Update 14.2.0 just came out about an hour ago. With it comes the weekend event/ 30 minute timewaster called the Avalanche Offensive. We have to kill 100 Arctic eximuses(eximusi? eximii?) in a mission that's on par with Nightmare mode: Halved shields, powerful enemies, lots of slowness.

My issue is not with the event itself, or even the reward (3 day affinity booster, for those who are wondering).

My issue is that DE put out an event (granted, a small one) when:

~UI still makes people sick and still is hardly functional when it's frozen altogether.

~Gameplay is still hectic, with random dissconnects and very frequent "Progress was not saved, updating       profile", which has a chance of not saving any experience or rewards(Looking at you, Void Survival) that     you earned.

~There are still a bunch of other random bugs that need to be fixed(Kubrow loyalty issues, revives not working).

What are your thoughts on this?

Should DE fix what they have now before adding a bunch of new stuff?

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