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Wukong/[[Endura]] - Argons. Trinity/inventory-frame-slots/plat. Finally, start Neppy!
Wukong/[[Endura]] - Argons. Trinity/inventory-frame-slots/plat. Finally, start Neppy!
2019: spam more potatoes because of QoL.

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Hi! I'm a fairly casual player. Here's some somewhat useful personal opinions that I've found in my playtime, that don't fit onto mainspace...

Mod progression

Mods are like permanent buffs for your chararcter, and indeed are the main reward for increased ranks. There really isn't levelling up per se apart from Warframe abilities, and perhaps the concept of formas. Getting higher mods is better, with Rank 6 (6 dots, or n+6 drain) usually about the efficient breakpoint in efficiency for newer players (look up WFHB by DapperMuffin for more).

  • Regular/Common
  • Uncommon Endless Rotation A - eg Serration
  • Uncommon Spy completions

Polarities start becoming more useful around this point. Expect Rank 6 mods and clearing Mars, up to going into the Saturn phase with simply those mods. With an updated weapon and catalysts, the following get you post-Saturn reliably:

  • Endless BC rotation (15/20) mods
  • Dark Sector endless
  • Nightmare Mode completions (rhino helps with this)

There's also Forma and Primes, as you go towards the Orokin V'oid (which while functioning as a regular tiered-mission, also occasionally drops the rotation mods from containers). Void Survival is in the even tiers; Defence at the odd tiers.

The Orokin Derelict V'ault (~40 with Dragon Keys and Corrupted mods). Plus Rivens (like 60-90?). But that's very late game so I don't know enough about them yet!

Elemental damage

Damage elements: Viral is great for 90% of targets, and toxin similar is good for non-infested (toxin + cold/ele is great too). Heat for 99%. Corrosive (electrical) is third best and very similar to heat, despite not using it.

Basic elemental type preference IMO

Toxin > Heat > Cold > Electricity

  1. Toxin b Toxin is just overall great against humans (but not to be relied upon for Infested - slash em!) and has two great combinations.
  2. Heat b Heat gets bonuses against Gr/Inf but is basically neutral- to corpus. Worst combinations.
  3. Cold b Cold is okay. It's best against corpus, almost neutral+ to Grineer (viral combo is better though). Above average combinations.
  4. Electricity b Electricity is super niche and basically best used as a specialist combination, one for each faction. But it's okay against Co/Inf (Fusion MOA and Bursa don't appear often enough to be useful, so just use antishields).
Faction caveats
  1. Grineer: Blast is usually decent but exception is against armour, Electricity and Slash do poorly alone against grineer (prefer radio, mix with heat); Gas too. So try not to rely on these four (B/E/S/G) types.
  2. Corpus: Remember to use toxin first because it penetrates shields – Robots have crap health, anyway. Then to strip shields, magnetic > viral > cold > impact > electricity. Radiopuncture, while the bane of heavies, sucks against corpus because robots go down fast anyway.
  3. For infested, Fossilized have a number of other weird resistances, most notably Toxin. Try not to use radioviral, especially on melee (slash is so important) - keep heat or even prefer corroblast, because constant +lots% dmg and good procs is better than rare lethal procs.

Finally, pistol cryo (eg Ice Storm) is a bit of a bother, so without viral, try tox (pretty good because there are so many impact pistols + skips shields) or heat instead.

Warframe Notes

  1. Damage ability usually for a specific target "nuking"
  2. Utility. On some frames (Mag/Rhino) core; on others (Ember, maybe Frost) useful as a combo tool.
  3. AoE long duration utility.
  4. Special. Either an AoE CC and nuke, core activated ability, etc.

Note that many abilities often combo together (eg, Polarize shards that you can magnetise, or blowing up Frost bubbles, or chain Rhino Charge), although this is not always required to be effective.

Don't forget to use augment mods once you've cleared the starchart!

Plat economy

Use market and xuerian

One slot = $1.40 USD (20 pt). (=one fast potato, but that's probably a bit of a waste at the rate you actually need them to stay viable)

Note that "DLC" platium pack (not prime, and not "starter) sales, at a much better discount, may take place on Steam from time to time.

Other notes for self

Userpages I'm working on: User:Techhead7890/magnetize (case sensitive, alternatively search " User:Techhead7890 ")

Try gas ignis+bubble mag?

Wukong/Endura - Argons. Trinity/inventory-frame-slots/plat. Finally, start Neppy!

2019: spam more potatoes because of QoL.

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