Vash Cowaii

aka IGN: Vash or -Valtris-(for decoration)

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  • I live in USA

 I'm an avid dojo decorator who has pumped way too much time into this game, and more so into decor. Having spent as much time as I have on dojos, you shouldn't be surprised to see that's probably the only thing on this Wiki that I'll care about or contribute to. That said, if you have any questions that are dojo or decorating related, message me here or add me on discord and I'll see how I can help you.

Topics you can ask me for help with:

  • Dojo
  • Dojo Construction
  • Dojo Decoration
  • Clan/Management

Topics you should never ask me for help with(Because I'm learning too):

  • Wiki formatting
  • Literally everything else

Warframe Dojo Decorating Basics

Warframe Dojo Decorating Basics

Dojo Decorating Basics

Warframe Cowaii Dojo Decor Showcase

Warframe Cowaii Dojo Decor Showcase

Decor Showcase

 These will most likely be the only places you'll ever see me

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