I'm not sure how many of you have faced this issue, but I know it has been troublesome to me and some of my friends in the game. The Invitation system through the Recruiting tab or friend/clan chat is not working well more often than not. I can't tell how many times lately I have tried to connect with a player either for them to assist me or for me to join them (even for trades) and it has failed from both sides.

I can only relog and try to connect from different angles in the interface so many times before I just give up. I have been playing the game since it started (I'm approaching MR26 on my main account). I have never seen it this bad before and it keeps presenting more of a problem especially with the high stakes missions like Arbitrations and the future innovations coming in.

This is something that needs to be sorted out. The servers need to be beefed up. What was all of that recent update garbage about, if not to fix this kind of issue?