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    Happy New Year Warframe Wikia users and contributors!

    The advent of Update 26 with its Melee 2.9999 changes have brought me and many other editors attention towards the need to update how stance tables are displayed. So began the porting of the wiki templates over to Lua (no not the moon) in the form of modules.

    Before I begin, I want to shoutout to User:ArbitraryMary for doing the majority of the work of updating most (if not all) the PvE stance info and User:Nocturnus1 for updating PvP stances too! Thank you for your research! If there is anyone I missed, please leave a message below.

    If you are curious about programming or want to know the behind-the-scenes look for this wiki, this blog post may be the place to learn more. Feel free to ask…

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