error when trying to purchase Focus Capacity in the main Focus screen (outside of any specific tree).
*Fixed a Venari script error in rare cases where the player's Warframe is not available (ex. War Within).
*Fixed some Achievements with misspelled "Pole-arm" text.
*Fixed misspelled text in the Nezha Reaping Chakram Augment.
	type: Hotfix
	description: The Orokin Decoration costs/refunds mentioned in Hotfix 22.20.3 are close to being complete. The plan is to cut the Orokin Decoration Oxium costs in half and refund the excess back to the Clan Vault. We are also removing the Orokin Cell costs on the respective Orokin Decorations and refunding those to the Clan Vault as well. Already completed Decorations will not be destroyed when these changes go live. Stay tuned!
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Beasts of the Sanctuary: Hotfix 22.20.4
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/959378-beasts-of-the-sanctuary-hotfix-22204/
	date: 2018-05-22T20:13:20Z
	changes: Beasts Of The Sanctuary: Hotfix 22.20.4:
Tweaked how Assassination Targets spawn in Assassinate Bounties to fix recurring issues of failed Bounties due to the Target not spawning. The Bounty will now attempt to procure a spawn location for the Target for 30 seconds, and if it fails, the Bounty will successfully advance. Geometry and split-second timing play into factor here, and failing a Bounty due to unavoidable situations does not grant Konzu his early lunch!
Exiting the Relic selection menu now counts as a non-vote instead of a decline. Previously ‘Exiting’ from the Relic selection screen counted as "declining" the mission, which you could not undo unless you left the squad, or the mission is cancelled entirely.
You can now trade the Peculiar Growth Mod!
Improved velocity and friction of small UI button targeting with a controller.
Improved AI navigation in the Grineer Shipyard tileset.
Reduced the loading/Star Chart percussion loop.

	type: Hotfix
	description: The Orokin Decoration costs/refunds mentioned in Hotfix 22.20.3 are continuing to be discussed. We expect to have those changes live this week 
stay tuned!
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Beasts of the Sanctuary: Hotfix 22.20.3
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/957844-beasts-of-the-sanctuary-hotfix-22203/
	date: 2018-05-18T19:59:00Z
	changes: Beasts Of The Sanctuary: Hotfix 22.20.3:
You can now place multiple Custom Obstacle Courses in your Dojo! 
Scaled the Ceramic Dagger to a more reasonable size. Ceramic Dagger-But-Long-Like-A-Sword didn’t have a nice ring to it.
Upon completing the required Synthesis scans, Simaris' Daily Task entry in the World State Window can now be clicked to automatically load you into the nearest Relay.
Optimized memory usage by Dojos with a large number of Decorations. This also fixes a crash from Decoration heavy Obstacle Courses. 
Made adjustments to Controller bindings when transitioning between mouse and controller.
Removed the ‘Only Sellable’ option from the Ducat Kiosk menu as it doesn’t apply to that screen.
Removed the controller D-Pad function from the Somachord as it does not function there.
*Removed profanity filter from Loadout names.

*More fixes towards crashing as a result of particles.
*Fixed a crash that could occur if you disconnected while your Sentinel Vacuum was sucking up an item with particle effects attached to it.
*Fixed a Dx11 crash on shutdown (possibly because the graphics driver crashed first).
*Fixed a crash that could occur when attempting to Host a session while an existing session was still active.
*Fixed duplicate Mods appearing in the Arsenal after upgrading a Mod. These duplicate Mods were merely a mirage of your desires, and did not truly exist. 
*Fixed UI disappearing when switching between Spear/Bait/Dye in the Spear Fishing HUD.
*Fixed sleeping enemies (Equinox’s Rest) being alerted when approaching them.
*Fixed switching to Borderless Fullscreen not always positioning the window properly (it seemed to only be reliable if you set to Borderless and booted up that way).
*Fixed a script error when casting Saryn’s Spores on a ragdoll. This resulted in the Spores to not show up (but still tick damage).
*Fixed a prompt with incorrect text breaking your ability to enter the Dojo Obstacle Course. 
*Fixed being able to trap other players inside Dojo Decorations.
*Fixed level load music playing when loading into the Apostasy quest.
*Fixed Kohm’s firing charge sound staying active.
*Fixed selecting a linked item in Chat preventing all controller buttons from not functioning until Chat is minimized.
*Fixed controller input issues when Chat linking Zaws.
*Fixed moss acting strangely with the Simaris Data Parse Widget. 
*Fixed overlapping controller button callouts when selecting 5+ Emojis.
*Fixed Invasion text overlapping when hovering over the World State Window with a controller.
*Fixed a script error when transitioning between mouse and controller as the Arsenal Upgrade screen is opening.
*Fixed a script error when switching between mouse/controller before the Inbox has loaded.
*Fixed a script error when looking at enemies with non-standard resistance types (Void Damage, Finisher Damage, etc) with the Data Parse Widget.
*Fixed a script error when casting Gara’s Splinter Storm.
*Fixed Conclave mode of the Arsenal not presenting/applying upgrades correctly to items.
*Fixed non-functional controller D-Pad callouts being visible on Conclave End of Mission screen.
	type: Hotfix
	description: Friendly heads up that we’re aware of the lavish costs to build some of the new Orokin Dojo Decorations. Our team is looking into not only reducing those costs, but also refunding Clans that have built them. Stay tuned for these changes next week!
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	name: Beasts of the Sanctuary: Hotfix 22.20.2
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/957339-beasts-of-the-sanctuary-hotfix-22202/
	date: 2018-05-17T21:02:11Z
	changes: Beasts Of The Sanctuary: Hotfix 22.20.2:
Removed the unreleased Two-Handed Katana Stance Mod.
Returned the Skeiron Zephyr Skin to its original matte material.
Improved the Hagoromo Zephyr Skins metallic materials at the request of the creator.
The GPU Particle setting will now indicate if your system doesn’t support the new particle system.

*Fixed a case where Clients may get stuck unable to cast Saryn’s Spores anymore if they cast Spores on a target that dies during the cast.
*Fixed Saryn’s Spores HUD indicator disappearing for Clients after Transferring to and from the Operator.
*Fixed Saryn’s Spores not doing damage while in Operator but damage continuing to increase over time.
*Fixed Saryn’s Spores active indicator remaining when switching to Operator.
*Fixed Saryn’s Spores breaking if you go through the Onslaught Conduit while Spores is active.
*Fixed numerous cases of presence vs matchmaking issues. This was causing issues Inviting players and finding squads.
*Fixed DirectX 9 crashes related to turning off Multi-threaded rendering.
*Fixed a progression stopping crash in The War Within.
*Fixed cases of not being able to place Decorations or Polychrome in the Dojo.
*Fixed Gear wheel losing functionality when opening it while switching from Fishing to a different item.
*Fixed ‘GPU Particles’ not appearing disabled when not supported. The setting would be greyed out and could not be changed, despite showing a value indicating that it should be active.
*Fixed appearing to have a plethora of empty Slots in your Inventory. These Slots were not actually useable.
*Fixed missing Inventory items in the last category that gets loaded (which is also the only category for screens like Fish selection).
*Fixed the Tigris no longer having its PBR textures. 
*Fixed numerous of the newly PBR’d weapons not applying custom Energy color.
*Fixed Equinox Clisthert Helmet not applying custom Energy color.
*Fixed the Ki’Teer Sekhara and Tethra's Doom Quantum Badge not applying custom Energy color.
*Fixed holding 2 Hystrix’s instead of the intended 1.
*Fixed not being able to F6 screenshot while in Decoration mode.
*Fixed a potential crash when joining a mission.
*Fixed crashing at End of Mission when playing Lunaro.
*Fixes towards crashes related to particles.
*Fixed a level hole in the Corpus Ice Planet tileset.
*Fixed [PH] text in the new Spear Fishing HUD.
*Fixed the Commodore Prime Operator suit and Excalibur Dex Skin having incorrect textures.
	type: Hotfix
	description: undefined
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	name: Beasts of the Sanctuary: Hotfix 22.20.1
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/957126-beasts-of-the-sanctuary-hotfix-22201/
	date: 2018-05-17T16:36:59Z
	changes: Beasts Of The Sanctuary: Hotfix 22.20.1:
Onslaught Specimens now display a smol spawn portal behind them!

*Fixed getting a soft-lock when opening the Event tab in the World State Window.
*Fixed crashing when attempting to play the Fomorian mission and a squad member is missing the required Fomorian Disruptor in their Gear.
*Fixed casting Nidus’ Larva to pull AI from ships resulting in teleporting them back to the ship after the ability ends.
*Fixed invisible Archwing during the initial The Archwing quest cinematic.
*Fixed not being able to move your Liset in the loading screen when using a Controller joystick.
*Fixed loading screen music playing during quests where you have to enter a Relay.
*Fixed the camera panning when selecting a Decoration.
*Fixed the ‘Favourites’ tab in the Color Picker menu not calling out the right icon when switching from Mouse & Keyboard to Controller. 
*Fixed Inventory showing stretched item icons.
	type: Hotfix
	description: undefined
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	name: Beasts of the Sanctuary: Update 22.20.0
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/957066-beasts-of-the-sanctuary-update-22200/
	date: 2018-05-17T14:55:31Z
	additions: Added a new Growing Peculiar Mod to Onslaught rewards! Damage causes this enemy to inflate!
The Operator screen now displays a new opening UI! Switch between Equipment, Focus, and Appearance. 
New percussion-driven music has been added to the Star Chart and loading screens.
Real-time audio mixing is now handled by our new RTPC (Real-Time Parameter Control) system, which allows greater precision and control of the game-wide mix:
Real-time audio mixing is now decoupled from music, so players who don’t want to play with music benefit from the new RTPC system.
Player speed will now adjust footstep/sliding volume.
Bullet sound volume when the local player is being hit by enemies is now based on Shields/Health.
The RTPC system also allows cleaner and more focused music during heavy combat
Starchat music will now be affected by the Music slider and not the SFX slider
Added a North indicator to both the Plains of Eidolon minimap and Advanced Map. Cetus is due South, so players need only walk in the opposite direction of this marking to head home for an early lunch! 
Added a ‘Show Ability Banner on Cast’ toggle to the Interface Options menu! This is off by default on PC. Console players already have these banners appear automatically, but they will have the option to turn them off once this change goes live on Xbox One and PS4!
Added the ability to replay the Once Awake quest !
Added the repurposed Kuva Defense tile used in Kuva Survival Missions to other Fortress missions. 
Objects that attract weapon-fire, like Mag’s Magnetize ability, now do so in a more logical way:
Added a 'CLAIM ALL' button to the Foundry that appears when you have more than 1 item ready to Claim.
Weekly Leaderboards will now show a reset timer!

	changes: Beasts Of The Sanctuary: Update 22.20.0:
Our lady of poison is taking the center stage with Saryn Revisited 2.0! Yes, that’s right! She has been revisited for a second time, and this time we took a closer look at increasing the fun factor by removing layers of complicated synergies and giving Toxin Lash and Molt a long deserved encore.
Read all about our intent and full details on the changes in the official Saryn Revisited 2.0 Dev Workshop!
Increased Status Chance from 10% to 50% (scales with Ability Strength). 
A meter in the bottom right corner of your screen will show the number of affected enemies and how much damage is being dealt per tick to said enemies.
Recasting Spores detonates all active Spores and will deal 2x the damage on an inflicted enemy based on the number of active Spores and the current damage per tick. 
Venom Dose Augment: Spores cast on allies temporarily grant them additional Corrosive damage to all attacks.
After casting, Saryn receives a momentary speed boost for a short duration. 
Molt now scales similar to Rhino’s Iron Skin 
All the initial damage it takes in the first 3 seconds will make it stronger. Any damage it receives after that point will target the absorbed health.*
*Damage absorbed is shown in a buff indicator at the top of the screen.
*Once all absorbed damage has dispensed, Molt explodes dealing Toxin damage to nearby enemies.
Now has a 100% guaranteed Viral Status Effect on damage tick. 
Increased range from 15 meters to 20 meters (at max rank). 
Increased duration from 3 to 5 seconds.
Miasma inflicts double damage on targets affected by Spores. 
When recasting on the same enemy it will refresh the tick duration and maintain the Viral Status Effect, but will not stun enemies a second time until the Status Effect ticks have subsided.
Increased Saryn’s Armor from 175 to 225 (at rank 30)
Increased Saryn Prime’s Armor from 225 to 300 (at rank 30) 
Made some minor FX updates to Saryn’s abilities! 
Spores received a slight improvement to the FX.
Reduced the brightness of Miasma.
Improved FX to make her Molt cast more pronounced.
Spores have been optimized and will be much nicer to your CPU! 
Saryn is also coming with a whole new set of sounds voiced by [DE]Danielle!! 
Added Abilities screen stats for Saryn Molt speed buff & duration.
We hope you enjoy experimenting with her changes. We will be watching closely for your first impressions. As always, we appreciate your constructive feedback and encourage you to thoroughly play with the rework before sharing your thoughts: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/957215-update-2220-saryn-revisted-20-feedback-megathread/

If you recall, we added enhanced Dojo Decorating earlier this year with some other minor changes. Part 2 has arrived, and it brings with it new visuals and a highly anticipated room!

Disappearing platforms!
Deadly frickin lasers and pressure-pads that you should avoid at all costs!
Dummies you need to kill to complete the course!
And much more!
Added 37 Tenno Decorations and 54 Orokin Decorations for your Dojo renovating pleasure!
Added new Pigment colors dropped by the following enemies: 
Shard Black: Vomvalysts 
Tower White: Condrocs 
Devar Grey: Tusk Bombard 
Wisp Grey: Skiff Pilot 
Mortus Pink: Kuakas
Did you miss our Dev Workshop!? Read it quickly here 
it's short:

We have added 'GPU Particles' which replace the no-longer-supported Nvidia PhysX Particles. These GPU Particles can be enjoyed on all Platforms with varying intensity:
Off/Low/Medium/High... LUDICROUS!
Many particle FX have been converted, but we will spend some time continuing to upgrade our catalog throughout the year. Our new system is universal, works on almost all GPUs (really old ones might be out of luck), is not locked to a given manufacturer, and is not locked to PC! Console Tenno will receive this next update!

If you watched Devstream 110, you might already be familiar with our plans to change the Scrambus and Comba. Players can now engage in more cerebral combat with these enemies, using visual cues to take them down:

Their Nullify aura has been replaced with a power that they can activate in combat. Upon use, it creates an expanding sphere that nuffilies players’ powers, and disrupts them for 2.5 seconds.
Similar to the way shooting the Nullifier bubble or weak point can interrupt or prevent the aura from spreading, shooting off Scrambus/Comba’s helmet (or killing them) will negate the sphere:

With today’s update, you are now able to acquire an active Dargyn in the following ways:
Shoot the Pilot, causing the Dargyn to float gracefully to the ground for you to board:
Use Loki’s Switch Teleport on the Pilot, leaving him grounded and confused:
Use a finisher from behind while using Archwing, allowing you to transition from Archwing to Dargyn:
In addition to this new mechanic, we have also made the following changes:
Increased mounted Dargyn projectile damage from 250 to 450 and increased the clip size from 50 to 75. 
Increased the spawn frequency of Dargyn patrol and idle Dargyn encounters when roaming the Plains.

Improved Defense Target navigation by shifting the path towards the center of level.
Built additional buildings around the Defense Target path at both Defense locations.
Added additional enemy spawn locations for each Defense location, giving AI more of 360 degree attack option.
Adjusted Turrets within the level.
Added additional cover and attack routes for AI.
The rail upon which the Defense Tram travels on is now electrified!
Moved hack panels to easier-to-find places in certain Grineer Shipyard tilesets. Hopefully you won’t get caught in a lockdown, but if you do, it should be faster to find a panel!
We now show you what camera is being highlighted in Advanced Mode.
Added tool-tips to help you know what's going on with the settings! 
Captura, Text, now, supports, commas,!
Improved speed multiplier controls for controllers.
Fixed 'Cinematic Mode' button not re-appearing when swapping settings.

The improvements to Khora keep on coming! We have a number of important fixes that really help with making Khora play better, as well as some changes!
Changes include:

Increased the range of Ensnare.
Removed the Line of Sight check from Ensnare to make it more reliable. 
Range Mods now affect Whipclaw's AoE radius, but it is capped. 
Khora's Whipclaw can now damage decorations (crates, barrels, etc).
Khora's Kavat now teleports to a given target instead of pathing there if the target is too far away!
Changed Khora’s Venari animations from domestic Kavat to Feral Kavat. 
Adjusted a number of Syandanas to fit Khora better.
Tweaked Venari command sounds.
Fixes include:

Fixed a weird 'foot shuffle' animation with Whipclaw. 
Fixed using Khora’s Whipclaw on a target causing all enemies affected by Ensnare to be released when the target is killed while ensnared. This one was particularly nasty in practice and made her kit feel weak! 
Fixed Khora’s Venari getting locked in her Attack Mode when attempting Mastery Rank tests, which can cause failure on stealth tests (MR9 for example). 
Fixed infinite re-whipping for Khora's Whipclaw by flailing the camera around rapidly. 
Fixed Ospreys not being fully disabled by Khora’s Ensnare.
Fixed Venari freezing in place when entering Cetus from the Plains, and subsequently duplicating if you head back out, eventually leading to a hall of kitty statues.
Reduced explosion radius from 6m to 4m .
Lowered the Tusk Bombard’s base health from 350 to 300.
Fixed smoke trail behind rocket to persist for life of projectile (trail was disappearing after 8s of flight time, making it very hard to see the rocket).
Reduced explosion radius from 10m to 4m.
Reduced lifetime of fire explosion FX from 10s to 7s.
Added a damage element to those fire FX 
Minor Heat damage and Heat proc if touched.
Fixed flame trail behind rocket to persist for life of projectile (trail was disappearing after 5s of flight time, making it very hard to see the Napalm).
Melee attacks (including spin attacks) will no longer sweep through walls or objects. Please read our Dev Workshop for Melee insight!
Numerous weapons have received the PBR treatment: 
Flux Rifle (original material and the Shock Camo Skin)
Lanka (original material and the Shock Camo Skin)
Twin Gremlins
has also receive a new scope FX!
The Ceramic Dagger has received a new look! Previously it was identical to the Cronus.
Made nearly 10,000 micro-optimizations to hundreds of scripts including Warframe Powers, Precepts, Enemy Logic, Weapon Behaviors, Game-Modes, and the UI.
Harrow’s Condemn, Thurible, and Gara’s Shattered Lash (stab) can now be used on ziplines. 
Gara’s Splinter Storm now applies a HUD buff when cast on self to help manage when casting on many targets. 
Operators now emit pain grunts when experiencing fall damage.
Eidolon Lures will wait until the Eidolon has fully disappeared to be auto-destroyed, instead of being auto-destroyed when the sun rises at dawn.
Removed the ‘Related Items’ tab from Syndicate Offerings because of purchase attempts resulting in script errors. 
Opened even more previously locked treasure walls in the Void!
You now spawn in the Observatory upon returning to the Dojo after a mission.
Increased door opening speeds on the Grineer Settlement and Grineer Galleon Tilesets. 
Polished the animations of the Steel Meridian and Cephalon Suda Syndicate handshake emotes. 
Reduced the frequency of large Grineer Settlement tiles appearing in Extermination missions to help them feel a little less long.
Removed legacy loot crates from Void Onslaught tiles that should not have been part of Simaris' simulation.
Increased time given by targets in the Round 11 Mastery Rank Test from 3.5 seconds to 5 seconds and added aim assist to targets to make them slightly easier to hit. 
Turned down volume of bullet impacts on player’s Flesh and Shields.
Changed the “Dead End” message that appears when viewing a Dojo expansion doorway upon hitting the room limit to say “Maximum Room Count Reached”.
Crouching is now stateful! If you let go of crouch while in a small tunnel, your Warframe will now stand up when it can.You can also now  crouch while parrying.
Updated the ambience in the Simulacrum by removing the repeating music loops.
Revised and improved several Rock and Cave materials and meshes. 
Quality of life changes for Grineer cell doors in Rescue missions.
Changed the marker on the panel used to move the tram in one of the Grineer Asteroid tiles to use a different icon so it can’t be confused with the main yellow diamond objective marker. 
Disabled Challenges in some quest missions (e.g. “use your first power 5 times”).
Several Corpus Rescue mission Co-Op door improvements and fixes:
Changed default state to locked where doors were closed to fix spawning issues.
Replaced markers with new type.
Added state icons to all doors.
Added a new marker type on panels for consistency.
Added activation sound to door context actions.
Aligned door hint with the ground and changed widths to fit doors (some were too wide).
Removed panels from opposite side of the door since they're never accessible.
Shortened delay before the door opens when panels are activated.
Fixed context action alignment.
Fixed missing shiny 'destroy' material on consoles.
Fixed door closing after being opened.
Fixed materials on tram door so it doesn't look like a dead end.
Fixed some broken material script properties.
Polished Harrow’s Idle animations and his Agile/Noble Speargun variant animations. 
Updated several ability stat descriptors to make them clearer:
Standardized format across all Warframe ability descriptions.
E.g. Range (Meters) #  to Range #
E.g. “Health over Time #” to “Health / Sec #”
Added units of measurement to the abilities where appropriate 
M (meters), S (seconds), % (percentage), X (multiplier), etc. 
Converted decimals to whole numbers (e.g. Equinox’s Rest & Rage Wakeup Health Threshold has been changed from 0.5 to 50% for max rank). 
Changed “Range” to “Radius” for several Warframe abilities.
Syndicate Pickups are now auto-marked on the first pickup! 
Removed erroneous stats from Sentinel UI (Energy and Sprint Speed).
Lotus is less chatty in Fissure missions! 
Shortened and simplified most levels for the Vor's Prize missions, making sure the missions are more suitable for new player navigation. 
Adjusted the Mithra Syandana based on feedback. 
Arcane ranks are now on the side of the icon rather than in the 'name' field.
You can now purchase multiple copies of Arcane Blueprints in Hok and Quills Offerings.
Increased the in-mission volume of Octavia's Horos Sound Pack by .5dB. 
Tweaked the Nova Lamia Skin to better match the Steam Workshop images.
Tweaked the Skeiron Zephyr Skin to be more shiny and metallic instead of matte.
Tweaked the emissives of the Excalibur Sentient Slayer Skin.
Tweaked the Maltzur Oculus List Skin to improve the emissive details.
Updated naming filter to allow players to use appropriate words that contain inappropriate words, like “assassin”.
Updated chat profanity filter to catch profanity with punctuation immediately following it. Those of you who live on the edge and have the filter turned off won’t notice a thing, but there might be a few more asterisks and a few less inappropriate words in chat for our filtered Tenno. 
Exodia Contagion’s Infested grenade 30 meter damage multiplier now also takes into account your combo multiplier.
Moved the Earth Tikal node slightly to not overlap quest text.
Onslaught mission Credits are now rewarded every 2 successful Zones. This eliminates being able to achieve free Credits in the initial spawn room by letting the timer run out.
The Mushussu Syandana is now animated!
Replaced primary/secondary titles of Argonak fire modes with Semi and Auto.
You can now fast travel to ‘Navigation’ in the pause menu once you have your Observatory completed in the Dojo.
Tweaked Harrow’s Penance impact sound to have a less high frequency ringing.
Repositioned the Simulacrums ‘Enemy Selector’, ‘Settings’ and ‘Kill Enemies’ buttons.
Changed the Ghoul Purge World State Window text from "Progress: (0 to 100)%" to "Ghoul Activity: (100 to 0)%" to be more in line with other events.
Reduced the damage of Khora's Venari in Conclave.
Reduced the ammo pool of the Castanas family and Talons in Conclave. 
Increased the effect of gravity on the Castanas family and Talons in Conclave. 
Fixed a rare case where switching to another loadout in Conclave resulted in receiving no Affinity on that loadout if the mission ended before you respawned. 
Fixed certain Conclave Mod buff indicators not being removed when damaged.

*Fixed a script error that resulted in a progression stopper in the Saya’s Vigil quest.
*Fixed not being able to roll as the Operator which resulted in a progression stopper in The War Within quest. 
*Fixed Gara’s Splinter Storm not refunding Energy if the target dies during the cast animation.
*Fixed Nezha’s Halo ring not physically being thrown when equipped with a TennoGen Skin.
*Fixed Warframe Specters that were equipped with a Zaw resulting in a crash. 
*Fixed Banshee’s Resoquake only consuming 25 Energy when it is supposed to use 100 (on Clients, it would require having at least 100 Energy, but wouldn't use it).
*Fixed being left behind if you jumped through the Onslaught Conduit and the timer ran down as you were still transitioning. 
*Fixed kills made by Mirage's Hall of Mirror clones not contributing towards Onslaught Efficiency.
*Fixed the Sovereign Syandana clipping through numerous Warframes.
*Fixed the World State Window not displaying an icon for Alerts on a Void node.
*Fixed a script error when spamming Harrow’s Thurible ability.
*Fixed Oberon’s Phoenix Renewal Augment turning you immortal in Onslaught.
*Fixed Grineer Commander being able to teleport you if he starts the teleport cast before you enter a blocking animation.
*Fixed Grineer Commander teleport FX remaining on the player if the ability is cancelled early.
*Fixed being able to instantly kill Infested Hives with Ash and certain Mods equipped.
*Fixed Nidus’ Parasitic Link damage increase stacking indefinitely if cast on Mirages Hall of Mirror clones.
*Fixed being unable to Chat link Dokrahm, Rabvee or Sephfan Zaws.
*Fixed the Sigma and Octantis scaling right down to 0.
*Fixed thunder during storms in the Plains causing NPCs to become permanently deaf.
*Fixed cases of Beam weapons not doing damage inside Limbo’s Stasis. 
*Fixed Energy pickups in The Index getting duplicate spawns every time a Client picked one up.
*Fixed max Ranked Arcanes appearing grayed out in the Codex if you didn’t own a separate Unranked one.
*Fixed Acid Shells Mod causing Grineer Dropships to disappear. 
*Fixed missing collision in the Corpus Gas City Survival tileset.
*Fixed waypoint marking issues in the Grineer Galleon tileset.
*Fixed the Oronix remaining permanently sheathed in the Arsenal after being polarized. 
*Fixed transferring to Operator while sprinting causing inability to toggle sprinting off as Operator.
*Fixed holding down the aim button not being carried over to the Operator after Transference.
*Fixed Vazarin’s Void Aegis blocking friendly projectiles.
*Fixed Dargyns being able to spawn in cave systems during Plague Star.
*Fixed Stalker sometimes not spawning in the “Protect the Moon” mission of the Second Dream.
*Fixed excessive contrast on the Mag Ferro Skin’s Helmet FX.
*Fixed tintmask error on the Ak-Sura Syandana and applied to proper physics.
*Fixed camera facing the wrong direction when respawning, instead of the direction the player was facing when downed. 
*Fixed navigation pathing issue in the Grineer Asteroid Tileset. 
*Fixed being able to gain Shields and overshields in No Shield Nightmare missions. 
*Fixed Panthera’s Punch Through not going through enemies.
*Fixed some door materials in the Grineer Shipyards tileset to reflect their “off” state.
*Fixed being unable to Duel by setting up a shop in a Dojo and trying to Duel before closing the shop. After closing shop, players were still unable to Duel and further loss of function was possible. 
*Fixed missing Viper Wraith disposition.
*Fixed a hole in the Kuva Fortress tileset. 
*Fixed missing localization text on the Loki Prime Glyphs. 
*Fixed Razer Chroma peripheral effects not working when using a Warframe’s default Energy color.
*Fixed missing description tag in a multitude of Captura Scenes.
*Fixed a rare case of continuous hitching in the Plains.
*Fixed players being unable to load into Cetus from the Plains if a Client has run out of revives when the Host enters the Cetus doors. 
*Fixed being able to pet an invisible Venari if interacting with her immediately after exiting her upgrade screen in the Arsenal. 
*Fixed a rare crash when trying to load into a mission from the Star Chart.
*Fixed some level errors in the Grineer Settlement Artillery Captura Scene. 
*Fixed a rare crash when aborting a mission that was started via the Star Chart in a Dojo or a Relay.
*Fixed the elemental FX being rotated incorrectly on the Diva Polearm Tennogen Skin.
*Fixed not being able to capture targets in Capture missions if they fell in overlapping geometry. 
*Fixed broken reference to skeletal mesh that no longer existed on Ember’s Vermillion skin. 
*Fixed Vazarin’s Mending Soul (at max rank) applying more instant revives after Transferring in and out of Operator mode. 
*Fixed Client flashlight not turning on in certain areas in Infested Defense missions.
*Fixed Capture target not spawning in the Grineer Shipyard tileset.
*Fixed large number formatting in the Leaderboards, as reported here: https://www.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/8dr6fw/this_seems_completely_fine/ 
*Fixed Sabotage Missions not resuming properly after defeating the Grustrag Three.
*Fixed Excavators not spawning in The Archwing quest. 
*Fixed missing extraction marker for "Pursue Teshin into the Asteroid Field" from The War Within quest.
*Fixed Warframe in Arsenal rotating based on your mouse position even though you're not holding down the mouse button after switching modes (Archwing to Cooperative for example).
*Fixed drop down list extending beyond window boundaries when right clicking a name in friends list.
*Fixed falling through the map when rejoining after a Host migration during transition between the Plains and Cetus. 
*Fixed Transferring to Operator over a teleport volume in the Plains causing a black screen while the Warframe teleports back to solid ground.  
*Fixed an escapable map hole in the Grineer Galleon tileset. 
*Fixed weapons like the Opticor having its hits blocked by your companion. Also fixed the hits sometimes not taking effect if other geometry was nearby.
*Fix attempts towards a crash on load/login if you have consumables equipped. 
*Fixed being unable to rebind Deco Move Up or Down and button callouts not changing when using a controller.
*Fixed Drones not following players if they are riding on a Dargyn. 
*Fixed Operator performing a Lunaro shoulder dash animation when attempting to roll while in Void mode. 
*Fixed losing all weapons when exiting water in Grineer Sealabs.
*Fixed reflection and opaque glass issues in the Grineer Shipyard rescue tileset. 
*Fixed player animation getting stuck when quickly tapping the crouch button while sprinting and using a Bow during any quest (including Vor’s Prize). 
*Fixed a blank spot in the “view mission progress” UI after using a shard at the Eidolon Shrine in the Plains.
*Fixed the “Warframe Animation Sets” button text in the Market being misaligned. 
*Fixed a script error with Khora’s Venari. 
*Fixed a script error with Loki’s Invisibility. 
*Fixed a script error with Excalibur’s Slash Dash. 
*Fixed a script error with Titania’s Razorwing. 
*Fixed a crash that would occur when killing a Dargyn and shooting another in Archwing. 
*Fixed Baro Ki’Teer’s pants clipping through his shirt. High waisted is so 2017.
*Fixed cursor hovering below certain buttons in Options > Interface, which caused certain options to not be selectable. 
*Fixed Sentinels with the Shield Charger Mod playing “charge” effect on Operators. 
*Fixed being unable to rebind Ascend / Descend in Orbiter Decorating mode. 
*Fixed countdown tick sound still playing after loading into a Relay. 
*Fixed floor near holding cells in Grineer Shipyard Rescue missions being too reflective.
*Fixed being unarmed after exiting Archwing in “Pursue Teshin into the Asteroid Field” in the War Within quest. 
*Fixed ground texture tiling being a bit obvious in the Grineer Asteroid tileset.
*Fixed an issue with Kuva clouds not disappearing for Clients.
*Fixed an issue with Infested Swarm FX floating for Clients.
*Fixed an issue in the Grineer Kuva Fortress where you could fall through the level. 
*Fixed an issue with Articula causing a loss of functionality. 
*Fixed a level gap in the Grineer Sealab tileset. 
*Fixed Kuva Survival Catalyst pickups sometimes getting stuck in a fall-teleport loop.
*Fixed an issue where you could bypass aspects of Sabotage missions. 
*Fixed an issue with Zephyr's animations when hovering. 
*Fixed an issue with context actions not appearing during Vor's Prize when installing the Mod segment. 
*Fixed an issue where Operator customization UI could overlap with chat when scrolling. 
*Fixed numerous crashes.
*Fixed an issue where Melee hit sound FX was playing on Finisher completion. 
*Fixed an issue with meat objects at the Cetus cookout! 
*Fixed an issue where items set up for sale in Maroo's Bazaar will disappear above the player’s head when opening the pause menu. 
*Fixed Boosters showing double duration in top right after being obtained through Daily Tribute reward. 
*Fixed Knell gaining multiple procs for a single shot on Client. 
*Fixed issues with Hydroid's Poseidon Skin as per feedback. 
*Fixed Clan Tiers not increasing right away if a Barracks room is completed naturally (i.e. not by rushing). 
*Fixed Gara Splinter Storm self cast lasting a very short time.
*Fixed issue where Ivara is able to use a primary weapon while holding a Datamass. 
*Fixed a UI issue after a host migration in Sabotage missions. 
*Fixed Archwing weapons appearing in the End of Mission screen after completing a non-Archwing mission.
*Fixed Sentinel Mods appearing to be removed when viewing the Sentinel Arsenal in Cetus.
*Fixed Ospreys leaving behind their exhaust FX when killed.
*Fixed the context action FX being visible after completing the Apostasy quest in the Personal Quarters.
*Fixed a level hole in the Grineer Forest tileset that allowed you to peer into time and space.
*Fixed Titania's Razorwing using your Secondary weapon in 'Secondary Only' Sorties.
*Fixed Rivens not unveiling in Cetus/Relays if you have unread Inbox messages.
*Fixed spot loading when looking at a Grineer or Corpus Articula.
*Fixed a lingering fire FX in the Queen's Chamber in The War Within quest.
*Fixed being unable to cast Wukong's Primal Fury after giving your Secondary weapon to a Rescue Target in a 'Secondary Only' Sortie.
*Fixed missing Toxic Status FX on the Frysta Longsword Skin.
*Fixed elemental Status Effects applying to Exodia Force. Only base Damage Mods (Pressure Point) are meant to apply.
*Fixed players sometimes being unable to hear another player when using VOIP.
*Fixed Nekros being able to Desecrate already desecrated bodies or invincible bodies.
*Fixed Chroma’s Spectral Scream Energy stat on Abilities screen displaying as 0 after you've used it once. 
*Fixed Chroma’s Spectral Scream breaking if you run out of Energy while in Operator.
*Fixed the screen shake remaining when you Transference to Operator.
*Fixed a hitch in the Arsenal when selecting different Warframes.
*Fixed rare cases of Mirage’s Hall of Mirrors creating a permanently firing Opticor.
*Fixed not being able to scroll through long weapon stat lists with the Right Stick on a Controller. 
*Fixed rare cases of losing Chat functionality when loading in between missions. 
*Fixed a rare case where the Navigation panel would be empty.
*Fixed broken Onslaught End of Mission screen that resulted in having to restart the game.
*Fixed the Invati Sekhara FX not reflecting in the Arsenal. 
*Fixed ‘Reduced Gravity’ condition carrying over to the next Zone in Onslaught.
*Fixed players in the Lobby ‘Appearing to be Offline’ when inviting them from the Recent list.
*Fixed being able to place Dojo Decorations around a player and keep them as your trapped pet.
*Fixed a script error when picking up a Syndicate Medallion.
	type: Update
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Beasts of the Sanctuary: Hotfix 22.19.1
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/953077-beasts-of-the-sanctuary-hotfix-22191/
	date: 2018-05-03T17:52:02Z
	changes: Beasts Of The Sanctuary: Hotfix 22.19.1:
Fixed excessively tiled floor material in the Grineer Asteroid Onslaught tile.
Fixed crashes that could occur when leaving Onslaught due to Warframe abilities still being active when Zone gets destroyed.

*Fixed crashing when using a Warframe Specter equipped with a Zaw.
*Fixed violent flickering when the opaque part of the Mithra Syandana is offscreen.
*Fixed the glass on Gara’s Silica Helmet not breaking.
*Fixed some audio pops by reverting XAudio2 voice recycling changes 
*will investigate further!
	type: Hotfix
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Beasts of the Sanctuary: Update 22.19.0
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/952702-beasts-of-the-sanctuary-update-22190/
	date: 2018-05-02T18:30:06Z
	additions: A new Grineer Sealab Defense tile has been added to Uranus!

	changes: Beasts Of The Sanctuary: Update 22.19.0:

Chroma Thyrus Skin by StenchFury 
Chroma Graxx Skin by Faven 
Loki Erebus Skin by Vulbjorn, the graphical walrus. 
Mag Ferro Skin by Master Noob 
Mesa Marlet Skin by Cheshire and prosetisen 
Nyx Aurelia Skin by Hitsu San 
Rhino Scarab Sect Skin by Mz-3 
Volt Fulgursor Skin by Vulbjorn, the graphical walrus.

Gara Silica Helmet by Arsenal

Ak-Sura Syandana by malayu and Cobalt 
Despot Cape Syandana by Volkovyi and Sab531 
Due Volpi Syandana by Volkovyi and led2012 
Mithra Syandana by lukinu_u 
Mushussu Syandana by StenchFury 
Sovereign Syandana by BeastBuster

Lympharis Polearm Skin by lukinu_u*
*The Lympharis Skin was initially uploaded as a Staff Skin but for consistency with the TennoGen program, it has been altered slightly to be a Polearm Skin.
Khora’s Whipclaw animation has been updated to better reflect the aim direction.
Operators can no longer be targeted for Venari to Heal. This follows precedent with other Warframe abilities not being castable on Operators. 
Fixed Venari’s ability stats and passive speed buff UI appearing to be affected by Efficiency Mods. Ability Strength Mods are what applies to Venari’s abilities/passive. 
Fixed Venari’s Heal being permanently active when equipping negative Duration Mods on Khora.
Fixed not being able to see Venari’s hold indicator when switching postures. 
Fixed incorrect icon displaying for Venari’s Healing posture.
Fixed Venari script error that would occur if you're controlling the Operator when Venari respawns.
Fixed Venari not disappearing when playing an Archwing mission as Khora.
Fixed a case of Khora getting the Venari speed buff HUD icon when Venari fails to spawn.
Fixed Venari attacking you in the Simulacrum Arsenal when Friendly Fire is enabled.
Fixed Whipclaw not spreading damage across multiple Strangledomes if it hits enemies trapped in more than one.
Fixed Khora Whipclaw/Strangledome synergy not using all Mods on extra Strangledome targets.
Fixed enemies bodies being auto-destroyed when falling from Strangledome that are not going to be sliced. Enemies that get that extra Strangledome slice will be auto-destroyed.
Fixed Strangledome turning MOA enemies invisible.
Fixed a crash when Transferring to the Operator when Khora is equipped.
Fixes towards possible motion blur on Khora’s spikes in the Liset.
Fixed Khora's spikes being visible when viewing Navigation.
Removed Kuria’s from Onslaught tiles since Simaris does not allow the use of gear in the Sanctuary. 
Sahasa Kubrows can no longer dig up Resources in Onslaught.
Fixed several Host migration issues in Onslaught.
Fixed a Lua Onslaught tile having doors that appeared unlocked due to incorrect materials.
Fixed End of Mission rank being A
when aborting before a Zone has been completed.
A buff icon for Toxic Lash is now displayed so you can see the bonus (ie: after Growing Power, Energy Conversion, and other temporary power-strength buffs are applied).
Zaw Strikes Sepfahn, Rabvee, Dokram and handles Korb and Shtung now have a chance to be used in Hok's Daily Specials.
Ash can no longer Teleport to Cameras and Turrets, as it usually results in placing Ash outside of the map.
Melee head kills now count as headshots (they already counted towards the "Get 10 headshots" challenge). Face-crit-multiplier-ahoy!
Improved enemy navigation in the Corpus Outpost Defense tile.
Optimizations for memory/CPU by improving XAudio2 voice recycling.
Shortened "Warframe Animation Sets" to just "Animation Sets" in the Market category since it's redundant and crowds the box.
Reduced the casting speed of Mag’s Crush in Conclave.
Reduced the damage of Khora's Venari in Conclave.
Reduced the damage of the Dual Keres in Conclave.
Fixed avatars spawned from Warframe abilities being highlighted as enemies to their creator in Conclave.

*Fixed Operators not being able to slide/roll in some cases.
*Fixed insanely fast computers not being able to transition to Cetus from the Plains.
*Fixed Exodia Contagion's interaction with Covert Lethality, resulting in the +100 damage being applied to the projectile damage multiplier instead of the base projectile damage.
*Fixed Exodia Epidemic ground slam wave counting towards finisher damage instead of the intended explosion damage.
*Fixed Thrown weapons equipped with Power Throw scaling with the range from Wukong’s Iron Vault Augment. 
*Fixed Naramon’s Void Stalker Critical Chance buff being applied to non-Melee weapons.
*Fixed Nezha’s Reaping Chakram damage not getting doubled for every enemy hit for Clients.
*Fixed Opticor and beam weapons sometimes not being able to hit Corpus Nullifier bubbles.
*Fixed players and enemies colliding with the Nullifier's weakpoint. Thwarted no longer shall be any attempts to vertically depart that ability-bereft spherical hellscape.
*Fixed Pets disappearing after Warframe dies and Revives, even though the Pet was alive before their owner's death.
*Fixed Pets losing loyalty when they shouldn't/not losing loyalty when they should.
*Fixed a pickup prompt appearing in Simaris’ Relay Sanctuary.
*More fixes towards crashes related to XAudio2 xWma voice recycling.
*Fixed a crash where the audio device is lost and fails to initialize.
*Fixed one rare crash that could occur when audio device is lost.
*Fixed some Captura Scenes resulting in an automatic "mission failed" and booting you back your Orbiter after 15 minutes.
*More fixes towards cases of ‘Supercat’ Kavat issues.
*Fixed Sentinel customization selection not reflected in the Cetus Arsenal when hovering over them.
*Fixed Archwings using its default colors when trying to copy default Warframe colors onto Archwing items.
*Fixed coming back to the Relay from a mission/Simulacrum would pause your Kubrow, resulting in him/her standing in one place forever.
*Fixed selecting "Return to Orbiter" in the Simulacrum and then cancelling would cause you to end up in your Orbiter if you then used "Return to Relay".
*Fixed script error when switching modes in your loadout where the Warframe in the previous mode was Chroma/Nidus/Equinox and the Warframe in the new mode is Khora.
*Fixed Zaw Components spot loading when hovering over them in the Arsenal.
*Fixed Client projectiles not getting destroyed which can result in performance issues.
*Fixed ambient sounds disappearing in certain areas of Maroo's Bazaar.
*Fixed level holes in the Grineer Asteroid tileset.
	type: Update
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Beasts of the Sanctuary: Hotfix 22.18.8
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/950912-beasts-of-the-sanctuary-hotfix-22188/
	date: 2018-04-27T23:14:52Z
	changes: Beasts Of The Sanctuary: Hotfix 22.18.8:
Whipclaw will apply to and benefit from the Melee combo counter.
All enemies caught in the Strangledome will take half of Whipclaw’s attack damage when one enemy in the Strangledome is hit with Whipclaw.
Hitting an Ensnared enemy with Whipclaw will cause the living metal to propagate.
Ensnare affects multiple enemies. When an enemy is Ensnared, the living metal will propagate and pull in every enemy within range for 75% reduced duration. The living metal Ensnaring enemies will then propagate a second time to pull in another wave of enemies within range.
Procs no longer wake up Ensnared enemies.
Venari fights independently until she receives a command. Khora’s third ability (Venari) overrides Venari’s target, as indicated by the icon over Khora’s head.
Commanding Venari while in the Heal posture without a valid target will command Venari to heal Khora.
Companion mods like Animal Instinct have been fixed so they will work properly on Venari.
Venari deals Slash damage to enemies instead of Impact damage.
Ability Strength Mods on Khora now affect Venari abilities.
Changed casting animation to better reflect that Strangledome is cast from Khora’s body placement and chains now reflect custom Accent color!
Once an enemy dies in the Strangledome, they will drop to the floor, making room for new victims.
Removed the increased Efficiency drain when you hit Zone 20 in Sanctuary Onslaught and from Elite Sanctuary Onslaught when you hit Zone 14. Efficiency drain will hit its max rate in Zone 16 of Sanctuary Onslaught and Zone 15 of Elite Sanctuary Onslaught.
Added more tiers of increasingly higher level enemies in both Sanctuary Onslaught and Elite Sanctuary Onslaught:
Sanctuary Onslaught
Level 80-100 in Zone 15
Level 110-130 in Zone 20
Level 130-150 in Zone 25
Elite Sanctuary Onslaught
Level 200-220 in Zone 20
Level 250-280 in Zone 25
Removed unnecessary ice environment textures in the Grineer Shipyard Onslaught tile. 
Removed an Orokin Derelict tile from Onslaught that was too small 
this means that Zone 12 of Elite will have a new tile.
Removed an Infested Corpus Onslaught tile that was deemed unsuitable for the Simulation.
The Daily Focus limit has been increased based on the formula (will be in effect after the daily reset):
250,000 + (Mastery Rank * 5,000)
Peculiar Bloom will now spawn a max of 5 flowers per target. Flowers so beautiful they hurt ya perf.

*Fixed crashes related to XAudio2 xWma voice recycling.
*Fixed the Loki Prime Glyphs description being unlocalized.
	type: Hotfix
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Beasts of the Sanctuary: Hotfix 22.18.7
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/950089-beasts-of-the-sanctuary-hotfix-22187/
	date: 2018-04-25T21:12:12Z
	changes: Beasts Of The Sanctuary: Hotfix 22.18.7:

Player experiences and data determined that enemy scaling was broken and not consistent with game modes outside of Onslaught. A more descriptive and in-depth read can be viewed here: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/950011-sanctuary-onslaught-difficulty-changes/
Khora Blueprints have been removed from Elite rewards and replaced with Radiant Axi Relics. Other Relics have moved around rotations to fit 
see our drop-table site for full drops!
Removed the Rank 30 Warframe requirement from Sanctuary Onslaught 
remains a requirement for Elite Onslaught.
Certain Onslaught tiles now have a 20% chance of having an environmental hazard.
Increased Specimen spawns in the Corpus Gas City Onslaught tile and Grineer Fortress Onslaught tile.
Reverted the addition of more types of Grineer, Corpus, and Infested Specimens to Onslaught. More testing will be done for these Specimens and added in at a later time.
Removed more tiles that were leading to Specimen navigation issues.
Removed physical lockers and containers from the Void Onslaught tile.
Removed Simaris line referring to 'comrades' when Conduit is closing to eliminate possibility of referencing other players when running Solo.
A prompt will appear that indicates you need to have a Rank 30 Warframe (Elite) and have completed The New Strange quest when selecting Sanctuary Onslaught if you do not meet those requirements.
Quill Onkko has added a Cetus Wisp to his Offerings in Cetus. These can be purchased with Quill Standing for Architect level Tenno.
Only a maximum of 4 Mine Ospreys will spawn at any given moment.
Tweaked the Hagoromo Zephyr Skin to improve the metallicness of the metal and toned down the grime textures as requested by the creator.

*Fixes towards crashing when entering a Conduit.
*Fixed rejoining right before the Conduit materializes can prevent it from spawning.
*Fixed invulnerability not being applied/removed correctly in various scenarios of jumping through the Conduit as the Operator.
*Fixed some Onslaught tiles having permanent Fire hazards due to explosive barrels.
*Fixed Wukong’s Primal Fury adding increased Range to all Melee weapons instead of just his Iron Staff.
*Fixed initial Conduit not showing at correct size for Clients.
*Fixed minor performance issue and crashing during the ‘Protect the Moon’ phase of The Second Dream.
*Fixed Dark Split-Sword Affinity and Focus being lost when a Host migration occurs.
*Fixed Venari UI stats overlapping text when Dual Wielding.
*Fixed the Vala Sugatra Prime not attaching properly to weapons.
*Fixed a script error related to Wall Latching.
*Fixed button callout showing wrong icon when swapping Move/Look to opposite sticks when using a controller.
*Fixed Venari's loadout slot appearing in the Conclave Arsenal even if Khora is not equipped. Interacting with Venari’s loadout slot would result in a crash.
	type: Hotfix
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Beasts of the Sanctuary: Hotfix 22.18.6
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/949603-beasts-of-the-sanctuary-hotfix-22186/
	date: 2018-04-24T18:41:48Z
	changes: Beasts Of The Sanctuary: Hotfix 22.18.6:
Added more types of Grineer, Corpus, and Infested Specimens to Onslaught.
Overhauled the Onslaught Void tile by adding more Specimen spawns and improving Specimen navigation throughout the tile.
Fixed a loss of functionality when trying to launch Onslaught with a rank < 30 Warframe.
Fixed Conduit transitioning FX restarting if you enter Conduit during the final 5 seconds where screen is already auto-fading to white.

	type: Hotfix
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Beasts of the Sanctuary: Hotfix 22.18.5
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/949543-beasts-of-the-sanctuary-hotfix-22185/
	date: 2018-04-24T16:55:44Z
	changes: Beasts Of The Sanctuary: Hotfix 22.18.5:

We now give Zone rewards the moment the Conduit portal appears instead of requiring at least one player to transition through.
Fixed a crash as a result of a Conduit closing in Onslaught. 
Fixed a permanent white screen if a player revives during Zone cross fade.
Fixed issues with time still passing when playing in Solo and pausing the game. 
Fixed a loss of functionality that could occur during Zone transitions.
Fixed 'Wave Complete' appearing over End of Mission.
Potential fix for the 'white wall of fog' that would stay up between Zones. 
Possible fix for no initial Conduit spawning. 
Fixed issues with missing sound FX within the Onslaught game mode. 
Fixed the 'Repeat Last Mission' button not working with Onslaught game modes. 
Fixed Clients not receiving rewards after Onslaught mission ends due to a failed Host migration.

*Fixed Clients not seeing Khora’s Ensnare FX pulling the enemy to the main target. 
*Fixed an issue with Sepfahn Zaw part creating it's Nikana holster when used for a 2 handed grip.
*Fixed an issue with the Sepfahn Zaw part making extra cloth dangles when made into a Nikana. 
*Fixed issues with Nikana Zaws & Heavy Axe Zaws not having holster customizations. 
*Fixed an issue with Mirage's Hall of Mirror clone kills not counting towards anything.
*Fixed an issue with incorrect Skins being applicable to the Hystrix. 
*Fixed some lighting issues with the Corpus Ship Defense/Interception tile. 
*Fixed numerous missing localization strings.
	type: Hotfix
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Beasts of the Sanctuary: Hotfix 22.18.4
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/949165-beasts-of-the-sanctuary-hotfix-22184/
	date: 2018-04-23T19:06:23Z
	changes: Beasts Of The Sanctuary: Hotfix 22.18.4:
This will indeed be the first of many Hotfixes this week 
Khora will see many changes this week that we are going to start bundling together as soon as next Hotfix! Please stay tuned 
more details to come as we fight fires!

Potential fix for a deadlock that could occur between Zones.

Fixed many common crashes with Sanctuary Onslaught 
still more to go!

Fixed inbox transmissions missing from Simaris 
he recorded a selfie-video for you all but forgot to attach it earlier.

Removed a larger cap room from the Grineer Galleon as AI had pathing problems from them.

Fixed an exploit where hosts running at (intentionally) low framerate could cause the mission timer to run super slowly.

Fixes to ensure mission timer pauses once all enemies have been cleared and players are waiting for portal to appear.

Fixed an issue for Clients when transitioning through the portal, which could result in Clients not hearing music.

Potential fix for being sent back to previous room when falling into pit immediately after Conduit use.

Fixed issues with enemies spawning out of attack range on a tile.

Fixed issue with enemies getting stuck on certain ledges.

Fixed issues on Moon tile with spawns & getting stuck

Rabvee strike one handed stance polarity changed to Zenurik to match existing Stances.

Peculiar Bloom Mod can now be chat-linked!

	type: Hotfix
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Beasts of the Sanctuary: Hotfix 22.18.3
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/947977-beasts-of-the-sanctuary-hotfix-22183/
	date: 2018-04-21T13:56:13Z
*Sanctuary Onslaught Changes & Fixes:
*Fixed more cases of crashes caused by joining Sanctuary Onslaught missions in progress.
*Fixed crashes by timing issues more likely to happen on slower computers.
*Fixed enemy spawning after host migration.
*Fixed Efficiency meter draining while waiting for portal transition effects to finish.
*Fixed Efficiency Boosts not being tracked correctly when squad is split up between different zones.
	type: Hotfix
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Beasts of the Sanctuary: Hotfix 22.18.2
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/947643-beasts-of-the-sanctuary-hotfix-22182/
	date: 2018-04-20T23:19:06Z
	changes: Beasts Of The Sanctuary: Hotfix 22.18.2:
Conduits now automatically closes in 30 seconds after spawning. If you take too much of your sweet time getting to the Conduit, you will be auto-extracted with your spoils intact. This is also our intended extraction mechanism for those who do not wish to go on 
simply stay behind! 
Improved Infested spawns by adding more spawn points in the Onslaught Derelict tile (most commonly encountered in Zone 17 of this week's Elite Rotation).
Improved numerous enemy spawns to Onslaught Asteroid tiles.
Removed an Infested Corpus tile and Orokin Tower tile that contained unremovable spoils in Sanctuary Onslaught. 
Removed a white bar in the End of Mission screen for Sanctuary Onslaught summary under the "TOTAL" panel.
Fixed a crash that could occur when joining an Onslaught in progress. 
Fixes towards players getting a white screen after jumping through a Conduit.
Fixed dark Warframe lighting when standing on broken platforms in the beginning Onslaught room before you enter the Conduit.
Fixed very dark lighting in the Orokin Derelict Onslaught tile. 
Fixed Sanctuary Onslaught total wave score showing incorrect value after the first two zones.
Fixed Sanctuary Onslaught music not playing for Clients.

*Fixed a crash for Clients related to casting Khora's Strangledome.
*Fixed a crash if you Alt-F4 with split-second precision when joining a mission.
*Fixed script error when trying to trade Blooming Peculiar Mod.
*Fixed Clients suffering from a desync issue if a Host Migration occurs in the Plains. This resulted in oddly unaligned water, enemies, etc.
*Fixed script error when casting Frost’s Snow Globe inside another invulnerable Snow Globe to stack them.
*Fixed Clients rejoining a session not having their Sentinel spawn.
*More fixes towards wonky looking stretched APEX particles, mostly seen with the Jat Kittag.
*More fixes towards the Hystrix not leaving behind ‘quill’ holes when shooting surfaces.
*Fixed some water colors that were appearing a bit green.
*Fixed Rabvee playing the wrong hit effect sounds.
	type: Hotfix
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Beasts of the Sanctuary: Hotfix 22.18.1
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/947482-beasts-of-the-sanctuary-hotfix-22181/
	date: 2018-04-20T18:49:33Z
	changes: Beasts Of The Sanctuary: Hotfix 22.18.1:
Removed the Lua puzzle room tile from Onslaught. Given the spawning logic of Onslaught this would be a dramatic re-occurrence beyond our intended rarity for Forma.
Removed a Grineer Sealab tileset from Onslaught. The Submersible water volumes do not function in the Sanctuary.
Removed Crates that were dropping spoils in Sanctuary Onslaught; replaced with 100% grass fed simulation friendly standard crate spawns now.
End of Mission screen now displays ‘Elite Onslaught Summary’ when playing Elite Sanctuary Onslaught. 
Onslaught pickups will now be heard by other players when in radius. 
Fixed a plethora of crashes related to Host Migrations, Conduits, etc, in Onslaught.
Fixed Onslaught Conduits not spawning if a Host Migration occurs. 
Fixed Onslaught HUD being pre-translated into the Host's language.
Fixed Clients possibly getting stuck with Mesa’s Peacemaker active if they fall into a pit.
Fixed missing Onslaught Conduit FX transition and lingering white screen if you moved away from the Conduit as it spawned.
Fixed intro Simaris transmission not playing for Clients when initially loading into Onslaught.
Fixed incorrect End of Mission Simaris transmission when completing between 3 & 5 Onslaught zones.
Fixed missing door frames in Orokin Onslaught tile.
Blooming Peculiar Mod is now tradable.
Supra Vandal is now tradable. 
Removed unintended Operator Amp parts from Quills Offerings.

*Fixed crashes related to enemy ragdolling. 
*Fixed seeing numerous of the same TennoGen Syandana displayed as a filepath. Attempting to purchase this would result in an error.
*Fixed the Hystrix not leaving behind “quill” holes.
*Fixed seeing unowned Eidolon Shards in the ‘Focus Conversion’ screen.
*Fixed cases of post process FX not working in Captura.
*Fixed wonky Leaderboard score formatting after viewing Obstacle Course Leaderboard.
*Fixed a script error when casting Khora’s  Whipclaw.
	type: Hotfix
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Beasts of the Sanctuary: Update 22.18.0
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/947321-beasts-of-the-sanctuary-update-22180/
	date: 2018-04-20T14:27:12Z
	additions: Five new tradeable Captura Scenes 
available as Sanctuary Onslaught rewards.
Added 9 Fan Art Displays that were featured on Prime Time to the Codex!

	changes: Beasts Of The Sanctuary: Update 22.18.0:

It’s the postponed Christmas gift that keeps on giving! Revealed back on November 3rd 2017, Khora has finally clawed her way to your screens. From an originally proposed damage deviator to the now metallic Kavat wielding queen of the Strangledome, her time is now. But, she won’t come easily. For Khora and Venari have been detected in Simaris’ Sanctuary, and it’s his rules that are law there.

A balanced Zaw Strike for Nikana and Staff weapons. A steady blade for steady hands.
A heavy Zaw Strike for Machete and Hammer weapons. Measure twice, strike once... heavily.
A light Zaw Strike for Scythe or Hammer weapons. Lightweight, for flash and bite.
A two-handed Zaw Grip for measured strikes and greater impact.
A one-handed Zaw Grip for measured strikes and greater impact.
In the simulated universe of the Sanctuary, my data-immortals have fought each other countless times. Through this violence, I have studied and documented their true character. But my study cannot be complete without the power of the Tenno, the most powerful specimen in the system  — you. Your duty in this experiment is to kill as many specimens as efficiently as possible. In this chaos, the true nature of these creatures will be revealed... as will yours.”
Must complete The New Strange quest.
Talk to Cephalon Simaris at his Sanctuary in any Relay OR select Sanctuary Onslaught in the Syndicate World State Window tab.
Enter the Conduit to the Sanctuary and maintain Efficiency against increasingly difficult Specimens for 2.5 minutes.
Each Specimen you kill attributes to your overall Efficiency, with Eximus Specimens attributing more. 
Efficiency Stimulus’ are spawned per zone that each grant 10% Efficiency 
use them wisely!
Each zone after the first triggers a 45 second Focus Boost that scales in multiplier (MAX of 16x) 
kill Specimens as fast as you can!
When a zone is complete, Simaris will open a Data-Conduit to a new and harder zone within his Sanctuary.
Each week Simaris simulates a predetermined sequence of tilesets and Elite Specimens. This Onslaught is not for the leisurely, as Specimens are stronger and Simaris’ rewards for your Elite data mimic your efforts. Fight relentlessly and repeatedly until your fingers bleed 
this please Simaris.
No Gear! The Gear wheel, Specters, and Emotes are disabled in Sanctuary Onslaught and Elite. Strictly no Dancing in Simaris' world. 
Simaris demands only Rank 30 Warframes can compete in the Sanctuary.
An overuse of Warframe abilities can skew Simaris’ data. You may find he has different tolerance levels against ultimates than first abilities. You may never even encounter this rule, but if you do, know that it is only temporary. 
Each Conduit entered/Zone advanced removes current buffs, active Warframe abilities, combo multipliers, and resets Energy to the respective base level. Harder enemies from a baseline! 
The amount of Efficiency Stimulus that spawn decreases the deeper you go into the Sanctuary. Simaris is (somewhat) kind and will always spawn at least 1.
Increase your pace! The deeper you go into the Sanctuary the faster your Efficiency drops. 
Specimens do not drop real-world things like Mods/Resources in Simaris’ Sanctuary. Rewards certainly do exist, though. Focus Boons and Reward Tables (below) aplenty! We are also going to introduce a series of rewards once this launch is out 
there will be more to come!
Leaderboards are available based on overall score for both Sanctuary Onslaught and Elite Sanctuary Onslaught that Simaris will reset weekly.
2 Zones = Rotation A
4 Zones = Rotation A
6 Zones = Rotation B
8 Zones = Rotation C
Removed Excalibur’s 3 second cooldown on Radial Blind.
Removed Weekly Kills Leaderboards and Leaderboard Top 20 placement notification. Full information here: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/946652-removing-kill-leaderboard-and-leaderboard-notifications/
Improved enemy navigation in the Infested Corpus Ship tileset.

*Fixed Kuva Harvester timer sometimes staying on screen after it’s destroyed if there are 1 or more Clients.
*Fixed Host migrating while fighting the Hemocyte causing bonus Affinity to be lost for using Infested Catalysts and Eidolon Phylaxis.
*Fixed objective text disappearing if a Host migration occurred while on the 'Find the Capture target' phase.
*Fixed Frost’s Snow Globe disappearing if a large amount of damage is taken during its invulnerable phase. 
*Fixed not being able to roll while using Mesa's Waltz Augment with a controller.
*Fixed getting stuck in Decoration mode due to conflicting bindings with a controller.
*Fixed selecting Defaults when in the Customize Controller Menu sometimes resulting in broken controls.
*Fixed an issue where the Decoration Mode HUD was showing the callouts for Archwing Move up/down instead of Decoration Move up/down.
*Fixed Nezha Jinza Helmet Alerts defaulting to a Nezha Circa Helmet.
*Fixed the "place another" Decoration feature not functioning correctly if multiples of a Decoration are purchased within the Decoration function.
*Fixed minimap markers for Ayatan Stars remaining visible after pickup.
*Fixed the Focus ‘Buy Capacity’ button not updating after converting Eidolon Shards into Focus. 
*Fixed cases of APEX particles appearing to stretch and become wonky.
*Fixed changing an item you want to Trade leaving icons from previous offerings in the Trade menu.
*Fixed Sky Archwing summon sounds playing across the entire Plains regardless if near or far from you.
*Fixed missing collision in the Lua tileset.
	type: Update
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Shrine of the Eidolon: Hotfix 22.17.4
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/944966-shrine-of-the-eidolon-hotfix-22174/
	date: 2018-04-13T20:03:57Z
	changes: Shrine Of The Eidolon: Hotfix 22.17.4:
Removed unnecessary ragdoll from all the Eidolon variants, as it was only causing issues when attempting to kill it with knockdown weapons as seen here: https://www.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/8boimy/dont_let_ivara_deal_killing_blow_to_eidalon_with/
Optimized Helios' Investigator Precept: it should now find targets more than 10x faster and no longer causes periodic spikes in frame-time as high as 7ms. 
Improved performance of a few “laser beam” effects (including security cameras, Mirage's Blinding Disco Ball of Pain beams, trip lasers, etc). 
Kuva Guardians will now play their disarming animation properly, instead of having their Twin Rogga’s magically pop into their hands.

	type: Hotfix
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Shrine of the Eidolon: Update 22.17.3
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/944270-shrine-of-the-eidolon-update-22173/
	date: 2018-04-11T21:25:15Z
	changes: Shrine Of The Eidolon: Update 22.17.3:

Tenno! This week we bring you some new augments and highly-needed fixes for the PoE Plague Star experience. We will continue to deploy Hotfixes as needed... but we're getting our Whips out for something big next week...
You can now Quick Melee while Spearfishing in the Plains!
Increased Nezha’s Blazing Chakram base Damage to 250.
Ability Strength Mods now affect both Health restore and Damage (previously was just Health).
Made spawn improvements to Kuva Catalysts to avoid getting stuck in geometry or unreachable places.
Improved balance between Vomvalyst and Infested enemy spawns during the Plague Star occurrence at night.
Lephantis and Hemocyte healthbar will now move to the appropriate heads when they are being aimed at.
Opened more previously locked walls in the Void that hold item Containers.
Friends' current location/activity is now displayed next to their names in the quick invite panel (same as what is shown in the actual Communication > Friends list).
Toned down some fog effects in the Grineer Asteroid tileset. 
Improved performance issues when firing the Furis or Kohm.

*Fixes towards cases of selected Bounty disappearing or failing when transitioning to the Plains from Cetus. 
*Fixes towards the Cetus gates not opening, resulting in losing your rewards.
*Fixed missing objective markers for Host and Clients in the Kuva Fortress Mobile Defense tileset.
*Fixed Kuva Fortress Mobile Defense terminal becoming invulnerable after a Host Migration.
*Fixed marked enemies carrying Kuva Catalysts disappearing after a Host migration in Kuva Survival.
*Fixed cases of Beam weapons not correctly damaging the Nullifier Bubble.
*Fixed the Stug blowing up in your face when it is used with Mirage’s Hall of Mirrors.
*Fixed Nezha’s Blazing Chakram not displaying a Damage stat in the Arsenal.
*Fixed Wukong's Iron Staff not getting as large/buffed as it should be for Clients during melee combos. 
*Fixed Sentinel Regen Mod not resetting when transitioning back and forth from Cetus to the Plains.
*Fixed your mysterious Orbiter guest missing their body sometimes.
*Fixed Clients not seeing Exodia Force FX.
*Fixed Operators being able to give a 'secondary weapon' to Rescue Targets.
*Fixed being able to hide in areas unreachable by enemies in the Grineer Settlement tileset.
*Fixed a script error when using Itzal’s Penumbra ability.
*Fixed Warframe Conclave stats appearing inconsistent in the Arsenal.
	type: Update
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Shrine of the Eidolon: Hotfix 22.17.2
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/943833-shrine-of-the-eidolon-hotfix-22172/
	date: 2018-04-10T17:59:14Z
	changes: Shrine Of The Eidolon: Hotfix 22.17.2:
If you already wield the power of these Primes, they will remain in your Inventory. If you already hold Relics in your inventory that house these Primes, they will remain in your inventory and you may continue to play them.
Corrected some Sugatra positioning on Infested Zaws.
Updated many Glyph descriptions formatting and removed mentions of "Skin" in some.

	type: Hotfix
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Shrine of the Eidolon: Hotfix 22.17.1 -
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/942090-shrine-of-the-eidolon-hotfix-22171-221711/
	date: 2018-04-05T18:31:09Z
	additions: Added option to Return to Orbiter from the Simulacrum.

	changes: Operation: Plague Star Is Going Live On Pc April 5th 
April 17th!:
Rally your Squad and defend the Plains of Eidolon!
A mysterious meteorite has crashed just outside of Cetus revealing a horrific boil. The boil is growing and the Ostrons have sighted infested lifeforms emerging from it. We need to act now before they make their way to Cetus.
Konzu has received reports that Vay Hek possesses a toxin that can destroy the boil. But Vay Hek won’t help; he sees this infested boil as a means to rid the Plains of Cetus and the Ostrons.
We need to get ahold of the toxin and destroy the boil before it becomes unstoppable. Visit Konzu in Cetus to learn his plan for retrieving the toxin from Vay Hek.
More details can be found here:

Tweaked Inaros’ Ramses Skin material by adjusting the shaders so the colors don’t appear as muted.
Switched metal texture in the Accent slot to a more accurate metal.
Taveuni node on the Kuva Fortress now indicates that it’s a Kuva Survival as opposed to a regular Survival.
Removed a tile in the Kuva Fortress Survival tileset that had recurring spawning problems.
Fixed Life Support Towers sometimes not accepting Kuva Catalysts.
Fixed new incoming Life Support Towers sometimes overlapping Towers which were activated and had yet to disappear.
Fixed "Time" on Kuva Harvester UI only being localized to the Host's language.
Fixed Kuva Catalyst pickup and Life Support warning transmissions playing more than once.
Fixed Kuva Harvester UI overlapping and lingering on screen.
Fixed some confusing marker pathing in certain Kuva Fortress tiles.
Incoming Life Support markers now show in-world and flash, instead of on the minimap only.
The Extraction marker now shows at every rotation C for 60 seconds (as well as the original 5 mins), and when players are at Extraction and triggered the countdown.
Small Survival pickup markers no longer stick to screen edges to reduce clutter.
100k Credits for Unranked Legendary Arcane
300k Credits for Rank 1 Legendary Arcane
600k Credits for Rank 2 Legendary Arcane
1M Credits for Rank 3 Legendary Arcane
Minor changes to Zephyr Hagoromo skin that improve overall aesthetic. 
Azima, Zenistar, and Zenith will now show in your Profile.
Changed Fomorian drop rates to the following:
400 Endo                                Common (38.72%)
Imperator Vandal Barrel          Uncommon (11.28%)
Imperator Vandal Receiver     Uncommon (11.28%)
Imperator Vandal Blueprint     Common (38.72%)

*Fixed a loss of functionality when setting an enemy Articula model to ‘None’.
*Fixed cases of crashing when mounting/dismounting a Dargyn.
*Fixed being in a perpetual loading state after accessing the Options Menu when transitioning from the Plains to Cetus (or vice versa). 
*Fixed not getting rewards from Ghoul Bounties if they expired while you were still running them.
*Fixed crouching as the Operator breaking further animations in certain parts of The War Within quest.
*Fixed Ember’s Fireblast unintentionally melting Lephantis/Hemocyte heads like a popsicle in July when cast directly on top of them. 
*Fixed the Sibear being granted stacking bonuses from charge attacks and those bonuses being persistent when using a Skin.
*Fixed cases of Companions being instantly Revived by picking up a Health orb. This also fixes being able to pick up Health orbs when your Health is full and your Companion is downed.
*Fixed a Rare item spawning in a stuck location in the Void tileset. 
*Fixed the Blueprint Icon background remaining when replacing a Blueprint with Platinum in the Trade screen.
*Fixed discrepancies with highlighted Mod Polarity spots when selecting an Exilus Mod. 
*Fixed equipping the Hagoromo Helmet on Zephyr Prime resulting in her Prime details disappearing as reported here:
*Fixed enemy NPCs not taking cover unless they have an order.
*Fixed Enemy Articula size not switching to default when selecting "None" for the enemy type.
*Fixed the Corpus Nul Comba Articula missing textures and materials on the shoes.
*Fixed the camera continuing to move if you selected Push/Pull while you were in motion while Decorating.
*Fixed seeing broken UI when first opening the Gild screen. 
*Fixed a nonfunctional color slider when placing a Glyph. 
*Fixed missing controller binding icons when in Decoration mode.
*Fixed pressing ‘Enter’ when typing the MOTD not adding a new line and triggering the ‘Ok’ button, resulting in not being able to write more on multiple lines.
*Fixed Chat copying the text being written in the MOTD if the Chat window is open.
*Fixed incorrect on-screen marker positioning when using custom aspect ratios.
*Fixed the Ayatan Valana Sculpture not being centered properly on the screen.
*Fixed camera spacing discrepancies on the Operator Appearance screen.
*Fixed incorrectly tinted Syndicate icons when viewing a Syndicate Sigil.
*Fixed geometry poking through levels in the Grineer Fortress tileset. 
*Fixed an escapable level hole in the Grineer Asteroid tileset.
*Fixed wonky objective markers in the Grineer Asteroid tileset. 
*Fixed missing collision on the Orbiter ramp that could cause wonky clipping. 
*Fixed a Rampart spawning inside a tree in the Grineer Forest tileset.
*Fixed glitching out of an elevator in the Corpus Gas City tileset.
*Fixed various level holes in Grineer Shipyards tileset. 
*Fixed Teshin cinematic not triggering in The War Within. 
*Fixed various level holes on Grineer Forest tileset. 
*Fixed Companion kills/assists not tracking in the profile screen.
*Fixed TennoCon 2018 Sigil showing loc string. 
*Fixed players being able to duel themselves. 
*Fixed fog that was obscuring skyboxes on several tilesets. 
*Fixed Kuva Catalyst being endlessly teleported in one tile of the Fortress.  
*Fixed zoning (green wall showing) on Earth Spy tileset. 
*Fixed ramp in Derelict Fountain room where AI could get stuck
*Fixed unintended shell dropping sound on Telos Boltor
*Fixed several instances of the Shrine breaking if players spammed it with Shards. 
*Fixed trades failing with several types of items. 
*Fixed wall collision in a cave on Grineer Forest tileset where a player camera could clip through. 
*Fixed several nav issues on Orokin Derelict tileset that prevented AI from pathing properly.
	type: Hotfix
	description: (console players: Plague Star will be returning to PS4 & Xbox One in the future!)
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Shrine of the Eidolon: Update 22.17.0 +
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/939097-shrine-of-the-eidolon-update-22170-221701/
	date: 2018-03-28T18:49:46Z
	changes: Shrine Of The Eidolon: Update 22.17.0:

Removed cramped and maze-like Kuva Fortress tiles that felt unsuitable for an Endless Survival with an Excavation/Defense twist.
Added a repurposed Fortress Defense tile to Kuva Fortress Survival with improved enemy navigation and traversible areas. 
Improved enemy spawn flow and navigation in the Kuva Fortress Survival tilesets.
Operator Void Blast to stun, then Void Dash when stunned to disarm their Kesheg and turn vulnerable.
No stun state required. Operator Void Blast OR Void Dash to disarm their Kesheg and turn vulnerable.
Increased base Health from 300 to 400.
Slightly increased the Fire Rate of their Twin Rogga .
Guardian Health type is now in line with the rest of Grineer.
Weaker against Heat and Viral but more resistant to Gas.
Added a pulsing red glow around Kuva Guardians for a few seconds to depict when they are vulnerable (similar to the Teralyst).
Increased the Commander Switch Teleport cast time to 2 seconds instead of being almost instant, and added a casting sound indication.
Both Grineer Commander and his target will glow orange during his Switch Teleport cast.
Bullet Jumping or dodge rolling can now break you out of the Switch Teleport. Previously the only way to avoid being Switch Teleported is to kill the Commander while he is casting. 
Switch Teleport now delivers a Knockdown Status debuff after being teleported (unless Modded to avoid or minimize Knockdowns).

*Fixed Rotation A in easy Defense missions rewarding Neo B4 Relic instead of the intended Lith H2 Relic. 
*Fixed a loss of functionality for Clients that occured when loading into a mission from the Observatory if player from another Clan is in the Dojo when Observatory is constructed.
*Fixed inability to invite a member to your squad after a mission is started from the Dojo Observatory.
*Fixed joining a Fissure mission resulting in the Reactant UI counter being stuck at 0.
*Fixed cases of the Eidolon Shrine Shard context action disappearing for Clients. 
*Fixed being able to cast Warframe abilities on Pherliac Pods. 
*Fixed cases of the Teralyst literally dissolving when killed with the Acrid.
*Fixed being able to Scan objects once as a Warframe and then again as the Operator.
*Fixed cases of being Revived in Spectator Mode in the Plains.
*Fixed becoming stuck in Limbo’s Rift when attempting to enter Cetus by spamming roll while transitioning from the Plains.
*Fixed being stuck in a perpetual loading state when accessing the Options menu while transitioning from Cetus to the Plains. 
*Fixed Zephyr not entering her Bleedout state when charging up Tail Wind or hovering in the air with Tail Wind and becoming downed.
*Fixed Limbo rolling instead of dashing after dismounting a Dargyn.
*Fixed a long delay on Syndicate Medallion UI counter appearing.
*Fixed persisting muffled sound when casting Ash’s Smoke Shadow Augment as reported here: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/935041-smoke-screen-persisting-muffled-sound/
*Fixed Syndicate Syandanas not appearing in the ‘MISC’ tab of their respective offerings.
*Fixed a Storage Container in the Grineer Settlement tileset that was sunken into the ground.
*Fixed a Corpus Container in the Corpus Gas City tileset spawning in wonky locations.
*Fixed doors not rendering in the Corpus Outpost tileset. 
*Fixed rock geometry poking through levels in the Corpus Outpost tileset. 
*Fixed a teleport volume preventing Decoration placement in the Personal Quarters display case.
*Fixed not being able to edit/move Decorations placed in certain spots in the Orbiter as reported here: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/938350-cant-grab-a-decoration-which-placed-before-update/
*Fixed missing teleport volumes in the Orokin Tower Extraction Scene. 
*Fixed Blueprints displaying the objects Rank when viewed in your Inventory.
*Fixed a Grineer standing still for easy pickins’ in Vor’s Prize.
*More fixes towards Kubrows appearing much larger for Clients visiting an Orbiter.
*Fixed the Operator blocking Mod screen UI when accessing it in Cetus.
*Fixed Kavats equipped with Mischief appearing headless after a Host migration occured.
*Fixed the flag for the Corpus Corporate Flag detaching when moving it around.
*Fixed Clients getting a “Members have left” prompt when attempting to launch a mission from a Dojo Observatory.
*Fixed hearing Incubator sounds when in the Arsenal or Mod menu.
*Fixed hearing Foundry sounds when in the Foundry menu.
*Fixed Eidolon Lens Blueprints missing their ‘Conversion’ text.
*Fixed Star Chart Node information UI appearing off screen on 4K monitors.
*Fixed Arcane description being partially cut off on the last line if it extends past the text area.
*Fixed objective markers disappearing when underwater in Archwing.
*Fixed line breaks in the wrong places for Arcane descriptions in some non-English languages.
*Fixed the Trading text going outside the UI box when localized in French.
*Fixed some Emblems and Sigils being Chat linkable.
*Fixed darkly lit Archwing Arsenal.
*Fixed a script error that occured when casting Atlas’ Rumblers or when his Rumbles died.
*Fixed a script error when attempting to Mastery Rank Up while in the Syndicate screen.
*Fixed a script error when joining an invalid session by invite.
*Fixed a script error that occurred when your Sentinel died.
*Fixed a script error that occurred after failing a Rescue mission.
*Fixed a script error when modifying Chat Filters.
	type: Update
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Shrine of the Eidolon: Hotfix 22.16.5 +
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/936239-shrine-of-the-eidolon-hotfix-22165-221651/
	date: 2018-03-21T21:38:31Z
	changes: Shrine Of The Eidolon: Hotfix 22.16.5:

*Fixed Zephyr Prime, Tiberon Prime, and Kronen Prime (and their respective Relics) not having Codex entries. This resulted in the inability to Chat Link the items and their Relics if you did not own them.
*Fixed Kela De Thaym’s fight not progressing to the final boss room, resulting in her fight being incompletable. 
*Fixed crashes on some 32-bit systems caused by 100 MB of memory reserved by disabled GPU particles prototype. These crashes were predominately noticed when loading into the Plains or a Void Sabotage tileset.
*Fixed invincible Warframe and inability to Transference back to Operator as reported here: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/936145-invincible-warframe-can-not-use-transference-investigating/
*Fixed not being able to Duel as the Operator in the Dojo.
*Fixed some Ghoul Bounties only being available for 1 minute before refreshing. 
*Fixed Hoks Daily Special not displaying the weapon type in its stats.
*Fixed being stuck flying around in a Dargyn when exiting right when it is destroyed.
*Fixed hit sound playing at unexpected time for Nova’s Molecular Prime explosions and Gara’s Shatter Shield.
*Fixed Javlok throwing sound playing when equipping Mods in Arsenal.
*Fixed overlapping markers in the Advanced Plains Map.
*Fixed Warframe abilities being disabled in Dojo Duels.
*Fixed spot-loading cases when attempting to use Transference in the Dojo Dueling room.
*Fixed a rare script error that would lead to a loss of functionality in the Star Chart.
*Fixed a script error that can occur when picking up Rubble generated by Atlas' Petrify ability.
*Fixed a script error that can occur when the Rescue Target is killed.
*Fixed a script error when using Scanners (Codex/Synthesis) and Nosam Cutters.
*Fixed a crash when attempting to Duel in the Dojo.
*Fixed broken Kuva Siphon/Flood missions.
	type: Hotfix
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Shrine of the Eidolon: Zephyr Prime 22.16.4
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/935648-shrine-of-the-eidolon-zephyr-prime-22164/
	date: 2018-03-20T17:58:34Z
	additions: Added "Edit Next/Previous Camera position" buttons in the Advanced Camera Controls in Captura.

	changes: Shrine Of The Eidolon: Zephyr Prime 22.16.4:

Vauban Prime, Fragor Prime and Akstiletto Prime have entered the Prime Vault, and their Relics are no longer be obtainable in the game.
*If you already wield the power of these Primes or if you already hold Relics in your inventory that house these Primes, they will remain in your inventory.
Melee combo multiplier now applies to the radial blast of Exodia Force. This also fixes Exodia Force not scaling off of Modded Damage.
Increased Status Chance from 5%/10%/15%/20% to 5%/20%/35%/50%.
Changed Damage from 80%/100%/120%/150% to 50%/100%/150%/200%.
Changed Radius from 5/6/7/8 meters to 3/4/5/6 meters.
You can now Transference to your Operator in the Dojo!
Opened more previously locked treasure walls in the Void.
You can now add Camera Positions in between already existing Camera Positions by going into edit mode in Captura.
Removed forced full screen when Steam Big Picture mode is enabled.
Decoration Placement changes not work properly with the Steam controller.
Reduced Lotus transmission frequency in Survival missions. 
Increased Leaderboard placement icon size to be more visible.

*Fixed a UI issue where Clients appeared to deal 0 damage when attacking a Teralyst Synovia.
*Fixed a case where using Tail Wind hover and hitting a ceiling immediately causes Zephyr to remain grounded and enter hover when she moves.
*Fixed Nekros’ Soul Punch projectile not affecting nearby enemies.
*Fixed Ash’s Bladestorm ability timer not displaying ‘0’ when 0 enemies are marked.
*Fixed Zenith Alt-Fire not being able to shoot through all objects with respect to those that prevent Punch Through.
*Fixed not being able to change your Landing Craft Livery Skin as reported here: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/934168-landing-craft-livery-issues-investigating/ 
*Fixed cases of the ultimate crossover of Cetus in the Sky as reported here: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/933932-cetus-gate-is-floating-in-the-sky-investigating/ 
*Fixed squad Host being able to change selected Bounty while voting is still in progress.
*Fixed Bounty not activating if it's still being voted on before entering the Plains.
*Fixed "Cancel Mission" text appearing instead of "Clear Vote" for Hosts when voting on Bounties.
*Fixed being unable to select Upgrade or Appearance in the Arsenal when using a controller.
*Fixed enemies being able to kill you in Captura.
*Fixed not being able to navigate Captura functions with the Steam controller.
*Fixed Nidus’ Mutation not working when in the Relay Arsenal. 
*Fixed Quills’ Offerings menu resetting back to the ‘ALL’ tab after purchasing an Amp from the ‘AMPS’ tab.
*Fixed flickering Amps when selecting an Amp during Operator customization. 
*Fixed mission objective markers behaving weirdly in the Corpus Ice Planet tileset. 
*Fixed AI navigation issues near doors and stairs in the Void Defense tileset.
*Fixed AI navigation/spawning issues in the Grineer Forest Defense tileset.
*Fixed a random elevator mesh in the Void tileset.
*Fixed being unable to access the ESC Menu when accessing it from the Ayatan Treasures screen.
*Fixed a rare script error when changing matchmaking to Solo.
*Fixed a script error that broke transmissions. 
*Fixed a script error relating to Mirage.
*Edited change from Update 22.16.0:
	type: Update
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Shrine of the Eidolon: Hotfix 22.16.3
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/934023-shrine-of-the-eidolon-hotfix-22163/
	date: 2018-03-16T21:21:48Z
	changes: Shrine Of The Eidolon: Hotfix 22.16.3:
You can now dodge/roll out of Zephyr’s Tail Wind hover! This change also fixes getting locked out of all other actions for the duration of Tail Wind if a dodge/roll was initiated while charging. 
Improved enemy accuracy when attempting to attack the Void Defense Cryopod by tweaking the Cryopod target points and surrounding cover/attacking spots.
Decoration Placement Push/Pull option now uses a free in/out motion instead of using a 1m grid.
Updated Afuris description to read "reload speed" instead of "reload time".

*Fixed a rare crash that occurred when joining a Plains squad right when the Host attempts to return to Cetus.
*Fixed a script error when attempting to Decorate if you used the Dojo Architect to enter Decoration Mode.
*Fixed a script error when attempting to access the Market from the ESC menu while installing a Star in an Ayatan.
*Fixed Decorations not always rotating smoothly on the selected axis.
*Fixed leaderboard placement notification not appearing if you entered the top 20 from a lower position. (It would only appear if you were in the top 20 and then moved up)
*Fixed an issue where the cursor position (in the Ayatan installation screen) wasn't accurate for PC players when using a controller.
*Fixed grammatical text error in the Arcane Manager where it should be singular 'Warframe' instead of plural 'Warframes'.
	type: Hotfix
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Shrine of the Eidolon: Hotfix 22.16.2
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/933920-shrine-of-the-eidolon-hotfix-22162/
	date: 2018-03-16T17:57:47Z
	changes: Shrine Of The Eidolon: Hotfix 22.16.2:
Enabled custom binding of "Sprint/Roll" and "Toggle Crouch" on Controllers (but neither bound by default).
Invisibility muffle sound effects will now properly apply the Hit Notifications.
Pox will no longer play Hit Notification sounds on Damage over Time ticks.
Made the difference between head shot Hit Notifications and head shot kill sound more clear.
Operator Void Beam and Mote Amps will no longer play Hit Notification sounds to be in-line with other Beam weapons.

*Fixed not being able to pick up the Nav Segment in Vor’s Prize, thus not being able to complete the tutorial.
*Fixed crashing when attempting to provide Fish over the Standing cap.
*Fixed loading into the Plains without an open session, meaning you were left alone in that big big world with just your thoughts.
*Fixed Nekros’ Shadows of the Dead clones not attacking enemies. 
*Fixed the game having insane blur like you just dived into a bucket of Vaseline with your glasses on and then ran through a wind tunnel. At least that's, uh... what a friend told me it's like.
*Fixed not being able to rotate the camera when decorating.
*Fixed erroneous lighting patches in Vor’s Prize.
*Fixed Mandachord song previews and soundpacks being muted.
*Fixed erroneous FX on Limbo’s Stasis ability.
*Fixed the Aksomati firing sound playing when selecting/mousing over the Aksomati in the Arsenal.
*Fixed the Aranya Planter pot being left behind when attempting to remove it in the Orbiter or Dojo. 
*Fixed a clipping crate seen in the Grineer Galleon Spy tileset.
	type: Hotfix
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Shrine of the Eidolon: Hotfix 22.16.1
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/933453-shrine-of-the-eidolon-hotfix-22161/
	date: 2018-03-16T00:39:24Z
	changes: Changes:
Removed some sneaky [PH] Text.

*Fixed a number of crashes related to the Mainline deployment. 
*Fixed an issue with Dojo Polychrome not working. 
*Fixed two progression stoppers in the Ceres Sabotages mission 
*clients killing the Core or a Host Migration. 
*Fixed Fish Bait and Dye Blueprints not appearing under Fishing category in the Foundry.
*Fixed Steam FX Decoration appearing black when placing in the Dojo.
*Fixed an issue where 'Reset to Defaults' in the Options screen was not setting Gamepad Auto-detection (or Icon set) back to their default values.
*Fixed an issue where there was no Gamepad button assigned to 'forgot password'. 
*Fixed some Operator amps not properly destroying Kuva clouds.
*Fixed new/fresh Void Strike buffs not applying properly after your warframe died while the buff was active.
* Fixed decorations being a contribution option for Alliance Vault if you don't have TREASURER permission in the guild.
* Fixed Inaros specter getting stuck in casting 2.
*We also fixed HUD breakage and Plains crashes
*There are some other known issues we are working on, including Nekros' Shadows of the Dead not functioning properly as well as Vor’s Prize.
	type: Hotfix
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Shrine of the Eidolon: Update 22.16.0
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/933296-shrine-of-the-eidolon-update-22160/
	date: 2018-03-15T20:27:52Z
	additions: Added a Chat command to enable ‘Do Not Disturb’ (offline mode). Enabling this will prevent any new Private Messages and mission invites from appearing. If you have a private conversation tab active or if you initiate a private conversation, you will still be able to communicate.
Enable Do Not Disturb by typing /offline in Chat
Disable Do Not Disturb by typing /online in Chat
Added new placeable Orbiter Decorations:
Equinox Day-Form Noggle
Equinox Night-Form Noggle
Equinox Combined-Form Noggle
Ropaka Planter
Daaru Planter
Aranya Planter
Kukkura Pet Bed
You can now customize your Operator and access your Focus Trees while in Cetus! 
Added “Mission Time” to the End of Mission screen under STATS. 
Added Fishing, Amps, Zaws and Mining categories to the Foundry.
If you do not own items that are in these categories, you will not see the respective Foundry tabs.
Added FEATURES, BODY, and AMP categories to the Operator customizations options. 
Added a description to the Meditate Emote.
A pose to focus one’s mind. 
Added a slight delay on when accessing the Star Chart so you can still see your Warframe kneel before the planets come into view. 
Added confirmation dialogues to most of the options in the Warframe launcher.

	changes: Shrine Of The Eidolon: Update 22.16.0:
First, it's worth mentioning this is largely rooted in improved functionality across the board. We do plan on releasing even more updates soon with further lighting improvements and the 'Build your Own Obstacle Course', so keep checking back for that.
And now, the Remaster!
With this Remaster we've aimed to do a few things:
Give you better decorating tools.
Offer you more decorations.
Give you more functionality in the Dojo.
*Please note that the following items cannot be contributed to the Clan Vault:
All Articulas, Displays, and unique items (Neewa's Drawings, etc)
Ambulas Noggle
Stalker Noggle
Shadow Debt Noggles (Acolytes)
Kuria Statuette
Sacred Vessel
Oro Ornament
Rell’s Donda
Prominence Wisp Totem
Thousand-Year Fish Statuette
Ayatan Sculptures 
we know many of you enjoy creating monstrous creatures out of Ayatan, but we want to prevent any Endo tears from accidental non-refundable donations. Once everyone familiarizes themselves with this new 'Decorations in the Vault are permanent' we'll loosen this restriction.
Mission type and difficulty level
Planet and node
Open spots in your squad
A whole new setting called Controller Interface now allows you to have the option of AutoDetect! AutoDetect will try to detect what you're using, when you use it. So if you prefer the drag-n-drop functionality of the Mods screen, you can keep using a mouse to do that and see the regular keyboard and mouse UI, however, when you next pick up a controller and press a button, the UI will detect that and refresh to show you controller button Icons instead.
Within the Controller Interface you can also permanently toggle on/off the controller interface, which forces the UI into either regular (keyboard and mouse) mode, or controller mode (this works separately from auto-detection and Steam Big Picture mode).
Lastly, you can now choose the UI Icon set under the new setting Controller Icon Set. You can choose between XB1, XB 360, PS4, Steam, and AutoDetect (AutoDetect is essentially XB1). However, using a Steam controller will always result in Steam Icons.
Improved how precisely you can alter the Camera Duration slider (increment by 0.1 when using the arrow buttons next to the slider). This means that the minimum speed for Camera movements is now lower!
Improved optimization of Advanced Captura Mode.
The playing Camera will now stop if you decide to edit a Camera Position while it's playing.
Improvements for adding/removing Camera Positions while camera is playing in Captura.
Brilliant/Radiant Shards are not removed from player inventory until the respective Eidolon spawns.
Players can now remove their Shard after inserting it into the Shrine (until the Eidolon spawns, at which point it is removed from their inventories and consumed by the Shrine).
All Shards are removed from the Shrine and returned to Player inventories if a Host migration occurs before the Eidolon spawns.
All Shards are removed from the Shrine and returned to Player inventories if Night ends before the respective Eidolon spawns.
All Shards are removed from the Shrine and returned to Player inventories if players extract from that Plains before the Eidolon spawns.
Vomvalysts no longer drop Sentient Cores when they are auto-'killed' at sunrise. Unlike vampires, Vomvalysts are not killed by the sun, they just “go back to where they came from”.
Based on feedback we are making some changes to the intensity of Visual Effects in Warframe, especially in the context of Eidolon fights!

Reduced some visual noise/lens flares on numerous Warframe abilities.
Reduced some visual noise/lens flares on the Operator Amp explosions/melee burst.
Greatly toned down lens flare brightness and durations of Teralyst abilities (and variants)to help with visual clutter.
Improved handling of rare cases of cache-corruption that would lead to crashes on startup.
Improved hitbox sizes on the Eidolon Synovias (weak points) to make them easier to hit/target when moving.
Fixed an extra "0" damage number popping up for every instance of damage dealt to a Teralyst Synovia. Shotguns will therefore no longer shower the Teralyst with a confetti of zeroes when hitting a weak-point.
Boltor Prime Status Chance increased from 32% to 34%.
The Shard selection screen will now show you how many Brilliant or Radiant Shards you have available to convert into Focus (originally this number would only be available to you once you had selected what Shard type you wanted to convert).
Opened arbitrarily locked Void doors/walls that held Rare items. It’s been known for awhile now that the classic combination of Punch Through + Vacuum could grab these items for you, but now it’s open season for all!
Reduced the requirements for "Kill X Dargyns with a Bow" Riven challenge to bring the intended difficulty and time commitment in line with other Riven challenges.
Existing Rivens with this challenge are unaffected
Fish Bait descriptions now also indicate what time of day that the respective fish will spawn. 
Slightly changed the color of each Fishing Spear to better identify which Spear you’re equipping.
Changed the Fishing Spear Icons in Fisher Hai-Luk’s store to focus more on the Spear tip to better identify each Spear. 
You can now search for Zaws in your Inventory via their Entitled name.
Updated the look of Nekros’ Shadows of the Dead minions to help players better differentiate between them and real enemies.
Updated the Verismo Syandana and Boltor Bravura Skin material to appear more metallic (for improved reflections and highlighting) to better match the Octavia Maestra Skin. 
A special UI message is now displayed when picking up a Syndicate Medallion or Cetus Wisp (similar to Argon Crystal). 
You can now re-open the Ambulas boss doors from the outside if you’re an unlucky Tenno who got locked out of the arena cause your squad initiated the boss fight without you.
Improved Archwing camera movements to clean up issues of janky jittering. 
Removed the option to Install a Focus Lens on a Gilded Amp since a Rank 30 Amp is required for that action.
Changed the Venomous Clip Archwing Mod to reflect the same Cost and Drain of other elemental Mods for Archwing.
Removed UI Buff indicators for Focus passives that are active 100% of the time with the exception of Vazarin’s Mending Soul. 
Updated LOC for the "Vigilante Fervor" description to better describe what it does. 
Ayatans (with the same type and socket layout) placed as Orbiter Decorations can now be placed back to back as per: https://twitter.com/PabloPoon/status/966762954338250752 
Infested Ancients will now attempt to attack in more ways than just knockdowns and pulls when you’re within melee range. 
Failed Bounty squads will now be locked to prevent players from joining an already failed Bounty.
Improved Sky Archwing banking movements to reduce doing so accidentally.
You can now shoot while initiating Afterburner in Sky Archwing. 
Placing in the top 20 in a weekly Leaderboard with at least 50 entries will now show a notification about your placement!
Sentinels and their weapons will now display stats when Chat linked and viewed in the Codex.
TennoGen items are now linkable in chat! 
Nezha Dracun Skin default tints updated to lighten the dark tint and better match workshop images.
Tweaked the Mithra Mirage Skin colors to better reflect the Steam Workshop images.
Updated the Sarva Harness textures by request of the creator.
Increased the opening speed of doors in the Grineer Sealab tileset. 
Removed the ability to purchase multiple of the same Helmet/Syandana from the Market. With the changes to how Arcanes are equipped, buying multiple of the same Helmet/Syandana is not necessary. 
Updated the Vignette Bundle description to indicate it includes 2 Warframe Articulas.
The Market previews will now display your current equipped Warframe/Sentinel when viewing Armor Bundles. 
Operator Amps will now display their modular parts in the Operator Customization screen.
Improved AI navigation in the Grineer Settlement tileset. 
Improved AI navigation in the Grineer Sealab Defense tileset.
Improved AI navigation in the Grineer Galleon Survival tileset.
Improved AI navigation in the Corpus Ice Planet Defense tileset.
Improved AI navigation  in the Corpus Outpost Rescue tileset.
Improved AI navigation and cover techniques in the Lua Defense tileset.
Updated all lowercase mentions of ‘Grineer’, ‘Corpus’ and ‘Warframe’ to be uniformly uppercase across the entire game in all languages.
Updated the Elite Frontier Lancer Codex image model.
Tweaked the glow FX on the Verismo Syandana. 
Increased the number of items shown on the ‘Most Used’ list under your Profile & added the ability to scroll the list using your mouse. 
Made slight edits to the Mastery Rank up description so that it reads better.
Increased textbox width for Arcane text in Arcane Manager screen.

*Fixed crash that would occur if you left Navigation open staring at blinking unfinished nodes on your Star Chart for 7 hours.
*Fixed a loss of functionality caused by trying to simultaneously take a Companion out of Stasis and Previewing them while using a controller.
*Fixed a progression stopper in the Raptor boss fight that was caused by the Host picking up the bomb and having it explode.
*Fixed 'back' button in Advanced Camera Controls not working (ESC key still worked).
*Fixes towards Eidolon Hunt Bounties insta-failing after transitioning to the Plains from Cetus.
*Fixed Sentient Cores disappearing after a host migration.
*Fixed dealing slightly less damage to Eidolon Synovias due to obscured hitboxes. 
*Fixed replication issue preventing Clients from seeing the explosions from Hydrolyst's bubbles.
*Fixed being unable to use your Primary weapon when Transferring in-out of the Operator while holding Volt’s Transistor Shield.
*Fixed broken animations when viewing a Host remove a Cyst as a Client in their Liset. Your Warframe will now also not disappear (out of disgust?) as a Client while this happens. Sorry, Tenno 
*if you’re going to follow the Host into that room, you’re going to watch and you’re going to like it!
*Fixed Cold Status Effects (and other slowdown effects) cutting Gara's Shattered Lash Damage sweep short.
*Fixed the Ceramica Shoulder Armor not attaching on Rhino Prime with the Mastodon Skin equipped. 
*Fixed enemies getting stuck when navigating in the Lua Defense tilset.
*Fixed an escapable elevator hole in the Void and Corpus Ship tileset.
*Fixed a rare case where the Camera speed calculations could get stuck in an infinite loop in Captura.
*More fixes towards the Cetus gate opening to reveal a black abyss. 
*More fixes for numerous edge case UI script errors.
*Fixed the Warframe Arcane in the second slot not triggering if the Excalibur Dex Helmet is equipped.
*Fixed waypoint marker pathing issues in the Grineer Sealab Tileset.
*Fixed being able to deploy Sky Archwing in tight corners on the Plains, resulting in clipping into the Landscape. Players now will not be able to deploy their Archwing in these spaces if there’s a possibility of collision with the Plains’ geometry.
*Fixed an unintended teleport volume in the Corpus Ice Planet tileset.
*Fixed a core in the Grineer Forest Tileset that glowed a little too brightly. 
*Fixed seeing both your Warframe and Operator in the Arsenal when accessing the Arsenal in Cetus in Operator Mode.
*Fixed the Nosam Cutter having increased recoil when playing at a high framerate. 
*Fixed excessive bloom in the engine room of the Void during the Second Dream Quest.
*Fixed Final Boss health bar remaining on the screen if you continue to play the Wyrmius mini game after defeating it.
*Fixed a script error caused by trying to edit Camera Positions while the Camera is playing in Captura.
*Fixed inverted logic for dual weapons that alternate their firing hands that resulted in the muzzle flash not matching the animation.
*Fixed the Aksomati clip not animating while firing.
*Fixed a potential script error causing UI issues when re-entering the Plains.
*Fixed a rare crash when entering the Plains as a Client.
*Fixed Clients jumping while parrying not cancelling the parry pose on the Host or other Clients (before, you would still see the Client parrying and jumping even though jump cancels it).
*Fixed missing Liset and Landing Craft sounds when extracting from the following tilesets:
*Corpus Ice Planet
*Grineer Fortress
*Grineer Sealab
*Grineer Settlement
*Grineer Shipyards
*Fixed lingering FX after using Zephyr’s Tailwind.
*Fixed broken wall decals in Grineer Galleon.
*Fixed a script error when boarding an Orbiter.
*Fixed a potential script error that occured when being attacked by a Vomvalyst. 
*Fixed script errors caused by adding/removing Camera Positions while the Camera is Playing in Captura.
*Fixed Clients killed in a Dargyn losing the ability to move or rotate the camera properly.
*Fixed difficulties with setting values for the Speed Multiplier when the Camera is playing in Captura.
*Fixed some non-English text switching between bold and not bold when scrolling in the Market.
*Fixed black squares that would occur on rare occasions from Weapon trails.
*Fixed reload sounds not playing when applying the Solstice Skin to the Burston Prime.
*Fixed missing reflections on metal textures in the Color Key Scene.
*Fixed an outdated ‘thank you’ prompt appearing when purchasing a Loadout Slot.
*Fixed Voltage Sequence not applying to Grineer Hellions.
*Fixed Excalibur’s Radial Blind preventing recastable Abilities from being recast while active.
*Fixed jerky movement sounds when tapping forwards and backwards in the Dargyn.
*Fixed Nidus’ Virulence and Larva sometimes appearing completely black when cast.
*Fixed enemies sometimes not getting back up after being hit by Banshee’s Resonating Quake.
*Fixed enemies auto-crouching in wrong spots in the Grineer Forest Defense Tileset.
*Fixed various level holes in the Corpus Outpost tileset.
*Fixed missing objective waypoint after defeating a Junction Specter.
*Fixed unfocused zoom positioning when viewing Navigation.
*Fixed not receiving any UI feedback when successfully sending an invite for another player to board your Orbiter. 
*Fixed Clients not seeing enemies ragdolled in succession.
*Fixed being able to jump infinitely after wall clinging and mounting Ivara’s Dashwire.
*Fixed players getting trapped in the Helminth Infirmary when visiting a player’s Orbiter. 
*Fixed a script error when being attacked by certain abilities from the Gantulyst or Hydrolyst. 
*Fixed not being able to extract from the Plains if all other squad members are dead.
*Fixed Ancient Healer damage reduction Aura negatively affecting the consume rate of Inaros’ Devour.
*Fixed idle thrusters playing in Sky Archwing when just holding shift without any direction buttons. 
*Fixed invite from player in the Plains saying “invite to a game” instead of “invite to Plains of Eidolon: Free Roam”. 
*Fixed super edge case where if you held down on the left mouse button while right clicking on a name in Chat to open the dropdown list, right clicking again on another area outside of Chat would bring up that list again.  
*Fixed a couple of LOC instances where “Tenno” isn’t capitalized.
*Fixed cases of losing your Sentinel as the Host in the Plains.
*Fixed spawning at the beginning of a Corpus Gas City mission if you roll into an elevator before the door closes but after the elevator has already left. 
*Fixed Nyx’s Mind Control affecting the Stalker and causing him to walk around like he lost something. 
*Fixed door to extraction not opening in Rescue missions in the Grineer Galleon tileset.
*Fixed “you need to enable in settings first” error message in Captura when attempting to turn off Depth of Field with it disabled in your options. 
*Fixed error message in Captura when attempting to change the Filter from Neutral with Color Correction disabled in Options. 
*Fixed incorrect icons on Grineer Sealab tileset doors in small dead end rooms.
*Fixed some cases of enemies continuously rushing to and away from Defense targets.
*Fixed getting stuck flying in the air when attempting to exit a Dargyn as it is destroyed.
*Fixed the Grustrag 3 targeting enemies instead of the player when spawned with Beacons in Corpus/Infested missions. 
*Fixed a level hole in the Plains.
*Fixed some collision and holes in the Personal Quarters.
*Fixed the Ceramica Bundle description to match the correct names of the Skins.
*Fixed the hit boxes on Ambulas' two leg packs to disable when those parts are destroyed, stopping players from hitting it while shooting the empty space where those packs used to be.
*Fixed shoulders looking droopy on non-Octavia Warframes when using Narta Emotes.
*Fixed missing objective text in The New Strange quest. 
*Fixed Cernos Prime’s vertical spread not using equipped arrow Skins. 
*Fixed UI icons in several locations not appearing with proper shaders.  
*Fixed selecting existing Decorations immediately changing the placement position. 
*Fixed input conflict with “push to talk” causing Decoration snap to surface not working for some people. 
*Fixed being able to select a Decoration placed on a wall in an adjacent Orbiter room.
*Fixed a potential script error when unlocking Lockers as a Client. 
*Fixed an invisible blocking volume in the Corpus Ice Planet tileset as reported here: https://www.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/83f53j/invisible_object_right_where_the_red_square_is_in/ 
*Fixed rogue teleporting volumes that resulted in players getting stuck in an endless teleporting loop in the Corpus Ice Planet tileset. 
*Fixed numerous outdated weapon descriptions.
*Fixed ability to teleport/dash forward when performing certain movement combinations in Conclave.
*Fixed being unable to equip the Excalibur Dex Helmet in Conclave.
	type: Update
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Shrine of the Eidolon: Hotfix 22.15.1
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/931023-shrine-of-the-eidolon-hotfix-22151/
	date: 2018-03-08T20:29:51Z
	changes: Shrine Of The Eidolon: Hotfix 22.15.1:
Filter Depth is now also affected when ‘Interpolate Visual Effects’ is enabled.
Removed an un-advertised Duration from Magus Replenish 
the healing on the Operator will now be instantaneous according to the % in the description of the Arcane.
Slightly adjusted the hand position when holding the Pandero Ceramica Skin to make it sit nicer in the Warframe's hand.
Improved enemy ‘cover’ tactics when attempting to seek cover in a Defense mission.
Improved performance when attempting to use a context action.

*Fixed Zenurik's Void Singularity pulling in friendly NPCS, instead of just enemies.
*Fixed Arcane Acceleration applying to all Primaries when it should just be Rifles.
*Fixed floating clip when reloading the Pandero equipped with the Ceramica Skin. 
*Fixed numerous edge case UI script errors.
	type: Hotfix
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Shrine of the Eidolon: Update 22.15.0
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/930667-shrine-of-the-eidolon-update-22150/
	date: 2018-03-07T21:04:32Z
	changes: Shrine Of The Eidolon: Update 22.15.0:

Arcanes will now appear as "EQUIPPED" if already equipped on the Warframe/Operator/Amp/Zaw that is currently being modified.
The Arcane name and Rank will appear on the same text line in the Trade confirmation prompt.
Removed Arcane slots when in the Conclave Mode of the Arsenal.
Fixed the Arcane Manager in Relays appearing empty. 
Fixed not being able to trade the same Arcane at different Ranks at the same time.
Added an error message when you try to place more Text objects than the maximum limit of 5.
Added error message when you try to place more Camera Positions than the maximum limit of 200.
You can now precisely select the amount of time it takes for the Camera to transition between two points by changing the Duration per Camera Position. 
When the Camera is playing, the Duration option is replaced with a global 'Speed multiplier' option.
Significantly increased the distance at which placed Text can be seen.
Fixed saturation UI not remembering settings when switching between Normal/Advanced controls.
Fixed Filters not working for Clients after switching between Advanced Camera and Normal controls.
Fixed not being able to initially see the chosen Filter when Filter Depth is enabled.
Fixed Filter Depth/Opacity being available with the Neutral Filter when switching between Normal and Advanced Camera settings.
Fixed 'Detach Camera' preventing Camera movement while still in settings/Camera paused mode.
Fixed Suda's Datascape Scene displaying the quest Leaderboard and the walls not dissolving.
Excavators will no longer take Power Cells if BOTH Shields and Power are full as to not waste valuable Power Cells.
Excavation UI displays 'Power: FULL' when the Excavator no longer needs more Power Cells to run to completion.
All Lotus transmissions will appear on the right side of the screen as to not obscure the Excavation UI.
Added a subtle blue Shield charge FX (similar to Warframe Shield charge FX) to the Excavator when its Shields are recharged by a Power Cell.
Grineer Sealab doors now displays a distinctive Icon to indicate it needs to be hacked in order to proceed.
A special UI message is now displayed when picking up Tellurium, or any of the Eidolon Shards (similar to Argon Crystal). 
The Simulacrum Mimeograph now saves your previous settings. Example, if you spawn 20 Level 50 Moas on your last visit, you will see the same settings saved and at the ready when you return!
Changed the "TERPISCHORE NARTA" to the correct spelling of "TERPSICHORE NARTA".

*Fixed rare cases of the Cetus gate opening to a black screen (proceeding through would still teleport you to Cetus).
*Fixed the Gene-Masking Kit from Master Teasonai offerings and the Hyekka Gene-Masking Kit in the Market not giving you the actual Fur Patterns.
*All accounts that were missing the above Fur Patterns will have them in their inventories upon login! 
*Fixed enemies Petrified from Atlas’ Rumbler cast/Path of Statues Augment not dropping Rubble when killed.
*Fixed Ash’s Smokescreen ending while in Operator causing sounds to be perpetually muffled when Transferring back to Ash.
*Fixed Harrow’s Penance not giving Health for damaging Eidolon Synovias.
*Fixed a script error when a Host migration occurred in The Index that resulted in the Timer not progressing. 
*Fixed misleading Status Chance over 100% for Beam weapons in the Arsenal Stats. This was due to recent Beam weapon Status Effect changes that now have a chance to Status proc for every tick of the weapon's Damage (based on Fire Rate), instead of only ticking once per second. 
*Fixed Beam weapons not correctly damaging the Nullifier drones (they correctly damaged the Corpus inside and the bubble, but not drones).
*Fixed a Corpus Rover sometimes appearing in Corpus Ice Planet Sabotage that resulted in breaking the UI.
*Fixed some bad marker pathing in the Corpus Ice Planet and Grineer Ocean Sabotage tilesets.
*Fixed negative Mod capacity displayed after Gilding a Zaw. 
*Fixed Mod Polarity matching giving a false positive for Exilus slots.
*Fixed changing Sentinels in the Simulacrum Arsenal not functioning properly.
*Fixed Gear item (Energy, Health, etc) Restores not appearing when placed on elevators.
*Fixed Kubrow Armor not appearing on Helminth Chargers with Drahk Skin equipped.
*Fixed Helios' Detect Vulnerability precept not applying the Damage multiplier on enemies seated in mounted guns or Jesters riding Kuva Guardians.
*Fixed cases where Helios began vibrating when equipped with the Investigator precept. 
*Fixed numerous hitches that would occur when killing enemies on the Plains of Eidolon.
*Fixed the Mandachord FX overpowering Octavia’s arm FX.
*Fixed sometimes crashing when mounting the Dargyn.
*Fixed Synthesis Targets spawning in The War Within quest. 
*Fixed extra Melee slam sounds playing a few seconds after completing a Melee slam while Mirage’s Hall of Mirrors is active.
*Fixed headshot and kill sounds being occluded during Loki’s Invisibility and Ivara’s Prowl abilities. 
*Fixed missing Gunsen finisher sounds.
*Fixed Octavia missing her skirt in her Maestra Collection diorama.
*Fixed not being able to search for Warframe Augments Mods by Warframe name in the Syndicate Offerings screen. 
*Fixed Kubrows appearing much larger for Clients when visiting another players Orbiter.
*Fixed Leaderboard text titles not breaking into two lines if it exceeds the UI box.
*Fixed some non-English Mod descriptions having broken format. 
*Fixed an unaligned symbol in the Orbiter's Transference Room.
*Fixed some escapable geometry holes in the Liset.
*Fixed the Arsenal mesh being misaligned with the floor as reported here: https://www.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/81ebzz/i_will_never_again_use_the_arsenal/. We apologize for this understandably unplayable bug.
*Fixed the Void Sabotage Cache also being misaligned with the floor as reported here: https://www.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/821c7g/just_when_you_though_it_couldnt_get_worse_this/.
*Fixed a script error when attempting to replace a Mod with an Arcane in the Trading screen.
*Fixed getting Oro from killing yourself with the Glaive in Conclave.
	type: Update
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Shrine of the Eidolon: Hotfix 22.14.2
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/928851-shrine-of-the-eidolon-hotfix-22142/
	date: 2018-03-02T20:17:40Z
	changes: Shrine Of The Eidolon: Hotfix 22.14.2:
When Upgrading an Arcane, you can now specify to what level you want to Upgrade it to.
When Upgrading an Arcane, you can now do multiple Ranks in a single operation.
The ‘NEXT RANK’ button will appear grayed out if you do not have the required amount of Arcanes to proceed to the next rank.
Changed the Arcane Rank indicators to be Arcane icons instead of numbers.

*Fixed a crash that occurred when returning to Cetus after acquiring an Arcane.
*Fixed a crash that occurred when in the Dojo or a Relay.
*Fixed being able to equip a single Magus into both Arcane slots on your Operator. You must own more than one copy of the Magus in order to do so.
*Fixed Atlas only getting 50 Rubble from Petrified enemies when it should be 75.
*Fixed a case where you could equip 3 Arcanes on your Warframe.
*Fixed Beam weapons not doing damage if you ran Warframe at roughly 10 FPS or less.
*Fixed Beam weapons not being able to damage enemies affected by a crowd controlled Warframe ability for Clients.
*Fixed the UI locking up when equipping an Exodia on a Zaw.
*Fixed the UI locking up when Upgrading your Warframe and then changing your currently equipped Arcane to "none".
*Fixed Boltor Bravura Skin spawning multiple clips during the reload animation. 
*Fixed Clients seeing incorrectly sized Pets when transitioning from Cetus to the Plains.
*Fixed commas removing placed text in Captura.
*Fixed ability to escape below the level in the Grineer Shipyards Spy tileset.
*Fixed Moa’s getting stuck in Corpus Outpost doorways as reported here: https://www.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/80hdmt/bug_this_door_on_a_corpus_survival_on_venus_is/
	type: Hotfix
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Shrine of the Eidolon: Hotfix 22.14.1
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/928419-shrine-of-the-eidolon-hotfix-22141/
	date: 2018-03-01T21:50:39Z
	changes: Shrine Of The Eidolon: Hotfix 22.14.1:
The Boltor Bravura Skin now has its own custom reload animation! 
Operators (if Transference has been used at least once) now receive Affinity for each Synovia of the Teralyst/Gantulyst/Hydrolyst destroyed. Our intentions here are to help with leveling up Operator Amps.
Increased the amount of Affinity you earn from killing Vomvalysts by 5x to help Operator Amp leveling. 
A popup warning will appear in the launcher when Cache Optimize cannot complete due to lack of disk space. 
Polished up some Narta shoulder animations.
Updated Healing Return Mod to read: "Healed by X for each status type affecting the target hit".

*Fixed missing reload sounds for the Boltor Bravura Skin.
*Fixed some in-progress Trial Keys not being removed.
*Fixed missing Druk Instruments. If you owned these before they disappeared, they will reappear in your Mandachord!
*Fixed rotating Octavia before entering the Mandachord resulting in the Mandachord not displaying correctly and parts of the Orbiter clipping into the UI.
*Fixed Leaderboard list UI overlapping after scrolling the Leaderboard menu, selecting a category, then returning to the Leaderboard menu.
*Fixed incorrect UI when purchasing Hok's daily Zaw special.
*Fixed a script error when Gifting through the Arsenal.
*Fixed a potential script error when using the Opticor.
*Fixed a script error when attempting to Gild a Zaw.
*Fixed a script error that would cause Clients to be unable to see/use Captura settings when paused.
*Fixed a crash when entering the Foundry.
*Fixed a crash related to waypointing.
	type: Hotfix
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Shrine of the Eidolon: Update 22.14.0
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/928296-shrine-of-the-eidolon-update-22140/
	date: 2018-03-01T18:20:15Z
	additions: Added 6 new Narta Emote from the Maestra herself!
Manibus Narta
Degage Narta
Noble Narta
Terpischore Narta
Cruzar Narta
Systole Narta
Added 7 new Captura Syndicate Scenes:
Lua Nursery Scene (Arbiters of Hexis)
Corpus Ice Planet Wreckage Scene (Cephalon Suda) 
Grineer Shipyards Manufactory Scene (New Loka) 
Corpus Gas City Conduit Scene (Perrin Sequence) 
Infested Ship Bridge Scene (Red Veil) 
Grineer Settlement Reactor Scene (Steel Meridian)
Orokin Derelict Plaza Scene (Cephalon Simaris)
Added FX to Hema headshots to give it a nice leechy feel!
Added a pulse FX on player arrow (YOU!) upon opening (and every 5 seconds after) the Advanced Plains Map. 
Added the Filter Opacity slider to Displays.

	changes: Shrine Of The Eidolon: Update 22.14.0:

Submissions for Octavia Augment ideas is now open to all! We are asking the bonafide Mandachord experts out there to show the Devs their design chops here:

It’s time to live your Guillermo Del Toro cinematic dreams with the new Advanced Captura Tools! Slow it down, speed it up, interpolate visual effects and more to make YOUR OWN Hydroid Prime trailer! The possibilities are 200 Camera positions wide and full of text that we know you’ll make a meme out of.

Place up to 200 Camera Positions, adjust Camera Speeds, and more.
Place up to 5 in-world Text lines (30 char limit per line), with the option to change text color as well.
Added a Cinematic Mode button that removes UI, plays Camera track, etc. You can return to the Captura menu by pressing ESC. 
Added Lotus Glow and Edge of Shadows filters.
Added Filter Opacity and Filter Depth sliders for filters.
These options will appear disabled if your Filter is Neutral.
Change the Time of Day and Rain volume in the Plains of Eidolon Scene (applies to each Camera Position).
Moved the Filter option to the top of the list so it doesn’t go offscreen, making some Filters unclickable.
Also worth noting that you can still host an 8 player Captura simply by inviting 7 other players once you’ve loaded into Captura. The Trials lobby is no longer needed!
If you need an Arcane refresher, this spoiler is for you!

Upon logging in, all Arcanes installed on Cosmetics/Helmets will be Distilled because Arcanes can no longer be installed on Cosmetics/Helmets.
Old Legacy Arcane Helmets will keep their Arcane installed but you can not equip the Legacy Arcane Helmet on a Warframe with 2 Arcanes already installed.
Arcanes can only be installed on your Warframe, Operator, Operator Amp, or Zaw.
You can install 2 Arcanes per Warframe and per Operator.
You can install 1 Arcane on Operator Amps and Zaws.
You can now trade Upgraded Arcanes!
Arcanes have received a visual overhaul! Arcane Rarity now matches the style we use on Mods and Relics. Hopefully this is a much clearer representation of their Rarity than before: 
You can now search/sort within the Arcane Manager screen.
You must be at least Mastery Rank 5 or have an Arcane owned if below Mastery Rank 5 to install an Arcane.
Fixed Beam weapons not being able to damage enemies (alive but in a ragdolled state) when being affected by certain ‘crowd control’ Abilities.
Damage now ramps up over 0.6 seconds and after moving off target there is a delay of 0.8 seconds before it starts to decay over 2 seconds.
All Beam weapons now start their Damage ramp up at 20% (instead of 10%) with the following exceptions:
Primary fire starts at 60%.
Alt fire starts at 80%.
Starts at 70%.
Starts at 30%.
The Multishot chance should now apply more consistently with Beam weapons.
Weapon Range Mods (like Sinister Reach) no longer affect the distance of chains for chainable Beam weapons (like the Amprex). Main Beam distance is still affected by them.
Fixed Beam weapons continuously firing when quick Meleeing.
Chain Range increased from 7.5m to 10m.
Damage reduced from 24 to 22.
Range increased from 20m to 24m.
Mag size decreased from 60 to 40.
Chain Range increased from 4m to 7m.
Increased Range from 20m to 27m.
Increased Damage from 18 to 20.
Tweaked Flux Rifle controller rumble on recharge.
Endless Excavation missions now display ‘Digs Completed’ instead of ‘Total Cryotic Excavated’. The number of ‘Digs Completed’ is what counts towards the tiered Rewards in the Endless modes, and this change saves you some mental math! 
You can still see the total Cryotic Excavated on the Mission Progress screen.
Upon mounting a Dargyn, your Warframe will now become ‘invincible’ and enemies will attempt to destroy the Dargyn first instead of you.
Removed the ability to mount a Dargyn during Transference. Although this resulted in an amazing bug where a Warframe would fly away in the Dargyn and do work while you watched from your Operator on the ground, it’s not intended! 
Removed dust FX on idling Dargyns.
Fixed not exiting Archwing mode when mounting and dismounting a Dargyn when Archwing is active.
Fixed being unable to place a waypoint when driving a Dargyn. 
Fixed exiting a Dargyn reviving your Sentinel.
Fixed AI/Sentinels attacking unmanned Dargyns, which destroyed your hope of mounting one before you got the chance.
Fixed Dargyns passing through the Plains barrier wall.
Fixed not receiving a Corrupted Mod from opening the Orokin Vault if you extract after 10 minutes of an Orokin Derelict Survival mission.
Fixed Mirage not gaining Warframe Affinity when getting kills with her Hall of Mirrors clones. 
More fixes towards reducing max Ammo Mods affecting the Hema Ammo pool leading to incomplete clip reloads.
Fixed getting knocked down while firing a Gunblade weapon (Sarpa, Redeemer, etc) resulting in the weapon no longer firing rounds and the firing audio being incorrect.
More fixes towards the Commander not spawning in Assassination Bounties.
Fixed enemies spawning on the wrong side of the portal in the final stage of The New Strange quest.
Fixed Mesa's Ballistic Battery ability's interaction with Beam weapons to behave like other weapon types: the Damage bonus is now only applied to one Damage hit, but it is not affected by the Beam weapon ramp-up and always applies full Damage.
Fixed Atlas’ Rubble not having any physics, which resulted in Rubble floating in the air if that Petrified enemy died there.
Fixed Ash’s Shuriken applying numerous Slash Status Effects to every enemy (even ones not hit) if in a group together (using Ferrox’s Alt Fire to group enemies closely). 
Fixed Zephyr's Tornados remaining indefinitely if player goes into a bleedout and then self Revives.
Fixed markers for Lures and player placed markers sometimes being hidden when there's too many markers on screen.
Fixed Arcanes not listing Teralysts (+ variants) as drop locations, and vice versa. 
Fixed Clients entering Archwing while quick-meleeing causing weapons locking up until animations are reset.
Fixed Teralyst fight session not locking after the first Synovia has been destroyed when not in the Teralyst Hunt Bounty.
Fixed instances where you shouldn’t have been able to use Transference.
Fixed spamming Transference at the Cetus gate turning you invincible. 
Fixed potential script error when entering the Plains with a scoped Primary weapon (e.g. Sniper Rifles).
Fixed Appearance and Upgrades resetting to your ‘A’ loadout even if you had ‘B’ or ‘C’ loadout selected previously. 
Fixed Clients not seeing markers on Shield Generators in Archwing Pursuit mission. 
Fixed the Solida Syandana not having a spinning animation as intended.
Fixed not being able to use Finishers or ziplines in Captura.
Fixed missing fire FX when using the Ignis/Ignis Wraith with Blast Damage.
Fixed rebinding a key to ‘Open Chat’ resulting in incorrect colored button hint.
Fixed players being able to hear Vectis/Vectis Prime zoom in/zoom out sounds from other players' weapon.
Fixed a script error when equipping a Pet in the Relay Arsenal then trying to Upgrade said Pet.
Fixed Rescue Targets, Specters, and Pets who attempt to follow your wall climbing, being stuck mid-air if becoming downed in the middle of such movements.
Fixed not being able to climb over ledges while sprinting.
Fixed blurry Elevator control consoles in various Grineer tileset.
Fixed ‘ARMOR’ not being localized in Atlas’ custom HUD.
Fixed missing Cycron ‘charge complete’ sound. 
Fixed the Gunsen playing equip sounds during Combos.
Fixed the Sell/Dissolve Mods screens displaying full stack count instead of the selected amount. 
Fixed some Chat linkable items not having descriptions.
Fixed Void tileset images appearing when hovering over Orokin Derelict nodes in the Star Chart.
Fixed AI getting stuck in a low ceiling area in the Grineer Forest tileset.
Fixed clipping of Corpus Gas City Defense tileset guns.
Fixed an escapable level hole in the Grineer Forest tileset as reported here:
Fixed incorrect values in the World State Window when exceeding your Simaris Synthesis Task.
Fixed capitalization discrepancies in the World State Window for Simaris’ Synthesis Task.
Fixed text getting cut off in the Operator Amp stat screen.
Fixed adding waypoints in the Advanced Plains Map when the mouse/key was not pressed with the Advanced Map open.
Fixed Long Warframe names clipping with the Focus passive UI icon. 
Fixed the Bounty Reward text exceeding the UI box.
Fixed seeing a UI blur when taking screenshots with the UI disabled.
Fixed typing in the Mods Console search bar resulting in flickering text.
Fixed context action icons being misaligned. 
Fixed a script error when casting Bladestorm as Ash Prime.
Fixed a script error when casting Gara’s Mass Vitrify ability.
Fixed a script error when casting Chroma’s Spectral Scream ability. 
Fixed a script error when casting Zephyr’s Tail Wind ability.
Fixed a script error when Mesa’s Peacemaker is cast by NPCS (Specters).
End point of Ignis weapons are now 1m from 3m in Conclave.
Ignis magazine capacity reduced to 30 in Conclave.
Ignis Wraith mag capacity reduced to 40 in Conclave.
Spectra magazine capacity increased to 30 in Conclave.
Amprex magazine capacity reduced to 40 in Conclave.
Glaxion magazine capacity reduced to 30 in Conclave.
Nukor ammo capacity reduced to 60 in Conclave.
Synapse damage reduced from 19 to 18 in Conclave.
Synapse magazine capacity reduced from 30 to 25 in Conclave.
Embolist ammo capacity increased to 50 in Conclave.
Synoid Gammacor damage reduced from 20 to 19 in Conclave.

Removed the mission preview screen from Dark Sector nodes occupied by Clans. This screen was removed in preparation for the new Dark Sectors, and to help new players who were confused by what they were clicking on. You’ll have your time in the sun again, Taylor Swift.

	type: Update
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Shrine of the Eidolon: Hotfix 22.13.4
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/925435-shrine-of-the-eidolon-hotfix-22134/
	date: 2018-02-22T22:25:01Z
	changes: Shrine Of The Eidolon: Hotfix 22.13.4:
Increased the Beam weapon Damage ramp up time from 0.8 to 1 second.
Fixed Beam weapon Damage ramp up not happening per target.
Convectrix Alt Fire beams now continuously sweep back and forth.
Fixed the Convectrix showing different Ammo types between fire modes. (Alt-fire is now using Shotgun shells like Primary fire)
Fixed Convectrix beams visually crossing each other.
Panthera Alt Fire now consumes 1 Ammo instead of 4.
Fixed the Panthera Alt Fire consuming Ammo when hitting surfaces other than enemies.
Right analog stick now controls Map zoom.
Left analog stick now controls Map pan.
Defense from 10 waves to 5 waves
Survival from 10 minutes to 5 minutes
Interception from 2 rounds to 1 round
Excavation from 1000 Cryotic to 500 Cryotic
Improved and enhanced audio feedback when hitting enemies with Beam weapons.
Improved Eidolon Lure following/positioning logic to prevent them getting right up in your face and disrupting your view.
Swapped the mesh of the Gantulyst dome Shield to solve collision issues with certain projectile types when shooting inside.
Enabled near culling on Eidolon bushes to reduce visual clutter during combat. You will now notice foliage fading from view when in the thick of it.
Disabled special Idle animations when customizing your Warframe Appearance in Arsenal. If a special animation is running when you enter the Appearance screen, it will continue until it's done and further special idle animations will not be played.
Removed the “while sliding” and “undetected” requirement for the "Kill X Dargyns with a Bow" Riven challenge to alleviate some frustrations. Any existing challenges with this requirement will revert into one without it.
Drivable Dargyns that are commandeered by Pilots now count towards the "Kill X Dargyns with a Bow" Riven challenge.
Restored the weapon trails that were removed from the greatsword/heavy blade Tennogen skins.
Picking up a Cetus Wisp will now display the same special UI message like when you pick up an Argon Crystal.
The Solida Syandana now has a visual ‘barrel spin’ animation.
Changed Archwing Pursuit rewards to be one static drop table instead of rotations that never really functioned.
Reduced the Damage of all Beam weapons in Conclave.
Reduced the Damage of the AkJagara in Conclave.

*Fixed losing gained Affinity on your Pet/Sentinel if you leave the Plains as the Operator.
*Fixed Arcanes working inconsistently on Exalted Abilities (Excalibur’s Exalted Blade, etc) or Weapon Abilities (Titania’s Razorwing, etc).
*Fixed Sentients encountered in Octavia’s Anthem quest dropping unintended rewards. Only Sentients encountered in normal gameplay situations are intended to drop rewards like Sentient Cores, Mods, etc.
*Fixed not respawning in The Index if you die just as the Wager is met as reported here: https://www.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/7z6o6j/permament_death_in_index_bug/  
*Fixed losing your Credit investment in The Index if you win the match but don’t meet the Wager target. It now matches the UI description as reported here: https://www.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/7z6mmg/fix_the_in_game_description_on_the_index/
*Fixed the Panthera Primary Fire displaying fall-off damage stats in the Arsenal when the projectile doesn’t actually have fall-off damage.
*Fixed Ammo not being consumed when reloading the Strun and Transferring to the Operator simultaneously. 
*Fixed some issues reported with the Hema Ammo mechanic. Essentially increasing Clip size Mods or reducing max Ammo Mods would affect the Ammo pool leading to incomplete clip reloads. Also, the Ammo pool could get into a bad state if you were knocked back/down while in the reload animation.
*Fixed Focus Lens icons not displaying the respective Focus symbol inside the Lens.
*Fixed overlapping UI popup when collecting rewards dropped from the Teralysts. 
*Fixed Melee weapons that are lit with an Elemental FX appearing to have hard visual edges (commonly seen in dark lit environments like the Orokin Derelict).
*Fixed cases where customizing your Warframe Appearance in the Arsenal can cause the Warframe to leave the unarmed state.
*Fixed some TennoGen items having a giftable option in the Market. Upon selecting this it would fail and not charge you the respective Platinum.
*Fixed cases where the Tarna Planter Decoration would disappear.
*Fixed Pigments not appearing when attempting to search them in the Inventory menu.
*Fixed the Chat cursor falling behind or forward if text is scaled above 100.
*Fixed a script error while in Captura.
	type: Hotfix
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Shrine of the Eidolon: Hotfix 22.13.3
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/924885-shrine-of-the-eidolon-hotfix-22133/
	date: 2018-02-21T20:18:33Z
	changes: Shrine Of The Eidolon: Hotfix 22.13.3:
Beam Weapon behavior was originally changed to help with performance but as we've made optimizations to the game over time, we can return them to their original status of hitscan weapons with pinpoint accuracy and zero recoil. Or at least we think we can.
Perfect accuracy and high fire rate is balanced by limited range and damage ramping up from 10% to 100% over 0.8 seconds when firing and decays back to 10% over 1 second after stopping. To help with ammo economy, Beam Weapons consume 0.5 ammo per trace 
unless they are Flamethrowers.
Once this launches (hopefully this week on PC), we're hoping for some practical feedback on the changes and your thoughts! It's a bit tricky to grasp the behaviour changes on paper, but in practice it's something you'll be able to detect quickly. Please bear that in mind when replying 
practical feedback will be the needle mover for any tweaks to come.
With such a huge change in behavior, comparing new stats with old is like apples to oranges so they are presented on their own below from our designer:
Beam weapons now state "STATUS" instead of "STATUS / SEC" in the Arsenal because they can now Status Effect more than once per second (like all other weapons).
The Flux Rifle has a new battery charge up and fully charged sound to go with it’s beam rework!
Minor tweaks to reload timing on Glaxion and Gammacor.
Tweaked the Synapse beam to better represent it’s Corrosive Damage.
Currently Multishot Mods do not increase Status chance. Multishot works like all other weapons except the affect is in the same spot as the base occurrence. We are monitoring this closely!
Cernos Prime Alt Fire is now silent as intended.
Increased the Fire Rate of the Zenith's Alt Fire.
Made the additional projectiles of Talons and Castanas from Multishot spread in a more uniform/predictable pattern.
Enabled weapon hit notifications for all projectile based weapons. A visual and audible example can be seen here from Devstream #106: https://clips.twitch.tv/GrotesqueElatedStingrayMcaT
Map can now be panned halfway off screen
When opening Advanced Map, the player position will be centered on the screen
The controller reticle will no longer be movable, instead the right analog stick will pan the Map around
Left analog stick now controls Map zoom
Panning leeway will now scale with zoom level (so the Map can't be dragged far beyond the panning limit when zoomed in too much)
Increased the Endo awarded by Simaris’ Daily Synthesis Target by 2x.
Hold-to-Charge Abilities (Ember’s Fireball, Zephyr’s Tail Wind, etc) no longer auto cast when full. Cast now occurs on Charge release.
Also, if Energy drops below Charge cost, it will auto cast at the appropriate Charge level.
Critical Chance, Critical Multiple, and Status Effect Chance now all apply to enemies inside Zephyr’s Tornado.
Lowered particle burst, opacity and particle count on numerous Gantulyst and Hydrolyst abilities in an attempt to alleviate performance issues and reduce visual clutter.
Lowered particle burst for Vomvalyst charge up attacks to alleviate performance issues.
Tweaked Kavat wall attack behaviours to prevent ‘supercat’. 
Adarza Kavat’s Cat’s Eye Critical Chance Buff no longer apply to Operators.
Smeeta Kavat’s Charm Critical Chance and Energy recharge Buffs no longer apply to Operators.
Updated description of the Mod "Entropy Burst" to read "Base Status Chance" instead of "Status Chance".
Picking up a Syndicate Medallion, Exceptional Sentient Core, or Flawless Sentient Core will now display the same special UI message like when you pick up an Argon Crystal.
Talking to Onkko will now make all other Operators invisible, just like when you talk to Konzu with a busy crowd closeby. 
When customizing your Warframe under the Appearance tab, your Warframe will appear unarmed and idling to make customization easier without going into a blocking/armed stance. 
The message that appears when you are over the Riven capacity limit will now have options to open the Dissolve screen, purchase Slots, or defer to later instead of having to go into the Dissolve screen first.
Corrected a texture on the Repala Syandana to make it fully opaque instead of slightly transparent.
Tweaked the Saryn Nita’s Moda Skin to have a more pronounced ‘pulsating’ effect as requested by the creator.
Ignis and Ignis Wraith are now usable in Conclave.
Fixed players not seeing the ‘killfeed’ when a player has been killed in Conclave.
Fixed not being able to equip the Knightess and Corpra Helmets in Conclave.

*Fixed the End of Mission screen both breaking (i.e. UI hang) and not showing the Nightmare Mod you earned when completing Nightmare Defense missions.
*Fixed Sentient Cores from Vomalysts disappearing if another player joins the squad when a Core is on the ground in the Plains.
*More fixes towards not being able to take pickups after a Host migration occurred if the new Host picked up the item before the Clients finish loading in.
*Fixed Nidus’ Undying passive not working if an Oberon casts Renewal on him.
*Fixed a script error when Client opens the Advanced Plains Map right after entering the Plains.
*Fixed Warframe Abilities being inaccessible after equipping Archwing before accessing the Plains.
*Fixed Syndicate Status Effect Buffs failing if one expired while you were the Operator.
*Fixed Client Inaros’ able to become invincible by casting Devour on a target next to them and going straight into the devouring phase.
*Fixed Amps and Zaws not being properly tracked in your Profile due to Gilded required before it is considered ‘Mastered’. 
*Fixed a decoration causing AI navigation issues in the Grineer Sealab tileset.
*Fixed an AI navigation path in the Grineer Galleon tileset that was leading AI to spawn outside of the level bounds. 
*Fixed AI navigation troubles in the Eris Corpus Ship Defense tileset. 
*Fixed the Advanced Plains Map getting stuck when reaching the edge of the map using WASD or a controller.
*Fixed Advanced Plains Map inverting WS or AD controls when sufficiently zoomed.  These keys now move the entire Map in the opposite direction (thus moving the focus of the Map in the same direction as the key).
*Fixed 'convert all Shards' Focus UI option not updating to show the total Focus that will be received.
*Fixed Simaris’ Daily Endo reward not displaying.
*Fixed pressing Esc when viewing the Options menu causing the screen to close too early.
*Fixed the scroll mouse wheel not highlighting the currently selected Warframe Ability.
*Fixed Bullet Attractor Status Effect of Void Damage (Operators and Amps) becoming visually solid when frozen/petrified.
*Fixed not being able to see Warframe Speed stat in the Arsenal.
*Fixed changing your Warframe’s Energy color resulting in the Energy color of the Uru Prime Syandana also changing. 
*Fixed the Sabotage core appearing completely black in the Gas City tileset.
*Fixed a crash when Transferring to the Operator. 
*Fixed Ember’s Fireball charging sound looping.
*Fixed Ember’s Fireball missing fire FX when holding it fully charged.
*Fixed dark lighting in the Frost Harka diorama.
*Fixed a script error when accessing the Arsenal in a Relay/Cetus. 
*Fixed Credit Icons not displaying the appropriate color.
*Fixed gamepad/keyboard button Icons changing color in the Chat window.
*Fixed incorrect Emoji color choice in Chat.
*Fixed the Junction UI disappearing behind the Star Chart as reported here:
*Fixed the right Syrinx Shoulder Plate attachment clipping with the Mirage Mithra Skin.
	type: Hotfix
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Shrine of the Eidolon: Hotfix 22.13.2
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/922693-shrine-of-the-eidolon-hotfix-22132/
	date: 2018-02-16T19:48:19Z
	changes: Shrine Of The Eidolon: Hotfix 22.13.2:
Teralyst, Gantulyst and Hydrolyst now all drop Arcanes! 
All 3 Teralysts have a 100% chance of dropping an Arcane.
The variety of Arcanes have been spread out across all 3 variants and weighted according to the rarity of the Arcane and difficulty of the Teralyst variant. 
How you choose to defeat the Teralyst variants also attributes to the Arcane type/chance.
Reduced controller cursor speed in Advanced Plains Map by half.
The Warframe Launcher will now prompt when it detects that you could do with some optimizing.
Changed a metal material of the Sarva Harness to fix missing accent tint.
Removed an unreleased cosmetic that could be seen but was not actually in Inventories.
Updated Arcane Resistance to read Toxin instead of Electricity and updated its icon to match the effect.
Updated and fixed some Sarpa firing sounds.
Improved the clarity of the small Chat text option.
Adjusted the Diva Polearm Skin energy color and Octavia Diva Skin default tint to better match the Steam Workshop images.

*Fixed Ember’s Fire Blast not providing additional Heat damage to Clients who shoot through the flame ring.
*Fixed Nidus’ Ravenous Infested carpet not dissipating for Clients after a Host migration occurs. 
*Fixed Operators being able to use Antiserum Injectors even though UI shows they have none.
*Fixed appearing invisible in the Relay/Cetus Arsenal.
*Fixed Companions duplicating when in the Relay/Cetus Arsenal. 
*Fixed a Host script error that occurred if a Client died and revived while Spearfishing.
*More fixes towards Operators having distorted facial textures when interacting with a Pet.
*Fixed incorrect Fonts in the Cetus cinematic when you enter for the first time.
*Fixed the TennoGen icon appearing the wrong color in the Arsenal. 
*Fixed context action text drawing on top of the player's Warframe in the Orbiter.
*Fixed broken text on the Invasion screen.
*Fixed cases of uncapitalized text discrepancies. 
*Fixed a crash that could occur in the Liset loading mission screen.
	type: Hotfix
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Shrine of the Eidolon: Hotfix 22.13.1
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/922278-shrine-of-the-eidolon-hotfix-22131/
	date: 2018-02-15T21:48:54Z
	changes: Changed the Advanced Plains Map to use the bound map key binding to close the Map instead of it being fixed to "M".
Removed the Advanced Plains Map hint when opening the Map in Caves.
Konzu’s Bounty board now displays an auto-refresh countdown timer when no Bounties are currently available (approx 1 minute of downtime between refresh).
Improved spawning points of Dargyns to alleviate reported issues of Dargyns spawning on top of eachother or in geometry.

*Shrine Of The Eidolon: Hotfix 22.13.1
*	With Most Overhauls Come The Fixes Soon After! Most Of This Hotfix Includes Fixes Related To The Font Rendering Overhaul, And We’Re Prepared To Continue Fixing Where Necessary.:
*Fixed Sentients not spawning during their encounter phases in Octavia’s Anthem quest which resulted in a progression stop.
*Fixed numerous projectile weapons (Detron, Drakgoon, Cernos Prime, etc) having incorrect Status Chance calculations. 
*Fixed a crash when attempting to drive a Dargyn.
*Fixed entering a Rampart as cloaked Operator causing a loss of functionality.
*Fixed Unveiled Riven Mods sometimes appearing blank due to Font changes.
*Fixed Condrocs that start in flight not counting towards the "Kill 3 Condrocs within 5 seconds" Riven challenge.
*Fixed a potential script error when fighting the Teralyst that would break Eidolon Lure functionality.
*Fixed smaller than intended collision shapes on the Teralysts, especially noticeable on the Gantulyst and Hydrolyst. This did not affect their "damage hitboxes", only player collision.
*Fixed Arcane Momentum and Arcane Consequence reflecting incorrect text descriptions since their recent changes in U22.12.0.
*Fixed Operators having distorted facial textures when interacting with a Pet.
*Fixed Atlas' Rubble sticking around if you switch your Warframe in the Simulacrum Arsenal while Rubble is on your Atlas.
*Fixed ‘Damaged’ Mods not having their iconic cracked image.
*Fixed numerous Icons not displaying their proper colors in the World State Window.
*Fixed Dojo color and Pigment Icons displaying incorrect color.
*Fixed the ‘*’ symbol replacing letters with a diacritical mark (non-English languages)  
*Fixed broken fonts when opening a Gift, and when ranking up in a Syndicate.
*Fixed incorrect counter Icon when selecting over 100 Mods.
*Fixed off-centered Revives remaining number.
*Fixed a script error that could happen when trying to Upgrade your Pet in Cetus.
*Fixed a script error that occurred when you don't have a Companion equipped.
	type: Hotfix
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Shrine of the Eidolon: Update 22.13.0
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/922109-shrine-of-the-eidolon-update-22130/
	date: 2018-02-15T16:35:03Z
	changes: Shrine Of The Eidolon: Update 22.13.0:
Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1194802271
Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1192679413
Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1124342482
Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=901583786
Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1185454865

Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1120051045
Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1191419789
Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1183522931

Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1194751657
Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1083532271

Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1166007445
Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1120164958
Hold M (default) to open Advanced Map.
Right clicking (default) on the Advanced Map places a Waypoint. 
Use the mouse wheel to zoom in and out. 
Left click and drag to move the Advanced Map around.
Areas/Regions have now been named! (also appears on the normal Plains Map).

Stay Calm! A lot of Warframe's text will look different. This change will make all fonts across Warframe more readable at all resolutions. We know change is scary, but this change is to make sure font scaling looks crisp across resolutions and with zooming!
All future UI work has had the stage set for it with this better text rendering!
Sentient Cores now drop from Conculysts, Battalysts, and Decaying variants. They will drop either an Exceptional (25%) or Intact (75%) Sentient Core. This allows for progression with the Quills outside of the Plains of Eidolon! 
Ivara’s Prowl will now only steal from each enemy once total, instead of once per Ivara. Our intent is to mirror how Nekros’ Desecrate also functions, considering the recent movement of Sentient Cores to certain Sentient variants. It’s rewarding to be the warmly welcomed Nekros in an Argon Crystal run, and we hope Ivara will now be welcomed equivalently.

*Fixes Natural Talent causing a delay after the Mag Crush animation ends where you couldn't cast other Abilities.
*Fixed some Shotgun Rivens having a blank Riven challenge.
*Fixed the rewards listed on Konzu’s Bounty board overlapping with text when scrolling, making it appear to only list 9 rewards instead of 10.
*Fixed cases of Zaw Damage preview stats not calculating properly.
*Fixed the Kronen not displaying when searching ‘Tonfa’ in the Market/Arsenal.
*Fixed potentially misaligned Riven challenge popup description.
*Fixed Tennogen Liset Skins showing a Credit icon instead of Steam icon.
*Fixed a script error in Somachord if the loop button is pressed while no songs are playing.
	type: Update
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Shrine of the Eidolon: Hotfix 22.12.5
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/921306-shrine-of-the-eidolon-hotfix-22125/
	date: 2018-02-13T23:07:30Z
	changes: Shrine Of The Eidolon: Hotfix 22.12.5:

Removed non-Vaulted Relics from Bounty Rewards as to remove confusion of both Relic types being in current Bounties and replaced with Endo relative to difficulty per Bounty tier (50,100,200,300,400). 
Improved the way Plains of Eidolon Water hazards treat drops that fall and teleport with in to be more player friendly.

*Potential fix for the big issue of Teralysts and Lures not navigating or behaving properly at all. When this issue occurs, it completely prevents Teralyst hunts from occuring for that session so we are working on resolving it as quickly as we can! 
*Fixed an issue with Operator customization where changing the color of "Markings" changes the color of all "Facial Accessories".
*Fixed Vex Armor HUD Buffs not being removed upon deactivation for Chromas playing as Clients.
*Fixed the Harrow Graxx Skin having a giftable option in the Market. Upon selecting this it will fail and not charge you the respective Platinum.
*Fixed various incorrect looking Articula: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/919049-equinox-articula-glitchy-textures/
	type: Hotfix
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Shrine of the Eidolon: Hotfix 22.12.4
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/921186-shrine-of-the-eidolon-hotfix-22124/
	date: 2018-02-13T19:37:45Z
	changes: Shrine Of The Eidolon: Hotfix 22.12.4:
Chroma's Vex Armor Damage Buff now works on Melee Damage.
Adjusted new stairs to the upper level in the Grineer Galleon Defense tileset to improve flow.

	type: Hotfix
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Shrine of the Eidolon: Hotfix 22.12.3
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/920621-shrine-of-the-eidolon-hotfix-22123/
	date: 2018-02-12T22:56:11Z
	changes: Shrine Of The Eidolon: Hotfix 22.12.3:
Energy cost of Zephyr’s Air Burst is now halved while in air.
Increased the speed of Zephyr’s Air Burst projectile.
Increased the speed of Zephyr’s Tornado tracking to move quicker to your aim point.
Removed Zephyr’s Turbulence loop sound and lowered hover loop volume.
Fixed a crash when killing a Volatile Runner (or enemy that exploded on death) trapped inside Zephyr's Tornado by shooting the Tornado.
Fixed Zephyr’s Air Burst not increasing the size of your Tornado as a Client.
Reduced the decay rate of Atlas’ Rubble by half.
Changed the Zhuge’s Critical Chance to the intended 20%.
Toned down the explosion and smokey VFX when firing an Operator Amp.
Slight spacing adjustment to Relic opening/Riven unveil UI so they're all the same spacing.
Somachord volume setting is now saved across all sessions.
Minor sound remastering updates have been made to the following weapons:
Tigris / Tigris Prime / Sancti Tigris
Boltor / Boltor Prime
Latron / Latron Wraith / Latron Prime
Snipetron Vandal

*Fixes towards crashing when flying a Dargyn.
*Fixed Assassination Bounty stages not progressing when killing the Commander very quickly. 
*Fixed Squad UI losing functionality when anyone leaves your Squad when in your Orbiter.
*Fixed Squad UI being left in weird "Waiting for Players / Clear Voting" state (instead of "Waiting For Players / Cancel Mission") when failing to join a Public session.
*Fixed the Teralyst being able to kick around pick-ups and potentially push them through the ground.
*Fixed not being able to pick up Index points as a Client if the pick-up was too far away from you from the Host's point of view. 
*Fixed switching to Operator and back causing some abilities (e.g. Fireball, Vauban 1/3/4) to cost twice as much Energy.
*Fixed Enemies petrified by Atlas’ Path of Statues Augment Mod not dropping Rubble.
*Fixed the Arcane Arachne damage increase not resetting when shooting the ground
*Fixed all Teralyst variants not attacking players in Dargyns.
*Fixed Shotgun Rivens generating a challenge for killing Dargyns with a Bow.
*Fixed Vauban’s Bounce trap sending victims horizontal instead of straight up. 
*Fixed the Scourge appearing to be rotated incorrectly when viewed on a surface
*Fixed Mirage Prime's materials looking muddy during Eclipse in the dark.
*Fixed not being able to see your Pets fur patterns in the Appearance screen when you first open the Arsenal.
*Fixed Clients not having their melee combo counter increased for Ash’s clones hitting enemies in Bladestorm.
*Fixed navigation bug causing AI to get stuck in certain situations.
*Fixed the player flashlight being too dim. 
*Fixed excessively bright fog in your Liset.
*Fixed a script error that could occur when Mining.
*Fixed a script error when casting Atlas’ Tectonics.
*Fixed a script error when casting Mirage Prime’s Hall of Mirrors.
*Fixed a script error when casting Ash’s Bladestorm. 
*Fixed a script error when using Transference as Equinox.
*Fixed a script error when deleting all read messages at the same time a message transmission pops up.
*Fixed the Kuva Siphon sometimes missing shadows.
*Fixed Riven unveil diorama being offset to the side.
*Fixed cases of empty names appearing when joining an Instance. 
*Fixes for unintended changes to kill shot and headshot sounds.
*Fixed missing Liset ‘fly in’ sounds as reported here: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/915481-liset-audio-bug/
*Fixed poor lighting during Vor’s Prize cutscenes. 
*Fixed Display descriptions exceeding the UI boundaries.
	type: Hotfix
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Shrine of the Eidolon: Hotfix 22.12.2
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/918715-shrine-of-the-eidolon-hotfix-22122/
	date: 2018-02-10T04:01:14Z
	changes: Shrine Of The Eidolon: Hotfix 22.12.2:

*Fixed a progression stopping crash in The War Within quest.
*Fixed hearing a static-like noise after casting Inaros’ Desiccation.
	type: Hotfix
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Shrine of the Eidolon: Hotfix 22.12.1
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/918608-shrine-of-the-eidolon-hotfix-22121/
	date: 2018-02-10T01:49:30Z
	changes: Shrine Of The Eidolon: Hotfix 22.12.1:
New Riven challenges are here! Many of them brought to you by the Design Council!
Volume adjustments and balancing between all Warframes and their powers. (Turned up quiet powers and turned down loud powers)
Updated sounds to the Redeemer and Sarpa.
Increased the weapon damage and projectile speed of the Dargyn when flying it yourself.
Removed unintended drop shadow on Chat text. 
Removed placeholder tags on new Riven challenge descriptions.

*Fixed crashing when exiting the water in a Submersible mission. 
*Fixed cases of crashing when attempting to Revive.
*Fixes towards Vomvalyst Lures not teleporting to players who are extremely far away. 
*Fixed Market Warframe Skins/Helmets that use the default diorama showing the equipped Warframe instead of the Warframe the Skin is for.
	type: Hotfix
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Shrine of the Eidolon: Update 22.12.0
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/918482-shrine-of-the-eidolon-update-22120/
	date: 2018-02-09T23:37:46Z
	additions: Volume adjustments and balancing for all weapons. (Turned up quiet weapons and turned down loud weapons)
Added a new audio layer to older weapons to make them sound more impactful.
Added and improved exterior gun tail sounds for all weapons.
Added unique 'low ammo in clip' sounds for all weapons.
Added new sound to the Kohm reload.
Updates and sound additions to one handed secondaries when using Glaive type weapons.

	changes: Shrine Of The Eidolon: Update 22.12.0yup, Another Mainline!:
Take your fight to the skies by hijacking unmanned Dargyns in the Plains. If you get caught, it's a footrace against the pilot to board the Dargyn! Use these to aid in your search for the new Eidolons!

“The Sentient was a deformed creature, sent from some dark fold of distant space, crushing towers and citadels across Earth...”
Until meeting its fate in a climactic battle.
“The device detonated. The Sentient's body shuddered, wracked by a cacophonous energy. Fragments of the Sentient crashed to the Plains and marshes and flatlands...”
These fragments are known as the Eidolons -
mysterious titans that continue to wander the Plains and loom over the people of Cetus.
Most of you have seen the Teralyst, a beast that rises from the watery depths every night. Legends speak of two more Eidolons that fell to the Plains, dormant for centuries but ever-present in the hearts and minds of the Ostrons.
Eidolon Hunters eager to prove their worth are trying to summon these creatures again. Are you worthy, Tenno?

Legends say the Gantulyst wields an enormous boulder for an arm and radiates powerful beams of Sentient energy. The Ostrons built a shrine in its honor hoping to gain its favor.

The Ostrons believe the Hydrolyst is an omen of impending natural disaster. Stories describe a distinct, pungent aroma that precedes the arrival of this toxic beast.

You now have options to matchmake for Eidolon Hunts!
If you’re worthy, you’ll receive a guaranteed Riven Transmuter from the Hydrolyst (if captured). These consumable items can Transmute four Riven Mods into a brand-new Riven. Combining four Rivens of the same type (i.e Rifle, Melee, Shotgun, etc.) will result in a transmuted Riven of that type.

Each Warframe’s stats and ability kits combine into a unique entity that offers different strengths and weaknesses. With 34 Warframes to choose from (and the 35th on the way), a Tenno may find there is no challenge they cannot overcome by making good use of the swiss army knife that their Arsenal offers. Some well-rounded frames do multiple things well, while others greatly excel in specific circumstances.
When reviewing the Arsenal over time, our developers often find themselves asking: 'is this fun?’. That's the most important question to us, from the perspective of both the active player and their three squadmates. We understand the importance of power fantasy, but overbearing abilities can make squadmates feel ineffective by seriously disrupting intended gameplay flow. Conversely, when a Warframe doesn’t do enough, players may simply choose a “better” frame, sacrificing personalization and diversity for efficiency. Neither of these situations are ideal, so let’s shake things up!
If you've read the Dev Workshop, a lot of this will look familiar, but there are some minor changes! Our intent remains the same. We relist important information here because our Update notes are much more widely read than Dev Workshops.
We are revisiting all weapons and adjusting their stats to fit into some Mastery Rank grouping guidelines based on DPS and Crit/Status split total. With this in mind, we are buffing a lot of the weapons you know and love!
Again, a lot of this is as shown in the Dev Workshop, but our Update Notes are more widely read.

Sadly, not noted here are BEAM weapons 
they should be ready soon, but we are revisiting them to be more 'like they used to be' in terms of damage instances over time but with a fixed fire rate. Fire Rate mods and their effects are still being determined. The Beam Weapon Category is simply not ready for this Update, but we are still working on it!

Conclave Weapon damage rebalancing has been done separately to account for the changes.

We calculate DPS based on sustained DPS which also takes Critical and Status values into account so our values may be different than yours!

For those of you in the Riven Market, please be aware these stats will not affect Riven dispositions. Player popularity / usage stats will continue to be the metric for that.

Our data shows enemy weapons are unaffected by this, but if there are cases you believe to be wrong please note them in an appropriate subforum.
We sketched out Mastery Rank groupings of 0-3, 4-6, 7-9, 10-12 and 13-15 for each weapon type with a minimum DPS and amount split between crit and status for each group. Using existing stats, weapons were sorted into the groups. If their stats were too high for their current MR it was raised along with any other properties to match.
It's damage places it in MR 10-12 but it's crit and stat split is way too low. MR, status and critical chance is increased to match it's new MR. Increasing status and critical boosts its damage so its reduced down to fit back into the MR group guidelines its original stats dictated
The end result is the high performing/popular weapons stats remain untouched outside of being placed into their intended MR group and the rest of the weapons are brought up to equivalency.

Projectile based and low fire rate weapons were given more crit and status allowance when appropriate.

Free weapons like the Dex series have been given Mastery Rank values to match their stats! We know these are grandfathered in inventory regardless of Mastery Rank, it's just for consistency!

Some outliers exist that either don’t meet or exceed their Mastery Rank's allotted DPS and 
Crit/Status split allowance because of additional properties and/or features.
exceeds Crit/Status split but is extremely inaccurate
Strun Wraith 
DPS is lower than  its Mastery Rank group but it has forced stagger on hit and high status chance

If players continue, they earn the credits reward, and the wager target is reset so that they have the opportunity to reach it again for more rewards. If players extract, the game ends and they collect all the rewards they managed to earn. The initial investment fee is only taken away once, regardless of the number of times the reward was earned. If time runs out and players are losing, they forfeit all rewards.
Required points per tier are now 50/75/100.
Increased the required Index points from 25/50/100 to 50/100/200
Enemy levels scale half as fast.
Changed the investment costs from 45k/60k/75k to 30k/40k/50k, and changed the credit returns from 120k/195k/275k to 105k/175k/250k. The amount of profit for each tier remains the same at 75k/135k/200k.
Changed the rewards to give the total credit return and take away invested credits, instead of combining them into the net profit.
Increased Teralyst base level to 50.
Reduced base Armor and reduced base Health of Synovia weak points a bit.
Reduced damage of Teralyst abilities to reflect increased level.
Inverted the Shuffle state to be bright when it's enabled, and dark when disabled.
Resource Drop Chance Boosters now affect Mining and Fishing, doubling the chance to get gems and the base number of fish spawns! (Previously only regular Resource Boosters affected the Plains)
Prime Vault Bounty Relics in Stage 1 have been moved to be rewarded in Stage 2 and weighted accordingly amongst the other Stages. It’s worth noting that Bounty Stage 5 now yields the highest chance of getting a Vaulted Relic. Our intentions here are to alleviate players abandoning the Bounty after the first Stage.
Resource Theft Incursion and Bounty stage (aka Armored Vault) in Plains now lasts only 2 minutes (was 3 minutes).
Increased amount of Lures allowed at once from 6 to 8. Lures that have not been hacked to Tenno faction now get destroyed when their camp is deactivated, freeing up room for a new Lure to spawn when players enter other camps.
Replaced Relics rewarded from Ghouls with Prime Vault Relics (Lith G2 & Neo E1 replaced Lith T1 & Neo S7).
Focus Passives now apply immediately upon loading into a mission rather than requiring the brief Operator transition.
Operators can now interact with Pets on your Orbiter!
Reduced the delay between using a Gear item and spawning Archwing in the Plains.
Zaws and Operator Amps now have a stat in your Profile.
Mastery Rank eligible weapons now appear first with locked weapons appearing below when viewing weapons in the Market and Arsenal.
Pressing and holding the fire button on an automatic weapon during a dodge roll will now begin firing once the dodge roll is complete. It's now consistent with pressing and holding the fire button before doing the dodge roll.
Interrupting an automatic weapon with quick melee will no longer require the player to press the trigger again; the weapon will now resume firing once the melee attack is done.
Updated the Dojo Research completion icon.
Tweaked Dojo Tenno Lab glass to fix bloom issues when using custom Dojo colors.
Warframes in the Tenno Lab will now spin instead of standing still 
so fancy!
Improved the coordination of rain and stormy skies in the Plains to fix rain appearing during a clear blue sky.
Reduced head bounce movement in Chroma’s sprint turns.
Forma/Forma Bundle prices in the Arsenal Upgrade screen will now display the discounted price if there's an active sale.
Relay Chat tab now goes to the right of the squad tab.
Eidolon Vomvalyst Lures now have a new distinctive mesh!
Updated mastered icons in Inventory, they are now using the teal version rather than plain white.
Mastered icons now also appear on Blueprints in the Inventory for items that have been mastered.
Updated Grineer Settlement icon when used in the World State Window (old one was just a distant screencap of Phobos).
Lowered and reduced marker range for small elevators in Grineer Asteroid tiles.
Purchasing a Slot or Orokin Catalyst in the Upgrade screen will now auto equip/install. This reduces the amount of prompts you have to go through to equip/install said items.
Harrow’s emissives will now always be on so you don’t need Penance active to see Energy Colors.
Chroma can no longer jump or sprint when using Spectral Scream.

*Fixed enemies not spawning if a Host Migration occurred. 
*Fixed Clients not being able to see/pick up the dropped Brilliant Eidolon Shard when a Host Migration occurred and no one had picked it up yet. 
*More fixes towards the gates to the Plains not opening. 
*Fixed the Operator Granmu Prism dealing more damage if you were a Client. Now Client and Host deal the same damage.
*Fixed Clients in the transitioning tunnel preventing players from leaving Cetus again when doing subsequent Bounties.
*Fixed the Assassination Commander spawning under the Cetus door if the Host is not within the Bounty objective circle, causing him to be unreachable and failing the Bounty.
*Fixed being stuck in the Cetus walking state and only jogging when attempting to sprint when a Client player transitions from Cetus to the Plains. The player will go to the proper Jog/Run state if they are killed and respawn.
*Fixed a number of Melee Stances with hold combos "missing" their charge attacks when unranked; these Stances now have charge attacks until the Stance is ranked up at which point the charge attacks are replaced by the hold combos.
*Fixed a crash that could occur when hacking an Eidolon Vomvalyst Lure.
*Fixed an issue when buying Loadout Slots could break placement of the UI.
*Fixed not being able to draw your bow while sprinting (you could always charge your bow while sprinting, but pinky-friendly sprint changes have made this more obvious).
*Fixed the Constella Syandana's jagged collision on some Warframes.
*Fixed the Javlok alt fire not cancelling reload when you had no more ammo in the clip.
*Fixed two objective markers showing up on the Defense cryopod on Earth.
*Fixed the Thousand-Year Fish Statuette not rendering properly in your Orbiter.
*Fixed incorrect weapons appearing on a player if they login on an account with empty Slots after being logged in on an account with weapons equipped.
*Fixed missing rain VFX when loading into Cetus from Navigation, or when aborting a mission from the Plains.
*Fixed Corinth reloading only one shell when spamming the alt-fire button without having enough ammo to fire or having Auto Swap On Empty disabled.
*Fixed Mirage Noble idle set playing throwing variant instead of pistol variant sometimes.
*Fixed text descriptions extending outside UI boundaries when choosing Orbiter Display images.
*Fixed lights in the Orbiter looking polygonal/edgy.
*Fixed sometimes spawning into an Excavation mission on Earth with the first Excavator not marked on the minimap.
*Fixed some Kuria being embedded in the Grineer Shipyards geometry.
*Fixed a crash when loading the Mandachord.
*Fixed your Warframe not playing the composition idle animation when in Mandachord.
*Fixed Arsenal Mandachord being unusable after first switching from a different Warframe to Octavia.
*Fixed being unable to use secondary fire as Operator while sprinting.
*Fixed a hitch in the third mission of the Silver Grove quest when the enemy spawns.
*Fixed hold Abilities not being cancelled when knocked down/staggered.
*Fixed switching to a loadout and then switching back to the previous one causing a loss of functionality.
*Fixed the Asita Rakta Syandana clipping into Loki Primes back when equipped.
*Fixed not being able to Chat link Operator Magus, Exodia, or Virtuos Arcanes.
*Fixed Orvius ignoring Nullifier bubbles.
*Fixed a Mining exploit caused by switching weapons while zooming in.
*Fixed Grineer Galleon guns causing camera shake multiple rooms away.
*Fixed toggle sprint preventing Titania’s Razorwing from being able to ascend.
*Fixed default Lotus Symbol avatar appearing for last player to join a squad.
*Fixed head tracking on Solar Map in 4k.
*Fixed certain weapons not giving elemental Mod damage to Mirage’s Hall of Mirror clones.
*Fixed Reticle dot appearing through Dojo options screens.
*Fixed a specific spot in the solar map UI causing Warframe head shake.
*Fixed equipped Mod indicator not working during trades.
*Fixed some Void nodes having incorrect background image and faction Icon.  
*Fixed a crash caused by trying to interact with Nidus’ chair while visiting someone’s Orbiter.
*Fixed some rocks in the Plains appearing wet when they're not next to water and it's not raining.
*Fixed Clients hitching/disconnecting if host repeatedly switches loadout in Arsenal.
*Fixed default profile Icon showing wrong Glyph.
*Fixed minor issue in Jordas Verdict where Meatballs wouldn't be destroyed after clearing the second wall of infested goo in the first stage.
*Fixed a few cases where forces being applied to severed ragdolls were too high.
*Fixed ESC key not closing matchmaking box.
*Fixed case where Affinity XP notification can get stuck on the screen.
*Fixed some nav issues on Grineer Asteroid tileset.
*Fixed incorrect Factions listed when loading into a Crossfire mission.
*Fixed a stuck waypoint in the final mission of The War Within quest.
*Fixed a Host migration in the Plains resulting in previously destroyed resources reappearing.
*Fixed a script error when a Host migration occurred in the Plains.
*Fixed the diamond in the Ki’Teer Sugatra not changing color when customizing the Energy color.
*Fixed a loss of functionality when opening an empty Wishlist.
*Fixed Clients seeing a much smaller Vazarin Sonic Dash shockwave VFX.
*Fixed the icon for the Kavat Sentinel tail (was on upside down).
*Fixed primary weapon displaying wrong Magazine/Ammo pool when it is out of Ammo and is switched to from dual wielding.
*Fixed unveiling a Riven if you enter Navigation before the unveil UI pops up resulting in your UI breaking. 
*Fixed a hitch when initiating Archwing in the Mastery Rank 25 test.
*Fixed a hitch in the final mission of The New Strange quest.
	type: Update
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Plains of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.11.2
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/917423-plains-of-eidolon-hotfix-22112/
	date: 2018-02-07T19:24:09Z
	changes: Plains Of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.11.2:
We have a juicy Mainline update, Shrine of the Eidolon, scheduled for this week. But in the wake of Prime Vault Relics being put into Bounties there are vocal issues that we wanted to address before we’re heads down until this update ships on PC.
Also, if you didn’t see we posted another Dev Workshop on the upcoming Warframe Revisited changes:

Tweaked the Bounty reward rotations to eliminate patterns of repeated rewards.
For clarification: This change does not affect what rewards you can get in a given Bounty run. This change made it so that we make sure you see all 3 reward rotations of those in a given 7.5 hour span (since each day is 2.5 hours).

*Fixes towards Bounties insta-failing when stepping out into the Plains, and also enemies not spawning.
	type: Hotfix
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Plains of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.11.1
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/916858-plains-of-eidolon-hotfix-22111/
	date: 2018-02-06T18:58:57Z
	changes: Plains Of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.11.1:

Manipulate, incinerate and shatter your enemies with this Prime Vault Unsealed. The Prime Vault is open now on all platforms and brings back Loki Prime, Ember Prime and Frost Prime for a limited time. Returning with them are other high-demand Vaulted Prime Accessories and Weapons along with discounted Platinum in four unique packs: the Loki & Ember Dual Prime Pack, the Loki Deception Prime Pack, the Ember Fire Prime Pack, and the Frost Ice Prime Pack: https://www.warframe.com/prime-vault
Ember Prime, Frost Prime, Loki Prime, Wyrm Prime, Bo Prime, Sicarus Prime, Glaive Prime, Latron Prime, and Reaper Prime Relics have been added as Cetus Bounty rewards for a limited time. You can also find these limited Vaulted Relics in Relic Packs from the Market or as Syndicate rewards.
The new Relics are:
Lith G2
Meso E1
Meso F3
Neo F1
Neo E1
Axi L1
Axi S2
Why Bounties?
We put these Relics in the Bounties not only to change it up, but to also allow for extremely focused Relic acquisition. By having these Relics concentrated in the Bounties, it also leaves the rest of the Star Chart open for placement of new Relics when the next Prime Access begins so you'll have a change of environment while keeping with the same system: hunting Primes.
Remember, this is a 2 month unvaulting, which means these Relics have 2 months to be acquired. In that time, we will be closely monitoring how reproducible Performance issues may factor into this round and possibly revisit Relic placement. We do want to keep it the same on all Platforms so we'll need a bit of time to make changes.
All Bounties reward rotations from tiers 2 to 5 have a Vaulted Relic in it, and be sure to check our droprates site for the latest!
Updated textures to the Trinity Knightess Skin at the creator's request.
Improved the lighting in the Market diorama.
Followers (Specters, Rescue Target, etc) no longer cancel charging if they switch targets while using a charging weapon.

*Fixed the Plains door not opening when selecting a Bounty and attempting to join a squad by walking out to the Plains.  
*Fixes towards a progression stopping issue where Jordas would not dock properly caused by Itzal’s Blink stun effect.
*Fixed moving Infested Spores not lowering the engine charge percentage in the Jordas Verdict. 
*Fixed Infested Spores sometimes moving incredible fast or not at all when spawned in the Jordas Verdict. 
*Fixed the Trinity Knightess and Excalibur Corpra Helmet being Arcaned. 
*Fixed Stalker going too far with the whole "I'm a badass trolling jerk" routine by initiating permanent lockdown in Void/Derelict/Lua missions.
*Fixed Volt’s Capacitance Augment giving Shields to Operators. 
*Fixed the Zenistar not throwing out the disc when the Tengoken Skin is equipped.
*Fixed the Corona Syandana Energy color always being blue and unable to tint it properly. 
*Fixed Oberon Prime’s Armor being rotated incorrectly when equipping the Feyarch Skin.
*More fixes towards Extraction markers appearing in Exterminate mission when there were still enemies left to kill.
*Fixed script error when viewing Melee weapon cosmetics when you don't have a Melee weapon in current loadout.
*Fixed script error causing permanent Invisibility for Loki if the Invisibility expires while using Operator.
*Fixed Lanka not being able to hit ragdolls.
*Fixed enemies not shooting Octavia’s Mallet+Resonator combo if they were following the ball first before starting aggro from Mallet.
*Fixed completing Konzu’s first Plains quest resulting in the objective marker pointing the Plains after returning to Cetus.
*Fixed the Chat window auto switching to Cetus instance tab rather than squad chat when returning from Plains to Cetus.
*Fixed reload circle turning blue after using a Charge trigger type weapon (Drakgoon, Rakta Cernos, etc). The intended color is white when reloading.
	type: Hotfix
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Plains of Eidolon: Update 22.11.0
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/914315-plains-of-eidolon-update-22110/
	date: 2018-01-31T21:41:13Z
	additions: Added a Mote Amp Blueprint to Onkko’s inventory (you can now purchase a new one with Standing in case you sold yours).
Zaws can now be linked in Chat! The name you Entitled your Zaw will also appear in the list that populates from typing in Zaw.
Added subcategories 'Resources' 'Ayatan' and 'Misc', to Codex > Universe > Objects.
Added Inaros Canopic Glyphs.
Added Ivara Zirastra Glyphs. 
Added Wukong Macak Glyphs.

	changes: Plains Of Eidolon: Update 22.11.0:

Added a new celebratory success sound for doing a perfect Mining extraction in the Plains!
Added different levels of FX for Mining success. 
The Gem count now stays on screen until the Mining reward fades.
The Mining outline now stays visible longer (8 seconds) while you're cutting.
Reduced the accuracy required to get a perfect Mining extraction, meaning you don’t need to be as close to the line as before!
Final stage of all Bounties now rewards an item from tier 1 or 2 (instead of tier 0,1, or 2). 
Reduced value of Mote Amp when selling to 2500 Credits. 
Improved Specter firing logic during Hold Position.
Improved Specter fire rate when using Peacemaker.
Overall sound optimizations by polishing sample rates in a few areas.
Mastery ranked locked items in the Foundry will now display which exact Mastery Level is required instead of just saying ‘MASTERY LOCKED’.
You can now preview custom weapon Zaw builds from Hok and Amps from Onkko with parts you don't own yet. This should help you figure out which parts you want to get for your own: 
(Item will not Preview until all 3 parts are selected)

*Fixed Daily Tribute potentially giving a vaulted Relic. 
*Fixed Nidus’ Passive making you permanently invincible in the Simulacrum after switching Warframes. 
*Fixed Nidus’ Larva Burst Augment not activating when using "Use Selected Power" input.
*Fixed Bait falling through the water along the ocean.
*Fixed Clients being able to see ‘Not Visible When Holstered’ weapons while in Relays and Cetus. 
*Fixed camera not moving downwards if you crouch on land after spawning in Archwing & Archwing Submersible missions.
*Fixed several meshes not appearing properly on Lua.
*Fixed Specters not being able to use Ability weapons with 0 max clip size (eg. Ivara's Artemis Bow).
*Fixed Specters’ trying to melee while using ranged weapons that do not allow it. 
*Fixed incorrect Status Effect for Specters using Radial Blind and Radial Javelin.
*Fixed Octavia’s Resonator not dealing damage to enemies following it. 
*Fixed console hovering in air in Corpus Ship cargo room. 
*Fixed player-marked Somachords having the wrong icons. 
*Fixed some unreleased Mods that slipped out by accident. 
*Fixed crafting Junction tasks sometimes not working.
*Fixed some spawns and mesh on Corpus Ice Planet tileset.
*Fixed too much bloom on Articula market diorama. 
*Fixed too much bloom on a Lua Capture tileset.
*Fixed Abilities 2, 3, and 4 not showing when ready in Conclave. 
*Fixed a black line appearing on the side of your screen in the Grineer Asteroid tileset.
*Fixed Exterminate Extraction markers appearing when there are still enemies left to kill.
*Fixed AI (Rescue Targets, Specters, etc) not being able to use the Ferrox.
	type: Update
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Plains of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.10.3
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/913560-plains-of-eidolon-hotfix-22103/
	date: 2018-01-29T20:51:42Z
	changes: Plains Of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.10.3:
Reduced the time between Bounty stages from 8 seconds to 4 seconds so you’re not waiting around for Lotus to tell you where to go next. 
Transferring to Operator or back to Warframe will now inherit the sprint button state of your previous form.
Optimized the ambient sounds in the Liset mission loading screen.

*Fixed Loki Decoy kills counting towards your score in Conclave.
	type: Hotfix
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Plains of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.10.2
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/912278-plains-of-eidolon-hotfix-22102/
	date: 2018-01-26T19:02:16Z
	changes: Mining Buff:
Now: 15% + 3% per filled gem icon 
Previously: 10% + 2% per filled gem icon
Increased Specter ability cooldowns.

*Fixed unconscious/ragdolled enemies not taking damage on clients; this was causing a wide range of gear to Weapons and Powers to be broken as well as a number of crashes.
*Fixed Mesa Deluxe Glyph Loc.
*Fixed Operator sometimes looking back during transmissions. 
*Fixed Larva Burst not appearing in Codex or linking in chat. 
*Fixed elevator markers sticking to the edge of the screen.
*Fixed Metronome giving infinite buff when 2+ people activate it. 
*Fixed multiple castings of Hallowed Ground causing them to share the same duration. 
*Fixed Titania Razorwing augment adding infinite lasting buffs when casting abilities after entering and immediately exiting Razorwing.
*Fixed Thurible animation not ending when out of energy. 
*Fixed kuva braids not disappearing after being destroyed. 
*Fixed a handful of weapons so that meleeing with them does not cancel sprint.
*Fixed Seeking Shuriken not reducing target armor. 
*Fixed missing ankle buckle on Mesa Presidio. 
*Fixed Decoy dropping Oro in Conclave.
	type: Hotfix
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Plains of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.10.1
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/911974-plains-of-eidolon-hotfix-22101/
	date: 2018-01-26T04:48:38Z
	changes: Plains Of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.10.1:
Things we're still investigating for another Hotfix:
Sentinel Vacuum not Vacuuming up certain items
Harrow's Thurible animation doesn't automatically stop playing after you run out of Energy.
Removed 3 unreleased Mods from Mod Packs/Transmutation and made them untradable.

*Fixed UI locking up when attempting to do a Focus Conversion with Eidolon Shards.
*Fixed enemies not getting up from ragdoll if they survived Nidus' Larva Burst Augment being triggered.
*Fixed a crash when viewing your Companion in the Arsenal. 
*Fixed a crash when your Kubrow picked up a ragdolled enemy.
*Fixed a crash when casting Ivara’s Prowl.
*Fixed not being able to Quick Melee after entering the Plains form Cetus.
*Fixed some Alerts not appearing in the Alert Navigation window. 
*Fixed missing Syndicate Syandana FX.
*Fixed Fish clipping through the floor of their Codex diorama.
*Fixed Vacuum not working consistently for clients.
	type: Hotfix
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Plains of Eidolon: Update 22.10.0
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/911802-plains-of-eidolon-update-22100/
	date: 2018-01-25T23:53:14Z
	additions: Added a reusable Blueprint for converting Intact Sentient Cores to Exceptional Sentient Cores. This Blueprint is available from Onkko in Cetus. This is an addition to help provide an alternative, but still invested, way for players to progress in the Quills. 
Added back long lost functionality of showing 'Inspect Player' help text when looking at other Players in Relays/Cetus.
The Teralyst has a new purple shield bar that will appear overtop its health bar until depleted. This is to give players a better indication of how much shields it has left. 
We now present players with the option to buy a Forma Bundle when using the Upgrade screen to install Forma. 
Added filters to the Fish inventory screen at Fisher Hai-Luk's shop (Small, Medium, Large).
Added distinct icons for Elevator controls going up or down and increased the speed of some Elevators. 
You can now decide to only allow friend invites from certain groups (All, Friends of Friends, etc). 
You can now see how many of a given Mod you own if you click it through Chat Linking!
Added Time of Day text to the Free Roam node for the Plains of Eidolon!
Added Replay Quest option for A Man of Few Words. 
Added Replay Quest option for Stolen Dreams. 
Added a small delay when transitioning to jog from run after firing a weapon so you have time to play your fire animation. Before depending on the weapons refire wait time, you wouldn't have enough time to raise your arms so bullets sort of just shot out of your body.
Added separate category for Sentient and Eidolon kills in Profile stats. 
Added each type of fish from the Plains in the Codex.
Added ‘Defend’ icons to Eidolon Lures in the Plains. This icon will change to blue (0, 219, 255 to be exact) when the Lure is fully charged.
Added options to Flip Horizontal and Vertical for artwork within the Display customization window.
Added 4 new Grineer Asteroid Capture/loot rooms, and a new Capture objective room.
Added a Settings options for enabling/disabling hit sounds. This will be a toggle that disables the function entirely (instead of just muting the mixer) to save performance when disabled.
Added a Kuva count label under the ‘confirm’ button when attempting to reroll a Riven to inform you of how much Kuva you currently have.

	changes: Plains Of Eidolon: Update 22.10.0:
Tenno! This Update brings you yet another Mainline! You may recall from the end of 2017 what that means... it could be a bit bumpy! We're standing by to fix any issues. The major reason for this mainline is that we've done a massive Code audit that touched almost 3000 different core engine files to better optimize Warframe. While this Update brings you some new fashion frame options for Mesa and 3 new Augments, the majority of this Update is focused on bringing fixes and Quality of Life changes. If that's not what you're after, we've got lots of great stuff coming very soon. The Plains are going to get a lot more dangerous at night in an upcoming Update.....

You can now damage Vay Hek up to 25% of his total Health (was 10% previously) while his Propaganda Drone is active before it shuts off. This will result in less waiting around, and will make Vay Hek in Terra Frame easier to deal with.
Reduced base Armor of Vay Hek in his Terra Frame from 225 to 200.
Ghoul Lore Fragments are simply way more likely to drop within Bounties now.
Ghoul enemies themselves can now also drop the Lore Fragments (and Ghouls always have a chance to appear outside of Ghoul Bounties!).  
Ghoul Bounty tables have received new items including Nitain, Cetus Wisps, and Breath of the Eidolon!
Equinox's Night-Form 'Mend' now regenerates Shields of Allies as enemies are killed within range.
Increased the drop chance of Intact Sentient Cores from Vomvalysts to 100%.
Updated description of Kwath (Grip) to properly inform of its stats: 
"Light weight" now reads "Heavy weight"
"increase in speed" now reads "increase in damage"
"cost of damage" now reads "cost of speed".
Updated the description on Zaw balances to say "link" instead of "counterweight".
Removed the Mastery Rank 2 requirement from the MK1-Furis.
Updated the Design Council tips that appear in the loading screen and removed some that don’t apply anymore.
Bounties are now Mastery Rank tiered! In the current system, a player of any Mastery Rank could queue up and join any Bounty, even the highest level ones! In order to avoid a mismatch in experience, we've simply set each Bounty to have a default Mastery Rank. It looks a little something like this: 
When the Acolytes are live, players will only see them in the World State panel once they've completed Vor's Prize.
Eidolon Lures now follow both Warframe or Operator rather than just the Warframe. The Lure will also now teleport to the player it’s following if/when it gets too far away/stuck. 
Warframe Specters are now much smarter! If you don't recall, Specters are craftable gear you can equip to summon an AI companion in battle. We've done a general intelligence pass on their proficiency with Weapons, and we've also updated their power-casting logic. Virtually every power is now castable with only a few exceptions! Specters CANNOT cast the following Abilities: Vauban's Minelayer, Ivara's Zipline, Titania's Razorwing, Nekros’ Desecrate and Shadows of the Dead, Excalibur’s Exalted Blade, Valkyr’s Hysteria, Wukong’s Primal Fury, Cloud Walker, and Defy, Atlas’ Petrify and Tectonics, Limbo's entire kit (save for the damage aspect of Banish), and finally Zephyr’s Dive Bomb. 
Security cameras now trigger more intelligently, the Corpus have upgraded their software. 
Improved the UI on Defection missions by having instruction text, aligning objectives, and better colour coding for defector icons. 
Increased duration of Duality Augment to be 10 seconds at Max Rank (affected by Duration Mods).
Second Dream now has two vaults instead of three during the first Spy mission.  
Disabled Stalker, Arc traps, and random transmissions during some quest missions. 
Updated some doors which still had red non-interactive locked materials to new off versions. 
Instead of redundantly showing both Fire Rate and Charge Rate on bows, they now hide Fire Rate unless comparing to a non-bow weapon. 
Changed the background on selected Tenno customizations to be the same white as when selecting customizations from the Arsenal. 
Improved Sprint/Toggle Sprint so that sprinting stops less often. 
Standing in place with sprint key down no longer causes the sprint posture (for the purposes of Prowl and such).
When a player tries to sell their last Sentinel, a more informative message will appear to explain why it cannot be sold. 
Somachord now continues playing where you left off when you return to your Orbiter.
Somachord Tones now have their own marker icon when waypointing/finding one in a mission.
Removed the "kill unalerted enemies" or "hack 1 terminal" Challenges from The Law of Retribution and The Jordas Verdict.
The War Within Choice Scene has been changed to be untradable.
Tweaked the Cryona Syandana default Tint colors to better match the original Steam Workshop image. 
Increased the Health of the Loki Specter in the Neptune Junction on Uranus.
Removed the equip sound from the Fishing Spear.
Changed the 'disable sniper scopes' HUD option to be 'use sniper scopes' instead to fit with the positive style of other option wordings.
Increased follow radius of Drone in the Drone Hijack Incursion from 30m to 50m.
Lowered health of Grineer Auto Turrets from 1250 to 1100. 
Lowered health from 650 to 550 and armor from 100 to 75 of the big Dropship Turret.
Tweaked wording/order in the Landing Craft menu:
Flipped the order of those two options
Nox enemies will now react when being damaged by a Stealth attack. Before they would remain not alerted after taking some stealthy damage.
Operators will now automatically go back into Void Mode after a Void Blast if crouch is still being held (and they have enough Energy).
Replaced old damaged Liset ship in Vor’s Prize cinematic with new damaged version.
Sabotage missions on Settlement, Shipyards, and Gas City tilesets now have 2 stages.
The Arca Plasmor received a change yesterday where headshots no longer deal bonus damage. The Arca Plasmor was designed to hit multiple targets with a high-status chance, but with wide wave projectiles and inherent punch-through, a single shot could result in multiple headshots. With it being a shotgun, it was never intended to behave as a precision weapon, and the bonus pushed it too far out of that mold.
However! While this has changed, headshots should still deal damage (without the multiplier). Currently, there is a bug where headshots deal absolutely 0 damage. This is obviously not intended, and we are working on a fix to resolve this issue.    
We apologize for missing this in the original version of the update notes for 22.10.0! As we’ve mentioned before, mainline updates can be a bit rocky (last night’s 4 a.m. ET hotfix for example). Thank you for your understanding.
Conclave Stance Fateful Truth Leading Blade combo now only hits once during the dash.
Conclave Stance Fateful Truth Sudden Spring combo damage reduced.

*Fixed the active Bounty disappearing when attempting to load into the Plains with a full squad.
*Fixes towards some Bounties auto-failing. 
*Fixes towards Host and Clients loading into different Cetus Instances which results in issues loading into Bounties/Plains together. 
*Fixed the squad Reactant counter staying at 10 Reactant until you pick up your first Reactant in an endless Fissure Interception mission.
*Fixed not being able to initiate Sky Archwing when one has been deployed before a Host migration occurred. 
*Fixed attempting to change your Mandachord song as an Operator in the Simulacrum, breaking Octavia and getting a script error.
*Fixed crashing when using the Unairu Wisp Focus ability. 
*Fixed Mission Abort sometimes giving a 'disconnected from the host' message.
*Fixed various Polearms having incorrect attachments when the Phorcys Skin is equipped.
*Fixed Viral Status Effects expiring on enemies which could result in a downed Capture Target to stand back up and continue running for dear life. 
*Fixed preview dioramas for Companions sometimes being empty.
*Fixed numerous Gear items (Apothics, Beacons, etc) not being consumed when used by Operators.
*Fixed crashing when casting Mirage’s Hall of Mirrors.
*Fixed Speed not properly creating FX for non-Volts.
*Fixed the Hyekka Master Codex entry drops not being all CAPS.
*Fixed interacting with your Companion in the Helminth Infirmary after removing the Cyst resulting in the door locking you in.
*Fixed Kavats playing death sounds when changing Mods in the Simulacrum Arsenal.
*Fixed female Operators sometimes having distorted faces in Captura.
*Fixed Archwing Affinity gained not showing in the End of Mission screen when leaving the Plains via menu or returning to Cetus.
*Fixed a blank panel showing up among weapons in the End of Mission screen.
*Fixed misaligned UI in the End of Mission screen.
*Fixed Ergo Glast having a grammatical error as reported here:
*Fixed spot-loading when attempting to join a mission on Earth.
*Fixed not being able to scale the Chat window in 4k for Big Picture Mode.
*Fixed an issue where Energy Orbs would not spawn in the Index if a player joined in progress.
*Fixed an issue where Clients viewing 'End of Mission' information in the Index would cause disconnection. 
*Fixed an issue with login-reward boosters showing the wrong duration. 
*Fixed an issue with context actions appearing in incorrect locations on certain decorations. 
*Fixed an issue with loss of functionality with Harrow's Thurible.
*Fixed being able to ragdoll enemies affected by Limbo's Stasis. 
*Fixed an issue with Nova's Antimatter Drop going off in the wrong direction on cast. 
*Fixed Saryn's spores preventing unconscious enemies from recovering from ragdoll and just dying instead.
*Fixed an issue where enemies would be stuck on the ground instead of getting pulled into Nidus' Larva.
*Fixed an issue where Melee attacks would sometimes appear to deal '0' damage to targets with Spores on them. 
*Fixed issues with Host Migration affecting the way Lures recharge. 
*Fixed issues with the Halikar's sound FX staying on forever if it's thrown and the owner falls into a teleport volume. 
*Fixed various script errors that would result in game hangs. 
*Fixed issues on the Grineer Asteroid tileset where environment would poke out and leave map holes. 
*Fixed an issue where trying to visit a Relay with visiting Tenno on your Orbiter could result in them getting sent back to their Orbiter instead of the Relay. 
*Fixed a possible crash in the Law of Retribution. 
*Fixed issues where host migration while loading back into Cetus could have people stuck on the screen forever. 
*Fixed an issue where Sentient Cores would disappear if a player joins when one is on the ground. 
*Fixed issues with equipping the Maggor Leg Guards on incorrect legs. 
*Fixed an issue where Focus power sounds were not properly playing for clients.
*Fixed an issue where you could not pet your Companions on their Bed decorations.
*Fixed an issue with Foundry categories blinking when searching. 
*Fixed an issue where dying on a Zipline would allow you to run around in a 'Revive' state. 
*Fixed Gunblade style weapons not playing nice with Limbo's Rift and Stasis.
*Fixed a visual Bug with Vay Hek appearing fully formed during his Terra Frame transition. 
*Fixed missing hints on where Harrow's Blueprint is in the Market.
*Fixed issues with being unable to leave Cetus if Clients remain in the tunnel. 
*Fixed a vestigial 'Orokin' section of the Leaderboards from appearing which is already properly accounted for under 'Void'.
*Fixed issues where Cetus instances could crash and not come back up. 
*Fixed a mislabeled Grokdrul Injector. 
*Fixed Limbo's Stasis not properly pausing Zenistar VFX and duration timer. 
*Fixed wrong username in clan list if they accepted the clan invite after changing their name.
*Fixed fish swimming through terrain when affected by bait.
*Fixed players being offered to purchase Archwing items before finishing the quest. 
*Fixed Derelict Sabotage showing improper image. 
*Fixed Mods consumed during Fusion getting reinstalled automatically if a duplicate is owned. 
*Fixed ragdolling ghoul Augers while underground causing them to fall through the ground. 
*Fixed visible water line in Derelict pipe.
*Fixed Gara’s helmet disappearing if Splinter Storm is used while Cloaked.  
*Fixed Exalted Blade local FX on cast not working.
*Fixed Eidolon Lens Blueprint with no description text dropping from the Plains. 
*Fixed Ember Vermillion helmet VFX displayed on screen while scoped in. 
*Fixed being unable to see typing in chat if screen set to wider than 1920.
*Fixed Randomize button not randomizing color of attachments.  
*Fixed a spot where the Capture Target could get stuck on Uranus tileset. 
*Fixed Mod illustration/image stretching outside of Mod outline in Bounty screen. 
*Fixed Landing Craft scanner showing OFF action when already off and ON when already on instead of vice versa. 
*Fixed Inspect text not displaying when targeting a player in a Relay. 
*Fixed a couple holes in Grineer tilesets. 
*Fixed Corinth showing Astilla model on the ground when disarmed. 
*Fixed Manduka leggings clipping through other Operator clothing. 
*Fixed color customization for Tenno Markings affecting Accessories as well. 
*Fixed having your Archwing-specific settings active after returning to your ship from an Archwing mission.
*Fixed Focus resetting to 0 when switching from Archwing to Warframe mode.
*Fixed joining a friend bypassing build version check that makes sure both are up to date.
*Fixed camera getting stuck if you happen to die/go into a Bleedout state just as you use Transference.
*Fixed description text to be more appropriate for the Incubator ("Active Pet" instead of "Active Kubrow").
*Fixed Clients seeing the Javlok explosion after the enemy falls to the ground and the Javlok floating a couple feet from the point of actual impact.
*Fixed the Cryona Syandana sitting too high on Valkyr, Valkyr Prime, and Valkyr Gersemi Skin.
*Fixed the Corpus Nullifier Capture Target not appearing under the ‘Corpus’ Faction in the Codex.
*Fixed an NPC in the Relay that you could inspect which resulted in an error popup.
*Fixed Grineer camp encounters in the Plains sometimes not triggering.
*Fixed a hole in the Lua tileset that you could escape from.
*Fixed Grineer Flame Lancers using a one-handed grip on a two-handed grip weapon.
*Fixed the Pedestal Prime diorama being too zoomed in. 
*Fixed all players hearing muted audio when someone is aiming with the Fishing Spear.
*Fixed the Buzlok scope not maintaining square pixel aspect ratio.
*Fixed misaligned textures on the Grineer Scorch helmet.
*Fixed a Client boarded on another player's Orbiter being sent back to their ship instead of the Relay (when selected).
*Fixed being able to pick up unlimited Antiserum Injectors/antidotes as the Operator.
*Fixed VFX popping when viewing Warframes and The Silver Grove diorama in the Codex.
*Fixed sometimes connecting to the wrong language when attempting to chat in a Relay.
*Fixed Zephyr’s Tornado affecting Shik Tal of the Grustrag Three. Special units (like the G3) are meant to have immunities to Warframe powers.
*Fixed another case of Grineer jumping incredible lengths to try and kill you.
*Fixed excessive bloom on the Misa Prime Syandana.
*Fixed Clients hearing door opening sounds twice simultaneously.
*Fixed the camera panning instead of snapping during a specific Second Dream cinematic.
*Fixed Zephyr being rotated away from the camera after your first death in Flappy Zephyr.
*Fixed Gallium, Argon, and Rubedo Decorations appearing blown out when placed in your Orbiter. 
*Fixed casting Ash’s Shuriken on a knocked down enemy resulting in the Slash Status Effect hitting several times a second, often killing the enemy outright. This was most commonly seen when using Zenurik’s Temporal Blast.
*Fixed a script error when the host leaves the squad in a Relay.
*Fixed End of Quest rewards being visible when choosing to replay the quest. This was causing players to think that they were getting the reward again for replaying it. 
*Fixed VOIP constantly transmitting voice when ‘push to talk’ is enabled while in a squad.
*Fixed instances of not being able to Gild the Mote Amp as reported here:
*Fixed Cameras not triggering Turrets in some situations.
*Fixed a turret on Asteroid Defection tileset that could block defectors from moving through a doorway.
*Fixed Hydroid’s water textures appearing incorrectly and jagged from far away.
	type: Update
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Plains of Eidolon: Update 22.9.0
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/908909-plains-of-eidolon-update-2290/
	date: 2018-01-17T18:31:13Z
	additions: The War Within Choice Scene has been added to Captura! Completing The War Within for the first time will reward this in your Inbox. For those that have already completed The War Within quest, it has been retroactively added to your Captura Scene selection right on login. 
Melee weapons will now display a 'Block Damage' reduction stat in the Arsenal! This stat varies mostly between weapon categories, and while there are only select Mods that enhance the effects of blocking, the stat is still valuable to expose the mechanic. If you favour a melee playstyle, we hope you find this information valuable! 
Added a bit more variety to the dynamic weather in the Plains:
Wind will become stronger if it is pouring. Currently rain and wind are independent of each other and cycle in a predictable pattern that we want to avoid.

	changes: Plains Of Eidolon: Update 22.9.0tennogen Round 11 Is Here, And It’S Our Biggest Round Yet!:
The top left HOME tab has been renamed to CATEGORIES 
The Drop Down Icon has changed to an Arrow
Renamed the first category in the drop down menu (currently called HOME) to FEATURED 
Updated Icons for CATEGORIES and FEATURED 
The TennoGen tab in the Market now has individual categories to better organize and sort the amazing growing collection of TennoGen items. 
Warframes and Weapons that you have fully ranked up will now display a ‘Mastered’ label in the items panel when viewing them in the Market diorama.
Converted the Quartakk to a burst fire that fires all 4 rounds at the same time instead of a semi auto that fires 4 bullets per shot.
Increased fire rate from 6.32 to 12.67.
Increased Accuracy from 58.8 to 90.9.
Reduced damage from 51 to 27.
Increased Stubba's ammo pool from 285 to 399.
Sarpa and Redeemer trace distance reduced to 300m to match the rest of the non-sniper weapons.
Updated all mentions of "anti-matter" to read "antimatter".
Update description of Nova's Null Star to reflect the damage reduction it gives per particle:
Each active particle gives +5% damage reduction to Nova's Health, stacking up to 90%.
Replace a vaulted Relic (Meso V2) with a current Relic (Meso H1) in the Daily Tribute rewards.
The Plague Kripath now uses Rapier melee style instead of Sword melee style.
Spearfishing spears can now kill Condrocs and Kuakas if you wish to do that. 
Optimized memory related to the Star Chart.
Upon getting an OOM (Out Of Memory) crash, you will now be directed to http://www.warframe.com/en/memory to guide you through some manual solutions.
Viper Wraith damage reduced in Conclave.
Reduced the projectile width of the Arca Plasmor.
Reduced dash distance of Conclave stance Fateful Truth's Leaping Blade.
Conclave Mod Skull Shots can no longer refresh while it's effect is active.
The Conclave Mod Overcharged description now correctly states that 100% of 50 Energy converted to Energy on respawn.

*Fixes towards losing selected Bounty upon loading into the Plains with a full squad.
*Fixes towards Vomvalysts sometimes spawning at level 9999.
*Fixed Clients disconnecting on loading screen when entering a Captura Scene if the Host is Nidus and has the Mucusk Syandana equipped.
*Fixed the Corvette suddenly spraying and praying projectiles which led to getting insta-killed as seen here: https://www.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/7qg2y8/corpus_archwing_in_a_nutshell/
*Fixed getting stuck in the Operator customization screen when attempting to replay the Second Dream quest.
*Fixed getting no additional damage from Excalibur's passive when using Excalibur with a sword or rapier Zaw.
*Fixed having to restart the Zaw naming process all over again if you attempted to put an invalid character in the name. You will now be sent back to the Zaw naming input screen.
*Fixed enemies not spawning during the Defense portion of The War Within quest after following the ship through the asteroids.
*Fixed some cases where the Thousand-Year Fish Statuette was not awarded after scanning them all. You should now see it in your Inbox/Inventory.  
*Fixed Mirage Hall of Mirror clones not properly applying weapon upgrades to projectile weapons.
*Fixed the Javlok no longer sticking inside of enemies that did not die from the javelin.
*Fixed the Javlok marker not displaying if Transferring to Operator before the Javlok lands.
*Fixed a Host Migration breaking the Grineer Sealab Sabotage mission if occurred at the beginning.
*Fixed sounds/visual FX playing in the Orbiter when certain loadouts were applied to Articula.
*Fixed the Articula changing to a random loadout upon switching Sentinels. 
*Fixed Apothic Codex entries not being given during The Silver Grove quest.
*Fixed Emoting on a kneeling pad causing the context action to swap and the emote won't clear.
*Fixed an issue where not all birds (ground birds vs already flying birds) in Plains of Eidolon were counting towards the Pest Control achievement.
*Fixed Nezha Warding Halo ability timer not displaying when Transferring back from Operator.
*Fixed Noggles sometimes losing their head.
*Fixed only reloading 1 bullet (instead of the whole magazine) if you use alt fire on the Corinth while reloading the first bullet.
*Fixed some enemy navigation issues at the entrance of Vay Hek’s Assassination boss room.
*Fixed causing a Host migration after reaching point B in a Defection mission causing the defectors to not leave point B when you tell them to. 
*Fixed another instance of Grineer gaining super leg strength and jumping 40 meters to greet you as seen here: https://www.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/7qniim/before_20m_now_40m_super_soldier_grineers/
*Fixed the Simulor's Critical Chance displaying 2% instead of 12% in the Arsenal.
*Fixes towards objective marker not guiding you to each stage of Vay Hek’s Assassination boss fight.
*Fixed numerous spot loading issues when joining a squad.
*Fixed Titania ability script errors when entering the Simulacrum Arsenal while they are active.
*Fixed being able to Archwing out of the level during the Archwing phase in The War Within quest.
*Fixed not being able to Chat link the "Landing Craft Foundry Segment" and the "Nutrio Incubator Upgrade Segment".
*Fixed automatically hard landing when attempting to switch weapons while Aim Gliding. 
*Fixed seeing a ‘Friend Note’ lingering when entering the tunnel to the Plains.
*Fixed some Relics showing "Cetus Bounties" multiple times in their Drop Sources list.
*Fixed the UI locking up when using a controller and attempting to add a friend.
*Fixed a small hitch when loading into any Earth mission.
*Fixed the Mercury Junction appearing as a tile texture when flying into it.
*Fixed receiving an error when attempting to sell the Mote Amp.
*Fixed a script error when casting Gara’s Mass Vitrify.
*Fixed the Invasion UI showing 3/3 completed missions after completing more than 3 missions.
*Fixed misaligned text in the Invasion tab in the World State Window.
*Fixed an unlocalized message when you have completed a Mobile Defense mission.
	type: Update
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Plains of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.8.4
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/906709-plains-of-eidolon-hotfix-2284/
	date: 2018-01-11T22:00:31Z
	changes: Plains Of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.8.4:

	type: Hotfix
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Plains of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.8.3
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/906556-plains-of-eidolon-hotfix-2283/
	date: 2018-01-11T14:32:42Z
	changes: Plains Of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.8.3:
You can now replay the Apostasy Prologue quest in your Codex! (Not that my body is ready for those feels AGAIN)
You can now properly waypoint dropped weapon parts/Blueprints.
More than doubled the size of the Cetus Wisp pickup radius. This will allow you to obtain the Cetus Wisp from further away instead of needing to be right on top of it.
Reduced Vay Hek's zap Magnetic Status to not drain Energy completely.
Zaw strike Plague Kripath now uses the default Rapier holster position when used with a one handed Zaw Grip.
Itzal Penumbra now turns off sprint toggle so you don't immediately cancel out of the cloak when using it.
Plains of Eidolon Sorties are now a string of 3 encounters that must be completed in order to finish the mission.  
Items claimed while in the foundry's "In Progress" tab will now stay in the tab until the tab is changed so you can choose to build it again right after.
Made improvements towards the dynamic sky in the Plains to reduce sun lens flare popping.
Improvements towards enemy navigation throughout the Corpus Ice Planet Defense tileset.
Replaced the Jupiter-Saturn Junction requirement of ‘defeat the Raptor on Europa’ with ‘complete Baal on Europa’. This is due to the Raptor’s boss fight getting increasingly difficult after his re-work, which created frustration for newer players attempting to unlock the Junction. 
Tweaked the brightness/visibility of Frost’s Snow Globe in the Plains at night.
When browsing Warframes/weapons to equip, you will now see the equipped Skin displayed on the Warframe/weapon icon instead of the default icon. 
Optimized away about 250KB of code spread throughout the whole game (over 1% savings!)
Changed Vault timer UI text in Spy missions to flash red instead of grey and added /!\ warning icon like in Interception missions.
Tweaked Plains Bounty objective text to make hierarchy and relatedness clearer by enlarging, bolding, and aligning with other objective text on the screen.

*Fixes towards squads getting separated when enroute to the Plains. This resulted in some players successfully loading into the Plains and some remaining stuck in the hallway perpetually loading.
*Fixed not switching Cetus instances when accepting an invitation from another player in a different instance.
*Fixed being left behind in Cetus if you joined a Host the moment they ran into the hallway and saw the loading spinner icon.
*Fixed an issue where players who joined a session after the host returned to Cetus from the Plains could receive different rewards than the Host if they subsequently did Bounties together.
*Fixed Konzu Bounty board not auto-refreshing a minute after current batch expires.
*Fixed Bounties not consistently being marked as "completed" on Bounty board after finishing them.
*Fixed Gara's Splinter Storm not dealing damage while invisible (Shade, Huras, Octavia etc).
*Fixed Blade Storm making Ash unarmed when it ends if he activates it while holding a Scanner.
*Fixed Ash’s Blade Storm not removing the temporary melee weapon given to Ash if the only weapon he has is a Speargun (Javlok, Scourge, etc) and he's currently thrown the Speargun out when activating Blade Storm. 
*Fixed being able to reach inaccessible areas (and becoming trapped) in the Jordas Verdict stage 2 tileset. 
*Fixed Shred decreasing Vauban's armour instead of the enemies'.
*Fixed the Telos Boltace Stormpath ability not working with the Maruta Tonfa Skin equipped. 
*Fixed Eidolon Vomvalyst Lure tether not appearing on Clients.
*Fixed Equinox Pacify & Provoke radial FX not being cleaned up on deactivation when on low particle system quality.
*Fixed Chroma’s Effigy Wing pelt using the default Skin when equipped with the Chroma Vojnik Skin. 
*Fixed some Decorations not being removed from the Vignette area when switching Vignettes.
*Fixed Tactical Reload Mod not working on the Quartakk as a Client.
*Fixed Cetus Wisps being updated while the game was paused -
*this could lead to them escaping while you answered the phone.
*Fixed Mirage Prime’s Hall of Mirror clones using some of the default Mirage texture on their bodies. 
*Fixed the Mandachord Reload button not reloading the song and preventing any audio from the notes.
*Fixed the Host being forced to freeze when playing the ‘burrowing Ascaris’ moment, while the Client actually playing the tutorial is not, resulting in the player being frozen in midair. 
*Fixed the Cetus gate during a Sortie in the Plains not being blocked for Clients (who could simply return to Cetus for free victory).
*Fixed Infested Crawlers standing upright when being stunned. This occurs when they are being affected by Elemental damage (fire/electricity) or knocked on their backs.
*Fixed Client not seeing certain Decorations when boarding another Orbiter.
*Fixed Client seeing incorrect Orbiter Energy color when boarding another Orbiter.
*Fixed Rhino’s Roar buff VFX not appearing on the helmets of Client players when viewed by Client players. The host sees the VFX on all parts for all players.
*Fixed not being able to Melee again upon throwing the Sigma & Octanis shield while using Exalted Blade on Excalibur, until you deactivate and reactivate the power. 
*Fixed the Sigma & Octantis not having any Elemental FX or Energy trails.
*Fixed Nezha not throwing his Blazing Chakram off his back when the Nezha Devine or Yaksha Skin is equipped.
*Fixed the Companion HUD bleedout timer pausing after using Transference.
*Fixed items placed in the Vignette and then moved outside the Vignette getting removed upon changing the Vignette.
*Fixed some enemy navigation issues in Uranus Defense tilesets. 
*Fixed some enemy navigation and cover issues in the Grineer Shipyard Interception tilesets. 
*Fixed the Defense cryopod target popping in and out of the cryopod when standing on top of it. 
*Fixed not being able to rotate small Orbiter Decorations correctly.
*Fixed energy trail FX on Palatine hammer Skin being positioned wrong when equipped on several weapons.
*Fixed intermediate area markers displaying as an area marker instead of an icon when near the objective/extraction.
*Fixed waypoint markers remaining visible in Cetus after that player has left.
*Fixes towards Warframe abilities used by any NPCs sometimes not functioning properly.
*Fixed Mesa's Regulators not receiving pistol upgrades for missions where you start in Archwing (Uranus). 
*Fixed Mesa’s Peacemaker guns remaining visible after using Peacemaker if the user is equipped with the Mesa Devil Ranger skin. 
*Fixed remote players hearing 3 shot sounds instead of 2 per Mesa Peacemaker fire.
*Fixed Hive sometimes not becoming vulnerable after destroying nodes.
*Fixed Specter abilities sometimes not working.
*Fixed the 750 Daily Tribute rewarding you 3 Exilus Adapters instead of the intended 1.
*Fixed a grammatical error in Teshin’s Inbox message after completing The War Within quest.
*Fixed the Operator Amp flickering in and out of the folded position when previewing/selecting new colors for the Amp in Operator customization screen.
*Fixed Clients not gaining Amp Brace bonuses.
*Fixed the UI not identifying the Juttni/Clapkra Brace recharge delay reduction/energy increase respectively.
*Fixed being able to fire the Granmu Prism faster than intended by using Void Blast cancels.
*Fixed female Operators having distorted faces, particularly when applying Focus-specific Animation Stances.
*Fixed alt-fire short circuiting reload loops. This was specifically happening with the Corinth.
*Fixed static indicators on the ability UI not being updated when Transferring from Warframe to Operator and then back to Warframe. 
*Fixed chat pings for people with 'special' names when they're mentioned in another channel.
*Fixed Oberon’s Hallowed Ground FX to flicker at certain angles.
*Fixed the Clan tier not increasing if the current max size of the alliance, including your Clan, plus the new Clan size, was over the max.
*Fixed Client Gear item cooldowns not saving if a Host migration occured. 
*Fixed some flickering windows in the Uranus tileset. 
*Fixed a loss of functionality when placing and attempting to change the Glyph Display from default on your Orbiter.
*Fixed a script error when loading the Operator customization screen with a controller.
*Fixed a script error when selecting/deselecting fish rapidly at Fisher Hai-Luk.
*Fixed a script error that caused the Arsenal UI to break after returning to Cetus.
*Fixed a script error when Mining in the Plains.
*Fixed a script crash that would occur when trying to Mod your Melee weapon in the Simulacrum Arsenal while Excalibur’s Exalted Blade is active.
*Fixed not returning to the Relay outside of the Simulacrum when leaving it.
*Fixed a script error that occurred after completing missions.
	type: Hotfix
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Plains of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.8.2
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/904138-plains-of-eidolon-hotfix-2282/
	date: 2018-01-04T20:43:45Z
	changes: Plains Of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.8.2:
Made improvements towards correctly loading into the same Cetus Instance with your squad. This was resulting in perpetually attempting to load into the Plains upon which the doors never opened.
Reduced the number of Codex scans required for the Ghoul Target, Rictus Alpha, Auger Alpha, and Expired Deserter to 3.
Improved navigation and pathing behavior of Dropships in the Plains. 
Air Support Turrets spawned by the Host (as well as Turrets spawned by Clients prior to previous migrations) will now be destroyed when a Host migration occurs. This fixes Air Support Turrets lingering after a Host migration which resulted in being able to spawn more than 1 at a time. 
Removed placeholder items from Hok’s daily Zaw special.
Removed a weird marker from Teshin in the first stage of The War Within quest.
Removed the Magazine value from the Gunsen Mod section in the Arsenal.
Gave the Sonicor a bit of ‘oomph’ back by tweaking the ragdoll force to allow a more horizontal ragdoll as opposed to ragdolling in place. Does this bring it back to its skyrocketing ways? No. But now it has an appropriate amount of ‘oomph’ that doesn’t send you across the map to collect your dropped goodies.
Increased the size while wielded.
Added 0.5m Punch Through.
Added Ragdoll on Death.

*Fixed not being able to progress in The War Within quest due to Void Dash not hitting certain enemies if you had Surging Dash equipped on your Warframe as per: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/901382-not-able-to-finish-war-within-finally-boss-missions-with-focus-naramon/
*Fixed not being able to damage the Grineer Queen for a few seconds until she quits her yappin’ in The War Within quest. The War Within speedrunners rejoice for precious seconds are SAVED!!
*Fixed Nidus’ Ravenous not working when Particle Quality is set to low.
*Fixed objective markers remaining after destroying the corresponding vents in the Raptor boss fight. This also brings a potential fix for the objective vent being incorrect if a Host migration occured. 
*Fixed Ghoul Lore Fragments not being awarded as a Bounty reward if you didn't have any Lore Fragments at all (that includes Cephalon Fragments, Thousand-Year Fish, etc).
*Fixed Maim not damaging enemies if there are many enemies in its radius.
*Fixed for Orbiter Decorations "disappearing" if moved from a room into an empty room.
*Fixed missing dropped Mods listed when viewing Acolytes in the Codex.
*Fixed the Hydraulus being invisible in some missions during Octavia's Anthem quest.
*Fixed using Alt Fire key to detonate Zenith disc when both discs of Zenistar and Zenith weapon has been launched resulting in the detonation removing the HUD icon for Zenistar disc.
*Fixed rare bugs where textures were missing in cases like the Arsenal.
*Fixed a teleport triggering Transferring from your Warframe into the Operator only section inside Harrow's temple.
*Fixed the Igaro Day of the Dead Syandana appearing offset when equipped on Excalibur, Nyx, Nyx Nemesis Skin, or Nyx Prime.
*Fixed being able to select an Arsenal loadout you just deleted in the loadout selection popup.
*Fixed the Gunsen spin attack sound and un-equip sound being audible for all players regardless of position.
*Fixed unwanted sounds playing on some Zaw parts when equipped.
*Fixed melee weapon hit sounds not being audible at certain times during combat.
*Fixed Nidus’ head appearing detached in his diorama. 
*Fixed the Ghoul Devourer being stuck in a 2017 dab position in his Codex diorama.
*Fixed the Hunter Command Mod not allowing pets to use other scripted abilities they have equipped (such as Smeeta Charm).
*Fixed a few spots in the Plains where you could see underwater while fishing.
*Fixed Ember’s Vermillion Helmet flame FX lingering when using a sniper scope, Nosam Cutter, Codex Scanner or Synthesis Scanner.
*Fixed overlapping Radius values displaying on the Surging Dash description. 
*Fixed a script error when casting Oberon’s Reckoning. 
*Fixed a crash when changing loadouts in the Arsenal.
	type: Hotfix
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Plains of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.8.1
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/898703-plains-of-eidolon-hotfix-2281/
	date: 2017-12-22T18:19:45Z
	changes: Additions:
Declining an invite to Orbiter will now prevent additional invites for 15 seconds. Repeatedly declining invites will increase the 15 second duration. You’ll no longer receive stacks of invites from repeated requests.

*Fixed missing mesh on Vahd Greaves. 
*Fixed lighting in Personal Quarters. 
*Fixed Ballistica Prime not creating proper ‘Ghost’ on Charged Attack kill. 
*Fixed operator not facing the right way when getting back in their chair after customization with a stance equipped. 
*Fixed Operator air sliding back into their seat.
*Fixed a script error in Nidus' Larva that could prevent casting in some situations.
*Fixed ghoul assassinate not counting kills if it started at an area previously used by a ghoul exterminate.
*Fixed missing chat messages when people were kicked.
*Optimized memory use in the Orbiter to help reactionary 32-bit people.
*Fixed potential crash during host migration.
*Fixed Blade and Gun Stencil & updated Grineer Fury for Personal Quarters.
*Fixed only a single copy of a decoration being returned from a Vignette being returned if it contained multiples of the same type. 
*Fixed Conclave being unplayable for clients.
*Fixed Personal Quarters using client’s favourite Warframe. 
*Fixed client not seeing lure tethers connecting to Teralyst.
	type: Hotfix
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Plains of Eidolon: Update 22.8.0 + Hotfix
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/897989-plains-of-eidolon-update-2280-hotfix-22801/
	date: 2017-12-21T18:48:35Z
	changes: As noted in our 2017/2018 Roadmap:

We are not shipping Damage 2.5 changes simply because we'd have less than a day to Hotfix issues. This applies to Volt changes too. We do not want to ship something that we are unable to Hotfix for more than a week.
We have plans to make 2018 kickoff with long overdue reviews. Enjoy your holidays with some new gear and more while we enjoy ours, and we'll return in 2018 well rested and ready to rock!
Fragments in your Codex are now categorized based on their origin (Cephalon, Cetus, Gara, and Ghouls).  
You can now replay Bounties for Standing!
You can now use Emotes in your Orbiter! Deep bows all around.
Mirage's Hall of Mirrors casting animation has been changed to match the style of the Mirage Prime trailer! 
Removed reticle animation when sprinting due to feedback. 
Improved sound ambience and performance on a Grineer Settlement tileset door. 
The body tendrils on Nezha’s Yaksha Tennogen Skin is now tintable and will take tints from the tertiary slot. 
Lieutenant Lech Kril changes: 
Lech Kril will now prioritize using his ice abilities instead of melee when he can.
Upon destroying Lech Kril's backpack, his ice abilities will have their cooldowns reset to reduce time spent waiting around.
Changed Lech Kril's Ice Wave ability so that it doesn’t halt the fight when players are meleeing him. 
Added FX to Lech Kril's weakspot that changes tint based on how much damage his backpack has taken to help make the objective clearer to new player. 
Very slightly tweaked hitbox location for backpack to try and achieve more consistent damage. 
When Decorating your Dojo, your selected Decoration will now be deselected if you type into the search bar and the Decoration in question does not appear on the results page. This should help prevent players accidentally building the wrong item!
Ambulas is now immune to Viral Damage. This will fix issues where Ambulas becomes unhackable.
Reset Dynamic Resolution back to off by default because on some systems it seems to malfunction.

*Ghoul threats have arrived! These recurring bounties feature the Ghoul monstrosities. Help defend Cetus and destroy the Ghouls.... but their destruction may not be permanent! Expect the Ghouls to re-emerge regularly.
*Ghoul Purge will introduce these new Grineer Ghoul Enemies and Variants:
*Known colloquially as the 'drill sergeant', the Augur is fast-grown into its enhancements. As with all Ghouls, no regard is given to the proper development of its higher functions. Cantilevered leg augments propel the unit toward the fray at speed, while over
*and under-mounted extendable drill carriages magnify both reach and penetrating power.
*Whether through aberrant cognition or sheer brutality one specimen always moves to the front of each pack. It is from this individual that the other units take their lead. 
*Vay Hek's personal favorite, the Devourer is a maximal terror unit. Draped in shreds of the diapause bag that birthed it, this gap-mawed monstrosity barrels toward prey with furious intensity. Wrist-mounted hooks are welded to elbow joints and hyperpowered by a myotechnological winch system for maximum impact-and-pull.
*The Expired are Ghouls who have succumbed to malnutrition or environmental poisoning during the early stages of development. Their backup nervous systems continue to drive them forward, however, making them ideal suicide troops.
*Why this emaciated monstrosity chose to abandon its pack remains to be seen.
*So named for its terrifying leer, the Rictus (AKA 'the Sawman') lives to divide and conquer its foes 
*This specimen shows evidence of advanced cognitive abilities and greater, if rudimentary, situational analysis. Cold blooded and ruthless, t is easy to see how this specimen led its pack so ably.
*Deliver a massive punch with each blast of this shotgun, or launch a round that explodes mid-air knocking down nearby enemies.
*Find this weapon or its Blueprint in the Market today!
*Lacerate attackers with two razor sharp warfans.
*Find this weapon or its Blueprint in the Market or Tenno Research lab today!
*Fans: Slicing Feathers! Twirling acrobatic slashes with a refined touch!
*Annihilate targets with four simultaneous shots from this high-caliber Grineer rifle.
*Find this weapon in the Market or from Ghoul Bounty rewards today!
*Inflict rapid-fire bursts of pain with this Grineer submachine gun.
*Find this weapon in the Market or from Ghoul Bounty rewards today!
*Victory over the Grineer, draped across your shoulders.
*Grineer plate, trophies from battle on the Plains of Eidolon.
*Make a devastating entrance with the Maggor Assault Pack. Includes the Quartakk quad-barrelled assault rifle and hard-hitting Stubba submachinegun, with matching Maggor armor and syandana.
*To receive the new Personal Quarters Segment Blueprint, you must complete The War Within. Players who have already completed the quest will receive the Blueprint automatically in their inbox.
*Vignettes: Choose the centerpiece of your Personal Quarters from the following 8 Vignettes. Each Vignette adds its own ambiance and flare to your space.
*Earth Vignette
*Aquarium Vignette 
*Cephalon Vignette
*Europa Vignette
*Eidolon Vignette
*Mars Vignette
*Kuva Fortress Vignette
*Purchase Vignettes individually from the selection list, or all of them from the “Vignette Bundle” located in the Market.
*Stencils: Add some color and theme your Quarters’ walls with Stencils!
*Corpus Stencil
*Grineer Queens Stencil
*Grineer Stencil 
*Ostron Stencil
*Tenno Stencil
*Purchase Stencils individually from the selection list or from the Market.
*Aquarium: Bring home the fish you’ve caught from the Plains with your own Aquarium! Simply select “Customize Quarters” to pick the tank you want to house fish from your inventory. Fish will be removed from your inventory, but can be retrieved at any time from your tanks.
*Warframe Display: Put your Warframe on display! Choose from your loadouts to showcase your best look in full scale.
*Somachord: Add ambiance to your Orbiter with the Somachord! Unlock songs by locating and scanning Somachord Tones scattered throughout the Solar System. Find them all to complete songs!
*To accommodate all the new decorations coming in Update 23, capacity has been split into 4 different areas (Transference Room, Helminth Infirmary, Personal Quarters, and everything in between) with a capacity of 1200 EACH to hold all your ship’s flair.
*And since we know some of you really enjoy personalizing your Orbiter, we will be overhauling decoration placement to be more streamlined in 2018! These currently unreleased changes (discussed in Devstream #103) will include grid snapping, placing floating decorations, and much more!
*Warframe Articula: Posable scale models of your favorite Warframes are here! To place, open your decoration tool and select “Warframe Articula”. Once you’ve found the perfect spot, customize by selecting from your existing loadouts, choosing a pose from the “Warframe Gun Pose Set”, and swapping weapons! Due to their complexity, Articula take more Capacity than most decorations so placement will be limited. For example, you won’t be able to place a large number of Articula like you can with Noggles.
*Trees, Planters and more!
*Explore a new line of decorations including some plants and decorative toys for your Companions!
*There is a new Operator customization option available: School specific animations! 
*Zenurik, Naramon, Unairu, Madurai, and Vazarin have their own set of idle animations. These are freely for the school of your choice. If you unlock each school, each set becomes available for your operator!
*Archwing can now be deployed in Captura! 
*Added a Depth of Field toggle in Captura! As opposed to the current Depth of Field slider, the toggle will completely turn it on or off.
*Fixed a timing issue where Konzu's Bounties would not refresh properly. 
*Fixed an issue where the HUD wouldn't update when accepting bounties.
*Fixed an issue where the 'Bounty Accepted' transmission wouldn't play when taking on a new Bounty.
*Fixed an issue where you'd have to leave Cetus and return to see a new Day's bounties.
*Fixed Nova being able to Worm Hole her way out of the Kuva Fortress tileset on Dakata. 
*Fixed Operator Vahd Greaves overlapping with other styles of Operator suit causing it to clip. 
*Fixed Sentient Cores disappearing if they are on the ground and another player joins the session. 
*Attempt to fix a progress stopper in Sealab Sabotage when killing Tyl Regor’s Project specimen before it steps off the platform.  
*Fixed Client Zaw stats only showing Strike stats in the Simulacrum Arsenal instead of all components. 
*Fixed Punch-Through projectiles hitting multiple times against Drones/Ships.
*Fixed a Rampart spawning inside of a wall in the Grineer Shipyard tileset. 
*Fixed Mirage Prime’s Eclipse applying only the basic textures.
*Fixed Tusk Dargyn hovering above its target instead of flying around. 
*Fixed Ferrox primary projectiles sometimes not appearing when in Limbo's Cataclysm and Stasis.
*Fixed Mirage’s Hall of Mirrors clones not playing the proper idles if an idle set is equipped. 
*Fixed Mirage’s Hall of Mirrors clones inheriting customizations they shouldn't have in Conclave. 
*Potential fix for Bounties overlapping in the UI when talking to Konzu. 
*Fixed crash related to fighting Teralsyt. 
*Fixed Clients disconnecting from host when trying to load into a Captura or Simulacrum session at the same time as the host. 
*Fixed inaccurate and broken mini-map in the Grineer Settlement tileset. 
*Fixed animation issue when charging an arrow immediately after firing a shot using Bows.
*Fixed mods like Quick Return and Power Throw not applying when dual wielding a throwing melee weapon.
*Fixed missing textures on Diriga during the purge sequence of The War Within. 
*Fixed Survival UI for clients changing between two languages if their selected language is different than the host’s.
*Fixed Tusk Heavy Gunner using the incorrect textures.
*Fixed Reactant counters not showing properly for Squadmates if the Operator is out.
*Fixed various rocks in Cetus being unaffected by Rain.
*Fixed the Glaive consistently circling around the player. Sorry we know it was cool but not intended!
*Fixed an issue with the Varykor Sydon's Radial Blind looping its animation.
*Fixed an issue with Octavia customizations being overridden. 
*Fixed an issue with Equinox's night form not playing nice with Archwing customization colours.
*Fixed chat tabs being all crammed together.
*Fixed collision in Personal Quarters.
*Fixed scrolling in the Somachord
*Fixed using Gunsen's default attacks when using it without a stance.
*Fixed bounties sometimes losing track of which encounter is the active bounty stage during migration.
*Fixed Ghoul Extermination Bounty not showing complete screen after host migration.
*Fixed error in Orbiter decoration limit check when buying or gifting a bundle.
*Fixed Plains water at night permanently reducing Shields. 
*Removed some incomplete Zaw tips that had shown up in the Codex.
*Fixed some session problems when joining squads roaming the Plains.
*Fixed several popular crashes.
	type: Hotfix
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Plains of Eidolon: Mirage Prime 22.7.0
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/893859-plains-of-eidolon-mirage-prime-2270/
	date: 2017-12-12T18:57:39Z
	changes: Plains Of Eidolon: Mirage Prime 22.7.0:

Saryn Prime, Nikana Prime and Spira Prime have entered the Prime Vault, and their Relics are no longer be obtainable in the game.
*If you already wield the power of these Primes or if you already hold Relics in your inventory that house these Primes, they will remain in your inventory.
You can now swap to your primary weapon while holding Volt's Electric Shield, doing this will drop the Electric Shield. You can drop the Electric Shield as before to avoid switching to another weapon.

*Fixed being stuck in an unmovable state when attempting to return to Archwing during The War Within asteroid field phase.
*Fixed Naramon Disarming Blast breaking several boss fights as reported here: https://www.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/7ik747/naramon_can_disarm_enemies_that_normally_cant_be/
*Fixed enemies never really ever attacking Octavia’s Mallet while following it.
*Fixed Clients not getting the combo bonus damage boost from Octavia’s Mallet when combined with Resonator.
*Fixed "Required In Vault" Dojo decorations not showing up in the list of placeable decorations.
*Fixed the Syndicate Medallion/Sentient Core redemption UI allowing you to redeem a decimal value. Medallions/Cores were never actually redeemed as this was purely a UI issue.  
*Fixed disabling dynamic resolution not restoring the scale back to 100% for Temporal Anti-aliasing Jitter.
*Fixed "Abandoning Objective" text staying on screen if you blow by the objective in Sky Archwing in the Plains.
*Fixed missing Operator VO and subtitles during The War Within cinematics. 
*Fixed a loss of functionality when attempting to purchase a Kubrow Egg from Darvo.
*Fixed crates spawning out of reach in the Orokin Derelict. 
*Fixed sounds not playing properly when firing the Baza.
*Fixed a texture gap on the floor of the Grineer Forest tileset. 
*Fixed a script error when attempting to dissolve a “new” Mod for Endo.
*Fixed a script error when casting Ivara’s Prowl ability.
*Fixed the Combo list of a Modded melee weapon not showing up in the Conclave Arsenal.
*Fixed Daily/Weekly Conclave Challenges not completeing or tracking your progress as reported here: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/891739-conclave-daily-and-weekly-challenges-dont-count/
*The Warframe launcher will now automatically Optimize if your cache has over half a gig of wasted space. This not only rids you of wasted space but also improves load times!
	type: Update
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Plains of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.6.1
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/891922-plains-of-eidolon-hotfix-2261/
	date: 2017-12-08T22:06:04Z
	changes: Plains Of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.6.1:
Tenno, it seems Pedlek messed up some Zaw orders and built them with incorrect stats... Your Platinum and Forma will be refunded early next week and the Zaw removed along with any MR gains from it. You’ll receive an inbox messages from Hok with his deepest apologies when it is removed. Sorry for any inconvenience!
Adjusted the audio gain for rain the the Plains, and improved the ability to hear fishing and mining laser audio more clearly when it's raining.
Very slightly reduced the shadow from the eyelashes on Operators.

*In last night’s hotfix, we disabled gifting so that we could work on a bug related to the inbox messages received when you’ve been gifted an item. We have fixed the issue in this hotfix, and have re-enabled gifting! Thank you for your patience.  
*Fixed DirectX 10 and DirectX 11 causing update failures; we have reset the launcher settings for these options to defaults for you so if your system supports them it should automatically resume using the best driver available.
*Fixed UI bug that suggested you could increase Waybound capacity even if maxed, as per: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/891206-focus-25-de-this-is-a-scary-thing-to-see-when-going-to-unbing-a-waybound/
*Fixed Operator eyes pulsing out of sync. 
*Fixed rolling breaking Ivara out of Prowl, as per: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/891159-you-can-no-longer-roll-in-prowl-ivara-fix-pending/
*Fixed being unable to cast Trinity’s Energy Vampire on Linked enemies, as per: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/891121-trinity-ev-not-castable-against-linked-enemies-fix-pending/
*Fixed Mastery Rank 6 failing automatically at the start of the second round, as per: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/891325-mastery-rank-6-test-issue-fix-pending/
*Fixed crash that could occur on recasting Gara’s Mass Vitrify if the ability was terminated before all the ring pieces could be created. 
*Fixed Corrosive Status effect having no effect, as per: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/891192-corrosive-status-effect-not-applying-fix-pending/
*Fixed Riven mod failing to unveil if the inbox tried to open after the unveiling mission and is closed before it has a chance to open.
*Fixed missing description for the Lohrin Brace boosting critical and status chance introduced in Update 22.1.0. 
*Fixed bug with Sabotage and Assault missions with “Defend the Object” in the Kuva Fortress that caused progress stoppers in The War Within.
*Fixed script error with Operator Transference. 
*Fixed specific rare crash when walking up to the first gate to the Plains from Cetus. 
*Fixed alarms instantly going off in the Rosaline, Uranus Spy mission. 
*Fixed issues with rock assets clipping into other tiles in the Grineer Settlement tileset. 
*Fixed rare script error with Gara’s Mass Vitrify.
	type: Hotfix
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Plains of Eidolon: Update 22.6.0 + Hotfix
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/891096-plains-of-eidolon-update-2260-hotfix-22601/
	date: 2017-12-07T22:05:21Z
	additions: Added Zaw Strikes and Amps to the Equipment tab on player Profiles. Zaw and Amp Mastery gain also is now tracked!
Added resistance, armor type, and health type information to the Eidolon Vomvalyst’s Codex entry. 
Added 750 Day Daily Tribute Reward, the “Guiding Rose Cache”. This Cache includes:
Guiding Rose Glyph
Exilus Adapter
3 Day Affinity Booster 
Added a “Sale Manifest” window when selling your Mods for Credits or dissolving them for Endo. The window will provide information on the sale for you to review before you confirm or cancel.

	changes: Plains Of Eidolon: Update 22.6.0:
We’re bringing you what we call a “mainline” update today. This is every fix and QoL change we have been working on since October in addition to content drops. 22.6.0 sets the stage for a bigger end of year Update that includes Khora and more!
It’s important to note that sometimes mainline updates can be rocky since they have deep overhauls for optimization within.
We will be actively watching for bugs and your feedback on the additions and changes below!
The Plains of Eidolon now have changing weather patterns! This new dynamic weather system brings rain, lightning, rolling thunder, as well as fluctuating wind and cloud patterns. The Plains can shift from sunshine to rain (and vice versa) during the day and night, and rain will linger for a reasonable amount of time.
Jumping in puddles isn’t the only good thing about being out in the Plains during the rain! Take advantage of increased fish spawns and reduced visibility for the Grineer while it is raining.
A rain slider has also been added to the Plains of Eidolon Captura Scene. Adjust the slider from a light trickle to total downpour and capture your dramatic side!
Since the launch of Focus 2.0 in Update 22: Plains of Eidolon, you have shared your thoughts and suggestions on where we could improve on Operator gameplay as a whole. Focus 2.5 is a reflection of what we’ve learned through your experiences, and acts as a jumping-off point for future implementations that need more consideration before they reach you (daily cap removal for example).
Below you will find a breakdown of what has changed in Focus 2.5. If you would like to read more about our intent and motivation for these changes, and some of our future plans for Operator gameplay, head on over to “The Features of Focus 2.5” Dev Workshop thread .
We have added shared pool capacity! You can now upgrade your pool size using the points from any School you wish, which increases the maximum capacity for every school all at once.
You can increase pool capacity from your active tree. Simply select a School of choice as your “primary” and use its Focus points to increase the shared pool capacity.
The ability to increase capacity from within the tree itself still exists, but these points will contribute to the shared pool instead.
The costs of unlocking nodes across all trees have, on average, been reduced by almost 30%. The table below compares what a 5 rank passive node (like Zenurik’s Energy Pulse) costs before and after these changes:

Void Singularity’s pull speed has been doubled.  
Lightning Dash now costs 10 energy per cast.
Guardian Blast now grants 160 shields at max, up from 100.
Protective Dash now grants 5s of immunity at max, up from 2s.
Void Spines now reflects 100% damage at max, up from 25%.
Stone Skin now adds flat armor, 60 for both Warframe and Operator at max.
Void Strike now continues accumulating damage boosts over multiple uses of void mode, each rank adds additional attacks up to a max of 8.
Blazing Dash now stuns enemies instead of ragdolling.
We are excited to see how you feel about these changes, and will be collecting your feedback on Focus 2.5 changes in the dev workshop we posted earlier this week.
The following Incursions can now occur in Caves scattered around the Plains: Exterminate, Assassinate, and Cache Recovery. The objectives in these Incursions are the same as they are in the Plains, but there is now a chance for these to randomly take place in caves!
The intent of the following changes is to make fishing a more harmonious experience for you and your squad! Until now, Bait, Dye, and Pharoma has only exclusively affected the player who used it. Moving forward, all squadmates will receive benefits from Bait or other fishing consumables in the Plains. The fish you see will still vary from player to player, however, the effects of these consumables will be shared across all members.
When making this change, we also reviewed how each of these consumables worked and tweaked them slightly for the sake of consistency and balance:
You can now throw Pharoma and Luminous Dye like Bait!*
Dye, Pharoma and Bait now only work within a certain radius around its casting point. Any player fishing within the radius around this casting point will benefit from its effects.
*In order for Luminous Dye and Pharoma to work within this system, they are now thrown like bait. They float in the water and affect all fish in the same body of water within a certain radius. This way you can cast out the Dye in one place, and all players will see the fish get highlighted as they swim near it. Multiple Dyes can be used at once, if you want to affect a larger section of the water.
Finally, we made the following changes and fixes to fishing:
Added custom Bait throwing animation.
Active Bait will no longer be destroyed by fish.
Reduced fish escape speed when spooked.
Fixes towards fish swimming through terrain.
Fixed rare case where fishing Bait would not float properly.
Fixes towards Bait being destroyed if thrown into shallow ponds where the bait would hit the bottom before floating to the surface.
Fixed clients being able to throw one more Bait than they actually have.
Fixed an issue where some fish could swim in the air.
Mass Vitrify is no longer invulnerable and now has sections that break off and explode as it absorbs incoming damage. The amount of damage absorbed scales with Power Strength and Armor. Explosion damage scales with Power Strength. 
Mass Vitrify no longer has a duration and remains until recast, destroyed from damage, or smashed with Shattered Lash.
Gara is still relatively new as far as Warframes are concerned but since her release, we’ve found (and many players have found) that an invulnerable and almost impenetrable barrier doesn’t allow for a very engaging gameplay experience. We know that other Warframes also have Powers with similar issues, but adding a shattering component to Mass Vitrify is a change we could easily implement that is consistent with Gara’s glass theme while also making Mass Vitrify more interactive.
With these new changes, we can tweak the absorption and explosion values as necessary to make sure Mass Vitrify is both fun and effective. Please keep your feedback constructive and let us know what you think after you’ve had a chance to test these new changes.
Reduced Electric Shield’s Energy Cost per meter to 1 Energy per 4 meters (down from 1 per 1 meter)
We previously announced changes to Discharge in this thread. But after further testing, we found that the changes were a lot more powerful than anticipated (we’ve included a video below). As a result, Discharge has not been changed yet. We will continue to work on Discharge improvements before releasing them in a future update. Sorry for getting anyone excited prematurely for Discharge! We appreciate your patience.
Previously proposed Discharge changes that ended up with more extreme crowd control than expected 
modded here for extended range and lower damage. (not live!):
Reticle will turn blue when targeting allies and red when targeting enemies.
Reticle will show different states for hip, aim and sprint.
Context actions will dim when aiming while they are active.
All non-endless Solar Map and quest missions now display short objective instructions for each stage with a matching marker icon in the UI, similar to those displayed on the Plains.. Some endless missions also have new objective text. 
Simplified and cleaned up any existing objective UI's general alignment, ordering and spacing to make it more readable. 
Reworded language in some existing missions’ objective UI for clarity, and added more appropriate text to some timers instead of the generic 'Time'.
Fixed many small consistency issues and bugs with objective markers and replaced some existing mission markers with area markers where appropriate.
Added area markers to Hive missions to cover highlight areas where the destroyable tumor nodes spawned around each hive.
During long dialog stages in quests, there will now always be an area marker so that players don't get confused about where they should be.
Changed timer description in Rescue missions to “Time Limit” instead of “Time Left”. 
In-world markers for Incursion/Bounty objectives locations will no longer disappear for others when someone reaches it first 
it will persist for players who aren't in the area yet. 
In-world markers for Incursion/Bounty objectives will reappear if you leave the objective area.
The countdown timer when leaving the perimeters of an objective in the Plains has moved to a more visible spot in the UI. It also states that you are “abandoning objective”. 
Changed the marker for downed Capture targets from red to a yellow objective marker 
this will make it clearer to players that they need to use the context action instead of continuing to damage the target.
Objective timers are now greyed out when paused.
'Get to extraction' objective appears on the UI when extraction is enabled (excludes missions where extraction is optional).
Extraction Timer text changed from 'Time:' to 'Extracting In:' so it can't be confused with other active timers.
Some missions with large extraction zones like landing pads now use a green area extraction marker. Adjusted some extraction zones so that they fill the whole landing pad and marker area, instead of half of a landing pad.
Removed panels from Corpus doors which never did anything to avoid new player confusion because they would light up during lockdowns.
Fixed missing markers on Corpus co-op doors.
The Rescue Target in the Plains now has a HUD health indicator located under your mini-map.  
Fixed objective waypoint not disappearing after successfully destroying the Reactor in Sabotage missions.
Fixed Bounty waypoint directing players to extraction when Archwing is immediately deployed upon entering the Plains. 
Fixed objective waypoint not disappearing after successfully taking the Vessel from the tomb in the last mission of the Sands of Inaros Quest.
Fixed some Markers being stuck in the at origin on the minimap. 
Fixed unlocked icon appearing very dimly on Grineer doors.
Made performance and memory optimizations to the Plains of Eidolon and other tilesets. If you were experiencing crashes before, we hope that these changes will be the fix!
The Corpus Gas City and Grineer Settlement tilesets have received an audio remaster! We revised the sounds in these tiles and used updated engine tech so that certain ambient sounds are more noticeable and clear. The remaster adds more character and personality to the audio and will also make enemies easier to pick out. 
Time between Incursions will increase if you let an Incursion alert expire. The Lotus can take a hint!
A single Vomvalyst in its energy-form near multiple Lures will now only feed a charge to a single Lure. However, to improve overall survivability of the Lures, we have changed Eidolon Lures to always spawn at level 30 regardless of Bounty level or distance from the gate.
Hunter Command Mod change: your Companion will now focus on an enemy for a set duration when they are first slash proc’d by you. While focused on a target, they will ignore any other newly proc’d enemies and will go back to their default behavior after the duration expires.
Operators and Ostron Vendors in Cetus have had their eyes beautified with shaders.
The beams from Trinity’s Link now fade out when the Ability has ended.
Lephantis’ melee attacks will now knock you back if you’re hit!
Smoothed NPC movement for clients with a poor connection to host.
Replaced an old version of the reactor in Grineer Settlement Sabotage with the newer (and fewer-pronged) version used in the Grineer Shipyard Tileset. 
Removed blue undertone from Nekros Irkalla’s energy wisps.
Improved AI pathing in the Grineer Asteroid tileset. 
Overall UI optimizations. 
Reduced number of stasis mines in Archwing Rush.
Added 'destroyable' shine FX to mines in Archwing Rush. 
A Skiff VIP has been added to the list of commanders in Dynamic Assassinate Incursions.
Improving the responsiveness of loadouts in Relays and Cetus. 
Made improvements towards less hitches in Relays.
Improved AI pathing on the Grineer Settlement tileset. 
Audio will now properly resume if your audio device is disconnected and then reconnected. 
Grineer Melee enemies on the Plains are now able to climb to the top of the Storage Containers.  
Tuned down the bloom on the wings of the Chroma Vojnik Battle-Damaged Tennogen Skin.
Improved lighting on the Lua tileset doors. 
Changed “enemies are dead” transmission to “broken their ranks” transmission in Invasion missions. 
Updated one of Lotus’ lines for the Mastery Rank 25 test to better match the test.

*Fixed an improperly placed wall in the Grineer Settlement Tileset.
*Fixed short freezes that could occur in the Dojo when too many decorations have completed at once.
*Fixed extra "NONE" option in the attachments sub-menu. 
*Fixed chat sometimes failing to connect for several minutes upon initial login.
*Fixed chat history being erased upon host migration. 
*Fixed the mission countdown starting right away when starting Index missions for The Glast Gambit through the World State Window, making it possible for players to start without having selected a Wager. Now the countdown shouldn't start until the player has selected their Wager on the screen.
*Fixed a slight hitch when loading into your Orbiter if you had scanned all the Glass Fish in the Plains. 
*Fixed player movement not replicating for squadmates when entering a room in the Relay after completing a mission. 
*Fixed mission rewards appearing outside of the UI if the End of Mission screen is opened in front of the Syndicate Console in the Orbiter.
*Fixed leaving squad after completing a Bounty resulting in the UI showing a failed Bounty screen, or the broken final stage of the completed Bounty. This was simply a visual bug 
*players still received the completed Bounty rewards!
*Fixed being unable to place a variety of Dojo Decorations in the Tempertania Water Garden as per:
*Fixed being unable to take your Companions into the Dojo.
*Fixed By the Dawn’s Early Light achievement being unlocked by matchmaking into the Plains via Cetus as a client. 
*Fixed multiple Dojo rooms being built upon each other sometimes resulting in players being unable to enter the Dojo. 
*Fixed being able to see the underbelly of Cetus when Fast Travelling.
*Fixed Deru Syandana flickering when viewed at certain angles.
*Fixed some blood spatter in Cetus appearing black. These splatters have been revisited to appear… fresher.
*Fixed the “Pick Up Void Key” prompt in the Archwing Quest floating too high in the sky. 
*Fixed being unable to complete or contribute to a Decoration if it was started prior to lowering Clan Tier.
*Patched a hole in the Grineer Galleon tileset that enemies could fall through.
*Fixed missing texture in Grineer Galleon Sabotage missions. 
*Fixed Grineer Settlement Sabotage on Mars using the wrong procedural level layout.
*Fixed a hole in the Corpus Ice Planet Tileset.
*Fixed a rare case of the Ascaris becoming invisible in the Vor's Prize quest.
*Fixes towards being able to press X anywhere to teleport after activating a Teleporter in the Dojo or Relay.
*Fixes towards black squares in exits/ports in the Ceres Shipyard Tileset.
*Fixed Lech Kril’s hammer turning invisible when attacking an invisible player.
*Fixed navigation issues in the “follow the music” segment of Octavia’s Anthem Quest.
*Fixed Amprex FX script that could crash if owner was killed on the first frame after firing.
*Fixed an issue where the tip of the Lunaro Arcata would be swirly.
*Fixed Concealed Explosives mod description showing Pistol instead of Thrown.
*Fixed arrow skins not showing when equipped with the Lenz.
*Fixed Default Colors not saving for Syandanas when selected. 
*Fixed Flameblade not always hitting player on second and third swing.
*Fixed a case where the Inbox decline button in a message would be too big.
*Fixed some lighting issues on Nidus' Rupture. 
*Fixed hovering over water FX showing for players who are not hovering. 
*Fixed second player in a squad not replicating properly when entering a Relay.
*Fixed some decorations in The Jordas Verdict. 
*Fixed a progress stopper that could occur because of host migration during an Assassination Bounty on PoE. 
*Fixed Grineer Lancer Grakata reload animation. 
*Fixed needing both “toggle crouch” and “hold to crouch” bound to a key. Now only one needs to be bound to reduce redundancy.
*Fixed a rare case of Bounties not progressing if you engaged with a Grineer Camp that later was used for a Bounty Stage.
*Fixed enemies being able to pass through the door to Cetus.
*Fixed a rare UI and transmissions bug that could occur if you engaged with a Grineer Camp that later was used for a Bounty Stage.
*Fixed the range increase from Iron Vault scaling with Exodia Contagion. 
*Fixed a misplaced body of water on Uranus Spy Vault. 
*Fixed typo in Spy Catcher Bounty. 
*Fixed hood closed option changing the Operator face. 
*Fixed Nekros Irkalla showing incorrect FX.
*Fixed Syrinx armor clipping on certain skins. 
*Fixed not being able to activate Hydraulus as Operator during Octavia’s Anthem. 
*Fixed several collision issues on a few Grineer tilesets. 
*Fixed being able to trade an Eidolon Lens that is currently being crafted. 
*Fixed Operator exploit to become perma invisible and invincible. 
*Fixed Solar Map text covering transmissions. 
*Fixed vertical movement animations not showing for squad mates in Archwing. 
*Fixed Exalted Blade flickering at certain angles.
*Fixed aim glide animation while using pistol and Glave.  
*Fixed missing Quest Complete diorama for Man of Few Words. 
*Fixed the Auto Turrets (mg, mortar, anti AW) doors not closing after turret destroyed. Doors now close when agent is destroyed.
*Fixed Mending Tides charges replenishing on death. 
*Fixed various Loc issues. 
*Fixed Latchers spawning at inordinately high levels in the Plains.
*Fixed Exodia Hunt affecting allies. 
*Fixed Ammo Depot display ring to count up instead of down. 
*Fixed Sprint toggling off due to shooting during a slide. 
*Fixed issue where Apothics used at The Silver Grove, and Kela de Thaym Judgement Points were not consumed if network errors occurred. 
*Fixed crosshair being visible when opening and closing the Gear menu while holding your mining beam. 
*Fixed a rare case in Drone Escort where HUD would not disappear when Hijack completed.
*Fixed certain ambiance sounds in various tilesets not playing. 
*Fixed flickering textures in an Earth Tileset cave.
*Fixed being unable to use Ivara’s Zipline in one of the Grineer camps in the Plains. 
*Fixed glowing blocks on the signs in Cetus. 
*Fixed marker missing for players when encountering a Teralyst. 
*Fixed destroyed Lephantis head reappearing after host-migration. 
*Fixed the Pyra and Tantu Sugatra spinning around when equipping on some weapons. 
*Fixed the Nelumbo Syandana floating on the Ember Vermillion Skin. 
*Fixed being unable to deploy Archwing in some specific locations within the Plains.
*Fixed map holes on E-Prime and Mariana. 
*Fixed missing collision on the Grineer Radar in the Plains. 
*Fixed non-Archwing weapons displaying when transitioning into Archwing mode (usually occurs in Quests). 
*Fixed Bullet Dance Stance Lead Tango combo not playing properly with the Redeemer causing it to loop gunfire repeatedly. 
*Fixed Focus Lens Bounty rewards missing the correlating Focus icon. 
*Fixed certain weapons and abilities with Blast damage launching enemies to very far distances. 
*Fixed players being able to jump or fly out of Hunhow’s Datascape Scene in Captura. 
*Fixed being able to break through the Simaris Synthesis tutorial by wall-jumping around.
*Fixed Condrocs being able to spawn in caves in the Plains and preventing them from flying away when startled as intended.
*Fixed issue where players could get hit by rock and fall underneath the Lua tileset.
*Fixed Warframe health and shields being displayed when you’re playing as your Operator. 
*Fixed Ferrox’s projectiles not affected by Limbo’s Stasis and shooting in whatever direction the first shot was fired. 
*Fixed Mass Vitrify freezing enemies that are ability resistant (similar to Frost freezing abilities).
*Fixed several issues with markers in Lua Spy mission on client / host migration and client join-in-progress. 
*Fixed portal in the Lua rescue room breaking if there was a host migration before releasing the hostage.
*Fixed the Bounty list in Cetus not updating upon completing the “Prove Yourself” Bounty. 
*Fixed the Ammo Case and Ammo Mutation mods not working after going in and out of the Plains twice.
*Fixed the Ballistica Prime turning Executioners in Rathuum and Brokers in The Index into ghosts. 
*Fixed Clients returning to Cetus and it being night when it is actually day in the Plains. 
*Fixed crash when players are attempting to join your squad while your Arsenal is open in Cetus. 
*Fixed Host still capturing a target even if they were knocked into bleedout. 
*Fixed accent colour not applying on the Pyra Syandana. 
*Fixed the default texture on the ground under the Golden Maw cave in The War Within quest. 
*Fixed Grineer satellites only being able to be scanned in a small location near the tip in Archwing Mobile Defense.
*Fixed rare case where NPCs thought it was day when it was night in Cetus/Plains.
*Fixed a Simulacrum and Arsenal crash. 
*Fixed water flowing from both sides when only one cap has been shot in the Cunning Test.
*Fixed Operators able to take flight and ride the Condrocs out of the Earth Tileset. 
*Fixed a Simulacrum Arsenal crash caused by Gara's passive.
*Fixed Nidus’ Virulence not dealing damage to Supply Crates in Bounties and Incursions.
*The Recon Commanders in Assassinate Target Bounties in the Plains have had their health regen lowered and they will no longer switch teleport. 
*Fixed script error in Rescue missions on Linea, Venus.
*Fixed a tube that connected two rooms being inaccessible in the Kuva Fortress tileset. 
*Fixed crash that would occur during the last Sortie mission with General Sargas Ruk on Saturn. 
*Fixed rare issue with the Teralyst where some abilities wouldn’t target Grineer suspended in the air.
*Fixed Caches spawning in the wall in the Earth tileset. 
*Fixed Point D in Galleon Interception appearing as a Defense Target Cryopod instead of an Interception Point.  
*Fixed weird animation loop occurring with the Ostrons in Cetus.
*Several fixes to material and mesh in the Once Awake defense mission. 
*Fixed Codex having a random entry in the Plains of Eidolon section. 
*Fixed camera when viewing Syrinx in the Market place. 
*Fixed Bladestorm not functioning properly in Conclave. 
*Fixed Archwing weapons appearing in PoE after a host migration.
*Fixed stuck pose when accessing Arsenal in Cetus as an Operator. 
*Fixed flying around freely while capturing and getting stuck in Capture state. 
*Fixed multiple Syandanas clipping on Titania.
*Fixed Cathode Syandana clipping on multiple Warframes.
*Fixed multiple attachments clipping on Mesa.  
*Fixed Sugatra position when using the Dominion sword skin. 
*Fixed polearms and scythes clipping on some Warframes when using the standard holster position. 
*Fixed Uru Prime Syandana clipping on many Warframes.
*Fixed various issues that could be caused by aborting to Orbiter while transitioning to/from Cetus and the Plains. 
*Fixed clients not being able to enter last room of Harrow’s Temple in Captura. 
*Fixed Acanthus Prime Leg Guard clipping on Limbo Vistyxio skin. 
*Fixed additional S appended to Clan name in Alliance Management screen. 
*Fixed Volt Proto skin and Diode Hammer skin not being linkable in chat. 
*Fixed UI bug caused by host migration and failed Cache Bounty.
*Fixed much older accounts not being able to login.
*Fixed nasty crash. 
*Fixed missing polarity on Ammo Case as per: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/891123-ammo-case-no-longer-has-a-polarity-fix-pending/
*Fixed the Argonak’s highlight not using custom colors. 
*Fixed some Kuva-related sounds not playing for clients.
*Fixed broken “Change Loadout” on Solar Map as per: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/891122-change-loadout-button-doesnt-work-in-navigation-fix-pending/
*Fixed a script error with Bladestorm
*Fixed wrong teleport volume on Hydron as per: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/891182-wrong-teleport-volume-hydron-sedna-fixed/
	type: Hotfix
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Plains of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.5.1
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/887879-plains-of-eidolon-hotfix-2251/
	date: 2017-11-30T21:39:00Z
	changes: Changes:
Updated Volt Proto Skin Market banner.

*Fixed hitscan weapons not ignoring invisible walls and other surfaces that they should be able to pass through even if you have no punchthrough mods equipped.
*Fixed the Mission Results screen locking up on return to Cetus when playing with a controller.
*Fixed Energy Shield showing Energy Drain (will still show for Conclave).
*Fixed Glaive Proto skin not showing correctly in Diorama. 
*Potentially fixed data mismatch error when transitioning from Cetus to the Plains.
*Fixed inbox text being cut off.
	type: Hotfix
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Plains of Eidolon: Update 22.5.0 +
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/887725-plains-of-eidolon-update-2250-22501/
	date: 2017-11-30T16:52:51Z
	changes: Added a minimum Duration for enemies affected by Discharge under the 'coil' CC effect. This could allow for possible modding diversity knowing minimum Duration for the 'coil' CC effect won't fall below 4 seconds.
Removed the passive 5 Energy per second drain from Volt’s Electric Shield when moving with it. The 1 Energy per meter drain remains.
Increased the base DPS of Discharge (from 450 at max rank to 750).
Discharge is now castable in the air.
Dropped Sentient Cores now have a minimap icon and in-world marker to display their position!
Improvements towards the Chesa Kubrow Retrieve functionality when retrieving items in nearby crates and when in the Plains.
Clarified verbiage when buying a Warframe from the Market. Players were confused by thinking they got a Reactor, when really it’s an ‘installed Reactor’.
Reduced the camera rotation of the Baza's recoil from the hip.
Reduced the delay before auto reloading an empty mag while using the Baza.

*Delve into the past with this experimental prototype skin for Volt.
*Make sparks fly with Volt Proto’s signature hammer skin.
*Volt Proto’s signature Syandana.
*Charge up Volt with this collection of items that includes the Volt Proto Skin, Diode Hammer Skin, and Cathode Syandana.
	type: Update
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Plains of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.4.1
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/884746-plains-of-eidolon-hotfix-2241/
	date: 2017-11-24T15:26:26Z
	changes: Plains Of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.4.1:

*Fixed Mirage’s Sleight of Hand jewels having the wrong texture when placed in the dark.
*Fixed missing FX around Mirage’s Sleight of Hand jewels spawned by her Hall of Mirror clones.
*Fixed Mirage’s Sleight of Hand jewels spawned by her Hall of Mirror clones appearing in the floor.
*Fixed Mirage’s Sleight of Hand jewels being invisible for those on a lowspec machine.
*Fixed Clients not seeing the correct Sleight of Hand jewel texture if the Host does not look at the jewel.
*Fixed Mirage’s Sleight of Hand not applying your Energy color to the jewel when placed in the dark.
*Fixed the Cassowar not awarding any Clan Affinity. It now awards 3000 Clan Affinity! For those that have already Research the Cassowar, your Clan Affinity will be retroactively awarded by opening the Clan screen or entering the Dojo.
*Fixed being able to use Guandao Rivens on the Cassowar.
*Fixed experiencing a hitch when transitioning to Cetus from the Plains as the Client.
*Fixed losing your crosshair if you use a hotkey to switch from the Nosam Cutter to a Fishing Spear.
*Fixed the Capture Target deviating from their normal navigation path and falling into kill volumes (water, etc) in the Plains.
*Fixed a case of Latchers spawning at very high levels in the Plains and killing objectives instantly as per https://forums.warframe.com/topic/881897-plague-star-mixer-defence-over-way-to-quick/?do=findComment&comment=9231661
*Fixed the minimap appearing gigantic when loading into the first mission of the Jordas Veridict.
*Fixed experiencing a long hitch when viewing your Sigils in the Arsenal.
*Fixed an invisible blocking volume in an air vent on Venera, Venus.
*Fixed Zaw energy colours not working as per
	type: Hotfix
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Plains of Eidolon: Update 22.4.0
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/884329-plains-of-eidolon-update-2240/
	date: 2017-11-23T20:03:52Z
	additions: A Mastery Rank 25 test has been added!

	changes: Plains Of Eidolon: Update 22.4.0:

*Baza and Cassowar Blueprints can be researched in your Clan Dojo’s Tenno Lab.
*The Baza Collection is available for purchase in the In-Game Market.
Improvements towards the overall transition from the Plains to Cetus. This includes better handling of attempting to join a Host that was in the middle of transitioning to Cetus from the Plains, which sometimes resulted in either leaving the squad or loading into different Cetus instances. 
Returned the Plague Keewar Strike to a Scythe Stance when used with one handed Grips.
To fix Tusk Seeker Drones lingering indefinitely and continuously calling in Grineer Reinforcements (even after you’ve ran far away), the Alarm Drone now destroys itself when you are 100 meters away.
Companions now try to get out of your way (ie. behind the player camera) when Spear Fishing/Mining in the Plains.
Improved the pathing of the hijacked Drone in the Plains. This also fixes issues where the Drone would become stuck on it’s way to the Boil in Operation: Plague Star.
Made some very simple tweaks to Octavia’s Metronome (basically cut the pixels being rendered for it in half) to improve the performance of the FX, while at the same time reducing a bit of the visual clutter from full rings being around you. 
Improvements towards performance issues that was caused by lingering (yet invisible) reticles even when the respective weapon was no longer being held.
Focus Lenses are now rewarded less frequently as Tier 3 and 4 Bounty rewards. This also shuffled around some other Bounty reward frequencies to balance the mix.
Fixed not being able to Capture an enemy if you died attempting your first Capture during a Bounty.

	type: Update
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Plains of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.3.5
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/882798-plains-of-eidolon-hotfix-2235/
	date: 2017-11-20T23:06:42Z
	changes: Plains Of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.3.5:

*Fixed the Mixer Vault door remaining closed if you already opened the Mixer Vault before getting the Toxin.
*Fixed leaving the Mixer Defense objective area resulting in breaking the Mixer.
*Fixed the Plague Star Ancient Infested head of Hemocyte snapping to an extreme angle prior to aiming.
*Fixed an incorrect objective waypoint if the Toxin Dispenser in Stage 1 was activated too early. 
*Fixes towards a script error when Hemocyte spawns.
*Fixed slow Hosts causing Clients to leave the squad when loading into the Plains. This widely experienced squad disbanding issue is one of our top fixing properties that will continue to be monitored and improved. 
*Fixed the Carrier's Looter precept not working for some Plains resources like Grokdrul containers.
*Fixed Companions being unable to pass through doors.
*Fixed losing functionality if you died while transitioning back to Cetus from the Plains.
*Fixed Clients not being able to use Operators in Caves.
*Fixed the Amp crafting preview disappearing upon selecting the Brace.
*Fixed the Hunter Mod sets not being linkable in Chat or in the Codex.
*Fixed Gilding a Zaw not resetting the Rank til you return to your Orbiter. 
*Fixed Zaws with Covert Lethality and Exodia Epidemic unintentionally insta killing enemies. Covert Lethality does not carry over to projectiles or other effects created by weapons, and only applies on Melee finishers.
*Fixed the Hunter Synergy Mod’s +30 Crit-Link stat not displaying anywhere on the Arsenal UI.
*Fixed using an Emote while entering Archwing resulting in getting stuck in the animation.
*Fixed some weapon descriptions displaying unlocalized damage type text.
*Fixed the Incubus Ribbon not applying correctly to Titania with the Titania Unseelie Skin equipped
*Fixed the Day of The Dead Igaro Syandana and Synoid Syandana not attaching properly when the Mesa Devil Ranger Skin is equipped.
*Fixed only being able to preview the Cyst on Warframes if you have an infected Warframe equipped at the time.
*Fixed some low resolution textures on the Saryn Amalgama Skin.
*Fixed the Zaw not having a ‘None’ option in Sugatra Attachments. 
*Fixed the Lenz not exploding when shooting an enemy object such as a Grineer door scanner.
*Fixed entering the Simaris scanning Tutorial without any Synthesis Scanners in your Gear wheel.
*Fixed the Naru Syandana not animating properly when Aim Gliding. 
*Fixed simultaneously sprinting, sliding, and shooting resulting in your gun ceasing fire after standing up but will resume firing again when you crouch.
*Fixed being able to equip the Ruinous Extension Mod on the Arca Scisco. 
*Fixed the Arca Scisco not tracking accuracy stats. 
*Fixed a crash when using VOIP.
*Fixed a crash when in the Simulacrum. 
*Fixed a hitch when scrolling through the Plague Star Trophies in the Dojo.
*Fixed jittering textures when scrolling through the Challenges list.
*Fixed some rocks in the Plains appearing wet when in reality they were dry.
*Fixed the Surplus Diverters Conclave Mod unintentionally applying to Limbo when entering/exiting the Rift.
	type: Hotfix
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Plains of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.3.4
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/880465-plains-of-eidolon-hotfix-2234/
	date: 2017-11-16T23:30:13Z
	changes: Plains Of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.3.4:
Rank 1 = 1000 Standing 
Rank 2 = 3000 Standing  
Rank 3 = 6000 Standing
We are also running a script to refund the component portion of Operational Supply Sacrifices  and updating the Sacrifice requirements (Note: Credit costs will not be refunded). If you are automatically ranked up due to the Standing changes, you will not have to pay these new Sacrifice requirements:
The 2x Neurodes Sacrifice to Collaborator has been replaced with 10x Grokdrul.
The Forma Sacrifice to Defender has been replaced with 10x Iradite.
The Mutagen Sample Sacrifice to Champion has been replaced with 10x Nistlebrush.
Full info here: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/880425-psa-operational-supply-standing-sacrifice-changes/
Adjusted the weapon trail FX on the Plague Keewar.
Reduced the Magus Husk from 7100 to 710 Cryotic per item.
Reduced the Magus Elevate from 2300 to 230 Oxium per craft.

*Fixes towards the Plague Star Bounty failing on Stage 2.
*Fixes towards the hijacked Drone getting stuck while navigating to the boil. 
*Fixed Infested drop pods spawning far away or on top of the boil.
*Fixed the Infested Catalyst not being Chat linkable for those that own it.
*Fixed a crash when attempting to return to Cetus from the Plains. 
*Fixed launching yourself at a weird angle when attempting to aim dodge backflip with sprint/roll key combination while using a scoped weapon.
*Fixed not being able to hear the ambient Corpus Ship announcer.
*Fixed the Defection unique Charger not being listed properly in the Codex. 
*Fixed a level hole in a some of the Plain Caves.
*Fixed flickering water in some of the Plain Caves.
*Fixed some of Konzu’s transmission text being a filepath.
	type: Hotfix
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Plains of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.3.3
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/880130-plains-of-eidolon-hotfix-2233/
	date: 2017-11-16T13:59:12Z
	changes: Plains Of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.3.3:
Konzu now explains that rewards are at Nakak for the Operation.

*Fixed two particularly nasty crashes that could occur on return to Cetus.
*Fixed issues with flickering lights in Sabotage 2.0 on Grineer Galleons.
*Fixed an issue with the Toggle Sprint option and rolling in mid-air.
*Optimized some error logging.
	type: Hotfix
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Plains of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.3.2
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/879723-plains-of-eidolon-hotfix-2232/
	date: 2017-11-15T22:13:39Z
	changes: Changes:
Removed “Clear Remaining..” stage of the Operation. 
Increased likelihood of encountering Infested in the Plains. 
Reduced chance to receive Lens from Operation Bounty.

*Fixed roll breaking Ivara’s Prowl. 
*Fixed another common crash during the Operation. 
*Fixed console being invisible for Clients in the Operation. 
*Fixed script error that could occur when using Hydroid’s Undertow. 
*Fixed Infested pods in the Operation not showing VFX when destroyed.
*Fixed a potential script error in Landing Craft. 
*Fixed a script error that could occur for clients during the Operation. 
*Fixed rescanning fish statuettes granting additional trophies. 
*Fixed reactor flickering in Sabotage. 
*Fixed Infested Scream FX now showing for Clients. 
*Various common crashes were fixed.
	type: Hotfix
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Plains of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.3.1
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/879562-plains-of-eidolon-hotfix-2231/
	date: 2017-11-15T18:35:50Z
	changes: Please Be Aware: We Will Continue To Deploy Hotfixes As Event Issues Arise. We Appreciate Your Help Squashing Bugs And Boils During This Operation!:
Reduced the sound gain from the Argonak and Astilla.
Tweaked the charging and firing sounds of the Cycron.

*Fixed incorrect Skybox and water textures in certain Caves in the Plains. 
*Fixed some unreleased items being Chat linkable. 
*Fixed rampant crashes in the Plains.
	type: Hotfix
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Plains of Eidolon: Update 22.3.0
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/879496-plains-of-eidolon-update-2230/
	date: 2017-11-15T16:50:55Z
	additions: Added more conventional Extraction mechanics to the Plains of Eidolon. We now start the extraction timer after 50% of a squad enters the Cetus gates. We added an area objective marker (the classic green indicator) and more direction to this area to notify squad members that extraction is waiting and counting down. 
Added increased customization settings for the Operator! Expanded the Accessories categories for the Operator (I.E Facial Accessory, Ear Accessory, Eye Accessory, etc).
Improved the functionality for hiding certain Operator Accessories (I.E Operator hair does not need to be hidden when an Ostron Mask is equipped).

	changes: Plains Of Eidolon: Update 22.3.0:

A mysterious meteorite has crashed just outside of Cetus revealing a horrific boil. The boil is growing and the Ostrons have sighted infested lifeforms emerging from it. We need to act now before they make their way to Cetus.
Konzu has received reports that Vay Hek possesses a toxin that can destroy the boil. But Vay Hek won’t help; he sees this infested boil as a means to rid the Plains of Cetus and the Ostrons.
We need to get ahold of the toxin and destroy the boil before it becomes unstoppable. Visit Konzu in Cetus to learn his plan for retrieving the toxin from Vay Hek.
Read about rules, rewards, and more here:

We have made ways to the way Bounties reward you! This new system is a take on the 'AABC' rotation system we have in endless missions, but applied to Bounties using the Common, Uncommon, and Rare rewards.
Read through this to familiarize yourself with what's changed!
3 Stage Bounties:
First reward: Common
Second reward: Common or Uncommon
Third reward: Common, Uncommon, or Rare
4 Stage Bounties:
First reward: Common
Second reward: Common or Uncommon
Third reward: Common, Uncommon
Fourth reward: Common, Uncommon, or Rare
5 Stage Bounties: 
First reward: Common
Second reward: Common or Uncommon
Third reward: Common, Uncommon
Fourth reward: Common, Uncommon, or Rare
Fifth reward: Common, Uncommon, or Rare
Standing on a Blunt when it dies will now cause you to fall.
Penta grenades will now bounce off the Blunt. It has a similar behavior as hitting a Grineer. Note that projectiles like Quanta cubes do not bounce off Grineer. Thus, cubes will not bounce off the Blunt.
Miter blades will now bounce off the Blunt.
Improved the quality of VOIP when Auto Gain Control is enabled.
Increased the frequency of spawned Focus Convergence orbs in Defection missions.
Removed the ability to be in Sky Archwing in certain Caves in the Plains. 
You may now notice more populated Grineer bases in the Plains, as roving Grineer now retreat in pure panic back to base at night when the curfew siren sounds.
To save you from accidentally Donating your Mote Amp, you can no longer Donate it!

*Fixed a loss of functionality when entering the Plains from Cetus and immediately trying to go back to Cetus. 
*Fixed not being able to use your Operator Void Beam if you selected ‘NONE’ as your Amp. This also fixes a progression stopping issue in the Chains of Harrow quest where you couldn’t damage enemies/chains.
*Fixed a black screen and loss of functionality if you are holding a fish as you are forced to Extract with the 60 second countdown timer in the Plains.
*Fixed Focus Convergence orbs not spawning when there are several oxygen towers available in a Survival.
*Fixed Riven stats sometimes not applying to Zaws when also equipping Stances.
*Fixed the last stage of a failed Bounty restarting if a Host migration occurred.
*Fixed the Bounty changing missions types if a Host Migration occurred while you were escorting the Drone. 
*Fixed a 300ms delay to start sprinting when using the sprint/roll combination key.
*Fixed the Cetus gates sometimes remaining opening while in the Plains.
*Fixed wind sounds being too loud/not being affected by volume sliders in the expanded Caves in the Plains.
*Fixed some terrain clipping issues and holes in the expanded Caves in the Plains. 
*Fixed an incorrect objective navigation path in the Corpus Ice Planet Sabotage tileset.
*Fixed incorrect material applied to the Moa in the Dojo Energy Research Lab.
*Fixed some Grineer Crates spawning their spoils underneath a platform, making them unreachable. 
*Fixed administering a non-Operator Status Effect on a Sentient when damaging it with the Operator Void Beam. 
*Fixed Konzu’s Bounty reward board displaying the ‘NEW’ tag on Mods that you recently acquired. 
*Fixed Grineer drop pod sounds not playing for Clients in the Plains.
*Fixed the Hunter Command Mod having an unrelated Fusion Core (wow, remember those things??) description. 
*Fixed being able to purchase multiple copies of the Plains of Eidolon Captura Scene.
*Fixed a map hole in the Grineer Forest Spy tileset. 
*Fixed a map hole in the Grineer Asteroid tileset. 
*Fixed various map holes in the Grineer Settlement tileset. 
*Fixed a script error when using the Nosam Cutter. 
*Fixed an issue with Nekros Deluxe's auxiliary and attachments not working as intended.
*Fixed the Heartseeker Mod not working for Dagger Zaws in Conclave.
*Fixed the Biting Piranha Mod not showing up when trying to add it to any Dual Dagger in the Conclave Arsenal.
	type: Update
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Plains of Eidolon: Hotfix
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/877121-plains-of-eidolon-hotfix-22251/
	date: 2017-11-11T04:37:42Z
*Plains of Eidolon:
*Clipped the budding wings of various species of fish. We will be collecting your favourite screenshots in honor of the day the fish flew too close to the sun.
*Fixed an issue where all Captura scenes were marked as owned. Sorry, Fashion Framers.
*Fixed a crash that would occur when leaving the Dojo.
*Fixed an issue with textures on Eximus units.
*Fixed various crashes.
	type: Hotfix
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Plains of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.2.5
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/877028-plains-of-eidolon-hotfix-2225/
	date: 2017-11-11T02:19:26Z
	changes: Plains Of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.2.5:
Certain Caves in the Plains can now be more indepthly explored (Operation: Plague Star will bring more gameplay to these expanded Caves). In a future Update, these Caves will be eligible for Bounty and Incursion missions!
Made a handful of performance Optimizations (mainly in the Plains). These performance fixes were largely discovered on the Console build, and graciously brought over to PC for an overall improvement on all platforms!
Upon aborting a mission in the Plains, you can now choose to either return to Cetus or your Orbiter.
Replaced the duplicate Gladiator's Resolve Mod with Gladiator's Might Mod in Bounty rewards.
Tweaked the appearance of the Operator’s Void Mode to differentiate it from Loki’s Invisibility. This also applies to Unairu’s Void Shadow so you can identify that the cloak is from the Operator.
Sky Archwing Enablers are no longer able to be spawned in the hallway between Cetus and the Plains. Enablers spawned in the hallway were found to be unusable anyways.
An End of Mission success/fail screen has been added to Simaris’ Synthesis tutorial. Now you’ll promptly know if your scanning skills are good enough for ol Simaris!
Toned down Grineer reinforcement sounds and barks in the Plains.
Tweaked positional reverb spill to help players better detect enemy positionality.
Removed Lotus transmission from End of Mission screen when going from Plains back to Cetus when you haven't done anything.
Slightly reduced the range of the Mortar Bombards mortar projectiles.
Mutalist Alad V will now always target Warframes when using his mind control collar ability. If his main target is an Operator, he will try to collar the corresponding Warframe instead, and if he does, the Operator gets force Transferred back and the battle continues.
Reduced the amount of times Onkko spits knowledge about the Vomvalysts lures.
Fixed the Lunaro ball marker disappearing.
Fixed being unable to cancel a Bullet Jump in Lunaro.
You now cannot catch or punch the Lunaro for .5 secs after dropping/throwing it.

*Fixed not being able to defeat the Raptor due to the bombs not exploding when falling into the tubes, and because the Raptor refuses to fly away from the tubes.
*Fixed not being able to defeat Lephantis due to his many heads not opening up to display his more vulnerable side.
*Fixed the Infested Grineer head of Lephantis lingering above ground, allowing you to attack it mercilessly without fear of being harmed.
*Fixed not being able to defeat Alad V if the Operator gets ‘collared’ by Alad V. This resulted in your Warframe being stuck and upon dying you would forever be on the ‘spectating’ screen.
*Fixed Mutalist Alad V collar creating a headless Nyx if he collars your Warframe just after you Transferred to the Operator. Your Operator getting collared will now force you back into your Warframe.
*Fixed cases where the Teralyst would not properly teleport when getting stuck and would instead just turn invisible.
*Fixed Bounties not progressing after Host migration if migration occurs during the middle of an active Bounty stage.
*Fixed Armor Attachments not showing up on the Nekros Irkalla skin.
*Fixed all Operator Amp Affinity earned as a Client, disappearing when a Host migration occurs.
*Fixed experiencing a massive hitch as the Client when a Host migration occurs in the Plains.
*Fixed being unable to invite players from the Friends list after aborting a mission in the Plains as a Client.
*Fixed Warframe Mod set bonuses not being applied after respawns and Host migrations.
*Fixed a crash when attempting to load into a Void Fissure mission.
*Fixed a crash that would occur when firing the Nosam Cutter and pressing the hotkey for the Nosam Cutter or the Codex Scanner.
*Fixed a crash that could occur if Octavia's Mallet was the target of a switch teleport.
*Fixed Melee enemies avoiding Ember’s Fire Blast ring, which resulted in a performance spike due to the enemy attempting to find another path around the fire ring.
*Fixed an error that was causing players to not join Plains of Eidolon together as a squad when doing a Bounty.
*Fixed Mirage’s Total Eclipse Augment Mod applying to the Operator.
*Fixed the Operator Amp Energy Regeneration rate being much faster for Clients when using an Amp that has the Klebrik Scaffold.
*Fixed losing your Operator Amp if you died in the final stage of The Chains of Harrow quest with an Amp equipped Operator.
*Fixed the Operator Amp not being included in the Mission Progress & Rewards screen.
*Fixed Razorback rockets, Ogma Rocket projectiles, Mortar Bombards, and the Teralyst Wail hitting Warframes in Limbo’s Rift.
*Fixed Teshin standing at the exit door instead of running ahead in the War Within quest.
*Fixed sometimes getting stuck under the Oriber ramp when using Transference for the first time in the War Within quest.
*Fixed not being thrown out of Archwing before entering the Asteroid Defense mission in the War Within quest.
*Fixed current Bounty not updating if you changed your mind and selected a different Bounty.
*Fixed a long-standing cosmetic problem with Founders scrolling list not displaying some alias’.
*Fixed incorrect squad invite message when being invited to multiple Bounties. Before, it would show the message of the first Bounty invite until you either went into another mission, or received an invite to another (non-Bounty) mission.
*Fixed the Dark Daggers not being visible in the Codex.
*Fixed missing blocking volumes in an area where you could jump out of bounds in the Void tileset.
*Fixed a black box HUD icon appearing when using a Zaw with the Exodia Triumph Arcane upgrade. This was an unintended Channeling Efficiency upgrade on top of its intended Channeling damage.
*Fixed dropping any items you're holding when Transferring to your Operator.
*Fixed Codex Scanners and Synthesis Scanners appearing very stretch when zooming in a non-standard aspect ratio (ultra wide resolution).
*Fixed some textures flickering or popping in during the initial Vor’s Prize cutscene.
*Fixed destroying the second coolant causing the red objective marker to remain permanently in Reactor Sabotage missions.
*Fixed the Ki’Teer Sekhara diamond FXs lingering when viewing through a scope.
*Fixed mission countdown beeping and flashing over the selected node not displaying.
*Fixed cases of very low ambient sounds in Cetus.
*Fixed various Grineer machinery in the Plains not having sound.
*Fixed the Arsenal diorama breaking if an Inbox message is opened at the same time you enter the Arsenal.
*Fixed the Mining UI not appearing after switching to a different weapon and then back again.
*Fixed a missing Codex entry for Nox Eximus.
*Fixed being able to see your Warframe inside the Quill cave before Transferring in front of the cave door.
*Fixed UI markers sometimes not pulsing.
*Fixed Warframes using the Excalibur mesh for a few frames when first opening the Simulacrum Arsenal.
*Fixed changing weapons in the Simulacrum Arsenal from a weapon with higher max Ammo to one with lower not resetting the Ammo count to the new lower amount or vice versa.
*Fixed special cases of AI not being paused in the Simulacrum when the option is enabled.
*Fixed changing weapons in the Simulacrum Arsenal after being disarmed causing you to lose your weapons until you went back to the Arsenal.
*Fixed renamed Operator Amps appearing as just ‘Amp’ for Clients.
*Fixed Infested Chargers not being able to damage the Cascade Bomb in the Once Awake quest due to an incorrect hitbox.
*Fixed an error message for Polarizing a Zaw appearing when attempting to install an Orokin Catalyst or Focus Lens on an Ungilded Zaw.
*Fixed not being able to shoot between two ice pillars on Mariana Earth.
*Fixed a missing blocking volume on Mariana Earth.
*Fixed missing collision on a tree root on Gaia Earth.
*Fixed Nova being able to Worm Hole her way out of the map in the Silver Grove tileset.
*Fixed a missing blocking volume between two rocks in the Plains.
*Fixed a missing blocking volume in the Grineer Settlement tileset.
*Fixed bridges in the Cambria Earth Spy tileset having a blocking volume active when not extended and not extending entirely.
*Fixed a localization string in the Fishing Gear wheel menu.
*Fixed multi-part subtitles (more than one line for a single transmission) sticking around forever if an audio device is not connected.
*Fixed the Broca Syandana clipping through Gara’s legs.
*Fixed the Kopra Suit leggings clipping through non-matching Suit types.
*Fixed no subtitles appearing if you do not have an audio device connected.
*Fixed footstep sounds not playing on certain surfaces in Cetus.
*Fixed a script error that occurred when the Client attempts to capture the Capture target in the Plains.
*Fixed being able to have 2 Sky Archwing Enablers on the ground. There should only ever be 1 from each player active on the ground (you can still be in Sky Archwing and spawn one for your friend to grab).
*Fixed a potential script error when attempting to begin a Dojo Duel.
*Fixed a script error when attempting to redeem Gems for Standing in Cetus.
*Fixed a script error when casting Nyx’s Absorb ability.
*Fixed a script error when casting Ivara’s Artemis Bow ability.
*Fixed a script error when casting Chroma’s Effigy ability.
*Fixed a script error when casting Harrow’s Covenant.
*Fixed a script error when using Transference with Octavia.
	type: Hotfix
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Plains of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.2.4
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/874821-plains-of-eidolon-hotfix-2224/
	date: 2017-11-06T21:33:22Z
	changes: Plains Of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.2.4:
ARCHWING LAUNCHER: Fish Oil = 50 to 30
MAGUS HUSK: Fish Scales  = 40 to 20
VIRTUOS TEMPO: Fish Scales  = 40 to 20
MAGUS VIGOR: Fish Scales  = 40 to 20
VIRTUOS NULL: Fish Scales  = 40 to 20
EXODIA BRAVE: Breath of the Eidolon = 20 to 10
EXODIA VALOR: Breath of the Eidolon = 20 to 10
EXODIA MIGHT: Breath of the Eidolon = 20 to 10
EXODIA MIGHT: Tralok Eyes = 40 to 5
EXODIA HUNT: Breath of the Eidolon = 20 to 10
EXODIA HUNT: Sharrac Teeth = 10 to 5
EXODIA TRIUMPH: Breath of the Eidolon = 20 to 10
EXODIA TRIUMPH: Mortus Horn = 10 to 5
EXODIA FORCE: Breath of the Eidolon = 20 to 10
EXODIA FORCE: Karkina Antenna = 10 to 5
MURKRAY BAIT: Tralok Eyes = 10 to 5
MURKRAY BAIT: Mortus Horn = 10 to 5
MURKRAY BAIT: Karkina Antenna = 20 to 10
MURKRAY BAIT: Fish Meat = 40 to 20
PEPPERED FISH BAIT: Quantity = 10 to 20
GLAPPID BAIT: Norg Brain = 10 to 5
GLAPPID BAIT: Cuthol Tendrils = 10 to 5
GLAPPID BAIT: Fish Meat = 60 to 10
NORG BAIT: Sharrac Teeth = 10 to 5
NORG BAIT: Karkina Antenna = 10 to 5
NORG BAIT: Fish Meat = 40 to 20
CUTHOL BAIT: Goopolla Spleen = 20 to 10
CUTHOL BAIT: Murkray Liver = 10 to 5
CUTHOL BAIT: Fish Meat = 40 to 20
ALL OPERATOR ARM ARMOR: Fish Scales = 50 to 30
ALL OPERATOR BODY ARMOR: Fish Scales = 80 to 50 (ZAUBA CUIRASS: Fish Scales = 400 to 50)
ALL OPERATOR LEGS ARMOR: Fish Scales = 50 to 30
ALL OPERATOR HELMETS: Fish Scales = 30 to 10
EKWANA II JAI: Mortus Horn = 10 to 5
EKWANA JAI: Goopolla Spleen = 10 to 5
JAI II: Yogwun Stomach = 10 to 5
VARGEET II JAI: Mortus Horn = 10 to 5
VARGEET JAI: Goopolla Spleen = 10 to 5
JAI: Khut-Khur Venom Sac = 10 to 5
EKWANA II RUHANG: Tralok Eyes = 10 to 5
EKWANA RUHANG: Sharrac Teeth = 10 to 5
RUHANG II: Yogwun Stomach = 10 to 5
VARGEET II RUHANG: Tralok Eyes = 10 to 5
VARGEET RUHANG: Sharrac Teeth = 10 to 5
RUHANG: Mawfish Bones = 20 to 5
CLAPKRA BRACE: Fish Oil = 50 to 35
JUTTNI BRACE: Fish Oil = 50 to 35
LOHRIN BRACE: Fish Oil = 50 to 35

Sky Archwing Enablers that are spawned on water will now be teleported directly to where you were last standing. Spawning them on water was making the Enablers unreachable. 
Improved the cloth physics on Nekros’ Irkalla Binds.
Removed sneaky text about something upcoming. Shhhhh!
Reduced the damage and removed the forced stagger of the Sigma & Octantis shield throw in Conclave.

*Fixed a Host migration during an Incursion resulting in no rewards for Client.
*Fixed not being able to progress through the Chains of Harrow quest after talking to Palladino in Iron Wake.
*Fixed the Hijacked Drone in the Plains not understanding that it has to go AROUND the nasty meteorite. 
*Fixed a crazy unrealistic ‘time until’ displayed in Simaris’ next Synthesis target and no Leaderboards displaying.
*Fixed Clan Research causing delays in updating Clan Affinity.
*Fixed Nidus’ Maggots not latching onto enemies.
*Fixed Nekros’ Irkalla Binds appearing regardless of having them equipped on Nekros and Nekros Prime. 
*Fixed certain Kavat Skins being shown in Market previews for Kavats Armor even though those Skins are not compatible with Armor.
*Fixed a missing Operator walking animation in the War Within quest.
*Fixed a script error when casting Hydroid’s Undertow ability.
*Fixed a script error when casting Vauban’s Minelayer ability.
*Fixed a script error when casting Trinity’s Link ability.
	type: Hotfix
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Plains of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.2.3
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/872261-plains-of-eidolon-hotfix-2223/
	date: 2017-11-02T23:10:08Z
	changes: Plains Of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.2.3:
Bounty Incursions will no longer abort automatically upon leaving the marked area. A grace period timer indicted on your HUD is displayed to alert you to reenter the area and continue the Incursion.

*Fixed not being able to extract in the last mission of The Silver Grove quest. 
*Fixed Nekros’ Irkalla chains clipping through his body.
*Fixed Nekros’ Irkalla wrist chains floating away.  
*Fixed a script error when attempting to purchase the Meme Glyph Bundle.
	type: Hotfix
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Plains of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.2.2
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/872095-plains-of-eidolon-hotfix-2222/
	date: 2017-11-02T18:32:17Z
	changes: Plains Of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.2.2:
Operators can now always Transference to their Warframe while in air, but Warframes can only Transference to Operator once while in the air.
Convergence Orbs are now more lenient in Endless missions, and spawn at a position relative to the objective instead of the player. Orbs are also more combat-focused so that they are more likely to spawn as soon as the chance from a kill succeeds (before there could be short delays).

*Fixed a progression stopper where Vor was invincible. 
*Fixed the Sigma and Octantis not shrinking when in your Orbiter.
*Fixed the Teralyst not casting a shadow. And just like that, spring came early!
*Fixed a crash in Captura when Dynamic Resolution is enabled.
*Fixed a crash when launching The Index. 
*Fixed a script error when attempting to research a Blueprint in the Dojo. 
*Fixed a script error when a Host migration occurred that resulted in breaking Spear fishing for the new Host. 
*Fixed an ‘Excalinyx’ appearing in the diorama of the Nyx Nemesis Complete Bundle.
*Fixed a functionality loss when attempting to change Operator Hood after returning from Cetus.
	type: Hotfix
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Plains of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.2.1
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/871440-plains-of-eidolon-hotfix-2221/
	date: 2017-11-01T23:18:24Z
	changes: Plains Of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.2.1:

*Fixed Nekros Prime arm dangle details appearing when equipped on the Nekros Irkalla Skin. As is standard and precedent for all in-house Deluxe Skins, the override of Prime Details is the intent. 
*Fixed adjusting the Exposure in the Plains of Eidolon Captura Scene not functioning correctly and also causing the screen to flicker. 
*Fixed no Zaw appearing when viewing its Codex diorama. 
*Fixed Clients not being able to throw the Sigma & Octantis (Day 700 Daily Tribute reward) if a Stance Mod is equipped.
*Fixed the Arsenal Captura screen not instructing you where/how to get the Plains of Eidolon Captura Scene. 
*Fixed a Conclave crash. 
*Fixed a HUD crash.
	type: Hotfix
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Plains of Eidolon: Update 22.2.0
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/871334-plains-of-eidolon-update-2220/
	date: 2017-11-01T20:54:33Z
Defy death itself, and crush the living with new Deluxe skins for Nekros and Ember! Return from the underworld to haunt your enemies with the Nekros Irkalla Deluxe Skin, and burn your foes to a crisp with Ember Vermillion Deluxe Skin! Each Warframe Deluxe Skin is also available as a collection with signature weapon skins and accessories.

	changes: Plains Of Eidolon: Update 22.2.0:
‘Sabotage Bounty’ has been renamed to ‘Prototype Sabotage’. 
Increased the Cetus Standing reward for each Bounty tier.
Replaced Grokdrul and Iradite pickups from crates and caches with Rubedo and Ferrite in the Plains to better expose the deeper Resource system.
Added Circuits to Turret drop tables.
Added Circuits, Rubedo and Ferrite to Dropship drop tables.
Added Plastids, Circuits, Oxium and Cryotic as rewards for Bounties in the first two tiers
The addition of these Resources into the Plains are mainly geared towards helping new players learn about Resources not tied to the Plains.
Made numerous HUD optimizations.
Kwath additional damage increased from 9 to 14.
Kroostra additional damage increased from 9 to 14.
Mewan base damage increased from 81 to 86.
Kronsh base damage increased from 81 to 86.
Ruhang additional damage increased from 9 to 14.
Ruhang II additional damage increased from 18 to 28.

*Ooltha's base Critical Chance changed from 22% to 18% as intended.
*Mewan's base Status Chance change from 22% to 18% as intended.
*Fixed some missing reward pools in Bounty reward rotations.
*Fixed Zaw Rivens having unintentionally lower stats than their Disposition indicated. This results in an overall Zaw Riven buff by 50%.
*Fixed Zaw Rivens turning into generic Melee Rivens when upgraded (relogging fixed this).
*Fixed Zaws not displaying their Riven distribution correctly in the Arsenal.
*Fixed attempting to view a Sugatra with a Zaw equipped resulting in not seeing the weapon or the Sugatra. 
*Fixes towards Bounties insta failing if an ability to teleport (Nova’s Wormhole, Itzal’s Blink, etc) was used to enter the Bounty area.
*Fixed enemies inside a Vazarin Void Aegis bubble not attacking players also inside the bubble.
*Fixed Sentient Cores counting towards the Medallion challenge of a "Find x Syndicate Medallions" Riven.
*Fixed Rhino’s Iron Skin absorbing damage instead of Harrow’s Covenant if cast first.
*Fixed leg Armor being incorrectly orientated on Mag’s Pneuma Skin.
*Fixed a script error when casting Ivara’s Prowl ability. 
*Fixed a script error when casting Nidus’ Virulence ability.
*Fixed a script error when casting Trinity’s Blessing ability.
*Fixed a script error when casting Hydroid’s Undertow ability. 
*Fixed a script error when casting Rhino’s Rhino Charge ability.
*Fixed a script error when casting Excalibur’s Exalted Blade ability.
*Fixed a script error when casting Zephyr’s Tail Wind ability.
*Fixed a script error when casting Ember’s Fireball ability.
*Fixed a script error when casting Nova’s Molecular Prime ability.  
*Fixed a script error when casting Chroma’s abilities. 
*Fixed a script error when casting Equinox’s abilities. 
*Fixed a script error when using Transference. 
*Fixed Mod image rewards for Alerts looking stretched.
*Fixed Warframe abilities appearing as unranked when viewing them in the Arsenal in Cetus. 
*Fixed Luminous Dye remaining active if used prior to transitioning back to Cetus and then re entering the Plains. 
*Fixed an edge case where if you pressed Esc right as the End of Mission screen is opening when transitioning to Cetus, you'd get soft locked.
*Fixed incorrect diorama when viewing Operator Greaves. 
*Fixed Operators appearing to have a very long giraffe-like neck when viewing equipment from the Quills.
*Fixed a stretched mesh on the Valkyr Delusion Skin. 
*Fixed Syandanas not sitting properly on the Valkyr Delusion Skin.
*Fixed Aura Mod description text discrepancies.
*Fixed the Sprint Boost Mod description not displaying % Sprint Speed.
*Fixed a file path text appearing in Lephantis’ boss fight.  
*Fixed a join in progress crash.
	type: Update
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Plains of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.1.2
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/870250-plains-of-eidolon-hotfix-2212/
	date: 2017-10-30T21:36:20Z
	additions: Deadly slashes from the Sigma sword are matched only by the force of the Octantis shield when thrown via air melee attacks. Enemies hit by the Octantis are also stunned for a short period of time, leaving them open to finisher attacks.

	changes: Plains Of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.1.2:

*Fixed host migration restarting the last stage of a Bounty to a broken state when the Bounty was already completed during that session. 
*Fixed chat-linking not working for the Kinetic Diversion, Target Acquired and Spring-Loaded Blade mods. 
*Fixed several fish spawning and despawning issues including retreating fish completely stopping before despawning. They should now keep swimming as intended. 
*Fixed various fish moving but lacking animation when doing so, and also repaired some with broken animations. 
*Fixed Transports having two entries in the Codex.
*Fixed multiple Nightwatch Enemy Codex entries with incorrect weapons and placeholder text for descriptions.  
*Fixed an unintended issue where players could pick up Eidolon Shards after joining in-progress missions where the Teralyst had already been killed. 
*Fixed an issue where Brilliant Eidolon Shards were not properly accounted for in the Focus Conversion screen after used to unlock Way-Bound nodes. 
*Fixed a bug that allowed players to fish in the town of Cetus. 
*Fixed a rare crash that would occur when transitioning from Cetus to the Plains, and another when transitioning from the Plains to Cetus. 
*Fixed the Esc menu and the tutorial popups in Vor’s Prize appearing stretched in non-standard aspect ratios.
*Fixed certain Ostron dialogue not playing when it should. 
*Fixed the material of Valkyr’s Delusion Tennogen Skin incorrectly applying when toggling on the Prime details for Valkyr Prime in the Arsenal.
*Fixed Clients hearing Operator footstep sound FX playing after quickly switching from Operator to Warframe. 
*Fixed long Zaw Grips having similar range to one-handed weapons even though they are physically longer than some other long weapons. 
*Fixed Clients not gaining energy from Void Dashing through enemies as your Operator.
	type: Hotfix
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Plains of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.1.1
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/868348-plains-of-eidolon-hotfix-2211/
	date: 2017-10-27T20:21:43Z
	changes: Plains Of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.1.1:
Take your fishing to the next level with a nifty “tackle box” gear wheel! You can now select the fishing spear and bait you’d like to use from a secondary Gear Wheel 
Simply equip your fishing spear and re-open the Gear Wheel to make a selection from the spears and bait you’ve earned from Hai-Luk in Cetus. 
If desired, you can still equip all 3 fishing spears in your default Gear Wheel, but if you’re looking to save some gear slots all you need to do is equip 1 fishing spear in your Arsenal. 
The time in which fish bait is effective has been increased.  
Animations when switching between different fishing spears has been added.
Reduced the frequency of Incursion missions occurring if you ignore them. When an Incursion mission is available, a ping sound will play, and the Lotus' transmission will play only if you engage it.
Made the smoke on Atlas Graxx helmet more visible, especially when in the Arsenal.
Bounties with only one stage will no longer display the Bounty stage counter.  
Updated the description text when hovering over a Junction to better describe how exactly you can unlock it.

*Fix several issues with Ostrons in Cetus and Konzu repeating redundant lines after returning from the Plains. 
*Fixed a rare crash when attempting to leave Cetus and enter the Plains. 
*Fixed supply drop missions in the Plains not progressing if you resurrected the enemy that held the beacon using Nekros' Shadow Of The Dead.
*Fixed Frost’s Snow Globe having visible holes when observed from the inside. 
*Fixed Gara’s Mass Vitrify unintendedly crystallizing Captain Vor and Lieutenant Lech Kril. 
*Fixed a script error related to Titania’s Razorwing ability. 
*Fixed a script error related to Ember Prime’s World on Fire ability. 
*Fixed a rare UI freeze when hitting tab the second you finish a Bounty that would cause a script error and prevent Clients from earning their rewards. 
*Fixed a crash related to attempting to leave a squad before the mission has started. 
*Fixed a crash related to a Client aborting a mission. 
*Fixed being able to place two different waypoint markers by placing 1 each as your Warframe and your Operator. 
*Fixed being unable to attempt a Bounty a second time (even if able to accept it from Konzu) after only completing the first portion of it and then returning to Cetus.
*Fixed Operator hair losing bangs when wearing a Mache mask.
*Fixed an incorrect material on Titania’s Unseelie Skin Tennogen skin. 
*Fixed an issue with chat linking “Community Sigil” displayed the incorrect Sigil. 
*Fixed all cases of Maroo’s Bazaar being located on Earth instead of Mars. 
*Fixed an issue where rapidly equipping/unequipping your fishing spear could cause Clients to no longer use Consumables properly. 
*Fixed several issues related to the animations for equipping a fishing spear. 
*Fixed fish spawns piling up in large bodies of water.
*Fixed a case where fish would move much too slowly after being scared away by a spear. 
*Fixed the Teralyst unintendedly spawning in the Plains of Eidolon Captura scene during the night cycle. 
*Fixed an issue where gamepad users playing with the Classic controller config couldn't use bait.
*Fixed an issue where Clients would have their fishing spear equipped but not have access to the correct gear menu after host migration and forced to swap weapons to regain access. 
*Fixed Teralyst disappearing as per: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/867427-teralyst-can-turn-invisible-fix-pending
*Fixed Madurai’s Void Strike not applying the damage increase on next attack to Warframes. 
*Fixed a progress stopper in the Natah quest where drones would not spawn. 
*Fixed issues with Syandanas clipping through Gara’s lower back. 
*Made progress on a rare crash related to the gates to Cetus/Plains. 
*Fixed Madurai’s Phoenix Spirit not increasing the elemental damage of Flame Blast. 
*Fixed Void Traces not being obtained if the last Reactant you pick up is with your Operator. 
*Tentatively fixed an Ostron being in a reference pose when you return to Cetus from the Plains (if you've played through The War Within and Saya's Vigil quests you'll know who I'm talking about ;) ).
*The following changes/fixes went live in 22.1.0 but were missing a mention in the notes, so we’re adding them here now:
*Increased the Resource Theft defense target’s base health from 500 to 700
*Added a health warning transmission to the Resource Theft Incursion.
*Progress on fixing an issue where after finishing the first part of a Bounty the mission would not progress and no second marker will appear on the minimap.
*And a quick reminder before you head into the weekend that if you haven’t logged in yet the thank you gifts from us to you are still available to be claimed:
	type: Hotfix
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Plains of Eidolon: Hotfix
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/867114-plains-of-eidolon-hotfix-22101/
	date: 2017-10-25T22:18:30Z
	changes: Additions:
Added more German loc

*Fixed crashing in certain Archwing missions.
	type: Hotfix
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Plains of Eidolon: Update 22.1.0
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/867056-plains-of-eidolon-update-2210/
	date: 2017-10-25T20:57:43Z
	additions: You can now access your Mod collection while in Cetus! 
There is now a 'Leave Squad' option in the Plains of Eidolon. This will allow you to depart from a squad to your own session, which will allow you to extract independently. 
Players on the Public Matchmaking setting will now matchmake when the begin to load into the Plains rather than waiting until the end. 
Bounties now have indicators for their current and total stages to clear up confusion about their objectives.

	changes: Tennogen Round 10!:
Titania Unseelie Skin by Rekkou
Nezha Yaksha Skin by Faven and SilverBones
Atlas Graxx Skin by Faven
Mesa Devil Ranger Skin by Mz-3
Valkyr Delusion Skin by prosetisen
Limbo Vistyxio Skin by led2012 and Hydroxate
Valkyr Ion Helmet by Yatus
Banshee Dominia Helmet by led2012
Frost Himavat Helmet by VoidPunch
Limbo Venari Helmet by Volkovyi and Sab531
Reduced the Resource costs for all Zaw Grips and Handles (apart from the Balla and Peye). 
Clapkra Brace energy ammo increased from 20 to 40
Lohrin Brace now boosts critical and status chance by 12% each.
Increased the damage of Spiraling Pinnacle, Summit Plunge and Vaulting Apex combos from the Twirling Spire Polearm Stance.
Limbo can no longer mine while in the Rift. Rocks aren't affected by his Void Magic.
Relays/Cetus will now only show Calm and Busy instances
Updated Cetus’ MotD
Fixed Ivara's "The Power Of Three" Augment needing more energy than it should if you tried to use it repeatedly

*Fixed an issue where joining friends in other Cetus instances can cause a squad to split or get stuck. 
*Fixed Ignis (and similar weapons) being able to damage friendly Gara's Spectrorage mirrors.
*Fixed issues with the description text of Virtuos Fury. 
*Fixed issues with getting out of bounds with Ivara's Dashwsire. 
*Fixed issues with some name choices for items displaying the wrong error. 
*Fixed issues with unclear error messages when Gilding Amps that were unranked. 
*Fixed issues with Operator Amp customizations not being applied in missions. 
*Fixed an issue with the Lohrin Brace not applying its Upgrades to Amps. 
*Fixed Stat improvements from Gilding an Amp not being applied. 
*Fixed an issue with some Mods not being chat linkable. 
*Fixed being able to use Transference in first mission of The War Within. 
*Fixed issues with Gara's Spectrorage radius being too small. 
*Fixed issues with Host Migration causing Operators not working as intended. 
*Fixed a UI issue where Nidus' Mutation Stack counter blocked the melee combo counter. 
*Fixed issues with hitches when loading into some Plains Free Roam missions. 
*Fixed an issue where the mission Challenge information would remain on screen if you were transitioning from Plains to Cetus. 
*Fixed Clients getting stuck in animations if they used Transference just as they enter bleedout and then get revived.
*Fixed Client Warframes not being targetable if they are revived after having used transference just as they entered bleedout.
*Fixed erroneous HUD buff icons appearing. 
*More fixes for Convergence spawning in air and underground. 
*Fixed various performance issues. 
*Fixed Bounty names being localized for clients in the host’s language.
*Fixed a camera issue when respawning in TWW quest.
*Fixed HUD script running on clients unnecessarily.
*Fixed Vulkar and Vulkar Wraith incorrect headshot damage (now: Zoom1 35%, Zoom2 55%).
*Fixed inconsistent Arcane descriptions between vendor and Arcane menu.
*Fixed the blocked ability icon from showing while in Operator mode.
*Fixed Hok’s special weapon not being attached to the wall.
*Fixed second dream script error.
*Fixed Electric Chroma’s Elemental Ward discharging too much electricity.
*Fixed Ember Agile unarmed variant sometimes playing the akimbo variant.
*Fixed the first shadow from Nekros Shadows of the Dead being spawned far away and potentially out of bounds.
*Fixed Prism Operator fire potentially causing large negative numbers.
	type: Update
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Plains of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.0.9
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/865725-plains-of-eidolon-hotfix-2209/
	date: 2017-10-23T21:51:59Z
	changes: Plains Of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.0.9:
All Zaw Grip and Strike blueprints are now available at Rank 1 from Hok, and all cost 1000 standing.
Increased the damage of all Amp Prisms and Scaffolds.
Reduced all instances of Amp self-damage.
Archwing disabler projectile no longer hit dodge-maneuvering players on explosion. 
Archwing disabler projectiles that target a flare have reduced explosion radius.

*Fixed an issue where players could trade in Brilliant Eidolon Shards for Endo. Maroo has returned from vacation and is sorry she got some tin-suits in trouble. 
*Fixed an issue with audio stuttering out on the Plains.
*Fixed melee stances not staying equipped on ungilded Zaws.
*Fixed the Ceno Cuirass not having similar build requirements to the Vahd Cuirass.
*Fixed Eidolon Lens rewards from incursions not displaying properly.
*Fixed Pull applying damage deformers and ragdoll to some enemies it shouldn't be.
*Fixed Nova’s Worm Hole being able to escape the outer boundaries of Cetus.
*Fixed an issue where Fusilai would sometimes reload very slowly.
*Fixed Archwing disabler projectiles not actually tracking countermeasure flares. 
*Fixed Archwing disabler projectiles not being affected by bullet attractor pulls (Mag, Amesha, etc)
*Fixed Zenurik Energizing Dash not always showing the proper value in the HUD buff when in two bubbles at once.
*Fixed clients using Transference sometimes getting extra HUD buff icons.
*Fixed a UI issue that occurred upon spending Focus while also redeeming Brilliant Eidolon Shards for Focus.
*Fixed Magus and Virtuos appearing as Mods when crafted in the foundry.
*Fixed amps built using Shwaak Prism and Shraksun Scaffold not passing through Volt’s Electric Shield.
*Fixed Eidolon Lures having strange hitboxes until downed.
*Fixed some leaking caused by Teralyst VFX.
*Various localization updates.
*Various crash fixes.
*Fixed Amps NOT requiring standing to gild.
	type: Hotfix
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Plains of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.0.8
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/863518-plains-of-eidolon-hotfix-2208/
	date: 2017-10-20T21:44:33Z
	changes: Plains Of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.0.8:
Added the option to redeem Brilliant Eidolon Shards for 25,000 focus each. Redeem for the school of your choice in the appropriate skill tree!
Made the Resource Theft bounty objective count as a success when the defense timer finishes, as a workaround for the armoured vault not opening. (still working on a proper fix!)
Made the “abandoning mission” trigger more aware of verticality 
hopefully fewer fails when flying in from high above the objective!
Altered Zenurik’s Energizing Dash bubble to look less like Sapping Osprey mines.

Partially fixed Lephantis' head not opening on some occasions. The issue hasn't been resolved completely, but there should be significantly fewer progression stoppers!

*Fixed Convergence orbs spawning in the air.
*Fixed Unairu’s Magnetic Blast not dissipating on enemy death.
*Fixed Unairu’s Void Shadow description to be more accurate.
*Fixed an issue where using Transference would deactivate invisibility powers
*Fixed a progression stopper with the Kin rankup requirements in Cetus.
*Fixed an exploit allowing use of baits you don’t own.
*Fixed an exploit for rapidly gaining affinity on Amps.
*Fixed an issue where Blazing Chakram could escape the boundaries of the Plains.
*Fixed amp affinity gain not properly appearing in the mission progress screen or Liset mission results screen.
*Fixed a soft lock caused by equipping a Virtuos Arcane on an Amp.
*Fixed hitches when equipping an Amp.
*Fixed hitches when equipping a new modular weapon (Zaw) in the arsenal.
*Fixed a placeholder tag that appeared when using the Volnus.
*Fixed the Viper Wraith not being tradeable.
*Fixed host avatars appearing invisible to clients when using the simulacrum arsenal.
*Fixed Gladiator Resolve appearing in two different bounty reward tables.
*Further fixes to masks regarding hair and textures.
*Various crash fixes.
	type: Hotfix
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Plains of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.0.7
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/862704-plains-of-eidolon-hotfix-2207/
	date: 2017-10-19T20:48:18Z
	changes: Plains Of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.0.7:
Changed bounty reward tables:
Lower level bounties will have less stances, and more useful mods for new players.
Higher level bounties will offer Kuva and Void Traces.
Reduced crafting costs of operator arcanes:
Several reduced to 3 Eidolon Shards instead of 5.
Breath of Eidolon requirements replaced with common and uncommon resources.
Void Shadow no longer costs 40 Eidolon Shards to craft.
Rare and Legendary fish baits now hint to the location of the fish.
Added a fast travel option in your pause menu for all Cetus vendors.
Another update, another set of economy tweaks! Please stay tuned as we continue iterating on Cetus and its various interlocking systems.
Added a message when changing donations to syndicates, Cetus or Quills if the new total would cause you to exceed your daily cap or max rep.
Tweaked text elements in the donation UI screens.
Disabled powers in the tunnel between Cetus and Plains to reduce capacity for script errors.
Moved cut gems into the Resources tab of your inventory.

*Fixed an issue where players could not donate gems or cores to Cetus and Quills respectively.
*Fixed a memory corruption error when using the mining tool.
*Fixed hair not being covered by paper mache masks.
*Fixed mining deposits overlapping on certain rocks.
*Added underwater VFX to certain bodies of water in the Plains.
*Fixed players not seeing the explosion of other players' embedded grenade launcher projectiles.
*Added Tusk Recon Commander to the Codex.
*Added Swooping Falcon, Carving Mantis, Twirling Spire and Stinging Thorn to the Codex.
*Fixed the “focusing” sound for aiming with a fishing spear not working for clients.
*Fixed Virtuos Ghost and Virtuos Shadow not having percentage values.
*Fixed magnetic water in the Plains affecting Limbo while in Rift Walk. 
*Fixed Ivara’s Artemis Bow always shooting with a horizontal spread.
*Improved performance issues when hitting multiple enemies with Valkyr’s Paralysis.
*Improved scripting for Hydroid’s Tempest Barrage and Tentacle Swarm.
*Fixed Gara’s Spectrorage nullifier checks being too high.
*Further fixes for Gara’s Mass Vitrify not being properly dispelled by nullifiers.
*Fixed Gara’s glass armor appearing to fade in every time a new cosmetic option is chosen in the arsenal.
*Fixed Vazarin’s Guardian Shell not having unique values for the last 2 upgrade levels.
*Fixed Naramon’s Power Spike affecting sniper combo counter decay.
*Fixed Unairu’s Void Shadow being able to cloak defense objectives.
*Fixed a crash caused by Unairu’s Void Chrysalis.
*Fixed an issue where using Transference for the first time upon entering the plains causing any invisibility on your Warframe to break.
*Fixed Zaw weapons using sword holsters.
*Fixed several common crashes.
	type: Hotfix
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Plains of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.0.6 +
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/861790-plains-of-eidolon-hotfix-2206-22061/
	date: 2017-10-18T21:11:25Z
	changes: Plains Of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.0.6:
Reduced the headshot damage of the Vulkar series, Snipetron series and Vectis series in Conclave.

The Volnus is now usable in Conclave!

*Fixed Operator room in the Orbiter not opening.
*Fixed 'daily Focus cap reached' messages not taking the Operator Focus into consideration.
*Fixed redeeming more Syndicate Medallions than your daily limit prompting you with a ‘wasting Standing’ message. Redeeming Syndicate Medallions is not affected by your daily cap.
	type: Hotfix
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Plains of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.0.5
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/860760-plains-of-eidolon-hotfix-2205/
	date: 2017-10-17T20:41:28Z
	additions: Added a hint below the Focus Capacity bar for how to drag the screen in order to view Focus nodes.

	changes: Plains Of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.0.5:
Mass Vitrify now grows downwards to help cover enemies below you like so
Increased the damage of the Krohkur in Conclave.

*Fixed Sentient Shards sometimes spawning under the terrain.
*Fixed not being able to progress the Plains Prospector achievement.
*Fixed sometimes matchmaking with players doing Bounties when loading into the Plains. Matchmaking should match you with other players who are roaming around doing Incursions as opposed to Bounties. 
*Fixed leaving the Plains and returning to Cetus as the Operator results in the End Of Mission screen being blank.
*Fixed Pyrol and Azurite being rarer than intended and Coprun and Devar being more likely than intended. They should now be equally as likely.
*Fixed the Host crashing in any 8 player game sessions, primarily affecting both Trials.
*Fixed Drone Hijack spawning unrestricted quantities of enemies.
*Fixed Syndicate Daily Standing limit reduction not being compensated for title cap, if the title cap leaves you with exactly 0 Standing gains.
*Fixed being able to fly into one of the sections that you're supposed to walk in during The War Within.
*Fixed Tusk Reavers not using one of their jetpack maneuvers,
*Fixed Tusk Reavers doing their jetpack smash even when jetpack was destroyed.
*Fixed progression stopper when going into the Plains from Cetus while holding TAB (having the quick view End of Mission up).
*Fixed Transference being disabled for all squad players when only one player is in between the Cetus doors.
*Fixed Zaw Rivens sometimes being shown as a generic Melee Riven.
*Fixed Chat linking Zaw Rivens sometimes being shown as a generic Melee Mod.
*Fixed being able to start the Saya’s Vigil quest while in a group (Quest is Solo). 
*Fixed incorrect Gem Icons.
*Fixed the day/night cycle on Cetus affecting skyboxes in other procedural levels.
*Fixed Operator hair not being visible when wearing an Ostron Mask. 
*Fixed Nidus HUD not updating after respawning.
*Fixed weapon reticle remaining when using Scanners in Sky Archwing.
*Fixed Sniper reticles in Sky Archwing partially vanishing when aiming.
*Fixed being able to equip the incorrect holster on Zaws.
*Fixed a crash when returning from Plains if a squadmate connects/disconnects while rest of squad is waiting for the gates to open.
*Fixed Warframe invincibility in the Simulacrum not applying to Operators if they haven't been spawned yet.
*Fixed some hitching occurring in Cetus related to vendor dialog. 
*Fixed a never ending looping reload animation when in Sky Archwing. 
*Fixed Captain Vor’s mission information not listing his name. 
*Fixed a crash when entering the Plains.
	type: Hotfix
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Plains of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.0.4
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/859840-plains-of-eidolon-hotfix-2204/
	date: 2017-10-16T23:24:29Z
	changes: Plains Of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.0.4general Plains Of Eidolon Changes:
Resource Boosters now affect fish!

	type: Hotfix
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Plains of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.0.3
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/859709-plains-of-eidolon-hotfix-2203/
	date: 2017-10-16T21:47:16Z
	additions: Added new objective UI text to Mobile Defense missions and Vor’s Prize to be more descriptive and consistent.
Added an area kill marker for Plains Assassinate general area once the mission starts.

	changes: Plains Of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.0.3:
Caches in the Plains are now scannable, meaning they will show up when using Scanners.
Increased the minimum timer to find the Caches from 1:20 to 2:40, and the maximum timer from 2:40 to 3:00.
Increased the sound radius of the hidden Caches.
The Cetus Standing earned from Bounties and Incursions has been doubled in all cases (i.e all levels of bounties doubled from their former values). 
Reduced the maximum downtime between Incursions from 6 minutes to 5 minutes.
Reduced Sky Archwing Launcher Blueprint crafting requirements:
100 Iradite to 50 Iradite
150 Fish Oil to 50 Fish Oil
1200 Circuits to 600 Circuits
Significantly reduced Sky Archwing Launcher Blueprint build time.
Removed Ayatan Stars and Uncommon Resources from High Level Bounties and replaced with 100x Void Traces. Low Level Bounties will continue to have rewards that target interests of a newer player who might not have some Mods that veterans do. 
Reassigned Blueprint values for gems:
Common and Uncommon Gems are now built in batches of 10.
Rare Gems are now built in batches of 6. 
Eidolon Gems are now built in batches of 3. 
The Quills Standing increases (Flawless Sentient Cores remains the same for now): 
Increased Intact Sentient Cores from 25 Standing to 100 Standing. 
Increased Exceptional Sentient Cores from 400 Standing to 500 Standing. 
Fixed not receiving a listed reward from a Bounty after completing it the first time. However, Cetus Standing is still only gained for the first completion of each Bounty
The Teralyst will now no longer be affected by Auras that manipulate its max Health and max Shields.
Vendors in Cetus now appear in orange on the mini map.
Removed the ‘Owned’ tag on Rivens linked in Chat. 
Adjusted Supply Crate Health to better match Bounty level in the Plains.
Reduced the brightness of the lens flares used on the Lanka.
The Profile now displays Cetus and Quills Standing separately. 
Tweaked the Operator arm animations when shooting an Amp so it’s not so different from other aim directions. 
When attempting to leave the Plains and enter Cetus, players who are downed/AFK will now be teleported to the gate. This fixes having to abort mission from the Plains due to not being able to re-enter Cetus.
Polished the animations for Vazarin’s Guardian Shell to reduce head swaying when jogging.  
Tweaked the volume of Operator Amps and added sound effects to the charge up.
Eidolon Lures now have a max level of 30. 
Grineer Dropships, Skiffs, and Bombers are no longer included in the 'kill enemies' objectives.
Lowered Tusk Bomber Armor from 450 to 225 and lowered base Health from 4500 to 3500.
Tweaked Frost’s Snowglobe FX to better respect night time lighting in the Plains as mentioned here:
Convergence Orbs will no longer spawn on enemies in the air.
Only 2 of Vauban’s Minelayer can be active at a time in Conclave.

*Fixed not being able to destroy the chains in the Chains of Harrow quest, or the braids in the War Within quest. 
*Fixed the Eidolon not spawning if there as a Host Migration while out in the Plains. 
*Fixed being unable to move forward when the Cetus gates open and having to step back and forward again in order to make it through.
*Fixed not being able to craft the Dual Krohkur due to the required single Krohkurs to craft counting as 1 weapon instead of 2.
*Fixes towards instantly failing Bounties in the Plains.
*Fixed Vazarin’s Protective Dash providing immunity and health, regardless of whether or not anything is hit. Only "allies hit by Void Dash" are meant to receive buff. 
*Fixed Vazarin’s Mending Soul giving immunity to fish, preventing spearfishing. 
*Fixes towards experiencing a crash when loading from the Plains to another level.
*Fixed the Focus screen not displaying the remaining daily Focus cap. 
*Fixed two Hijacked Drones appearing when a Host migration occurs right after hacking the Drone.
*Fixed Grineer Snipers in Plains towers rapidly respawning.
*Fixed Corpus Nullifiers not destroying Gara’s Mass Vitrify and causing it to double up next time it is cast as seen here:
*Fixed medium and large Goopolas dissecting to Charc Eel unique items.
*Fixed Operator Void Blast not costing Energy when used in mid-air.
*Fixed Operator Void Mode melee Focus upgrade allowing spammable Void Blast with no Energy cost.
*Fixed Zaw becoming invisible after a Host migration. 
*Fixed being able to dissolve Eidolons & Capture Targets via Channelling which could prevent loot from spawning. 
*Fixed the Magnetic water in the Plains affecting Limbo while in the Rift. 
*Fixed Spot-loading when equipping a new modular weapon in the Arsenal.
*Fixed the Arca Plasmor disintegrating the Teralyst. 
*Fixed hacked Eidolon Lures not following after becoming downed. 
*Fixed not being able to equip a Veiled Zaw Riven on any Melee weapon.
*Fixed fish/mining Resources collected in the Plains duplicating if you went from Cetus to the Plains and then joined a Conclave mission. 
*Fixed Oberon’s Hallowed Ground affected area not matching the visuals.
*Fixed unintentional fish being attracted to Peppered Bait. 
*Fixed getting an ‘unknown error’ when claiming an Eidolon Lens.
*Fixed chaining slides and air-slides counting towards the Sleds of Sunshine and Marathoner Achievement.
*Fixed traversing in Sky Archwing counting towards the Sleds of Sunshine and Marathoner Achievement. 
*Fixed a typo in the Sharrac description.
*Fixed not being able to waypoint Iradite, Grokdul, or Maprico Trees in the Plains.
*More fixes towards getting double/triple Challenge progress prompts at the End of Mission screen.
*Fixed Clients not being able to see Entitled weapon names.
*Fixed Octavia’s Mandachord Instrument Packs being sold for Credits in the Market.
*Fixed not being able to complete Sortie Defense missions.
*Fixed Mobile Defense data masses falling through the floor in certain tilesets.
*Fixed script error when opening Ayatan Treasure list in Trade UI when in a Dojo.
*Fixed numerous script errors from Warframe abilities.
*Fixed a script error when transitioning between Cetus and the Plains. 
*Fixed the Man of Few Words quest VO not playing as seen here:
*Fixed a broken Dragon Key UI icon. 
*Fixed incorrectly placed ‘Completed’ text on the Bounty screen.
*Fixed incorrect glass materials in the Relay.
*Fixed Operator Masks not appearing properly during Transference. 
*Fixed some UI not displaying when entering the Plains. 
*Fixed Sigils flickering when equipped on Gara. 
*Fixed the Inbox sometimes appearing on screen randomly. 
*Fixed numerous typos.
	type: Hotfix
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Plains of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.0.2
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/855756-plains-of-eidolon-hotfix-2202/
	date: 2017-10-13T19:57:07Z
	additions: Added more details to Zenuriks Energizing Dash description to better clarify how it functions.

	changes: Plains Of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.0.2:
Added UI icons to match current objective markers at all stages.
Hijacked Drone now scales in Health by the # of players.
Replaced the yellow diamond marker at extraction with the white NPC extraction marker used in Defection missions.
Increased the Hijacked Drones move radius. Players must now be within 30 meters of Drone for it to move to objective (was 10 meters).
Reduced Lotus transmissions when reinforcements are called in to destroy the Hijacked Drone.
Fixed an issue where if more than one Drone Hijack Incursion was played, the previous Incursion's Drone destination was marked as the new Incursion's Drone destination and the Drone moved to an unmarked location.
Drastically reduced the AoE damage from 150 to 40 for Mortar projectiles.
Reduced the Impact damage of the Mortar Bombard mortars from 25 to 17 and AoE damage reduced from 50 to 25.
Reduced the Impact damage of Bomber bombs from 25 to 20, AoE damage from 35 to 30, and AoE radius from 15 to 12.
Reduced the Impact damage of Bomber rockets from 15 to 12 and AoE damage from 20 to 17.
Reduced the Armor of Bombers from 500 to 450 and Health reduced from 5000 to 4500.
Replaced Gara’s Blueprint requirement of Kuva with Orokin Cells.
Increased Endo Bounty rewards at highest tiers 
we will continue to monitor and balance the economy (rewards and costs). Worry not, Tenno!  
Vor’s Prize will now appear as “Completed” in the Codex for players that chose to skip it back in the day. This was causing confusion on prerequisites for Saya’s Vigil 
it wasn't stopping progression, just adding confusion. 
Updated an old Waypoint used in Stolen Dreams and The New Strange quests which was missing an in-world marker and yellow tint, this may have caused some confusion as all missions use the in-world marker now.
Included a small optimization for Relay/Cetus CPU for high players counts.
Adjusted the positioning, size, and hit radius of the Iradite Resource in the Plains.
Lowered Eidolon Drone hijack marker's minimum range from 40 meters to 5 meters.
Adjusted the weaponry of the Skiffs and Tusk Dargyn’s in the Plains to not be so accurate.
Operator’s first Amp will now properly strip resistances.
The Focus School selection screen will now appear on login if a player has completed Second Dream but doesn't have a Focus ability selected yet. This should also fix people stuck in the War Within quest or The Second Dream quest. 
Removed the ‘Exit’ button from the End of Mission Failed screen upon dying in the Plains. This fixes clicking ‘Exit’ resulting in a screen lock and having to close the game.
Increased the Grineer Dropship Turrets base Armor from 50 to 100 and increased Turret base Health from 600 to 650.
To reduce unintended Transference movement chaining, one can only use Transference once after a jump and must land before being able to use Transference again. 
End of mission Endo rewards will now appear as a sum instead of multiples (ex. 200 Endo as opposed to 50 Endo x 4). 
Increased the context action of Grineer Caches from Incursions/Bounties in the Plains.
Argonak damage decreased in Conclave.
Vasto Prime damage returned to what it was previously in Conclave.
Krohkur damage decreased in Conclave.
Latron Wraith mag size returned to 15 in Conclave.
Gara’s Shattered Lash no longer knocks down in Conclave.

*Fixed a crash when entering Cetus from the Plains.
*Fixed a join-in-progress crash. 
*Fixed a variety of crashes when using Transference. 
*Fixed a crash when completing Bounties.
*Fixed a progression stopping issue in The War Within quest where you were unable to use Transference. 
*Fixed a progression stopping issue in the Stolen Dreams where you were unable to ‘Find the Arcane Machine’. 
*Fixed the Quills Daily Standing Limit appearing to be 0.
*Fixed Convergence not being shared between Operator and Warframe.
*Fixed Mining breaking and the UI getting stuck on screen if you were Mining out in the Plains, walked back into Cetus and then back out into the Plains, and then completed Mining a deposit.
*Fixed the Sharp Shooter Achievement reading ‘100 meters’ but not actually functioning properly (it was triggering at 10 vs 100). 
*Fixed not being able to install a Magus on the Operator's Zariman Suit and Hood.
*Fixed the time limit being ~165 minutes when playing a second Cache Incursion in Plains.
*Fixed timer/Cache count UI ordering in the Plains.
*Fixed Gara’s Mass Vitrify completely freezing bosses in glass.
*Fixed the Archwing Launcher Segment not being Chat linkable.
*Fixed Mag Pneuma Helmet being free for everyone.
*Fixed a lighting issue in the The War Within quest.
*Potential fix for getting double/triple Challenge progress prompts at the End of Mission screen.
*Potential fix for missing transmissions during Bounties.
*Fixed NPC’s getting their Shield values multiplied twice by the difficulty level.
*Fixed sounds dangling if you switched to a different Gear weapon (like Spearfishing) while it was equipped.
*Fixed Clients seeing their Bounty objective marker as Cetus when on the Plains.
*Fixed Gara having no description for her Passive.
*Fixed missing subtitles when meeting Onkko for the first time.
*Fixed numerous script errors caused by Warframe abilities. 
*Fixed a typo in the Plains Assassinate objective text.
*Fixed a shader issues with Limbo and Banshee.
*Fixed numerous localization issues.
	type: Hotfix
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Plains of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.0.1
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/854601-plains-of-eidolon-hotfix-2201/
	date: 2017-10-13T03:07:48Z
	additions: Added ‘Complete a Bounty in Cetus’ text to Saya’s Vigil quest to clarify prerequisite.

	changes: Plains Of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.0.1:
Old Man Suumbaat now takes Raw Gems for Standing.
Increased accuracy and damage of the Grineer Dropship turrets in the Plains.
Fisher Hai-Luk in Cetus now displays the daily Standing limit, as well as the actual amount of Standing received when providing fish (as well as the total amount if it exceeds the Standing limit).
Increased the distance of Extraction during the Saya’s Vigil quest.
Removed a few unreleased Mods from the Transmutation table and set them as Untradable. If you were able to acquire one you get to keep it for now!

*Fixed being unable to visit the Plains and use weapons if joining in 'Public'. 
*Fixed a crash when returning the Cetus from the Plains.
*Fixed a crash when switching levels from the Plains.
*Potential fix for Incursions hanging at the end of a stage seemingly randomly.
*Fixed the objective not updating in Saya’s Vigil quest.
*Fixed getting an error message and your camera being stuck in place when selecting Old Man Suumbaat’s Daily Special. 
*Fixed Tusk Minigun Bombard Eximus and Tusk Sniper Eximus not reacting properly to being disarmed in Cetus.
*Fixed long numerical values when crafting Amps in Cetus.
*Fixed seeing floating Sigils when talking to vendors in Cetus.
*Fixed seeing a Steel Meridian icon instead of Cetus Standing icon when returning to Cetus from the Plains.
*Fixed incorrect Amp stats when viewing it in the Operator Customization screen.
*Fixed a Relay/Cetus issue where player names may flicker or disappear.
*Fixed fish not appearing in a certain area of water in the Plains.
*Fixed a script error when casting Mag’s Polarize. 
*Fixed a crash when playing The Index.
*Fixed not being able to open Relics and select rewards at the end of Void fissure missions.
*Fixed some localization issues.
	type: Hotfix
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Warframe Update 22: Plains of Eidolon
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/854253-warframe-update-22-plains-of-eidolon/
	date: 2017-10-12T22:00:20Z
	additions: A tight knit band of merchants, hucksters, and survivors, the Ostrons call Cetus their home. The town was built around an Orokin Tower that both protects and nourishes them. Gold for blood. Blood for gold.
Cetus requires you to earn Standing to unlock rewards from its people. The Daily Standing Cap for Cetus works identically to all other Syndicates, and can be viewed under your Profile!
As you venture through Cetus, you will encounter many unique townspeople. Pay close attention to their barks and replies, for each encounter can tell a different story:
FOSFORs can also be purchased from Nakak! Fosfors do more than just signal your position 
blast these flares into the sky (when equipped in your Gear wheel) for a significantly increased Affinity Range while active!

You have long dreamed of your perfect blade! Dream no longer, at master craftsman Hok's anvil your dreams will become reality. Stoke your fires of creativity!
Hok offers a variety of services and is your gateway to modular Melee weapons called 'Zaws'. Through Cetus you can acquire components to forge your very own Zaw! Be sure to view Hok's Other Services to find out how to make your Zaw (and other Melee weapons) your own!
The Plains of Eidolon is an ancient battlefield where Sentients fought to destroy the Orokin Tower that the Ostrons now call home. The Sentients failed and died, leaving behind an ancient graveyard throughout the Landscape. The towering Spectral Sentients known as Eidolons survived the Old War. Every night they ascend from the waters and wander the Plains in search of what they’ve lost. Small, deadly Sentients appear throughout the Plains and protect the Eidolon. At daybreak, they disappear and wait for night to emerge once more.
The Grineer have organized drilling stations and sprawling outposts throughout the Plains to excavate the technology of the Old War. Fight Grineer during the day and clear out their bases, but be fast as these Grineer will call reinforcements when they spot danger. As you venture deeper into the Plains, there will be tougher Grineer enemies so come prepared. When night falls, some Grineer will retreat to their camps and attempt to wait it out while reinforcing their outposts and repairing their equipment for the new day.
Saving your Progress on the Plains happens in a number of ways 
most of which are automatic!

Experience the great outdoors as you fish in the rivers and streams. Catch a variety of fish species throughout the Plains and bring them back to Cetus. Expect to find:
Charc Eeel
Mortus Lungfish
The fish of the plains are prized by the Ostrons because they can feed but also provide resources to the people.
Visit Fisher Hai-Luk in Cetus to purchase a fishing spear for Standing and Resources found in the Plains of Eidolon. There are 3 reusable fishing spear blueprints available for purchase, each specializing in catching specific types of fish:
Hai-Luk also offers Gear to aid in your fishing efforts, and 4 kinds of Bait Blueprints that may be crafted using components from filleted fish and Resources collected in the Plains.
Before heading out into the Plains, add your spear of choice to your Gear wheel in your Arsenal. 
Find a body of water, open your Gear wheel (or use your hotkey), and select your spear to enter fishing mode. 
Aiming and shooting with the spear works just as it does when launching other spear weapons.
Aim at an unknowing fish and toss your spear for a chance to reel in your catch!
Use your equipped Bait by pressing the Alt Fire button.
By visiting Old Man Suumbaat in Cetus, you can acquire a Cutter to carve resources straight from the rocks of the Plains. Three different reusable Cutter blueprints can be purchased for Standing:
Once you have acquired your blueprint and crafted your Cutter, enter the Plains. The ancient battle has left traces of energy on those Plains, and this affects the Landscape, including the very rock formations! As a result, you will be able to mine interesting and strange mineral deposits with interesting and strange rewards. ‘Arcane Gems’ will be available from this system. Once you find a deposit, and have your mining laser, simply trace the pattern on the rock to successfully extract your reward!
Tear Asurite
Marquise Veridos
Star Crimzian
Radian Sentrium
Heart Nyth
Auroxium Alloy
Fersteel Alloy
Coprite Alloy
Pyrotic Alloy

Summon your Archwing at will to fly through the open landscape, spot and battle Grineer enemies from the sky, and experience the beautiful scenery. Movement has been reworked to make it easy to fly through the Plains and engage enemies on the ground. Please note this Sky Archwing version is separately balanced in terms of powers and speed.
Acquire the Sky Archwing Enabler Segment available in the Market or in the Tenno Research Lab in the Dojo!
Craft and Equip Charges of the Enabler!
Enter the Plains of Eidolon!
Call your Sky Archwing down using the Gear Menu!
Three new Mod Sets are now available for you to acquire! Each set focuses on 1 of following 3 styles of combat: ability casting (Augur), gunning (Vigilante), and melee (Gladiator). Stats for these Mods increase on Rank and have an added stat bonus if equipped with Mods from the same set.
Augur Message (Warframe)
Augur Accord (Warframe) 
Augur Reach (Warframe) 
Augur Secrets (Warframe) 
Augur Pact (Pistol)
Augur Seeker (Pistol)
Vigilante Pursuit (Warframe) 
Vigilante Vigor (Warframe) 
Vigilante Supplies (Primary) 
Vigilante Armaments (Primary) 
Vigilante Offense (Primary) 
Vigilante Fervor (Primary)
Gladiator Aegis (Warframe) 
Gladiator Resolve (Warframe) 
Gladiator Finesse (Warframe) 
Gladiator Might (Melee) 
Gladiator Vice (Melee) 
Gladiator Rush (Melee)
These Mods are available as potential rewards from completing Bounties from Cetus and may also be acquired as drops from Assassination bosses.

When night approaches and only the bravest Grineer remain, the Eidolon you seek emerges to roam the Plains. But this towering giant does not seem all to phased with you as a Warframe...

The Grineer have a new look, new sounds, and some new firepower! Get ready to face off against the Grineer TUSK units! They boast a new array of weaponry, advanced aerial and ground combat, and have a more threatening cloned vocal box to go with it. Beware, Tenno!
Cetus Wisp
& More
Visit Konzu in Cetus to learn more about Onkko and his research.

Blast enemies with glass slugs that devastate on impact. This is Gara’s signature weapon. Find it and its blueprint in the Market today!

Silently lacerate enemies with Gara’s signature glass throwing knives. Find it and its blueprint in the Market today!

Tear and maim with this agile, lightweight glass hammer. Gara’s signature melee weapon. Find it and its blueprint in the Market today!

Breathe new life into Mag with this collection of signature items. Includes the lavish Mag Pneuma Skin, Maruta Tonfa Skin, and the Vasa Syandana.
Pick off targets by highlighting distant enemies using this Grineer rifle's advanced laser sighting system. Deadly in both single fire and automatic modes. Visit your Dojo to research the Argonak!

This hooked blade rewards critical hits to those skilled enough to strike with finesse. Find it and its blueprint in the Market today!

It's been almost two years since we released the first version of Focus. Focus comes as a system unlocked upon completion of 'The Second Dream'. After answering a series of questions from The Lotus, you (the Operator) chose a Focus school and began your journey through a series of Passives that you needed to unlock all the while earning the Focus points to do so. Then came The War Within, where your Operator became playable with a few abilities meant mainly to help you earn Kuva and participate in Quests.
The core purpose of this rework is to shift the goals of the Focus system away from supplementing Warframes and towards making your Operator more combat-ready. This means that there will be more of a balance between Passives and Actives under Focus 2.0.
Let's start with some very important facts about all your accrued Focus Points and installed Lenses:
The Daily Focus Cap has increased from 100,000 to 250,000 Focus per day.
Convergence Orbs now yield an 8x multiplier versus a 6x.
Now we shall talk Passives, Residuals, and Actives.
Actives in their current form on the public build are at the behest of a 100 HP pool for the Operator. The Active and Passive Focus paths in Focus 2.0 aim to increase your Operator’s survivability and to give you the option to approach combat with added Operator support and armaments. Only a few encounters will necessitate this and as the game and feedback grows we will develop accordingly.
As far as the Focus Schools themselves, we have clear cut the trees of the old system and are rebuilding entirely new ability paths. We are also including cross-Focus nodes you can unlock within different trees!
Many benefits of the new Focus trees are linked to the activation of the Operator or Operator Abilities (Void Dash, Void Blast, Void Mode).
We have reduced the Pool Increase costs significantly and distributed the Focus point investment more into the nodes.
Operator AMPS: Operator Weapons!
Tenno who seek out the Eidolon Hunter will be exposed to an Operator Weaponry system.
Operators will be able to wield a new Modular weaponized system that attaches to their arm, called an AMP. These devices amplify the Operator's Void Beam and Void Blast attacks and channeling them in different ways. They are comprised of three components: the Brace, the Scaffold, and the Prism.
You can equip and customize your AMP in the Customize Operator menu aboard your Orbiter.
Take your Captura to new lengths by purchasing the Plains Scene from Old Man Sumbaat! You'll need to climb the ranks of the Cetus Standing to earn this!
Defection has been added to eligible Void Fissure missions!  
Added a new ‘shield-like’ objective marker to Defense, Mobile Defense, Hijack, and Sabotage missions.
Added a ‘Delete All Read Messages’ option in the Inbox. *Please note that this currently does not apply to Community messages.
Added a Corpus Outpost and Grineer Shipyard tileset level to the Interception mix for some variation. 
Added a visual indicator when viewing a Mod that lets you know if you already own it. 
Prettied up materials for several doors in different tilesets. 
Added a Screen-Shake toggle option! 
Added two new alternate versions of the default Liset load screens!
You can now control if you want to accept gifts from All, Friends Only, or None in the Options Menu!

	changes: Warframe Update 22: Plains Of Eidolon:

Our biggest update, ever, Plains of Eidolon has finally arrived! First off, thank you for checking it out!
If you're new to Warframe 
oh hi! You’ve arrived at an interesting time in our multi-year journey. We hope you’ll stay a while and join our little space-ninja community. Cetus and its open landscape, Plains of Eidolon, have been placed early on in the progression path on Earth so that you can experience them as soon as possible!
If you’re a Founder 
a Veteran 
a Prime Access supporter 
please know that it is by your hand that this crazy update is even possible. This update is dedicated to you.
Plains of Eidolon, with its expansive landscape and all-new dynamic game systems, represents the ongoing evolution of Warframe. Our continuing mission: to create a game that feels alive, that challenges its creators and its players alike. A game that lives up to the amazing community that has grown around it.
Some quick facts you might want to know about how Cetus & the Plains of Eidolon work!
The Plains of Eidolon and Cetus operate on a persistent asymmetrical Day/Night Cycle. As the sun rises and sets, different gameplay systems become available! The details are:
These Update notes have close to 25 pages of information explaining the Update. The Plains of Eidolon is new for all Tenno 
take your time and enjoy discovering how to make your way through the systems.
There are two energy sources for your Operator: 1 for Void Beam, and another for Void Dash, Void Mode, and Void Blast. Both energy sources regen over time, and energy pickups only affect the latter abilities.

To create more flow with Transference between Operator and Warframe, you can now seamlessly transition to your Operator and back to your Warframe at any time 
even when in mid bullet jump! 
You can now double tap “shift” to perform a slide as the Operator. 
When in Operator mode, Warframes now have a 90% damage reduction from enemies if an ability is active during Transference. If no ability is active during Transference, you Warframe is invulnerable and untargetable.
For 2 weeks following the Plains of Eidolon, our first ever Twitch Drops Campaign is live!https://www.warframe.com/news/the-great-eidolon-hunt
Everything you need to know about this campaign can be found in this handy image:

If you are wondering who to tune into, see here: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/849289-twitch-drops-prep-and-exclusive-sigil-drop/
Plains of Eidolon has been added to the list of eligible Sortie regions!
The Void has been added to the list of eligible Sortie regions! Sorties that occur in the Void will have every mission take place in the Void. 
Modular Melee Rivens have been added to the Sortie Reward Pool! These are different from Melee Rivens in that they are made for Zaw weapon combinations.
Kuva (6000) has been added to Sortie Rewards.
Lenses have been removed from Sortie Rewards 
basic Lenses have been added to Bounties.
One of Warframe’s biggest appeals is the diverse selection of weaponry. Even within the subclasses of rifles and pistols, there is huge variety to be found, such as the distinction between projectile weapons (firing physical projectiles which move through space, like the Boltor) and hitscan weapons (firing draws an imaginary line between the gun and the point aimed at, doing damage instantly to whatever it hits, like the Soma). For obvious reasons, hitscans are very effective at long distances 
this has never been an issue with Warframe’s tileset-based gameplay, but as we shot enemies from a kilometer away in the plains with our pistols, we knew something had to be done.
With the release of Plains of Eidolon, most weapons will have a form of damage falloff added, to reduce their effectiveness at extremely long distances. But don’t panic! This damage falloff will only be noticeable at extreme ranges (greater than 300m). Across all of our current tilesets, we were unable to find an unobstructed line of sight longer than 300m, so that is the point at which damage falloff will start.
Reticle sway removed from all zoom levels!
1 meter punch through added to all snipers without any to start with (snipers with innate punch through unchanged).
1 combo count removed at a time when duration runs out instead of all of them (decay vs. cooldown).
1 combo count removed on miss instead of all of them
Additional bullets from multishot will each count as their own hits and misses in the combo counter
Combo duration reduced to 2 seconds for all snipers apart from Lanka which is reduced to 6
Damage fall off begins at 400 meters and ends at 600 meters with damage reduced to 50% past 600 meters.
First level zoom +10% Damage replaced with +30% Head Shot Damage
Second level zoom 15% Damage replaced with +50% Head Shot Damage
Fire rate increased from 1.5 to 2.67
First level zoom +15% Damage replaced with +35% Head Shot Damage
First level zoom reduced from 4x to 3.5x
Second level zoom 20% Damage replaced with +55% Head Shot Damage
Second level zoom reduced from 10x to 6x
Next round is chambered immediately after firing instead of waiting for fire rate to cycle
Fire rate increased from 1.5 to 2
First level zoom +10% Damage replaced with +30% Head Shot Damage
Second level zoom 15% Damage replaced with +50% Head Shot Damage
Fire rate increased from 1.5 to 2
First level zoom +10% Damage replaced with +30% Head Shot Damage
Second level zoom 15% Damage replaced with +50% Head Shot Damage
Fire rate increased from 1.5 to 2.67
First level zoom reduced from 5x to 3.5x
Second level zoom reduced from 12x to 6x
First level zoom +15% Damage replaced with +35% Head Shot Damage
Second level zoom 15% Damage replaced with +55% Head Shot Damage
Second level zoom reduced from 6x to 4x
Third level zoom 20% Damage replaced with +70% Head Shot Damage
Third level zoom reduced from 12x to 8x
Fire rate increased from 1.5 to 2
First level zoom +15% Damage replaced with +35% Head Shot Damage
Second level zoom 15% Damage replaced with +55% Head Shot Damage
Second level zoom reduced from 6x to 4x
Third level zoom 20% Damage replaced with +70% Head Shot Damage
Third level zoom reduced from 12x to 8x
Charge rate decreased from 1.5 to 1
Second level zoom reduced from 7x to 5x
Third level zoom reduced from 12x to 8x
Vasto Prime Mastery Rank increased from 0 to 3.
Vasto Prime damage increased from 60 to 70.
Vasto Prime status chance increased from 15 to 20%.
Vasto Prime critical chance increased from 15 to 20%.
All trace fire weapons trace distance reduced to 300m apart from Sniper Rifles which stay at 1000m.
Magnetic Damage Status Effects now drain energy over time as opposed to completely draining all energy. 
Changed Ayatan Star markers to only display if you're within 100 meters or so range of the drop.. Amber Star markers will also appear larger due to their rarity and to avoid confusion. 
Maroo's Bazaar is now located on Mars.
Adjusted the Nyx Carnifex Helmet and Skin colors to match original design. 
Toned down the density of the Zenistars FX.
Removed stagger on hit from Grineer Flameblade units.
Capture missions will no longer have the chance to change to the Exterminate objective in Kuva Siphon missions.
Improved the mesh quality of the Angstrum and Prisma Angstrum to avoid blocky textures. 
Companions will no longer lose integrity if a print is in the process of being distilled to prevent unexpected death.
Changed metal material assignment for ceilings in the Corpus Tilesets to improve performance. 
Improved Corpus Dropship passenger animations and increased the speed at which they drop the Corpus reinforcements. 
Cranked down the intensity of Nox’s helmet smash and explosion upon death sound FX.    
The following items are now color tintable:
All Vandal and Wraith weapons.
The Harkonar Wraith Armour and Syandana.
Updated icons for the Lato and Braton Vandal.
Improved Jat Kusar weapon trail so that it is more visible. 
Toned down lens flair on Nekros' idle. 
Improved Operator movement animations in the Landing Craft to remove weird leg and arm motions. 
Changed the TennoGen Knaita Mag skin’s default colors to match the Steam Workshop’s main image. Icons for Helmet and Skin have been updated to match as well. 
Updated Grineer reaction animations to be snappier. 
Updated the Shield Lancer’s shield to PBR. 
Polished Grineer mobility animations. 
Ash’s idle smoke now reacts to lighting. 
Reduced particle count on one of Rell’s manifestation abilities.
Players who have the blueprints for The Limbo Theorem, Hidden Messages, or Patient Zero will now automatically receive the quest itself upon logging in. The blueprints will be removed and if they were under construction, the resources and credits will be refunded (except for the argon crystals for The Limbo Theorem, sorry!).
Anti-MOAs are now able to spawn in Exterminate and Mobile Defense missions on Jupiter.
Tweaked the glass material on the Orokin capsules in the first mission of Vor’s Prize.
Updated Quaro Sugatra’s material rigidness to make it perform more like metal. 
Updated the Liset’s appearance in the cinematic during the first mission of Vor’s Prize.
Cleaned up a small patch of unintended Infestation on the Corpus Outpost tileset. Looks like those Corpus janitors were really slacking!
The Gear wheel can now have up to 12 items!
The in-game Market now includes a separate category for Warframe Deluxe Bundles! 
The Ayatan Star installing prompt will now only display once per Ayatan installing session rather than on every socket. 
Improved Hydroid’s Tempest Barrage when aiming through doorways. The Barrage will better hit the aimed location than the actual doorway. 
Tweaked the Hydroid Graxx Skin default colors to better match original design.
Reduced the range at which NPCs see ragdolls / projectiles etc 
this helps reduce the chance an NPC will see a body a long distance away and become alert.
Optimized scripts used by Defection missions.
Optimized the Infested Tar Moa sounds. 
Made many small performance optimizations to all Warframe abilities.
Optimized Coolant Leak Mod slightly. 
Removed being able to Quick Revive yourself when dueling in the Dojo.
The Sharpened Claws Kavat Mod now only applies the Armour debuff when actually dealing damage. Previously the Armour debuff would activate even if no damage was dealt. 
Changed Juggernaut's response to Warframe abilities to be consistent with other bosses.
Grineer Blunts now only take Melee damage and have a passive Health drain.
Reduced the radius on a light used on a few of Volt's abilities.
The Simulacrum “Invincibility” option now works on Operators! 
Updated the Ogris and Grineer Napalm’s fire FX.
Made sound optimizations for Nezha’s Fire Walker.
Toned down the smoke FX of Excalibur’s Radial Blind.  
Kela De Thaym is no longer weak to finishers. 
Slightly tweaked the visual FX of Frost's Snowglobe
Conclave’s innate Power Rate is now variable based on how much energy you have:
0-25, 2.5 Power Rate (3 during Energy Surge)
25-50, 1 Power Rate (1.5 during Energy Surge)
50-75, 0.5 Power Rate (1 during Energy Surge)
75-100+, 0.25 Power Rate (0.5 during Energy Surge)
Increased the time kill assists count from 3 to 5 seconds in Conclave.
Increased get up animation speed from knock down in Conclave.
Plan B can no longer be used with the Lenz or Zhuge. 
Limbo's Banish duration reduced to 4 seconds in Conclave.
Loki's Decoy duration reduced to 6 seconds in Conclave.
Titania's Spellbind disarm duration reduced to 4 seconds in Conclave.
Nyx's Mind Control range reduced to 20 meters and is also removed on damage from Nyx in Conclave.
Wukong's Cloud Walker duration reduced to 4 seconds in Conclave.
Equinox's Metamorphosis duration reduced to 6 seconds in Conclave.
Duration removed from Vauban's Tesla deployables and a max of 2 deployed at once added in Conclave.
Fixed ability icons being greyed out for Clients in Conclave. 
Fixed an issue in Lunaro where curved throws would hit the ground first. 
Fixed an issue where Mutalist Cernos poison clouds quick shots were doing more damage than charged shots.  We also reduced the duration of quick shot poison clouds. 
Lie in Wait Conclave mod changed to +20% Fire Rate while crouching.
Reduced the collision size of Javlok's primary fire projectile in Conclave.
Sun vs. Moon Conclave modes will now attempt to auto balance teams during matches.
When a team has more than 1 player than the other team, the last player to join the session will be swapped to the team with less players.
The player that is chosen to swap teams will receive an Affinity Bonus at the end of the match.
Players that joined as a squad will not be affected by auto balancing.

*Fixed a crash related to Harrow’s HUD.
*Fixed numerous Armor Attachments clipping through the Hydroid Graxx skins.
*Fixed getting stuck in the vent leading into Jordas Verdict Stage 3 nerve area.
*Fixed misleading objective marker pathing in the Once Awake quest.
*Fixed enemies not spawning in the Grineer Shipyard Mobile Defense Sortie tileset. 
*Fixed not being able to disable lockdown in the third mission of the Second Dream quest.
*Fixed Syandanas not scaling when Titania casts Razorwing. 
*Fixed a case where casting Hydroid's Tidal Surge into a Nullifier could get you stuck in the animation unable to do anything.
*Fixed Hydroid’s Tidal Surge Augment immunity wearing off early if cast a second time while active.
*Fixed Helios and Helios Prime take a long time to find a new target after being interrupted. 
*Fixed the weapon trail from the Arca Plasmor being offset to the barrel. 
*Fixed a plethora of Syandanas clipping through Equinox’s Insomnia Skin, and Rhino/Rhino Prime. 
*Fixed weapon skin blueprints not showing the proper number of already owned in foundry.
*Fixed unequip animation playing twice for some weapons.
*Fixed Mozi Syandana not displaying properly on some Warframes and Skins.
*Fixed excessive bloom in the Donda’s Market diorama. 
*Fixed Vor disappearing after the first beam block in the first mission of Vor’s Prize.
*Fixed Broca Syandana being bent while equipped on Nyx.
*Fixed Scourge not being affected by Adhesive Blast and Firestorm Mods.
*Fixed top section of Repala Syandana being rigid and bent at request of creator.
*Fixed a variety of Syandanas clipping into the Trinity Strega Skin. 
*Fixed Nave Syandana clipping through Titania’s wings.
*Fixed objective marker pathing in the Grineer Shipyard tileset.
*Fixed bullets from Pandero’s Alt Fire coming from the holster position and not the gun when performing a Melee slide attack.  
*Fixed the Grineer Fortress minimap appearing to have an edge.
*Fixed the 'Disable Sniper Scope' UI option causing regular reticle to not show up initially.
*Fixed various world holes in the Corpus Outpost level. 
*Fixed arrows from the Lenz not detonating if fired into a corpse. 
*Fixed a spot in the Orokin Derelict where enemies and Companions could get stuck as per: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/818296-problematic-terrainpathing-spot-in-ods/
*Fixed various escapable level holes in the Grineer Shipyards tileset. 
*Fixed various escapable level holes in the Infested Corpus Ship tileset. 
*Fixed various escapable level holes in the Orokin Lua tileset. 
*Fixed the Arsenal displaying a ‘Charged Throw’ stat when Modding a Sentinel with Deconstructor or Deconstructor Prime. 
*Fixed being able to avoid the disappearing platforms in the Mastery Rank 13 test. 
*Fixed the Star Chart UI displaying Void Fissure mission information to those who do not own any Relics.
*Fixed Clients not seeing the Hosts Angstrum/Prisma Angstrum ammo magazine cycle correctly.
*Fixed the Corpus enemy models in the Clan Energy Lab appearing fully black due to bad lighting. 
*Fixed Syandanas colliding with Nova Prime’s mesh.
*Fixed Rhino's Roar FX not appearing on buffed allies helmets. 
*Fixes issues with the angle of the Jat Kusar slam FX. 
*Fixed issues with Hydroid's water FX not having ideal ripples. 
*Fixed issues with Oberon Prime's Hallowed Ground fern FX not appearing correct if cast on small places. 
*Fixed issues with casting Hydroid's powers too quickly in succession leading to improper FX. 
*Fixed issues with Harrow's Thurible FX appearing broken with Melee Channeling. 
*Fixed issues with certain dialog windows appearing behind the Star Chart. 
*Fixed issues with elevators being used to escape through certain roofs.
*Fixed an issue with Rescue targets possibly instantly dying on water. 
*Fixed issues with extreme bloom in the Grineer Galleon. 
*Fixed issues with destroyable loot crates spawning in rocks in the Law of Retribution. 
*Fixed issues with the Xiphos landing craft clipping through the Grineer Galleon level. 
*Fixed an issue with people being unable to trigger Transference during The War Within.
*Fixed certain Operator hairstyles  appearing completely transparent during transmissions.    
*Fixed some mesh flickering issues on the beams in the Sands of Inaros tomb. 
*Fixed certain meshes and assets appearing entirely black.
*Fixed rewards not appearing in the end of mission window after dying as operator in a mission and entering the Void respawn sequence. 
*Fixed an extra empty Mod slot sometimes appearing when Fusing Mods.
*Fixed newly identified Rivens giving your weapon negative Mod capacity, when it should just unequip.
*Fixed Prisma Jet Sentinel Wings diorama and store description wrongfully warning that the wings are a cosmetic for the Diriga only when they are available for all Sentinels.
*Fixed the Platinum icon not being centered in the orange background for unowned Landing Crafts in the Market.
*Fixed missing transmissions in the Kuva Fortress assault missions. 
*Fixed a script error on Lua Spy missions.
*Fixed no enemies spawning after host migration in Mobile Defense missions. 
*Fixed an issue in the final cutscene of The Second Dream quest where the Lotus and the Operator would disappear momentarily, giving players the ability to control their Warframe. 
*Fixed wonky Archwing transitions in the final tileset of The War Within quest.   
*Fixed navigation issues in the Infested Hive tileset. 
*Fixed Jordas being near invisible during transmissions in the Jordas Golem Assassinate mission. 
*Fixed several map holes in the Corpus Outpost, Corpus Ship, Grineer Fortress, Grineer Asteroid, and Grineer Sealab tilesets.
*Fixed crates spawning inside the tilse in the Infested ship tileset.
*Fixed specific instances in the Grineer Fortress tileset where if a player stood at the edge of extraction it would force them into Archwing mode and cause them to clip through the tile. 
*Fixed Grineer Hellions floating in air when their jetpack is destroyed.
*Fixed using Loki's Switch Teleport in mid-air causing teleported enemies to float mid-air until the ability animation was complete. 
*Fixed Syandanas not sitting properly against Harrow’s cloth. 
*Fixed skins on the Soma not previewing on its clip in the Arsenal. 
*Fixed a bug where players could fall into the floor if they rushed the hack Console in Grineer Fortress spy missions.
*Fixed tumor destruction FX not appearing in Infested Ship Rescue missions. 
*Fixed the Javlok and the Ferrox alt fire playing their holstering animation after throwing.
*Fixed Ancients getting stuck trying to step their melee attack indefinitely after a player parries them. 
*Fixed the Igaro Syandana positioning on all Warframes. 
*Fixed decorative asset floating from a wall in Corpus Outpost tileset.
*Fixed the Aquiros Syandana floating off of Valkyr’s base model, Valkyr Prime, and specific Valkyr Skins.
*Various LOC fixes. 
*Fixed Arcane Helmets not being listed when selecting an Arcane to Normal Helmet conversion blueprint. 
*Fixed a progress stop in the Archwing quest where no enemies spawned and where waypoints lead to nowhere.
*Fixed Harrow’s Thurible shadow being visible even if you are not casting. 
*Fixed minimap issues on Corpus Ice Planet tileset. 
*Fixed issues in some levels where projectiles would abnormally slow.
*Fixed issues with broken navigation in Corpus Outpost tileset.
*Fixed ragdoll not having a head if you die while invisible. 
*Fixed a case where some melee enemies would get stuck in their melee attacks indefinitely.
*Fixed being unable to stealth attack Ancients and Feral Kubrows.  
*Fixed excessive bloom on certain a doorway in the Corpus Ice Planet tileset.
*Fixed visible map hole in the Corpus Outpost tileset.
*Fixed Naru Syandana textures as per Creator’s request.
*Fixed material on the Equinox Insomnia Skin’s helmet to match other Equinox helmets.
*Fixed some door materials not matching their locked/unlocked state. 
*Fixed visible yellow seams on the floor of the Corpus Ship tileset.
*Fixed rocks poking into other tiles in the Grineer Asteroid tileset.
*Fixed ice surface clipping into the platform.
*Fixed being able to zoom out on your Warframe when hitting ESC upon opening the Star Chart. 
*Fixed AI getting stuck on a staircase in Grineer Galleon Defense missions. 
*Fixed being able to break the Scanner in the Orbiter by continually turning it on and off again. 
*Fixed Syandanas defying gravity during wall latch, tight ropes, and certain abilities.
*Fixed the Excavator being improperly labelled “Extractor” in localized versions of the game.
*Fixed crates being able to spawn in areas that might not be accessible on the Orokin Tileset.
*Fixed a rare case of being unable to exit Decorator Mode when using a controller if your bindings were set a specific way.
*Fixes towards Archwing enemies getting stuck on obstacles in the environment.
*Fixed the Broca and Obsidian Azura Syandana clipping through Saryn’s Orphid Skin.
*Fixed various Syandanas clipping through Nyx and Nyx Prime.
*Fixed the Melee combo counter overlapping Nidus, Vauban, and Ivara’s ability UI indicators. 
*Fixed missing objective markers in Corpus Trench Run Archwing missions.
*Fixed a script error when firing the Operator Void Beam in the Second Dream quest.
*Fixed Sugatras not attaching properly on the Arca Titron. 
*Fixed incorrect textures applying to the Grineer Galleon Sabotage Coolant after destroying it.
*Fixed the Sancti Magistar Health on charge attack function not working with the Palatine Skin equipped. 
*Fixed Power Strength Mods not applying to Harrow’s Covenant scaling Crit Chance.
*Fixed Zephyr’s Tornados turning invisible when shot with the Arca Plasmor.  
*Fixed seeing the number of Revives/Affinity cost when downed in the Simulacrum.
*Fixed Synthula Alerts appearing in the World State Window before having unlocked the Kuva Fortress via The War Within quest
*Fixed Sugatras and other decorative Attachments flailing wildly and moving at 3 million times the speed of light for a few seconds before being told to chill by the laws of physics.
*Fixed the counter of Landing Craft Decorations owned increasing in the Market after placing the Decoration.
*Fixed Fomorian Ship not appearing in the sky during the Law of Retribution Trial. Now the laser won’t be appearing out of thin air!
*Fixed being unable to preview changes done to a Kubrow or Kavat after removing them from Stasis if they are part of a Loadout.
*Fixed Stiletto Prime’s clip appearing to float when reloading.
*Fixed incorrect animation used when firing a bow while crouched and moving to the left.
*Fixed a platform on the Lua tileset clipping into the ice below it.
*Fixed enemies getting stuck in a room in Grineer Shipyard Mobile Defense missions.
*Fixed not being able to complete the Security Camera Codex entry. 
*Fixed the Mastery Sigil displaying the incorrect Rank number when viewing it in the player's Profile. 
*Fixed Chat filters sometimes incorrectly including messages that should be ignored.
*Fixed a crash that would occur when someone other than Inaros finishes Devouring an enemy.
*Fixed Mirage’s Slight of Hand interaction with pickups.
*Fixed enemy navigation issues in the Grineer Forest tileset. 
*Fixed being able to rapidly fire your Bow if Reflex Guard is equipped.
*Fixed some script errors that could occur if you killed targets affected by Equinox's Rage.
*Fixed the Stalker spawning at the very end of a Void Fissure Defense mission while you’re invulnerable. 
*Potentially fixed a script error when using Nyx Prime’s Absorb ability. 
*Fixed Frost’s Avalanche damage being delayed on enemies who were already in a reaction animation. 
*Fixed Warframe custom HUDs not properly changing if you switch from one Warframe with a custom HUD to another (e.g. Simulacrum arsenal).
*Fixed one case where ragdolls that were pinned by a projectile would flail their limbs like they belonged outside a car dealership.
*Fixed script crash for firing an Amprex and being killed at a specific moment while holding the trigger. 
*Fixed script crash that could occur if you used Transference to your Operator at the right moment while casting Hydroid’s Tentacle Swarm. 
*Fixed some incorrect Portuguese LOC descriptions. 
*Fixed Operator having a floating head after using Arsenal in Simulacrum.
*Fixed the Infested Hive Tumors not appearing in the Codex after being scanned.
*Fixed the Archwing Rush Drones not appearing in the Codex after being scanned.
*Fixed Warframes holding their hand out to the left when jumping along walls to the right. Directions are hard.
*Fixed poor optimization on weapons like the Ignos, Nukor, and Cycron. 
*Fixed an issue with Shade's Ghost removing cosmetics from your invisible silhouette. 
*Fixed issues with accessing Dojos that are going through tier shifts. 
*Fixed Switch Teleport causing Titania to clip through floors. 
*Fixed a crash with Equinox’s Duality Augment. 
*Fixed a rare crash.
	type: Update
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Hydroid Prime: Hotfix 21.7.1
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/841802-hydroid-prime-hotfix-2171/
	date: 2017-09-12T14:29:16Z
	changes: Hydroid Prime: Hotfix 21.7.1:
The Prisma Angstrum is now tradable! It has been fixed as per https://forums.warframe.com/topic/840283-prisma-angstrum-is-not-tradable-investigating/?tab=comments#comment-8967262.
Tweaked the Arca Titron’s handle to be longer. 
Tweaked the firing sounds of the Prisma Angstrum.
Baro's offerings will no longer show Operator items if you have not completed the Second Dream quest.
To reduce "droughts" between Fomorian/Razorback events, Grineer and Corpus now gain fractional progress towards their construction projects while they are actively invading an opponent's location (i.e. earn progress over the course of their attack regardless of whether they end up occupying the node at the end).

*Fixed the Arca Plasmor not damaging enemy weak spots (Lephantis, Sargas Ruk, etc).
*Fixed the Arca Scisco beam FX disappearing when Modded for high Fire Rate.
*Fixed Clients not seeing the Arca Scisco beams.
*Fixed Panthera Alt fire hitting any enemy within a large radius after Hydroid casts Undertow.
*Fixed failing the mission if you fail to complete the puzzle rooms in Void/Orokin missions before the timer runs out.
*Fixed casting Nyx’s Absorb or Banshee’s Soundquake when hitting an enemy with a "grappling hook weapon" allowing you to move around.
*Fixed getting stuck in the ESC menu when attempting to access the Market during Vor’s Prize.
*Fixed AI getting stuck on balconies in the Corpus Gas City tileset. 
*Fixed a level hole in the Corpus Ice Planet tileset. 
*Fixed shooting Frost’s Snow Globe from the outside with the Lenz resulting in the Blast damage applying twice instead of Cold then Blast. 
*Fixed seeing a white Defense bar in Sortie Defense missions.
*Fixed a script error when triggering a Kuva Siphon.
	type: Hotfix
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Hydroid Prime: Update 21.7.0
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/840010-hydroid-prime-update-2170/
	date: 2017-09-07T18:44:11Z
	additions: We have added the display of the Melee Combo Counter when playing in Dual Wield mode!
Mods dropped by the Razorback Armada now properly list their drop locations.
Added Baro Ki’Teer’s relay location and time until his departure to the Navigation Panel and to the Alert Menu in the World State Window:
Added continued polish for the new player experience. 
After defeating Captain Vor, we now block access to Navigation Console until all Lotus transmissions have completed and the Quest Complete screen has been shown. 
The Solar Map now only blinks the "next quest mission" node in flashing blue during Vor's Prize instead of all "unlocked-but-not-completed" nodes. We also tuned the blinking interval down to 1 second for Vor's Prize (instead of the default of 2 seconds) so these nodes are even more prominent.
Added some under-the-hood diagnostics to better assess chat connectivity issues.

	changes: Hydroid Prime: Update 21.7.0:

Excalibur Proto and Nyx Nemesis Skins have received the PBR treatment! 
Overhauled all aspects of physics engine for general optimization. You shouldn't notice anything, but since we literally touched all aspects of physics we are hoping you can keep an eye out for odd new behavior. 
The Knell's headshot buff now decays only 1 stack at a time and lasts for 2 seconds per stack for a total of a 6 second decaying buff.
Lex headshot multiplier reduced to 1.5x in Conclave.
Fixed an issue with the Hirudo innate abilities not working in Conclave.
Increased primary fire damage of Euphona Prime in Conclave.
Reduced secondary fire damage of Euphona Damage in Conclave.
Reduced the radius of Nezha's Warding Halo in Conclave.
Reduced the damage of Pandero alt fire in Conclave.
Nezha's Warding Halo now only damages on touch and does not continue to damage targets that stay within its radius in Conclave.

*Fixed issues with item linking containing Cyrillic letters in non-cyrillic languages. 
*Fixed issues with some Credit based Inbox messages not instantly increasing Credits. 
*Fixed various issues with Arcanes and some Conditional Mods not having proper line breaks. 
*Fixed Zephyr’s Tornadoes not showing up for low spec machines as per
*Fixed an issue with hitching in game when switching to Dual Wield Mode for the first time. 
*Fixed an issue with the 'Purity' trigger from New Loka not lasting the intended length in all trigger cases 
*it now lasts 30 seconds. 
*Fixed issues that could occur when trying to use ESC as the Operator.
*Fixed a script error that could occur when Host Migrating. 
*Fixed the Edo Chest Piece sticking out on the Nyx Carnifex Skin. 
*Fixed the Pakal right shoulder Armor clipping into Nyx’s arm. 
*Fixed the Embolist chest piece clipping into the Nyx Immortal, Saikou, Athena, and Carnifex Skins.
*Fixed an effects-leak that could occur if Mag was killed at the right moment while casting Polarize.
*Fixed getting locked in chat when opening a chat linked Riven during the End of Mission screen.
*Fixed Synthesis Targets sometimes not spawning in The New Strange Quest due to a broken path in one of the procedural levels.
*Fixed a rare script error in Mobile Defense missions that resulted in no enemies spawning and no Objective UI.
*Fixed Maroo and Clem’s mission description not being in uppercase in the Alert Menu.
*Fixed offset issues with Syandanas on Mag. 
*Fixed sending a Friend request via chat not updating the Pending friend list.
*Fixed an issue where weapons that have a girth to their effective range like the Opticor were not hitting enemies in the correct order (sometimes missing nearby enemies but hitting ones further along its path).
*Fixed a case where opening a chat link while in the store would cause the fade of the main store list to be set incorrectly.
*Fixed not being able to view new users joining a Chat channel while the scrollbar is at the bottom without scrolling up and back down.
*Fixed Hydroid Prime’s mesh having holes.
*Fixed a variety of localization errors.
	type: Update
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Hydroid Prime: Update 21.6.1
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/837704-hydroid-prime-update-2161/
	date: 2017-08-31T19:21:56Z
	changes: Improved objective marker pathing in the Grineer Asteroid tileset. 
Rearranged quest order in the codex to help guide newer players.

Fixed using the Viper with the Skull Shots Mod or a Grakata with the Brain Storm Mod, activating the headshot bonus with the final shot in your magazine resulting in the weapon to fire much faster than intended in Conclave.

*Fixed a popular crash that could occur if an NPC was firing a projectile weapon when you ran far enough away (this would often occur when doing Syndicate missions).
*Fixed an invisible material above the Jordas Verdict Stage 2 elevator that was blocking movement.
*Fixed performance degrading and possibly crashing the game when using Melee weapons with Mods that reduce the weapon's Range.
*Fixed range mods not affecting whips when invisible.
*Fixed an issue where Nami Skyla and Nami Skyla Prime were displaying different Riven dispositions. 
*Fixed the Jat Kusar charge attack exploding in your face if invisible.
*Fixed instances of Ballistica Prime not properly spawning ghosts.
*Fixed the color of the Prime Ballistica ghosts flickering for Clients. 
*Fixed Ballistica Prime not unfolding correctly if no primary is equipped.
*Fixed incorrect glass material in several tileset.
*Fixed level holes in the Corpus Outpost and Orokin Moon tilesets.
*Fixed minimap issues in the Corpus Outpost and Ice Planet tilesets.
*Fixed “building” VFX appearing on crafted weapons waiting in the foundry.
*Fixed several emblems that were appearing too bright or too transparent.
*Fixed an issue where players would get stuck ascending the ramp of their Liset.
*FIxed various other crashes and added diagnostics to help isolate others.
	type: Update
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Hydroid Prime: Update 21.6.0
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/836927-hydroid-prime-update-2160/
	date: 2017-08-29T17:55:46Z
	changes: Hydroid Prime: Update 21.6.0:

With the introduction of Hydroid Prime comes two additional Prime weapons suited for a deadly ocean king:
With Hydroid Prime bubbling up from the depths, the following Prime items and their Relics have entered the Prime Vault:
Trinity Prime
Dual Kamas Prime
Kavasa Kubrow Prime Collar
As a result of Trinity Prime entering the Prime Vault, the following Syndicate sacrifices have been switched: Red Veil’s sacrifice of Trinity Prime Chassis has been replaced by Saryn Prime Chassis and Steel Meridian’s sacrifice of Trinity Prime Neuroptics has been replaced by Saryn Prime Neuroptics.
In order to accommodate incoming Relics and keep the total number of Relics as low as possible, the Ducat value of the following items will be changed from 100 to 65 (Future Relic placement of these parts will also have them appear in the Uncommon [silver] tier):
Saryn Prime Blueprint
Fragor Prime Blueprint
Nikana Prime Blueprint
We have polished up a number of issues related to the new user experience. This polish essentially speaks to the question 'What do I do when I'm done Vor's Prize'?
Hydroid’s Undertow now displays an ability counter of how many enemies are currently submerged.
Riven Slot capacity limit has increased from 60 to 90! With 90 as the new Riven Slot capacity limit, this gives room for 30 of each Riven school (Primary, Secondary, Melee) which we believe has been a common request! 
Warframe’s first Prime Sentinel, Wyrm Prime, has had its base Health increased from 100 to 225! 
Reduced the Razorback Cipher cost from 3500 Polymer Bundle to 1500 Polymer Bundle. Back in May of this year we made numerous fixes towards the Razorback Armada, and with another Armada to appear soon we took a second look at the Polymer friction involved with this non-useable Blueprint. See here for past fixes you can expect: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/797284-sharpening-our-razorbacks-a-pc-weekend-post-mortem/
Reloading can now be interrupted by throwing the Javlok, and can be thrown after depleting all primary fire without having to wait for it to fully reload.
Specific Auto-generated messages will be removed from your Inbox 30 days after opening them to clean up some unnecessary database space. Only the following time-sensitive Inbox notifications will be affected:
Stalker Death Marks
Invasion Battle Pay
Double Credit and Affinity Weekends 
Improved performance when using Melee weapons with Mods that increase Range.
Picking up disarmed thrown Secondary weapons (Kunai, Castanas, etc.) will now display the context action “Pick Up Thrown Weapon” instead of “Pick up Auto Pistol”.
Removed unnecessary "Mastery Rank X Required"Codex text from Quests that are given directly to players after completing Junctions.
Optimized loading screens.
Improved the Angstrum's explosion FX.
Inaros and Nidus can now use No Current Leap Mod in Conclave
Reduced the damage AoE radius of the Castanas family in Conclave.
Increased the damage AoE radius of the Talons in Conclave.
Increased duration of the Final Act Mod to 8 seconds and updated the description text in Conclave.
Updated the description text of Tactical Retreat Mod in Conclave.
Fixed seeing Warframe’s in a T-pose when attempting to leave a Team Annihilation lobby in Conclave.  
Fixed being able to throw an unstable Lunaro ball at ultra fast speeds due to high latency in Lunaro.

*Fixed being able to Corrosive Status Effect yourself with Hydroid’s Corroding Barrage Augment if hit at the start of casting Undertow.
*Fixed not receiving the end reward for collecting every Kuria.
*Fixed Titania’s Razorwing ability jittering out of control at lower framerates when boosting forwards.
*Fixed Corpus Condor Dropship turrets lingering in the sky as they fly away.
*Fixed seeing two Warframes upon exiting the Simulacrum Arsenal after entering while invisible. 
*Fixed Scanners not displaying scopes when aiming after switching to and from the Scanner via the Gear wheel.
*Fixed initiating a Self Revive consuming a Vazarin New Moon revive. Its design predates the Self Revive and wasn't intended to work together. 
*Fixed being able to put Sentient parts on your Warframe by throwing the Halikar at a Sentient and then switching to Operator before it returns. While we understand this was pretty cool, it was broken in many ways. We will aim to revisit as a feature when more time emerges. 
*Fixed Operator Void Beam not being functional after swapping weapons while initiating the Scanner.
*Fixed being able to walk on top of Grineer Spy Vault consoles when attempting to hack. This resulted in accidently tripping alarms and canceling the hacking.
*Fixed a specific teleport volume in the Orokin Derelict killing your Sentinel. 
*Fixed NPCs that can be given a Secondary weapon, firing the Zakti at an impossibly fast rate. 
*Fixed numerous weapon meshes appearing incorrectly on the ground when disarmed by a Drahk Master.
*Fixed the Convectrix not having a pickup context action when disarmed by a Drahk Master. 
*Fixed the Operator getting stuck in an idle animation after returning to the Landing Craft during The War Within quest. 
*Fixed the Perrin Sequence Sigil appearing bumpy.
*Fixed the Equinox Insomnia Skin appearing incorrectly when viewed in the Star Chart.
*Fixed the Hulta Armor clipping into Rhino Prime. 
*Fixed numerous Syandanas clipping through Chroma’s Effigy pelt.
*Fixed being able to see 'Health' of Kuva Ghosts even though they don't die or have Health. 
*Fixed a crash when viewing Mission Progress after changing Sentinels in the Simulacrum. 
*Fixed Limbo remaining in the Rift when switching Warframe’s in the Simulacrum Arsenal.
*Fixed Growing Power scaling indefinitely for Clients as per: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/833798-growing-power-scales-infinitely/
*Fixed Veiled Rivens requiring ‘no damage taken’ resetting progress when hit if no Health/Shield damage is taken but you got knocked down. 
*Fixed an escapable level hole in the Grineer Fortress Spy tileset as seen here: https://www.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/6wljmo/an_impractical_alternate_route_on_kuva_fortress/
	type: Update
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Chains of Harrow: Hotfix 21.5.2
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/832984-chains-of-harrow-hotfix-2152/
	date: 2017-08-18T20:40:16Z
	changes: Chains Of Harrow: Hotfix 21.5.2:

*Fixed Undertow suspending pickups in midair.
*Fixed Undertow rapidly draining Energy when falling.
*Fixed a large Energy consumption spike when Hydroid’s Undertow puddle settles if moving while it is settling.
*Fixed idle animations playing while in Undertow when equipped on Hydroid.
*Fixed ragdolled (but not dead) enemies in Undertow getting ejected from the puddle.
*Fixed Clients not seeing the in-world markers for Ayatan Stars and Datamasses.
*Fixed Companions dying upon Quick Reviving.  
*Fixed the Scanner sometimes not functioning accurately when swapping between Scanner and weapons.
*Fixed the Arsenal context action appearing in Captura.
*Fixed Rhino Prime's Iron Skin using your chosen Energy color instead of your chosen Accent color. 
*Fixed the Quick-Revive not displaying Affinity cost to Revive yourself.
*Fixed Prime Sigils not appearing metallic and shiny as they once were.
*Fixed some invisible glass in the Grineer Sealab tileset.
*Fixed the Operator not being able to spawn Specters.
*Fixed being able to 'swap weapons' as Operator on the Landing Craft.
*Fixed a script error in Maroo’s Ayatan Hunt mission.
*Fixed an end of mission crash.
	type: Hotfix
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Chains of Harrow: Hotfix 21.5.1
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/832597-chains-of-harrow-hotfix-2151/
	date: 2017-08-17T20:36:33Z
	changes: Chains Of Harrow: Hotfix 21.5.1:
Significantly shortened the time required to self-Revive from 3 seconds to 1 second. This is in an effort to make it a quick decision in the heat of battle. We don't want scenarios where teammates try to revive you as you choose to end it and are unsure why they can't do anything for 3 or more seconds.
Removed player’s ability to shoot into Hydroid’s Undertow since players don’t get sucked into Undertow in Conclave.
Fixed a UI error that allowed you to see the names of your enemies through walls as if they were your teammates in Conclave.

*It's been four deployments since our Original Hydroid revisited. Here is the latest batch of fixes. We do plan on focusing more on fixes for future deployments. In the week since the rework, we've seen a lot of great feedback and have incorporated some big changes. We will be giving the rework more time in player's hands before we consider further big changes 
*but as always please place your feedback in appropriate subforums.
*Fixed using Hydroid’s Tidal Surge while in Undertow causing extra Energy to be consumed for the distance traveled.
*Fixed Clients using Hydroid’s Undertow potentially becoming visible and vulnerable.
*Fixed Hydroid’s Undertow water volume replicating for Clients.
*Fixed players affected with Radiation seeing a bunch of 0s when shooting Hydroid’s Undertow with no enemies in it.
*Fixed Vay Hek not entering his Terra Frame phase if he hasn't been encountered the right number of times on the way to the boss room.
*Fixed the Operator Focus gauge visually not displaying for Clients.
*Fixed HUD showing incorrect Health/Shield values for Operators.
*Fixed ability UI not updating when switching between Archwing and ground.
*Fixed the Equinox Insomnia Skin having an incorrect Helmet tintmask on the Day Form.
*Fixed Mesa’s Peacemaker disabling custom reticles for Snipers/Knell/etc. 
*Fixed being unable to enter Archwing in the Tyl Regor boss fight as a Client.
*Fixed Stealth Affinity buff display not updating past 100%.
*Fixed players seeing a white Health bar/Revive symbol/generic name over reconnected players.
*Fixed a crash when attempting to Revive.
*Fixed new players seeing the incorrect number of Revives remaining before completing Vor's Prize.
	type: Hotfix
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Chains of Harrow: Update 21.5.0
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/832153-chains-of-harrow-update-2150/
	date: 2017-08-16T20:44:07Z
	changes: Chains Of Harrow: Update 21.5.0:

It’s time to upgrade your Arsenal with 11 new community-created TennoGen items.

Hydroid has received the PBR treatment! 
Hydroid’s base Energy has been increased from 150 to 188 (at Rank 30).
Tempest Barrage now has a charging sound to indicate when the ability is being charged.
Allies can shoot their weapons into Hydroid's Undertow to transfer half of their damage and distribute it among all enemies in the puddle.
Undertow damage per second is now a % of the target's max Health.
Undertow damage per second now scales with the amount of enemies in the pool 
more submerged enemies, more damage! 
Undertow now deals Impact damage towards submerged enemies.
Tentacle Swarm’s tentacles now move at a slower rate when enemies are captured in their grasp to improve issues with hard to shoot flailing enemies.
Improved Tentacle Swarm’s cast sound to sound more aquatic and powerful when charging up.
Improved Tentacle Swarm when cast on walls/odd surfaces.
Improved the performance of Tentacle Swarm.
Sentinel abilities are now disabled while in Undertow. This fixes vacuumed items blocking your view and you from pulling in enemies.
Fixed being able to Transference to your Operator when in Undertow. 
Fixed Undertow’s Energy drain when moving applying to elevators.
Fixed certain enemies not working properly with Undertow FX (Nox for instance).
Reverted a performance improvement that unintentionally made it easier to walk and stand on smaller enemies. This was causing unintentional difficulty when meleeing smaller enemies. 
Upon dying in the Simulacrum your Warframe will insta-Revive instead of having to initiate the Revive. 
Choosing to initiate a self-revive while bleeding out will now prevent other players from attempting to Revive you.
Removed the Captura Arsenal console from Captura levels, due to it looking out of place. You can still access the Arsenal from the ESC menu.
Renamed the ‘FREE FOR ALL’ option for matchmaking to ‘PUBLIC’.

*Fixed rejoining a Jordas Verdict mission after experiencing a UI error when attempting to revive, resulting in the UI breaking again.
*Fixed Limbo’s Catacylsm not putting Defense objectives into the rift.
*Fixed the "rank bonuses" list in the Warframe Upgrade screen missing the bonus for your Warframe’s current level.
*Fixed "WARFRAME" showing up in the most used Warframe section in Player Profiles.
*Fixed Chat clearing when trying to send a message with more than 5 Rivens linked.
*Fixed Volt’s Transistor Shield Energy drain when moving applying to elevators.
*Fixed getting kicked from Vor’s Prize for taking too long to complete a mission (i.e. if you sat at the “choose your Warframe” screen).
*Fixed Ordis’ transmissions appearing to have incorrect FX.
*Fixed a script error when spawning G3 during Law of Retribution.
*Fixed Mirage’s Hall of Mirrors not making the strap on Lenz's quiver go invisible.
*Fixed Mirage’s Hall of Mirrors not matching set holster customizations.
*Fixed Chroma’s Dynasty Skin blocking parts of the Esc menu.
*Fixed seeing sniper scope in photo mode in Captura while resuming time. 
*Fixed being able to get Equinox's skirt on other Warframes in Captura.
*Fixed disabling the Sniper Scope UI option resulting in Sniper sights not only appearing, but also lingering indefinitely until the player switches weapons. 
*Fixed Clients not having unlimited Focus ability usage in the Simulacrum.
	type: Update
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Chains of Harrow: Hotfix 21.4.2
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/830166-chains-of-harrow-hotfix-2142/
	date: 2017-08-11T22:11:07Z
	changes: Chains Of Harrow: Hotfix 21.4.2:
Improved the targeting of Hydroid’s Tempest Barrage liquid fury. 
Improved the cast FX detail on the Kraken spawned from Hydroid’s Tentacle Swarm.
Fixed Trinity’s Energy Vampire affecting Hydroid when in Undertow. This was never intended as channeled abilities do not benefit from Energy Vampire.
Fixed Hydroid's Undertow puddle doubling as a kiddie pool and allowing players to enter Archwing Submersible when jumping into it in certain cases as seen here: https://www.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/6svcil/apparently_you_can_force_archwing_mode_on_your/
Fixed Hydroid’s Undertow allowing Atlas to spawn infinite Rumblers as seen here: https://www.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/6svjic/my_friend_and_i_were_testing_out_hydroids_rework/
Fixed being unable to use the Captura camera menu while in Hydroid’s Undertow.
Fixed Hydroid’s Tentacle Swarm Kraken appearing lower for Clients.
Fixed a rare issue of bad Undertow offsets occurring.
Improved load times on 3-core systems.
Optimized character lighting performance in the Earth Forest Defense tileset (among others).
The mission voting screen in endless missions will now proceed immediately if the squad vote is unanimous. 
Removed periods from all Challenge descriptions to make them consistent.
Increased the damage of the Snipetron in Conclave.
Decreased the damage of the Snipetron Vandal in Conclave.
Fixed trying to use Mesa’s Waltz Peacemaker Conclave Augment causing you to get locked out of doing anything until Energy runs out or you die in Conclave.

*Fixed the HUD freezing when reviving yourself while a teammate was attempting to revive you.
*Fixed Mirage’s Hall of Mirrors only creating 1 Lenz explosion instead of 3.
*Fixed mission loading screen Liset movement not accurately reflecting the movement of other squadmates.
*Fixed Javlok consuming ammo from throwing while having the Void Fissure Reactant Buff (infinite ammo).
*Fixed the Telos Boltace pull not working for Clients.
*Fixed black squares in place of certain walls/exits appearing in the Grineer Shipyard tileset.
*Fixed Relic selection screen popping up when going to a quest node through the World State Window if there's a Void Fissure at that node.
*Fixed Baro K'Teer's Inbox messages being sorted as if they were sent a long time ago.
*Fixed some Survival and Spy doors not displaying properly.
*Fixed Large Corpus Spy door frame lights remaining yellow after being hacked.
	type: Hotfix
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Chains of Harrow: Hotfix 21.4.1
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/829696-chains-of-harrow-hotfix-2141/
	date: 2017-08-10T21:41:50Z
	changes: Chains Of Harrow: Hotfix 21.4.1:
Improved the ‘charge up’ indicator for Hydroid’s abilities.
Maroo will patiently wait for the Stolen Dreams quest to be completed before she starts offering you weekly Ayatan Hunt missions.

*Fixed Hydroid’s Corroding Barrage Augment not applying to enemies in Undertow.
*Fixed Hydroid’s Curative Undertow Augment not healing the caster or any allies when the caster is a Client.
*Fixed duplicate Hydroid Undertow ripples.
*Fixed a crash from a Host Migration. 
*Fixed a crash from Hydroid’s Tentacle Swarm.
*Fixes towards Challenge title inconsistencies.
*Fixed Castanas, Talons and Ogris projectiles being destroyed in flight doing 4x damage with 2x radius in Conclave.
*Fixed edge-case HUD script error when re-spawning in Conclave.
	type: Hotfix
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Chains of Harrow: Update 21.4.0
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/829596-chains-of-harrow-update-2140/
	date: 2017-08-10T17:26:21Z
	additions: Added Spring-Loaded Broadhead to the Conculyst drop table and buffed Mod drop rate to counteract the dilution (the rares are still the same chance but the uncommons are now slightly easier to get).

	changes: Chains Of Harrow: Update 21.4.0:

Hydroid’s base Shield and Armor has received a buff! 
Shield is now 375 from 345. 
Armor is now 200 from 65.
Tempest Barrage can be cast while in Undertow and will now hit enemies submerged in Undertow.
Tempest Barrage can now be charged for longer Duration (more explosions) and more Damage for more Energy.
Tidal Surge can be used to move around without cancelling Undertow (note that Tidal Surge speed 
and hence distance 
is halved when used in Undertow).
Tidal Surge will now pull enemies along for the ride.
Tidal Surge can be interrupted at any point by casting Undertow to go into your puddle, sinking enemies being pulled along.
Hydroid can pull enemies into Undertow by aiming and clicking on them.
Undertow can be cast while in air.
Jump and roll will break Hydroid out of Undertow.
Hydroid can now move while in Undertow at the expense of Energy.
Submerged enemies in Undertow receive Damage Per Second, increasing every second they are submerged.
Enemies that die will be released from Undertow instead of dragging their dead bodies along for the ride.
Hold onto your ships, Tentacle Swarm has received a new look straight from the depths of the sea! Can you summon the Kraken?
Tentacle Swarm can be charged to get more tentacles over a larger area for more Energy.
Hydroid tentacles will now seek out nearby enemies and attempt to slam on top of them rather than just always flailing randomly and hoping they hit something.
Tentacle Swarm will protrude from Hydroid’s Undertow if active when cast.
Made improvements towards load-times. 
Adjusted the release time of charged throws for all thrown weapons in Dual-Wield mode to improve collision.
Removed unused tint masks from a bunch of materials to make them render slightly faster.
Improved the variety of cycled Sortie missions types.
Removed the explosion delay from Javlok's spear when thrown fully charged. Quick throw retains the delay to facilitate getting out of range before it detonates.
The "Hacker" mission challenge (hack 1 console) will no longer appear if the mission has no consoles to hack. Additionally, it can no longer be rolled in Survival, Hijack, or Defection, because those mission types give you a console to hack for free at the beginning.
Removed mission challenges from Junctions.
Removed the "Stealth" mission challenge from missions where you're not likely to be able to complete it:
Will no longer be rolled for any Infestation mission
Will no longer be rolled for the mission types: Defense, Survival, Interception, Excavation, Defection
Will no longer be rolled for public matchmaking missions, since other players are likely to go loud and alert the enemies
Removed the "Style Kill" challenge (get 5 kills while sliding) in Archwing missions.
Added an 'Alliance only' matchmaking mode in Conclave.
Removed Corrosive radial AoE from Scourge in Conclave.
Scourge's bullet attractor now lasts 3 seconds in Conclave.
Increased the damage for all Bow’s charged shots in Conclave. 
Increased the damage for all Sniper Rifles (apart from Lanka) in Conclave.
Increased the damage Castanas do on impact in Conclave.
Increased the damage of Hydroid's Tidal Surge in Conclave.
Reduced the damage of the Tenora in Conclave. 
Reduced the damage of the Stradavar’s full auto mode in Conclave.
Reduced the damage of the charged throw of Orvius in Conclave.
Reduced the duration of Hydroid's passive in Conclave.
Reduced Energy drain of Hydroid's Undertow in Conclave.
Reduced the mobility of Hydroid in Conclave.
Hydroid now loses Energy when shooting the center of Undertow in Conclave.
Fixed the Castanas not doing damage when detonated while airborne in Conclave.
Fixed Banshee's Sonar in Team-based Conclave overriding team-markers, resulting in opponent team seeing red markers for each other.

*Fixed the "forget what you're doing and kill everyone" objective randomly kicking in during Invasion missions (the faction you're supporting probably isn't going to be happy about paying you to kill their own troops...) as per:
*Fixed a potential script error with the Rifleman and Pistol Master mission challenges.
*Fixed Inaros’ passive breaking when having to revive.
*Fixed crates from Vor’s Prize unintentionally spitting out Void resources (e.g. Argon Crystal).
*Fixed Operator getting stuck in a t-pose after Void Dashing in The War Within quest.
*Fixed receiving the "Player has joined/left the game" notifications in every Chat tab.
*Fixed the Lunaro ball appearing in the Navigation screen after viewing Conclave loadout.
*Fixed an issue where various glow FXs wouldn't appear to apply to attachments in certain cases, most notably on the Kavat's head.
*Fixed white "Defense" health bar that can appear instead of the objective's health due to high latency.
*Fixed players not being able to revive when their Sentinel uses Sacrifice.
*Fixed a script error that could occur if an enemy gets destroyed immediately in Hydroids Undertow (e.g. Infested Runners).
*Fixed several weapons using the incorrect model mesh when disarmed by a Drahk Master.
*Fixed Clients not being able to see the Arcata in Lunaro Captura Arsenal.
*Fixed Warframe Ability stats not being properly updated when using the Simulacrum Arsenal.
*Fixed some dead ends in the Corpus Gas City tileset being missing on the minimap. 
*Fixed Syndicate Medallions (and perhaps other booty) spawning inside a wall in the Grineer Forest tileset. 
*Fixed a case of taller enemies getting stuck under low hanging rocks in the Grineer Sealab tileset. 
*Fixed a map hole in the Grineer Earth tileset and Lua Spy mission tileset. 
*Fixed jumping off the map as Operator in the Corpus Outpost tileset killing you and then soft locking you if you try to switch to your Operator again.
*Fixed PhysX effects from Acid Shells not working on certain enemies. 
*Fixed the Law of Retribution "arming tritium battery" UI stopping progressing if a player looks at the mission progress.
*Fixed a bug where low framerates could cause Clients to be unable to open the Arsenal in the Simulacrum/Captura.
*Fixed 'Abilities' option showing up in the top menu when playing as Operator (causes a script crash if selected).
*Fixed overlapping text in the Arsenal when Modding weapons with high damage numbers.
	type: Update
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Chains of Harrow: Hotfix 21.3.2
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/827131-chains-of-harrow-hotfix-2132/
	date: 2017-08-04T22:42:40Z
	changes: Chains Of Harrow: Hotfix 21.3.2:
Restored AkBronco Prime Status Chance back to original 30%.
Increased Bronco Prime Status Chance to 30% to match AkBronco Prime.

*Removed rock that was blocking a doorway in the Grineer Settlement tileset.
*Removed Archwing from one of the Kuva Fortress extraction tiles.
*Fixed crash that could occur if Warframe were left running for days on end.
	type: Hotfix
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Chains of Harrow: Hotfix 21.3.1
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/827047-chains-of-harrow-hotfix-2131/
	date: 2017-08-04T20:10:26Z
	changes: Chains Of Harrow: Hotfix 21.3.1:
We’ve added a quick revive option when running non-solo missions! If you’re downed you will now be prompted to “hold “X” to respawn” during the bleed-out state:
If you chose to quick revive before the bleed-out timer runs out, you’ll respawn in 3 seconds.
If you chose not to use your quick revive before the bleed-out timer runs out or before a teammate/Sentinel revives you, the standard revive option will become available. 
The quick revive option is also available to you in Solo missions if you have a Sentinel equipped with the “Sacrifice” mod!
Fixed a bug where the Castanas damage was being displayed incorrectly in the Conclave Arsenal. 
Increased Tenora’s magazine size from 50 to 70.

*Fixed a crash when attempting to sell a lot of weapons from your inventory.
*Fixed UI issue with your overall Syndicate Standing showing as doubled in the End of Mission window.
*Fixed @username tagging in chat not working on players who had recently said something. 
*Fixed Operator abilities not working if a scanner is used before entering Transference. Additionally, fixed being unable to use scanners after Transference. 
*Fixed Operators jittering around when using scanners.
*Fixed not being able to use gear item hotkeys as your Operator. 
*Fixed Operator reticle not being visible when a scanner is equipped. 
*Fixed Iron Skin on Rhino Prime being incorrectly colored. 
*Fixed Pandero’s alt fire bullets shooting from the holster position after a melee slide attack. 
*Fixed missing environment elements in the Grineer Settlement tileset. 
*Fixed a rare crash when running in DirectX 9. 
*Fixed getting stuck in a repeating shooting animation when swapping to a Gunblade in the middle of a charged attack. 
*Fixed a crash in the Relay server code that would result in poor performance.
*Fixed the ability to procure the unreleased Helminth Ferocity mod via Transmute/trade. 
*Fixed Nyx being able to sometimes cast Chaos on Mobile Defense terminals, causing it to spin around.
*Fixed a seam appearing in the Corpus Ice Planet minimap.
	type: Hotfix
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Chains of Harrow: Update 21.3.0
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/826127-chains-of-harrow-update-2130/
	date: 2017-08-02T21:28:54Z
	changes: Chains Of Harrow: Update 21.3.0:

Eradicate the enemy with the Lenz!
Bolts from this Corpus bow deliver a one-two punch of an icy pulse, followed by a conventional explosion. Excess ammo picked up for other weapons will be converted into charges for the Lenz. Warning, safety-protocols do not exist on this prototype.
Research the Lenz Blueprint in the Clan Dojo Energy Lab or get it in the Market.
Optimized specific materials to improve rendering performance; the Void and the Kuva Fortress saw the most improvement but materials throughout the game were updated.
Removed subtle detail patches from the Earth tileset when Geometry Detail is set to Low.
Optimized Rhino’s Iron Skin shader to reduce the per-pixel cost by about 10%.
Optimized ambient sound performance in the Grineer Fortress and Lua tileset. 
Optimized firing sound performance of the Boltor.
Optimized visibility culling in some situations when Geometry Detail is set to Low.
Oberon’s Hallowed Ground Grass and Prime ferns will now match your Accent color, and the ferns will get your Energy color in the middle of them for 2-tone fashionframe.
Reduced the frequency that Quick Thinking can stagger lock a player. This is actually undoing a bug fix where Quick Thinking wasn't staggering players as often as it was intended to, but this is the new intention now! Essentially Quick Thinking is back to the way it was pre Update 21.
Improved AI navigation in the Grineer Forest tileset. 
Improved vegetation pigment to avoid gross looking solid color, fog and Depth of Field tweaks for huge view distances.
Removed duplicate (and broken) Kuva Siphon Codex entry.
Disabled Headshot Multiplier on all AoE attacks in Conclave.

*Fixed another instance of the Jordas Verdict being unplayable due to the Jordas Golem not docking properly. 
*Fixed Clients being unable to pass the ceiling door in the Jordas Verdict Stage 1.
*Fixed Mesa continuing to wall run if wall running when Peacemaker is activated as seen here: https://www.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/6qw45a/turns_out_mesa_can_be_a_bit_more_mobile_while/
*Fixed the Ki’Teer Syandana having the wrong applied texture as seen here: https://www.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/6qy4jo/hotfix_swapped_the_kiteer_solstice_syandana/
*Fixed a functionality loss when firing a scoped Vectis in Captura while using a controller. 
*Fixed an invisible wall causing a progression stopper in the War Within quest. 
*Fixed Kuva Siphon markers appearing prematurely. Will now only be visible once a player is in the same tile as the Kuva Siphon.
*Fixed Kuva Siphons breaking when a Host Migration occurs at the start of the mission.
*Fixed NPCs not moving to collect the Index point pickups in The Index.
*Fixed Maroo & Clem missions not showing up in World State Window's Alerts section if no randomly-generated Alerts are currently available.
*Fixed the Excalibur Prominence Skin using the wrong tint mask.
*Fixed Codex attribution of Mods hidden in Caches.
*Fixed the Lua Security Eye dealing no damage on direct hits.
*Fixed Orokin Derelict Sabotage Caches not giving any rewards.
*Fixed AI vaulting and falling through the level in the Grineer Galleon tileset.  
*Fixed Toxin Resistance Mod not being tradable. 
*Fixed Mutalist Alad V boss transmissions popping up while playing Eris Exterminate missions.
*Fixed Archwing Power UI displaying the incorrect Powers if the player is Equinox
*Fixed sometimes remaining in the squad Chat after leaving the mission.
*Fixed having to restart Vor’s Prize from the beginning if you AFK during the tutorial. 
*Fixed Client Operators being invisible in transmissions.
*Fixed Ivara's Cloak arrow dome not cloaking Operators.
*Fixed some graphics settings not applying until level change.
*Fixed an orange square appearing in the Void Sabotage Portal.
*Fixed a section of tree missing collision in the Grineer Forest tileset. 
*Fixed some Corpus tileset glass being near invisible.
	type: Update
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Chains of Harrow: Hotfix 21.2.1
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/825578-chains-of-harrow-hotfix-2121/
	date: 2017-08-01T17:58:55Z
	changes: Chains Of Harrow: Hotfix 21.2.1:
Optimized Dx10 and Dx11 memory footprint by a further 20-30MB. 
Optimized Octavia's special effects slightly.
Optimized Color Correction performance for some tilesets.
Optimized Fog rendering performance. 
Optimized Corpus Sniper AI to reduce time spent looking for place to deploy Ratels; in certain extreme cases this was causing small repeated hitches.
Optimized Feral and Chesa Kubrow AI to reduce time spent looking for pickups.
Optimized Kuva Dargyn AI to improve performance in Kuva Fortress Assault missions.
Improved ambience performance in the Grineer Shipyard and Corpus Ship tilesets. 
Removed water caustics when running in Low Shader Quality; this should improve framerate on Earth in particular but other tilesets should benefit in places.
Buffed Void Reactant pickup radius to match other auto-pickups.
Kuva Siphons are now marked with an in-world marker to improve locatability. 
Relocated a Kuva Siphon spawn point in the Infested Corpus ship to a lesser claustrophobic spot.  
Searching a Focus school in the Arsenal will now display weapons that have a respective installed Lens.
Reduced damage of the Swarmer weapon used by Comba and Scrambus units.
Lowered Corpus Tech Fire Rate from 750 to 600 shots per minute and lowered damage from 45 to 25.
Improved consistency of Chat context menu option order:
Friends: Talk, Invite/Join, Profile
Recent: Talk, Invite, Profile
Chat: Talk, Invite, Profile
Reduced the sound effect volume of Moa headshots. 
Reduced muffled sound effect when invisible. 
Reduced the sound levels of Anyo and Sark commentators in The Index.
Cephalons can no longer be carried into the Rift by Limbo in Capture the Cephalon Conclave mode.

*Fixed the Jordas Verdict being uncompletable due to Jordas Golem sometimes not docking in the correct location. 
*Fixed 4k Endo Sortie reward not showing in Reward list on the End of Mission screen.
*Fixed Harrow’s Thurible not reflecting the actual buff amount when Power Strength changes during Channel. 
*Fixed sometimes dying immediately when being healed with a Warframe ability that removes Viral Status Effects. 
*Fixed trying to view any Clan Contributions in a mission with Matchmaking set to Solo resulting in your UI locking up.
*Fixed the hitbox of the Orokin Cryopod defense target on Lua/Stöfler and Uranus/Stephano not being rotated correctly.
*Fixed sometimes getting stuck in decoration objects (hacking panels, etc) when Transferring to the Operator in close proximity to said object. 
*Fixed doors sometimes being stuck in the closed position if you joined a mission while the door was open for everyone else.
*Fixed Sentinel Regen Mod not activating sometimes. 
*Fixed Clients not seeing explosion FX when Sentinels die.
*Fixed Grineer Commanders not spawning as Synthesis Targets. 
*Fixed Kuria Poem displaying incorrectly. 
*Fixed Silver Grove quest Apothic Codex entries B and C playing the transmissions from entry A.
*Fixed a rare case of loading into a mission with an empty Mandachord which results in Octavia dealing no damage as per: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/823653-help-i-broke-my-mandachordoctavia/
*Fixed walking on air when throwing a charged Glaive in Dual-Wield mode while walking off an edge. 
*Fixed empty Inventory slots showing the owned/format count element.
*Fixes towards experiencing a hitch when switching Loadout presets.
*Fixed hitches when switching to Scanners in the Gear menu.
*Fixed your Warframe not looking in the direction of the camera after using the pause Menu. 
*Fixed Status Effect FX lingering forever if Operator Transference happens before the FX ends.
*Fixed Clients having their Warframe's active invisibility FX break when Transferring back from their Operator.
*Fixed Operator’s not appearing when viewing another player’s Profile as a Client. 
*Fixed a script error when a Host Migration occurs right when the mission fails. 
*Fixed a black screen and functionality loss when selecting Conclave from the mode menu in the Arsenal.
*Fixed incorrect verbiage when consigning a Companion.
	type: Hotfix
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Chains of Harrow: Update 21.2.0 +
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/823165-chains-of-harrow-update-2120-21201/
	date: 2017-07-26T21:16:57Z
	changes: Chains Of Harrow: Update 21.2.0:

The winning Melee entry from ‘The Best Defense’ contest is here! Concepted and submitted by fellow Tenno SilverBones, this Grineer inspired Plasma Kusurigama is the embodiment of murderous, Grineer ingenuity.

The Squad player list is now displayed by default! 
Hunhow’s Datascape Scene and Harrow’s Temple Scene are now tradable!
Swapped out the Lith S1 Relic given upon completion of the Mars Junction to a Lith A2 Relic due to the Lith S1 being vaulted.
Approximated certain lighting calculations when using Low Shader Quality to improve performance; this will be most helpful for the Earth tileset because of the day/night cycle but there should be improvements throughout all remastered tilesets.
Optimized shader memory by 30-50MB depending on settings.
Optimized render performance slightly for all platforms.
Adding friends through the recent players list or Chat now gives the opportunity to add a Friend Note as well.
Harrow will now detach from his Wall Latch when Channeling his Thurible to avoid awkward animations.
In-Game Progress can now be viewed in Archwing missions.
Forma count can now be seen on weapons and Warframes in the Inventory screen (similar to in the Arsenal). 
Tweaked the Volt Arrester Helmet tintmask.
Reduced the amount of cloth movement on Harrow when viewing the Star Chart.
Continued to optimize the Earth remastered tilset to improve performance and lighting quality.
Fixed crash or full system hang that could occur if too many PhysX Effects were created.
Fixed an improper Loot Crate placement and spawning in the Earth Forest tileset. 
Fixed numerous lighting issues and floating meshes on the Earth Forest tileset.
Fixed escapable level holes in Iron Wake and the Earth Forest tileset.
Fixed an incorrectly placed teleporter in the Earth Forest tileset.

*Fixed Harrow holding a shield (Silva & Aegis, etc) in an ancient style which history has long since forgotten (probably because shields are not useful if you hold them backwards).
*Fixed Mesa’s Peacemaker jamming if the Shift key is held while activating the ability. 
*Fixed being able to get permanently stuck switching weapons when spamming Mesa’s Peacemaker.
*Fixed instances where the Client would administer more damage to Lephantis than the Host.
*Fixed the Codex not showing that certain Acolyte Mods also drop from Lua Spy missions.
*Fixed Oberon being able to linger in an infinite bleedout state and be able to revive Sentinels. 
*Fixed spawning 3 enemies of different factions simultaneously spawning in the exact same spot in the Simulacrum. 
*Fixed clicking Chat links for Mods creating the preview behind the Chat window.
*Fixes towards Smeeta Charm buffs not consistently applying to the Operator. 
*Fixed seeing an error when attempting to deploy an Extractor after zooming out of a planet that was not fully completed.
*Fixed Ash’s Fatal Teleport Augment causing enemies to teleport up high if cast from up above.
*Fixed (for real) Primary Mods with Fire Rate buffs applying 3x to Ivara's Artemis Bow instead of 2x.
*Fixed duplicate swords appearing in the Second Dream cinematic. 
*Fixing another instance of missing Glaive name in Dual-Wield mode after reviving. 
*Fixed a rare instance of the Glaive not being thrown in Dual-Wield mode.
*Fixed a rare issue in Dual-Wield mode where your normal equipped Melee attacks wouldn't combo. 
*Fixed Clients being able to obtain Affinity in the Simulacrum (which wouldn't actually apply) but could cause items to level up in the mission temporarily and breaking the Arsenal.
*Fixed Simulacrum enemy selector not remembering the previously selected enemies.
*Fixed being able to spawn unlimited enemies in the Simulacrum.
*Fixed the Mandachord not working in the Simulacrum. 
*Fixed not being able to immediately spawn more Simulacrum enemies after killing them.
*Fixed being unable to open the main menu in the Dojo if anyone is kneeling in the Dueling area.
*Fixed Trick Mag applying to your Primary weapon when equipped on the Cycron.
*Fixed Cephalon Simaris' material appearing incorrect in the New Strange diorama.
*Fixed grammar when selecting an Arcane Helmet to convert in Foundry.
*Fixed Sands of Inaros quest tomb drawings rendering over top of the fog.
*Fixed Sentinel flare being too bright when viewing them in the Market. 
*Fixed Large Energy Restores not providing detailed information when viewed in the Foundry. 
*Fixes towards the Kyroptera Syandana not sitting correctly on Warframes. 
*Fixed Clients not seeing Rampart’s destruction FX. 
*Fixed Elemental FX not displaying on the Palatine Hammer Skin.
*Fixed Excalibur’s Chromatic Blade Augment not adding Elemental FX to the energy wave.
*Fixed Operators temporarily getting into a bad ledge-climbing animation when Void Dashing in some cases.
*Fixed Clients seeing a floating Operator head for a frame or 2 when Transferring to their Operator for the first time.
*Fixed Operators being able to use Limbo's Rift portal to enter the Rift.
*Fixed enemy locations in the Codex being confused by past events (ie: there aren't really any Nox on Phobos).
*Fixed Defense objective terminals dancing to Octavia’s Resonator as per:
*Fixed Credit total not updating for players attempting to sell items in the Dojo.
*Fixed Syndicate Medallions spawning in the same spot as Cephalon Fragments. 
*Fixed a case of being able to get out of the level bounds using Titania's Razorwing.
*Fixed the squad Chat not updating when re-joining after being in a squad of 3 with the squad Chat window closed, while the 4th player is joining.
*Fixed a script error when attempting to Upgrade your Companion in the Relay Arsenal. 
*Fixed Pet names with ‘-’ being accepted.
*Fixed not being able to duel players in the Dojo if you are the only 2 present. 
*Fixed Clients not having infinite consumables in Simulacrum.
*Fixed spot loading the Arsenal when backing out of the Mods screen that was opened from the Upgrade screen.
*Fixed clipping into walls/staircases when performing a Melee finisher.
*Fixed not Transferring in front of your Warframe as the Operator. 
*Fixed a case of Vay Hek not spawning in his Assassination mission. 
*Fixed some enemies in the Codex having their Health and Shields listed as ‘None’.
*Fixed normal Grineer enemies spawning on the Mariana Earth node as opposed to Drekar Grineer.
*Fixed Reactant buff icon not displaying after collecting 10 Reactant for the second time in an Endless Fissure mission. 
*Fixed Reactant amount and buffs disappearing on squad members if they or you die and respawn in an Endless Fissure mission.
*Fixed missing Nullifier bubbles in Hijack Sortie missions.
*Fixed Clients sometimes not dealing the right amount of damage. 
*Fixed script error when trying to whisper someone with a Riven or Song link in the message.
*Fixed a crash in the Simulacrum.
*Fixed getting an unresponsive screen when attempting to gift.
	type: Update
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Chains of Harrow: Hotfix 21.1.1
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/820507-chains-of-harrow-hotfix-2111/
	date: 2017-07-20T19:33:36Z
	changes: Chains Of Harrow: Hotfix 21.1.1:
Companion Kavats will now get knocked back and dissolve (instead of just vanishing) when they sadly die because you either left them or didn’t make it in time. 
Reload sounds will now play properly when Dual-wielding the Zakti with thrown Melee weapons.
Battalyst and Conculyst Sentient weapons will now disappear after a minute as opposed to lingering on the ground indefinitely. 
Improved texture-streaming responsiveness.
Improved Channeling FX on Nova Prime and Oberon Prime. 
Optimized render performance in cases where dynamic lights were destroyed.
Enemies will no longer automatically be killed by returning to the Arsenal area, and Host will not automatically kill enemies by using the enemy selector console. 
Enemies can be killed by the Host by selecting the 'Kill Enemies' button in the enemy selector console. 
The 'Pause AI' button will now dynamically pause and unpause any currently existing enemies.
Reduced the AoE damage radius of the Zakti in Conclave

*Fixed a soft lock when attempting to craft Specters.
*Fixed a crash that would occur when activating Excalibur’s Exalted Blade (and other similar abilities) then entering the Arsenal and going to the Melee weapon upgrades screen in Captura and the Simulacrum.
*Fixed not receiving Syndicate Standing after completing a Syndicate mission. 
*Fixed Mesa’s Peacemaker not acquiring new targets if it fails to find a target within a short period of time after firing.
*Fixed enemies affected by Nyx’s Chaos, Loki’s Radial Disarm, Naramon Mind Spike as well as Radiation procs not taking increased damage from faction damage Mods.
*Fixed being able to get infected by a cyst in Captura and the Simulacrum.
*Fixed the Zakti projectiles not hitting enemies in Mag’s Magnetize field. 
*Fixed the Zakti projectiles never exploding with toxic gas when killing enemies or hostile objects. 
*Fixed an issue that was causing all Sentient arms to no longer be destructible.
*Fixed Syndicate Secondaries losing their unique skin in Dual-Wield and looking like the normal version of the weapon.
*Fixed certain weapons firing "out of the Rift" when Limbo's Stasis is disabled. 
*Fixed the Mastery Sigil appearing unranked on Titania and her Skins.
*More fixes towards Energy color issues when using Core Vent on the Elytron.
*Fixed Armor attachments appearing dark in the Star Chart when you zoom out of a region.
	type: Hotfix
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Chains of Harrow: Update 21.1.0 +
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/820014-chains-of-harrow-update-2110-21101/
	date: 2017-07-19T21:31:09Z
	additions: You can now select 'Friendly Fire', 'Warframe Invincibility', 'Pause AI', and 'Kill Enemies' in the Simulacrum enemy selector screen. For Multiplayer Simulacrum, the Host will be able to select these options.
You can now select 'Pause AI' and 'Kill Enemies' in Captura via the enemy selector screen. For Multiplayer Captura, the Host will be able to select these options.

	changes: Chains Of Harrow: Update 21.1.0:

Channel your inner crimson warrior with the new Guandao Collection!
Slice through your enemies with the Guandao, a towering polearm, or take them out from a distance with the Zakti pistol and its lethal toxicity. Adding the Mozi Syandana will ensure your enemies only see a flash of red before their last moments, if they see anything at all…
Visit the Market today to claim this Collection or each new item individually!
The Guandao Polearm and Zakti Pistol can also be crafted in the Tenno Research Lab in your Dojo!
Improved the Smeeta Kavat Mischief buff for Operators. Relevant buffs on the Warframes will always be transferred to the Operator and vice versa.
Mastery Rank of each Dojo Research item is now shown in Clan Research selection screen.
Harrow's smoke FX during his Thurible cast can be seen by other players now.
Made optimizations to Chat to improve performance when users join/leave the current channel.
Improved the cloth physics on the Mozi Syandana.

*Fixed a crash upon reviving as Inaros.
	type: Update
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Chains of Harrow: Hotfix 21.0.9
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/819116-chains-of-harrow-hotfix-2109/
	date: 2017-07-17T21:10:37Z
	changes: Chains Of Harrow: Hotfix 21.0.9:
Operators are now affected by the Smeeta Kavat Mischief/Charm buffs.
Improved and widened the Reactant marker visibility range.
Improved Kavor Defectors colliding with players and each other.
Improved enemies for targeting Atlas' Tectonic Bulwarks so they shouldn't get stuck (at least as often).
Opticor now benefits from Critical Chance / Critical Chance Multiplier Mods (the existing beam always did but the radial AoE damage did not).
Panthera Alt-Fire will now benefit from weapon explosion radius Mods.
Increased ammo capacity of Pyrana in Conclave.
Fixed Oberon’s Reckoning not lifting enemies in Conclave.
Fixed Oberon’s Reckoning not being terminated if Oberon was killed during the cast in Conclave.

*Fixes towards Chat sometimes spontaneously not working. 
*Fixed volumetric lighting not working properly when in DX10.
*Fixed being able to use Atlas' Tectonics Bulwark to prevent Defectors from bulwalking through doorways. The Bulwark wall now detects Defectors and the wall will collapse.
*Fixed a case where Atlas’ Tectonic Bulwark walls can have weird targeting from enemies, causing them to either not see the wall or attack it in incorrect ways (eg. shooting it when they can melee it).
*Fixed being stuck in a continuous Emote state upon selecting a looping Emote like the Ki’Teer Presence or Meditating Emote.
*Fixed the Scourge not being affected by Heavy Calibers accuracy reduction. 
*Fixed UI displaying 227 total missions playable when there are actually only 226. 
*Fixed several issues with in-world markers for Hosts and Clients. 
*Fixed certain weapons shrinking when applying skins on them.
*Fixed seeing duplicate FX for Harrow’s Covenant as Client.
*Fixed a missing blocking volume that was allowing players to go out of bounds in the Earth Forest tileset. 
*Fixed Nyx’s Mind Control FX lingering on Ramparts. 
*Fixed the Hyena Sigil FX not fading enough near the edges. 
*Fixed missing muzzle flash on the Tigris Prime.
*Fixed buff indicator for the Zenith disc lifespan not being removed if you recall the disc manually.
*Fixed Relic refinement sort by name being inconsistent, and list issue creating a visual copy of a Relic in the grid.
*Fixed Clients setting Exterminate markers on enemies who don't count towards mission progress.
*Fixes towards Equinox’s cloth getting stuck between legs.
*Fixed Equinox's mesh being reset to the mixed form when previewing Helmets/Skins/etc in the Arsenal.
*Fixed Warframes in Landing Craft/Relay getting stuck in a weird animation state after exiting the Arsenal quickly with only a Melee weapon equipped.
*Fixed hitches when scrolling through Sigils in the Arsenal.
*Fixes towards the Grax Mirage skin to better match the original Steam Workshop images.
*Fixed Operator Void Beam not using Energy properly in the Simulacrum.
*Fixed Clients being able to use Transference while wall clinging in order to float.
*Fixed using the Arsenal as Client causing permanent invincibility in the Simulacrum.
*Fixed a crash that could occur when starting a Dojo duel.
*Fixed the Host experiencing a significant hitch when the Client finishes loading into a Dojo duel.
*Fixed two Earth Forest tilesets with broken connections to portals which caused issues with objectives and marker pathing.
*Fixes no enemies sometimes spawning in Earth Forest Exterminate until near the extraction room.
*Fixed some positioning of weapon trails on sparring weapons (Obex, Kogake, Hirudo, etc).
*Fixed black and untextured wreckage in Corpus Archwing tilesets. 
*Fixed the Javlok playing a weird animation when quickly cycling through ‘Randomized’ color options.  
*Fixed the Scourge damaging or killing players when picking it up while paused in Limbo’s Rift before it hits the ground.
*Fixed the Sari Syandana covering the pause menu when playing Solo. The wings will now close a lot faster when pausing.
*Fixed the Scourge and Cycron Status lasting longer for the Host.
*Possible fix for Companion Pets being insta-killed in some rare cases (without going into bleedout).
*Fixed a localized typo of Chroma in his Helmet description text.
	type: Hotfix
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Chains of Harrow: Hotfix 21.0.8 +
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/817221-chains-of-harrow-hotfix-2108-21081/
	date: 2017-07-13T20:50:40Z
	changes: Chains Of Harrow: Hotfix 21.0.8:
The Stalker can no longer apply Nyx's passive to disarm enemies hit with Absorb due to being so powerful it crashed your game. Stalker pls.
Removed the Chat Relay Message of the Day (MoTD) when in Iron Wake.

*Fixed missing Sheev and Dual Heat Sword Rivens.
*Fixed Dark Split Sword Rivens having no effect when equipped.
*Fixed an issue where Clients downed while using Excalibur’s Exalted Blade, Wukong’s Primal Fury, or Valkyr’s Hysteria would be unable to switch weapons when revived.
*Fixed players suffering from low FPS resulting in slow casting times for Nidus’ Virulence.
*Fixed low FPS affecting Mesa’s Peacemaker damage per second. 
*Fixed a couple cases where abilities could become permanently blocked in Archwing.
*Fixed Syandanas being huge for Clients joining in progress in Archwing.
*Fixed elevators in the Grineer Sealab tileset not displaying context action correctly. 
*Fixed fog problems on some systems running DirectX 10.
*Fixed Chat not immediately switching to the Squad channel when in the loading screen.
*Fixed the TennoCon 2017 Syandana bunching up when equipped on Mesa.
*Fixed Operator not continuing to sprint after jumping if the player was and is still holding the sprint key before they jumped.
*Snipetron Rivens are now an option for Rifle Rivens!
*Fixed many weapons not being visible (bows in particular).
*Fixed Kuva Braids randomly summoning Guardian Eximis. 
*Fixed becoming permanently invisible if any invisible ability affecting you ends while you are aiming with a scanner.
	type: Hotfix
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Chains of Harrow: Hotfix 21.0.7
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/817066-chains-of-harrow-hotfix-2107/
	date: 2017-07-13T16:02:08Z
	additions: Added a functional Arsenal in Captura via the pause menu. You can also access this menu Arsenal in the Simulacrum.

	changes: Chains Of Harrow: Hotfix 21.0.7:
Opticor beam now has a radius (thicker more cylinder shaped beam) that will allow you to hit more enemies with a single beam.
Increased the Opticor AoE damage radius from 3 meters to 5 meters.
Critical Chance and Critical Damage Multiplier now apply to the AoE.
Reduced Ammo capacity to 200.
Fixed being unable to destroy Nullifier bubbles with the Opticor. 
Fixed being unable to kill enemies inside a Nullifier bubble or Eximus Snow Globe with the Opticor. This also fixes being unable to hit Lephantis or Sargas Ruk at times.
Chat will automatically rearrange and switch to the Squad tab when loading into a mission.
Optimized mission load times and reduced memory usage dramatically.
Made several small performance improvements for the remastered Earth tileset (more to come).
Updated the Frost Zastruga Helmet, Ersatz Loki Helmet, and Zener Volt Skin at each creator’s request.

*Fixed missing Riven for Broken War.
*Fixed missing Riven for Dex Dakra .
*Fixed some cases of network timeout on joining missions with low-end computers (especially when the drivers don't support a shader cache).
*Fixed rare cases of invites not being received when in a Relay. 
*Fixed not being able to use the Codex Scanner to scan Ayatan Statues and other pickups.
*Fixed Vay Hek not spawning 3 times before his final battle and not entering his Terra Frame Phase when playing his boss fight.
*Fixed the water not draining for Clients after defeating Vay Hek on his Earth boss fight.
*Fixed items earned in mission not saving after dying as the Operator in the last stage of the Chains of Harrow quest.
*Fixed not being able to deploy Extractors on Earth.
*Fixed the Nukor creating a ton of FX if it kills something while it's been paused by Harrow's Condemn ability.
*Fixed being able to invite players to Iron Wake before they have progressed in Chains of Harrow.
*Fixed an issue that made you use the Melee charge animation instead of a normal attack animation when quickly pressing Melee after a slide attack in Dual-Wield mode.
*Fixed casting and deactivating Excalibur’s Exalted Blade, Wukong’s Primal Fury, or Valkyr’s Hysteria while in Dual-Wield mode resulting in the UI stating the name of your Pistol and ability used.
*Fixed the Palatine Hammer Skin not applying correctly to the Sibear.
*Fixed some clipping issues with the TennoCon 2017 Syandana.
*Fixed incorrect projectile sounds with the Zarr and Knell. 
*Fixed no results displaying after Transmuting in the Relay.
*Fixed Ratals being unable to correctly roll down slopes.
*Fixed being unable to spawn Eximus units in the Simulacrum.
*Fixed some cases of NPCs falling through the floor after entering cover.
*Fixed Vor’s Prize tutorial hints clipping through the environment. 
*Fixed descriptions for Ammo Restores to display the correct values.
*Fixed the minimap appearing displaced in the Relay if your HUD scale is over 100.
*Fixed the Sands of Inaros quest description having the wrong tomb location text. 
*Fixed the ‘Offline Mod Bench’ appearing as a placeholder text.
*Fixed placeholder text appearing when attempting to select the ‘Filter’ button in Chat.
*Fixed Mag’s Magnetized Discharge Augment not triggering when using the "use selected ability" key.
*Fixed being able to spawn inside of a wall in the Mastery Rank 24 test.
*Fixed an invisible Corpus doorframe in the Shipyard tileset. 
*Fixed enemies not playing their injury animation sometimes. 
*Fixed a script error when entering Iron Wake.
*Fixed a script error when casting Harrow’s Thurible.
*Fixed a script error when casting Inaros’ Sandstorm.
*Fixed a script error when casting Nyx’s Psychic Bolts.
*Fixed a script error when casting Valkyr’s Rip Line.
*Fixed a script error when casting Ivara’s Artemis Bow.
*Fixed a script error when casting Oberon’s Renewal.
*Fixed a script error when casting Volt’s Shock.
*Fixed a script error when casting Rhino’s Charge.
*Fixed a script error when casting Inaros’ Scarab Swarm.
*Fixed a script error when throwing the Ferrox.
*Fixed a script error when casting Inaros’ Devour in Conclave.
*Fixed Octavia’s Amp ability applying buffs to players on the opposite team in Conclave.
*Fixed having the same Primary weapon equipped for both Cooperative and Conclave resulting in a visual error on Conclave weapon Mods.
	type: Hotfix
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Chains of Harrow: Hotfix 21.0.6
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/814223-chains-of-harrow-hotfix-2106/
	date: 2017-07-07T20:46:48Z
	changes: Chains Of Harrow: Hotfix 21.0.6:
Harrow's Covenant now applies to Companions.
Added weekly Defection leaderboards (scored the same as the Pacifism Defect).
Added Affinity rewards for each Defection squad evacuated.
Optimized away 1MB of reserve memory.
Integrated localization updates.

*Fixed the Synthesis Scanner not scanning Simaris targets.
*Fixed Defection losing track of a Kavor when two squads extracted together and both the 4th and 5th defector arrived at the extraction point within half a second of each other.
*Fixed an endless loading screen when trying to load into Galleon survival for a Clem weekly mission.
*Fixed a broken foliage material that could cause some graphics drivers to crash.
*Fixed chat text not appearing while in gameplay in some cases.
*Fixed Toxin Resistance's description (added % for clarity).
*Fixed script error in Harrow's Covenant.
	type: Hotfix
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Chains of Harrow: Hotfix 21.0.5
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/813821-chains-of-harrow-hotfix-2105/
	date: 2017-07-06T20:47:36Z
	changes: Optimized a number of PBR textures to improve frame-rate for remastered tilesets on slower PCs.
Reduced Opticor charge time of from 2.5 to 2 seconds.
Temporarily removed Opticor beam thickness until it can be tested more thoroughly.
Narrowed camera view cone and adjusted placement of some cameras in Corpus Spy vaults.
Added controller support to parts of the Chains of Harrow quest.
Added an option to disable Razer Chroma.
Optimized mission loading slightly for people using High Shader Quality.
Tweaked finisher animations for several weapons.
The Baro Ki'Teer's countdown in Relays now shows where he will arrive in next.

*Fixed a number of performance regressions related to physics interactions between objects; in some cases this would cause a dramatic but temporary drop in frame-rate.
*Fixed not being able to hit Nullifier bubbles and other targets with melee weapons and the Opticor.
*Fixed some metal surfaces in the Corpus Spy vaults being transparent to security cameras.
*Fixed occasional Network Not Responding messages for people who have linked their account to Twitch.
*Fixed transmissions in certain quests being stuck on repeat (eg: Sands of Inaros).
*Fixed pillar hit-detection in the Cunning Drift Hall of Ascension (more improves to follow).
*Fixed Sentinel Precepts being activated at the start of Archwing missions.
*Fixed some cases where you would mount ziplines such as Ivara's Dashwire and then be unable to move from that spot.
*Fixed Companions in the Simulacrum sometimes dying upon entering the Arsenal.
*Fixed Companions floating slightly off the ground in the Simulacrum Arsenal.
*Fixed Nox's scream not being ducked during transmissions.
*Fixed rare crashes on level load.
*Fixed certain effects in the Chains of Harrow quest showing up prematurely.
	type: Hotfix
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Chains of Harrow: Hotfix 21.0.4
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/813247-chains-of-harrow-hotfix-2104/
	date: 2017-07-05T17:02:16Z
	additions: Added notification for Energy gained by hitting enemies with Void Dash (it was always 10 energy/enemy but you could never see this).

	changes: A Donda Decoration Has Been Added!:
After completing the Chains of Harrow quest, visit Palladino in Iron Wake to purchase your Donda for a small Ducat fee. Shiny for a shiny!
Increased Duration from Shields by 25%
Increased Duration cap from 60 seconds to 120 seconds
Increased Fire Rate from 25% to 35%
Increased Reload Speed from 50% to 70%
Increased Range from 15m to 20m
Sped up Energy Channeling by 50%
Energy Channeling speed is now affected by Natural Talent
Increase Crit per 100 Damage from 1.25% to 1.5%
Changed Defection squad sizes to a constant 3 in Solo or 4 in Multiplayer.
Defection sessions are now joinable until 1 squad is rescued or 3 or more Defectors are killed. This will result in more open Defection sessions to join.
Reduced the scans required on the White Charger from 20 to 3.
Defection Alerts now count squads rescued instead of individuals rescued. Requirement for normal Alerts is 4 squads (1 squad from A, 1 from B, 2 from C in multiplayer)
Fixed no enemies spawning after a Host migration.
Increased the amount of Energy returned to the Operator by killing enemies in the Chains of Harrow quest fight from 15 to 30.
An objective text will now indicate when a certain mechanic is invulnerable in the Chains of Harrow boss fight.
Increased the hit box size of a certain mechanic when invulnerable in the Chains of Harrow boss fight.
Red Veil Fanatics now have objective markers on them in the Chains of Harrow boss fight.
Optimized potential hitches caused by Infested Spawn Pods.
Vor’s Prize quest intro cinematic is no longer skippable.
Razer Chroma effects now play in the Main Menu and when Energy color is changed in the Arsenal.
Disabled mission failure for taking too long in Mastery Rank Tests.
Changed Pyrana’s Mag to 10 in Conclave to match PvE values.
Fixed the Sonicor doing pve damage in Conclave.

*Fixed a crash upon opening the Options menu.
*Fixed some performance issues with melee weapons and in other areas of the game.
*Fixed the Opticor not having it’s 1m Punch Through.
*Fixed being able to see other players in Palladino’s Iron Wake room.
*Fixed caches on Kuva Fortress/Dakata giving rewards from the incorrect table (thereby not dropping Cyclone Kraken as intended).
*Fixed the Pandero’s reload sounds being too loud.
*Fixed missing Pandero reload sounds when using it in Dual-Wield.
*Fixed Pistols having double responses and animation (sounds, reloading, etc).
*Fixed Harrow’s Thurible Channeling not being cancellable with "use selected ability button."
*Fixed Harrow’s Thurible remaining in his hand if he enters gets downed while Channeling Thurible.
*Fixed not receiving the buff after channeling Harrow’s Thurible if a context action is used.
*Fixed Harrow’s Penance not respecting the duration cap on the initial cast.
*Fixed being able to damage enemies outside the Rift while you are currently in it.
*Fixed bad grass lighting in the Forest tileset.
*Fixed not being able to shoot Sapping Osprey mines.
*Fixed Harrow’s front cloth clipping through his legs during his Agile animation.
*Fixed Emotes being disabled for everybody when a Harrow is Channeling his Thurible.
*Fixed Stalker ‘whooshing’ and other sounds being too loud. Fear the whoosh!
*Fixed a Corpus door opening incorrectly.
*Fixed being unable to hit enemies from within the Rift when using Titania’s Razorwing.
*Fixed the Sheev, Mire, and Hate having unintentionally reduced Attack Speeds.
*Fixed the Staticor not consuming ammo after the mag is depleted.
*Fixed being stuck in endless Melee while Dual-Wielding.
*Fixed the Berserker Mod not applying to Excalibur’s Exalted Blade and its waves.
*Fixed missing consoles in the Corpus Ship tileset.
*Fixed bad hitproxy on back of Arid and Forest Eviscerator enemies that were blocking head shots from behind.
*Fixed an issue where already dead bodies would yield Credits if hit with the Secura Lecta.
*Fixed script error when scrolling through available missions in a tab in the World State Window on a controller while on PC.
*Fixed a script error when casting Harrow’s Thurible or Covenant.
*Fixed a script error when casting Oberon’s Hallowed Ground.
*Fixed a script error when casting Banshee’s Sonar.
*Fixed a script error when casting Ivara’s Quiver.
*Fixed a script error when casting Volt’s Discharge.
*Fixed a script error when casting Mesa’s Peacemaker.
*Fixed a script error when casting Hydroid’s Tidal Surge and Tempest Barrage.
	type: Hotfix
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Chains of Harrow: Hotfix 21.0.3
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/811064-chains-of-harrow-hotfix-2103/
	date: 2017-06-30T20:56:47Z
	changes: Chains Of Harrow: Hotfix 21.0.3:
Lowered the damage required per Critical Chance bonus for Harrow’s Covenant from 100 to 80.
Harrow’s Penance now has a Duration cap of 60 seconds. 
Fixed lower ranks of Harrow’s Covenant having higher numbers than intended.
Fixed the Ripka's attaching to Harrow’s back.

*Fixed Opticor not being able to damage enemies outside of a Frost’s Snow Globe when fired from inside the Snow Globe.
*Fixed a script error in the Simulacrum when swapping from a Sentinel to a Companion.
*Fixed a crash when loading into the Law of Retribution or The Jordas Verdict. 
*Fixed Volt's Electric Shield blocking his own throwing Melee weapons.
*Fixed triggering a progression transmission at the wrong time during the Chains of Harrow quest.
*Fixed not having to properly lower the water level in Earth Spy missions.
*Fixed some Riven Mods having incorrect capitalized characters. 
*Fixed quest VO initiating too early during Chains of Harrow quest (vague for spoiler reasons).
*Fixed seeing a red enemy marker as the extraction marker for Exterminate missions. 
*Fixed a variety of crashes and bugs when using Razer Chroma effects.
*Fixed a crash in the Simulacrum from Companions trying to use abilities. 
*Fixed cases where AI would think they could shoot through non-breakable glass.
*Fixed the Knell's Penitence buff not removing when the duration was complete.
*Fixed the Knell not displaying its Penitence buff icon in Conclave.
*Fixed the Knell not updating it’s scope UI correctly in Conclave.
*Fixed Clients that join in progress in Conclave sometimes not being able to move right away and only regaining movement after being killed.
	type: Hotfix
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Chains of Harrow: Hotfix 21.0.2
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/810482-chains-of-harrow-hotfix-2102/
	date: 2017-06-29T21:43:42Z
	changes: Chains Of Harrow: Hotfix 21.0.2:
The Shock-Camo Opticor Skin is available for purchase in your Arsenal and we swear it's not a Braton model!
Improved foliage texture/terrain in the remastered Earth tileset.
Tweaked Ash’s Smoke Screen ability sound.  
Removed ability to chat in global channels (Region,Trading, etc) while in the loading screen. Squad/Clan/Alliance chat is still available. This is to mitigate unanticipated server strain. 
Optimized 64-bit builds slightly by leveraging the allocator's natural alignment.
Optimized game startup time slightly, especially immediately after Hotfixes.
Increased the time it takes for holding Melee before charged throw kicks in for dual-wielding. This should help with accidentally throwing instead of Melee attacking.

*Conclave Mods that increase Mag size can no longer be used with guns that have Mags with 1-5 rounds in them.
	type: Hotfix
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Chains of Harrow: Hotfix 21.0.1
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/809985-chains-of-harrow-hotfix-2101/
	date: 2017-06-29T07:16:32Z
*Fixed Vulpine Mask being invisible in your Inventory and Codex (you still had it but the UI wouldn't show it to you).
*Fixed a crash when hitting enemies with the Knell while zoomed (32-bit only).
*Fixed numerous Stances missing from the Codex.
*Fixed loading into an Interception mission on Jupiter IO instead of the intended Defense mission.
*Potential fixes for the Balor Fomorian mission not rewarding any Endo.
**Expect more fixes to come once normal studio hours resume today. Thanks for being patient!
	type: Hotfix
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Update 21: Chains of Harrow
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/809842-update-21-chains-of-harrow/
	date: 2017-06-29T03:00:20Z
In response to a disturbing transmission from Palladino, the Red Veil Syndicate’s spiritual medium, Tenno are compelled to investigate a dark, mysteriously abandoned Steel Meridian spacecraft found adrift. Inside the vessel, lights flicker and emergency lights strobe. All is quiet except for whispers of “Rap. Tap. Tap,” heard echoing throughout the lifeless craft. What does it all mean? Players must uncover the terrifying reality of what happened onboard, how the Red Veil might play a part in it, and more.
If you have completed The War Within Quest and have unlocked the Mot node in the Void the Chains of Harrow Quest will be automatically added to your Codex.
Chains of Harrow Quest is also replayable after completion 
enjoy it all over again!

Always prepared to sacrifice. This monastic Warframe uses the Void to bolster allies’ defenses and amplify their lethality.
Get Harrow today by purchasing him in the Market for Platinum, or by completing the Chains of Harrow quest and finding his parts! His parts can be found in the Defection mission type, Grineer Fortress Spy missions, and from enemies corrupted by Void Fissures!

Previewed in the Operation: Ambulas Reborn, 6 Syndicate Weapon Augments are back and here to stay!
Avenging Truth
Entropy Detonation
Stockpiled Blight
Voltage Sequence
Neutralizing Justice
Disarming Purity
Harrow’s signature Primary weapon, the Scourge is a Corrosive spear gun that shoots wave projectiles with high Punch Through and guaranteed Status Effects. Thrown spears attach a bullet attractor to the heads of all enemies within 14 meters, and continues to pulse every 7 seconds and attaches bullet attractors for 3 seconds wherever it has landed.
Harrow’s signature Secondary weapon, the Knell, has the utility of a sniper with the sight and zoom with the convenience of a pistol. This single round magazine sidearm grants 100% ammo efficiency for 3 seconds (that can be refreshed when active) and 0.5x Critical Damage added per headshot with a maximum of 3 stacks.
Harrow’s signature Syandana.

An alternate helmet for Harrow. Find it in the Market or Alerts!

Return to Warframe’s first planet with a completely new look. Earth Remastered offers improved volumetric lighting, a conversion to PBR materials, and a new vegetation system, which create a mood and atmosphere far more advanced than the original January 2014 update did.
The new lush forests of Earth are yours to explore. This Update turns the formerly good-looking planet into a stunningly lush, beautifully lit, alive, organically structured environment.
We’ve breathed life into Earth’s ambiance by adding a greater variety of unique sounds as you move between the different areas, connecting tunnels/paths, and between the day and night cycle. You can now experience the sounds of more unique wildlife in the lush forest heavy areas, while the overrun Grineer areas focus more on the clunking and chugging of their machinery. With performance gains and a clearer and more focused mix, Earth now offers a higher level of diversity, adding to the overall experience.
Ghastly in appearance and even more unpleasant in combat, Nox is the newest Grineer experiment, a member of a tactical chem-focus unit, and enemy to the Tenno. Seared by an obsession with toxin and wielding a dart weapon that deals Toxin and Impact damage, Nox leaves clouds of deadly toxin whenever he goes. Take caution, destroying Nox’s helmet will release the toxin trapped inside. This Grineer unit is also extremely unstable and will explode in repulsive fashion when killed.
You may encounter Nox in enemy level 15 + Grineer missions.
Dual-wield any thrown Melee Weapon and a single-handed Secondary Weapon to destroy your enemies. Execute unique quick-melee combos and charged throws when dual-wielding for added damage.
Increased Critical Chance from 5% to 10% for Melee hits and projectiles
Increased damage from 30 to 35
Increased Crit Multiplier from 1.5 to 2
Increased Critical Chance from 5% to 10% for Melee hits and projectiles
Increased damage from 35 to 45
Increased Crit Multiplier from 1.5 to 2
Mastery Rank requirement increased to 1
Increased Status Chance from 25% to 30% for Melee hits and projectiles
Increased damage from 35 to 44
Changed damage type of recall discharge to Toxin
Increased Status Chance from 10% to 15% for Melee hits and projectiles
Increased Critical Chance from 10% to 15% for Melee hits and projectiles
Damage increased from 50 to 70
Recall discharge damage changed to Ice
Increased Mastery Rank requirement from 5 to 6
Increased Status Chance from 15% to 20% for Melee hits and projectiles
Increased Crit Chance from 5% to 10% for Melee hits and projectiles
Increased Crit Multiplier from 1.5 to 2
Increased damage from 35 to 45
Increased Mastery Rank from 0 to 7
Increased Status Chance from 20% to 30% for Melee hits and projectiles
Increased Critical Chance from 5% to 15% for Melee hits and projectiles
Increased Crit Multiplier from 1.5 to 2
Increased damage from 45 to 50
Knockdown added to recall discharge
Increased Mastery Rank requirement from 0 to 10

Add Notes about your existing friends or create new Notes to send with your future Friend Requests! This will allow you to keep track of your friends list in more detail 
know someone who is great with an Octavia? Remember if someone is always in it for the long haul? Add Notes today!

Returning from 'The Pacifism Defect' preview, Defection is here. Find Harrow Systems + new 'Bane of Corrupted' Mods!
Added Galleon, Asteroid and Infested Ship Defection missions to Dark Sector nodes in the Star Chart (Phobos Memphis, Saturn Caracol and Neptune Yursa).
Defection has been added to the Sortie rotation!
Your Arsenal of Melee weapons has awaited the Riven treatment and the time has come! Rivens overall now have a 25% chance to be earned from Sorties.

For the moments where you wish you had a friend (or 3) with you in the Simulacrum to test a build!
2 new Mandachord instrument packs are here:
Epsilon Instruments 
Plogg Instruments 
*Find them in your Arsenal for purchase!
In order to let you show off Earth Remastered, 3 new Captura Scenes have arrived! These can be obtained in Rare Crates on Earth:
Grineer Forest Factory Scene
Grineer Forest Industry Scene 
Grineer Forest Water Pump Scene
2 Quest related Captura rooms have also been added 
but spoilers mean we won't say too much. If you've finished Octavia's Anthem, you'll find Cephalon Suda offering a new Room. Once you finish Chains of Harrow, Red Veil will offer a new Captura room!

If you find joy in neon colors flashing to the beat of killing Grineer, plug in that Razer Chroma and enjoy the show! Please note that Razer Chroma and Warframe compatibility is a work-in-progress and more compatibility will be added as we continue to develop it.

23 existing PC Achievements have been added to our Steam Achievements! For those of who you have already completed these in-game, they will be unlocked on Steam when you play the Chains of Harrow update using the Steam launcher.
We’ve also added 6 new Achievements to PC (and Steam), bumping the total amount of PC achievements to 172. These were already available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, but now it’s our PC Tenno’s turn to try their hand at them:
Do you think you can complete them all, Tenno?

Special item pickups now display on the left side with emphasis rather than on the bottom resource bumper. You'll notice items like Kubrow Eggs, Weapon Blueprints, and other special items picked up in game now have more pizazz!  
Mods that are already equipped on compatible gear now have a desaturated look and icon representing that they cannot be simultaneously used on compatible gear!
With Archwing 2.0, players can now fire their weapons while 'sprinting'. This functionality carried over to Submersible missions, but there was no animation to go with it. An animation has been added for this functionality! 
There is now a Sentient category in the Simulacrum! 
You can now cycle through multi-option abilities while performing a roll. 
Selecting Emotes in the Arsenal now plays said Emote on your Warframe!
Added variants for enemy group knockback and get-up animations when they are struck together. 
Added a new minimap zone marker for more interesting objectives. You will see the first example of this in Harrow’s Quest!
Added custom leap attack animations for the Nikana. 
Added an “Opponent forfeited” message in Conclave Team Annihilation and Lunaro when the opponent team leaves the match instead of "Victory".
Added a “Thank you for your purchase” message when buying Slots from your Inventory.
Added muzzle flash to shotguns.
Added new blood effects for when you shoot or slash your enemies.

	changes: Update 21: Chains Of Harrow:
Junctions that used to award Quest blueprints will now directly award the following Quests, thus removing the need to craft them in your Foundry:
The Limbo Theorem (Jupiter-Europa Junction)
Patient Zero (Pluto-Eris Junction)
Hidden Messages (Pluto-Sedna Junction)
Oberon and Oberon Prime have received new visual FX for Hallowed Ground! 
Captura sessions now include a countdown and voting. 
With Harrow's enhancement to Criticals, we have slightly tweaked the colour gradient in which Critical hits are displayed. Introducing: Orange Crits! These now occur in between Yellow and Red Crits. Before, Crits became Red when 100% Crit Chance was achieved. Now Crits will be ORANGE  in the 100.01-200% range, and Red will start at 200.01%+! This is solely a visual change. 
Polished Grineer enemy AI vault over, drop down, etc. animations. 
Adjusted skybox lighting in Pluto’s asteroid field.
Corpus featured in the Valkyr Prime trailer now reflect the new facial feature textures in-game. 
Swapped out an old Grineer console panel with the consistent console panel in the Grineer Asteroid Fortress tileset.
Smoothed out Stealth and Parry finisher animations. Enemies will no longer pop in front of you and instead will properly align your Warframe with the enemy during the animation.
Lowered Armor and Health for Grineer Drahks.
Feral Kubrow have had their Armor reduced to 50.
Made the Cycuta and Verlorum Prime Sigils appear more metallic.
Improved glass rendering to be more accurate all in the name of good looking glass.
Adjusted the hitbox size of some of the Grineer units’ shoulder pads so that they don’t block headshots.
Updated terminology for Melee combo descriptions for Portuguese and Turkish.
Made several case changes to text in game.
Changed Kavat animation looping from laying on side to sitting up to growl, and then lay back down. Essentially, your classic cat behavior 
Replaced an old door in the Derelict tileset with a newer version.
Improved navigation for enemies in the Corpus Ice Planet and Infested Salvage tileset.
Reduced the countdown when going to a Relay to 5 seconds. 
Made slight adjustments to the stiffness of the Zaikhya Syandana. 
Slightly tweaked Excalibur's Noble stance to have better trigger placement with his fingers. 
Kubrow Eggs are now shown in the Inventory screen under the 'Misc' Tab. 
Increased the elevator speed in Grineer Shipyard Defense missions from 14 seconds to 8 seconds.
Thought the Grakata couldn’t get any better? Well now it’s firepower sounds even more satisfying! We’ve improved it’s 3D sound to use stereo samples, which gives the Grakata a meatier sound when in close proximity to it. This gives ally and enemy Grakatas a more dynamic feel in 3D! Clem will be pleased.
Improved Excavator placement in Corpus Ice Planet tileset Excavation missions.
Darvo’s got a new groove with his newly PBR’ed outfit! 
Improved the performance of Frost's Ice Wave Impedance Mod.
Clients will now be able to see the Host's Octavia Mallet Range FX for a few seconds when cast.
Dex weapon muzzle flash will now apply the chosen Energy color instead of mixing purple + Energy color. Previously it was always purple to keep the Lotus muzzle FX visible, but has since resulted in an unpleasant mix of colors. 
Various improvements to Grineer animations including aiming, crouching, sprinting, and more. Transition animations have also been improved. 
Further improved and refined language used to describe Ability, Power, and Energy throughout the game’s text.
Moved Valkyr Prime's Channelling FX to a different tint channel so they show up much better.
Changed Archwing Rush extraction marker to always path outside its zone to improve pathing flow.
Changed yellow 'destroy' markers in Corpus Reactor Sabotage missions to red.
Repositioned node to fix overlap of Natah quest text 'Find the Sentient Fragments' (Cressida) and Caleus on Uranus.
Swapped Morax and Baal's mission contents (Exterminate and Mobile Defense) on Europa so they aren't adjacent to nodes in other regions with the same missions. 
Moved Europa 
Armaros so text isn't so close to the region title.
Changed Mercury MPrime to Crossfire Exterminate (Infested vs Grineer, was Infested only)
Changed Europa 
Armaros to Crossfire Exterminate (Infested vs Corpus, was Infested only). 
Grineer Scorpions grappling hook now has a lifespan of 10 seconds to prevent lingering grapples from causing performance issues.
Tweaked fleeing enemies in Exterminate missions to flee sooner when you spot them.
The Limbo Theorem Excavation missions will now guarantee one of the Blueprints at the end of 3 extractors as an End of Mission reward.
The Codex now auto-closes when beginning a Quest without a starting cinematic.
Forma-ing your equipment now brings you back to the Upgrade screen instead of to the   main Arsenal.
Removed ability to mark Ayatan Stars since they automatically generate a marker.
Void Fissure Excavation missions now require players to crack open a Relic and have successfully-defended one dig site to completion before they can Extract. 
Cephalon Fragment markers no longer appear if you have completed the Codex Entry or if you have scanned it in that mission, unless you're the initial marker. 
Tweaked Limbo’s Vasiona Skin’s tintmasks at creator’s request.
Updated Frost Vojnik Skin’s weathering textures.
Buffed Avenging Truth’s stored damage to 20/30/40/50% from 10/15/20/25%.
Updated a bunch of Kickbot responses based on observations made by the Guides of the Lotus.
Sounds are now occluded when you are not looking directly at their source. This will help when attempting to locate enemies who are closest to you at all angles. 
Improved the emoji icon in the chat window to avoid appearing with rough edges.
Infested Boiler minions will now target the last target of the Boiler that spawned them.
Adjusted the World State Window with the ability to display more Alert reward text if needed.
Polished multiple Agile and Noble idle animations for various weapons.
Polished single-handed Pistol reload animations, including adding clips to those weapons that did not have one.
Polished Tysis’ firing and reload animations.
Removed stacked color-correction when Melee Channeling to avoid an unsightly bright screen when spamming.
Polished Octavia’s Agile Animations. 
Improved Condor Dropship pathing behavior in the Ambulas fight. 
Corpus Ospreys can now receive headshots! You may now unleash devastating shots to their “faces”.
Made several mix improvements to bullet hit and Tenno Shield gaining/loss sound FX.
Damage numbers linger a little longer now. 
Updated the visuals of Right-Click menus in your Friends or Clan Menus.
Spawning enemies in the Simulacrum now prompts a message outlining what enemies were spawned and in what number. This message will also indicate who spawned them in Multiplayer Simulacrum sessions.
Excavators will stop spawning after extraction is enabled in the Archwing Quest.
Made small improvements to how idle enemies react to being hit by bullets by unseen attackers. 
Active Kinetic Siphon Traps will timeout after 3 minutes (unless it is tethered to a target). 
Moved asteroid belt in the Star Chart to be beside Ceres because, thankfully, Earth is not surrounded by asteroids 
Ceres is!
The Chat Window is now accessible during loading screens, but you will be unable to link Rivens or Songs, view Profiles, click Chat Links, or edit Chat Filters when in loading screens.
Made the floor FX of Octavia’s Metronome smaller for Clients out of respect to players sensitive to seizures as per: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/802797-octavia-abilities-triggering-epileptic-seizures/
Replaced Waypoint Markers with new area markers in the second mission of the Second Dream Quest, and updated the objective text to be more descriptive.
Toned down the FX on Puncture Status Effects.
Tweaked cloth stiffness of the Uru Prime Syandana.
Updated appearance of Warframe and Weapon Codex entries.
Codex Relic search now also searches Relic contents.
Dojo instances are now cancelled when no clan members are present.
Audited head hitboxes to ensure headshots are properly rewarded across all enemy units with applicable heads.
Enemy units start easy and get tougher towards the end of the mission as more enemies are killed.
Eximus or special enemy mini-bosses will spawn at intervals as more enemies are killed.
Added an in-world marker like other missions. 
Enemies in Crossfire missions now spawn with more variety. Previously the same few enemy units were used for all Crossfire missions. These have also been randomized in Alerts and Invasions, depending on the tileset.
Enemies will no longer be tracked once the required exterminate count is reached, and the tracker will now disappear after a few seconds.
Added Mobile Defense consoles to more Grineer Shipyard and Asteroid tiles to increase the chance of playing in unique tiles for Mobile Defense missions.
Reduced the maximum total Defense time from 6 mins to 4 mins in the highest difficulty areas. Time is still divided between 2-3 consoles.
Increased the maximum concurrent enemy count during Defense stages to increase intensity.
Reduced console health slightly for a little added challenge. 
Console health is higher in Solo missions.
Lockdowns can no longer occur at any point during Mobile Defense missions.
Enemy types start easy and get tougher with each console defended, similar to the Exterminate changes (also applies to Archwing Mobile Defense and Exterminate).
Mobile Defense missions always have 3 consoles now, with the exception of those with special mobile defense tiles (see below). There is still a fallback of 2 consoles in case there was no room to spawn a 3rd, but this should occur very rarely.
Grineer Asteroid and Corpus Infested Ship tiles will now randomize with a 50/50 chance of it landing on a special Mobile Defense room or 3 individual large rooms with a console in each.
Added consoles to more tiles in Grineer Asteroid and Shipyards for more variety.
Made a couple tweaks to existing console locations in Grineer Asteroid and Shipyard tiles.
Removed tiles containing elevators on the main path in Grineer Asteroid, Corpus Ice Planet, and outpost tiles to improve spawning
Increased chance of spawning unique Mobile Defense rooms in several tiles 
Corpus Ship, Corpus Outpost, Corpus Gas City, Grineer Galleon, Grineer Settlement, and Grineer Shipyards. 
The Grineer Shipyard Mobile Defense tileset is back, and optimized for better performance and with new randomized console locations!
Made several procedural level length and layout tweaks for better tile variety in several tiles.
Reduced the maximum number of co-op (friendship) doors from 2 to 1. 
Large rooms will now be favored over narrow corridors in the Corpus Ship tiles.
The Grineer Fortress Exterminate missions have been tweaked to reduce tile repetition and length.
Made several tweaks to reduce chance of large tiles repeating in Survival missions.
The Grineer Fortress Assault mission has been tweaked to have less filler tiles and shorter defense timers for the mission.
Added “how-to reload” to tutorial instructions in Vor’s Prize. 
Added names to offline consoles in your Landing Craft during Vor’s Prize to familiarize players with the equipment. 
Added “click to open”, “select one”, and “press x to open” instruction labels to the Daily Tribute. 
Added “Not available in mission” message over Dojo and Clan log entries when in mission.
Added Mastery progress bar for Squad members in the Squad panel.
Added a number to the overall Syndicate Standing bar in the End of Mission window.
Added default display settings when no known graphics card is identified.
Added descriptions for the Primary, Secondary, and Melee weapon options in Vor’s Prize when prompted to choose a weapon in each category. 
Added a cool-down timer in chat rooms where you are limited to how frequently you can post. 
Added the Mastery Rank icon and gave it a pulsing FX in the squad overlay (only visible in Landing Craft) when you are eligible for the next Mastery Test. 
Added a blur effect to the background of the consoles at the front of the Landing Craft to improve readability. In-mission text has also received a similar treatment.
Added an in-world navigation marker to Rescue mission tiles to direct to main door hack panels within a 20-30 meter range.
Added a “hide window” Chat icon. 
Added a “clear filter” button that instantly removes any text that has been entered into a filter box. 
Added individual “destroy” icons to the fuel injectors on the Sabotage reactor in Vor’s Prize. 
Added a UI indicator to Zenith (just like Zenistar) that shows how much time you have left on the disc before it's automatically recalled. 
Added search bar and sorting capabilities to Dojo Room screens, Decoration selection screens, and Research screens.
Added Punch Through, Shotgun drop-off, and *Melee range weapon stats to the Arsenal. *(Melee range weapon stats in the Arsenal are still being worked on 
Added scrollbar to the Clan and Alliance Message of the Day in the Clan and Alliance Menus.
Changed subtitles to 1600x720 so that they do not appear stretched when menu scale is at “full”.
Changed the Corpus lockdown panel material and light from green to orange.  
Changed Grineer lockdown panel locked material color to orange. 
Changed the look and position of the squad invite notification FX.
Changed the Star Chart Nav Segment mission type in Vor’s Prize to “Quest” instead of “Sabotage” since the Sabotage objective is optional and not discovered until mid-mission. The same was done for the Foundry Segment retrieval mission (“Exterminate” to “Quest”).
Changed one of the unusable small console’s material to an “off” state to avoid confusion with active consoles. 
Improved readability of Junction tasks.
Improved how rewards are sorted in the End of Mission screen. Rewards are now ordered as follows: Mission Score > Credits > Kuva > Components > Blueprints > Ayatan Sculptures > Ayatan Stars > Endo > Resources > Anything else.
Improved descriptions of numerous instructions during Vor's Prize.
Pressing Escape while the chat window is open will now minimize chat before closing any screens behind it.
Equipment is now sorted in your Profile by time equipped instead of percentage used.
Adjusted the Arsenal context action position to better align with the Arsenal itself.
Updated the active Quest nodes and pulse FX in the Star Chart with the Quest icon instead of a blue diamond. 
Hacking terminals now display the context actions “Reset Alarms” or “Release Lockdown” instead of the generic “Hack Terminal” action.
All context actions now have the option to use a script to determine its action text dynamically. 
Drop down menus will now auto close when a mouse click is made outside of the drop down menus background.
“Credit Reward” and “Mission Credits” are now displayed as a single entry “Credits” in the End of Mission reward window. 
A “Cannot Use in Archwing” HUD message will now appear under the ability bar when attempting to use Liset Air Support Charges and Kinetic Syphon Traps while in Archwing missions.
Improved the revive screen by adding an explicit “Revives Left This Mission” banner with the number of revives left. 
The Hostage icon will now appear next to the name/health and shields bar of the Hostage when in the care of the Tenno.
Tweaked numerous timer descriptions to include 'Time Left' details, not just a default timer. 
Removed Eximus spawns from Vor’s Prize during the Foundry Segment retrieval mission.
Picking up a starter weapon in Vor’s Prize now displays it in a rewards pop-up (similar to when a Foundry item is claimed).
Improved visibility of indicator in Grineer hacking puzzles.
You can now search for your Kubrows and Kavats by name.
Updated the Relic Pack opening UI to display possible rewards from each Relic.
Items in the Market will display its required Mastery Rank even if the player’s Mastery Rank surpasses it.
Damage increased from 15 to 38
Damage fall off added starting from 7m and ending at 14 with a minimum damage of 10
Status Chance increased from 14% to 20%
Damage increased from 15 to 38
Damage fall off added starting from 7m and ending at 14 with a minimum damage of 10
Status Chance increased from 14% to 20%
Akbronco's Disposition has been tweaked to reflect these changes.
Damage increased from 20 to 50
Damage fall off added starting from 9m and ending at 18 with a minimum damage of 13
Status Chance increased from 17.5% to 22%
Increased Crit Multiplier from 1.5 to 2
Mastery Rank 3 required
Damage increased from 15 to 20
Damage fall off reduced to 11m and ending at 22 with a minimum damage of 8
Increased Status Chance from 10% to 15%
Mastery Rank 6 required
Damage increased from 15 to 40
Damage fall off added starting from 13m and ending at 26 with a minimum damage of 14
Status Chance increased from 10% to 20%
Mastery Rank 6 required
Damage increased from 20 to 40
Damage fall off added starting from 10m and ending at 20 with a minimum damage of 10
Mastery Rank 8 required
Damage increased from 20 to 30
Damage fall off added starting from 16m and ending at 32 with a minimum damage of 15
Status Chance increased from 10% to 20%
Critical Chance increased from 2.5% to 5%
Increased Accuracy for hip and aimed fire
Mastery Rank 9 required
Damage increased from 8 to 17
Damage fall off reduced to 12m and ending at 24 with a minimum damage of 5
Mastery Rank 10 required
Damage increased from 20 to 50
Damage fall off added starting from 9m and ending at 18 with a minimum damage of 13
Mastery Rank 11 required
Damage increased from 9 to 22
Damage fall off added starting from 15m and ending at 30 with a minimum damage of 6
Increased mag size from 5 to 10
Mastery Rank 12 required
Damage increased from 8 to 17
Damage fall off reduced to 12m and ending at 24 with a minimum damage of 5
Increased Fire Rate from 5 to 8
Increased Recoil and decreased Accuracy
Mastery Rank 12 required
Increased damage from 18 to 30
Increased Crit Chance from 5% to 10%
Increased Status Chance from 1% to 3%
Increased damage from 18 to 30
Increased Crit Chance from 5% to 10%
Increased Status Chance from 1% to 3%
Increased Mastery Rank requirement from 0 to 1
Increased damage from 15 to 20
Increased Status Chance from 1% to 8%
Increased Mastery Rank requirement from 0 to 2
Increased damage from 70 to 130
Increased Crit Chance from 15% to 20%
Increased Mastery Rank requirement from 0 to 3
Increased damage from 30 to 40
Increased Crit Chance from 10% to 15%
Increased Status Chance from 2% to 5%
Increased Mastery Rank requirement from 1 to 3
Increased damage from 15 to 20
Increased Status Chance from 1% to 8%
Increased Mastery Rank requirement from 0 to 4
Increased damage from 20 to 50
Increased Crit Chance from 8% to 20%
Increased Mastery Rank requirement from 0 to 4
Increased damage from 70 to 130
Increased Crit Chance from 15% to 20%
Increased Mastery Rank requirement from 0 to 4
Increased Mastery Rank requirement from 0 to 5
Increased damage from 15 to 16
Increased Crit Chance from 8% to 10%
Increased Status Chance from 5% to 20%
Increased Mastery Rank requirement from 2 to 5
Increased damage from 22 to 37
Increased Crit Chance from 5% to 30%
Increased Status Chance from 5% to 20%
Increased Mastery Rank requirement from 0 to 6
Increased damage from 40 to 50
Increased Crit Chance from 20% to 25%
Increased Status Chance from 10% to 20%
Increased Mastery Rank requirement from 2 to 7
Increased damage from 350 to 500
Increased Status Chance from 45% to 50%
Added 100% Knockback Status Effect
Increased Accuracy when shooting from the hip in Full-Auto mode
Increased Accuracy when shooting in Semi-Auto when aiming
Increased damage from 25 to 28 in Full-Auto mode
Increased Critical Chance from 10 to 15% in Auto mode
Added 1m innate Punch Through
Increased Status Chance from 15% to 20%
Increased Critical hit Chance from 15% to 20%
Increased Critical hit multiplier from 2 to 2.5x
Enemies killed now disintegrate
Increased collision thickness of beam

*Fixed spawn and pacing issues in many Excavation issues (particularly for Solo players on Europa). 
*Fixed misaligned thrusters on Regulator Codex entries. 
*Fixed issues with the Captura button not always appearing properly when navigating to a Warframe's Appearance. 
*Fixed issues with Chat filters not working with case sensitivity. 
*Fixed issues with Captura sessions allowing missions to be played beyond the 4 player limit.
*Fixed tile border clipping issues in the Corpus Outpost tile when levels are generated.
*Fixed an art issue with a Corpus Wall vent.
*Fixed rogue trigger that was poking into other levels causing unwanted space zones in the Infested Salvage tileset. 
*Fixed the sheath orientation on the Nikana when attacking.
*Fixed an issue where the Melee slam attack for Clients was dealing double damage.
*Fixed title in the Melee Combo screen not being localized. 
*Made several fixes to improve enemy spawning and flow in Corpus Ice Planet Excavation missions.
*Fixed faulty navigation for the collapsing ice bridge in the Corpus Ice Planet tileset. 
*Fixed Platinum discount timer counting at variable speeds at different frame rates. 
*Fixed Codex/Market diorama focusing on the incorrect points when viewing Pistols.
*Fixed a script error if you claim a built weapon before the diorama finishes loading. 
*Fixed Hush Mod not working for charging sounds (ex. alt fire on the Paracyst). 
*Fixed Riven capacity not updating if you sell or dissolve all your Rivens at once.
*Fixed Cephalon Simaris, Ordis, and Suda being too zoomed during their transmissions.
*Fixed the Simulacrum Arsenal always showing a fully grown Cyst on your Warframe.
*Fixed the Arsenal camera getting displaced and stuck when killed by a projectile in the Simulacrum. 
*Fixed muzzle flashes going off while reviving as Mesa.
*Fixed black glass in the Ordis and Cephalon Suda transmissions.
*Fixed broken assets in the final room of the first Archwing mission in The Archwing Quest. 
*Fixed a script error related to crafting UI message in the Foundry.  
*Fixed being able to press enter when asked if you want to rush crafting even if you don't have a weapon building.
*Fixed the Towsun Skin Collection in the French client incorrectly mentioning Grakatas as part of the bundle.
*Fixed Warframes, weapons, and Sentinels levels not updating in the squad overlay if leveled during the mission.
*Fixed the weapon Energy trail for the Obex and Prima Obex incorrectly showing as claw-like. 
*Potential fix for a script error when you hover and click next to the Ayatan Treasures window in the Mod segment. 
*Fixed enemies in the Mastery Rank 12 test appearing without the Simulacrum texture and FX. 
*Fixed Eximus units spawning in the Mastery Rank 24 Test making it very difficult to complete as the Operator. 
*Fixed various clipping issues with the Centuria Syandana. 
*Fixed an issue where the Opticor would explode on Volt's Electric Shield instead of simply passing through and amplifying the damage.
*Fixed continued issues with Sortie Rewards not showing what was earned. 
*Fixed various issues with missing collision in the Corpus Outpost. 
*Fixed multiple clipping issues with the Repala Syandana on some Warframes.
*Fixed not being able to start new Dojo Pigment research without re-loading the screen. 
*Fixed several Melee weapon trails not showing up properly. 
*Fixed the Trading Post / Treasury decorations in the Dojo being permanent once placed in a session resulting in loss of functionality. 
*Fixed Capture Target dying and causing instant mission fail in the Corpus Ice Planet if the bridge collapses while they're on it.
*Fixed some inconsistent door light materials in Orokin loot challenge tiles.
*Fixed issues with colour correction not being applied to Mesa's Peacemaker. 
*Fixed the Mars Junction only rewarding 1 Codex Scanner instead of 25. 
*Fixed an issue where players would sometimes have to relog to use items gifted to them. 
*Fixed various issues with game localization not appearing properly in Navigation windows. 
*Fixed issues with elevators becoming desynced in player Dojos. 
*Fixed "Expanding" Melee weapons not expanding when equipped. 
*Fixed certain grids playing Focus sound multiple times when scrolling.
*Fixed the "Mods" button showing up in Upgrade screen when in Simulacrum.
*Fixed an issue where changing loadout during mission start timer will result in a change of loadout after end or abort of mission.
*Fixed an issue with Cephalon Suda's death squads not being Eximus units. Look out! 
*Fixed an issue with back Sigils clipping on the Chroma Dynasty Skin. 
*Fixed multiple navigation issues in the Corpus Ice Planet tileset. 
*Fixed issues with Glaive-style weapons being thrown through walls. 
*Fixed Napalm Bombard fire projectiles not being affected by Mag's Magnetize (projectile attractors).
*Fixed stats for Conclave Arsenal being incorrect when swapping weapons.
*Fixed Prosecutors not having a Codex entry.
*Fixed a script error when focusing on Landing Craft Decorations while in the decoration placement mode.
*Fixed applying Sigils to Nova Prime displaying weird textures.
*Fixed being in an unarmed state when attempting to switch to a Synthesis Scanner while sheathing a weapon.
*Fixed Dojo decoration options to accurately reflect if the decoration needs contributions or if it's in the building phase.
*Fixed sprinting/rolling in Submersible resulting in launching you through geometry and out of the level bounds.
*Fixed attempting to go back when viewing a Companion’s Codex page not closing the Codex.
*Fixed Kavat and Kubrow bundles from the Market not awarding Incubator Power Cores.
*Fixed Clients not able to see the Health Conversion Mod effects.
*Fixed not being able to sit in the Helminth Infirmary chair as Nidus as per: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/780112-cannot-sit-on-helminths-chair/
*Fixed viewing windows when mousing over Mirage’s Hall of Mirror clones leaving a translucent flickering model, resulting in an obstruction of view. 
*Fixed playing a holstering animation after throwing the Javlok or Ferrox.
*Fixed Point D on the Grineer Galleon Interception mission on Mercury appearing as a Cryopod instead of an Interception point. 
*Fixed some options under Display Settings not resetting to defaults.
*Fixed a script error upon finding a Rare Crate in the Law of Retribution.
*Fixed Vauban’s Vortex sometimes spontaneously killing enemies. 
*Fixed sometimes not being able to go back on a zipline once you reach the end.
*Fixed yellow glow from knock down Debuff not showing up after Nidus has used a Stack to Revive.
*Fixed Grineer Satellites in Archwing having a ridiculously small scanning location. 
*Fixed the Angstrum generating infinite spread for its first shot. 
*Fixed cases where viewing Kubrows in the Codex would use the stats for whatever Kubrow you currently have equipped.
*Fixed a level hole in the Grineer Sealab tileset from which you could swim out and slowly fall into the dark abyss of water.
*Fixed Mercury Terminus Sabotage not showing Crossfire and the correct faction on the Star Chart UI.
*Fixed Europa Valac not showing Crossfire on Star Chart UI.
*Fixed small doors in the Corpus Ice Planet Rescue tile being affected by lockdowns and trapping players.
*Fixed an issue where Impact Status Effect icons would never display on the HUD next to enemy Health bars.
*Fixed the Kohm having incorrect reload clip ejection timing.
*Fixed overlapping names in Honored Grand Masters list in the Relay.
*Fixed mismatched mission rewards if a player crashes/disconnects from a Squad and then rejoins just as the Squad is completing a mission. 
*Fixed Syndicate Captura Rooms missing doors.
*Fixed seeing squad mates’ Tonkor aim trail when shooting or aiming.
*Fixed the Opticor and Ferrox not dealing any damage if it was fired inside Limbo's Stasis as per: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/791540-opticor-limbos-stasis-bugged/
*Fixed Nidus’ Stack Counter being visible when using a Remote Observer.
*Fixed clicking on Linked bundles in Chat leading to the purchase screen instead of the Market screen.
*Fixed a typo on Zephyr Migisi Helmet description.
*Fixed exits to Orokin Puzzle Rooms being only triggerable by Hosts, resulting in Clients sometimes being trapped in the room as per: https://www.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/6ew86c/de_please_add_failsafes_to_the_puzzles_c/
*Fixed Euphona Prime’s primary fire projectile not appearing when using low particle settings.
*Fixed an unnecessary Objective Marker appearing after destroying the 3 pipes in Sealab Sabotage.
*Fixed the "NOT" prefix in the Chat Filter list not being localized.
*Fixed Excavators sometimes having inconsistent Health and Shields.
*Fixed Tomb Guardians multiplying on death when force-killed in Simulacrum/Captura.
*Fixed Mutalist MOAs being unable to be hit by finishers.
*Fixed a bug causing Syndicate Offerings to overlap when completing a purchase with the “Hide Owned” filter active.
*Fixed the visuals of the orbital strike smoke trails in the Ambulas boss fight.
*Fixed Orvius charged attacks causing enemies to hang in the air indefinitely when immediately switching to an ability weapon. 
*Fixed Grineer Scorpions freezing for several seconds if their grapple pull misses.
*Fixed Forest Camo Skin not applying properly to the Furis.
*Fixed Soma skins not applying to the clip when previewed.
*Fixed the “Gift” option appearing on certain TennoGen skins when they are unable to be gifted.
*Fixed Clients not able to see the destination circle after they or a squadmate has casted Effigy using Chroma’s Guided Effigy Augment. 
*Fixed Orokin Sentries being labelled “Turret” when in a deactivated state. 
*Fixed Blueprints in the Foundry displaying the craft time as “1 hours” instead of “1 hour”. 
*Fixed the Kubrow Tame idle animation not looping correctly.
*Fixed Vor in Ceres Assassination missions remaining alive for the Host when he is one-shot by a Client.
*Fixed script error when viewing the 'Transport' entry in the Objects section.
*Fixed a soft lock caused by accessing the Menu with the End of Mission rewards screen still up in your Orbiter.
*Fixed Corpus Stasis Mine clipping into the floor in the Codex.
*Fixed arm twitching when holding a Rifle with Mesa’s Noble Idle equipped.
*Fixed Oberon’s Hallowed Ground VFX remaining indefinitely after a Host migration.
*Fixed Clients not seeing Booster information when picking them up during a mission.
*Fixed animation on a specific set of doors within The War Within Quest.
*Fixed Resource Containers using incorrect drop tables for the planet in Quest missions.
*Fixed Avenging Truth absorbing damage when RMB was held but no actual damage was blocked.
*Fixed Jackal’s upper legs being invulnerable.
*Fixed ghostly Rampart remaining on Oberon if entering or exiting a Rampart with Renewal active.
*Fixed ghostly Rampart remaining on an enemy if they exit the Rampart while under Nyx’s Mind Control.
*Fixed Nidina Shoulder Plates clipping on Vauban Prime.
*Fixed various Syandana clipping issues for Rhino.
*Fixed various Syandana clipping issues for Hydroid’s Immortal Skin’s waist cloth.
*Fixed Hydroid’s Immortal Skin’s waist cloth clipping into his legs.
*Fixed lower-back clipping issues for the Incubus Ribbon Syandana on a variety of Warframes.
*Fixed various Syandana clipping issues through Nezha’s back.
*Fixed Centuria Syandana clipping issues for various Warframes.
*Fixed Zaikhya Syandana clipping issues for various Warframes.
*Fixed Syandana clipping issues for the Frost Emperor Skin.
*Fixed Oberon’s Feyarch Skin’s skirt getting stuck in his legs.
*Fixed various Syandana clipping issues through Titania’s wings.
*Fixed various Syandana clipping issues through Chroma’s Effigy.
*Fixed Repala Syandana clipping through Loki’s arms.
*Fixed “Clan” not being localized in the Clan Tier title.
*Fixed some cases where localized text would clip outside of the Riven Reroll Button.
*Fixed a crafty guard in the Relays who got ahold of two Bratons instead of one. 
*Fixed an issue with weapons shrinking sometimes depending on the skin equipped. 
*Fixed unnecessary waypoint markers in Tyl Regor’s boss battle.
*Fixed the assassination room already being destroyed when fighting the Juggernaut Behemoth in Jordan Golem Assassinate. 
*Fixed staying as the Operator when in Operator mode during the transition to Archwing in the Jordas Golem Assassination. Being killed as the Operator with your Archwing would respawn the player into the Juggernaut Assassination room, making it impossible to complete the mission.
*Fixed being able to float mid-air if you stand on top of the Juggernaut Behemoth’s spawn pod before he emerges from it.  
*Hopeful fix for the Grustrag Three not always spawning in the Law of Retribution.
*Fixed purging into Arching mode in Stage 3 of the Jordas Verdict while wielding an Exalted Weapon resulting in not having Archwing Weapons.
*Fixed Chromatic Blade Augment not applying elemental FX on Exalted Blade’s projectiles. 
*Fixed the black box behind the title and description of a Quest in the “end quest” screen not going all the away across the screen if you did not have a wide enough resolution to support it. 
*Fixed Infested Boiler minions always spawning at level 10. 
*Fixed an issue with the enemy counter selection buttons in the Simulacrum that would cause you to get stuck in the UI.
*Fixed multiple issues with transmissions during the Ambulas fight.
*Fixed Ambulas doing jump attacks in places where he obviously can’t perform this maneuver.  
*Fixed missing objective marker to locate Cache when playing the first mission in the Archwing Quest.
*Fixed Mirage’s Hall of Mirrors causing some explosive weapons’ projectiles to detonate almost immediately upon firing, causing self damage. 
*Fixed explosive weapons auto-detonating due to Mirage’s Hall of Mirrors clones.
*Fixed missing mesh on the Zenith. 
*Removed duplicated Halls of Ascension rooms on Lua. 
*Fixed an issue where cloth would revert to their default position and then settle when things changed in the Arsenal. 
*Fixed Red Veil Operatives drawing a strange blue effect from their weapon trails.
*Fixed Host taking more damage when their Armor integrity is at 0 during the Jordas Verdict trial.
*Fixed a script error that could occur when trying to look at your Offline Friends.
*Fixed enemies being able to trigger lockdowns in Sortie Mobile Defense missions.
*Fixed the Lacera displaying incorrectly when posing in the Arsenal. 
*Fixed issues with Supra Vandal’s tinting.
*Fixed Player Names and Loadouts not displaying properly in Conclave Lobby UI.
*Fixed Chroma Dynasty Skin clipping into many cloth Syandanas.
*Fixed the Yamako and Vanquished Banner syandanas clipping into Oberon Prime’s cloth pieces.
*Fixed an issue with Syndicate Handshakes not working in the Relays. 
*Fixed an issue with the Penta grenades not detonating in succession while switching weapons with Adhesive Blast equipped.
*Fixed Weapon skins sometimes not applying to the Weapon in the Market.
*Fixed talking to Cephalon Suda resulting in players being able to bring up the Syndicate UI anywhere in the Relay when they press X.
*Fixed Kuva getting stuck in the ground and ceiling in multiple areas around the Corpus Ice Planet tileset. 
*Fixed Zenith’s radar not highlighting enemies behind closed doors.  
*Fixed the Nikana sheath becoming unattached from your hand and flipped around when performing an air attack.
*Fixed stacking buffs not being removed properly when they hit 0.
*Fixed Melee Channeling FX not properly displaying when joining a mission as a Client.
*Fixed the Heliocor appearing unfolded when holstered on your Warframe’s back in the Relays.  
*Made multiple alignment and consistency fixes for doors across different tilesets. 
*Fixed having Dual Pistols equipped but switching to single Pistol after placing the Reactor Cell in Sabotage missions. 
*Fixed viewing one item in the Market and clicking on a related item sometimes causing duplicate items to appear in the diorama if you press ESC before the related item loaded completely. 
*Fixed enemies not spawning in Erpo on Earth.
*Fixed player's master volume settings being set to 0 affecting the damage output of Octavia's Amp.
*Fixed cloth collision Syandana issues with Saryn. 
*Fixed the Cyngas flaps unfolding inconsistently in several different ways when previewing it in the Archwing Arsenal. 
*Fixed a mis-matched pose for Ivara in the Rifle idle variant. 
*Fixed several Excavation, navigation, and AI choke points issues on the Corpus Ice Planet tileset.
*Fixed a script error with the Ferrox.
*Made a small performance fix to Operator gameplay. 
*Fixed a case where you were unable to save a Chat-Linked Song in the Mandachord.
*Fixed PBR conversion issues in the Grineer Galleon tileset. 
*Fixed Extraction marker staying red after killing all enemies for Exterminate objective. 
*Fixed issues with the dissolve FX not properly working on enemies killed with Melee Channeling.
*Possible fix for a crash caused by the Swarm Mutalist MOA’s projectiles.
*Fixed clipping issues with Saita Prime’s arm customizations. 
*Fixed FX when switching Glyphs. 
*Fixed Ki’Teer Sugatra stiffness. 
*Fixed Bullet Jump FX sometimes appearing on a player’s screen if allied Syndicate Operatives use Bullet Jump in mission.
*Fixed Extraction marker pulsing green when it’s acting as an Exterminate marker.
*Fixed a motion blur error on the Silva and Aegis that would occur after an aerial attack. 
*Fixed a somewhat rare case of enemy FX lingering indefinitely after death when killed in Limbo’s Rift with Stasis active.
*Fixed the UI tracker in Vor’s Prize saying “Grineer Caches” instead of the intended “Corpus Caches” 
*Fixed clipping issues with Equinox’s front cloths.
*Fixed Grineer console screen not switching off upon successful hacking in the Ground Zero mission of Vor's Prize.
*Fixed enemies spawning in view of players in the Ground Zero mission of Vor's Prize.
*Fixed the ammo counter appearing in the 1st mission during Vor’s Prize when no weapons are equipped. 
*Fixed Angstrum's charge animation not loading bullets into the weapon chamber.
*Restored missing missile function to some Archwing turrets.
*Fixed crashing out of The Index and rejoining resulting in having no wager. It should now remember the Investment tier you initially selected.
*Fixed controller cursor positioning issues when navigating menus with scrollbars.
*Fixed Condor Dropships potentially ruining stealth because dropship enemies were always alert.
*Fixed some weapons misusing the incorrect attachment fire position. 
*Fixed ESC not closing the Conclave challenges menu.
*Fixed issues with successfully chaining the Samba Slash Combo when using the Sarpa with Bullet Dance.
*Fixed Dendra Leg Guards flickering when zoomed into a planet in the Star Chart.
*Fixed Clan or Alliance Emblem rejection messages having a blank message body in localized versions of the game.
*Fixed the second mission of the Archwing Quest having an objective waypoint that either leads nowhere or to the Extraction Point. 
*Fixed enemies not spawning in the second mission of the Archwing Quest
*Fixed the “Scan 3 Elite Arid Lancers on Mars” node of the New Strange Quest leading to any event/Syndicate/Fissure mission on the node instead of a regular mission.
*Fixed equipped Emblems appearing too bright when in the Orbiter. 
*Fixed being unable to shoot with the Pandero when downed, except when using alt-fire or when scoped.
*Fixed a crash from clicking a chat link in the Clan/Alliance Message of the Day that is split by the Chat window.
*Fixed Secondary Weapon remaining invisible after throwing a spear weapon if “hide while holstered” is enabled.
*Fixed a soft-lock when opening the menu in Captura.
*Fixed Conclave Arsenal being accessible before the Conclave console is unlocked.
*Fixed several weapons using incorrect models on the floor when players are disarmed.
*Fixed Energy Conversion FX remaining active when accessing the Arsenal in the Simulacrum.
*Fixed Chat window not being updated when settings were changed via the option menu after entering/exiting a mission. 
*Potential fix for Alert pop-up details showing the incorrect rewards.
*Fixed some blocking in Cephalon transmissions.
*Fixed a rendering issue on one of Simaris’ data boards in the Relays.
*Fixed being unable to use weapons or abilities after entering the Simulacrum Arsenal with an Ability active.
*Fixed Oberon’s Renewal causing Mirage’s Hall of Mirrors clones to not be fully see-through.
*Fixed script error that caused a UI lock-up when trying to mod your Warframe after exiting a mission. 
*Fixed mission objective waypoint marker not disappearing after completing the objective in the Second Dream.
*Fixed Fissure Weapon buff not applying to alt fire on some weapons.
*Fixed Magnum Force equipped on Castanas modded for multishot resulting in pin-point accuracy. 
*Fixed being unable to deal damage to the Jordas Golem from certain angles with the Fluctus.
*Fixed a map hole in the Corpus Ice Planet tileset. 
*Fixed the Palatine Hammer Skin being equipped backwards on all hammers (except for the Jat Kittag). 
*Fixed encountering the Grustrag Three in a Survival mission resulting in the 5-minute reward UI no longer functioning properly. 
*Fixed petting the air animation when attempting to interact with your Kavat immediately after putting it in stasis. 
*Fixed some Riven mods having improper grammar that would add confusion or make to the challenge description inaccurate.
*Fixed Kavat customizations not showing up in the Stasis preview.
*Fixed Ability UI not showing proper abilities in the Simulacrum Arsenal after switching Warframes.
*Fixed an exploit in Simaris’ Synthesis tutorial. 
*Fixed several collision issues in the Corpus Ice Planet tileset.
*Fixed some Melee weapons in the Profile’s Equipment tab displaying a “0% Accuracy” statistic.
*Fixed the camera getting stuck far away from players in Captura.
*Fixed a bug that could potentially cause Grineer Manics to stay cloaked.
*Fixed inconsistencies in Ducat and Syndicate Standing UI backings.
*Fixed Warframe rendering issues when breezing through the map with a low framerate.
*Fixed some beam weapons having too long or short controller vibration effects when shooting.
*Fixed not receiving Cache rewards in the Archwing Quest.
*Fixed issues with extraction not triggering in the Grineer Fortress. 
*Fixed projectiles with Punch Through sometimes not passing through passable objects/surfaces. 
*Fixed Sapping Osprey mines visually duplicating for Clients.
*Fixed the Silver Grove shrine teleporting out of the Defense area during the final quest mission, making it vulnerable and unable to be protected. 
*Fixed the Silva & Aegis Prime not playing burst FXs on hit for Clients.
*Fixed the reward panels position in the Codex Quest screens not being adjusted properly on smaller menu scales.
*Fixed players being allowed to start Quest mission countdown even though they haven't equipped all necessary Gear items.
*Fixed Sugatras attaching incorrectly to the Dark Split-Sword when equipped with the Dominion Skin. 
*Fixed Uranus Defense using Interception rewards table instead of Defense reward table.
	type: Update
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Oberon Prime: Hotfix 20.7.4 +
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/809453-oberon-prime-hotfix-2074-20741/
	date: 2017-06-27T17:59:41Z
	changes: Oberon Prime: Hotfix 20.7.4prime Vault Unsealed Until August 1!
	New Limited Time Relics Have Been Added To Drops And Relic Packs That Contain The Following Items And Their Parts:

Flipped the Desert-Camo icons to face the correct direction

*Fixed Clients having giant Archwings (more like size-of-Central-Parkwing, am I right?) and not being visible in the camera view.
*Fixed Nova being able to use Worm Hole on certain Cryopods, causing their hitboxes to move.
*Fixed the Fomorian having twisted Reactors for Clients.
*Fixed an unlocalized text appearing in the Fomorian End of Mission screen.
*Fixed the screen remaining blurry after respawning as Operator during certain missions in The War Within.
*Fixed a crash in the Relay.
*Fixed Wukong’s Defy invulnerability period not applying in Conclave.
*Fixed no one being able to login!
	type: Hotfix
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Oberon Prime: Hotfix 20.7.3
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/806797-oberon-prime-hotfix-2073/
	date: 2017-06-16T20:24:44Z
	changes: Oberon Prime: Hotfix 20.7.3changes:
Force Feedback will now work as intended for all beam weapons when using a controller.
Oberon’s Renewal no longer affects Mirage’s Hall of Mirror clones since it does nothing but consume Energy.

*Fixed being unable to deal damage to the Jordas Golem from certain angles with the Fluctus.
	type: Hotfix
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Oberon Prime: Hotfix 20.7.2
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/806503-oberon-prime-hotfix-2072/
	date: 2017-06-15T17:22:25Z
	changes: Oberon Prime: Hotfix 20.7.2changes:
Adjusted the force feedback when firing the Glaxion with a controller.

*Fixed numerous issues with sending or accepting Friend requests resulting in a blank pop-up window. 
*Fixed "CLAN" not being localized in the Clan tier title.
	type: Hotfix
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Oberon Prime: Hotfix 20.7.1
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/806282-oberon-prime-hotfix-2071/
	date: 2017-06-14T21:01:39Z
	changes: Oberon Prime: Hotfix 20.7.1changes:
Mag’s Magnetize Discharge Augment disarm will now also have a chance to Disarm when the bubble explodes naturally.
Ratels are now more aware of the objectives in Excavation, Survival and Mobile Defense missions.
The Health Conversion Mod now activates upon taking damage instead of getting hit. Previously, Warframes (like Valkyr, Rhino or Nezha) that have abilities that make themselves invincible to damage, were consuming the conversion when hit even though no damage was being done due to invincibility. This rendered the Health Conversion Mod rather useless, and has since been changed to improve functionality.

*Fixed Ash Fatal Teleport Augment teleporting enemies down through the floor in certain situations.
*Fixed Clients not resetting their Operator Energy regen (and therefore having incorrect Energy HUD values) upon exclusively using either the Void Beam or the Void Mode.
*Fixed a crash related to Ash Prime's Teleport.
*Fixed enemies frozen in Stasis sometimes remaining upright, misleading players into thinking they're still alive.
*Fixed Mesa’s Peacemaker screen blur remaining active after the ability ends.
*Fixed the camera colliding with the player if you respawn after spectating someone in Archwing.
*Fixed Excavation spawn flow issues caused by breakable objects (Grates and Fans). 
*Fixed the Fluctus not doing any damage to turrets or buttons in the Jordas Verdict.
*Fixed the marker disappearing on ragdolled Bomb carrier enemies in The Law of Retribution. We have also added some logging in general to Bomb carriers to solve future issues.
	type: Hotfix
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Oberon Prime: Update 20.7.0
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/804548-oberon-prime-update-2070/
	date: 2017-06-07T19:08:59Z
	changes: Oberon Prime: Update 20.7.0new Augmentsexcalibur (Exalted Blade)Mag (Magnetize)Chroma (Effigy)Volt (Electric Shield)Find These New Augments As Syndicate Offerings Today!Changes:
Slightly increased enemy count when you have more Excavators deployed than players to help balance the flow of spawned enemies (mostly experienced in Solo mode).
Adjusted the Igaro Syandana positioning on Hydroid to bring it closer to the body.
The Matchmaking dropdown is now selectable in the Squad menu while in the Dojo. This enables you to change your matchmaking settings if you're playing Solo and try to invite someone.
Changed Fatal Acceleration to allow fitting on all Shotguns since trace-hit shotguns have their falloff altered by projectile speed Mods (this was already happening from Riven drawbacks).
Ash’s Fatal Teleport Augment will now only rotate the target so their back is facing you (before would rotate to front or back) since many weapons don't have frontal finishers.

*Fixed Frost’s Freeze not doing AoE damage.
*Fixed a problem with the giant round "Airlock" doors used most commonly found in Corpus Outpost levels; enemies could get stuck on these doors if all players were out of view and parts of the door were put to sleep.
*Fixed enemies deployed by Condor Dropships in Excavation missions being defensive and fortifying the area they were deployed; these enemies would prevent crucial Power Cell Carrier reinforcements from arriving.
*Fixed the camera not keeping up with the position of the player while the menu is open, making it difficult to use the menu when falling/moving/flying/not looking back at explosions.
*Fixed Clients not being able to select a Relic or accept the mission if the Host selects a new Fissure mission while the Client is on the loading screen.
*Fixed Operator Void Beam damage being framerate dependent.
*More fixes towards the Sukira Prime Syandana being too floaty.
*Fixed Oberon’s Smite projectile circling above Defense pods when cast near it.
*Fixed Oberon's Smite Infusion Augment allowing you to Smite the Defense pod.
*Fixed being able to avoid getting hit in the Mastery Rank 24 test.
*Fixed the Oberon Prime shoulder armor remaining by default when equipping the Feyarch Skin.
*Fixed the right Nidina Leg Plate equipping on the left leg.
*Fixed the Zaikya Syandana sitting incorrectly on Rhino and Rhino Prime.
*Fixed Oberon’s shoulder armor appearing black.
*Fixed the Jordas Golem Assassinate mission reward being lowercase. 
*Fixed the Ki’Teer Atmos Mask and Greater Lens Blueprint being tradable. 
*Fixed switching back and forth from the "Uninstalled" to the "Installed" Arcanes tab breaking the Arcane UI. 
*Fixed a loss of functionality and numerous UI discrepancies when attempting to switch Landing Crafts when in Navigation.
*Fixed Menu and Squad view sometimes not being visible if you're moving very fast on low framerate systems.
*Fixed selecting ‘Mods’ on an un-Forma'd weapon with no Mods equipped resulting in the category selection disappearing. 
*Fixed overlapping text when opening the Clan option from the Navigation menu when not in a Clan. 
*Fixed Specters not receiving the same Energy regeneration upgrade that the previous Solar Rail Specters did.
*Fixed a case where Ash’s Fatal Teleport target may move too far away during the casting animation for the finisher to succeed.
*Fixed a case where some tilesets would block Ash’s Fatal Teleport finishers. 
*Fixed disarming Corpus Power Carriers resulting in their Provas floating outside of their hands.
	type: Update
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Oberon Prime: Hotfix 20.6.4
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/802321-oberon-prime-hotfix-2064/
	date: 2017-05-31T20:48:18Z
	changes: Oberon Prime: Hotfix 20.6.4additions:
The Neo N7 Relic has been introduced into the mix to fix Nekros Prime Systems Blueprint being accidentally vaulted, and the Meso S6 Relic has also been introduced to fix Spira Prime Blade being accidentally vaulted. 
A Mastery Rank 24 test has been added for eligible Tenno!
The Silva & Aegis Prime mace now spins while equipped and will increase/decrease when swinging/idle! I’m sure there is a Fidget Spinner joke in there somewhere... 
Oberon’s Immortal skin has received the PBR treatment! This fixes issues with the Immortal Skin texture introduced this week as well as Oberon Prime’s shoulders appearing very plain without his Prime Armor attachments.

*Fixed a crash related to Dx9 systems. 
*Fixed the Infested Brood Mother’s not being able to melee attack.
*Fixed experiencing crazy high-speed Rovers/Cores when playing a Hijack mission in Solo mode.
*Fixed the Dojo Duel room door giving a Build prompt when attempting to exit the room.
*Fixed the Youkai Helmet material to match body textures.
*Fixed the Sukira Prime Syandana being too floaty.
*Fixed viewing the Star Chart with custom shoulder Armor attached on Oberon Prime resulting in the shoulder Armor appearing rotated 90 degrees.
	type: Hotfix
	description: undefined
	imgUrl: undefined
	name: Oberon Prime: Hotfix 20.6.3
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/801968-oberon-prime-hotfix-2063/
	date: 2017-05-30T22:06:20Z
	changes: Oberon Prime: Hotfix 20.6.3:
The Sybaris Prime has had it's hip-fire / aim-fire recoil reviewed to have less side-to-side movement.

*Fixed “Authentication failed” issue when attempting to invite players on public that you have not yet interacted with.  
*Fixed accidental vaulting of certain Primes and updated affected Relics with the correct Prime Parts.
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	name: Oberon Prime: Hotfix 20.6.2
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/801884-oberon-prime-hotfix-2062/
	date: 2017-05-30T18:11:50Z
	additions: Added a trade Chat cooldown timer as seen here:
Added more information to the '/help' command for in-game chat. We now show how to [item] link, {clan} link, and @user tag. We also added information on /join and /unstuck.

	changes: Oberon Prime: Hotfix 20.6.2protect The Balance With Oberon Prime Access, Available Now!:


Silva & Aegis no longer benefits from blocking Elemental attacks, as it was intended to be a function for the Ack & Brunt. 
Ack & Brunt blocking now gains Elemental damage based on the Elemental damage type it blocked.
Pet Kubrow and Kavats will now recover from ragdoll instead of dying when they are ragdolled off the level or in bad positions.
Adjusted the Rubico's left hand placement to fix clipping inside the weapon.
Kuva Jesters can no longer attach to relatively small enemies (shorter than 1.5m) or tall enemies (greater than 3m) to fix odd scaling issues as seen here:
An error is now displayed in Chat when a message is blocked because it was the same as the previously sent message within a certain time frame.
Reduced the Fissure ‘electrical’ sounds in Void Fissure missions.
Volt’s armor can now be used on Volt Prime so TennoGen Skins can look as intended.
Tweaked the audio design of Kuva Siphons.

*Fixed The Grustrag 3 sometimes not spawning (or conversely double spawning)  in The Law of Retribution.
*Fixed the Hek Drone that spawns with The Grustrag 3 leaving immediately in The Law of Retribution.
*Fixed the Hek Drone sometimes arriving as an Eximus unit, but also as a Corpus attack drone in The Law of Retribution. 
*Fixed Void Relics becoming unequipped if the game attempted to join an existing squad, but then failed due to those squads filling up.
*Fixed players being able to join another player's Captura even when that hosting player is in Solo mode.
*Fixed Banshee’s Silent stopping the Conculyst Whirlwind attack, rendering the Sentient invincible. 
*Fixed Infested Boiler Nekros shadows spawning pods when they die (they are only supposed to spawn them on damage).
*Fixed Oberon's Reckoning causing enemies to float in the air indefinitely.
*Fixed Oberon’s Hallowed Ground FX being offset if cast while moving.
*Fixed a script error that could occur when giving certain stacking buffs to allies. 
*Fixed the Nidina Armor not sitting properly on Saryn or Saryn Prime with her Orphid Skin equipped.
*Fixed a script error that could occur when sporadically sending messages in trade Chat.
*Fixed camera colliding with Saryn’s Molt.
*Fixed some cases of HUD/squad panel buff indicators showing too many decimals.
*Fixed not being able to launch Mastery Tests while in the Navigation panel.
*Fixed issues with the alignment of news on the in-game news console. 
*Fixed wonky Operator hair shading.
*Fixed not being able to continue Trials or Quest missions immediately following a Hotfix.
*Fixed edge cases of HUD breaking gameplay.
*Fixed Osprey mines still not dealing damage.
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	name: Octavia’s Anthem: Hotfix 20.6.1
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/800441-octavia%E2%80%99s-anthem-hotfix-2061/
	date: 2017-05-25T22:08:56Z
	changes: Octavia’S Anthem: Hotfix 20.6.1oberon Changes:
Obaeron, Broberon, Goat Lord...these are just a few of the names bestowed upon our faithful Oberon. With the dedicated amount of continued feedback and passionate discussions about Oberon’s changes, the time has come to release another round of changes! Oberon Prime is right around the corner so the spotlight will be on him like never before. The changes below were brought forth from Dev discussions and by you, our devoted Tenno. Our goal has always been to give synergy to Oberon’s abilities, while still giving him a way to fill multiple roles in battle. We hope these further changes do just that.
Tweaked Hallowed Ground FX to reduce performance issues.
Range Mods now apply 75% to Range (distance from Oberon) and 75% to Arc Angle of Hallowed Ground (before was 25% to Range and 75% to Arc before).
Oberon’s Renewal now heals friendly summoned units (IE Nekros’ Shadows of the Dead) at 1/3 the rate but consumes 1/3 the Energy drain for doing so. The change to have Renewal not affect friendly summons was met with varying opinions, and is now further tweaked to meet a happy middle ground. 
Oberon’s Renewal Armor buff will be applied to allies anytime they step on Hallowed Ground while Renewal is active on them as opposed to them having to be on Hallowed Ground when Renewal hits them.
Renewal no longer affects Nidus’ Maggots as to not prevent them from exploding (their intended behavior).
Oberon’s Reckoning Armor debuff is now based on the target's base Armor instead of current Armor (meaning no more diminishing returns).
Pull, Magnetize, and Polarize can now be cast while in motion 
their animations now only take place on the upper body. 
Removed the .75 second delay at the end of Mag’s Crush cast.
Eximus units can now be summoned as Inaros’ Sand Shadows. 
Tweaked the Endura Idle FX to better display ‘leafy particles’. 
Saved 10MB of RAM and reduced update and startup time for players that installed from Steam or used the Offline-Installer.

*Fixed being unable to craft the Destreza. This also fixes other items requiring Argon Crystals not being craftable. 
*Fixed crashing or failing to join when using the /join command to enter a player's mission.
*Fixed crashing when attempting to enter the Dojo.
*Fixed extracting as the Operator not applying Boosters to obtained Kuva.
*Fixed a script error when attempting to Randomize your Warframe appearance in the Arsenal.
*Fixed retaining the Fissure Primary Weapon buff permanently with Ivara’s Artemis Bow.
*Fixed the Nidina Armor not properly applying chosen Energy color. 
*Fixed the Nidina Armor clipping into Frost/Frost Prime and his Skins.
*Fixed some texture issues on the Ivara Youkai Skin. 
*Fixed some texture issues on the Repala Syandana. 
*Fixed seeing an empty screen when attempting to place a Decoration in the Obstacle Course. It’s fully intentional that Decorations are not placeable in the Obstacle Course, but the empty screen was not intended to appear.
*Fixed underlying/default node's requirements being checked when taxiing to a Sortie mission (ie Kela's Judgement Points).
*Fixed being unable to select a Relic in an Endless Fissure mission if a Relic was not brought in the mission from the start.
*Fixed Hosts seeing Clients firing multiple bullets when they only fired one. 
*Fixed some Pistols having a weird left hand movement when firing.
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	name: Octavia’s Anthem: Update 20.6.0 +
	url: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/800141-octavia%E2%80%99s-anthem-update-2060-20601/
	date: 2017-05-24T20:42:16Z
	changes: Octavia’S Anthem: Update 20.6.0:
Chat now includes a max character indicator for the current channel like so:
Veiled Riven Mods can no longer be equipped on Sentinel weapons. This was causing the Unveiling progress to not be tracked/completed. 
The Ayatan Sculpture screen now has a search bar and sorting options.
Nova’s Antimatter Drop will now auto-detonate upon Nova dying. 
The Defense objective in the Grineer Fortress now begins the same way as all other Defenses by walking up to the circle and initiating the auto start.
Improved handling of corrupt cache data.
Optimized several things to save 5MB of RAM and accelerate content update.
Removed unintended 25 Impact damage AOE when Mutalist Quanta orb expires (it still does 100 Electrical damage). The Impact damage never scaled with Mods and would only have hit if the target was inside the orb.
Nekros’ Shadows of the Dead can now summon Eximus units! This fixes the issue of Nekros being unable to summon Eximus units at all.

*Fixed various doors appearing stuck in a half-opened state for Clients. 
*Fixed Banshee's Sound Quake doing slightly less damage at low frame-rates (1.7% less at 30 FPS, 0.8% at 60 FPS).
*Fixed the Sancti Tigris Health buff not working for Clients and only lasting 10 seconds in total for the Host.
*Fixed (for real this time) interrupting Hydroid’s Tempest Barrage animation causing the FX to repeat.
*Fixed not receiving any messages if a Chat channel only had exclude filters.
*Fixed extracting as the Operator not saving Syndicate Standing in cases where the player's Warframe had a Syndicate Sigil equipped in a regular mission.
*Fixed Chat not suggesting linked Prime Warframes. 
*Fixed Operator running out of Void energy at high FPS in Captura.
*Fixed the Zaikhya Syandana and Incubus Syandana not moving independently from each other. 
*Fixed the Covenant Syandana appearing stiff and clipping.
*Fixed Operator hair rendering/blocking in front of the Operator's face when in a room that has had the windows broken (ie Corpus Ship).
*Fixed flickering glass on some Grineer Sealab extraction tiles.
*Fixed buttons in some lists becoming offset after scrolling.
*Fixed some list entries sometimes extending through the scroll bar after scrolling.
*Fixed the Sentinel Regen Mod not working when controlling the Operator.
*Fixed Focus icons appearing over numerous Market items.
*Fixed not being able to see what gender your Pet is when it’s out of Stasis.
*Fixed not being able to hear Syndicate Status effects while invisible. 
*Fixed Sortie Defense targets dying to Grineer Fortress traps.
*Fixed the Igaro Syandana clipping into Volt’s legs.
*Fixed Chat filters shortening the available text area.
*Fixed Credit balance display precision for the exceedingly wealthy.
*Fixed Ember’s Flash Accelerant Augment Mod description reading ‘Fire’ instead of ‘Heat’.
*Fixed Operator Void Blast costing more Energy for Clients than for Host.
*Fixed Warframe mesh being applied to Operator when changing loadout in the Navigation screen.
*Fixed various Clan room titles using the description as the room title.
*Fixed some animation pops when casting Oberon’s Reckoning.
*Removed the Mastery Rank requirement from the Nidina Armor Set.
*Removed the Mastery Rank requirement from the Endura Collection
*Changed the Endura to be Mastery Rank 7 required instead of 8.
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