As of late the Warframe pages have come under review for increased amounts of higher end editing. This blog post is going to attempt to explain some of the background/inner workings of how we make these pages tick.

Some Basic Syntax[]

We actually have two tabbing features currently in use on the wiki and are slowly transitioning into the latter of the two. The original one we used is called Tabview. Click on that link to see the details of how it works; I won't be taking the time to explain much on it now because we're moving away from using it for various reasons. Here is an example of our code for pages using Tabview:

WARFRAMENAME (Prime) Tab|Prime
WARFRAMENAME (Abilities) Tab|Abilities
WARFRAMENAME (Info) Tab|Information
WARFRAMENAME (Equip) Tab|Alternate Equipment
WARFRAMENAME (Media) Tab|Media

The tabbing feature we are working more towards using is called Tabber. Unlike Tabview, the information we put inside of each tab does not need to be stored in an alternate page, however we can continue to use that method of organization by simply transcluding the pages similarly to the way we would transclude a template. The primary difference is that when transcluding a page outside of the Template: namespace, you must put a collon : before the title of the page. For example: {{PAGENAME}} will transclude the page from the Template: namespace, where-as {{:PAGENAME}} will transclude a page from the Main:, or Article: namespace. You can even transcluding pages from other namespaces like this: {{:User:USERNAME/PAGENAME}}. Here is an example of our code for pages using Tabber:

<tabber>Main = {{:WARFRAMENAME (Main) Tab}}
|-|Abilities = {{:WARFRAMENAME (Abilities) Tab}}
|-|Information = {{:WARFRAMENAME (Info) Tab}}
|-|Alternate Equipment = {{:WARFRAMENAME (Equip) Tab}}
|-|Media = {{:WARFRAMENAME (Media) Tab}}

As you can imagine, storing information on separate pages can become cumbersome when editing, which is why we add the {{Edit}} template to the individual pages allow easier access to editing for our less experienced contributors.

Warframe Page Site Map[]

A Site Map is a map of what links where on a website. As you can imagine, a MediaWiki project can get quit an overwhelming site map. Since our Warframe page have a lot of information stored on alternate pages, I will provide a brief bulleted map of where the different transclutions are bellow (press expand -->):

Replace "WARFRAMENAME" and "ABILITYNAME" with the actual name of the Warframe/Ability (respectively) when applying this information to an actual page.

  • WARFRAMENAME (Warframe)
    All pages have the Warframe Nav template. This is also where the Tabbing syntax takes place.
    • WARFRAMENAME (Main) Tab
      This is the default tab that shows up with the infobox and acquisition information
    • WARFRAMENAME (Prime) Tab
      We actually make this page for every frame regardless of whether or not it has a primed version yet. We just leave it blank and don't include it in the tabbing until it is actually ready to be used. This tab simply has information for the Primed version of the frame.
    • WARFRAMENAME (Abilities) Tab
      This tab is the homeplace for all of our Ability templates.
        Ability/Skill 1
        I say we should probably change the nomenclature for this page name, but basically it just includes the {{Ability}} template (recently updated to AbilityU10.3) with information for the specific power.
        Ability/Skill 2
        Ability/Skill 3
        Ability/Skill 4
    • WARFRAMENAME (Info) Tab
      Most likely soon to be a retired tab. It just had general information about the frame, but with recent additional formatting to the Ability template it really has no further use.
    • WARFRAMENAME (Equip) Tab
      Short for Equipment, this is where alternate helmets and other equipment is documented/recorded for the frame.
    • WARFRAMENAME (Media) Tab
      Similar to the media section for weapons and such, since frames have so much more media and popularity around them, they have their own tab.