Skinny George R.R. Martin

  • My occupation is Professional Kickboxer
  • I am male.
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Just your average joe. Have about 500 hours into Warframe on pc, likely more on console. I mainly use this to look up stats and stuff, but i sometimes edit things like spelling errors and other stuff in articles.

Feel free to say hi, but you don't have to.

Tests for Wikia ToolsEdit

  • Undeletable bullet-point. Great.
This is a box. Here's another. And another. ...
Here is an option.
Another option.
Even More.
  1. Secure The Keys.
  2. Ascend from Darkness.
  3. Rain Fire.

How do I get this to work? Nevermind.

The Header of The Century! Edit

"People underestimate the power of the California Raisins, you know? My friend choked to death on one. Not the raisins, but one of the toys." -Random guy, NYC

Test gallery located above.
Oh sick, a box.


Under any circumstance, I shall be given unlimited access to a personal bottling plant for Pepsi Cherry. I shall be given a can of Cherry Pepsi. One. Can.

Aaand done. Edit

Hopefully I didn't hit a meme-zone. Edit

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