If there is a warframe that you wish too see leave me a message and I'll do my best to make it for you ^^ (I will put in more effort than on my own :P)

Cruor (latin for spilled blood) thanks Golden Marlfox

I just sketched this today and ive thought about the abilities but i want to know what you think ^^

I already know I'm terrible at sketching...

On her shoulders there are wings (of laser) and one is off the other is on :P

in the middle of her face there is a Bloodsucking "mouth" to accompany her abilities.


  • Drain Life (steals HP in a cone in front of caster) 25 energy.
  • Blood Form (turns caster into liquid form and lets her pass through enemies and during this time she can't recieve any damage) 50 energy
  • Vampiric Bats (lets out 5-10 (lvl dependant) mechanic bats hurting enemies in AoE and delivering HP to caster) 75 energy
  • Blood Boil (makes everyone around her explode from pressure from inside and will shower caster and allies in blood giving them HP)enemies will only explode if HP is below 1000 - 100 energy

I'd really like to hear your thoughts about this but please dont hate me cause I'm bad at sketching I'm trying my best :P

Hattori (Hanzo) (Tokugawa retainer and reputed 'ninja' leader (1541 - 1596))

Put down a little more time and effort into this cause of all the morons complaining -.- personally i think it's rather good but i dont know what abilities would be appropriate :P

I was thinking something Samurai like but I don't know :P


I actually don't have a clue at the moment that I'm writing this but I'll try to come up with something :P

  • Shadow Clones, creating a clone on each side of the caster who mimics every movement of the caster and deals 25-50% of casters damage each. - 25 energy
  • Dagger Dance, throws daggers in a cone att enemies feet which will pin ther feet to the ground leaving them immobilized for 5-10sec (level dependant) - 50 energy
  • Feign Death, Summons a clone that dies instantly, will explode if enemy/enemies get within AoE (5m trigger 15m explosion?) activating this skill will cloak caster until clone explodes or caster attacks - 50 energy
  • Shadow Formation, stabs the ground to summon shadow clones in a circle around the caster swinging their swords and moving outwards killing/pushing away all enemies within radius, total duration should be 10 sec and radius of circle at end 20m (the clones will protect every ally inside from outside damage, if damage isn't coming from above)  - 100 energy

Caecus (latin for blind)

This frame is blind xD

And yes that is a sword in her right hand xD

She is a fast frame ^^


  • Pretty Birdies, summons 1-2-3 birds (level dependant) to fight by her side each bird will have 50-100-150 HP (level dependant) and do 5-10-15% of your damage with ranged attacks. - 25 energy
  • Sticky Goo, caster throws out 1-3-5 balls of goo (level dependant) which sticks on enemies slowing them with 20-40-60% (level dependant) for 6 seconds, if target dies before within duration the goo will find nem enemy to stick to - 50 energy
  • Hound Dogs, summons 3-4-5 hounds (level dependant) to aid her in combat, each hound will have 100-200-300 HP (level dependant) and deal 10-15-20% och casters damage with melee attacks - 75 energy
  • Insert ulti here :P

Ora (clock in greek) Thanks Didhot123

I've sketched a "Time based" warframe... I personally am not satisfied but i need help :( suggestions?

Thanks Tnargraef for this great comment.

Time is a an odd concept to try and work with. Things we can relate it to directly are a clock, an hourglass, a sundial, and sometimes water for the thought of flowing time.

All that being said, the best thing is to imagine something that has parts that constantly move. In a clock it's gears, in an hourglass it's sand, on a sundial it's the shadow, and in a river it's the water.

With this awesome comment in mind I thought of the four abilities :P

one with something that has to do with gears, one with sand, one with shadow and one with water :P what these abilities should be is unknown but I'd like some suggestions :P


  • Tick of a clock, increases all allies duration with 5-10 sec (level dependant) - 25 energy
  • Grains of sand, shoots out sand in a cone in front of caster dealing damage and decreasing accuracy - 35 energy
  • Dark of the shade, covers caster in a shadow 3 times her size making it harder to pinpoint her position - 35 energy
  • Flow of water, insert awesome features here :P


Just finished my first male frame :P since everyone is complaining about only female frames...


  • Reptile reflex. speed's up Hebinoken by 20%/25%/30%/40% for 30/50/70/90 sec's the speed up effect's everything he does his walk/sprint, melee, reload and wpn switch speed - 20 eng
  • Poison shot/kunai. shoot/toss a poison projectile at an enemy to do 20/30/40/50 dmg to the taget and do 5/10/15/25 poison dps for 7/14/21/28 sec - 25 eng
  • Toxic field. thrust his melee wpn in the ground to poison surrounding enemy's the area is 10/15/20/30 in-game meters and do 10/20/30/45 dps for 7/14/21/28 sec  - 50 eng
  • Dokusei aura. Hebinoken gets an aura of poison effecting all enemies within range, all of Hebinoken's attacks also becomes toxic, all enemies within range of the aura(aura range is 15/20/25/40 in-game meters) takes 20/35/50/70 dps this effect will remain as long as they are within range of the aura but once they leave aura the poison will take 10/15/20/25 sec's to wear of the timer will reset if they were to enter the aura again, the aura will remain active for 30/40/50/65 sec, Hebinoken also becomes immune to the poison effect of toxic ancients for the duration of the ability - 100 eng


Did this in the weekend but finishing touches today.


as posted by Knightinflames I thought I'd give him these powers.

  • Grenade! yes, throw a grenade that explodes on impact with a fairly wide damage radius. Seeing how Vauban works, and how a fair amount of people would like to throw nades in game I figured this might make for an interesting and fun ability - 25 energy
  • Spike Trap. Would work like the ability above in its deploying method but would create an area where enemies would suffer damage over time and would be slowed (maybe even occasionally stagger them) - 35 energy
  • Fortify Sheilds. pretty straightforward, makes squad's sheilds more resistant to damage (yep this is sort of a filler ability) - 50 energy
  • Sentry! for a short duration you become unable to move, highly resistant to damage, your weapons does not consume bullets (not needing to reload) and their fire rate is increased. This might be a bit too much so, instead of weapons not consuming bullets you might be constantly regaining ammo, still needing to reload but making sure you don't just run out of ammo for using this ability - 100 energy

Mucro (edge in latin)

How do you like it? :P


  • Razor kick. Kamisori summons a large scythe like blade on his legs to slash enemies doing 100/200/350/500 CCQ dmg - 20 eng
  • Spike burst. Kamisori open's up a small hole to the void in front of his hand and call's forth a mass of small spear projectiles(7/10/13/16) and fires them like a shotgun at the enemies in front of him doing 20/35/50/75 dmg per spear - 35 eng
  • Ken-no-mori(forest of swords). Kamisori punches his hand in to the ground and summons 1000's of blade's around him doing 600/750/900/1100 dmg to all nearby enemies 25/35/45/60 in-game meters - 100 eng

Acrobatic Frame

Again, no name, abilities or stats :P

when she uses zip-lines she will not slide under them she will jump on top and slide there :P


  • HELP
  • Walk the line, sends out a grappling hook straight forward and straight back which gives her a line to walk and for allies to slide (this line will be impossible to fall off without jumping) - 35 energy
  • HELP
  • HELP

Innocent looking girl frame

Yes I was going for the innocent look :P I thought 1 ability could be like cry or something, making her cry and the enemies come close to comfort her or something like that :P

AND YES this is mostly a troll but I like the idea xD


  • I made a boo boo, starts crying violently making enemies lower their weapons and try to comfort her (infested flee from the high pitched sounds of her cries) - 25 energy
  • HELP
  • HELP
  • HELP
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