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  • I live in New Zealand, Wellington, Lower Hutt
  • My occupation is Job Searching - Diploma in Advanced Software Design and Development
  • I am Male

I have 7140+ hours on Warframe according to steam, and 4210+ according to the Warframe profile on my main account.  Supported the Game with Plat purchases and see myself playing Warframe for many thousands of hours more.  I've been a Gamer since I was 4 and my favourite games include CS:GO, Battlefield (3, 4 and BC2) Star Wars Battlefront 2 (The one by Pandemic) and Age of Empires.  Enjoy physics (especially Quantum Mechanics) and computer software development.  I see the Wikia as a way to further my knowledge of Warframe, and to contribute to other people's knowledge. 

I am the Warlord of the clan 'Frames of Solitude ' and actively participate in clan and weekend events.

Warframe info: 

Mastery Level 27

Favourite primary weapons are Baza, Rubico Prime, Arca Plasmor and Tiberon Prime

Favourite secondary weapons are Synoid Gammacor, Euphona Prime, Akstiletto Prime and Lex Prime

Favourite melees are Orthos Prime, Gram Prime and Tatsu.

Favourite frames are Nekros Prime, Saryn Prime, Mesa Prime and Loki Prime.

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